Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot
Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
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Chi-town Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s city-wide shooting gallery saw 792 killed, and 2455 additional residents maimed by gunfire last year. It represents the most homicides since 2016 in final numbers compiled by   With 792 homicides, the City of Chicago tallied more murders than 46 entire states in 2019.

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And 2021 has already notched its first homicide of a law-abiding resident. A 62-year-old man driving to work today was shot and killed. Another couple, both 51, were shot in their heads and nearly killed while sitting in their home.

From WGN TV:

Chicago police responded to several shootings in the first few hours of 2021.

A 62-year-old man was the city’s first homicide of the year. Police said the man was driving southbound in the 4700 block of South King Drive around 3:15 a.m. when shots were fired.

The man was struck and drove his car into a vacant lot then crashed in an alley.

The man was taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck and was later pronounced dead, police saie.

In an unrelated shooting, two people were struck while inside a South Side home just after midnight.

Police said the man and woman, both 51, were sitting in the living room of a home when shots were fired outside. The man was struck in the head and taken to the hospital in critical condition. The woman suffered a graze wound to the head and was taken to the hospital and is also in critical condition, police said.

No one is in custody.

Of course no one is in custody. Thank to the “no snitch” culture so prevalent in Chiraq, Chicago’s Finest have identified suspects in only about 13% of the city’s murders.

Remember, this is the city where 9-1-1 operators can’t keep up with calls for help. But Mayor Lori Lightfoot made it a point to tell residents not to reach for a gun when violent criminals attack, but instead reach for a phone to call 911.  And then wait for the police to respond. That was TTAG’s most-read post in 2020.

The money quote, from Block Club Chicago:

Lightfoot urged people to keep calling 911 — and not open fire on people.

“Obviously we’re aware of the fact that Illinois is a concealed carry state,” Lightfoot said. “Do not take matters into your own hands. Call the police.

“We’ve seen tragedy happen in this country, and recently, when people felt like they could take matters into their own hands. … Let me remind you of the killing of Mr. [Ahamud] Arbery. Do not pick up arms and try to be the police. If there’s a problem, call 911. We will respond. But I urge people to show restraint and do not take matters into your own hands.”

If Mayor Lightfoot hated African-Americans and other minorities and wanted to keep them trapped in an endless cycle of violence and despair, would she do anything differently?

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    • You forgot Capitalism. Definitely Capitalism. And some sort of systemic somethingorother I forgot what it was in particular.

    • Of course!!! Always the liberal/progressive way is to blame somebody else for your stupid and idiotic ideas and policies.

    • Racism? Is that because white people work and buy guns and black people steal them? You’re a race baiting liberaltard so STFU

      • Jack, if you’re new here, this place has a unique style different than most other forums.

        The humor can be painfully dry and often sarcastic… 😉



    • Racism, and lack of gun control? Uh, that is ludicrous.

      I spent 25 years as a LEO, and I know, based upon years of experience, that in virtually any city an illegal firearm can be obtained quite easily. There is a thriving black market in firearms which exists totally outside any law related to firearms that is legislated.

      Only the law abiding will comply with the law, therefore only the law abiding will have their rights related to firearms curtailed by “gun control”. The result is obvious, only the law abiding will become defenseless prey to the thug with an illegal weapon.

      It has become popular to declare any problem related the Black community as the result of “racism”. There may be some merit to this charge, yet it is irrelevant to the day to day slaughter of Black males by other Black males. They choose to kill each other. This choice is usually rooted in some form of criminal enterprise. These enterprises generate a lot of money, more than could be made at a normal job, thus the willingness to be involved.

      One might as well say that the Italian and Irish gangs that murdered each other during prohibition did so as a result of racism.

      Trite usage of the terms “gun control” and “racism” suggest a lack of appreciation of the complexity of the problem.

      • “Racism, and lack of gun control? Uh, that is ludicrous.”

        Actually, the statement is just snarky. The follow-on sentence gives it away.

    • These are criminals. You can impose all the gun control you want and they will still find other means to obtain Firearms… They’re not going to head over to Indiana and legally purchase a traceable weapon. Gun control works just as well as the war on drugs

        • And if the penalties for drugs in the US were as strong as they are in Singapore, at least 90% of the drug supply would disappear.

        • ^^This.

          “BuT mUh BoDy”…

          Drugs are drugs. You wanna fuck yourself up on cheez-its? Go ahead. Drugs should be regulated. Any recovering addict knows how stupid the argument about “my body, my choice” is. When you are hooked, you don’t think that way. From MJ to Opiates… it’s a problem. Same with alcohol and TONS of “over the counter” shit.


        • It’s really funny to watch people who profess to stand behind liberty and freedom to judge another person because of their personal decisions…..
          It’s people like YOU who run off normal people from a conservative point of view…..
          The stigma and ridicule isn’t working like it did in the past….
          You old farts/fudds better learn that times are changing…. your old nosey attitudes are not appreciated by the younger generation… and it might backfire on you….
          So stop thinking you have any right to foist your old crappy opinion on anyone else…
          I’ll be changing my party affiliation to independent soon….. because of people LIKE YOU…

    • Many are just parasites…like some consider a fetus for abortion purposes…so it is not as far-fetched as it seems…

    • How about a post-birth abortion for Mayor Beetlejuice????

      I strongly believe in a woman’s body is her choice. She has the choice, or not, to tape her knees together to not get pregnant. But, once pregnant, she loses some choices over her body as the unborn have rights over their bodies and lives as well. Once the woman successfully gives birth, then she resumes complete control over her body, her choice.
      Should she choose abortion, she is guilty of murder, and should be tried as such.

  1. Nope…she would act exactly the same. The dead minority citizens provide “ammunition” for the efforts of the anti-gun orgs.

    Soros spent his money well in selecting and promoting Chicago’s particular group of political idiots…his investment continues to pay dividends long past their election / appointment to office.

  2. We could make every ugly comment there is, however the total stupidity of these elected officials is only surpassed by those who RE-ELECT someone who empowers these crimes!

    AKA definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing the same way and expecting different results!
    Lightfoot is a dumbass so to are those who give her power over them!

    • Well, given the way the dems are stealing the national election and the Georgia senate races, and that they have controlled Chicago for a century at least, I highly doubt if voting matters there anymore. It’s probably just a show for the media and the sheep, and the winners are already predetermined by the only party in town.

    • Sometimes the people get so pissed they refuse to reelect! On those occasions they find a new Democrat to vote for. Then wonder why nothing changes.

  3. 3:15 AM may have been the first homicide, but a couple were shot in the head at 12:12 AM, and taken to the hospital in critical condition.

    This disappointed my wife, who was rooting for Philly, her home town. She was sad that Chiraq has beaten Philly in total homicides in 2020, as well as non fatal shootings, and was hoping that Philly could come back with the 1st shooting of the new year. Alas Philly did not get on the boards until 1 person was shot at 12:30, 18 minutes after Chicago scored 2 points.

    It looks like Chicago will win the championship again in 2021.

    • To be fair if the Philly shooting took place at 12:30 EST and the Chicago shooting happened at 12:12 CST that would make Philly the winner by 42 minutes…..

  4. Can we get the breakdowns…shooters/victims..sexes…ages…races…legal gun owners/illegal…previous arrests? previous gun arrests?
    How do they compare to Chicago in general?
    Oh wait…that would be racist…right? But wouldn’t that also be following the SCIENCE??????

    • That would require that the shooting was investigated more than just taking some pictures and picking up the body. You can’t exactly get any metrics when nobody saw nothing. I’m also guessing that the 13% of identified shooters are mostly people who end up on the slab later and the police just close the case as the suspect is dead.

    • Well, the chart reproduced above was enlightening to me! I have understood for years that Chicago’s murders were from a very small part of the city, and now I see that is bullshit. The murders are ALL OVER the city. I have friends and relatives who swear there is no finer place to call home, and you could not pay me enough to live there. Austin has around 50 homicides a year in a similar population size, and many think that is too many.

  5. Wow, and I didnt think Identity Politics worked! Guess I was wrong! Who is she blaming this week?

  6. This is the way Chicago has been for the last hundred years. One would think that people would get the message by now. But then….

  7. Please don’t post pictures of that cretin anymore. What I leave this article open and my children happen to see that filth? SMH…

  8. Once Trump is gone, Chicago will likely become one of the safest towns/cities in the nation. Truth.

  9. Chicago’s finest have identified suspects in only about 13% of the city’s murders :
    talk about coincidences, it’s the 13%ers that are doing all or most of the shoots. no wonder 13 is considered a unlucky number.

  10. 792 ain’t a record but it’s way up there. Top 5 all time.I don’t think Beetlejuice is the “worst”big city mayor in America. I’d give it to the fake I-talian Diblasio. They’re aways from any record but he’s nearly destroyed NYC all by hisself. I live in Cook county and Chiraq poisons the whole damn state. It’s a shame as as lived there for 6 years in the 80’s. Lot’s to do & see-THEN…

    • Things were trending down as the economy improved even in Chicago. Then BLM hit and the cops were pulled back. Now.its all out war and scores get settled.

      Abandon the neighborhoods and build 20 foot walls around it. We might have a shot at containment.

  11. What a horrible way to start a new year, to have to gaze at the face of mayor beatlejuice,now I have to wash my eyes out.

    • Imagine waking up after a night of drinking with that on your arm.
      Bet you wouldn’t brag about who you spent the night with.
      Frightening thought.

      • @Hush

        I don’t see that as a possibility…pretty sure you’re not her kind of gal…

        She is such a shoddy Mayor that – in spite of her checking so many of the qualifications *they* look for: Female, Black, Lesbian, Lawyer, Progressive Democrat – the Human Rights Commission (HRC) deleted tweets praising her last Summer. When the HRC deletes their praise…you know that the subject of the tweets is exceptionally bad at their job.

  12. You and basically every article with these numbers that Google turned up seem to use “homicide” and “murder” interchangeably. I always thought that homicide includes murders, manslaughter, self-defense and cleared police killings (hence “justifiable homicide”), and occasionally suicides. The same thing muddles statistics about “gun violence” when all gun deaths are lumped together regardless of circumstances.

    I wonder what the 792 figure reflects?

    • They are used as such because it can be very difficult to parse out the figures, especially when barely any of the cases are actually solved.

      • I figure if that’s the case, then let homicides stay homicide for the purposes of bringing them up in an opinion piece or an article, and if we need to get more specific then lay out what all it includes instead of just saying “that’s 792 murders.”

  13. I opened the story and got a fright. You should put in trigger warnings when you show that fish-eyed person. She reminds me of Gollum from the lord of the rings movie.

  14. Exceptions to the rule notwithstanding, races will if left to their own devices, “revert to type”. A natural state of affairs indicative of their innate nature. All racial/ethnic types have a base minimum level of social coherence. They are not equal

  15. This is probably actually a few low as they discover a few extra bodies through the year and have a few people succumb to their wounds.

    Perhaps there’s a department Lightgroot could support that would help in these times of lawlessness.

    Nah, I’m guessing the citizens of Chicago are on their own. Kind of low value for their tax dollars but it’s life.

  16. I’m not real sure what the Issue is. The people of Chiraq are getting what they want as their votes show.
    As a side note: There were 902 civilians killed in all of Iraq in 2020. (source website: Iraq Body Count) Which is considered 1 of the top 10 War Zones on the planet.

  17. This is what happens when you allow white supremacists to cruise through minority neighborhoods unhindered. You’d think that someone would notice a car full of white guys doing a drive-by and call the police. Maybe they call the police and get ignored since cops hate black people. How else do you explain not catching the racists they’re always complaining about perpetrating this violence?

  18. I believe the chiraq mayor does hate black people of the lower economic level. As a black woman with “pink hands” she has a bigotry against poor straight people. She is socialist progressive in her political orientation. She supports the Welfare Industrial complex. She like the rest of the three Ls’ supports, replacing the father with a government check. And if a woman has 5 kids from 5 different men, they support that, $$$, too.

    The traditional family structure is an impediment, to their goal of changing society to the utopia they dream of having. They certainly don’t want to follow the advice of Col Jeff Cooper, when he said give guns to inner city people, and they will solve their own problems.

  19. What was that Miner49er? You were saying?

    I seem to recall multiple statements from previous threads on Chicago about “per capita”?

    It’s just amazing how full of shit you are.

  20. If you really want a news story, find and report the number of actual innocent victims. Ones who did nothing to contribute to their demise, ones who weren’t involved in anything illegal at the time, ones who were not involved in gangs. I’d be surprised if you hit double digits.

    • has sobering statistics on the kids and elderly who the savages killed last year. You won’t see any white socialists protesting their deaths. You also won’t see many arrests either. Even when 4 years take one to the head in their bedroom snitches get stiches is followed.

      The good people need to find a way to move out of there. And don’t give me that crap about not having any means. When the checks show up for covid take a bus to another city or town and give it a go. Can’t be any worse or expensive as second city.
      Just remember what you came from and change your perspective a bit. And voting habits.

  21. Lori has done an excellent job at keeping Chiraq’s old nickname intact, The Second City. Once again NYC thanks to the leadership of de Blasio and Cuomo have beaten them again. Perhaps if she tried harder, defunded the police more, criticized the police more, prosecuted less gun crime, let more folks out on compassionate releases, and reduced bail requirements further and allowed a few more riots.

    Or maybe what we need to do is take away government officials body guards/police protection and make them live like so many of their people do. What are the odds Lightfoot and de Blasio would start packing their own personal defense tools?

  22. She says “call the police” she wanted to defund the police and holds them back from doing their job. Lori is way over her head as Mayor , blame everyone else but yourself Lori.
    Your safer in Afghanistan then Chicago. So happy I left there and didn’t come back.

  23. Looks like Mayor “Fashion plate” visited her hairdresser again…. Way to look good Herr Lightfoot…

  24. If Obama is destined to spend eternity as the lawn jockey at the end of Satan’s driveway, Lightfoot is destined to be his garden gnome

  25. I’m sure Obama is working hard to rectify this problem, right? After all Chicago was pretty good to Obama so I’m sure he’s returning the favor, right? Someone with that much influence, power, and now money could get the job done, right?

  26. Groot’s neighborhood is heavily patrolled and protected. She and her wife sleep sound as babies.

    Fuck everyone else as far as she’s concerned.

  27. Black lives matter?, that is unless you live where other blacks live, then not so much. This is a race issue. Look worldwide and any city, province, country with black rule. Blacks are not capable of self rule. As a race they are hyper violent, Reason and accountability doesn’t enter the equation. Compare black governed communities and white, you cannot compare them, black communities fail while white communities thrive. Prove me wrong, you can’t. Facts matter.

    • When you lower the bar, you get to sip the contents of the spittoons and drink from the toilets……..

      • “When you lower the bar, you get to sip the contents of the spittoons and drink from the toilets……..”

        Definitely claiming this as my own; Thanx.

    • Black communities only failed because of making the same mistakes as the white community. White Christianity has failed the black race in America and worldwide. It’s racist. Name one slave owner or member of the KKK that wasn’t Christian… you can’t. Christianity taught blacks to be subservient to whites and that is the reason Black communities fail, they have complacent Black leaders like Ralph Warnock. Get rid of complacency and acquiescence to white culture and Black communities will thrive. Cancel White Culture and you will create a superior civilization period.

      You didn’t use any facts you just lied and framed blacks for behavior that is typically associated with Whites. White people only solve their problems with guns so calling Blacks hyper violent is hypocritical and self defeating. You don’t care about gun culture you only care about race baiting.

      “Blacks are not capable of self rule” this statement implies that you want to enslave Black people because they are incapable of ruling themselves. That is hate speech and I for one will not stand for it. Black people were perfectly capable of self rule until colonization. Colonization led to complacent Black leadership. They take dives to support White supremacy because they are traitors.

      Black people tried to fix problems by saying positive things like “Black Lives Matter”. You are just trying to make things worse by being negative and saying human life doesn’t matter. You are the one without logic nor reason. You lie then say its fact without offering any evidence and then task others the burden of disproving your claims that are unfounded and without merit, research or effort. Its just lazy thinking and commenting on your part. Nobody is really going to get mad because they have plans to mold the world into their image. You are less of a troll and just an idiot.

      This is awkward because you are trying to start arguments on boring topics that nobody cares about. Plus what you are saying is awkward. The majority of America has been White rule. Currently it is as well. If Whites are so capable of nation building and managing affairs of state then you do not have anything to complain about. Whites have always been critical of government under White rule. You can’t deny that. That’s not Blacks attacking white government that Whites attacking white government.

      Jews stole money from blacks and gave it to white communities. Without that blood money whites would have failed. If you claim white rule is superior to black rule then you are suggesting the Blacks imitate the style of white leadership. All whites do is murder people and steal their things and then be polite to other white supremists. If Blacks copied the violent examples of Whites then more white people would start dying and you would see what being violent really looks like.

      Somebody told me that Miles Standish murdered Native Americans and put their head on a pike to mark the territory he took from indigenous peoples within 6 months of first contact with them. The Indian saved the pilgrim and in return the pilgrim killed him. That sounds inherently violent and racist to me and that is what you call successful community building. You are a war monger. If you want blacks to govern like whites then blacks will govern like Miles Standish and regulate their territories with fear. How come they don’t tell this story in school but instead push propaganda that whites are always right and paint them as some type of savior or peace loving benevolent people when they aren’t?

      Those are the facts based on history. You state biased opinions but offer no facts to back it up, historical or otherwise.

      • Really, “calm down Francis”. I base all my opinion on actually facts that I have actually lived it. You can stick your head in the sand and not want to face reality, everything I said it absolutely true. Just because I tell the truth, does not make me a racist. I was sure someone would break out that slang. Don’t accept reality, therefore start the name calling. I have always treated Blacks, Indians and all minorities with respect, yet this was not percentile, Blacks are the most racist race there is worldwide. I lived it, that’s why I chose not to live anywhere there is a black population and life is good. Say what you want, someday you will have to live in the real world.

        • Hey Mr. Malone, how about facts, black shooting in the greater Chicago area has totaled more that a combined 46 other states. Facts matter. So just keep being delusional, it works for you.

      • complacent Black leaders like Ralph Warnock.

        Warnock is a radical, white hating, anti-military racist mother-fucker.. He is as far from complacent as one can get without being Louis Farrakhan…

      • Black people tried to fix problems by saying positive things like “Black Lives Matter” but the only time those Black lives mattered to them was after a cop shot one, the average 2400 plus blacks murdered by other blacks per year, not so much…. BLM is all about the money, there is no profit in plain old every day black on black murder…

      • If you want blacks to govern like whites then blacks will govern like Miles Standish and regulate their territories with fear.

        You mean like they actually do in South Africa, murdering old white farmers, dismembering their bodies and taking their property? Your entire post is one long string of unadulterated bull-shit… I could spend the rest of the night taking your “fact based” drivel apart but I already have a head ache from just trying to make ANY sense out of it… Don’t go away madd, but please go away…

  28. as of April 2020 – a world wide app doesn’t even show Chicago in the top 50 world wide, being beat by St Louis, (Top US city @ 13th), Baltimore (21st) – Detroit & New Orleans as of April 2020. That’s using the per 100K method, world wide. ( The U.S. even comes in below the average World Wide. – – – > Odd Bloomberg and company never mention that part.
    Insider Monkey (Yahoo story) and others just use the “Number of murders committed” per city.
    “Per capita 2020 -> For the seventh straight year our research reveals that East St. Louis, IL continues to dominate the nation regarding murders per capita, again claiming the number one spot on our annual Top 30 Cities in the U.S. with the Highest Murder Rates list. > & St Louis is #3. > ONLY East Chicago comes in @ 24th for the U.S. >>

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