Houston Police Bodycam Video Shows Perp Shooting Cops With Illegal Full-Auto GLOCK Switch

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We’ve written in the past about illegal full-auto GLOCK switches sold by Chinese knock-off sites like Wish.com. It looks like one of these switches was used in September by a perp who shot and killed one Houston police officer and wounded another.

Fred Milanowski, the special agent in charge of Houston’s ATF division, said Ledet was using a gun with an auto switch. That means he can use his semi-automatic weapon like a mini machine gun.

An auto switch, according to Milanowski, allowed Ledet to shoot a 30-round magazine in 2.6 seconds.

“There is absolutely no reason or no room for a suspect or suspects to be armed like this,” Finner said. “This is what we’re up against and we need to do something about it.”

Milanowski said the auto switches, small devices you attach to the back of a gun, are illegal and are a prolonged danger to the Houston community which is becoming ground zero for these types of devices.

— Chloe Alexander and Marcelino Beniton in ‘This is what we’re up against’ | HPD releases bodycam of two officers shot with gun rigged as mini machine gun


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  1. These Glocks fire so fast you get about 2 pulls of the trigger. Then time to reload. Muzzle control for someone without experience can become hazardous to the neighborhood.

    • RE: “There is absolutely no reason or no room for a suspect or suspects to be armed like this,” Finner said. “This is what we’re up against and we need to do something about it.”

      Something like turn to Gun Control? Really Big Problem is History clearly confirms Gun Control no matter how it’s sugarcoated never fails to unlock the door leading to racism and genocide. In the end Gun Control accomplishes nothing but making life great for a tyrant and hell for everyone else.
      Anyone wanting to risk Freedom after studying Gun Control Atrocities has to be insane…You have to have some racist and nazi and lots of stupid in you to latch onto any form of Gun Control.

      Violent criminals are very bad people but they cannot and never will compare to Gun Control and its diabolical baggage. Generally it is not the Bad Guy vs Police. It is Bad Guy and His Unarmed Victim and later down the road The Police.

      • They did do something about this, they made it illegal. you can not own the hardware, buy it or sell it. Any firearm with a giggle switch that does not have an NFA stamp will be confiscated. What more can they do?

        • How’d that work for those cops? The way to fix the problem is for this story, about the shooting of cops with Glock machine gun, was accompanied by the coverage of the perps’ execution, complete with video of their heads rolling down the chute. The gun control will never restrain those who intend to murder cops.

        • That’s exactly the point, mouthbreather. “What can we do, we can’t prevent criminal behavior by outlawing it!” No s***, Sherlock. In other news, water is wet, and the sun rises in the East.

          I’m at best a mediocre gunsmith/tinkerer and I can make a giggle switch from commonly obtainable items, and a little bit of elbow grease. I can make a fully functional firearm (even a repeating firearm), from parts I can buy at Home Depot with my walking around money. I can make a functional IED, or chemical weapon, from s*** you can buy at your local pool or garden supply store. You simply CANNOT ‘regulate’ human ingenuity. Take the “L”.

          “Gun control”, just like ANY purported/attempted legislation of humans, is intellectual onanism. People will do what THEY perceive as most beneficial to them. Sure, legislation becomes a factor in most peoples’ risk analysis – to be quickly abandoned against greater perceived threats (or, as in this case, greater perceived reward). Learn something about human psychology/motivation, or . . . have fun ranting uselessly.

        • They want to punish everyone…..all innocent of wrong doing, those following their 2A infringments….for the wrongs of one or few. It’s their agenda.

    • Without experience? Hell, even with experience it’s got to be hell controlling the muzzle with a 4″ barrel and no forward grip. Merciless Hell, a full-auto handgun cobbled together with parts from Wish.com has got to be the closest thing going to a handheld claymore mine.

  2. Meh… cops get the giggle switch on their ARs. IMHO neither cops nor criminals should be spraying bullets indiscriminately.

  3. I’ve always contended that full-auto is safer than semi-auto. The assailant expends all their ammo in a couple seconds. Then, the incident is over.

      • He would be less deader if there was not a giggle switch? Or would he be less deader if the killer had been previously executed for his LAST crime?

    • This. Unless you mount a rifle, a full-auto firearm is no more deadly than semi-auto, and is likely less deadly due to the muzzle rise.

  4. Soon, there will be laws banning any firearm that can be made full auto, by any means.

    Maybe then, the SC will be forced to deal with the intent of the Second Amendment, and whether the founders actually meant for “the people” to keep and bear “weapons of war”.

    • “…and whether the founders actually meant for “the people” to keep and bear “weapons of war”.”

      A single-shot musket like the pilgrims had were considered “Weapons of War”.

      The Lewis & Clark expedition had a semi-auto rifle.

      Thanks to Heller, weapons in common use are expressly-protected by the 2A. Thanks to the 10s of millions of semi-auto rifles out there, good luck on that one… 🙂

      • “Thanks to Heller, weapons in common use are expressly-protected by the 2A.”

        But, weapons not in common use are not. Circular reasoning. If an unconstitutional law makes a weapon not “common”, for long enough period of time, “history and tradition” dictate such infringement is permissible.

        • Shall not be infringed means exactly that.
          Also, the arms at the time the 2nd A was written were “military” arms.
          The founding fathers were aware of full auto too.
          See, Maxim gun.

    • Someone else has already talked about weapons of war comment, though it was based on 1774’ish weapons. To further expand on it, when people state “weapons of war,” that would ban all weapons. Snipers use bolt action rifles, ground forces use shotguns, they all use pistols, special forces can use semi-auto rifles (though unlike civilian rifles, I believe those rifles do have a selector switch for full auto… if I’m wrong, please correct me) heck, will they ban knives? Knives are in use with the military. The fact of the matter is that if it can injure or kill, it’s probably been used or is currently used by the military. So to use the word “weapons of war” is definitely a misnomer.

      • “So to use the word “weapons of war” is definitely a misnomer.”

        The majority of the weapons of the founders were dual purpose; the same rifle used in militia service was used to hunt.

        And then there were those cannon.

        • Oh, those punt guns SIA? 🙄
          With food supplies dwindling you’re against punt guns? Just because they’re not “currently” common use arms. 🤔

          Wow, with people like you claiming to be a 2nd A “friend”, we don’t need enemies.

        • Sam, I’ll take a cannon. Think I can claim a paladin as a cannon? Though admittedly I might be a little shy of the price tag for one of those.

      • Weapons of war are not limited to items sending projectiles down range. Typewriters, pens, paper, microphones, printing presses, radios et el are weapons of war, ala Hitler’s speeches and Goering’s propaganda publications. Oh…maybe that explains the Left’s attack on the First Amendment……of Conservatives, but not Libturds. For me, not thee.

    • You claim to be working toward restoring 2nd A rights for felons. Yet seem to agree on limiting semi-auto firearms? 🤔
      Wow, keep arranging those deck chairs on the Titanic.

      • “You claim to be working toward restoring 2nd A rights for felons? Yet seem to agree on limiting semi-auto firearms?”

        How did you conclude that from what I wrote?

        • IIRC, you posted on a prior story about being an iconoclast and was working on getting 2nd A rights restored to felons.
          Took a while to reply due to a busy work schedule today.
          I will find the post I’m referring and re-read. May have misunderstood what you posted.

    • “Maybe then, the SC will be forced to deal with the intent of the Second Amendment, and whether the founders actually meant for “the people” to keep and bear “weapons of war”.

      The SC already ruled on this in 1939 in US v. Miller. It said that “ordinary military equipment’ was protected by 2A. Unfortunately, there was no defense given, and no evidence provided that NFA items were issued to.the infantry, so they let the NFA stand.

      • “The SC already ruled on this in 1939 in US v. Miller. It said that “ordinary military equipment’ was protected by 2A. ”

        There is nothing in the constitution, or 2A, that limits arms to “ordinary”. The founders were protecting “the people” from government weapons (of whatever sort might be accumulated) outmatching the arms/weapons of the people.

  5. They are already illegal. Now we make them illegaller? Criminals going to criminal. That’s why we normals need to be armed.

    • It’s the same I’ve seen with liberal calls for more gun control. They don’t prosecute for the laws we already have. We all know it’s never been about getting people to follow the laws. It’s always been the full disarmament of the public. If it was about the laws, they’d prosecute more.

    • “That’s why we normals need to be armed.”

      I take that as personally discriminating against me.

  6. Meh. I’ve seen video’s of folk’s shooting full auto Glock brand Glocks. Hickok45 right now. Pretty hard to control even with his ape hands…love to have a giggle switch on my AR.

    • I think the hard to control part is a bug, not a feature, as far as the neighborhood is concerned.

    • I used to *love* seeing that clay character get squashed…

    • I see no real point to things like this but my question is ‘is it illegal’?

      I saw this yesterday and what that video shows is someone inside expecting trouble and ready to take human life indiscriminately. I’m wondering why these cops were not better protected. I mean, the cops already had their guns out. Maybe a cop and answer that.

      • Yah the guys rolled up acting like they expected a civil enough encounter. As soon as someone refuses to come out and is armed they ought to step back, let every innocent leave the residence, and prepare to roll in with the “big guns” team.

        • Why bother with the big guns? The dude inside will get hungry sooner or later, you grab him then. So what if it takes 9 hours, or 9 days?

        • Paul, that simply costs the taxpayer to preserve the POS so that the taxpayer can support him all his life. Get a BFG9000, tear gas the house, and drop him as soon as he steps out, let him rot on the front steps, everybody’s home for dinner. Why bother waiting around for 9 minutes, much less 9 hours, we’re getting shorter and shorter on police officers, can’t be wasting their time preserving useless POS like this.

        • Paul do you have any idea the resources that would be required for such a standoff were they to be practiced regularly?

  7. The original US patent is easily found online, and a cheap 3-D printer can knock out the majority of the parts. A small piece of metal can be filed into the proper shape, and you’re off to the races.

    (Or to the Federal Pen, if you get caught with it)…

    • Speaking of being caught, I’m not seeing in the article why LE was at this man’s door. Certainly couldn’t be because they surveilled his acquisition of the giggle switch, or there would have been some major S.W.A.T. action through his kitchen window instead of two standard cops at his front door.

      The boys in blue have a lot to contend with out there.

        • In the Libertarian utopia, the internal revenue service and BATFE will raid legalized drug dealers for not paying back taxes on their now legal business.

          This is already going on in the illegal moon shine business. The drug legalization crowd has said drugs should be legal and taxed. Just like tobacco they say. They have said “it’s a great way for the government to get even more tax money”.

          Does anyone think a drug dealer will set aside money to pay his business taxes???
          I have already said many of them have moved from high tax Cali to low tax Colorado. Unfortunately they also took their Liberal politics with them. And “F”ed up that state too.

      • to I haz a question

        I like the police. We need them. But they have lost the moral argument for their existence. When they stand down and allowed arson and murder to happen for most of 2020. They have shown they are not needed.

        But now when they are told to take the jab. Many are now resigning from their departments. Being forced to take the jab, they will walk out, But they will take a pay check, stand there, and watch your property be burned to the ground.

        • I spoke with an LASD Detective just last night about this. He said there’s a massive divide within the 9500-ish uniformed employees within the Department, wherein some will do whatever they’re told for a paycheck, and others who will resign and leave for another State if forced to take the jab.

          Sheriff Villanueva has publicly stated he will not enforce any vaxx mandate, but the larger LE community is now requiring registration in a new database that is blockchain based and will soon serve to become an individual’s permanent and lifelong identity (insert scared emoji face here). We all knew this “Mark Of The Beast” style identifier was coming down the pipe at some point in the future, but here it finally is at our doorstep, and it’s being introduced at the government employee level.

          The Detective said many within the LASD are just as hesitant about registering in this mandated database as they are about getting a mandated jab.

          The times we live in…

  8. As I have said this before. The rich, criminal or the law abiding. Will always have access to machine guns. But the communist Chinese using capitalism have brought the cost of owning a MG down to an affordable level. For everyone.

    Now disarm the police. And send in the social workers. There is no reason for the police to have guns. It is wrong, unconstitutional, evil, for only the police and military to have and openly carry machine guns.

    Since the late 1990’s the communist Chinese have been working to flood the USA with imported full auto weapons.

  9. So some guy buys a full auto kit on wish.com and ends up using it in self defense. What’s the problem? Citizens should have full auto not police.

  10. And how many times have the local DA’s not charged this guy? Pled down the charges? How many times was he released with no or low bail?

    Houston TX is a democrat Party run city. They caused this problem. Not law abiding gun owners. President Bush said it. They have the soft bigotry of low expectations. They refuse to hold criminals accountable.

    • Wasn’t that the queer mayor? I remember that story. The homo thought that becoming mayor would make him a god.

      • Over and over again, it happens. Some enlightened, progressive liberal attains a position of power and starts acting like a dictator in charge of a police state.

        Progressivism is a progressive disease.

      • It was not a “him”. It was a “her”. A real female. A proud g@y woman. She was supported by the ACLU.

  11. Again, let’s attack the tool and not the criminal.
    What was the shooter wanted for and what were his priors?

  12. Sorry, but that switch isn’t illegal because I’ve seen the sponsored ads on Fakebook selling these several times. If Fakebook allows them, they must be perfectly legal. Perhaps they should sue FB for allowing such ads.

    • Gee, I’m sure the PREVIOUSLY CONVICTED criminal who had that “illegal” Glock was just scared to death that he was going to be arrested for his illegal giggle switch . . . as opposed to the DOZENS of other violent felonies he had undoubtedly committed.

      What color is the sky, in your world????

      • By an odd quirk of the law, felons can’t be charged for possessing NFA items without a stamp. The requirement to file for a stamp was deemed to be self incrimination and contrary to 5A. They can still be charged with possession of a firearm, but there’s nothing discouraging them from sawing down a barrel, putting a stock on a pistol, etc.

  13. Just as there are millions of law abiding gun owners in this country. There are also millions of law abiding machine gun owners in this country as well. Unfortunately the “gun community” doesn’t support the ownership of machine guns in the general population. There are far more people on TTAG and elsewhere who say, “that’s illegal”. And they also most never say, “it should not be illegal to own a full auto switch for a glock.”

    They don’t say. “This is just another example of the illegal use of a gun.” And, “They are many law abiding gun owners who have never hurt anyone, with their legally owned machine gun.”

    A violent felon shouldn’t own a machine gun. Or any gun. But the law abiding should own whatever gun they can afford to pay for.

    • There should be no gun laws and no restrictions on anyone owning anything. The only thing that should be illegal is harming someone else or their property.

    • @Chris T: Very true what you say. But I don’t think that most people on TTAG are against regular people having machine guns if they can afford them. I think it’s resignation that in our current situation, getting one is beyond most average Joe’s abilities because of the laws put into place. And maybe we should say something about not being able to get a machine gun without all the extra hoops and in most cases, the exorbitant cost, I think most are trying to protect what we have currently. Now keep in mind, that is mostly because the Supreme Court has not tried to touch the FOPA in almost 40 years and honestly, I don’t see that changing in the future either. So I’d say a big part of why people don’t comment on machine guns is resignation… at least that’s my reason.

  14. So some bad guys went and tried to kidnap a bad guy and some bad guys on both sides got shot and/or killed? Sounds like a win for society all around. Fewer bad guys in blue and fewer bad guys not in blue.

  15. Tiresome, but just another example of the “real” facts. They can make anything they want illegal, the only ones affected will be the non-criminals. Almost sounds like that’s the plan, doesn’t it??

  16. FULL AUTO WEAPONS ARE JUNK..just a complete WASTE of rounds too quickly… I can shoot accurately without the waste and cause more damage easily…the ham and eggers needed auto shotguns with buckshot for a quick and easy remedy to the thug..AND LEARN NOT TO STAND IN THE KILLZONE!!

    • Suppressing fire is a thing and you will never get any rounds off if used properly. Stick to being a Fudd.

      • Ive worn the blue!.. stick to being clueless…that video was textbook stupidity…you just don’t stand there and get yourself killed…But I guess that’s the kinder gentler way now..

  17. @tsbhoa.p.jr
    “cannon will (.) get some ducks (plural) with the right fodder.”

    There ya’ go; dual use.

  18. @James Campbell
    “Oh, those punt guns SIA? 🙄
    With food supplies dwindling you’re against punt guns? Just because they’re not “currently” common use arms.”

    Not against Punt guns, or Puckle guns. It is the SC, not I, who makes a distinction between “common” and “not common” use.

    BTW identifying something, explaining something, understanding something is not at all synonymous with endorsing something

    • About punt guns:
      For those who might not know, a punt gun is a VERY large-bore shot gun with a barrel maybe 6 or 8 feet long. It would be used in a punt (small boat – hence the name) to sneak up on a flock of waterfowl (aka sitting ducks) and get them ALL with one shot. The use of these tactics in the 19th and early 20th centuries by market hunters drove certain classes of waterfowl damn near to extinction. Just in case you don’t believe it can be done, market hunting DID drive the passenger pigeon to extinction, where once they had been in the billions. That is why punt guns are illegal now and why I’m just as much against punt guns, as I am against market hunting. We have farms for supplying fowl for market without the danger of causing extinctions.

  19. @James Campbell
    “Shall not be infringed means exactly that.”

    Precisely. Outside of mockery, ridicule, or spoofing an anti-gunner, never said different.

  20. The auto-sear trigger is not why the police officer was killed. He was standing in the fatal funnel too long and the wanted man got off rounds without a need to aim.

    It appears they wanted him to come out willingly into an environment they controlled. He didn’t comply. At that point, it was time to either back off to wait him out or have a shield bearer lead a stack inside.

    I am not trying to speak ill of the dead. But the focus on the illegal gun modification misses the important lesson.

  21. I agree with Sid above, and would add that it’s at least possible (I don’t know) that cops confronted with such dangers multiple times every week can become accustomed to going home every night anyway, and not be as tense, as careful, as quick to call the armored team in. Complacent, IOW. If the officer at the door was carrying full auto and armored from head to toe, with 5 more behind him, would the punk have been as quick to engage?

  22. I believe Houston TX is where two cops set up a middle age white couple to have them killed in a police raid.

    Disarm the police.

  23. Why do we always focus on the gun and not the criminal behind it? For too long democrats have been coddling criminals and we are now seeing the results. Even people who prove they are willing to participate in gun fights in a neighborhood are being released in Chicago.

  24. Okay, where did he get it?

    If a foreign entity is importing ‘machineguns’ (or sears, or whatever) into the US and there is no way to regulate it, maybe that entity should be shut down.

    I wouldn’t cry over it.

  25. Couldn’t of happened to a finer police department #sarcasm. From the same department that plants drugs and kills innocent people in their homes then tries to cover it up. Zero fucks given to any of these shitbags.

  26. It’s only criminals like police officers, who take department machine guns out of the police armory. And then murder a witness with it.
    The rest of us binary trigger owner’s don’t do things like that.

    But the Democrats will order the military to point crew served weapons at law abiding protesters using their 1st amendment rights.

  27. Momma knew he was in there and armed? Willing participant.

    • OTOH, you would fire out a door your mother has just walked through? Did you hear her say, Let me go get him?”

  28. It was never about the bump stock. Just as It’s never been about the machine gun. The question is, Do American civilians have a civil right, to the same weapons as the police and military?

  29. “The question is, Do American civilians have a civil right, to the same weapons as the police and military?”

    According to the founders, the Second Amendment reiterated that fact.

    Federal courts, not so much.

  30. That has to be the most simple explanation from LampOfDiogenes to short circuit gun control advocates: “You can’t prevent criminal behavior by outlawing it”. Pure and simple. If something is already illegal, how is passing another law going to change anything? Logic: It doesn’t.

  31. Dispite all our problems, there was more freedom in this country, when the civilians had more firepower, and better weapons than the police or the military.

  32. @James Campbell
    “I will find the post I’m referring and re-read. May have misunderstood what you posted.”

    I have no problems with full semi-automatic firearms, at all. Nor problems with full full auto firearms (belt-fed are awesome). Now, I may write something that seems to conflict with other comments, but that is generally sarc/mockery/ridicule. When that is the case, there is always something embedded that gives away the game, while making the comment seemingly sincere.

    And there are instances when I challenge conventional wisdom as a “gut check”, or prod to look internally for full logic, or preference bias, and especially “echo chamber” thinking. It is not uncommon to be inconsistent in one’s views/values/principles; we just need to admit it.

  33. “Geoff “A day without a demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine” PR
    “Abbie who?” “Abbie Normal”… 🙂

    It’s AyyyyBee Normal, you hockey puck.

  34. @Mike
    “Sam, I’ll take a cannon. Think I can claim a paladin as a cannon? Though admittedly I might be a little shy of the price tag for one of those.”

    Pretty sure there will be a barter economy (with no taxes) one day. Maybe you can make a deal.

  35. Let me guess. His warrant had something to do with a plant. Yeah,…that was worth it, wasn’t it guys. Maybe folks are fed up with the bullshit, and you should expect a higher and higher ratio of fatal resistance to the bullshit. Hard to feel sympathy for government thugs who enforce out of control government upon us. That’s the job, you mercenaries. Suck it up.

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