MagneCarry’s New Magnetic Inside the Waistband Holster

We present this product announcement without comment. Wait…no we don’t. We talked to MagneCarry about their new product and you should know that they intend their canvas-covered magnetic holster to be used inside the waistband. Note that it doesn’t cover your handgun’s trigger at all. They tell us they’ve tested it with Ruger and GLOCK […]

911: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

This marks the first pocket dump submission I’ve seen featuring a Springfield 911. At 3.9-inches tall and 5.5-inches long, the 911 is specifically designed for superior concealability. The gun ships with a flush 6-round magazine as well as an extended 7-round magazine and is chambered in .380 ACP. Here’s the question of the moment: how […]

Civil Disobedience by Gun Owners in the 21st Century?

With the coming anticipated federal bump stock ban and various state level infringements that are on the drawing board or currently in effect, I ask this simple question: Will American gun owners protest through civil disobedience? We’ve already seen it in New York and Connecticut. When those states mandated that gun owners register their firearms, many […]

New FL Ag Commissioner Nikki Freid Wants CCW Authority Moved to Dept. of Law Enforcement. NRA is Pushing for a Different Move

Florida Democrat Nikki Fried, the Commissioner-elect of the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, wants to move the concealed weapons permit system from her agency to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement as part of “reforming” the concealed carry permitting system. But Marion Hammer, NRA’s former President and current lobbyist in the Sunshine State, wants […]