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In our post this morning, we predicted that following the atrocities committed by Hamas terrorists across southern Israel this weekend, the government, which has kept a relatively tight hold on gun ownership by Israeli citizens, would relax that policy. Huddling in safe rooms, waiting for hours for help from police and the military while murderous Palestinians go house to house cutting down men, women, and children tends to drive home the benefits of an armed populace.

This afternoon, Israel’s Minister for National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir — someone you have to think will soon be looking for other employment opportunities — announced that the government will, in fact, make it easier for Israelis to buy and carry firearms.

Here’s a translation of his tweet . . .

Today I directed the Firearms Licensing Division to go on an emergency operation, in order to allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves.

The plan will take effect within 24 hours, below are its main points:

1. Any citizen who meets the detailed tests for carrying a private firearm due to self-defense and serving the security forces, and is without a criminal or medical record, will be required to undergo a telephone interview instead of a physical interview, and will be able to receive permission to carry a firearm within a week. (Self-defense tests: residence in an eligible settlement, rifle veterans 07 and above, officers in the rank of lieutenant and above and combatants in the rank of major and above in the IDF and the security forces, service in special units, firefighters, policemen, and workers and volunteers in the rescue forces).

2. Any citizen who received a conditional permit to purchase a firearm and did not purchase a firearm during the year 2023 and the conditional license has expired, will be able to purchase a firearm now without the need to submit another application. The exemption will apply to about 4000 citizens.

3. Any citizen who deposited his weapon in the last six months due to failure to perform refresher training or renewal training, will be able to receive his weapon back. The exemption will apply to about 1800 citizens.

4. In addition, starting next Tuesday, conditional permits to carry firearms will be issued with a permit allowing the purchase of up to 100 bullets instead of 50 today.

All this in addition to the criteria change that should happen soon.

I thank the members of the Firearms Licensing Division, the Civil Response Department of the Israel Police and the employees of the Ministry of Health for the very important commitment that will allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves and protect themselves and their environment when necessary.

Unfortunately, the Israeli government won’t be handing out rifles and ammo to anyone who wants one. The process and requirements are still far too restrictive and cumbersome, but this appears to be a step in the right direction.

It’s a shame that it’s taken a national atrocity and the loss of hundreds of lives to drive home the point that armed self-defense is not only a natural human right, but can also make the job of criminals and, in this case, blood-thirsty terrorists, much more difficult. Who knows how many lives might have been saved by wider civilian gun ownership?

Politicians, however, are politicians no matter where you go. And few of them ever seem to see allowing citizens to exercise more freedoms as in their own best interests.

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  1. Doesn’t sound like they’ve learned anything and this is just a token move to appease angry people.

    You’re being hunted and killed so in two days you can phone in for an interview, undergo some time consuming checks and then buy 100 rounds of ammo. You’re welcome.

    Do your best not to get killed while you wait.

      • Yeah, maybe if they have Jersey/Cali mags. Last I saw on the internet, most guns you’d fight off criminals with have way more than 10 round mags.

    • Yep, don’t think I have made a single trip to the range that I only fired 100 rounds, and this is loosened regulations. Time to scrape off their politicians like having stepped in dog squeeze or walked around the block in San Francisco.

    • …the very important commitment that will allow as many citizens as possible to arm themselves and protect themselves and their environment when necessary.


      Removing any and all requirements and limitations to civilian firearm ownership will allow as many citizens to arm themselves.

    • In Israel one must return spent cartridges in order to buy additional ammo so if I was living in an area near any attacks or involved in the clean-up/removal of bodies I would be stuffing my pockets/pack/plastic bags full of spent shells to later return in exchange for new ammo or trade/share with like-minded neighbors/friends. One must be “inventive” and willing to “game the system” in times like these.

  2. Had no idea the government of Israel was so restrictive. Palestinians, I thought from the British rule days (1940’s), were free to own weapons, just not the newly arriving European Jewish immigrants. You would think that since Israel has mandatory military service, there would be a higher gun ownership population, and fewer regulations to carry and own weapons. Sorry for them and their ongoing conflict.

    • Despite 75yrs of US support the Israeli gov’t is STILL based in euro marxism with a silly dysfunctional parliamentary system modeled the UK. Couldn’t create a more useless “democracy”.

      • Unfortunate for whatever the reasons are. Protecting ones citizens and visitors should be of paramount importance regardless of political orientation.

    • The politicians responsible for the disarmament of the population should offer up their families in exchange for the hostages taken.

      • That would work for me, or the families of the hostages should offer up the politicians in exchange for the hostages.

  3. Israel has always rationed / limited ammunition purchases for lawful gun owners. A gun without ammo is as useless as a car without gas or a Tesla without an outlet. During WWII there was no civilian ammunition for sale. My great uncles told me what hunting ammo you had on Dec 7 had to last through the end of the war.

    • Slapshot, you’re kind of right. Because of the war effort civilian ammunition was rare. So was gas, tires and butter. My Uncle Leland was at Pearl Harbor on December 7. All my other uncles ended up in service. Dad didn’t have to go because he contracted polio when he was eight years old and was handicapped. Anyway Uncle Jeff was a naval anti-aircraft gunner on an escort ship on the North Atlantic convoys. For some reason he had access to all the.22 LR ammo he could stand. Dad said that when Uncle Jeff came home on leave he would always bring home a couple of bricks of .22 LR in his seabag. Grandpa’s farm had more ammo than anyplace in SE Mississippi. I still have Dad’s old Remington model 41 Targetmaster in one of my safes.

    • I have enough that if I stopped buying right now I would have enough ammo to last me 20 years. And I NEVER stop buying ammo. I’ve physically run out of places to put it and I still buy at least 500-1,000 rounds every month.

  4. Oy vey ain’t you special! Hundreds slaughtered(and raped) & thousands hurt. lncalcuable damage to Israeli’s badazz reputation.But you gotta pass a test. I betcha jihad jaffar didn’t pass no stinkin’ test🙄😕

  5. The Israel I knew in 1979 would have seen at least 25% of all adults with an Uzi or Galil at home. They would have fought ferociously. I spoke with many veterans I met doing routine patrol such as escorting kids on an excursion. I asked if their weapon and skills were ready. I got some quite intense responses. Yes. Now they died like helpless children dialing 911. Help came in only 3 hours. See that little boy being poked with a stick? Notice the adult caress? It was a pedo touch. That kid will be raped until his guts are pulled out. That’s on the anti gun activists. May they die in hell.

  6. This afternoon, Israel’s Minister for National Security, Itamar Ben-Gvir …announced that the government will, in fact, make it easier for Israelis to buy and carry firearms.

    in other news…in response to the Itamar Ben-Gvir announcement, Shannon Watts and the entire Moms Demand Action membership had heart attacks.

    • and in other news..

      is response to the Itamar Ben-Gvir announcement, EveryTown released a statement denouncing the move with “our paid researchers have conclusively proven that self defense is a myth and civilian ownership of firearms causes rivers of blood in the streets and the stain is really hard to get out once that blood dries up.”. Vice President Kamala Harris has said she would urge our congress to act now and pass legislation to ban civilian firearms ownership in Israel. The news of the announcement caused President Biden to respond with “No one needs a gun with more than … I remember when I was attacked by ham…errr…hamster…errrr.. you know. you know the thing and….” then he fell asleep and fell down.

  7. So, while your family is hunted down by jihadis with full auto AK47 and nearly unlimited ammo, you have to set up a call to a gov official and hope you get a carry permit for a pistol, with the great number of 100 rounds of ammo, for the whole year. Israelis obviously have enemies foreign and domestic, I hope some of them have read the books by M. Bracken… after this mess they need to clean up their political leadership.

  8. A day late and a dollar short especially for the unarmed victims who should have never placed themselves in obvious harm’s way. To ad insult to injury Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe is at the helm and the VP is a laughing Hyena heading up the office of Gun Control…America remains in peril.

  9. While I agree with the rest of the comments here, I just wanted to add this – how in the hell do you pronounce Itamar Ben-Gvir?

  10. Jewish state of israel is a socialist government. In other words, the citizens are not allowed to have guns. Because the government doesn’t trust the Citizenry.
    All those women you see in their swimsuits. Holding an M16, those are government agents. Soldiers police etc.

    They are not a good example of Liberty. Are they better than the counties that surround them? Yes they are.

  11. Those far leftist democrats that view the Palestinians as oppressed victims who are being illegally occupied by those horrible racist bigoted monsters know as Israeli Jews are probably celebrating right now. These people who were screaming “free Palestine” calling HAMAS freedom fighters trying to retake land stolen by them are overjoyed and the higher the body count gets the happier they will be. And when the Israeli military reacts accordingly they will go after them saying they are overreacting baby killers and the worst people on the planet as bad as Trump, that HAMAS was completely and totally justified in doing this and that they should go to the negotiating table. Even though the ONLY thing HAMAS wants is the literal complete and total extermination of EVERY Jew in Israel at minimum and at most the literal compete and total global extermination of every Jew on Earth. After all over 1,000 of those white (even though many are not) occupiers are dead and for them hopefully more to come. The far left hates Israeli Jews almost as much as they hate American gun owners and Trump supporters. And to the far left just like when it comes to gun owners and Trump supporters the best thing for the world is the compete and total extermination of every single solitary one of them.

    Yes I went there.

    I am only saying what the far left and many democrats think. If this offends you maybe you need to be offended.

    • I have encountered people who slowly, awkwardly, say what you said.
      The absurd anti Israeli bias in universities began 30 years ago.
      I do despise the “settlers” and the evangelicals who fund them and Bibi, the tyrant. But it is a truth that many leftists dance around their genocidal politics.

      • “Bibi, the tyrant”? I bet you marched with BLM/AntiFa/BDS didn’t you? Have you or your offspring been part of Biden’s/U.S. State Dept. sponsored blocking of highways, rioting, protests against Netanyahu who has been trying to “right” his nation and it’s Leftist top court? You’re a kapo, a collaborator, a sellout, a supporter of the “Final (Two-State) Solution, a Gyorgy Schwartz (George Soros) & Chuck Schumer-type Jew, a stooge and enemy of Israel just admit it.

  12. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  13. Will still take a week to obtain permission to purchase a firearm, while still be limiting the amount of ammo you have is what our commiecrats only wish for in this country. Limiting the amount of ammo you have is a big draw back since 100 rounds will probably not be much in a fire fight with a group aimed on harming you and your family.

    “1……..will be able to receive permission to carry a firearm within a week.

    4. In addition, starting next Tuesday, conditional permits to carry firearms will be issued with a permit allowing the purchase of up to 100 bullets instead of 50 today.”

  14. Israel shot up our Navy vessel and spies on us with damn near the same intensity as the Chinese. Palestine is supported by a panoply of Mohammedan jihadist groups that are funded and trained by other Arab states whose diplomats smile at us with a knife behind their backs at UN summits.

    F*** ’em both, USA first, this does not warrant nearly as much concern as alarmists declare. Funny how so much of this ME hubub fell quietly by the wayside when we were energy independent while Trump was in the White House.

  15. 4000 exemptions?, why did that guy toss those numbers out there, totally irrelevant.
    I’m calling this a

  16. The civilian ownership of firearms in Israel was very laxed in the 80’s when our carrier(USS INDEPENDENCE CV62) pulled into Haifa for a week of R&R I personally witnessed a young Israeli boy about 17yrs old walking his little brother to school with an UZI machine slung on his left shoulder. That’s the one thing that stood out from my entire time over there. Too bad the Israeli government restricted the civilian ownership of firearms sometime after that which in turn led to Israeli civilians getting murdered by terrorist yesterday with no means to defend themselves.

    • In 1979 I chatted with people carrying and all described considerable training. Confidence arising from training. A soldier hitchhiking let me fire his galil into desert on the highway to Dead Sea. He knew all about his rifle.

    • I remember reading stories of all the terrorist attacks against these Isreal in the 70s and 80s. So it made sense that the civilians had guns.
      There were many terrorist attacks against American military personnel in 1980s as well.

      The problem with the Jews is that there are s0ci@list pr0gressives in their political 0rientati0n. It was government that tried to destroy them, and it still government that they believe in. It’s astonishing how the jews think. I really don’t understand it.

      When I heard the words of Aaron Zelman on a libertarian talk radio station. I listened to in Virginia. I was shocked. Here was a white jewish man talking about the importance of gun ownership and using racist gun control, against black people as his examples!!!

      Thank you to clayton e kramer. And rest in peace to Mr. Zelman.

    • Well, you know, nothing bad will ever happen again. So, yeah, all those guns are a danger…how quickly we forget the bad times. Nah, never happen again…

  17. There is no way this side of Hella’s cold hall I will be disarmed by government decree.
    If the Israeli’s don’t kick the gun control fools out of their government after this clusterfuck they deserve to get themselves killed in the next round of terrorism. And there will be a next round.
    With the numbers of unvetted, unknown illegals allowed to come into this country the last couple years, I’ll be pleasantly surprised if we don’t see a terror attack somewhere in the US within the next few years.

  18. It’s a little too late! That’s pretty much why the “gun nuts” here in the great US of A keep telling our gubermint and the leftist rich fu—s along with most of the media to go suck ass!

  19. 1949 Firearms Law

    This law regulates the ownership and use of firearms in Israel. It is governed by the principle that ownership and use of a gun are not rights but are, rather, privileges granted by the regulator subject to restrictive criteria and required training. Responsibility for its enforcement lies on the Ministry of Public Security. The law determines the personal information required for reviewing an application for a firearm license, including police documents, documentation from the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Health. It also requires any medical doctor, psychologies, public health officer or welfare worker who believe that this person may pose a risk to themselves or their surroundings, if granted a gun license – to inform a designated Health Ministry official who may then, if he so decides, report the information to the Ministry of Public Security and the IDF as well as other armed organizations. In addition, the law regulates the licensing, maintenance and bearing of organizational arms by private security firms and commercial companies, as well as public organizations such as the Israel Police, Prison Services, Knesset Guard Service.

  20. I just don’t understand the gas chamber mentality most Jews still have even after centuries of persecution. They serve 2 or more years in the IDF, hand in their gun at the end of their tour, and just go home unarmed and accept that. Here in USA, they overwhelmingly vote for dems that want to leave them disarmed and helpless when the next nutbag comes to visit their temple. May they finally take charge and bomb the entire West Bank to rubble, grind it to dust under bulldozers and tanks, burn the dust, and then pump their raw sewerage into the smoking hole.

    • I agree. Sounds a little radical, but, guess what, the Hamas government and Hezbollah asked for it. May the god of the Jews strike them down.

  21. I took a look at the map of Israel and found the Gaza Strip, which occupies a good amount of the frontage of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Why would Israel allow such a scumbag terrorist organization such as Hamas to exist in that beautiful locale, not to mention to harm Israeli citizens living nearby. Hamas, and all the other terrorist organizations should be totally removed from the Gaza Strip at the expense of their own lives! What purpose do they serve?

  22. Basically; Biden armed Hamas. He lifted the sanctions on Iran, was warned not to do it by our military and other conservative members of government, was warned that Iran was trying to fund Hamas and other terrorist groups, but Biden did anyway. When Biden did that it allowed Iran to increase oil and other exports and the money from that to the tune of ~$60 Billion was used to buy arms and equipment for Hamas just so they could launch this attack against Israel.

    So lets see…. Biden armed the Taliban by leaving behind ~$85 billion in arms and equipment, and rooms full of stacks and stacks of $100.00 bills, when he basically surrendered to the Taliban and now they have a whole country, and now Biden has armed Hamas. I guess we are next, because Biden is funding an insecure open border so just anyone, including the thousands of military aged males already armed, and cartels and other criminal elements, can literally walk into our country unopposed and unchallenged, and violent criminals that are caught are put right back on the streets under a Biden led ‘progressive’ liberal agenda.

    And the result of all this Biden crap, collectively, to date, has been the deaths of ~ 7.3 million innocent people, which includes ~2.8 million children, since his Afghanistan arming of the Taliban. And that’s not even counting the number of deaths from fentanyl increasing since the cartels simply walked and drove across our open border with guns and equipment and their own ‘soldiers’ and basically set up ‘direct to the consumer marketing’ all across the country, and lets not forget emboldening and facilitating what is basically a ‘self declared hostile nation’ inside our country by the Trans movement that has resulted in over ~5,000 children being killed (from effects of their pseudo-science ‘transition’ drug and some of them due to the surgery and, actually, three school shootings and 38 public mass shootings when ‘gender identity’ factor is included, since 2021, and has allied a heavily armed left wing extremism violent militant trans movement with ANTIFA that have vowed to murder non-trans ‘biological females’ and ANTIFA is pushing for a race war and an overthrow of the country).

    Joe Biden is literally a ‘mass shooter’ and ‘mass murderer’ (by proxy, and directly but not personally by directly facilitating it) using actual ‘weapons of war’ and drugs and violent crime and Trans to do it.

    And anti-gun wonders why gun sells are increasing. Biden and people like him are why.

    And now…. The Taliban Asks Iran for Free Passage to Assist Hamas in Gaza in War on Israel – After Joe Biden Armed Taliban with $80 Billion in US Weapons and Supplies >

    • So, this is what the left wing and democrats have given our country since Biden has been in office —- death and destruction here in the U.S. and abroad, literally a hostile invasion of the United States, an increase in crime that’s overwhelming police departments, de-funded or diminished law enforcement resulting in areas of the country surrendered to drugs and depravity and crime and an increase in overall violence, more violent mentally ill people roaming the streets (roughly ~25,000,000) ’cause ‘racism’ and/or ‘systemic oppression’ to try to help them given from liberals and democrats excuses, imaginary ‘genders’ from people who the mental health community say are mentally ill (e.g. DSM 5, gender dysphoria), laws that make it a crime for a parent to object to their child being drugged/sliced & diced to be assembled like a model airplane kit into a make believe gender opposite what they were born as, a government compromised by actually bringing in special interest organizations to hold office to act as defacto law makers to bypass congress by making official government policy to take away constitutional rights and turn people into felons for no crime at all, a government (federal, and various states) weaponized against the American people (and not just gun owners), tyranny, and trying to indoctrinate generations of children to accept it as ‘freedom’ ’cause that pesky old thing called the ‘Constitution’ is just not a real thing and what the government says is really ‘freedom’.

      • Iran has been sending arms, munitions, and rockets to Hamas for decades. Egypt tried to shut down the smuggling network, but obviously they were not very successful.

        • Per what I read and partly confirmed by an individual, USA threatened Egypt to cut off military aid if they knowingly let weapons into the tunnels. But first the rocket fuel is just AN, aluminum powder, and sugar I think and the sweet moms all get forms and blend and cast the fuel into “Bundt” stackable shapes. Anyway the Egyptians at the tunnel entrance will allow anything able to fit in exchange for cash and this is available. Israel tolerated those tunnels but now see that large amounts of seamless high strength steel tube (rocket body) was allowed in and I am quite sure hundreds of MANPADS and ATGM as I guarantee HAMAS assumed IDF was going to come in unwilling to shoot at enemy when surrounded by schoolchildren ( the moms are pleased to martyr their kids). I also am very certain IDF will not play that game and units will be given latitude, full drone imagery, and most important, long range heavy weapons. I will know soon how wrong I am. Or right. Also improved tunnel busting which is something like deep penetration bombs with low brisance high power that is better and sending out compression waves to collapse even reinforced tunnels. By spec ops sending in trackers they probably know the exact trajectory of them anyway.

  23. Unrestricted is the only real answer for Israel and America.

    “shall not” America should be unrestricted as it was intended.

    A RIGHT not a government privilege.

  24. I was a bit surprised to see the restrictions on firearms for Israeli citizens. If anyone should have the right to a firearm it should be them. I, also, think there is something suspicious going on and that is how could the Palestinians be preparing for such a large-scale attack without the Israeli Government knowing about it. Israeli intelligence services are or were amongst the best in the world. I think we need an answer to that question. This was like the Pearl Harbor of Israel and in this day and age and in particular now with our own Government not sure if it represents us or foreign interests. The world we are living in now has become a regular nightmare.

    • There are no restrictions as to the number of rounds you may have, as long as they are not .50 BMG. The restrictions are on having to buy it in a face to face transaction with an FFL, eliminating the “shipped to your door” freedom we used to have. And of course there are restrictions on ammo coming in from out of state–which is essentially zero. (If you want to smuggle in a load, you had better buy it in an out of the way spot at least an hour’s drive away. They keep watch on the stores near the border.)

  25. Perhaps someone knows for sure but if I understand it correctly weapons are even more heavily controlled in the strip than they are in Israel. Yet ‘somehow’ the terrorists managed to get thousands of rockets and automatic weapons and huge amounts of ammo to use in this planned (with LOTS of iranian help) attack. Sort of makes the gun banners both here and in Israel look pretty foolish doesn’t it?

  26. I think “crazy” is the appropriate word since our government seems to believe violence can be mitigated by opening borders, allowing criminals to go free, not vetting people who come into the country as illegal immigrants, etc. It is all a part of replacement theory and getting more people to vote for the unethical, immoral people running our current government in this country. It should not be a surprise to any thinking person in this Country that they are looking to replace those of us who disagree with them. Personally I think we are headed for civil war.

  27. Well then, we have to assume they allowed it to happen because they want to go at it and take over the Gaza strip? Kind of lousy to let people be killed to justify a major war if that is what happened here.

    • Israel used to control it, but gave it away to the PLO. Hamas defeated the PLO in elections, and has run the strip like a mafia organization since. I think this time Netanyahu would like to turn it into a parking lot and salt the earth. Or just nuke the place and be done with it. Some of the photos I’ve seen show that entire blocks have been leveled by Israeli bombs.

      • Glad to hear it and hope they obliterate them particularly because the Palestinians have focused on civilians not military targets. I am Italian and grew up in a predominantly Jewish/Italian area in NY. My best friends are Jews and I support them and Israel fully. It is still hard to believe that Israel Intelligence did not know what was going on. Seems to me it would be hard to smuggle the equipment used (thousands of missles) without someone knowing what was coming. I have read they were warned but ignored the warning. I find that hard to believe.

  28. For all those who pretend like Israel is a haven of gun/self-defense rights, I hope you re-read this passage:”In addition, starting next Tuesday, conditional permits to carry firearms will be issued with a permit allowing the purchase of up to 100 bullets instead of 50 today.”


  29. Used to be said, “ If the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace; If Israel wanted war, there would be no Palestinians.”
    A related thought: I’m sure thousands of Hamas fans and even full members have entered the U. S. lately with the help of Biden’s policies. They can be easily inspired to evil acts. Let’s be careful out there, friends. Keep your guard up against local terrorism.

  30. The biggest mistake either enemies of this country or our own Government could make is to take on the American People. I think most are fed up and more than primed to fight anyone threatening our way of life. Enough is enough and Don’t Tread on US.

  31. And to think all of this could have been prevented, years ago, with a Palestinian homeland.,,,Wait, don’t swallow your chewing gum, there IS a palestinian homeland,one that was totally ignored by the Brittish who established it!!! It’s called Jordan, the home of palestine.

    • Actually it’s the “Sea Peoples” ie. Philistines from Crete and other areas of the Aegean Sea who fled after the Santorin volcano obiliterated their region, Egypt defeated them when they tried invading there so they infested The Land of Milk & Honey which didn’t have the resources to evict them. They are locusts, they are bed bugs, they are cockroaches, they must be eradicated.

  32. I wish that the American people were ready to eliminate the criminal activities that have been occurring in Chicago over the past twenty years , but as you can see, that has not been the case. Keep wishin’ and a hopin’ and hopin’ and a wishin’, and keep voting democratic, because they have been really getting the job done well. Did you hear the one about a Poodle and a Terrier went into a bar and asked for a Martini?

  33. One has to really question the idea that Maga Republicans need to be deprogrammed per Hillary Clinton. Note the following, almost every Democrat Politician touts the same narrative.Most Blue Cities and States have the highest rates of violence and firearm issues despite having the strictest laws. Many of the Blue States are trying to bury the 2nd Amendment by passing laws they know are illegal and forcing those offended to take them to Court (fortunately they are losing most if not all of their cases). Democrats leave Blue States and migrate to Red States and when they get there vote for the same type of politicians that ruined living in their previous state. So, tell me. Who needs to be deprogrammed? Those mindless robots who believe everything they hear from the Left and respond in unison, Yes Boss!!! Give us a break.


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