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Actual image of the top of California's capitol building in Sacramento
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The left coast is where gun rights go to die — at least until they can be challenged and overturned in the courts — and California is its epicenter. It’s the Mordor of civilian disarmament.

It isn’t widely known, but the California capitol building doesn’t have a dome over it like most state capitols. Instead, it has a tower with an all-seeing eye that scan’s the landscape, tirelessly searching for new and more innovative ways to infringe on citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

How did you think they manage to stay ahead of every other state and keep earning that coveted Giffords A rating?

One of the latest hoplophobic schemes the California Assembly came up with was to ban police departments and other public agencies from selling the guns, ammunition, and body armor it no longer needs to offset the cost of upgrading and buying new gear. While the bill would have allowed the sales if dealers promised not to re-sell the gear to consumers, legislators apparently feared that some of it would still end up in the hands of civilians who would then use it to, you know, keep and bear arms. And God knows we can’t have that.

While California Governor Gavin Newsom has never seen a gun control bill he couldn’t get behind, he has bigger, more important priorities these days. He’s very busy positioning himself as the go-to choice to run for President in 2024 if and when the desiccated husk that currently sits behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office (when he’s actually awake) is finally judged to be completely non-functional or simply fails to wake up one morning.

That image makeover has required Newsom to take some unexpected steps in order to make himself appear more centrist and “reasonable” so as not to spook too many of the horses if and when his name appears on a national ballot next November.

Toward that end, the greasy Gov has recently vetoed bills that would have decriminalized psychedelic shrooms, prohibited caste-based discrimination, and legalized cannabis cafes…moves he never would have made if he didn’t have higher office in mind.

California Governor Gavin Newsom

The latest in his string of these “Hey, I’m just a regular guy like you, Joe Sixpack!” moves was to veto the bill that would have banned used gun and gear sales. Newsom claims his only motivation was fiscal responsibility and keeping the agencies from spending too many tax dollars. If you believe that, we have a bridge across San Francisco Bay we’d like to talk to you about.

Here’s the letter he sent to his ideological compadres who work in the building under the big eye . . .


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  1. We are in a cold civil war. California is in rebellion. Just as the southern states were in a rebellion.

    • So are the once freedom loving Colonies and Illinois.

      Imagine, the States that threw off the yoke of tyranny are embracing it now.

      • An increasing percentage of Californians here believe (accept?) that the last two elections of 2020/2022 were fraudulently stolen, and the grip of “supermajority” power the Dems hold across our state would have been broken if they had been fair and honest.

        Fun fact (cough cough): Every single state-level office in CA is currently occupied by a Democrat. There is not a single Republican in any state-level capacity today. The Golden State is completely taken over.

        Another fun fact: Riverside County (a rare gem of relative conservatism) just announced it has proven election fraud, and is formally disqualifying the vote results. It won’t have any effect on the last election, but it’s monumental in principle.

  2. The reason a civil war is probably on the horizon as most of the elected officials today, predominantly but not exclusively Democrats, have forgotten the definition of Public Service.
    The new term should be Political Service. That is, we elect these incompetent, unethical, immoral people to Government and then actually expect them to represent us instead of themselves. Ever wonder why people leave blue states to go to red states and then vote for the same types of people and the state becomes a blue state which they can’t stand to live in?
    I need logic and common sense but I guess the well has run dry.

    • “The reason a civil war is probably on the horizon as most of the elected officials today, predominantly but not exclusively Democrats, have forgotten the definition of Public Service.”

      They consider personal enrichment, the public provides the service to that end.

  3. After analyzing Biden’s comedy scripts, trying to strategize to encircle DC to get rid of that mess would be a logistical impossibility without Biden’s F-16’s, I can see a civil war against reachable local liberals that would be much more effective.

  4. That bill was pretty much unworkable, even if unwanted for other reasons. What dealer would agree to sell used police arms ONLY to other law enforcement agencies? How many police departments are likely to buy used LE gear, including armor? I’d venture to say none. Basically, the law (if adopted) would effectively prohibit sales of any police surplus – they’d have to just warehouse it.

    • Precisely. Police departments only buy new equipment, unless it is free stuff from the Feds like machine guns and Bear Cats.

      • Guns seized by law enforcement should be required to auction them off periodically to anyone licensed as an FFL.

        How could they have a problem with that? They are being sold to FFLs who will run a background check before they are resold to the general public. It’s a win-win situation. Potentially irreplaceable guns will be back in circulation, and the departments get the money.

        After all, they are the ones calling for universal background checks, and that accomplishes that nicely…

  5. “While the bill would have allowed the sales if dealers promised not to re-sell the gear to consumers…” Then why in the spotted heck would they buy their old crap if they can’t re-sell it?! As if anyone needed more evidence to prove that these left-coast nut-jobs are legitimately brain-damaged.

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