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By Lee Williams

If you’re an ATF agent who supports the constitution and has never violated your oath of office, you may want to start looking for a new job. An agency-wide comeuppance is coming. It is only a matter of time. 

The next administration will not look kindly upon your current role as Joe Biden’s anti-gun enforcers. The people will see to that. Americans have long memories, you see, and we are keeping track of your civil-rights abuses – each and every one. 

If you’re lucky, the ATF will only be abolished, but there’s a growing number of law-abiding Americans – including many in law enforcement – who believe criminal charges should be filed against you, your leadership and their co-conspirators in the Biden-Harris administration. This is what happens when you knowingly follow illegal orders, like warrantless searches and seizures, multiple civil rights violations, theft of personal property and a host of other unforgiveable crimes. 

The Great Awakening has begun. Judges are pushing back against ATF’s unconstitutional regulations and bogus FFL revocations. Lawmakers are demanding investigations after ATF agents violated their constituents’ civil rights. Even the legacy media now realizes that they have been hoodwinked, and that many of ATF’s enforcement actions are illegal. 

The best part is that now every unconstitutional “rule” ATF proposes is met with a bevy of federal lawsuits from pro-gun organizations. ATF’s constant misdeeds have created a hive mind of sorts among the country’s Second Amendment watchdogs. 

Rampant criminalization 

The Biden-Harris administration weaponized the ATF right from the start. One of their goals is to criminalize possession of commonly owned firearms and firearm accessories, in order to turn millions of law-abiding Americans into felons who are unable to vote. The best example is ATF’s pistol brace fiasco. 

sb tactical pistol brace
Courtesy SB Tactical

For more than a decade the ATF had no problems with pistol braces, and even issued several official letters stating that braced pistols were not short-barrel rifles and did not need to be registered under the NFA. But after Biden weaponized the agency, the ATF changed its mind, of course.

Biden and ATF created an unconstitutional mechanism whereby ATF can now criminalize anything they want, and Biden will use his veto power to block Congress from stopping the overreach.

Our only recourse is the courts, and that process is both lengthy and expensive and offers no guarantee of success. There are some who claim that an ATF rule is not a law, but anything that can land you in federal prison for a decade is law-like enough.

Every official involved in ATF’s criminalization schemes needs to be held accountable. 

A history of violence 

ATF has shown a complete disdain for the sanctity of human life. In addition to the scores of lives lost at Waco, a Deputy U.S. Marshal and Randy Weaver’s wife and son were killed during ATF’s Ruby Ridge disaster.

Their “Fast and Furious” scheme resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexican nationals, who were killed with the weapons ATF allowed to “walk” straight into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels. Sadly, the agency appears to have learned nothing from these deaths.

The Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Susan Weems, File)

After a brief respite, the ATF has started raiding again, using it’s highly armed but poorly trained SWAT teams. If the ATF is allowed to continue treating law-abiding gun owners and gun dealers like enemy combatants, it’s only a matter of time before more innocent American lives are lost. Keep in mind that no one at ATF has ever been held criminally responsible for the agency’s mass killings. 

Good riddance

In a perfect world, ATF would be disbanded. It’s not as though they will be missed by the law enforcement community. As we have previously reported, most of ATF’s criminal charges are filed administratively after the fact, after another law enforcement agency has made an arrest. Of course, the ATF takes credit for the arrest, the investigation and the subsequent prosecution. It is rare for the agency to initiate a major case on its own. When they do, innocent lives are usually lost. 

The country’s Second Amendment community did David Chipman a favor when we blocked his nomination to lead the ATF. The little rodent of a man will probably be sipping boxed Chardonnay while ATF’s current director, Steve Dettelbach, undergoes congressional hearings, if we’re lucky, and is the target of criminal investigations, if justice prevails. 

ATF agent
(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

To be clear, ATF and the Biden-Harris administration are violating the civil rights of millions of Americans. They need to be held accountable by Congress and the courts. Of course, none of this will happen while Biden occupies the White House. But Americans have long memories, and ATF’s abuses are something we will never forget and certainly never forgive. 

Once the elderly Biden shuffles off into history, change will come. The ATF has never focused on getting guns out of the hands of criminals, because they’re solely focused on persecuting the law abiding. Soon, the law abiding will be back in control, and ATF will be held accountable for four long years of strict obedience to the Biden-Harris administration’s illegal orders. 

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      • tyler is the kind of politically inept twerp who cannot see the forest for the trees…tyler must be upset over bumpstocks like so many politically inept gun owning blowbags whose rhetoric against POTUS DJT helped to put Gun Control democRats back in the Whitehouse…Apologize tyler.

        tyler what would you have done following Vegas? Sat back and left it all in the hands of a knee jerk congress who had a laundry list of Gun Control which they could possibly pass and overide a POTUS DJT veto? Or would you tyler stopped the congressional Gun Control train by throwing bumpstocks under the bus thus eliminating the risk of congress getting their Gun Control laundry list? And besides tyler an Executive Order on bumpstocks can be undone much easier than an Act of congress and since the ban has been ruled against in court. So had congress been left alone to act following Vegas tell all the firearm component manufacturers who could have lost their businesses what exactly would you tyler have done under the circumstances?

      • Sadly Tyler, You are of one that I speak. Likely you are too young to remember Waco and Ruby Ridge. Your TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome has clouded your ability to focus on facts. Likely brought on by your emotionally driven psyche.

  1. It doesn’t matter if voters remember or not – it also doesn’t matter how we vote. All that really matters is WHO counts the votes, and the fix is in the early stages for 2024 with the ” return ” of a new covid strain.

    • Nah, covid is so yesterday.
      You know that video you saw of Hunter Bribem with a pistol, or his stumbling, fumbling, mumbling, bumbling old man FJB?
      “Deep Fakes” created by ” The Opposition” with help by the new buzzword “A I”
      The fact that they’re going to run the brainless meat-puppet again is proof that the fix is in.

        • Have you tried misspelling suspected trigger words?

          W0rdpress is very Pr0gressive in that certain words will trigger a “cancel-culture” response.

        • Haz (and Southern),

          I played that game (for a while), and it proved to me that the whole “it’s an algorithm, we got nothin’ to do with it” is male bovine excrement, of the purest ray, serene.

          They don’t HAVE an “algorithm”, nor do they (apparently) have a coherent, explicable, set of rules. PUBLISH YOUR DAMN RULES, and I can choose to follow them, or not . Continue with this BS of, “NO, We don’t censor content; it’s that damned ole ‘algorithm’!!”, and I may find my interest in staying in touch with the knowledgeable (and interesting) community at TTAG will . . . not be worth the candle.


          I mostly liike the editors/writiers, but . . . this sh*t is starting to get RAW!!! There are other gun fora. I would miss many on this site, but . . . this “woke” bullsh*t on “moderating” our posts, and then pretending it doesn’t happen, is begiining to p*ss me off.

          I don’t care what your “standards” are – your circus; your monkey. You are free to set the rules for your house, but . . . SET. SOME. FREAKIN’. RULES. Hiding behind “algorithms” makes you look like the gormless p*ssies that you are.

          Lamp’s rant is over – they either clean up their act, or I (for one) will find greener pastures.

        • And of course, that comment is “awaiting moderation.”

          How dare I insinuate that there are other gun fora?

        • OK, point has been made. Four in a row.

          Allow me: Your comment is awaiting moderation

          There. Saved you the trouble.

        • At least you saw a message telling you as much. I haven’t even seen one in weeks. Mine are simply ghosted and gone.

    • Even if the elections are otherwise honest, most voters are stuck with a choice between two candidates, neither of whom have their interests at heart. The incentives are just not not set up in a way conducive to giving people more control over their own lives and the money they earn and leaving them the hell alone.

  2. Very few people care or even notice now as it is happening.
    Even fewer will remember any of it.
    Those who do will be maligned as conspiracy theorists.
    The next administration and all who follow will gladly embrace growing power.

  3. Yeah this is a silly post. Laws are enforced by cops with gats. MY vote counts not a whit in Cook county ILLannoy. Prepare as best you can for the coming apocalypse…America will fall.

  4. I can’t call it a “war on guns”. If that were the case then the actions would be more like what Dicks did with destroying them.

    The ‘war’ here is the Democrat party under control of leftists (many of whom are old rich white men) and/or Communists trying to destroy everything that defines America and the American way of life. Guns just simply are part of that. Every action Biden takes is something that lowers, takes down, and removes American resources. In many cases, with the purposeful intent to transfer these resources directly to enemies of this country. This is the very definition of treason.

  5. I think this article is largely factual, but mostly wishful thinking about the fate of the ATF and its JBTs. And let us not forget that while Biden definitely weaponized the ATF against the average gun owner, it was his predecessor in office that opened that door with the bump stock ban.

    • Well, let’s just make sure you don’t vote for him (like so many others) because of the advice he took from “Lil” Wayne La Pierre. How’s that working out for you? It was for damn sure wrong, however, If you’re going to stay butt hurt about that for the rest of your life just keep doing what you’re doing!

  6. “Judges are pushing back against ATF’s unconstitutional regulations and bogus FFL revocations.”

    Far more aren’t, happy to wait and burn the clock until the Leftist Scum ™ re-take the SCotUS… 🙁

  7. What a lot of people forget is that the ATF is a tax agency. Prohibition was their bread and butter until it was repealed. They and organized crime had to turn their attention elsewhere. For ATF it firearms. Tobacco wasn’t the boogyman it is today. Oh, was I redundant when I mentioned ATF and organized crime in the same sentence?

    • gf – I knew an old guy back in the 70s who told me he worked for the feds in the 30s, inspecting farms for illegal tobacco (over or without an allotment). He said he was one of the highest paid men in his county, at 3$/day.

      Ironically, the 5 acre allotment system was what promoted/demanded the absolute maximum possible use of all ag chemicals.

      Unsurprisingly, deaths by lung cancer skyrocketed in the 40s-60s. A shocking and little publicized example of horrific unintended consequences of gummint interfering in the free market.

      Tobacco is still pizen, but not quite as bad, due to banning of many formerly recommended chemicals, eg, lead arsenate.

      Smoking a salt made of lead and arsenic – what could go wrong?

      Thanks, FDR.

  8. They’ll be held responsible just as they were for Waco and Ruby Ridge. No one should be holding their breath waiting
    for such accountability.

  9. The next administration will not look kindly upon your current role as Joe Biden’s anti-gun enforcers.

    And yet the ATF and all of it personnel are still operating today.

    Keep in mind that no one at ATF has ever been held criminally responsible for the agency’s mass killings.

    And yet the ATF and all of it personnel are still operating today.

    Word to the wise: our nation has crossed the Rubicon and government actors at all levels openly flout the law and justice now. Prepare accordingly.

  10. Yeah I think this article assumes a Republican win at all levels, but I would say so far too early to tell. Other than Trump, which is a whole discussion in itself, things haven’t come together for another potential candidate. Even though there would be a lot to blame Democrats for both as president and Senate, House in terms of the state of the economy, it’s still likely to be tight races, not landslides. And if no majority in the house and Senate plus president, then not much agenda can even be accomplished outside voting for judges and phone/pen executive changes, which would mostly be flipping whatever Biden has done.

    That’s basically what Trump could do, without a Senate majority McConnell wouldn’t even bring things like the HPA up for a vote, they could pass them in the house, much like the Democrats would pass an AWB in their house and then it sits.

  11. The ATF staff and officers weren’t all hired by Biden, under his watch. You don’t enforce unconstitutional edicts if you actually believe in the Constitution. Its clear the way the majority of the ATF leans. I mean the entire organization at least partly exists to infringe on our rights.

  12. “Freedom is messy”

    Freedom is messy for those that are willing to stand up for it.
    Otherwise, you’re just a comfortable slave. When the ATF came knocking on the man’s door to inspect his guns. And he refused to allow them in. That gun owner is a freedom fighter.

    And he didn’t have to shoot anyone to do so.

    On the other hand the gun store owner/small gun seller, who, when threatened turned over his purchase records, to the ATF.
    He is a comfortable slave.

    We will all be tested in the future. Some will be tested sooner than others. Like in california and in colorado.

    When a government agent walks into your gun. Store. And starts using your copy machine to copy purchase orders instead of pushing the agent out of the way. Which would be assault. Why don’t you just unplug the printer so it won’t work???

    And then hold on to the power cord and refuse to let them have it back to plug it in. Or how about pulling the circuit breaker to your gun business???

    I think we need to have some intellectual honesty here.
    There is a certain demographic in the United States that is always resisting police Authority. Sometimes they’re right to do it, other times they’re wrong when they do it.

    And then there is another demographic in the United States. A very large demographic that is always comfortable, allowing the police to do whatever they want.
    Because they were taught to trust the police.

  13. “Americans Won’t Soon Forget the Weaponized ATF’s Abuses in Biden’s War on Guns”

    Sure they will, I’m confident of it.

    Americans on the whole have the combined attention span of a brain-damaged gnat… 🙁

    MAGA = Me~A~Great~A~iceeeHooo by tttRUMP …

  15. “An agency-wide comeuppance is coming. It is only a matter of time. The next administration will not look kindly upon your current role as Joe Biden’s anti-gun enforcers. The people will see to that. Americans have long memories, you see,…”


    Assumes multiple facts not in evidence.

    • Sam,

      AND it assumes a rational “umpire” to call balls and strikes. Those seem to be ‘thin on the ground’, these days.

      It may be harsh, but . . . I personally put every vocal critic of SCOTUS’ current attitude toward the Chevron doctrine as someone to never take seriously, again.

      Anyone who thinks alphabet agencies should be free to make laws via “agency regulations” would probably have been a good, dependable member of the Gestapo. No, they aren’t ‘smarter than I am’, and more importantly, I didn’t vote for any of them.

      They are following SOMEONE’S orders, but not mine, or any legislature I voted for. I’m OK voting and losing (in an HONEST election), but the current system is . . . not helpful. Or honest. Or constitutional.

  16. We should also work on getting the Department of Justice lawyers who approved the politicalization of federal law enforcement disbarred.

  17. The first four paragraphs read like fanfic.

    “…in order to turn millions of law-abiding Americans into felons who are unable to vote.”

    If they care that much, they can still vote, just not the way you’re thinking of. The common, but somewhat silly, parlance is “vote from the rooftops”. You know, “punch your ballot” at a distance.

    The more freedom oriented people in this country have a “leave me alone” mentality which makes them fairly easy to abuse up front.

    Kinda like a derpy dog. You can back it into a corner and it sits there looking at the ground, giving no defensive signals and engaging in no posturing.

    Now, a total fucking idiot might take that to mean that the dog’s weak and ripe for abuse. And, thinking this, they might continue to abuse that dog. Eventually however, they’re going to end up on their back with the dog’s jaws around their throat wondering how the fuck they ended up here.

    And no, the trigger won’t be “the 2A”, but it will probably be the undesirable yet chosen solution. That’s the road we’re on. It would be kinda nice to take a detour, but I don’t see that happening. The Left’s too emboldened and the Right’s clueless as to how they might fight back without going full Mr. McFaceShooty because reading the enemy’s playbook just ain’t something Americans do.

    The result is an abusive moron sensing weakness and whaling on a dog that seems passive but won’t be much longer. And, like this metaphor, the result is a bloody fucking mess that has to be cleaned by other people.

    • “The result is an abusive moron sensing weakness and whaling on a dog that seems passive but won’t be much longer.”

      I have actually told a few of them that, to their faces. They know from being around me that I am a POTG.

      They laughed. I laughed along with them a bit louder, and they looked kinda puzzled, like what was so funny? 🙂

    • “And, like this metaphor, the result is a bloody fucking mess that has to be cleaned by other people.”

      Always enjoy your analyses, however…..

      The US goes out with a whimper, not a bang.

      • The only possible way you believe this is if you believe that they’re not going to do what they say they’re going to do with control. But you also have to simultaneously believe that they’re competent to pull this off better than an Ian Fleming bad guy.

        All the shit that people think they can do to “avoid” or “go around” the problems? Yeah, that shit ain’t happening. I doubt people take that. Recent polling has a majority of Democrats worried that the current regime is erecting a “police state”. How’s that bode?

        But maybe I’m wrong.

        However, no matter how you cut it, there’s a bang. Either the kind I’m talking about or the sound of the firing squads wiping out their enemies once they have enough control.

        Which is to say, for the cowards and the slow witted, stand up on your hind legs like a fucking adult or 100% guaranteed; your life ends with a bang behind you that you never get to hear once these people have solidified control enough to think they can do it.

        But hey, at least your last moments are looking at [what used to be] your family in front of you. Small mercies, eh?

        • “However, no matter how you cut it, there’s a bang. Either the kind I’m talking about or the sound of the firing squads wiping out their enemies once they have enough control.”

          Yes, if you include the unheard “bang”, the US goes out with a whimpering “bang”.

          I read the last chapter, and the US isn’t “there”. (or maybe by indirect reference, indicating the US empire has negligible importance; no empire has ever rescued itself)

        • I won’t quibble the language of a mass murder purge not really being a “whimper”.

          Personally, at this point, I don’t really care anymore. If a huge percentage of people screaming or crying or whimpering, oh well. To bad, so sad. They’re going out of their way to show they’re not worth saving, so why bother? I sort of view that as more of annoyance than a tragedy.

          But the reality is that none of this goes down The Blue and the Gray style. It’s far, far, far messier as things come apart and the divisions that have been sewn over the past 15 via “identity politics” on steroids start to flare up.

          And that doesn’t even count the other things happening in the geopolitical front. I mean, kinda weird how no one really seems to care that loads of 18-30 year old Chinese men are pouring across the Darien and using obvious .mil training to do it, before showing up at the US border and being, well, let go into the US.

          IMHO; 10:1 the country goes down in an orgy of poorly directed violence.

    • strych9,

      Every human has a “line”. Cross that line, and they will react. The “line” is different for each person. I have identified mine (they haven’t QUITE crossed it, yet . . .but they are getting dangerously close); everyone else has to define that line for themselves.

      I don’t presume to be able to tell anyone else when ‘the line has been crossed’ – that’s up o them. Remember (depending on whose numbers you believe) only about 20% of the “colonists” were actually in favor of outright revolution (and, again depending on source) only about 3% were willing to put their @$$es on the line.

      If Mad King George” had backed off, strategically, at the right time? We’d all be part of a colonry of “Great” Britain.

      OTOH, they ‘burned it all down’ over a three cent tax on tea. If I were a member of the “elite”, I would be nervous about my ability to predict which issue the current patriotic Americans equate to tea.

      Just sayin’.

      • You don’t need to worry about people’s “line being crossed” in a political sense. The Right ain’t gonna start shit over political disagreements. If they were going to, they would have.

        But they will eventually react. They’re the derpy dog, the Left’s the abusive idiot who just can’t stop until they go that final step too far.

        These are the people who run around chanting “Rural America, we are coming!”, remember? What, you think they’re not serious? I assure you that they are. They also expect very little resistance because, well, rural Right wingers haven’t given them a reason to expect it.

        Which means that these folks will get chopped up real quick as soon as they get violent in the wrong place. And, at that point, welcome to Algeria ~1958.

        The funny part is the Right wingers who think that LE will be on their side in that little shitshow.

        • “But they will eventually react. They’re the derpy dog, the Left’s the abusive idiot who just can’t stop until they go that final step too far.”

          This seems to have bypassed the dissolution of the Soviet Union. We/they ended up with Russia.

        • I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “We/they ended up with Russia”.

          All political movements are bifurcated between leadership and rank/file. I think the Left in the US is overly aggressive because the rank/file perceive weakness on the Right. Some of the “higher ups” on the Left absolutely perceive that they’re out over their skis. They’re not wrong but I don’t think they realize just how far.

          Playing off a comment I made in the “meme” post;

          The Romans had a political (and general) saying, made famous by Terence IIRC, that accurately describes where the Lefty leadership finds themselves right now. Auribus teneo lupum, “I hold a wolf by the ears”.

          The issue with all of this is that the current “Administration” has made such a mess of so many things that a number of catastrophes are now nearly inevitable if not entirely inevitable. And, improperly managed, they will tear the country apart along lines I’m not sure most people quite recognize yet.

          Identity politics is extremely powerful in dividing people so that you can get your way for some period of time but it’s also a bit of Frankenstein’s Monster in that you can’t truly control what you create. Which raises an interesting question. If you created the monster, which side do you take when it’s destroying the town? The townsfolk or the monster?

      • Lamp – just to be ‘fair’ it wasn’t ‘just’ that 3 cent tax, it was that long standing train of abuses and intolerance on the part of the crown. The tax was the final straw (or line crossed if you will) that led up to Lexington and Concord which was yet another instance of the arrogance of the crown.

  18. Just proves the government can screw anything up. Alcohol. Tobacco. Firearms. This should be the most fun agency to work for. Ever.

  19. There were more good men in the Waffen SS than there are in the ATF. Some, like Larry Thorn, joined the SS to kill communists, but nobody has ever had a humane reason to join the ATF.

    • “nobody has ever had a humane reason to join the ATF.”

      Well, maybe.

      I was recruited by ATF, but then I found out the “A” didn’t cover Alcohol Tester. Never trust govt.

  20. BATFE should have been disbanded instead of rolled into Homeland from Treasury. Or should have been put back to their original purpose as tax collectors on Booze, Butts and gunzez.

  21. @strych9
    “I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “We/they ended up with Russia”. ”

    The USSR included the “Warsaw Pact” subjugated nations. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the new Russian Federation was left with Russia (along with the rest of Europe) anyway.

    I laughed at the pointy heads who propagated the message that Russia was defeated in the ruin of the USSR, and would never recover. The Russian empire, using USSR as a cover story to hide the unending Russian Empire, never went away.

    On the whole, I agree with, “…. the current “Administration” has made such a mess of so many things that a number of catastrophes are now nearly inevitable if not entirely inevitable. And, improperly managed, they will tear the country apart along lines I’m not sure most people quite recognize yet.” However….

    The torn nation will not be the result of internal armed conflict as was the case Civil War 1 and 2, but the complete collapse of the American Empire, economically, socially, and politically swamped in chaos that will not be resolved by an what we perceive as politics. The riff-raff of destitute peasant, and organized criminals of the drug cartels, will ultimately prevail in re-shaping the US into the law-free nations below the southern US border.

    Rome fell to the hordes of lesser nations; so it will likely be for what is the current version of “America”.

    “the heroes of declining nations are always the same—the athlete, the singer or the actor,”
    – Sir John Glubb “Fate of Empires and Search for Survival”. 1977

    • I’m not sure how the example of the Russian Empire surviving means that the American Empire won’t.

      What I generally suspect happens here is that more and more people over a larger and larger area simply stop acknowledging government authority.

      When that extends into certain areas of life, government will try to exert control by force. That rapidly turns into the French trying to do exactly that in Algeria in the 1950’s. It’s a fight .gov cannot win but can get a lot of people killed fighting to lose. Eventually, people will simply “dispose” of LE on the spot.

      And then you’re going to get into a question of trying to use .mil to enforce the law. That will go even more poorly than the cops did.

      You already see a form of this with sanctuary cities and certain states acting of their own accord in other areas of law, such as marijuana. .gov simply doesn’t see it as worth the fight, but when it starts to affect things that they have to control to seem like they are a government, shit’s gonna get real.

      You live in a world where a $500 drone, purchasable on the web, can carry 5kg and is undetectable on radar. It doesn’t take many of them to bring .gov to its knees. All you need are some people who figure it’s worth the risk. Finding a few dozen out of 330 million won’t be hard. It doesn’t even need explosive. Some conductive wire trailing behind it in the right places will do far more damage than most people can imagine. But there are other options too, as Ukraine proves.

      I mean, shit, realistically you don’t even need that. So much of our infrastructure is linked to the internet that one guy with the right skill set and bad intentions can do a hell of a lot of damage with a keyboard and a Raspberry Pi while sitting outside a Starbucks.

      And that’s if all the people pouring across the border don’t already contain foreigners sent here to do that kind of job.

      • The Russian Empire had already begun the irreversible slide, before 1900. Stalin tried to resurrect it through brutality, but exhausted Russia, and the captive nations. Russia as an empire of classic terms ended with Stalin’s death. The final turning point was the breakup of the old Soviet Union. Putin cannot put the empire back together, because he lacks the ruthlessness of an Emperor (there is zero excuse for “Russian Empire” to lack the wherewithal to crush Ukraine in about a month; Stalin’s armies would have simply burned down Ukraine, and plowed it under). So, the Russian Empire is not re-establishing itself, nor can it.

        All the great empires of history have crumbled; none is exempt. Look at the crassness of the US, in all respects. There is no coming back from it. (India provides a fascinating history of empires risen, and crumbled, with many similarities of the current US fading empire)

        Internally, we are inviting an army of occupation to freely overtake our cities, while the Chinese buy up the countryside. An occupying army does more damage, than simply sacking a nation, and making off with the treasures. The invasion through the southern border is an occupation, not a sacking. Fragmented peoples (tribes) do not long stand as empires.

  22. “IMHO; 10:1 the country goes down in an orgy of poorly directed violence.”

    We are not that far apart. I think it goes down first, then the violence.

  23. Lets put it this way…. it is reasonable to automatically fear for your life and the life of your loved ones when Biden’s weaponized ATF comes to visit.

    No crime committed, gave a false pretense to show up and the Biden weaponized ATF showed up with a swat team as part of Biden’s war on the American public with his weaponized ‘DOJ’, …. and look what they did to that guy whose child they held at gun point, which is basically threatening to shoot the kid, if the man did not voluntarily surrender his FFL, they couldn’t revoke it because there was no crime committed so he had to voluntarily surrender it so they could take it. The man had not committed a crime, had a few ‘wording’ type clerical errors in the past that had been corrected and blessed by the ATF, they gave a false pretense to visit him under the guise of an ‘routine inspection matter’ then they handcuff him, perform an illegal search of his home, illegally seized his personal property, and threatened and coerced and intimidated him into surrendering his FFL by threatening to shoot his child. Then the after threat when he did surrender it to save the life of his son, that threat of basically ‘tell your FFL buddies we are coming for them.”

    • so when those one or two armed ATF agents show up at your door and knock..

      ATF: ‘knock knock’

      You: (without opening door) “Who is it?”

      ATF: “I’m agent blah-blah with the ATF, we’d like to talk to you about blah-blah’

      You: “I don’t believe you, I fear for my life, leave my property now. I have called 911 and I am prepared to defend my home.” (don’t mention you have a gun)

      That is a reasonable and suitable response to what is basically, now, an ‘enemy combatant in Biden’s actually-declared hostile war on law abiding gun owners and the constitution’.

  24. What an absolute bpoad of bollocks m Within this article is says that MANT Y MAY consider ; It’s difficult for me to really believe that there are ignorant bidiots in the uSA who really believe that the ATS [or indeed any other Federal Agency] are acting without due authority and their actions can surely be challenged through the LeGAL SYSTEM can they not to establish the legallity of their actions? There’s certainly enough money within the FIREARMS INDUDTRY and OWNERSHIP Circles to do so.
    If POLITICIANS right up to POTUS his or herself can be bought off challenging ATS through the Legal System is a piece of piss. I can’t see why you lot are all getting your knickers in a twist.
    And all over America’s Favourite ”COMFORT BLANKET’ and first port of call when there is the slightest worrying event COVID get a bloody Semi-Auto, Wild fire get a handgun, .There are other natiions in the world whert firearms are common but NOWHERE, outside of a few ISLAMIC States and AMERICA are considered almost as objects worthy of almost a RELIGIOUS relevence.
    Do Americans not brealise just how childish and ridiculous they seem to most of the Civilised World??
    I mean Fat Bearded Good ‘Ole Boys’ of doubtful sexuality going bloody shopping for Milk and Bread at WAL-MART packing Semi-Autos and Hand guns just waiting and wishing for mthe chance to d slot somebody

    • Albert L J Hall, the Limey. First of all, you really ought to learn to spell. If every Brit is as stupid and uneducated as you, the British armed forces are in deep do-do. I find it hard to believe that the RAF would employ a guy like you as a weapons instructor. The agency you refer to is ATF, not ATS? For your edification, the ATF has been sued repeatedly. And they rarely win any of the cases filed against them. For more of your education, to file a law suit costs money. In spite of what you might think being a Brit Leftist, we are not all rich, and the streets are not paved in gold. We do not “worship” guns are you seem to “think”. I really don’t really consider you Brits very civilized. After all, you have a lot of “blokes” running around stabbing people like it’s a pig roast. In spite of your bloody stupid statements, we don’t go around with semi automatic weapons looking to “slot” someone.

  25. Hmm – have we forgotten – perhaps so. Does anyone else remember an incident on Whidbey Island WA for a similar ‘reason’ as Ruby Ridge and a final outcome much like Waco although on a smaller scale. It predated Ruby Ridge by several years.


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