Obscure Object of Desire: Tanfoglio MOSSAD

By Jeremy S., AKA “The Notorious M.O.T.”

I truly do not understand how so many members of my tribe – that is to say, Jewish folk – can say and mean “Never forget,” and simultaneously push for civilian disarmament. I cannot comprehend how one can reconcile “Never forget” with “only the government should have guns.” The same goes for African Americans, the LGBT community, and other minorities who have been or are persecuted, abused, and even extinguished, yet vote D and detest the idea of firearms for personal protection. Apparently Mormons are the rare group that seems to “get” how important private firearms ownership is . . .

That said, I’ve seen a lot of anti-Semitism since Newtown. Possibly more than I have experienced at any time prior. Yeah, Feinstein, Bloomberg and some other prominent antis are Jewish. At least by birth; I have no idea if they’re observant or if they’re atheists, like myself, who sometimes still claim their heritage. I’m way off topic, but here’s the takeaway: Jews aren’t anti-gun any more than gun owners are all old, fat, white rednecks. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it isn’t, but I could sure go for less hate and hoisted pitchforks.

So… what was this supposed to be about? Oh! My TAVOR may be Israeli at heart, and it’s pretty badass, but it’s nowhere near as Jewish as my Tanfoglio MOSSAD. If Jews are anti-gun, this thing wouldn’t exist. BOOM. Put that in your menorah and smoke it.


History on this pistol is pretty thin. I was never really able to lock anything down, unfortunately, and reports are varied. Apparently, before Israel was producing any of its own pistols (before IMI), it contracted with Italian firm Tanfoglio (that’s Tan-FO-lio), manufacturers of high quality CZ clones. In fact, IMI’s first Jericho pistol was built mostly using parts made by Tanfoglio.

That’s the solid history. Now, the Israeli Mossad is akin to the CIA – intelligence gathering, including legit spies, and trying to deny that they do “wet work.” Many people claim that this series of Tanfoglio-manufactured “MOSSAD” pistols was issued to Mossad agents for their personal, daily protection use.


These pistols were NOT used on “missions” of any sort (though some owners like to claim otherwise). This seems pretty obvious, as that would be about as likely as CIA agents carrying guns that said “CIA” on them during ops. However, some people say these guns really had nothing to do with the Mossad at all, and that they were issued to police and available for purchase by civilians. So that’s the shaky history – what/who these specific guns were actually for. Maybe it was both Mossad and police, and then later sold to the public as surplus. Who knows? Certainly some were imported into the U.S. as surplus, and one eventually found its way to me.


Some of these pistols have this “Israel Shooting Association” crest on them. I think this almost certainly proves civilian ownership at some point. Maybe the Israel Shooting Association purchased them surplus from the Mossad/police? Again, I just don’t know.


If you’re familiar with the CZ 75, you’ll be familiar with this pistol. It has a firing pin block like a CZ 75B, and 75B magazines fit and function flawlessly in it. There is a minor difference in the mag release setup, which actually involves the trigger bar a bit, but the rest of the parts look basically identical. I can completely detail strip this gun and completely detail strip my CZ 75 SP-01, and not notice a real difference in any of the other parts, pieces, or process. Yet almost none of the parts can be swapped between the two guns. Most of them are different in such small ways that it isn’t noticeable unless you’re holding one sear cage right next to the other, for example, or you try to swap them. For the record, this applies to most of the current CZ clones as well: Tanfoglio/EAA, Sphinx, Jericho/Baby Eagle, ArmaLite/Sarsilmaz, Canik, BUL, etc. …and past clones, including guns from Colt, Springfield, and Jeff Cooper’s own Bren Ten.


As a huge CZ fan, and an M.O.T. CZ fan at that, this pistol has a well-deserved place in my safe. I just wish I knew a little more about where it really came from… if for no other reason than this.


Maybe the next time you run across a “the assault weapons ban is a Jewish conspiracy!” comment online somewhere, you can point them here. Maybe if you’re the type to write those things (and I’m guessing, if that’s the case, that you got linked here by a regular TTAG’er, because this community tends to be pretty darn accepting), you would heed a spot of advice: relying too heavily on stereotypes could be, you know, dangerous.


  1. avatar Layne says:

    Nice! I have the compact non-Mossad version (“TZ-75 government”) that I enjoy very much. I’ve seen enough of the Mossad ones on gunbroker to know they aren’t anything super special. Definitely sold to civilians somewhere. Great gun in any version though… Except maybe the .41 action express!

  2. avatar K. Nguyen says:

    Wow. I want that.
    My Jericho 941 is one my favorite guns in my collection, and I’m a sucker for obscure firearms.

    1. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      OMG Dan, MAJOR WANT!
      By chance what is the going price for one of these little gems?
      I never got to play with one, but Jericho’s are readily available in Israel anyway.

      1. avatar Hinshelworld says:

        There are a bunch for sale on gunbroker for really cheap.

        Look up the seller cdisales, lots of ex israeli guns for sale including surplus Hi Powers and the Mossad marked pistols.

        1. avatar K. Nguyen says:

          Thanks for that tip Hinshelworld!
          Just as you said, the prices for them on gunbroker are truly quite cheap. It’s really tempting to get one…

        2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          Yup. Lots on GB at this very moment. They used to be few-and-far-between but that seller seems to have a bunch of them right now. $249 to $329 or so depending on model.

        3. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

          Nice one thanks for the tip!!

        4. avatar Hinshelworld says:

          Yeah, not sure where he got them but a lot of his inventory is israeli. I have a Hi Power from him with israeli stampings.

        5. avatar William Burke says:

          My EAA was @$350 when I bought it. I don’t think they make it anymore, but similar models go for about $900+ today.

          I don’t know about the Mossad version; I wouldn’t have something with the Mossad name in my home. Or anywhere.

        6. avatar Julian says:

          Hinshelworld, how does that HP shoot? I’ve heard some really bad reports on these Israeli import Hi Powers…

    2. avatar Chaotic Good says:

      I’ve been looking for a Jericho for years in good shape for years. Do you have a new model or the classic version with no light rail?

  3. avatar Chris Mallory says:

    “old, fat, white rednecks”

    Do you use other ethnic slurs or are you just a hypocrite?

    1. Pretty sure he was talking about how gun owners are typically characterized by the gun-grabbing set.

      1. avatar K. Nguyen says:

        Sometimes not being politically correct to illustrate a point can be very effective.

      2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

        Agreed I am a heavy set Jewish guy with blond hair and blue eyes. I get mistaken for Russian in the middle east, go figure… lol

      3. avatar Avid Reader says:

        Well, in my particular case that’s a pretty good description…

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      What DZ said. The anti-gun types try to portray gun owners as “old, fat, white rednecks” and all of those are words they very specifically use. I was trying to say that this sentiment is just as wrong as the sentiment that Jews are categorically anti-gun. I’m offended by both, as I’m a gun owner who isn’t old or [very] fat and isn’t a redneck, and I’m Jewish, so neither of those stereotypes apply.

    3. avatar Kelly In GA says:

      This has to be the third time you’ve posted like this. My question is, do you have opinions about gun related things, or do you only race bait other people?

      1. avatar Bob says:

        Are rednecks a race now? Funny, I see all sorts of people jokingly claiming redneck status. Seems like a “slur” only to a very small minority of folks who would use it in a really derisive manner. Those who most closely fit the ‘definition’ of a redneck seem to claim that title with pride.

        I think Chris is fishing for controversy that isn’t there.

      2. avatar Will says:

        You know the song “Yankee Doodle?” It was a Brit. slur back around 1776 for the Colonists fighting against them. The Colonists accepted the term openly and proudly, and within themselves and history, removing derogatory meaning from it. Southerners still call northerners “Yanks” and no offense is taken.

        Now I wish we could all say that about other derogatory terms. There’s one in which one ethnicity will call each other a derogatory term from sun-up to sun-down… without offense, yet a “cracker” or “honky” use the term, the gloves are off. You are in for a verbal beat-down at the least. At worst, not much different than “whitey” walking into the wrong neighborhood (though some choose to ignore they still exist)… you’d better have your life insurance policy paid up and up to date.

        1. avatar Wolf says:

          British people call us “Yanks.” We call people from up North “Yankees” or “Damn Yankees” and believe you me, it’s a slur.

    4. avatar Matt in TX says:

      do not feed the TROLL!

    5. avatar ExNuke says:

      Old, check; Fat, not really at 140 lbs; White, check (at least 90%); Redneck, check. That is the original and honorable meaning of the label. I work for a living, often getting hot, dirty and sweaty. I try to be self sufficient and willing to do less than pleasant things for myself that I could pay somebody else to do for me. Rather than report my neighbor to the HOA because his lawnmower is broken and the grass is 2″ out of spec, I’ll loan him my mower or help him fix his. Got no use for anyone looking for a handout but have always tried to give anyone around me that needed it a hand up.
      Maybe I’ve been a little bit too lucky and had just a touch too much education to be a true 100% Redneck but I try to act like one and I would much rather have one for a neighbor than any flavor of Transnational Progressive.

  4. avatar Jeff says:

    Well, say what you will about Jews, but like everybody else they tend to fall into multiple political camps, but it seems by and large that many Jews tend to lean towards the liberal side of the camp.

    I’ve asked the question before – “why are so many gun-banners in government of the Jewish faith?” Can’t really answer it myself.

    Perhaps non-Israeli Jews have simply fallen into the trap of thinking that government and professional police/military can save them, since that’s who saved them in WWII in the form of Allied governments and military. They may hold that belief, even though the ones that put them in that place to begin with, qualified as a legitimate democratically-elected government and regular (SS/SA nonwithstanding) military/police force. The glaring inability or unwillingness to make that connection is astounding.

    As for Mormons.. Don’t count on it. I have a number of good LDS friends, one which has been one of my best friends since high school – over ten years. I recently had to explain to him that all of his food & water preparations were completely meaningless without the means to defend himself and his family. He’s asked me several times over the last couple of years to help him pick out a shotgun, but then sort of wavers at the last moment and says something like “I just don’t know what I’d use it for, besides shooting skeet” – to which I said, “how about protecting the things that are important to you,” to which he replied “well I don’t really own anything fancy.” I actually had to say to him “uhhh, how about your wife and kids?” as if it weren’t plainly obvious what the hell we were talking about.

    A lot of my other LDS friends are sort of grown-up man-children. Maybe it’s just the particular group I’ve been exposed to, but most of them spend more time playing with Legos and having LAN parties than worrying about taking care of their families beyond the basic necessities and paying their tithes.

    1. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      Jeff you are right. Jews and Israeli’s might as well be Apples and Oranges. That coming from a person who lived in Israel for a decade.

    2. Must be your group of friends. As a Mormon living in Utah I promise you would have a hard time finding another suburban neighborhood as heavily armed as my own.

      Plus, if you need a gun quick for that church shooting activity tonight, you just visit one of the following websites and can have something in about an hour.


      1. avatar Alex says:


        The street I grew up on in Utah had enough weapons to go to war with a small African country. That being said, many areas of Utah have such little violent crime that I do know people like Jeff mentioned. People that believe no one needs guns because if the SHTF, everyone will be one big happy Mormon family, sharing their food and water supplies.

    3. avatar jwm says:

      My wife’s a Mormon. They are generally into prepping and they’re generally low key about it. Maybe you got the group that didn’t get that particular memo.

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        Well, my buddy who I mentioned there had my help to build his food storage area in his basement when he bought his house. I helped him build a whole room of shelving and angled tracks for rotating canned food storage. He’s just never “sealed the deal” of being prepared, so to speak.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          Yeah, we have the food and water and other essentials thing too. I’m a bit of a prepper so I fit in with the crowd. These are California bay area Mormons. They keep gun talk low key.

    4. avatar Will says:

      Perhaps, the question should be: “Why are so many gun-banners in government of Jewish descent?” As pointed out: not all are practicing Judaism, neither are those who are not practicing, all Atheist or Agnostic. It takes all types, and unfortunately, even in the Christian faith, people are divided between gun (for self defense) and no gun.

      1. avatar DrRJP says:


        If you know the true history about early American immigrants at the turn of the century, then you know that most of them came through Ellis Island in New York. All immigrant has to undergo health screening, ideological screening, financial screening (that they would be able to suport themselves or have someone provide for them until they became financially in dependent, had to speak English, adopt American culture, and obey American law.Jewish immigrants contributed greatly to American society – more so than any other subgroup – and were at the fore front of the industrial revolution. The contributions to American society (and the rest of the world) were enormous. In fact, you would not be reading this blog if not for Israel’s invention of the Pentium chip and computers.

        Jewish ideals about helping the poor, about treating the stranger as if he or she was one of their own family members was a tradition 3,000 years old. Jews were naturally accustomed to sharing, to building new businesses, to employing people who were out of work and to free markets and capitalism. Their conception of liberalism was totally different than the statist, utopian, Fabian perversion of liberalism that we have now thanks to the Progressive Movement whose roots were in Leninism and Marxism.

        Here, in America, Teddy Roosevelt was the first Progressive President although he knew he could not be elected running as a Progressive candidate. So, he started the Bullmoose Party. But, it was the election of Woodrow Wilson, a Progressive Fascist Democrat, racist to the core, who segregated the civil service as said that “The Negroes’ place is in the corn fields.”

        Wilson took over the US economy, infringed on American civil liberties especially by suppressing dissent, oppressed the “unpatriotic,” and purposefully sought to drag the US into war. This Marxist, totalitarian, jingoistic, and militaristic Democrat president was a fascist. He worshiped the power of the state.

        Wilson was the first president to criticize the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Wilson created the first official propaganda department in the US. A week after Congress declared war on Germany, Wilson created a government apparatus whose sole purpose was to lie to the American people, the first modern ministry for propaganda in the West. People were arrested for criticizing him or the government. He created the Sedition Act of 1918.

        The Progressive Party swallowed up the Democratic Party and since Wilson it has moved further and further to the Left. Whereas Wilson wanted to scrap the entire Constitution,the present-day Progressives want to do it one or two Amendments at a time from the Bill of Rights, beginning with the 1st Amendment, the 4th Amendment, and the 2nd Amendment. Even though the 2nd Amendment is Progressive Enemy #1 and they literally have wet dreams about total gun confiscation, they know they can’t do it by a full frontal assault – they are not willing to accept a Pyrrhic victory here. So, they want to do it by stealth.

        Now, the Jewish ideas and ideals of Liberalism are 180 degrees from that of Progressive Liberalism. But, because the current coup has taken 100 years to put into practice, and party loyalty tended to run through families, racial groups, ethnic groups, activist groups, corporations, and other special interest groups, Jews have always voted Democratic because their predecessors had voted Democratic. They believed the same lies as other subgroups have done – from union worker to billionaire.

        So, whenever people ask the nonsensical question as to “Why do (or rather, did) so many Jews vote for Obama and support liberal ideas, it is because LIBERALISM has supplanted JUDAISM as their religion of choice. There is nothing unique about Jews with respect to liberalism or progressive ideas – other than the fact that they had very different meanings before the Left totally co-opted the English language and replaced logical speak with double speak. The Progressives have turned language and ideas upside down.

        Say, “Hello,” to Politically Correct” speech.

        Anyone attempting to profile, stigmatize, discriminate, and stereotype Jews on the basis of their voting behavior are either oblivious to the historical linkage I’ve outlined above or are subverting their hidden anti-Semitism. Like any deadly disease or resistant addiction, LIBERALISM is extremely difficult to defeat within families. Now, doing it one individual at a time is the only way to cure them of their affliction. Once, the individual throws off the shackles of liberalism and frees their minds to think for themselves, others will join with them.

    5. avatar William Burke says:

      He explained himself quite well. Or did you choose to not read it, because it would quell your righteous indignation… at NOTHING?

      It’s old. Try something new.

    6. avatar William Burke says:

      “I’ve asked the question before – “why are so many gun-banners in government of the Jewish faith?”

      I think it’s that they’ve become one with the object of their hatred: Nazis.

      If you hate something enough, and long enough, you just may become what you hate.

      That’s my view, and I’ve held it for a long time.

  5. avatar William Burke says:

    Yeah, we HEART intelligence agencies, Goy or Jewish, because they all have our best interests at heart!

    Give me a BREAK, Zimmerman… intelligence agencies behave exactly like secret societies, only maybe even worse. They even overlap with secret societies. Personally, I have ZERO sympathy, and believe every single one of them should be demolished. JFK told a few people (apparently one too many), a few months before he was assassinated, that he was going to “tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind.”

    Look THAT one up. I wonder why he was killed?

    As for the Tanfoglio, Zimmerman, I am a believer. For over ten years I’ve owned an EAA WITNESS, made by Tanfoglio. In .45 ACP, with a compensator that came with the particular model. It’s the best buying choice I’ve ever made. It’s breathtakingly accurate, and I’ve put most ammo brands, MOSTLY HOLLOWPOINTS, through if with never a single burp. It’s a dream to shoot, and if I ever wanted to buy another .45 ACP (and I really don’t like nines!), I wouldn’t hesitate to make it Tanfolglio.

    I think I bought it around 2000, maybe 1999, and I can’t say too many good things about it.

    1. Please see the byline under the first photo. This post was written by Jeremy S.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        My mistake. I apologize, Dan.

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Haha sorry DZ, I’m not sure why that is so often missed. William, the text and photos are all mine. DZ happened to be the TTAG staffer who uploaded it. There’s plenty of reader-generated content on here, in case you didn’t notice during the FNS-9 giveaway contest. DZ or TTAG doesn’t necessarily approve of or agree with anything in this post, I don’t think. Lost of varying and directly contradictory opinions end up on here, which is one of the reasons I enjoy reading the blog so much.

      ANYWAY… I didn’t mean to imply that I endorsed the Mossad or any intelligence agency. 50/50 that this gun ever had anything to actually do with the group at all in the first place. Regardless, I think the gun is cool because of those markings but must admit it never really crossed my mind that it could be seen as sort of statement about the Mossad itself.

      I also appreciate things with some history to them even if I don’t agree with the history (or have a full grasp on it, in this case). For instance, I have a WWII Japanese Arisaka on my wall that my grandfather brought back from the war. I certainly don’t side w/ WWII-era Japan or something. I also know a couple people who have some really unique, hard-to-find objects of various sorts with Nazi insignia. While I personally wouldn’t want to own something like that, I do not assume that these people sympathize in any way, whatsoever. The ones I know have all-freakin-sorts of historical stuff and don’t seem to particularly discriminate or assign personal meaning.

      As for the Tanfoglio stuff. Agreed. BUT… I think I’ll always prefer CZ to a replica of CZ 😛

      1. avatar K. Nguyen says:

        Right on.
        My daily carry gun is a CZ P-01 in an IWB holster.

      2. avatar ZM 1306 says:

        I was wondering why they rely on such a small line to get the info through. I have scrolled up on numerous articles to see if it was written by another.

        I think that the title should contain something to note that it is authored by someone other than the posting TTAG writer.


        (RG) Obscure Object of Desire: Tanfoglio MOSSAD
        Reader generated or RS for Reader Submitted

        Keep the name at the beginning of the article like it is but the note in the title would get people to know to look for it.

      3. avatar Gyufygy says:

        I didn’t read any implications or endorsements. Some people have just programmed themselves to start foaming at the mouth upon reading certain words, regardless of context.

      4. avatar William Burke says:

        Jeremy, I realize that. I just didn’t catch it that time. Sorry. I don’t mind being wrong, but I hate being caught at it!

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          LOL. Don’t we all.

  6. Cool gun. Too bad you can’t nail down the history on it completely.

  7. avatar Ralph says:

    Cuomo, Malloy, McCarthy, Obama, Biden, O’Malley, Pelosi, Durbin, Gillebrand, Reid, Clinton, Brady . . . What I truly do not understand is how so many Christians can push for civilian disarmament.

    This isn’t a Jewish “problem.”

  8. avatar Leo says:

    As a Jewish gun owner it does puzzle me greatly, given our history, that there are not more of us. I had a Tanglfolio Mossad of my own a couple of years ago. I got it of gunbroker for around $200. Mine had identical markings to yours but was the compact version. I did some research and found that these were used by Israeli police and civilians and as i suspected Mossad had nothing to do with them. I got rid of the gun off because it was too worn out and would jam once per magazine. Thanks to that pistol I did ended up owning a CZ75 Cold War 🙂

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Nice! I like the Cold War edition a lot. I still want to add a Pre-B CZ 75 to my collection that’s old enough to say “Made in Czechoslovakia” on the side instead of “…Czech Republic.”

    2. avatar William Burke says:

      On second thought, I’m going to look at getting one!

  9. avatar niceguns says:

    Jewish and Atheist? If your an atheist then you cannot be Jewish, you don’t even know who you are…Jewish is not a nationality is a faith. An atheist has no faith, thus not Jewish. How can you speak with any kind of credibility when you don’t know what your saying.
    Some months ago I pointed out that the Jews are leading the charge in civilian disarmament, and everyone jumped on me, I don’t care though I know the truth and none of you like the truth. If anyone wants to know why its the Jews I’d be happy to give all a real history lesson!!!

    1. avatar Leo says:

      Beg to differ all you have to do to be Jewish is to have a Jewish mother.
      And in USSR Jews were considered an nationality it and was written as such in the passports the infamous “fifth line”

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        That’s one view on the matter, but many disagree. It’s a view held mostly by Jews, and that makes it a minority view. It’s right if you’re Jewish, but many are not Jews.

        Is Obama black? He’s half-white; why can’t white people claim him as one of theirs?

        Oh… I forgot!

    2. avatar B says:

      Israel is a nation, UN member and everything. It also *was* a nation. Alot of Iraqi’s still consider themselves Persians and not Arabs even though there hasn’t been a Persia in forever.

      And now for the zinger, NWO news media owning Zionist’s aren’t really Jews. If you know what you seem to think you know, you would notice the distinction.

      1. avatar karlb says:

        Iranians are Persian. Iraqis are Arabs.

      2. avatar William Burke says:

        Israel’s governing and ruling class are Ashkenazi Jews, and not ethnic Jews. The Ashkenazis (spelling differ) are descended from Khazars, a western Asian people who converted to Judaism nearly a thousand years ago.

        The bad thing is, ethnic (primarily Sephardic) Jews ARE descended from Moses, David, Abraham, but in many ways are treated like second-class citizens by the Ashkenazi majority. It’s sad. And it’s not right.

        1. avatar B says:

          That doesn’t really jive with a lot of what you’d find on Wiki and other places RE the history of A & S Jews…

      3. avatar niceguns says:

        Your missing the Jewish faith part, I wouldn’t expect you to know anything about faith though. And by the way you don’t know what the hell your talking about!!!!

    3. avatar Jeff says:

      “Jewish” counts as an ethnicity, so yeah you can definitely be a Jewish atheist.

    4. avatar Ralph says:

      Cuomo, Malloy, McCarthy, Obama, Biden, O’Malley, Pelosi, Durbin, Gillebrand, Reid, Clinton, Brady . . . I can keep this up for a long time.

      Which ones are the Jews?

  10. avatar Mike Taylor says:

    I just loves me some CZ 75 gun-porn…ooh yeah. A little to the left…that’s right baby!

  11. avatar niceguns says:


    1. avatar Leo says:

      Antisemite much?

      1. avatar A says:

        Anti Gentile much?
        Anti Goy much?
        Anti Christian much?

        2 can play..

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Yeah, that explains why I married a not-Jewish chick (she’s mostly Welsh, her mom is Catholic). Don’t be crazy. Jews aren’t anti anyone any more than any other group is anti anyone else. That’s sort of the underlying point of my post, in which I’m now thinking may have been a mistake to say anything that wasn’t about the firearm itself.

      As for your previous comment, I’m sure many of the “Jews” whom you feel are leading the civilian disarmament charge are in no way observant. There is nothing in the Jewish faith that would cause anybody to be against civilian firearms ownership.

      I understand the weird deal between heritage and lineage and religious faith and know what you’re getting at and how that can be confusing, and I think the argument on both sides is correct (yeah, I know it makes no sense). But… here’s a question for you: would you be friends with me? Let’s say I convert and become a devout Christian. Would you be friends with me? Would you hang out with a guy who meets some of the Jewish stereotypes of the curly hair and other physical appearance things that have caused random strangers, like a homeless guy on a bus in San Francisco, to look at me and say, “you’re Jewish, right?” Are you saying that you subscribe to NONE of these sorts of stereotypes, because you completely and totally believe that whether or not a person is a Jew is 100% determined by their level of religious faith? You’re saying that if somebody you knew and liked for your whole life suddenly converted to Judaism you would now accredit anti-‘Goy’ and anti-2A opinions to them that they never had before?

      I don’t think so. Anti-Semitism has never really had anything to do with religious faith. Jews were always blamed for everything for other reasons — keeping to themselves, being successful, whatever… it was almost never about a disagreement over an interpretation of God.

      As a kid I was raised Jewish, but never really believed in the deity kind of stuff. I had a Bar Mitzva and the whole deal. When I was old enough to really think about it critically, I knew I was an atheist. I retain my right to claim my Jewish heritage, as it goes back in my ancestry for as long as I am aware, and I grew up in a small, semi-rural, very white, conservative community as a known Jew (which put me in a tiny minority) and I have the ‘life experience’ of being one in other peoples’ eyes. I spent most of my life between 1 mile and 30 miles from the national Aryan Nation’s headquarters camp. So… there you go. That’s how I am Jewish and an atheist. Deal with it.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          I am not anti-Semitic, but I am anti-Zionist. But tell me: is it not a fact that Jewish scripture teaching that Goyim are like “vermin” and “insects”?

          If true, it IS racist, and it needs to be addressed. And eliminated.

      1. avatar Jekyll Jacobson says:

        As an ultra Orthodox Jew, it troubles me greatly that all too many of my people side with the Liberal and Democrat agenda. I say SHAME ON YOU!
        I conceal carry daily and enjoy the sport at the range. Some firearms are works of art too and are candy to the eyes. Heck, perhaps that’s how we can make the touchy feely Liberals all cozy with guns. Display some at the MOMA and other art museums these fools frequent.
        I am pro gun control: control the direction of your muzzle and practice shooting until you’re proficient at it. Your safety as well as those around you demands that YOU control your firearm at all times…

    3. avatar Ralph says:

      No, crapguns, Jews are not anti-goyim. There are [email protected] So I can understand your personal confusion.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        So… Chuck Schumer is “anti-asshole”? He’s against himself?

        That’s idiotic, Ralph.

  12. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Or Bloomberg and company could be as Jewish as Nancy Pelosi is Catholic. Bwahahahaha

  13. avatar CBI says:

    If real, wouldn’t it have “המוסד” on the side? 🙂

    1. avatar Mike Taylor says:

      Plausible deny-ability. Does it say IWI on the slide? No? I guess we were never there…
      …Or not. Who cares? It is just another great reason to pick up a CZ clone!

  14. avatar Totenglocke says:

    So, Dan, please tell me how Israel’s extreme gun control supports your “Jews aren’t anti-gun” thesis. From what I’ve seen of Jews around the world, it seems that it’s very rare for a Jew to NOT be anti-gun.

    1. Again, the post was written by Jeremy S. Byline under the first pic.

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        I read it on my phone and left the comment on the website, so I just glanced at the name in the address bar when responding.

        1. avatar Ralph says:

          Cuomo, Malloy, McCarthy, Obama, Biden, O’Malley, Pelosi, Durbin, Gillebrand, Reid, Clinton, Brady, McCain, Kirk, Collins, Yee . . . .

          They’re Jews? You better let them know. They think they’re good Christians. But then again, so do you.

        2. avatar Will says:

          @Ralph… IF they indeed claim to be Christian, they are CINO. They don’t act anything like the Christian faith would have them… sadly too many fit that bill… picking and choosing what they want from the Bible, throwing the rest away, or just going to Church to show how “good” they are, not ever setting foot in a Church, or call themselves Christian because this nation was once/is considered a “Christian” nation.

    2. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      My thesis isn’t that “Jews aren’t anti-gun,” it’s that “not all Jews are anti-gun.” Just look at the first dozen words of the post. In fact, the real, underlying point is just about blanket stereotypes being reckless and often wrong (except for this stereotype I just made about stereotypes, of course 😉 ). “Jews aren’t anti-gun” is equally as bad as “Jews are anti-gun.” Really, the Jewish part is just one specific example and the same sentiment applies to many many others.

      Now… I’m no expert on the topic of gun control in Israel. I think the line between nationality and religion can be slightly blurred there, but it isn’t a theocracy like you might find in other countries. I don’t believe that Israel’s civilian gun laws are motivated by religion any more than the extreme gun control laws in Japan or Mexico or the UK are. You can’t just point at Israel and say, “they have strict laws about private gun ownership because Jews don’t like guns” and then ignore the fact that much of the world has stricter laws and nearly no Jewish folk. NOW…. all that said: I don’t fully agree with the statement that Israel has “extreme gun control” when compared to, for instance, the three countries I listed earlier. Israel does have very heavy regulations and licensing compared to the U.S., as they don’t recognize it as a civil right like we do (or are supposed to). A civilian CAN purchase, own, retain, and carry a firearm (open or concealed, nearly anywhere in the country including in gov’t buildings) if they pass the background check, do the training, and keep their ownership license current (renews every three years. There is no separate ‘carry’ license). It’s similar to a driver’s license scenario here, with the addition of a background check (you need training, license renewal, have to be mentally/physically capable, must follow laws related to where you can drive and how fast and etc etc). The hatred I have seen online about Jews being anti-gun to the point of wanting national confiscations and melt-downs and NO civilian ownership absolutely does NOT jive with the laws in Israel. For that purpose, I think you are a bit off base, at least in scope/scale, referring to Israel as an example of Jews being anti-gun. Because I think, if anything, Israel’s laws certainly demonstrate a strong desire for tight controls but not a desire to ban and abolish guns and civilian ownership thereof. Wiki on IL gun laws: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics#Israel Tough? Yes. Gun control? Yes. Gun ban? NO.

      I think the entire country clearly recognizes the important role that firearms play in keeping the country safe. And by safe, I mean existing at all.

      Just my $0.02….

      1. avatar Totenglocke says:

        I think you should read MAC’s discussion with a gun shop in Israel about Israeli gun laws. I’d definitely say that their gun laws are probably worse than most European countries.


        There’s about 7.76 million people in Israel, yet only about 160,000 non-government employees are allowed the ability to own a gun.

        1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

          Yeah. It’s pretty freaking difficult. However, if you have ever talked to somebody behind the counter at a gun shop in the U.S., you’ve probably heard all freaking sorts of misinformation on everything from politics, legalities, firearm function, etc etc. MAC’s article is based on a conversation with one employee at one gun shop. It does not match the cited, legit sourced Wiki article that I linked. For instance, “In 2005, there were 236,879 private citizens and 154,000 security guards licensed to carry firearms. …In 2007, there were estimated to be 500,000 civilian licensed guns in Israel, in addition to 1,757,500 in the military, and 26,040 in the police.[58][59]”

          I don’t personally know the exact truth. But I still believe there is a distinction between extremely onerous and difficult laws and outright and complete bans and, again, have to point out that the strict laws in Israel don’t prove that Jews hate civilian-owned guns any more than the total ban on firearms in Japan proves that Jews hate guns.

  15. avatar Mike Taylor says:

    Any CZ-75 based weapon is just ducky in my book. They handle with grace, shoot straight and have no reason to fail. Low-tech and built to stay that way…I guess a professional would understand that kind of logic.

  16. avatar Jay Jones says:

    As my father always reminded me when he was alive.
    I am a Jewish Redneck.
    1-He sent me to college to work with my head, not my hands.
    I am a locksmith by the way.
    2-I would not date any of his friends daughters.
    3-I love my guns.
    Its easy to understand how American Jews tend to be for disarmament in general.
    Its because the large majority of American Jews from the North East and Midwest.
    Southern Florida where I now am doesn’t count as its mostly made up of transplanted North Easterners.
    I try to forget the large Jewish population in the LA area.
    Kalifornia altogether for the most part.
    Are all friggin Tax and Spend Liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Democrats to boot. As if one didn’t go hand and hand to begin with.

    As for the Tanfoglio…………..NICE.

    1. avatar Jay Jones says:

      To myself
      Since I cant edit my other post at this time.
      Id just like to add this.
      My comments are my observations as I was growing up and my opinion only.
      And please folks take it as such.
      Its not meant to be a generalization of any geographic areas by any means.

      I do own a EAA Witness Compact in 45acp as I could not buy the real thing a CZ anything back in the early 90s.

  17. avatar Jesse Nelson says:

    Oh man is that ever sweet… My first gun was an EAA Witness 10mm. To have one of those would just be about the best thing ever. As far as I’m concerned.

  18. avatar jwm says:

    This Mossad marked gun may be like the John Wayne marked guns you see for sale from time to time. A “Limited Edition” sales gimmick to get people to buy it. I doubt these guns had anything to do with Mossad. I even wonder if the Isreali police used them. Would the NYPD buy USMC marked commenrative Glocks for issue to their guys?

    1. avatar Gyufygy says:

      If they could sneak in a normal trigger, probably.

  19. avatar Federale says:

    Well, you did point it out. Your tribe and the others you mentioned are enemies of the Second Amendment. Better to just deal with it rather than dream of converting them to the position that could one day save their lives. In the end they would rather die a horrible death in a gas chamber than support a position mostly held by straight white male Christians. Is stubbornness one of the seven deadly sins? It should be.

  20. avatar LongBeach says:

    58 responses to this post at the time of this comment, and a fraction of them actually have anything to do with the gun. Jesus Christ. Or whatever the equivalent of that is in Hebrew. I like you guys a lot, but sometimes you kill me. Who gives a sack of sh!t about race/ethnicity. It ain’t about that, it’s about behavior. There’s good and bad in all sects. Our cause would be furthered by building bridges, not burning them.

  21. avatar g says:

    Nice gun review. I definitely understand the allure of digging into a gun’s background and historical context, but…

    …what’s up with all the hate on Jewish folk in the comments? Are there TTAG readers out there that subscribe to a vast Zionist conspiracy to control guns? I guess some folks thought it was about time to lend some fodder for another tired mainstream media stereotype of gun owners: Antisemitism! YES!

    Congratulations. (/sarcasm)

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      This is why I wrote what I wrote. Normally it would have been just about the gun and nothing else, but I couldn’t help bringing up this stereotype. Why? Because I have seen rampant anti-Semitism all over the internet, especially YouTube, forums, and some social media, outright BLAMING Jews for this civilian disarmament push that started after Newtown. More anti-Semitism than I have seen in the entire rest of my life (outside of historical books about WWI and WWII, which included background on how Jews were categorically blamed for all sorts of absolutely crazy things). Not cool. Some Jews hate guns and some don’t. Great. What do you expect? There are varying opinions in every group. I don’t understand why it seems like most minority groups (I listed Jews, African Americans, LGBT) tend to be more anti-gun (and often Liberal in other ways as well) than the rest of the population, but it certainly isn’t specific to Jews and there isn’t some vast conspiracy here. I’m pretty sure I would have gotten the memo on that one.

      1. avatar Hemiram says:

        The jew hatin comes out when people get passionate about stuff. It’s sad, weak, and pretty pitiful, but it’s real. A lot of people will say some of the craziest stuff about Jews, thinking it’s true and “common knowledge”. It’s not, it’s just being ignorant and, well, being a Jew Hatin’ Kook.

        One of the reasons that Jews tend to be liberal is that they also tend to be highly educated, and one follows the other.

        1. avatar Jekyll Jacobson says:

          The colleges indoctrinate the liberal agenda. It is why the educated folks are that way. Has little to do with scholastic superiority. The anti-gunners are fools who ought to be shunned. Most so-called rednecks are a great bunch. They are productive persons and don’t leach off others. Yes, they want to protect themselves and theirs. Nothing unAmerican about that. It is unAmerican to treat adults like children and tell them that only the government knows what’s best for them. We are the greatest world-power and it’s a real shame that the highly educated element is such a joke.

  22. avatar sophia says:

    Looks a lot like my EAA Witness Elite Match; differences are the Witness has a rail, squared off trigger guard, and adjustable rear sight. I’m guessing the Mossad Tanfoglio is DA/SA, while mine is SA only.

    I really like the trigger on the Tanfoglio compared to the CZs. I’ve used a CZ P01 in matches and each time I’ve had a blister on my trigger finger. Granted my P01 has a decocker and I’m shooting DA on the first shot, but even the trigger on the Glock 23 gen 4 feels way nicer. The Tanfoglio trigger has a nice even pull and crisp break right out of the box, no sending it off to Arizona or Louisiana for a trigger job.

    1. avatar Jeremy S. says:

      Hi Sophia,

      Yes, this pistol is DA/SA. I have seen some other versions of the Tanfoglio Mossad w/ squared trigger guard, but don’t recall seeing any w/ an adjustable rear sight, rail, or in SAO.

      DA is a huge difference for sure. The trigger in this is exactly like the trigger in various CZ’s I have owned, and is nothing like the trigger in the CZ 75 SA that I had or like the trigger in my modified, single action only SP-01 that I shoot in competition. The Elite Match is an upgraded version that already has the sort of work done to it that you would get by sending your base model CZ off to CZCustom or Cajun Gun Works. If you want a comparable CZ, you would be stepping up to a Shadow or other ‘upgraded’ version. Basically, I’m just saying that comparing a near top-of-the-line, target-specific EAA with a base model, combat-specific CZ isn’t appropriate. Certainly the curve of the CZ metal trigger and the trigger reach length in DA doesn’t work for all hands, and that heavy DA trigger pull on the first shot is difficult for many people, which are solid reasons why a striker-fired gun like a Glock can be preferable. A single action gun is much closer to that, and one of the cool things about CZ is how modular the guns are — swap for a flat, single action trigger if you want, adjust out any hint of takeup or over-travel, and you have a trigger that competes with that of custom 1911’s.

  23. avatar Leo says:

    I do admit being upset that Bloomberg/Feinstein are a members of my tribe. And i am sure a lot of African Americans are upset that Obama turned out to be such a putz. However, I also find it sad and somewhat disturbing, how many anti-Jewish sentiments this article brought up.

  24. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Interesting take on the LA Riots by “A Jew Without A Gun” here:

  25. avatar Mossad CZ75 says:

    These are cheap CZ-75 clones,always for sale on GUNBROKER for $300~$375. Since the slide and components except the magazine are not interchangable with a CZ why would you want to own a beat to death surplus pistol when another $125-150 will get you the real deal CZ or a new E.A.A. Witness? Its interesting how owners of a non-significant pistol can make it sound like its rare or valuable. I laughed when i read posts stating that these go for anything more than $399…gunbroker.com…MOSSAD cz75….new recoil spring and a trigger job if you are hell bent on having a beater as a personal defense or range pistol.
    My .2

    1. avatar Hemiram says:

      My 2 Mossad guns are anything but “beat to death”. Yeah, there are some really beat up ones out there, but most of them are at least in “good” condition, and quite a few are like mine. The slide to frame fit on the full sized one is the best I’ve ever seen on ANY gun, ever. There is almost zero wear an any part of either of my two guns, and they both shot without a single problem out of the box. I eventually changed the recoil string on them, but only because I had put a lot of rounds through them and I was ordering other springs from Wolff anyway.

  26. avatar Floyd says:

    First, regarding the Jewish-related thesis. I’m not Jewish. I’m an old, fat redneck. And I’m a Mormon who supports the 2nd Amendment. Still, my wife is Jewish (but she doesn’t practice – she’s also Mormon)…she and I see eye-to-eye on 2nd Amendment rights. To top it off, the wife’s entire family is Jewish (some practice, some don’t, but they all hold tight to the heritage). And we’ll also see the 2nd Amendment the same way…in fact, they’re all gun owners. So blaming generally blaming the Jews for a gun disarmament conspiracy? From first-hand knowledge, I know that’s rubbish. Jews are individuals, just like the rest of humanity. Some are for and some are against. But the overall anti-Semitic perspectives regarding gun rights? Rubbish.

    Second, about the Tangfolio… I own a CZ-82 that’s the sweetest shooter I have ever had the opportunity to lay my hands on. Love that pistol. A few weeks ago, a brother-in-law (yes, one of the Jewish guys) let me fire his Tangfolio MOSSAD. Very, very comparable. Love the trigger. Now an object of gun lust for me. I’m gonna have to get one, gun markings and historical gaps notwithstanding!

  27. avatar Ron says:

    There will always be a special place for Czechoslovakia in my heart, as they were thr ONLY COUNTRY in the entire world who were willing to sell arms to Jews – and the reborn nation of Israel. The US provided bubkas! the Rsskis couldn’t load up the Arabs with enough for another five armies. The British were anti-Semitic since Lawrence of Arabia. The French wouldn’t even give you a a wine cork. But, CZ came through -albeit – all they had to offer were surplus war arms. Yet, these retooled weapons were better than what they Nazi’s left behind.

    Czech-made Mausers! Warehouses filled with them. Besides Israel, East Germany and Bolivia were also buying them when nobody else was.


    They had stockpiled them during a time after WWI when few orders were coming in.

  28. avatar Leia says:

    obviously like your web site but you need to take a look
    at the spelling on quite a few of your posts.
    Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I’ll surely come again again.

  29. avatar mark says:

    So I know this post is a little old, but I’m hoping for a reply here. I’m consider this exact same pistol type for a concealed carry. Any oppositions to that? Could use some input if anybody wants to list pro’s and con’s. I know it’s heavy, I like that, so don’t put that as a con.

    1. avatar Mike Taylor says:

      The CZ 75 line is a fine choice. Friendly ergonomics, easy to use manual of arms, simple maintenance and available in a dearth of calibers that are applicable to the task from a number of manufacturers with a reputation for quality and reliability. Mine has proven rugged and plenty hungry enough to handle whatever insanity can be conjured up on my loading bench without so much as a hiccup. Accurate by design and more than enough accessories to kit the piece up for whatever task you have in mind, the design is a good one to be sure.
      The down side usually revolves around the size of your own hands. The safety is a bit of a stretch for us with meaty size caveman hands. The double action trigger pull can also seem rather long, and please do not tell me that these pistols are designed for condition one carry. That is BS and you know it. (if you want a single action auto trigger, get a single action auto, not a double)
      The very design aspect that helps accuracy is also a bit of a snag at the same time. The low profile slide that rides inside the frame can be a bit tricky to grasp with cold or wet hands in an emergency clearance situation. Then again, how do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice.
      The magazines do not drop free on the original CZ 75 pistols, but I believe they do on Jericho models.
      All in all, it comes down to you as the shooter to practice with the pistol until you are not only competent with the technicalities of draw and fire, but aware of the shortcomings and able to work with them.
      I hope this helps.

      1. avatar mark says:

        Yes that helps a lot. This won’t be my first handgun, and I figured it would be a good purchase. Just wanted to see how people feel about it being a carry. These are pretty inexpensive, and all the reviews I’ve read say they’re dependable but there’s only a few reviews on these mossad versions. Only hiccup I’ve heard about on some of these is occasionally some of them auto forward, but a quick spring replacement makes them good as new.

  30. avatar mark says:

    After watching the video I guess it isn’t just rumor on the auto forward, but if it’s just replacing the spring I think I’ll be fine. Thanks for the reply Mike.

  31. avatar John says:

    So what type of magazines do they take? I heard you cant get spare mags for them ? Anyone know of a manufacturer who makes spares? Model number?

    1. avatar Hemiram says:

      In general, they take CZ-75 mags. Every one I’ve seen in both compact and full sizes has come with a Meg-Gar mag with the model number on it. A google search, $50 or so later, and I had two more. I got some really cheap mags that claim to be for the compact, and they shoot fine, but the slide doesn’t stay open on when it’s empty like the correct one does.

  32. avatar James R Hill says:

    does anyone know where I can get a set of sears for the Mossad?? its a frame saftey model…THANKS!!!

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