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According to Chapman’s piece, citing the analysis of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice, “the racial breakdown of shooting victims follows patterns in previous years.” That would mean that the increase of nearly 1000 shooting victims over last year includes something like 950 blacks and Hispanics; and the increase of 123 murder victims over last year includes about 118 blacks and Hispanics. Considering that New York City contains less than 3% of the nation’s population, these are rather startlingly large numbers.

Chapman’s piece is securely buried on page A10A of today’s print edition, and in a “Greater New York” section that is only distributed regionally. Hey, the news of nearly 2000 black and Hispanic shooting victims, and about 400 black and Hispanic murder victims, all killed in our local area this year, is not nearly so important as the death of one black man in Minneapolis. That one death occupied the front pages for weeks on end.

What is the reaction of the de Blasio administration to this ongoing catastrophe? Chapman goes to one Jessica Mofield, identified as “executive director of New York City’s Office to Prevent Gun Violence.” In other words, this is the person whose specific responsibility was to prevent the catastrophe that has occurred. Here is her reaction:

[Ms. Mofield] said a range of factors related to poverty and racism have made poor and minority neighborhoods particularly vulnerable to gun violence during the coronavirus pandemic. . . . Ms. Mofield said access to health care, education and jobs should be provided in low-income communities as a preventive measure to stop gun violence.

Yes, it’s racism! Undoubtedly, your racism.

— Francis Menton in Do Black Lives Really Matter? Latest New York City Crime Statistics

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    • Yeah, and the shooters didn’t have enough money, so that made it someone else’s fault!

  1. What else than racism and poverty could have caused the black and hispanic man shooting other black and hispanic men? Any and all problems our society suffers are caused by racism and poverty. Politicians say so. Media say so. It is known! It’s commonsense!

  2. Science proves that poverty is not a causation of crime. How many times that need to be debunked?

  3. All of my replies to the gasbag Ms, Mofield are now gone, gone, gone as are today’s replies on other 1/1/21 topics.

  4. I read the WSJ piece; interesting that racism, poverty, the pandemic, the implication of poor policing and even mask wearing came up as drivers of gun violence (as if violence would go away if it weren’t for those damn guns). The real reasons, of course, were torturously avoided – the elimination of cash bail, the closure of courts during Covid, the emptying of prisons and jails, the election of DAs that refuse to prosecute, the years of slowly and painfully neutering the police. In combination, the Legislature for proposing and passing the bills, the governor for signing into law and the mayor for doing everything in his power to f@@@ the police (I love quoting NWA) has turned NY State and NYC into what we escaped with Guiliani; a place where the animals ran the zoos and those of us living here were stuck in cages. Hey Mr. Plisskin, can you lend a hand?

  5. If we win GA it will be a miracle after the nitwit mitch mcconell continues to play games with $2000 Stimulas Checks. The turtle called $2000.00 Stimulas checks,”sociaism for the rich.” News for the turtle, “rich people” are no part of the equation. What is the part of the equation are ordinary people who are broke. Not only have voters been disenfranchised but mitch the bitch is ignoring their pleas for help and that is why polls are shifting in GA to democRats who are ‘all in’ for $2000.00 checks.
    The turtle continues holding stimulas checks as hostage to get things he wants. Stimulas Checks are crucial and should be one single bill with no strings attached and it should have passed way before Thanksgiving and credit should have went to the POTUS and The Republican Party. But fuk no and lowlife democRats take the ball…again.

    The turtle and his worthless ilk have nothing to lose if GA goes to democRats. They’ll just move to the back of the bus and ride along in luxury. Who wants to vote after the turtle has already rolled out the red carpet for joe and the ho? And now the turtle wants to play Scrooge and expects that sht to motivate voters who have been screwed…That’s ingredients for losing….on purpose.

  6. De Blasio is an A** wipe. Just look at the Dem run city’s like Chicago. Its gang activity and lack of jobs. People need to wake up to the fact that racism and crime are internal. I for one have no problem with color but I do have a problem when someone of any color sticks a knife in my face for MY stuff. Wait that’s a crime and I will defend myself.
    Libs don”t realize they are feeding the fires of this nation.

  7. If those whip crackers would stop being so racist, blacks would live in a perfect world created by them…. no crime, no guns, no crackers….. the technological advances alone made by these people would make the planet a veritable utopia….

    • Typical knuckle dragger…Uses my moniker because he hasn’t the balls to debate. Probably one of those gutless racist turds who make wagers on whether or not the perp was black. Pathetic little mealy mouth man. Come on back and talk to teddy bear and I’ll rip you apart in front of all of your pals.

  8. You know the world is broken when a place like “The Truth About Guns” censors innocuous reader comments. This is NOT the behavior or values of people who cherish arguably the most important human right of all – freedom of speech.

    Yeah, yeah, yours is an establishment of the private sphere with no obligation to follow any principles or values whatsoever. But then, of course, you’re quick to take full advantage of the principles and values afforded within the public sphere, as long as they serve your private interests, while at the same time hiding safely in the corners of your private domain picking and choosing like cowardly Silicon Valley execs.

    Let’s just hope this was a glitch and I can eat crow, which I will happily do.

  9. Black on black crime is up because of the b.s. defend the police BLM and race baiting leftists pushed. Its also prevalent because black children are more likely to have a fatherless home and less religious upbringing. They also are being raised to be afraid of the police and raised to be disrespectful little p.o.s. of shit. It’s not racism, its their way of life and until the family unit pulls their head out their ass its not going to change one bit. #fact

    • Unfortunately far too many Black Americans still reside on the plantation. Instead of picking cotton for yesterday’s democRat Party slave masters they harvest votes for today’s democRat Party slave masters.

      What happened to POTUS DJT is nothing new. It’s exactly what the democRat Party did to Black Americans running for public office or holding public office. It starts with slander, libel and ends up with election fraud or a missing person.
      For Blacks who reside in certain voting blocks to participate in the election fraud concerning POTUS DJT is despicable. Those involved with election fraud have become what they claim to disdain. It’s to be expected when heads filled with nothing but demoCrap.

      And who comes along and adds fuel to the fire? Bigoted gutless wonders on forums like this that trip over each other to stereotype Black Americans. If you are reading this and you are not one of those gutless wonders but you know one you need to man up and educate them. If being polite does not work you need to cease wasting your time and move on to a better class of people.

      On one hand you have marching loud mouth drama queens going ballistic over the actions of a few incompetent cops. On the other hand you have the same bunch of loud mouth drama queens being totally silent about the long history of race based atrocities that belong lock, stock and barrel to their very own democRat Party. Atrocities that make today’s actions of a few bad cops look microscopic.

      Bottom line…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party.

  10. Couldn’t have anything to do with New York releasing violent criminals from prison and getting rid of bail to hold violent offenders until they get a trial.

    • Oh hell no, it was clearly those dark skinned white supremacists killing innocent black folks! How on earth could you even imagine it could be democratic party policies?

  11. They conveniently forgot to mention that the thousands of hardened criminals released from Riker’s and other institutions are now at play on the streets and many of these numbers were due to them! NYC is a hell hole! Reminiscent of the move “Escape from New York City”! And racism is up. Blasio welcomed the rioting violent Antifa and BLM trash into the city with open arms, defunded the police by their demands, and allowed them to riot and burn at will while handicapping the police to prevent them from doing their jobs! In fact, an NYPD officer doing his job was 10X more likely to be prosecuted than any violent rioter!

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