San Francisco Police Killer Robots
(AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)
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in the end, it was probably only a matter of time before San Francisco, America’s wokest city, caved to the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching of the political left. That city’s board of supervisors has now reversed an earlier decision and rescinded its approval for police to use lethal robots against barricaded suspects in extreme, life-threatening scenarios to protect officers and others from death or injury.

We covered it last month, discussing how police have long had the ability to deliver lethal force via a robot in the case of extremely dangerous violent suspects. It has been and always will be a viable option to protect innocent life.

The hysterical establishment media made the story of “killer robots” into something much more sensational to generate clicks and outrage. The media frenzy whipped the “can’t we all just get along” types into near-hysteria.

Of course fecal matter runs downhill and the political leaders in the city folded like a cheap suit, formally backtracking on the policy.

A woman holds up a sign while taking part in a demonstration about the use of robots by the San Francisco Police Department outside of City Hall in San Francisco, Monday, Dec. 5, 2022.  (AP Photo/Jeff Chiu)

There’s no word as to whether those who voted to rescind the policy will volunteer to endanger themselves to apprehend an armed, barricaded violent offender instead of using a robot.

UPI has the update:

“In a complete reversal, the Board of Supervisors just voted for a military equipment policy that bans police from using robots to kill,” board member Dean Preston tweeted Tuesday. “Thank you to all the residents and civil rights advocates who made their voices heard!”

San Francisco’s board of supervisors voted Tuesday to pause the program that would allow the city’s police department to use 17 robots, armed with explosives, to kill people in “potentially deadly force situations,” such as suicide bombings or active shooter situations.

“Robots could potentially be equipped with explosive charges to breach fortified structures containing violent, armed or dangerous subjects,” a spokesperson for SFPD said, adding that the robots would be used only to “incapacitate, or disorient violent, armed or dangerous subjects who pose a risk of loss of life.”

No matter what formal “policies” say, options remain for the city’s SWAT teams to continue to use robots to take bad people who present a threat into custody while minimizing risk to both cops and innocents.

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      • DALEKS couldn’t navigate stairs, or any elevated location. eveything had to happen on the surface the DALEKs were traveling on.

        • Yeah, that changed in 2006. I grew up watching the old show, and about jumped out of my chair when it took off. I’m pretty sure the episode was called Dalek, with that annoying 9th Doctor.

  1. All this hand-wringing is going to do to deflect this from the police department to the SWAT team and they’ll use their robots. Basically, it will cost the city (i.e. taxpayers) every time they have to call in SWAT.

  2. San Francisco is such a densely packed city that any kind of armed force use there is problematic at best. There’s no such thing as a safe background there for bullets.

    For public safety the SFPD should probably be restricted to shotguns only loaded with birdshot.

    • “There’s no such thing as a safe background there for bullets.”

      JWM, you say that like it’s a bad thing…

      *snicker* 😉

  3. The “killer robots” were going to be operated by humans which means they would be no better or worse than humans. The idea was for soulless metal to take incoming fire instead of flesh and blood. This will be used eventually.

    • “The idea was for soulless metal to take incoming fire instead of flesh and blood.”

      It could be argued those that live there are soulless by default, so it’s no real loss… 🙂

  4. The tip of the spear needs to be the board of supervisors, see how long that lasts. SF woke hypocrites complain about a police robot with a bomb while they worship communists-like b.h.obama’s mentor the bomb making blow your girlfriend and pals to bits communist-terrorist bill ayers

  5. I would no more believe the cops when they claim they would use discretion with killer robots than I would believe Putin when he said his mission to Ukraine was a “special military operation”.

    Since the U.S. does not adequately train cops or adequately vet them the profession (if we can even call it that) attracs sadists, bullies, and every other type of social deviant one could think of.

    In the 60’s we had a name for cops that began with a “P” and nothing has changed to convince people not to keep using that word. For every normal cop I have met, I have met a hundred who would have been loved by Adolf’s gang of jackboots in Germany during WWII.

    When you consider the average I.Q. of a cop these days giving them a killer robot would make the movie the Texas Chain Saw Massacre look like a Sunday Church Social.

    It would only be a matter of time before the cops modified their killer robots to use a missle to take out an old lady going to church when she exceeded the speed limit by 1 mph and I am not being facetious in any sense of the word.

    • And yet those are the folks you want to have control over who does and who does not own a gun. Your level of mental illness is staggering.

      And you were not around in the 60’s.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. For your edification, our police are the best trained and educated in the world. Foreign countries use our training officers and curriculum in training their officers.
      Here is a FACT that will crush you. We have to recruit police from the same place we get people like you and criminals. The human race.
      No matter how good the training and vetting is, you will get a bad “apple” or two. In today’s 24 hr news cycle, every little thing is magnified to fill air time. Here is another crushing fact. As police are human, they do not always make the “right” decision. They have milliseconds to decide what will be gone over, and over and over.
      In the 60’s you Leftists-Socialists radicals came up with the PIG expletive. For us in law enforcement, it stands for Pride, Integrity and Guts. All of which people like you lack.
      I have one word for you. SICK!

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        quote———-For your edification, our police are the best trained and educated in the world.———quote

        That one made me laugh so hard I fell off my computer chair.

        Many U.S. Cops get as little as 4 weeks training.

        German Police get 3 years of intensive training and they are thoroughly vetted before being hired. In Capitalvania anyone who is still breathing is hired and they love to hire ex-military men, probably the worst candidates for a career in Law Brutality Enforcement.

        In 2012 German Police killed just 12 people and in China the killed just 4 people while in Capitalvania they cops gunned down and killed 1,300 people. China the way has 4 1/2 times the people Capitalvania does. Tell me again Walter the Beverly Hillbilly how professional the cops are here. Professional killers maybe.

        And considering some of the brutal statements you have made here on this forum you proved my description about cops many times over. You hung yourself.

        • “in China the killed just 4 people”

          You mean “they” killed?

          Oh, wait, “they” in that sentence would refer to German Police. Why are German Police killing people in China?

          Or do you mean you believe the CCP (who claimed to have stopped COVID in its tracks three years ago) when they tell you about their police?

          Or have you simply found yet another way to reaffirm that you deserve neither any credibility, nor even the basic human respect we give an ignorant newborn baby?

        • Too bad Douchebag that you have no reading comprehension. It would be useless to explain it to you even in plain English.

          So you are crowing about a minor error i.e. using the word “Chinese” and not using the term “Chinese Police” even though a 5th grader would have understood the meaning of the sentence.

          Sorry your attempt at one-upmanship only succeeded in your making a complete fool of yourself.

        • Me pointing out your mistakes made a fool of me?

          Me repeating the literal truth of what you wrote shows “no reading comprehension”?

          You have a rare gift for self-parody that requires very little help from me or anyone else.

        • dacian the DUNDERHEAD, tell us Oh Sage, where do the police only get four weeks of training? Something we can verify? Seems you inflated the training period for German Police. Police training in the Federal Republic of Germany is highly standardized from state to state, combines theoretical and applied studies, and begins with a recruit training program lasting between one and one-half and three years. Police here are vetted as much as is humanly possible.
          As to deaths due to police in 2012, where did you get your statistic? I searched the internet and could find no such figure. Me things you are lying, yet again.
          And what “brutal statements” have I made?
          Do you lie much? Seems ever other word out of your mouth is a lie.

    • Yeah, the Geheime Staatspolizei left a pretty good Training Program for West and East Germany, the SchutzStaffel helped out too.
      FYI. Average POST is 13 to 19 Weeks from an accredited Academy. Average time at the Academy is 6 monthd. Most States now require a minimum of an Associate’s Degree for acceptance to the Academy. Some, now require a BS/BA. Average time a Rookie spends with a Field Training Officer varies by State, but on average is 6 months.
      Since many departments and academies are requiring a minimum AD, current LEOs are approaching 3 years of study and training.
      Of course if the Officer wants to specialize in an area, much more time is required beyond the basic Patrol Officer’s course.

  6. Contact your R senators/representatives and ask them whether they consider modern combat robotics to be within the scope of 2A.

  7. I’m sure the line forms to the left for all those opposed to take point charging down a hallway to a barricaded suspect armed with a rifle and pipe bombs.

    • Police Departments are politicized, SF is a leftist sh*t hole…chances are the “killer robots” would be used against the few conservative “insurrectionists” who are lost in this city. Could be useful when it’s time to go knock at their door and seize their guns because they’ve been flagged for one reason or another.

  8. I’m actually glad about this. An armed, barricaded suspect can be efficiently neutralized with flash bangs followed by dynamic entry. It’s long established that police use of deadly force is theoretically supposed to be self defense by the officer(s) threatened, so if there’s no officer immediately present to be threatened, it’s a whole new can of worms with no precedent or legal basis.

    “Well he *might* harm us or someone else if we go after him so let’s blow him up with a remote controlled robot instead” isn’t a precedent in comfortable establishing, especially since things that are originally supposed to be for only the most extreme circumstances have a habit of becoming commonplace.

    And yes, I’m aware that’s how they stopped the guy in Dallas back in 2016. I didn’t like it then and I like it even less now. I have zero sympathy for the shooter, but since our own government has publicly branded us as enemies of democracy and domestic terrorist, we outta be *REALLY* leery about giving the state or its enforcers any more precedents to weaponize against us

  9. They’re still wearing face masks over there, even outside? BWAHAHAHA MORONS!!! And they’re probably vaccinated too, hilarious.

    • “They’re still wearing face masks over there, even outside? BWAHAHAHA MORONS!!!“

      I guess it’s not your kids who are at risk.

      “Surge in Pediatric Respiratory Viruses, Including RSV, Strains Children’s Hospitals
      Respiratory illnesses in children are climbing well before the typical busy winter season“

      “Pediatric hospitals short on beds as respiratory illnesses surge among children
      Texas Tribune
      William Melhado
      Published: October 28, 2022, 9:07 PM“

      • It’s really bad right now. I don’t recall previously noticing so many people catching the flu, strep throat, etc. I recently caught something for the first time in 15 years, and I was even exposed to Covid in my house a couple of years ago. There’s a theory for why this is happening that I won’t get into right now.

        At no point in my life was it ever recommended for people to mask up to prevent getting sick during flu season. The Fauch publicly said at the beginning of the pandemic that people don’t need to wear masks. Yes, he admitted that he lied when he said that, but he later privately mentioned in an email that masks wouldn’t help. Lies and more lies.

      • What if… Kids are more impacted by minor illnesses BECAUSE they have been masking and hand sanitizing for 2-3 years? You’ve forced them to live in a germ free bubble and now a minor cold kicks their ass.

        You think you’re a benevolent master, but you’re a monster.

      • Are actual biohazard level masks being used? If not then it will have no appreciable reduction in airborne disease especially outdoors which is functionally zero anyway . We knew this precovid but somehow forgot. So yes wearing what passes for masks outdoors is an act of compliance not protection.

      • R95 masks do not prevent transmission of RSV. The virus is smaller than the mask is capable of filtering, just like the Coolie Cootie virus Fauci infected the world with.

  10. Not good. They should have killer robots and We The People should have killer robots, every body should have killer robots.
    Militaries should have killer robots.
    Robot Wars-
    and when humans loose they can walk on a treadmill or turn a giant wheel to make electricity for the robots.
    And that’s another idea I came up with for prisoners. They should be spinning a go faster hooked up to a generator to make electricity. Theres ways around this electric shortage sht, you’ve just gotta improvise. Theres a lot of manpower sitting in the county jails.
    Ahhh ohhhh High Demand,.”HEY, YOU METHEADS WANNA GET HIGH?” no more brown outs.
    Idleness is the Devils Workshop, no more of this sitting around playing dominoes telling stories and waiting on dinner.
    The Death Penalty would piss everyone off to cause theyd have to work overtime, that might be a murder deterrent, or maybe a murder enhancer if you let death row inmates in the gin pop.
    So I’m saying NO on not having killer robots.
    And YES to having robot Wars

    • the people already have killer robots – we have anti-gun who robotically follow their anti-gun dogma which results in thousands killed or injured annually because they had been unconstitutionally either disarmed or kept from legally by onerous burden of law from obtaining a firearm to use for defense against criminal elements. Robots like the anti-gun dacian and Miner49er who have blood of innocents on their hands indirectly because of the false anti-gun narratives they push.

  11. I just found something out.
    Its easier to spin two six gunms then it is to try and spin one six gunm with your week hand.
    I was practicing the drunk piano player scene but I fell over backwards and put a hole in the ceiling and one in the wall.
    I need more practice drinking.

  12. Have people in SF ceased bathing or washing their clothes? Whenever i see a video or image from there it’s like a terminal patient looking worse and worse as the days pass.

  13. Well, it’s San Francisco, so maybe they can reconfigure the Robots to shove Extra Large Butt Plugs up the Offender’s poop chute. The Offender will then be so exstatically incapacitated by the butt reaming, Officers will be able to diffuse the situation.


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