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The ATF has been fighting a losing battle against “GLOCK switches” for years now.

It started as yet another illegal import from the likes of

Chinese GLOCK full auto switch (
Chinese knock-off GLOCK full auto switch (

ATF agents were scurrying around trying to chase down buyers of the switches. Back in 2019, they had their hands more than full trying to find he buyers of at least 2900 of the switches.

But thanks to 3D printing, there’s less and less need to resort to Asia for illegal pistol conversion accessories when it’s cheap and easy to produce them right here. And the plans are available for download to anyone who wants them.

As you can see from the Reddit video below, GLOCK switches appear to be readily available enough now that they’ve become a must-have accessory for the urban teen gun-owner set.

Yes, it’s still very much a felony to be caught with one. Then again, none of the kids shown in the video above appear to be close to 21 years old, so their possession of a standard semi-automatic pistol is a felony, too. They don’t look terribly concerned about any of it.

We’re obligated to repeat the standard warning here: don’ try this at home, kids. That said, as videos like this make clear and the ATF is discovering on a daily basis, you can’t stop the signal.

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  1. I know a guy that made one with a $10 eBay metal backing plate, a small piece of saw blade, and tig welded it. Not as pretty as these though. But he said it worked good before he lost it during a boat accident.

    • Cerealkillin’,

      Pffft. Those teens are obviously not white supremacists. One of them IS a rocket-scientist though who works for NASA. (You can see him and his NASA patch on his shirt/jacket at the end of the video.)

    • From the article:

      “…none of the kids shown in the video above appear to be close to 21 years old, so their possession of a standard semi-automatic pistol is a felony, too.”

      Not a true statement. The ATF themselves confirm a person between the ages of 18-20 may possess if the firearm was acquired in a private transfer, as is legal in most states. An FFL may not sell or deliver to a person under 21.

      It’s entirely possible that any of the yutes industrious young people with bright futures ahead of them in the video acquired their gats from their fathers, following years of loving involvement and diligent instruction in how to lead productive, compassionate lives in their communities.

  2. Bet the gestapo…er… atf… doesn’t give two s***s about these little thugs having guns. But the law abiding adult non-leftist well that’s different!

  3. From what I recall the part is not all that complicated for anyone who passed shop class. Not a great idea to make/possess if legal consequences are a concern but outside of federal time it doesn’t matter much with bail reform unless you fit the demographic for selective enforcement which totally doesn’t exist.

  4. Pretty clear video of faces…surely they can do still images and input for facial recognition searches.
    School ID and motor vehicle records should be available for these searches…right?
    I mean…if it saves just one life…right?

    • What, do you think just because an episode of the FBI showed facial recognition come back with a match in 3.6 seconds, that’s the way it works in REAL life?
      Besides, even if caught, the little darlings will have any federal charges dropped before being given a slap on the wrist and a sealed juvie record… welcome to reality.

      • Actually, if the little darlings post images of themselves online (and in this narcissistic age, I assume they must), a facial recognition algorithm probably could figure out who they are pretty quickly and fairly confidently. Facebook and other social media platforms now do this routinely with uploaded images, autotagging them with names, accounts, etc. as a convenience / intelligence gathering op / eavesdropping fetish.

        It’s not the guns and the auto conversions that bother me. It’s the gun handling. It’s a regular ‘ol Darwin awards ceremony in that vid. Jeesh.

      • When I worked on a project that used facial recognition to match images from security cameras to photos from the database of about 5,000,000 current and former employees and external contractors, 3600ms would have qualified as an outage. On a bad day, we’d get results back in 150ms.

        What’s more important here is that this video doesn’t actually prove that the items they were holding had giggle switches on them. Those could have simply been rear slide plates shaped like the giggle switch. Furthermore, those could be airsoft, replicas, or other not-firearms. At best, the video would be probable cause for a search warrant.

  5. “so their possession of a standard semi-automatic pistol is a felony”

    Not necessarily. Possession of a handgun by a person of 18 years is legal under federal law and also legal in most states.

  6. I’m looking, and wondering, “Was I ever that young?” Children, playing with guns. Well, yeah, I guess I was that young once. Not sure if I was ever that naive. I certainly never made a video of myself breaking the law . . .

    A little more seriously, what impact do those switches have on accuracy, safety, and reliability? Full auto is cool and all, but if it compromises the weapon’s safe function, I don’t think I’d want it. How many mag dumps does it take to heat up the weapon so that it jams?

    Speaking of which – I want to see those youngsters do about ten mag dumps, then slip the weapons under their shirts, and into their crotches. THAT would be more entertaining than watching the mag dumps!!

      • *with a production auto toggle (G18) or quality reproduction yes could probably have several thousand rounds before a failure that would be more likely magazine or ammo related. We tried to get Glock 18’s to replace the mp5 variants we have in circulation but it ended up being cheaper/easier/more effective to go with AR 15s built to task as they wore out.

  7. So many ways to say the n-word without saying the n-word. I see little to no difference between a bunch of us immature kids gathered around a fat kid that had his daddy’s real deal Thompson…what a night.

    • You are correct Debbie, if these were white kids, this list would be all about celebrating the fact the constitution does not put an age limit on ownership of firearms.

      And the POTG on this list also assert that the NFA banning unregulated possession of automatic weapons, is also unconstitutional.

      But somehow, they think it’s different in this situation… Interesting

      • I’d pay good money to see your face when those valedictorians
        come through your door for a Diversity Inclusion and Equity property redistribution check. Bet you would pay your reparations right there to save your mom from being enlightened.

    • Are you an actual thought cop or just a bit*h? If you think that making obscene comments on a message board is a legitimate problem after watching that video then you probably need to go take that gun away from your son before he hurts himself and his co-conspirators.

  8. The real story here is a supposedly 2A absolutist website clutching pearls over people owning something that has been unconstitutionally restricted by the government.

    • I didn’t understand this as “pearl clutching” at all. It was pointed out- clearly and repeatedly- in the article that, although this device is illegal, it is apparently quite common and impossible to regulate. AFT= losers in every way.
      I am a 2A absolutist. All AMERICANS should have guns. This doesn’t cover illegals. Or communists of course, who are not even people at all and deserve one-way helicopter rides.

    • Based on the TTAG picture history. I’ve been here since I think around 2008. I don’t recall any time kids with guns were pictured, that didn’t have at least one adult. With the kids and their guns. I think that is why this video is so different from any other.

      And there are plenty of pics on the internet with black kids with guns and their adult supervisors/parents. Whatever skin color. Kids with guns and no adult supervision is a bad view.

  9. I’m all for it…from the video shown this ‘switch’ will speed up the ‘self cleaning oven’ of most gettos and dnc run or ruined cities!

    yep I went there!

    • Actually the civilian owners of the “Glock switch” can go to Glock themselves on the internet. And they can learn how to properly handle a Full Auto handgun. And the white and black Professionals at the Glock Training center, are happy to show any skin color how to properly handle a machine pistol.

      Chris Cheng the Top Shot winner, did say her learned everything about how to shoot on the internet.

      “The Full Auto Glock 18C Machine Pistol” video 9 min long

  10. The COTUS makes no mention of these switches being an exception to second amendment rights.

    As for the pack of teens showing off their weapons, well, youths have shown off their first weapons for millennia. People I’ve met love showing off weapons but that’s usually a man thing / among other people who like weapons. I’m only concerned when certain demographics do this because they have proven time and time again that they often have violent and criminal dispositions.

    As for age, IMHO, that’s up to the parents judgement. Some kids get their first pistol as young as 14-16 here in Texas, bought on their parents dime. The parent might be the first buyer but there is no duty to register in Texas so it can be gifted to pretty much anyone.

  11. I killed my first pheasant with granddad’s 20g when I was ten. There is a picture of me somewhere with gun and bird in hand. If someone walked up and handed me one of those switches I would take it. The challenge I have for everyone here is to identify one word of English in that video. And Debbie coming from a mixed race family I hear what you are saying but still.

      • Is that what you call it? The real world refers to that travesty posing as an debate as continuously moving goalposts and outright dishonesty.

        Layman’s terms, you’re as full of shit as they come. And a fucking retard to boot.

  12. Anyone else get a bit of a chill up their spine at the thought of five of those fine young men deciding to rob you–or worse simply murder you? You and I don’t have very much chance of doing much, if anything, trying to defend ourselves with a semi-auto handgun when we are defending against five young men with full auto pistols.

  13. Are we a bit sensitive Debbie? I don’t think these are future doctors, lawyers,and professionals. I didn’t get the racial vibes from the comments. Those kids are what they are. I should hope some will come to repentance and be redeemed. Of course someone is going to notice that they aren’t white supremasists with the idiot in Washington talking all his shit. The black people need protection from their thug asses

    • She always does that. You can’t criticize black people for anything. I’ve never seen her jump to the defense of any Iranians or Filipinos or Vietnamese. We all have our pet concerns 🤷‍♂️

      • “I’ve never seen her jump to the defense of any Iranians or Filipinos or Vietnamese“

        I’ve never known any of those ethnic groups to be held in slavery for 250 years in America.

        I don’t think millions of those folks have ever been held at a point of a gun in the US, forced to labor in dangerous and intolerable conditions without any pay or compensation and beaten if they object, killed if they try to escape.

        Of course, it’s difficult for white folks to understand the hundreds of years of abuse black folks in America have received, evil biblical slavery for 250 years, then another 100 years of Jim Crow segregation and legalized discrimination.

  14. Weird that some of the people in there are walking around wearing a cap & gown like that. Is this… like… a thing now? Or is this just full on clown-world non-sense?

  15. It ain’t a crime to own a weapon. Even full auto. The crime is the laws restricting our rights.

    Until and unless one of these weapons is used in an actual crime it is no concern of ours or the law.

    If it makes you nervous get your own FA weapon.

  16. AS long as it can be done it will be done . I’d like to know how many WHITE and LEGAL AMERICAN gun owners have done exactly the same thing. It really has come to something when obviouslt rather stupid youths can so easily get access to lethal weaponry. I’d take a bet that 10 years from now not a single youth in that small video will still be in the land of the free and most not even in the land of the living. Here in the UK we have a similar situation with KNIVES and it seems that all too often young men consided the possession of weaponry of potentially lethal weaponry as an indication of manhood- especially among those with little ambition or direction in life I don’t even think that there is any real intention to use these weapons but when they feel threatened and especially FRIGHTENED, and these kids are mostly frightened of the realities life itself, they will use them as an almost instinctive reaction. The result? Early and long-term jail time from which not many recover or an early death. Especially where guns are concerned.

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “It really has come to something when obviouslt rather stupid youths can so easily get access to lethal weaponry. ”

      I got news for you, “rather stupid youths” have always had access to “lethal weaponry” of some sort.

      “I’d like to know how many WHITE and LEGAL AMERICAN gun owners have done exactly the same thing.”

      If you mean make videos about modifying a Glock illegally, and illegal possession of said modified Glock for auto fire – then zero “WHITE” or Black or any race “LEGAL AMERICAN gun owners have done exactly the same thing” because ‘LEGAL AMERICAN gun owners’ posses legally and such a thing is illegal to modify a Glock with and ‘LEGAL AMERICAN gun owners’ obey the law. A gun owner who does such is not a ‘LEGAL AMERICAN’ gun owner because it is a violation of law.

    • Prince among kings Albert, the overwhelming vast majority of LEGAL gun owners know not to have a gun and switch in the same premises.

      Two words: CONSTRUCTIVE POSSESSION. Something BATF knows well.

    • Al, Shouldn’t you be cutting your firewood and not bothering free Americans? Going to be a long winter sitting in the dark, freezing and starving in UK/Eurp.

  17. Who are they trying to kid, the kids shown here will never see a jail cell even if caught with them. Their Woke ideology won’t allow them to be incarcerated, and no judge would act accordingly either. Now if they were wearing MAGA hats! LIFE SENTENCES all the way around.

  18. If the video was of white teenagers it would be playing on every Leftist media outlet as proof of white supremecy and all those kids would be in FBI custody within hours.
    My main beef is the two different tracks of “justice”.

      • I wasn’t familiar with Ellington, here’s the info:

        Cayler Ellingson, 18, was struck and killed following a street dance in McHenry early Sunday. The driver accused of striking Ellingson in an alley, Shannon Brandt, 41, is charged in Foster County with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death.

        Jail records from Stutsman County, where Brandt was being held, show he posted $50,000 bond Tuesday and was released“


        “Fields was ­convicted in state court of first-degree murder and other charges for killing Heather D. Heyer, 32, and injuring dozens at the chaotic Unite the Right rally on Aug. 12, 2017.“

        The difference is that Heather was not chasing anyone, unlike Ellingson:

        “Ellingson’s parents later told police they knew Brandt, but they did not believe their son did, the affidavit said. Ellingson’s mother described how she was on her way to pick up her son from McHenry when he called her about 2:40 a.m. and asked if she knew Brandt. Ellingson called again a short time later and said “that ‘he’ or ‘they’ were chasing him.” She could no longer reach him after that, the document said.“

        • “charged in Foster County with vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death.”

          Nope. Brandt is now charged with murder.

          “The difference is that Heather was not chasing anyone, unlike Ellingson”

          That’s hilarious. Do you ever listen to yourself? If you’re in an SUV being chased by a person on foot, then how do you escape? I’ll give you some time to think it over and get back to me.

          “Ellingson called again a short time later and said “that ‘he’ or ‘they’ were chasing him.”

          Nope again. Here’s the exact quote from the police report:
          “C.E. told his mother something to the effect of they are after me or he is after me…the phone call was dropped and that was last time she spoke with C.E.”

          It’s funny how propagandists like CBS intentionally muddy the water so people like you will be duped into believing the exact opposite of the truth. Now why would they do that?

          The autopsy reveled that the fatal injuries weren’t from being struck. They were caused by being ran over.

          And let’s not forget that Brandt told the 911 operator that Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group.” This is shortly after the Puppet gave a national speech calling his political rivals extremists. Now why isn’t the media talking about that? That’s my point! Flip the political affiliation and see what happens in the media. We already know because we have an example! You’re too dishonest to admit it and too immoral to care about the truth.

          Brandt also said that Ellingson was calling on others to come “get him.” Guess what? They’ve already forensically downloaded his phone. The only calls he made were to his mom. The MSM serves the narrative and the sheep believe every word of it. You never get tired of being wrong, do you?

        • Thanks for posting your narrative, but it would be nice to have an actual citation or link to substantiate your post.

          I don’t understand why your panties are in such a wad, the investigator said this was not a political incident. It seems likely that Brandt was just trying to come up with an excuse for running over someone. It was a street dance at a bar, not a protest or political rally.

          “North Dakota Highway Patrol Capt. Bryan Niewind told Fox News Digital that there was “no evidence”
          suggesting that the teenager was part of a “Republican extremist group” or that the incident involved politics.“

          “Ellingson made a call at 2:34 a.m. to his mother stating that “maybe he should call his cousins or posse,” according to the affidavit, adding that the mother did not know if her son was feeling threatened yet, and told him that he “didn’t need to do that and that she was on her way to pick” him up.”

          “Ellingson made a call at 2:34 a.m. to his mother stating that “maybe he should call his cousins or posse,” according to the affidavit”

          It is interesting that Ellingson had a “posse” that he considered sending after Brandt even before be hit him with the SUV. So who instigated the incident?

          We’ll just have to wait and see what the investigation finds as to who was the initial aggressor.

        • “Thanks for posting your narrative”

          MY NARRATIVE??
          I quoted the actual police report and 911 call! Citation or link? Were you born yesterday? Do you not understand how the internet works? I have spent hours holding your hand in the past only to have your disingenuous ass change the subject. I’m done treating you like genuine person because you aren’t one! I’ve spent years telling you not to play stupid. Maybe I’ve been giving you too much credit.

          “It is interesting that Ellingson had a “posse” that he considered sending after Brandt…”

          Yeah and maybe he felt like he needed some help or protection. You do realize that Brandt ended up MURDERING Ellingson, right? C.E. never called anyone but his mother. He literally said he or they are after me. How dense do you have to be to not understand that? This is why we have propaganda outlets. Sheep like you fall for the narrative every time.

          “there was “no evidence”
          suggesting that the teenager was part of a “Republican extremist group” or that the incident involved politics”

          I don’t care what they said. Use your brain for a change! The killer said his victim was a Republican extremist. Get it? Now politics are involved whether they were involved in the murder or not. You nonchalantly mentioned that maybe the murderer used that as an excuse [to kill someone]. In what crazy world would people think that was an excuse? Do you need time to think on that one?? Our current world! You just accepted it. Our president had just addressed the nation and told us that people who vote for his opponents are extremist threats to the country. Do you see a problem with that?? Of course you don’t! You’re a lost cause!

          If you want to know what’s going on, don’t trust any media outlet. Look up the source documents for yourself and draw your own conclusions. No that wasn’t “my narrative.” Those were the facts. Unlike you, I’m not a liar. Figure it out. Or just keep being a mindless drone for a regime that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you!

          I still hope one day you’ll be a sincere person.

  19. that video is a classic example of where the real problem lies….all it will enable them to do is kill each other with even more reckless abandon…just try not to be in the vicinity when it happens…

  20. And once again the T Tag Morons cannot see the forest for the trees. And just how the hell do kids get Glocks? Second Hand unvetted gun sales, they take place by the thousands every day.

    Try and buy a second hand Glock on the Streets of most European Countries. Good luck and if you assholes say otherwise I have been there and it rarely happens. Again their gun control laws work simply because they actually have real gun control laws.

  21. I hope none of these kids go to jail. Unless they have committed some other crime. And having a machine gun is not a crime. Yes I know the ATF disagrees. Now that would be “a non-violent crime”. And I’m impressed with their trigger finger discipline. Someone has taught them some basic gun safety. I just wish they had adult around to reinforce this weapons discipline.

    I’ve said every American family should have a machine gun. This would be the only reason why I would even buy another hand gun. And make it into a low cost MG. Then every law abiding citizen could afford one.

  22. Having a father present in the family to instruct the children on safe gun handling and shooting accuracy, was something that a father always passed down to his children. But that is sadly missing in far too many american homes now. But there are many people who still believe a father is not necessary in the home.

  23. Welp, I’m black. I own a Glock 17 gen 5. I carry every day. I don’t do stupid things with stupid people. However, I’ve only been assaulted by people of color, namely, Latino thugs with guns. I know ONE person with this switch. They’re white. I was the one that told them they’re breaking the law, but lets ask ourselves quietly, because this is the kicker, does the law matter when rounds are flying your way? Has it ever mattered? I’ve found out, that the answer is no. The law has no bearing nor consequence to the immediate threat to life.

    Color has nothing to do with any of this. None of it. Consider the nature of the domestic enemy. This threat is unique in that it can almost take any form, be it fat, short, Latin, or Alaskan and will engage lethally on what was thought to be peaceful territory. This is but one observation, but I strongly implore anyone willing to take their defense into their own hands to explore this thoroughly. It ought not to matter; the shape of the enemy, his form. Your training should reflect reality, and that reality is that the threat can take any shape and our awareness should be such that we respond with precision, all the while being flexible enough to be fully aware of what we’re doing.

    Be cognizant of the gaps in your training and ability. Winded walking up stairs? Time for more PT. Arms tired after running TA drills?. PT time. I cannot count how many times people will complain about someone darker than them having a gun, but are so out of shape that if they had to fight, they’d be an easy mark, and I’d have a hard time defending them. Too often, and almost surreptitiously, we allow the weapon to be our only form of defense, and therefore, offense. Get out of your heads, realize the enemy exists, train, acquire a state of readiness, and be an American worth emulating.


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