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Welcome to Philadelphia, land of gas station robberies and carjackings, to say nothing of organized retail theft. In short, Philly has devolved into a cesspool of violent crime to the pont that one gas station owner has had enough. He’s hired heavily armed security guards to patrol his business while packing long guns.

When most normals see ostentatious levels of security, we usually ask ourselves if we’ve found ourself in an unsafe environment. But in Philadelphia, where rampant violent crime has increasingly become the norm, there are fewer and fewer safe spaces left.

The scene looks like something out of a third-world country. But for many Philadelphians, seeing a heavily-armed security guard patrolling a gas station might be a selling point over the station down the street without the deterrence of overtly armed security.

FoxNews has the story . . .

A gas station owner in Philadelphia recently hired security guards armed with AR-15s or shotguns and decked out in Kevlar to protect his establishment from the city’s rampant crime.

Neil Patel, who runs a Karco gas station at Broad and Clearfield streets in North Philadelphia, said he recruited Pennsylvania S.I.T.E. state agents to protect his employees and customers after his store had been repeatedly ransacked, according to local Fox affiliate Fox 29.

“They are forcing us to hire the security, high-level security, state level,” Patel told the outlet. “We are tired of this nonsense; robbery, drug trafficking, hanging around, gangs.

It’s hard to blame Mr. Patel. Philly’s had a rash of carjackings at gas stations. Even Philly Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon was carjacked this year.

And then there’s the overall violent crime and rampant open-air drug abuse.

Looks like a lovely place.

Ordinary citizens and business owners are increasingly left to fend for themselves in a city where the criminal justice system has all but collapsed.

Meanwhile the politicians who run Philadelphia call for ever more gun control – enacting it illegally at times – while calling those who are opposed to disarming average citizens “backwards.”

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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    • All I can say today is it takes one disgusting ignorant pos with a head full of demoCrap to have cast a vote for worthless warnock over Hershal Walker. Hopefully Georgia’s democRat Holes get what they deserve.

      • Its a feedback loop. They vote for people that encourage victimhood and state solutions, which leads to more victims that rely on the state. The people feel like they have to vote blue to save them because they are so far down the hole and completely convinced that they can’t save themselves. They are stuck in a sunk-cost fallacy.

        Big cities a culture of relying on “experts” (government and/or corporate) that needs to change before these people will change their vote.

        • There’s another problem just as bad if not worse and it’s the slackers and bozos who talk the talk on forums like this and do not vote.

        • Guys, in the case of Walker, it isn’t that people showed up to vote for Democrats, it’s that 300,000(!) fewer Republican voters showed up compared to last month’s vote for the governor. The question you should be asking is how does that happen? You can’t win without showing up.

        • “No matter which of them wins”

          Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s less about the individual these days. We aren’t living in the 80’s. We’re at the most partisan point in history. Warnock is a nearly 100% vote for the Democrat-Puppet Regime agenda. Walker would have been opposed to it. That’s why Democrats voted to put a senile puppet in the White House and a brain damaged stroke victim in the senate. They understand it isn’t about the individual.

          “Walker’s a sleazy POS”

          Oh please. 90% of them are. They’re just polished POS to fool people like you.

        • kendahl…it’s pathetic garbage like you who got worthless warnock elected…take a bow you pos.

        • I’m not sure if there is a level of dumb low enough to describe your statement.

          Walker is irrelevant. His importance is in that he would have kept the balance in the senate and, someday, perhaps helped time the balance in favour of sanity and against stupidity.

      • Debbie, the major problem is we Republicans keep putting up weak candidates. Walker was less than inspiring to say the least. Yeah, I voted for him, though I was really voting against Warnock.

        If the Republicans had put up a better candidate here and in PA we might just have control of the Senate, not just the House. If the Republican party was a football team we would fire the coach, so why does Ronna McDaniel still have a job?

        • McDaniel is just a fundraiser.

          Why is Mitchy still in office?
          Why were MANY RINOs in the house and senate reelected?

        • It’s a problem, no doubt, but the bigger problem is that the republicans need to find an answer to the democrat Ballot Harvesting issue. In the last election we lost to a dead guy and an inarticulate stroke victim. In Arizona, the dem running for governor didn’t even really campaign. Biden didn’t really campaign for president in 2020 either.

          They dont need too. The harvesters get a list of the democrats that are registered and rarely vote, they tend to be clustered in cities, and they send people around to collect up the ballots. Pumps their numbers into the stratosphere. ‘pubs dont like cities, they live in rural areas and so harvesting is too expensive and labor intensive to really work.

          Unless or until we come up with some way to balance the scales, we’re screwed.

        • MADDMAXX December 7, 2022 At 16:01
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          republicans need to find an answer to the democrat Ballot Harvesting issue

          The answer is simple, start “ballot harvesting” too… Then let those election stealing C–ts start crying foul. Get what you give beeitches

      • Debbie,

        You are a retard. Elections are fake. If you are too stupid to understand that, there is no hope for you. Try not to be such a moron in the future.

      • Hopefully Georgia’s democRat Holes get what they deserve.

        If it was an election for a “state” office that would be a given, however those morons just elected ONE of one hundred individuals that are responsible for approving ALL the federal judges that Braindead appoints with a “SIMPLE” (emphasis on SIMPLE) majority vote as well as ALL spending bills. It also changes the make-up of Senate committees which under the 50/50 split were made up of equal numbers of members from both sides, but now will be heavily weighted with Democrats… This election has ramifications that will be felt by ALL Americans (not just in Georgia) for way longer than the next two years.

    • just what do we know about these “security guards”?….are they licensed and bonded?….or just some thugs hired off the street?…..

      • ….in which case the property owner…especially if he’s paying them directly…is legally responsible for their actions….

    • Each state should create a Drug Camp, where the addicts are given whatever drugs they want, with provided security, food, and medical care. Conviction of 2 drug offenses gets you sent there, and the only way to get out is to volunteer for rehab and remain clean for 3 months. Trying to force people to quit does not work. At least this way, they are off the streets and not committing crimes.

  1. Is the weapon in that photo even legal? Looks like a long pistol with a stock to me. I guess it’s an SBR? Where’s the barrel? I guess that weapon is good for spray and pray operations.

    • But it takes Glock mags!

      Makes me think of visiting a gas station in Port-au-Prince, Haiti probably 25 years ago, couple guards with shotguns, don’t shoplift at the Tiger Mart!

    • Paul you cannot see the forest for the trees. In this case the forest is a war zone so what does it matter what is used to protect life and property? To override your concerns just pretend he could be holding a Glock in each hand.

    • Appears to be a tail hook style brace, although no telling for sure with his arm covering most of it up, seems on zooming in 300% there may be the dark outline of a horizontal hinge present on the bottom under his arm.

      Hard to say for certain. Strange choice of PDW given the circumstances.

    • Most likely AR pistol with a brace and would be far more accurate than a typical pistol if sighted in correctly. But guess he could be a stamp collector so who knows re full auto. Either way sensible step given the area but let’s see how long till it’s called racist like the bullet proof glass protecting store clerks in other shops around the city.

  2. breaking even is better than operating at a loss.
    makes me head skritch in as far as overhead/ markup. i will not let my brain drift towards liability; there should be none…
    but i’m pretty sure the pepto is some few cents on the gallon.

  3. If I was using that has station I would feel unsafe, at least with those two fudds waltzing around holding their guns all weird like in the video. Especially the guy with a $300 semi auto Turkey made 12 gauge. Why on Earth would you carry that as a hired security!

    • Dude “may” be a gang member. Takes one to know one. Dunno about anyone else but a shottie is intimidating even a Turk toy…

      • Also have to consider most of the people willing to work that job are not going to be particularly well off financially. And Philly has always been rough in ways that can be a bit shocking outside of Baltimore Chicago or Detroit.

    • properly licensed security guards have been used before in riot situations…and have effectively protected property…and they’re usually armed with AR-15’s…not so sure about these guys…

  4. Turkey makes some damn fine weapons. I’ll put my Stoeger Cougar against any .45acp you have. Can’t hang a bunch of shit on it, but can drive tacks with it, eats any ammunition you feed it. You’re just as dead if shot with a highpoint or a browning. If I was stuck in that shithole that’s the place I get my gas.

    • Watch the TFBtv Turkish shotgun meltdown videos. I don’t care what .gov they are or what faith they claim no way am I trusting my life to Turk guns.

      You do you.

      • well in this case, the Stoeger Cougar is the Exact gun as the Beretta Cougar was, made on the same equipment, by the same company ( Beretta Holding s.p.a. ), and a LOT of parts for ALL of their brands come out of this same manufacturing plant and get stamped “Made in Italy” on the final product.

    • f I was stuck in that shithole that’s the place I get my gas

      THAT place is massacre waiting to happen and the LAST place I would stop… It’s like this guy is DARING a bunch of gangsters to rob his place and I guarantee someone is planning to do that right now, disrespect is a muthrfukker and the homeboys will not tolerate it…

  5. Dialog on this site has descended into the partisan sewer. A well meaning comment that offends the TTAG narrative is met with nasty fifth grade name calling and recrimination. People here call out dems and others for their narrative while being guilty of the same thing. What happened to potg being part of civil society?

  6. I can understand why it is being done by business owners, but if it were me, I would hire a much more professional looking security team. In my humble opinion, they need to carrying the same weapons and good quality weapons not the crap these guys are carrying.

  7. I suppose a mossberg wouldn’t be good enough for you either. Liked my 870 for sure, but the 500 I shot in the navy was just fine too.

  8. Who wears a hoodie up like that? On duty? Ever heard of situational awareness? High crime area and you’re deliberately cutting your vision down.

  9. A dozen armed gangsters show up and I give these guys about a 13 second life expectancy… That thing the guy in the picture is carrying is not my first choice in defensive weaponry, appears to be 9mm? Must want to really piss someone off, minimum 7.62x.39, 300 AAC or 6.5 preferred w/10mm or .45 ACP backup…

  10. if you want to properly protect a property you need to do it from an unassailable position…the roof,for example….

    • And invisible. If the bad guys KNOW you are there, but don’t know where, ya got max superiority and max deterrent.

      Plus no one is offended by the optics.

      Triple win. WMT should do the same.

  11. That video was totally pathetic. I have never seen so many zombies so totally wasted in any one place at any one time. Lots of stoners, for sure, but not heavy drugs like this. Crack, heroin? I wonder. How bad do their backs hurt when they wake up from their dreams?

    • It’s heroin. They’re nodding off. It’s really sad. The exploding popularity of heroin is partly from the introduction of legal, prescribed (more or less) heroin in pill form (opioids). The other part of the popularity is the effort underway to remove the stigma of being a druggie. Stigmas can be a good thing. They’ve historically existed as a way of society preventing bad behavior. Modern Leftists are busy removing all stigmas, and even celebrating bad behavior. When I was young, everyone understood you would end up as a zombie druggie if you began using heroin. There was a big stigma associated with using needles. Make stigmas great again.

      • You do realize that in many places the young are *ordered* to use heroin? By the folks that control life and death locally?

        Insanity is doing the same thing endlessly, and expecting a different result.

      • More likely fentanyl, cheaper to produce than heroin, the amount required to produce the desired affect is negligible, it’s more addictive (and deadlier)… Those people are fukked, there is no future for them they are just running out the clock til they die and that is just one injection away on any given day.

  12. Since when is protecting your property offensive to people. If I lived in that cesspool, I would buy my gas there. The more I think about it, I would like to see a complete defund of police. Then people would solve their own problems. Within 6 months civility would be restored. Gang members would be hunted and city folks would ask permission to take a drive to the country.
    But I digress, I choose not to live in a cesspool. I plow my neighbors driveway because it’s the right thing to do, I loan tools to my freinds because they break them, they replace them, it’s not something to be discussed, however I suffer no fools. Where I live, people know, locked doors are to protect burglars from the homeowners. No victims here.

  13. When a city looks more like a 3rd world war torn country, the city leaders might need to be voted out.

    • When a city looks more like a 3rd world war torn country,

      Mogadishu was cleaner even with two attack helicopters crashed in the streets. Those guys attempting to clean up that mess are a prime example of an “exercise in futility”.

  14. It’s preferable to run at a break-even point rather than a loss.
    I’m scratching my head at the coreball markup/overhead involved. I refuse to entertain the possibility of legal responsibility because there is none.


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