FILE - In this Nov. 3, 2020 file photograph, N.H. Gov. Chris Sununu wears a protective mask, due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, at a polling station in Windham, N.H. New Hampshire joined three dozen other states, including the rest of New England, in enacting a statewide mask mandate as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies. Sununu issued an executive order requiring masks to be worn in public spaces, indoors or outside, when social distancing isn't possible, which goes into effect on Thursday Nov. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)
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New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu
N.H. Gov. Chris Sununu (AP Photo/Charles Krupa, File)

“My first responsibility is ensuring the safety of my family and our citizens” Gov. Chris Sununu said in a news release. “For weeks, armed protesters have increasingly become more aggressive, targeting my family, protesting outside my private residence, and trespassing on my property — an outdoor public ceremony simply brings too much risk. We do not make this decision lightly but it is the right thing to do.”

In consultation with Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, Sununu said, he and Senate President Chuck Morse, acting House Speaker Sherm Packard and the Executive Council will be sworn in during a small ceremony Jan. 7. It will be attended by leaders of both houses of the Legislature and will be virtually attended by all other members. Sununu will deliver his inaugural address at 7 p.m. that day.

Protesters started gathering outside Sununu’s home in Newfields on Nov. 22 over his order, which had taken effect two days earlier, requiring masks to be worn in public spaces, indoors or outside, when social distancing isn’t possible because of the coronavirus pandemic. On Monday, local police issued summonses to nine people and arrested one of them under a new anti-picketing ordinance passed by the Newfields selectboard, on which Sununu’s brother sits.

— Kathy McCormack in Governor cancels inaugural, citing mask protests at his home

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        • I’m having a hard time believing this was actually antifa and not a ploy to say “Im being attacked too!” by Pelosi. It seems strange to me that one the most destructive and lawless groups would go out of their way to not get any paint on the homes brick, only the garage door (easy to paint over), and the cement driveway (also easily cleaned) where as damage to the brick even when cleaned would discolor it compared the remaining brick. Just my initial thoughts, and I may be wrong, but it strikes me as suspicious.

          • I’m having a hard time believing this was actually antifa and not a ploy to say “Im being attacked too!” by Pelosi.

            Are you NUTZ? Everyone knows this drops right on the desk of Donald J Trump… He’s trying to make those “peaceful” protestors look like out of control animals…. The Orangeman Bad!!! He planted the suitcases in Atlanta and FORCED those people to count those ballots over and over again, He personally went out and gathered names from tombstones in Detroit, stole his own ballots from mailboxes in Arizona and rented busses in L.A. to carry homeless people to Las Vegas so they could vote for JoMalla… He even hired thugs to attack his supporters on two or more occasions in D.C… It’s time “you people” realized what a devious individual is occupying the Oval Office…

      • Hey, Montana,

        Yesterday I saw another commenter (on a completely separate, non-gun site) using your exact same avatar. Hmmm…..

        • Avatar? Or name and avatar?

          The Avatar is from the band “Disturbed”. I just like the look of it, but the band is/was good too.

          I have seen people try to steal my moniker too though… Multiple times throughout the years. I gave up after a while and just used my initials or something not very internety for a while. Then, this site 😉

        • No worries Haz, no one will be “stealing” yours.

          But at least you stopped calling it a gravatar.

  1. I’m sorry, but I just can’t take anyone named “Sherm” seriously. Never could.
    It’s not you, it’s me.

  2. “….protesting outside my private residence, and trespassing on my property…”

    I seem to remember reading about a couple in St. Louis that felt the same way.. They have been charged with felonies…..

    • You guys just can’t quit with the fake news, no one trespassed on the McCloskey’s property.

      The video taken it at the scene shows the people marching in the street, owned by the Portland place homeowners association who did not file any trespassing complaints on that day.

      When will you conservatives learn the truth is not what you want it to be, but what the actual facts are.

      Just like the election claims and the hermit crab lawsuits, the Truth is not in them.

      • “When will you conservatives learn the truth is not what you want it to be, but what the actual facts are.”

        That’s rich – Coming from a Leftist scumbag like yourself… 🙂

      • And you lefties just can’t quit being retarded. Things are bad but I guess they could always be worse, I could be as dumb as you…

      • You’re full of name calling, “retarded, dumb, scumbag”, it’s just more empty speech from the losers.

        But the truth remains, regardless of your personal attacks.

        • Get ready for energy dependence on the Middle East again and $4.00 gas.

          But yeah, Go Team Biden. (severe sarcastic tone)

          The only losers are the American people, how’s that for some factual truth.

        • Manse, it seems you are a part of the fake history propaganda machine as well.

          You can thank President Obama for our energy independence, just like you can thank Obama for a strong economy that he handed to trump.

          “The United States has been sprinting toward energy independence over the last decade, but that progress has come to a halt under President Donald Trump, according to new research from Goldman Sachs.

          The Trump administration is pushing a policy of “energy dominance,” rolling back regulations and actively pushing sales of the nation’s growing oil and gas supplies to all corners of the globe. But Goldman’s head of energy research is highlighting a surprising trend in light of that policy.

          The precipitous drop in the nation’s dependence on foreign energy commodities during the Obama administration slowed last year and is set to flatline in 2018.

          U.S. net energy imports have plunged 95 percent from their peak in 2008 through the end of last year, hitting levels not seen since the 1970s, Goldman’s Damien Courvalin notes in research released Wednesday. However, higher oil prices have created a speed bump to achieving energy independence, and the trade war Trump is pursuing against China threatens to further delay the long-sought goal, he says.

          According to Courvalin, the rapid progress toward energy independence is mostly due to surging U.S. natural gas shipments and a boom in oil sales after Congress and President Barack Obama lifted a 40-year ban on exporting crude. OPEC’s deal with Russia and other producers to boost oil prices by cutting output has also helped to shrink the U.S. trade deficit in energy products.“

          In other news, a Trump appointed federal judge just dismissed crazy Louis Gohmert’s lawsuit.

          The hits just keep coming! What are we up to now 60 odd Trump and allies lawsuits kicked to the curb?

          So much winning, I need a drink.

        • “surging U.S. natural gas shipments”

          Which Biden has promised to end. Our enemies are laughing at us. Russian trolls have used social media for the push against American energy by co-opting climate change hysteria. Why would they do that? Russia is the world’s second largest producer of natural gas. The natural gas industry improved during the Obama years through innovation, not through anything Obama did.

        • Right it was all saint Obama, whos most radical actions in the energy sector were cap and trade, limiting fracking, and subsidizing failed green energy initiatives. That’s why under Obama gas was 4-5 dollars a gallon some places and we were a net importer. It only SEEMS like its better now after Trump because gas is 1-2 dollars a gallon and the US is a net exporter and energy independent. Don’t believe your lying eyes and ears!

          I’m on the fence at this point whether miner is just the washed up old failure boomer coalminer he LARPs as or just a paid shareblue/Chinese shitposter/agitprop guy who sucks at their job. Its really pathetic. Nothing positive, ever, can be credited to the opposition. That’s the mindset of either a pathetic troll of a CCP actor.

        • Obama had nothing to do with it. It was due to fracking (which he and the democrats hated) that the United States broke the sheikh’s and Russians control of oil. And it was all the red states that made it happen. When was the last time California opened an
          an oil well at sea miner?? Democrats are currently working hard to get rid of fracking and it’s benefits to our nations economic health. If you don’t believe me see the state of Colorado for a how to instructional manual on destroying a once booming industry.
          Not to mention the fact that huge regions of our country our hurting due to the insane regulations the democrats have put on the coal industry but that’s another story.
          Miner honestly believes the things he reads on leftist websites. He knows nothing of reality outside his safe leftists worldview.

        • Remember when Democrats and the MoFoMedia (BIRM) berated pro-energy proponents and their opponents that…
          “You can’t drill ourselves into energy independence you stupid rubes!”

          Talk about a major fuck up in thinking.
          But yet neither the Democrats or the MoFo Media admit their MAJOR error or suffer negative consequences of such a huge blunder.
          It must be nice to control the national narrative.

        • ““surging U.S. natural gas shipments”

          Which Biden has promised to end.”

          Promised to end fracking, and that impacts a family I know directly…

        • “Get ready for energy dependence on the Middle East again and $4.00 gas.”
          We have never been dependent on Middle East oil. It a shell game & North America has more oil than all of the Middle East.

        • Miner, for every whiny story printed by the leftist “guardian” newspaper I can show you tens of thousands of Americans who receive a paycheck from oil, gas and coal. The companies are filled with normal people earning a living and it was their American ingenuity that pioneered fracking which has kept literally trillions out of the coffers of Arabia, Russia and OPEC. I for one don’t like to support dictators and communists around the world, do you?

        • You just shared an article based on zero facts. The article even says “the family THINKS”… dude, that is some straight up propaganda. Zero proof that family even exists. They leave the shower door open because they think the house will explode? LMFAO.

          Miner you are so full of shit. It’s amazing how only certain types of articles and comments you pick to comment on here. You are fucking crazy. I actually believe your West Virginia claims because you fit the hillbilly offspring to a tee. I can totally see you living in some “city” in west virginia and being part of the 1% leftists loonies wearing gas masks in the whole foods and chasing off non maskers.

      • In St Louis that street and sidewalk is private property. It is owned by the people that live there, not specifically by the HOA. When this happened Chip spent over a week posting the specific laws of MO.

        • Nope, the Portland Place trustees control the property, and they filed zero trespassing complaints that day.

          McCloskey has brandished firearms in a threatening manner against people whose only offense is walking on a piece of ground the McCloskeys claim as their own:

          “The McCloskeys have filed at least two “quiet title” suits asserting squatter’s rights on land they’ve occupied openly and hostilely — their terms — and claimed as their own. In an ongoing suit against Portland Place trustees in 2017, the McCloskeys say they are entitled to a 1,143-square-foot triangle of lawn in front of property that is set aside as common ground in the neighborhood’s indenture.
          It was that patch of green protesters saw when they filed through the gate. Mark McCloskey said in an affidavit that he has defended the patch before by pointing a gun at a neighbor who had tried to cut through it.”

          I realize that President Trump and Fox News have their own propaganda line of disinformation concerning these events, but perhaps the more intellectually capable on this list would care to avail themselves of the local reporting for a more accurate picture of the situation.

          STLtoday.comWeb resultsThe St. Louis couple charged with waving guns at protesters have a …

      • You’ve been told a dozen times, the street in front of their house is private property, not a public thoroughfare, so they were trespassing, and you are lying, not mistaken.

        • A lie told a dozen times is still a lie, how about we do the actual work to find the facts.

          It’s unfortunate that you folks just want to parrot the echo chamber talking point, without conducting any actual research into the matter.

          So let me help you with 15 minutes research results.

          Here is a 2017 lawsuit by the McCloskeys, against the Portland Place Assn trustees, in which the McCloskeys admit that Portland Place trustees own the roadway:

          “Portland Place property owners claim association failed to fix sewers

          By Lhalie Castillo | Nov 10, 2017

          ST. LOUIS — Property owners are suing homeowners’ association trustees, citing alleged breach of fiduciary duty and constructive fraud.
          Mark T. McCloskey and Patricia N. McCloskey filed a complaint on Oct. 23, in the St. Louis Circuit Court against Sanjay Jain, Russell John and Richard Gemberling, Portland Place Association trustees, alleging they breached their duties to maintain the sewer lateral in Portland Place.
          According to the complaint, the plaintiffs allege that as a result of the debris and obstructions at the sewer lateral, water backed up and flowed into the plaintiffs’ home. They paid to repair a collapsed portion of the sewer lateral at their property but were unable to repair those that pass through defendants’ roadway. They claim they have suffered damages to real estate and personal property, annoyance, inconvenience and emotional distress. 
          The plaintiffs hold the defendants responsible because they allegedly wrongfully ignored their legitimate request to repair the storm or fowl water sewer system at Portland Place.
          The plaintiffs seek judgment in their favor in a fair reasonable amount that will compensate their actual and consequential damages, plus interest, costs of this action and all further relief the court deems just and proper. They are representing themselves.
          St. Louis Circuit Court case number 1722-CC11570”

          In case you missed it, here’s the relevant acknowledgment of roadway ownership:

          “ …those that pass through defendants’ roadway… “

          I thought some of you people claim to be attorneys, not familiar with real estate law?

        • Larry, ” you can’t fix stupid “. Think the Miner has been underground in the mine too long.

        • “I thought some of you people…”

          “You people”?

          Racist bigot! Racist bigot!

          Busted! HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa… 🙂

        • Geoff. miner refuses to condemn the brown shirted antifa that burned and looted minority businesses during their ‘mostly peaceful protests’. He also supports the margerat sanger plan of genocide on American blacks.
          And he suffers from ‘white savior’ syndrome. You know. He believes that poc can only thrive with a woke white guy leading them.

          So yes. He’s more racist than chris mallory.

        • Nope, I’ve stated many times I condemn any violence against people or any property destruction.

          No matter who the group is, or what color they are or what planet they come from, I do not agree with violent attacks upon people, any threats of violence especially involving firearms against any people or any violent property destruction against private property.

        • The subject at hand is the McCloskeys, who admitted in sworn court documents that the roadway is owned by the Portland Place Association.

          Of course, none of you would admit the truth, the protesters were not on the McCloskeys property, and never presented a threat worthy of the lethal weapons employed by the McCloskeys.

          That’s why the McCloskeys are charged with firearms felonies and the protesters aren’t.

        • The protesters arent? lol. Are you fucking serious? Lets look at all the destruction the “protesters” caused.. in that area for that matter… Do you even darkweb bro? Do you want your tiny little mind fucked with all the doxing and arrests? The FACT – as you put it – is that these protesters are not peaceful and they started harassing innocent people right in front of their homes, why? Why in numerous areas were they seen on private property telling people “don’t use your white privilege’s to tell me how to protest”? Do you have any idea what took place during those protests all around the area of the McCloskeys? I’ll bet if you heard of Molotov’s being thrown in your neighborhood you’d be pretty fucking scared too. If not, then provide your address and we’ll oblige. Don’t tell me how to protest your stupid opinions, whitey.

        • I’m sorry to tell you, you flatlanders wouldn’t last five minutes up the holler here in West Virginia.

          Mountaineers are always free, because we’re so far up the holler the moonshines all day.

          “Strangers ain’t come down from Rocky top, reckon they never will… “

          And y’all are still wrong, the protesters never trespassed on the McCloskey’s private property.

          The McCloskeys have admitted in court that they do not own the roadway, look it up yourself:

          St. Louis Circuit Court case number 1722-CC11570”

          In case you missed it, here’s the relevant acknowledgment of roadway ownership:

          “ …those that pass through defendants’ roadway… “

          Y’all are nothing but two bit bullies, big men behind the keyboard.

          No matter how many threats you make against me personally, you’re still wrong.

        • Let me share with you what we call a cautionary tale.

          A couple T-men in town see the son of a local bootlegger and approach him with a question.

          “Son, if you tell us where your daddy’s still is we’ll give you a shiny quarter when we get back.”

          The little boy thinks for a moment and says “OK, but you got to give me the quarter right now.”

          The T-man asks why that is.

          The little boy says “If I show you my daddy’s still up on the mountain, y’all ain’t coming back.”

        • Sir, this is a Wendy’s

          And you made absolutely no sense, most likely because you cannot refute what I said. Nobody asked you about your daddy or your hillbilly roots. And no, I’d fuck everyone on that mountain and drive their piece of shit chevy down nice and slow. You are not a Miner, nor a “west Virginian”. You are a keyboard warrior living in your families basement.

        • Monty, you said it yourself:

          “I’ll bet if you heard of Molotov’s being thrown in your neighborhood you’d be pretty fucking scared too. If not, then provide your address and we’ll oblige.“

          In some jurisdictions that’s known as ‘terroristic threatening’.

          I’m so scared, big man on the keyboard!

      • Minor Annoyance,

        Can you quit being a lying POS for once???

        Private gated communities like this (I LIVE in one, ya dumbass) have property lines that go to the middle of the street, with an easement in favor of OTHER RESIDENTS AND THEIR INVITED GUESTS to use the street. It WAS their property, which may be part of the reason why the HOA didn’t file a complaint – ours leaves that to the affected homeowners.

        But you keep being a douchebag; it makes it fun to mock you.

        • Alas is me, I am wounded to the quick by your claim I am a douche bag, the pain!

          To avoid double posting, may I suggest you look slightly above your error-filled insults to a reply I posted a few moments ago regarding this matter.

          Suffice to say, the McCloskeys admit in their lawsuit that the roadway belongs to the Portland Place Association.

          Just use common sense, if the protesters actually trespassed on property owned by the McCluskeys, with their video evidence they could’ve easily filed trespassing complaints but they failed to do so. Because they don’t own the property the protesters were on and the association refused to file trespassing complaints.

          I’m beginning to understand this whole ‘election fraud’ thing, the sophistication of the electoral process is beyond your comprehension, it’s as simple as that.

        • “Minor Annoyance,

          Can you quit being a lying POS for once???”

          You forgot racist bigot, and the proof is above. Mr. “You people…” the racist bigot… 🙂

    • False. The McCloskey’s were under no threat and no one trespassed on their property or damaged anything. They overreacted horribly, as they have many times before. They are a pair of scumbag elitist leftist lawyers who have threatened to shoot neighbors before. These scumbag shysters even tampered with evidence.

      The McCloskey’s are making fools of POTG when it is plainly obvious the only thing they support is suing their own families, their neighbors and their right to keep and bear arms but certainly not your right.

        • Oh, look, the racist bigot thinks he’s being clever… 🙂

      • No question the McCloskeys overreacted, and no question their gunhandling was for s***.

        OTOH, you are completely wrong about the trespassing issue, so there’s that (see my response, above, to Minor Annoyance).

        • To avoid double posting, may I suggest you look slightly above your error-filled insults to a reply I posted a few moments ago regarding this matter.

          Suffice to say, the McCloskeys admit in their lawsuit that the roadway belongs to the Portland Place Association.

          Just use common sense, if the protesters actually trespassed on property owned by the McCluskeys, with their video evidence they could’ve easily filed trespassing complaints but they failed to do so. Because they don’t own the property the protesters were on and the association refused to file trespassing complaints.

          I’m beginning to understand this whole ‘election fraud’ thing, the sophistication of the electoral process is beyond your comprehension, it’s as simple as that.

        • Look, the “You people” racist bigot is at it again!

          Another lying racist bigot…

        • Please explain how referring to the commenters on TTAG as “you people” is racist.


      • Looks like enuf and miner lick windows together in the same school. I can’t wait for the civil war to kick off, most of your type ain’t gonna make it.

  3. This twits father John Sununu was Bush 41’s Chief of Staff. When 43 had a chance to appoint a Supreme Court Judge this guys dad comes along and convinces him that Stephan Breyer is the ultimate choice as a stealth candidate with no real record to attack. 43 buys it and this guy gets on the Court. The following day he goes nuclear Leftie.

    • That was David Souter, not Breyer. Breyer was appointed by Clinton.

      The story I’ve heard is that Souter and Edith H. Jones were snuck into the White House for the final interviews with Bush, and then waited in the Green Room while Bush, Sununu, and James Baker met to make the final decision. Sununu actually wanted to go with Jones, but Baker (who was also a big Jones fan) was worried that she would get Borked and not be able to get through the Senate (filibusters we’re still a thing back then). So they went with the stealth candidate (Souter), who was then brought out for the announcement. Jones was as close as one could be to being nominated.

      Bush later said appointing Souter was one of his biggest mistakes as president.

      Who knows whether Jones would have been confirmed, but if she had a huge number of 5-4 decisions that went the wrong way due to Souter would have been decided differently.

        • Souter was another one of those great legal minds placed on the Court by slick Republicans who are going to get one over on the Democrats in the Senate. How about the other great legal mind Roberts? Boy can the Republicans pick um.

        • I’m absolutely not a fan of 41, but remember, he also gave up Justice Clarence Thomas, and 43 gave us Justice Samuel Alito..

          ‘Jus sayin’

          • 43 gave us Justice Samuel Alito..

            And he cancelled that conservative voice with RINO John Roberts….

  4. How do you get a pro-2nd governor to flip anti?
    Covid-19 of course!
    Tossing individual liberty into the trash since 2020.

    • “How do you get a pro-2nd governor to flip anti?”

      By showing up at his home, waving guns and shouting.

      Like we used to say in high school, smooth move, bowels.

        • Perfect, you have just supplied absolute justification for the governor to be concerned and the township to pass a safety ordinance to prevent crazy conservatives from threatening his family.

      • Still peaceful.

        If the side of long guns scares you, move to a country that doesn’t allow them. They aren’t going anywhere here. Keep trying though, you’re going to start a fucking war.

      • So, you’re only allowed to riot and brandish weapons if you’re a Leftist???

        Thanks for that inspiring bit of illogic, Minor Annoyance.

      • Right, If they’re a coward with no spine nor convictions I’m sure they would fold to whatever is most expedient and makes them feel safe. Feeling safe after all is what the framers intended to enshrine in the Constitution and BOR.

        Or, if they were sincere in their convictions they would stand by said convictions even in the face of death, or after someone tried to kill them. Like say a Bernie bros loser tries to kill you but he’s a total failure at life and everything in it and he can’t even reliably hit unarmed targets within 50yards so he just wounds you with a rifle, but you still go on supporting the 2A with minimal restrictions because you’re a real man with convictions that don’t change with the wind because you’re Steve Scalise and not some scared, spineless fool who allows their emotions and fear to control them and attempt to ban things after bad experiences like James and Sarah Brady or Gabby Gifford’s

        You are pathetic miner

        • No problem. I especially enjoy when you can’t attack the merits of my argument because its clearly past your capacity. Xi will still get your renminbi for your efforts.

        • Hey drunk, I’m sorry, did you actually make a coherent statement in your post because I somehow missed it.

    • How is Gov. Sununu anti-2nd Amendment? He vetoed all the atrocious gun restriction bills that needed to be vetoed.

      Even his mask “mandate” is unenforceable, so basically masks only required on the honor system.

      • So, it’s totes cool to adopt ridiculous, unenforceable, unconstitutional mandates, because you “can’t enforce them, anyway”?????

        Sorry, dude, but with “friends” like you, people in favor of liberty don’t need enemies.

        • Agreed.

          How many places won’t even let you in the door now because of a NON ENFORCEABLE make mandate? Tons. I’ve had my run ins with these places, even up here in NW Montana. I just won’t ship there, but still the “enforcement” exists.

        • It’s not a real mandate if it clearly tells people how to opt-out. It’s voluntarily mandatory as written.

          “6. A person who declines to wear a mask or cloth face covering because of a medical or developmental issue, or difficulty breathing, shall not be required to produce documentation, or other evidence, verifying the condition.”

          Perhaps too subtle for some to appreciate.

        • Yeah, darn those private property owners, exercising their private property rights by setting health standards for those who may chose to enter.

          Don’t they know that Monty is special, he has the right to dictate to others what they can and can’t do on their own property.

          Monty, your dictator is showing…

        • “Monty, your dictator is showing…”

          Racist bigots like “You people” ‘minor’ love them some dictators… 🙂

        • Giffy, why do you think addressing the commenters on this forum as “you people” is racist?

        • Private property rights by enforcing a non enforceable mandate? yea… you seem confused as to how it all started, dumbass. Not complying is the opposite of a dictator…

          Funny how they don’t care when someone is wearing flip flops, “inappropriate attire” in the property, but a mask? Oh hell naw… Ever see people of wal-mart?

          Miner, your hypocite is showing.

        • Let’s see, medical experts say folks should wear a mask to prevent transmission of this disease.

          Private property owner says good idea, in addition to wearing a shirt and shoes, all those entering my premises must wear a mask.

          Monty thinks he can dictate to a private property owner, he is a tyrant who doesn’t understand private property rights under the United States Constitution.

    • Yes, complaining about the “risk”. How about saying “risk of what?” If you’re saying guns might be fired, show your work — how many times has that happened at these protests you are so concerned about? Zero, right? Do you have any concept of the term “chickenshit”?

  5. Freedom and Liberty have little use or love for any party representatives, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent who are willing to violate the Constitution for personal gain, be it financial or power. It’s time we took back our government from the Nancy’s, Chuck’s, Adam’s, Joe’s, Chris’s and Gina’s. These people do little for the people who put them in power. Time to change that. They were put there to serve us, not rule over us.

    • I would add Benedict Scott’s name to that list, he’s from next door Vermont and while he is listed as a R he is actually yet another petty tyrant Leftard,a particularly worthless POS.

  6. At one time, I thought ol Chris was one of the last real hopes for our region. Appears he’s been sipping the kool aid with all the lib dems and rinos that surround him! He should have the state motto tattooed across his forehead to remind him every time he looks in the mirror.

  7. After reading this article, it feels like there are things missing. What does masks have to do with anything? Who are the ones protesting? What are they protesting?

    So much of this makes no sense.

    • After Sununu repeatedly said NH wouldn’t lockdown for weeks and weeks he finally gave in to the Karen crowd and locked the state down. Granted, it’s a milquetoast lockdown that isn’t really a lockdown at all but it was enough to piss off a good number of his supporters and since his lockdown began there have been daily demonstrations protesting it.

      • +1 for the proper spelling of “milquetoast”. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone else properly spell that word when using it.

    • The protesters are upset at the “mandate” to wear masks where social distancing is not practical (a vague criterion), and with an exception for those who have medical or developmental reasons to not wear a mask (specifically stated that no documentation need be provided, making the “mandate” unenforceable).

      No connection to guns other than that some of the pro-Covid-19 protesters want to cosplay as armed patriots.

      • Imagine that there were a law that wants sex organs and anuses covered. That way, if you leak, most of it is collected in the covering(would probably be made of some type of fabric. This is what masks are and for the same reason, although they do have the added benefit of covering some ugliness.
        I have seen people sick with Covid, and it is not pretty. Maybe there shouldn’t be a law, but common decency should apply. If you affect others, that bring it home to their loved ones(who are trying to stay home, you may have to accept some of the blame for their deaths.
        It is up to you.

    • It is a poorly written AP article.
      Based off what we are seeing across America, The People are getting pissed. It is not just along political ideology either, though that is still there too.
      I read about a florist in CA who was forced to close over COVID mandates, while Wal-Mart down the road was still open, and selling flowers. She was NOT a Trump supporter. But she was pissed.
      A bar owner in CA, forced to close her out door dinning. But a big movie company was allowed to set up a tent to feed their workers, in a parking lot across from her bar. She was pissed.
      The list goes on: Gym owners, bar owners, a huge number of small restaurants in NYC told petty tyrant Cuomo not to come into their dinning establishments, they would not serve him.
      Nancy Pelosi house in San Fran got vandalized. Based off the pic, I would say they were not right-wing.
      The stress of the lockdowns, job losses, small businesses forced out while big box stores profit even more so than ever, the stress of distance learning for children and their parents . . . that is a lot of stress.
      This governor, other governors, mayors, politicians are seeing more and more push back from us commoners.
      If this continues, who knows what could happen. I know I dont. I just am seeing a lot of angry people out there.

      • That anger is very understandable but is all too often misplaced. It does no good to be THAT upset about it while voting for the people that do it….knowing they WILL do o it. It is very political. It has become all too obvious that ‘lockdowns’ do not actually fix anything and will in fact destroy things.

        As for the article…
        The AP can’t help what they are. TTAG does have a bad habit of following them though. I’m asking for something better.

      • You will note that all the lockdowns target small businesses.
        These business owners are self reliant, self starters, who are the bedrock of capitalism.
        Want to bring in socialism/communism these people must be gotten rid of first.

        • Yes. Meanwhile, Amazon is up 300% on their “pantry” and over 80 billion in revenue increase.

          The planning behind this is very obvious.

  8. The forced wearing of masks is a tool of the tyrants. They are using it to end public meetings. And having televised meetings is not what is required by our Republic. In person face-to-face meetings or what is required in this Republic of ours.

    But it’s good that the leadership of the states fear the people. They should. And if anyone has a problem with the open carry of guns, then you are not a supporter of the Second Amendment. You never were a supporter of the Second Amendment.

    If you don’t support the open carry of firearms. Then stay home. And don’t run for public office either.

    There are many people who say that the state should not have a monopoly on the use of violence. If that’s true then the state should not have a monopoly on the open carry of guns.

    • One can support open carry while not supporting open carriers trespassing or otherwise making asses of themselves.

      • Trespassing while armed or unarmed is illegal. And should be met with an armed open carry response by the property owner.

        • Our new Los Angeles D.A. Garcon (for whom I certainly did not vote) recently declared that his office will not be prosecuting a list of certain violations, including trespassing. Just another reason why Californians have been arming up in 2020 like never before.

        • to I Haz A Question
          I read that about the new Los Angeles DA. A huge difference I have found when I moved to the south, was the respect other people have for a mans land. I have personally found I’m respected as a land owner. Not so much in California. I open carry in Kentucky. I can’t do that in my former golden state.

          There is no Sheriff on the west coast, that I’m a where of, who would say publicly that he supports the 2A civil rights of the NFAC or anyone else to protest peacefully in public. But the Sheriff did say just that in Louisville KY.

        • “will not be prosecuting a list of certain violations, including trespassing”

          Cool story. People should camp out in his yard to test that theory. I’ve heard there are a few homeless folks in the area. Spread the news…

          • will not be prosecuting a list of certain violations, including trespassing”

            Another Soros acolyte, money well spent n George’s world….

      • Yeah, I DEFINITELY support that new congressperson who intends to open carry in The House of Representatives!

  9. Our resident Mr. Liberal Talking Points said: ““How do you get a pro-2nd governor to flip anti?”
    By showing up at his home, waving guns and shouting.”

    The great Thomas Jefferson said:
    “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    HMMMMM…. Who should we listen to?
    The Patriot who wrote the Declaration of Independence,
    or a leftist suckup that is obviously on the government teat, and is always afraid of his own shadow?

    • Mr. Jefferson said what would apply to all the various petty tyrants and if they governed differently, there would be no fear of armed citizens gathering.

      “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”