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By Larry Keane

The White House made a much-ballyhooed announcement that they were caving to gun control special interests by installing a new Office of Gun Violence Prevention. The office will have little to do with preventing actual crime and everything to do with using taxpayer dollars to attempt to deny Americans their Second Amendment rights.

Still, there are questions about just what this office will do and who are the people staffing it at taxpayer expense. Here’s what we know.


The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is a section of The White House charged with carrying out President Joe Biden’s gun control executive orders. If that sounds problematic, it is. Executive orders are orders from the president that are based on law. That means executive orders direct federal agencies to execute certain functions that are prescribed by laws authorized by Congress and signed into law by the president.

That means this new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is a redundant effort to push gun control. Given that the president is pursuing gun control efforts outside the boundaries of federal law, it should be expected that this office will do more of that.

That includes more gun control shenanigans like the ill-fated attack on hunter education. President Biden claimed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) prohibited the use of federal funds for hunter education and scholastic archery programs in schools under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Except that’s a lie. No such provision exists.

Congress fought back and passed H.R. 5110, the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act, which was supported by NSSF. The White House confirmed the president would sign the bill that passed with only one single vote against it in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Senate approved it by unanimous consent.

But wait, there’s more. Expect this new office to make moves like the Biden administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) inspections. That’s seen federal firearms licensees (FFL) lose their licenses and livelihoods over minor clerical errors. There’s a lawsuit pending over this overzealous policy and a federal judge just denied the ATF’s request to dismiss it.

The mission of this new office might best be described as a government-backed gun control wish granting machine. President Biden will leverage this office for universal background checks, which would necessitate a national firearm registry to work…as the Obama Justice Department admitted. If that doesn’t sound Orwellian, check with Canada and see what Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is attempting with that country’s national registry. It’s actually a confiscation scheme.

There will be more. Gun control politicians already sent a roadmap to The White House earlier this year. In that wish list letter, they wanted U.S. firearm manufacturers with Defense Department contracts to submit to an agreement not to sell modern sporting rifles (MSRs) to civilians. They also want to further restrict certain firearms exempted under the “sporting purposes” import exemptions.

Expect this office to advocate for a reversal of the U.S. Munitions List to Commerce Control List (USMC-CCL) export reforms – originally an Obama/Biden idea. The new office will also likely pressure the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to infringe on First Amendment rights to limit firearm advertisements and press for the ATF to release firearm trace data that is protected from public release by the Tiahrt Amendment. That data is protected because it’s incomplete and releasing it would jeopardize law enforcement and their criminal investigations.

This gun control agenda is already playing out in President Biden’s attempt to rope in nearly anyone who privately sells a firearm as a “firearm dealer,” requiring them to obtain a license and maintain firearm transfer records in perpetuity. This isn’t, however, what the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act text reads when the definition was clarified.


The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention will be headed up by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris.

(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Vice President Harris said in a statement . . .

The new Office of Gun Violence Prevention will play a critical role in implementing President Biden’s and my efforts to reduce violence to the fullest extent under the law, while also engaging and encouraging Congressional leaders, state and local leaders, and advocates to come together to build upon the meaningful progress that we have made to save lives.

This new office can be added to the list of other tasks with which the vice president has been charged and has achieved so much. Those areas include voting rightsthe U.S. southern border, abortionartificial intelligencewater policy, promoting child tax credits, COVID-19 vaccine education, heading the National Space Council, expanding nationwide broadband accessunion labor expansion and stopping online harassment.

Stefanie Feldman Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Sefanie Feldman

Stefanie Feldman will serve as the Director of the newly created office. She’s a longtime aide to President Biden, serving as a Domestic Policy Advisor, where many of the Biden administration’s wild gun control schemes originated. Her social media accounts are peppered with gun control chest-thumping, including one post on X, formerly known as Twitter, from 2019 that reads, “As president, he’ll defeat them again. And, he’ll repeal the non-sensical liability protection for gun manufacturers.”

It seems to have escaped her notice that doing so would require an act of Congress.

Greg Jackson White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Greg Jackson

Greg Jackson will join Feldman, as Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director. Jackson’s qualifications are more than 10 years as a gun control advocate for a number of organizations, including George Soros-backed Tides Foundation Community Justice Action Fund, and Director of Community Relations for Mayor Muriel Bowser of crime-ridden Washington, D.C. He was also the victim of a criminal shooting in 2013.

Jackson also brings to the office an active animus against law enforcement. Washington Free Beacon reported Jackson participated in a January 2021 University of Maryland policing seminar when he lamented that he is “struggling to survive while … police budgets thrive.” He was also part of an Obama Foundation webinar entitled “Re Imagining Policing,” when he proposed “community-led violence intervention and prevention strategies” in place of traditional law enforcement. The goal, Jackson said, is to “ultimately reduce the need for policing.”

How’s that going, Mr. Jackson?

Jackson’s noticeably absent on criminals illegally using firearms to prey on communities but blames the firearm industry for politicians’ unwillingness to hold criminals to account.

Robert Wilcox White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention
Robert Wilcox

Robert Wilcox will also serve as Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director. His role prior to the appointment was as Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety.

That’s right, he’s a gun control lobbyist. Of course, this is the same gun control group that’s bankrolled by gun control billionaire Michael Bloomberg. As Everytown’s lobbyist, Wilcox called for bans on entire classes of firearms and supports bankrupting the firearm industry through frivolous and unconstitutional lawsuits. He’s testified for increased gun control but never for holding criminals accountable for their horrific crimes.

Crime Control

It’s not just Wilcox. Vice President Harris hasn’t called for increased prosecution of criminals, even though The White House is playing up her former role as California’s attorney general and as a prosecutor. Feldman doesn’t want to lock up criminals and neither does Jackson.

Vice President Harris is much more focused on providing White House access to George Soros’ grandson Alex, who was appointed to head up the progressive policy group Open Society Foundation. Vice President Harris regularly meets with the young Soros. This is the same Open Society Foundation that raised the idea of somehow makeing cities devoid of any lawful firearm possession…even by police.

The new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention is anything but dedicated to preventing the criminal misuse of firearms. Instead, it’s a haven of gun control ideologues that are now getting paid by taxpayers to press an unconstitutional agenda.

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    • I am also wondering if Grandson regularly communicates the marching orders for the Executive Branch–and reminds them of guaranteed “sanctions” if the Executive Branch fails to follow orders.

      (Note: it is anyone’s guess if “sanctions” would include horrendous physical consequences that Granddad Soros would unleash upon Executive Branch members and their loved ones for failing to do Granddad’s bidding.)

    • Hmm “regularly meets with the young Soros”. Given Kamala’s track record of meeting men, that could be a mouthful. Especially given the fact that the woman cannot hold even the semblance of an intelligent conversation.

    • “The White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention will be headed up by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris.” With knee pad ‘Giggles’ in the lead what could go wrong since she’s been so darned ‘effective’ (sarcasm) with everything else that she’s been given supposed control over. Maybe she could bring her attention to the FACT that roughly 6% of the US population that commits over 50% of all murders, ahem I mean gun violence. But that might prove to be racist and lose Slo CCP Joe and her some votes from their people.

  1. Stefanie Feldman auditioned for the movie Smile and was turned down for being TOO demented.

    Good Lord….

    • Why is it the folks who have suffered the most under gun control, namely the Jews and the Blacks are so hot for more of the same? I would include the Americans of Japanese heritage who were behind barbed wire for most of WWII and lost their life savings and livelihoods due to the incarceration. That is a mystery that escapes me. Also, inasmuch as the Dims were also big in the KKK, including U.S. senators, why do the blacks continue to support that party? It was FDR who refused a shipload of refugees from Nazi Germany permission to land in the U.S. during WWII and it was FDR who signed the E.O. that incarcerated tens of thousands of American citizens, why do they continue to support the Dims? Is it Stockholm Syndrome? That’s the only condition I know of that causes the victim to buddy up to the torturer.

      • Why didn’t FDR include that England loosen it’s emigration policy for Jews trying to get out of Europe to Palestine at the start WW2 for America’s help in sending military aid to them.

  2. Here is Kamala Harris way back in 2008 when she was District Attorney of San Francisco having a press conference and her reaction to the Heller decision. Her speech is the same word salad as she uses everyday about keeping communities safe and how this decision will affect public safety. And who’s standing next to her on the left Gavin Newsom. These people have been anti gun since day one and will not stop until complete disarmament is achieved.

    • WRONG, Madame VP… The 2nd Amendment IS absolute… Your saying it’s not does make it not. Even more importantly, the right to our own self defense, as well as defense of our families, friends, businesses, and property, was GIVEN BY GOD – making it the ultimate of absolutes. Idiot puppet. just go away already.

  3. Joe Biden’s entourage to Kamala Harris: “Joe fell again.”

    Kamala Harris: “Do I get to be president now?”

    • Her only chance is Biden winning the general again. There’s no way they can prop him up for another five years. He’s going downhill fast. People prefer the senile Puppet over her. Think about that.

  4. McCarthy is about to get removed as Speaker at this point unless a democrat steps up and votes no.

  5. And the government bloats even further…..
    Seldom does a government agency go by the wayside once established. Joe has established yet another way for big government to feed at the taxpayer’s trough. The only upside is that it is to be headed by Kamala and will hopefully be as inept as she is. Unfortunately, that will only be short term. Inevitably, a more competent bureaucrat will eventually take over and will cause yet more mischief. Write your congress critters now to not fund this outrage and hope that this new agency will go away….

    • They’re supplementing Little Mike’s dough with ours. You know they were laughing when they came up with that one.

    • As long as the Slo CCP Joe administration continues to obfuscate murders (mostly B-on-B killings) with gun violence, there will be absolutely no progress of mitigating their quest to eliminate gun violence (whatever that is). It’s always amusing that they continue to misname their programs in such a way to badly disguise their true intentions. And as a result lead to more of their unintended consequences. I remember when Slo CCP Joe backed real gun legislation coupled with incarceration. But now he’s just pandering for votes.

  6. We need to amend the Constitution and have punishments for politicians that break their oath or we’ll be in a civil war soon. I don’t take orders!

  7. It’s hard to parse this out and separate the legitimate threats from the bullshit. That’s not an accident.

    That said, expect an anaconda strategy from this Administration. Squeezing on all sides and hoping it’s enough to suffocate large parts of the gun world. They won’t really care which, from their point of view, damage is damage and they’ll do it in small increments where needed and large leaps where possible.

    Going to court over it is the preferred strategy, obviously, but they also know that they have the US taxpayer and the Fed’s printing press to fund their lawfare, the other side doesn’t.

    • I think a hippo could kill an anaconda easier then a rhino could. An elephant? They can swim better then a rhino so yeah probably an elephant too. But not a Donkey, unless the donkey ran away and the snake died chasing it? I dunno,I’m going with the Hippo.

    • Seeing chatter, but no confirmation, that Nehls (TX-22) has put Trump’s name up for Speaker.

      This is going to require some popcorn.

      • Though, to be fair, 6 R’s + all the Democrats voting to do this may not bode well.

        It may force serious changes in the GOP caucus or, if the GOP follows this historical pattern, simply cause complete chaos that actually benefits the Democrats.

        • And it stops all ongoing House investigations until a new speaker is elected. Took a while to elect McCarthy. Biden and the Dems have to be happy about that.

  8. “Robert Wilcox will also serve as Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Director. His role prior to the appointment was as Senior Director of Federal Government Affairs at Everytown for Gun Safety.”

    he’s the guy that ‘shadow’ wrote the current ATF unconstitutional rules that are getting ruled unconstitutional. The ATF works for him, they wrote what he dictated.

    our government is compromised.

    • Along those lines of carrying a firearm, I was thinking about the proposed ban or limitations on advertising (seems like a First Amendment violation to me, but…).

      What if you advertised your firearms without advertising your firearms?

      Talking about “product placement” like they do in the movies or on TV shows where the name brand product is visible or used, but never mentioned by name.

      What if a firearm manufacturer paid 511 or any other likely company to ensure that THEIR firearm was openly or concealed carried throughout the commercial for the product, ensuring the manufacturer of the weapon was known even if it is not mentioned specifically?

      Assuming the manufacturer of the product ostensibly being advertised was okay with the firearm association with that product, would that pass muster?

      I recall several episodes of NCIS where Gibs specifies that he carries a Sig Sauer pistol. Pretty sure Sig did not pay for that ad.

  9. I kinda like Jacksons idea of reducing policing and putting it in the hands of the community.
    Gunm Violence Prevention?
    Are they talking about a gunm’s recoil being violent?
    Typical government, spend all that money to find out what most shooters have known for years. Rubber recoil pads and muzzle brakes, maybe they are going to get all technical with stock designs, that’s where the extra research would come in.
    I think theBiden needs to EO a Ministry of Propaganda, only MOP Media allowed, no more CBS, NBC, ABC stuff. Just MOP.
    What did theBiden say to Kim Jong Un?
    “Hold my beer.”

  10. We can’t get a budget for more than 45 days, but we can fund some lemmings who will suck off the government teat as long as they are allowed to. Makes sense to me.

    • Sadly, they see that as the entire point of being in control of the government. The ideological battles are a distraction from the real work; the largest money laundering operation in the history of the world.

  11. History: Returning WWII Veterans Take Over Tennessee Town to oust tyranny and corrupt politicians, 1776 style.

    • The town is Athens,Tennessee, and the battle took place against the town government comprised of Democrat draft dodgers being VERY CROOKED cops in 1946. See “The Battle of Athens” movie.

  12. I think the entire country is getting sucked into Bidens mental illness. The whole of mental problems in the Democrat party.

  13. ‘Liberal democrat’ disguised a republican presidential wannabe candidate attacks Trump…and Trump, basically, gets good news (for now) from SCOTUS as a result.

  14. History: WWII Veterans return home from war and take over Tennessee home town ousting tyranny and corrupt politicians, 1776 style, and restore fair elections – using force and arms.

  15. Sounds as if Civil War Two is brewing .Let’s make a deal that all Liberals be moved to Cali and fenced off from the rest of the USA. They can keep their unConstitutional garbage among themselves and we keep our guns with no restrictions whatsoever

  16. The Commie Democrats are gearing up to steal the 2024 election as they did in 2020 and want all the ‘extra-judicial’ power that they can get. You thought that the COVID and J6 abuses of Constitutional rights were bad with this bunch, just wait. I wouldn’t put it past them to declare marital law right before the election to prevent people from going to the polls by using another ‘health crisis’ scare or ‘public safety’ threat. That way, they can count the ‘votes’ themselves in secret to make sure they ‘win’. These people are die-hard Bolshevik Communists who will do ANYTHING to grab and stay in power. It will become evident in 2024 why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment into the Bill of Rights. The USA was founded by the barrel of a gun, not by elections. ‘We the People’ may have to exercise that right again to keep it.

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