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By Lee Williams

The enemy is at the gate. One need only look at the Iranian-backed genocide in Israel to see what they have in store for this country if their plans succeed.

Clearly, Joe Biden helped get us into this dire situation.

Biden allowed millions of military-age males to enter this country illegally, including hundreds on the terror watch list. You could see them rallying yesterday in major cities across the United States, celebrating the terrorist atrocities in Israel.

Biden ignored Iranian sanctions and allowed them to generate more than $40 billion in oil revenue, which they used to fund their terror campaigns. And then he gave them $6 billion more in an ill-conceived ransom payment.

Biden gifted the terrorists in Afghanistan more than $7 billion in military equipment, including aircraft, armored vehicles, explosives, small arms and ammunition. Time will tell if these weapons were or are being used against the Israeli Defense Forces.

While he was arming terrorists, Biden used every trick in the book to disarm law-abiding Americans. He even created an office in the White House to coordinate his plans for total civilian disarmament. In fact, when you look at the totality of his actions, it makes you wonder whose side Biden is even on.

A Credible Threat

The Mossad, Israel’s Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, has warned New York, Michigan, and Florida to prepare for coming terrorist violence.

“We again ask for Jews around the world to be careful. This warning extends to western nations: England, Canada (Toronto), Germany, France, USA (NY. MI. FL.)” the intelligence organization wrote in a tweet. “Keep your cellphone handy and your eyes open.”

Florida has already seen two pro-Hamas demonstrations in Tampa and Ft. Lauderdale, which Gov. Ron DeSantis called “abhorrent.”

“Hamas is a terrorist group that is dedicated to the destruction of Israel and commits atrocities to further that end,” DeSantis said in a social media post. “We are proud of the relationship between Florida and Israel and remember well the support we received from the IDF following the Surfside tower collapse.”

Across the country, law enforcement has increased security at synagogues and other Jewish sites.

“If war is what is needed to make the state of Israel safe, war it is,” said Maor Elbaz-Starinsky, Consul General of Israel in Miami. “We look at Hamas as a very cruel and vicious terrorist organization.”

It’s Time to Make Ready

We are the well-regulated militia the Framers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. It’s time to accept that responsibility.

You’ll need a good rifle. A handgun is recommended, too. You’ll need ammunition loaded in magazines, since ammo stored in a can or a cardboard box will do you little good when you really need it. You’ll also need training — professional training. Find an instructor who understands how to shoot, move, and communicate.

If you’re already armed, equipped, and tactically fluent, your job is far from done. Talk to your friends, your family, and your neighbors. Help them gain the means and the mindset to successfully defend themselves, too.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the Second Amendment, which prohibits the government from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. We all realized this as we watched the atrocities in Israel unfold. We have to continue to safeguard this basic human right. Most civilians in Israel had no such protections, and ultimately paid a very high price. The Israeli government has since changed course and granted them some of their gun rights, after the fact…far too late in many cases.

Joe Biden didn’t even mention American casualties in his statement Sunday evening. He hosted a barbecue at the White House instead, complete with a live band. That’s about all we can expect from our doddering commander-in-chief. But it doesn’t really matter since all of his gun control plans became largely moot Saturday, as armed terrorist paragliders drifted down onto Israeli citizens, like the opening scene from Red Dawn.

We will never allow that to happen here — with or without Biden’s help. We will help each other make ready, and we will defend ourselves.

It’s what Americans do.


Lee Williams writes at This article originally appeared there and is reprinted here with permission.

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    • True story:

      A friend of Mrs Haz who doesn’t like guns and has only shot one *once* in her lifetime just told her yesterday she’s now growing more concerned and alert for her safety, and asked if she and her husband can come with us the next time we go to the range.

      Also, another friend of Mrs Haz – and also yesterday – who has *never* fired a gun in her life said she’s interested in a range day as well. So the Haz household will be providing some training to more newbies soon, as we’ve done many times before.

      Even if a newbie chooses not to go the distance and actually buy a gun, a trip to the range is very helpful to dispel the usual myths and misconceptions about gun ownership.

      • This is the way. I have a private range and newcomers almost always leave happy and with a sense of pride in what they’ve achieved in a single day. Including, usually but not always, a complete change in their concept of gun ownership. When someone wearing a very good headset complains that a 10/22 is too loud, you know it’s going to be a long day.

  1. I have been suggesting on here for months that communities start to develop their own self-defense Home Guard organizations for defensive purposes only. There are going to be times where you cannot rely on the local police, to protect you from the federal government, rioters, protestors or terrorists. Failure to take your own self-defense seriously is going to result in much recrimination and heart ache. Don’t be foolish about the need to protect yourself and family. This article lays it out pretty clearly where our own Government places you on the list of priorities and believe me you are at the bottom. Our Government sides with our enemies and desert our friends and the American People. Wake up folks and go out and get yourself well equipped and well trained in using firearms. Take advantage of your 2nd Amendment rights before it is too late.

    • Know your neighbors, know who needs watched, who indulges in recreational drugs, who is reliable and skillsets. These will all be part of the equation if SHTF. I know mine.

      • FPT,
        I’m not an artist, so I haven’t tried yet, but here’s an idea for those of you that can draw, etc..
        Take a Coexist bumper sticker, but the upper crescent tip is dripping blood with all the other symbols also dripping blood from being cut completely in half lengthwise down the strip…

      • As equally as important is YOU being willing and able to take care of a problem, before that problem and 3 of it’s druggie friends are kicking your door in at 3 am because they think you got food etc etc.

  2. Thank God for the 2nd amendment.

    Modern liberalism is a Godless death cult. From the population time bomb farce in the 1960s, to global cooling and abortion-on-demand in the 70s, appeasement of the USSR, to global warming and peak oil in the 90s, to Y2K, and now mass migration, trans mutilation of minors and sexualizing children.

    The Palestinian people are pawns, being used by Iran in their war on Israel and the west. It’s sick. But these attacks are an act of desperation, with Iran and the Shites terribly worried about ongoing Israeli-Suni peace negotiations.

    • The Founding Patriots didn’t have a 2nd Amendment. All they had was the desire and courage to throw off a Tyrannical Regime. A Regime that just happened to have the most powerful army/navy in the world.

      • Yes. The 2nd amendment wasn’t ratified for over a year after the constitution was implemented, but everyone at the time understood that it was a natural right. All of the opposition to the Bill of Rights was merely arguments over the exact wording or of the necessity for the amendments in the first place since the rights were so obviously granted to all people by God. But some at the time knew that those rights would be challenged in the future, and oh boy were they right. So, yes, God bless the 2A.

      • This country was under English Law in 1776.

        “That the subjects which are Protestants may have arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law.” (From: – Avalon Project)

        That’s how the English Bill of Rights (1689) puts it. If you’re not a Protestant – no arms, and it is all subject to any law Parliament might wish to pass thereafter. And so they did, starting in about 1900, to disarm the ‘subjects’ of Great Britain.

    • “Iran and the Shites terribly worried about ongoing Israeli-Suni peace negotiations”

      Peace was about to break out in the Middle East. They can’t have that. “They” includes the USA led by a senile puppet.

  3. After the Terrorist attack on defenseless Israeli citizens our Second Amendment militia is clearly necessary for a free state. However that’s hard to do when the Gun Controlled militia must jump through Gun Control hoops and pay and wait for suppressors, 14.5″ barrels, a brace, etc. For centuries Gun Control has been enslaving and killing people in mass, the most recent example of that is what happened in Isreal. Gun Control? Abolish it and bury it NOW.

  4. “Keep your cellphone handy and your eyes open.”
    What a fool! Your cell phone won’t save you.

        • the people in “our” governments are going to use foreign terrorists to do their dirty work. so they can implement more controls such as the patriot act while trying to disarm Americans under the lie and guise of safety. letting millions of hostile foreign militants to invade our country by allowing them to over run the USA borders. all while the fbi and justice department are moving to label Trump supportrs and people who want to make America a better place as the real terrorists…

          not to mention the depopulation plans and massive psyops that covid19 is and using bioweapons against the American people. not to mention trying to poison our food supply with all sorts of chemicals that cause cancer.

          they’re implementing their new world order one world communist society by destroying the USA from the inside out.

    • Hah Missouri Mule, I’ve got 911 on speed dial.
      Truthfully, I reckon if shtf a cell phone wont be much use because it wont work.

  5. CORRECTION: Wouldn’t that size attack have yielded 2,323,000 dead Americans? Let’s recheck that.

      • You are off by one decimal place. The per-capita equivalent would be an attack on the United States which killed 232,000 people.

      • 0.007% of 30million (+) illegals to which Obiden has extended his impotent wing of protection. = 2100. And counting.

        The disfunctional euro marxist progs (backed/trained by Obama and his coven of misfits) that hate Netanyahu brought this on Israeli.

        • The shocking condition of Israeli security is demonstrated by the fact that the rave victims were apparently under attack for 7 hours – before being rescued by ad hoc “ex-IDF assembled by parents”.

          Seems impossible, but if this report is true, Israel may be toast. They might lack the will to fight…

      • .007% converts to .00007. To change the % to a decimal simply add 2 places. In this case it becomes .00007. Multiply this by 332,000,000 and the US casualty rate is 23,240. Either call it .007 or a percentage “%”. You can’t have both.

      • FPT,
        I’m not an artist, so I haven’t tried yet, but here’s an idea for those of you that can draw, etc..
        Take a Coexist bumper sticker, but the upper crescent tip is dripping blood with all the other symbols also dripping blood from being cut in half lengthwise down the strip…

  6. Israel traded land for peace. Israel did not get peace. Israel should now take that land back with as much force and violence as they can muster. Unfortunately, I fear that the gas chamber mentality that many Jews have despite centuries of persecution will prevent that. A relatively disarmed populace, by their own democratic choice, was an easy target. What is Palestinian for Kristallnacht?

    • The jews in israel and in the united states are not willing to do what is necessary to bring peace. And that is to crush and destroy your enemies.

      It’s what was done to Germany Italy and Japan.

      • Chris, that is an OUTRIGHT BOLD FACED LIE. Israel has done what it can to secure peace and still exist. If you are saying that they should eradicate HAMAS, then I absolutely AGREE!

        • In order to eliminate the n@zi party in Germany. What did the allies do inorder to accomplish that????

        • Chris it was called WWII. Remember? The Israelis are doing God’s work eliminating HAMAS.

        • The DID. Long past days. Since Obama the marxist progs in Israeli controlling the country thru their sill Parliamentary system and have surrendered to the arabs.

        • to Walter E Beverly III
          You obviously have not learned the lessons of World War 2.
          The United States is far superior, when it comes to eliminating a dangerous political party, than the Jewish state of Israel.

          It seems “never again” has a new meaning. To never again, kill the enemy that has sworn, and demonstrated a willingness to kill you.

        • Chris, I have learned the lessons of WWII. You don’t sit back when evil strikes. Israel is doing what it has to do to preserve the State of Israel. This time, I hope like hell they kill every single member of HAMAS and don’t stop until it’s finished!

      • @ Walter E Beverly “Doing Gods work,,,” how novel.
        War is Satans work.
        The god of this world no doubt.

        • possum, apparently you are one of Satan’s minions. Justified WAR is God’s work. Take your peacnik nonsense and put it in the closet.

    • Hamas will broadcast public executions of Israeli hostages. Standby for things to get stupid everywhere.

        • they should just low yield nuke the place, get rid of them all at once, give it a year to decon then move in, kill anything that survived and rebuild, nand sigger free.

      • They also wanted to broadcast the GITMO Interrogation video tapes. But some how the tapes were “lost.” Just like my bumpstock was lost in a boating accident.

  7. Unless you are willing to kill inorder to protect private property??? A call for a militia means nothing.
    America is being invaded. It’s citizens are being attacked and killed by these illiterate illegal aliens.

    And if you defend your private property. Or you defend the private property of other people. You will be put in jail. And the “gun community” will not defend you.

    Joe Horn killed to criminal invaders. And the Libertarians Liberals and the Leftists gun owners wanted him in jail. But they are all very comfortable with the state killing to protect state property.

    The Jewish state of israel is a terrible example for anyone to use for Liberty. I don’t care what happens to israel. Just as I don’t care want happens to Ukraine.

    Both countries prevented their citizens from having guns. And both are now at war.

      • FYI
        It’s the soldier and his rifle who wins a war. He kills to take the real-estate. And kills even more to keep it.

    • So you don’t defend private property. “Your Honor, the perp broke into my house, stole my television and assorted other stuff. When I got out of bed, and looked at him carrying my stuff down the driveway, he said something like, “You should have stayed in bed asshole, I’m gonna kill you!” So, I defended myself before he could kill me!”

      Use yer head. Never say a word about how important your stuff is. Tell John Law that the perp threatened you, and made a move toward you. Just don’t install a freaking Ring doorbell to record all that stuff.

    • Give “Gun free zones” a whole new meaning. Still, the people allowed themselves to be disarmed so I have little sympathy for them.

  8. If the murder of 8 million Jews isn’t enough to wake the F ing Jews up??? Then perhaps they will go into the “dust bend” of history.

    Why should any second amendment supporter in this country? Support any society that denies the right human to armed self-defense to its citizens???

    • 1. The United Kingdom???
      2. France, which had recently nearly two hundred people killed in terrorist attacks? They continue to restrict guns.
      3. Most of europe???
      4. South Africa, where gun ownership is restricted. Before Apartheid. And after Apartheid.
      5. Mexico. Except for the guns Obama sent them. He also armed the Paris terrorist bombers as well.

      I have no interest in being a policeman for the rest of the world.

    • dust bend?
      Your Kin Tuck is showing again.

      When it does start, remember the letter agencies helped bring it to this point, they are NOT friendlies. Do what you must to protect yourself, family, and country.

  9. this morning me and a few others have been working on what we call ‘defense packs’.

    Each pack contains a Glock or Sig 9mm pistol with eight loaded 15 round magazines and 1,000 rounds of extra 9mm ammo and a belt and holster, a sling’d AR-15 with eight 30 round loaded magazines and 1,000 extra rounds of 5.56, basic first aid gear, a three day supply of basic foods rations, a small battery pack that can power/charge a cell phone. Extra magazines not yet loaded are included also.

    There will be 50 of these packs when we get them all together later today. They will be distributed to numerous Jewish synagogues/community-areas in the area for a 30 mile radius. A spokes person for the collective synagogues called yesterday and asked for it as some of their members are aware that ‘some’ in our local gun community have ‘resources’ (all legal) available. Will put together more if requested.

    The packs will be used by their security teams and others as needed. In the mean while a local range is offering a free two day basic course for basic and defensive use to all members of those ‘communities’

    The Jewish community around here is afraid, they have had threats before but nothing like this being possible or probable. Might not turn out to be anything at all for them, but its better to be prepared and ready then not being prepared and ready.

    • sure hand out two dozen firearms and 50k rounds.
      chicago has little more than a dozen synogogues… where do you live, jerusalem?

      • no don’t live in jerusalem.

        in the good ole USA.

        they go to “synagogues/community-areas”

        thats jewish synagogues AND Jewish community-areas, not just synagogues. the community areas communicated their request though the synagogues.

        • ok, i’m not asking. shhh.
          i’m chicago. we got ’em. costs me twenty five a month so wifey can go to services.
          there aren’t fifty communities here either. you must be in nyc: that’s over 2million. l.a. has three quarter mil, followed by miami. philly and chitown.
          i mean, good on ya.

        • Its 6 synagogues with internal congregation formed security teams – 2 larger nursing homes with relative formed security teams – 1 large very busy community center with kids and adults programs with parent/relative formed security teams – 1 retirement village area with relative/resident formed security teams – in a 30 mile radius.

          No, don’t live in NYC or NY.

          there are jewish centric ‘communities/groups’ all over the United States.

          Got the ‘defense packs’ stuff delivered or picked up last night.

          Today working on surging rifles, pistols, ammo, and first aid kits for ‘hand outs’ to other (e.g. individuals) than ‘security teams and others as needed’

          ‘security teams and others as needed’ was those who have already completed a tactical course with gun use, or retired/ex-military who supplements these teams as needed normally sometimes. “to other (e.g. individuals)” are others in those communities/groups who want to volunteer to further supplement. Basically the idea is, using the existing security teams as the nucleus, then others joining, and collectively forming their own ‘citizen militia’ defense force. A lot of them already have their own firearms, they need ammo though, and some don’t have their own firearms and we are going to arm them and provide some training for those that need it.

    • They could have used packs like that in Warsaw during the “Uprising”.

      April 19, 1943, the Warsaw ghetto uprising began after German troops and police entered the ghetto to deport its surviving inhabitants. Jewish insurgents inside the ghetto resisted these efforts. This was the largest uprising by Jews during World War II and the first significant urban revolt against German occupation in Europe.

    • Nobody’s gonna mess with me and mine up here on ol’ Rocky Top, that’s for sure. Ain’t but one way in—-and no way out. They could shut ‘er down tonight and we’d be just fine. Really good harvest this year, and the means to defend it. Well-provisioned, indeed. Send your paraglider over yonder ridge, give it a whirl, FAFO.

      • “Nobody’s gonna mess with me and mine up here on ol’ Rocky Top”

        The question is not if they will mess with you, if they do. The question is will their ‘messing with you’ be successful?

  10. I had a diatribe here 1st up. I deleted it. Suffice to say I’m not your militia. I’m an old man with some gats. My armed close friends are also old(not reliable). No recruiting on my part save my wife. And my chit state wants to disarm me.

    • Don’t sell yourself short or others like you. Each man and women has a place in the fight against tyranny. Not all the Founding Patriots were young men. Just brave men. Men willing to do what was necessary to defend their way of life. For themselves and their descendants.
      “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.”

      Thomas Paine

    • “old man” BS – old man up.

      Do a search on “Samuel Whittemore” (April 19, 1775 Menotomy, Ma)/
      and stop whining!.

    • FWW,
      Remember the “Militia of One.”

      Stolen from Matt BRACKEN: WHAT I SAW AT THE COUP

      Down in the story, close to the end..

      “Dennis had always assumed that the combined might of our armed federal agents and their SWAT Teams, reinforced with local police and, if necessary, the National Guard or even the Army, could crush any conceivable right-wing reaction to his plan. But social network analysis couldn’t find snipers who were not part of any network. That’s when we began to hear of “The Militia of One.” In the end there were too many rifles, and too many willing shooters. A number that was constantly heard was twenty million. That was the number of Americans who supposedly went deer hunting every year, against less than 200,000 armed federal agents.

      • LOL. I am somewhat of a badazz. Nothing like when I could lift hundreds of pounds over my head but I bet I could beat the crap out of all you commenters. Especially Neiowa🙂🙄 You’re just a whiny troll to me…

        • You’ll never get that close. I practice the Tueller drill and aren’t afraid to use it. sounds like you are doing a little Trolling yourself.

        • “…I could beat the crap out of all you…”
          you should host a barbecue. lifting hundreds of pounds over your head is gonna leave you vulnerable to being tickled. heehee.
          geritol, viagra. cheer up.
          mullens’ on western xfrm auction house 7300 north. (i know you’ve been there). ask for meat, i’ll set you up- best chicken wings in the world.

        • Tueller? If FWW and strych9 got together to whoop any of us, that quickdraw would buy us maybe another second of consciousness. Better to live on a hill and practice shooting 1/3 mile groundhogs, and never let them get close. Best ever is to do t*’s BBQ drill.🍽

      • Hilarious, just remember it’s a work of fiction written 25 years ago.

        And proven to be incorrect, he’s a real Nostra-dumdass.

        “(Matt Bracken note: I wrote this during a previous administration, but I think it still has some lessons for today and tomorrow.“

        Jade Helm is REAL!

      • Both of which were on the list of things not to consume to prevent kidney stones. You’re playing the long game, aren’t you?

    • As others have said don’t sell yourself short, you are in fact the evil-doers worst enemy ie. you’re old with nothing left to lose but your life and in the end if you take out more than one piece of crap you’re more than “even”. Our goal must be to eliminate as many of the enemy as possible and survive the encounter, if I’m going to go I plan on taking out as many of those who wish to do me & mine harm as possible.

  11. “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”: it was George Washington’s Farewell Address to us. The inaugural pledge of Thomas Jefferson was no less clear: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were America First. I am America First. Immense and irreparable damage has been done to this Republic since we became entangled in alliances at the beginning of the 20th century. A heavy tax burden, an astronomical debt, the loss of precious freedoms, these are the price we have paid for becoming the global hegemon. This price we have paid has been far too much.

    Bad things happen in the world every day. We cannot, CANNOT, be expected to solve the woes of the world. People won’t like this, but, we cannot be expected to intervene in this conflict. We cannot be expected to send billions of dollars into the conflict, like we have Ukraine. We cannot expect to send more of our young men to die in this conflict. Each nation should stand on its own, and if it can’t, then so be it.

    The Israelis are unarmed because, ultimately, they expect us to backstop them. They are not willing to take responsibility for their own protection because they expect the Israeli state, and, in the end, the United States to back them. It is the same condition in Europe. They can afford socialist welfare policies and disarming their citizens because, ultimately, they expect us to back them up in the end.

    Well, I say enough. America First. We have citizens dying in the gutter from fentanyl. Our border is porous, the government allowing millions of unvetted migrants into the country, while we’re expected to pay for the border security of Israel and Ukraine.


    • If you don’t help Israel kill the terrorists, you will just have more of them to kill here.

        • possum,
          The the US carrier ‘Enterprise’ by itself had enough ordinance to effectively strangle the supply lines to the NV machine within about 24 hours, but we were never allowed to use it effectively.

        • Vietnam was a waste of life, among other things.
          America could have however it was China who was drawing the lines.
          I’ came to the conclusion years ago, America is like a bully, we only fight the little guys.
          WW2 was our last legitimate war.

        • “possum, we lost the Vietnam War because of half measures and dumb asses like you.“

          No, we lost the Vietnam War because we were on the wrong side.

          We were there to secure Royal Dutch Shell’s profits, Michelin needed an adequate security force to guard the rubber plantations, where workers were routinely abused and forced to work in dangerous conditions:

          “Michelin’s rubber plantation at Phú Riềng was a classic example of the hand-in-glove collaboration between colonial administrative and economic interests where the colony had “her every economic fabric attuned to the demands of financial and industrial interests in France.”[87] As such, costs for the upkeep of workers were kept to a minimum for maximum profit and this resulted in dire living and working conditions. This situation was further compounded by effects of the Great Depression, which then led to ready support for the communist-led strike.“

        • Ya know, shitdigging idiot, you really should stop in at a restaurant I know of for a bowl of Pho Ga.

          Viet owner.

          She barely got out of ‘Nam with the clothes on her back. She has been going back at least once a year with clothing donations once the country opened back up enough that she could do so without fear of getting whacked.

          I think a conversation with her should be MANDATORY for all high school kids at some point in their schooling..

      • If we hadn’t been sticking our nose in everyone else’s business for the last 100 plus years, we wouldn’t have terrorists trying to kill us.

        • Johnny, I have heard that sentiment before. I wish it were true, but the reality is that there will be those who want to kill you for just existing and being different. Some of those on the Coexist sticker really have no desire to coexist with the rest.

        • Johnny, that is not realistic nor is it reality. “He who is not willing to fight and even die for freedom’s sake, will lose that freedom and deserves to.”

        • “If we hadn’t been sticking our nose in everyone else’s business for the last 100 plus years, we wouldn’t have terrorists trying to kill us.“


          “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.“
          General Smedley Butler, USMC (Ret)

          “That ship has sailed. Deal with the reality of now“

          Nope, continues without interruption into the present day:

          “Officially, the Administration and the State Department insist that the U.S. military mission in Somalia is strictly humanitarian. Oil industry spokesmen dismissed as “absurd” and “nonsense” allegations by aid experts, veteran East Africa analysts and several prominent Somalis that President Bush, a former Texas oilman, was moved to act in Somalia, at least in part, by the U.S. corporate oil stake.

          But corporate and scientific documents disclosed that the American companies are well positioned to pursue Somalia’s most promising potential oil reserves the moment the nation is pacified. And the State Department and U.S. military officials acknowledge that one of those oil companies has done more than simply sit back and hope for peace.”

          You know, it’s not really capitalism, if US taxpayers are spending billions to protect multinational oil corporations around the world.

          It’s just more corporate welfare for the wealthy, as they externalize their business expenses so taxpayers can cover their overhead.

          “American companies are well positioned to pursue Somalia’s most promising potential oil reserves the moment the nation is pacified.“

          Oh yes, another ‘pacification’ program, those always go so well…

        • MINOR49er. So like a good little isolationist with a Leftist yellow steak a mile wide and long, you would let the world go to hell in a handbasket.

      • MINOR49er. No Leftist, we lost in Vietnam because people like you demonstrated in the streets and would not let our military do the job that was required. Half measures like fighting with one hand tied beind your back just don’t cut it. When you go to war, you go to war to win, not stalemate as Lyndon Baines Johnson and Richard Nixon did.

        Thanks to the asinine approach to trying to appease, we lost the war and with it millions of Vietnames died or were subjugated AFTER the war was over

        • “millions of Vietnames died or were subjugated AFTER the war“

          Is that why Trump went to Vietnam on Veterans Day?

          “President Donald Trump marked his first Veterans Day in office saluting American veterans in Vietnam, home to one of the most polarizing conflicts in U.S. history.

          Trump on Friday traveled to Danang, Vietnam, site of an American air base during the war, and met with seven vets who had returned to the country where they lost comrades.“

        • MINOR49er, I don’t know, but from your quote, it sounds like Trump HONORED American Veterans of the Vietnam War. Unlike you Leftists who betrayed them back when the war was going on.

          You and your kind are lower than dung.

  12. Biden let them in. Illegal aliens by the millions, terrorists among them. There is war in Ukraine, war in Israel, so don’t think for a second that it can’t happen here. The invading force has already landed. It’s time to lock and load – take out the trash.

    • No the Jewish democrats let them in. And others, they called Trump a racist when he called for restrictions on immigration.

      • Jewish democrats, Christian democrats, they’re just Communists. Muslim democrats, they’re just animals.

      • “No the Jewish democrats let them in.”

        No they didn’t. Biden let them in and 99% of democrat politicians of all different groups helped him.

        • While I would not say the jewish community that tends towards democrats let them in there are a noticeable abundance of jewish authors that support mass migration into the US as well as Europe going back multiple decades. Kalgeri would be one of the first I remember.

      • The clever commies convinced the sheep that they had the chance to be virtuous for a change. It’s fun to stand on virtue and look down on others. All they had to do was denounce logical immigration and border policies as racist or xenophobic.

      • Yes Jewish Democrats, Globalist billionaires, weasely do-gooder cosmopolitans, and a whole host of Christian denominations which are now filling their coffers with refugre settlement dollars now that they’ve gone Woke and the parishioners have abandoned the pews, they are all to blame, every last one of them.

        • Interesting.

          So is this Israel’s ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’?

          From your link:

          “Within 48 hours of the attack, we’re now suddenly seeing enormous support for an American war with Iran and the genocide of the Palestinian people.

          I’m witnessing American pastors and formerly level-headed influencers in our world completely lose their minds and call for genocide.

          It’s unsurprising, but insane to watch.

          If the events of the past three years have taught me anything, it’s that when people get whipped into an emotional frenzy, critical thinking completely goes out the window.

          People become highly suggestible and will rush to extremely dangerous conclusions without thinking about the consequences.

          I think this is what we’re all witnessing with this situation in Israel.“

  13. Paranoid fantasy. We know as absolute fact that everyone who comes into this country is only here to bee good doctors and engineers who will also do all the part time fast food jobs Americans just wont do and only wants to be productive and helpful members of American society.

    Absolute, irrefutable fact. Not one single malicious, selfish or criminally minded person among them.

    • None of them have been promised free land or money after the “big reset”, either No, of course not. Before even setting forth…

      Whaddya think is, Nicaragua or Venezuela or something?

        • I think you have to get your picture taken looking traumatized while wading knee deep first.

          The recent pics of obese families crawling under razor wire are straight out of insane clown world.

        • “Where’s my free phone and plane trip?”

          You should have applied for your free phone 40 years ago, when the Republicans first set up the program.

          “The FCC established the Lifeline program in 1984 during the Ronald Reagan Administration to provide qualified individuals with discounts on phone service.[6] In 1997, the FCC broadened the scope of the program under the 1997 Universal Service Order to make Lifeline more affordable for low-income households by raising the federal support amount.[7] Due to the rise of cell phones, the FCC made more changes in 2005 (under the George W. Bush Administration) so that wireless phone service providers could offer free cell phone service using Lifeline benefits“

          Don’t fret, here’s a link where you can apply now:

  14. Hamas will broadcast public executions of Israeli hostages. Standby for things to get stupid everywhere.

  15. Well for sure Isreal is going to spout all kinds of agitation propaganda. They want Americans blood spilling for them.

    • possum, Israel is capable of killing off the terrorists. All they want from the US is for us to let them finish the job.

  16. Now where did all those “anti-war people” go to???

    The United States has never had an anti-war war movement. People have been pro communist. Like they were pro communist during the Vietnam War.

    Many people forget that there was an enormous pro n@zi pro hitler movement in this country. Among the intellectual class. That is until germany and russia invaded poland.

    Even the ACLU supported the violation of civil rights for japanese American citizens. The head office of the ACLU ordered, all its lawyers to refuse to accept any cases, supporting these americans. The ACLU supported the internment of those law abiding people.

    • Students and faculty of those same pro-nazi universities are out in force supporting Hamas right now.

      80+ straight years of staunch academic antisemitism.

    • Bullsh!t Most of the Americans that were against the war in Vietnam did not want to get involved. There was no reason that the US should be there at all, no reason to draft young American men to fight a war that was not at our borders, attacking our country.
      If it was only volunteers, like it is today, that would be bad enough with the spending. That war ruined a 1/2 generation of mostly post WWII born Americans. Drugs were introduced, many used them to cover up their hopelessness of staying sane through the tour they had to do and continued to do so for most of their lives.
      After the lottery system was introduced, there was no way out for those born on the early numbers, so the draft was stopped by the rich parents of these young men. The war was a way to kill off a certain number of the men in that generation. If it was a war they wanted to win, they could have in 2 years, but there were other reasons for that flustercluck.

  17. I remember going to the RVN in 1969 but I do not remember any wish or need to return home. What I am inferring is that the “Mindset” that’s needed is one of self sacrifice. Namely, giving service with no guarantee of survival.
    The caveat is that we must be critical of any entity that demands that we line up
    and go over “There”. OR be the local neighborhood watch so THEY feel safe.

    • Its the Americans job to die for other countries freedom.
      Like when Japan invaded China, like when Germany invaded Russia.

      • possum, ” If you are not willing to fight and ever die for freedom’s sake, you will lose your freedom and deserve to.”

  18. U.S.: Israel, Palestine Supporters Blow Punches, Snatch Flags At Ugly Clash In Washington.

  19. Get a dog so our enemies can have a common target. The ATF wants to shoot your dog, the towlies want to fornicate with it, and the Chinese want to eat it for dinner.

    Better off with a firearm with plenty of ammunition and training time with it. Behind every blade of grass…

  20. There were dozens of videos from people in apartments or on balconies filming the terrorist attacks. There were no shots fired from those wonderful high grounds. You don’t have a gun for the 9999 days you don’t need it. You have it for the one where you do.

  21. I’ll defend my people but I ain’t defending those that hate me like my country, politicians and certain groups of folks. Since they all think I’ve got it all wrong let them step up and show us all how it’s done.

    • “I have a dog and a slingshot. Honest! Why would a person need anything else?”

      Because, apparently the deer wear kevlar vests according to the commander-n-sniffer/crook.


  22. I didn’t even think about anything happening here again after 9/11. Now I really am going to open up some cases of 9mm and practice some.

  23. The word Militia?

    That’s a good one. Just which ‘militia’ is referred to? Millett and Maslowski in “For The Common Defense” mention five (5) different militias in the immediate pre-revolution days. They differed in level of training and government support, and none of them could be used outside the US. Why is it that so many American scholars begin their research in 1776? Yes, there was history before the revolution.

  24. The author can say what he did, but if you live in IL, CA, MD, MA, NY, and other commiecrat states those words really do mean much when our 2nd Amendment rights a thrown to the side with magazine, pistol, and rifle bans. Bruen might have changed the landscape, but the commiecrats are putting up some stiff resistance to the Bruen decision by the Supreme Court. Lower and appeal courts at the state and federal levels are already defying the Bruen decision.

    “We are incredibly fortunate to have the Second Amendment, which prohibits the government from infringing on our right to keep and bear arms.”

  25. Hamas Threatens Hostage Executions as Israel Prepares ‘Mass Offensive’ | WSJ. (just a note: Hamas is keeping innocents from fleeing the gaza areas and executing them if they are caught fleeing, and they are still putting hamas fighters in the homes.)

    • seen vid of the babies having their heads cut off?
      local gal, natalie ranaan (absolutely beautiful) member of the chabad at the end of my street. visiting about half mile from gaza border. her and her mom gone. if i think about it i’ll toss.
      my buddy daaron can hardly speak due to the number he’s lost.
      what do you do, they have hostages? i mean, entebbe.

      • “her and her mom gone. if i think about it i’ll toss.“

        In reality, they were released over two weeks ago:

        “The 18-year-old was released by the terrorist organization 10 days ago, alongside her mother Judith Raanan, 59, just four days before her birthday, according to ABC 7.

        She arrived home in Chicago Monday night, according to Yinam Cohen, the Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, who announced the happy news on X.“

        • MINOR49er, ONLY terrorists would take people of anny age HOSTAGE. But then again with you Lefties anything goes as long as it supports your objectives.

        • “ONLY terrorists would take people of anny age HOSTAGE”

          Yes, everyone who attacks civilians is a terrorist, right?

          Even American soldiers can be terrorists:

          “The platoon entered one of the village’s four hamlets, My Lai 4, on a search-and-destroy mission on the morning of March 16. Instead of guerrilla fighters, they found unarmed villagers, most of them women, children and old men.

          READ MORE: How the Army’s Cover-Up Made the My Lai Massacre Even Worse

          The soldiers had been advised before the attack by army command that all who were found in My Lai could be considered VC or active VC sympathizers, and were told to destroy the village. They acted with extraordinary brutality, raping and torturing villagers before killing them and dragging dozens of people, including young children and babies, into a ditch and executing them with automatic weapons“

        • MINOR49er, For your EDIFICATION the MyLai massacre was prosectured in a military court. It was not covered up like you Leftists are trying to do for your Hamas buds.

          Your Hamas terrorist buddies are not being tried in any court. Israel is doing the right thing in ELIMINATING Hamas permanently.

      • “MINOR49er, For your EDIFICATION the MyLai massacre was prosectured in a military court.“

        No cover-up you say?

        “How the Army’s Cover-Up Made the My Lai Massacre Even Worse
        It took 20 months for the war crime to come to light.
        UPDATED: AUGUST 30, 2018“

        “The soldiers didn’t encounter any enemy troops. Yet they proceeded to set huts on fire, gang-rape the women, and murder some 500 unarmed civilians including approximately 50 children under the age of four.”

        • MINOR49er. IN spite of your article, claiming coverup, how can you justify that claim when the Army prosecuted? Yawn!

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