The Israeli Terrorist Attack Should End the Gun Control Debate in the US…But It Won’t

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Over the weekend, Georgetown Professor Law Professor Randy Barnett reacted to the reports of terrorist attacks and slaughter in Israel with the tweet above regarding the never-ending debate over gun control in America. After hundreds of defenseless citizens died and thousands were injured, Israel relaxed its regulations on civilian gun ownership.

Professor Barnett’s point is exactly right, but I’d like to build on it a bit to show why this really should be the end of the gun control debate in this country…even though it won’t be.

According the the latest reports, at least 700 Israeli civilians were murdered over the weeklend by Hamas terrorists. That figure is likely to go up as the fog of war clears and a proper counting of those lost can happen, but we can use it as a reference point for now. As far as we know, the 700 isn’t counting IDF forces who responded and were killed in subsequent combat, but is mostly made up of murdered civilians.

Israel is a much smaller country than the US, with a population of under 10 million people. Seven hundred killed in a country of 10 million would be the equivalent of about 24,000 people being killed in an organized terrorist attack on America. That’s the weight of the damage inflicted on Israel. It’s like they had eight 9/11s in about 24 hours.

So let’s bring it back to gun control. Israel foolishly does not have a right to bear arms, meaning there could be no immediate resistance to the Hamas invaders. They had free reign to slaughter men, women, and children until IDF could respond.

Let’s assume that gun control in Israel has actually saved a handful of lives over the years (a charitable assumption). It certainly hasn’t saved 700 lives, especially when you factor in the many murders by terrorist sympathizers that could have been prevented or mitigated by armed Israeli citizens.

What does this mean for the US? Well, let’s be brutally honest. The main reason the gun control industry has any momentum here is due to mass shootings.

There are certainly some household and domestic dispute and  murders done with guns, as there are some people killed in the crossfire by criminals shooting at each other. But for the most part in the US, if you don’t engage in gangs, the illegal drug trade, or other criminal activity, gun-related crime is extremely unlikely to affect you. That’s why several very pro-gun states that have low gang/drug crime also have homicide rates akin to European countries. The fact is, in most of the US, you are quite safe from gun-related crime if you aren’t a criminal.

Mass shootings, however, change that calculus because even though they are rare, they can affect innocent people almost anywhere…schools, grocery stores, concerts, movie theaters. If it weren’t for mass shootings, the gun control movement would basically be dead outside of the most hardcore Democrat bastion cities.

The gun control industry very blatantly take advantage of mass shootings to push their authoritarian gun control policies while people are still reeling from the tragedy and susceptible to liberty-eroding “solutions” that never deliver the promised results.

That’s the sole reason there are laws in some states banning so-called “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines.” AR-15s and the like are rarely used in more routine sorts of crimes, but they have been used in some high profile mass shootings to inflict unspeakable horror.

The reason we have the right to have such weapons, though, is as a bulwark against tyranny and in case we ever go through what Israel is going through now. A handgun or a shotgun just isn’t nearly as effective against well-armed killers as a semi-automatic rifle is.

Remember the figure I cited earlier of an equivalent attack if scaled to our country’s size – 24,000 dead. That’s just the initial attack and doesn’t include everything else that follows. According to the Mother Jones’s database, if you add up every single mass shooting in the US combined since 1982, you’d have 1,128 fatalities. Many of those were carried out with just handguns, but for this argument assumes all the perpetrators used semi-auto rifles.

Israel had well over half that number of fatalities inflicted on it in a single day. And of course, if we had Israel’s population size, our 1,128 mass shooting fatalities would fall to about 34 total dead. The fact of the matter is, a domestic tyrant or a foreign invader can inflict more damage on us in mere minutes or hours than all the losses we’ve ever had from all our major mass shootings combined.

Some may say in response to this that it could never happen here. We don’t have a Gaza equivalent on our borders. It is less likely here thanks to the natural moat around most of the country, and relatively friendly neighbors. I hope such a day never comes.

That said, I categorically reject it-can’t-happen-here arguments with this sort of “end of history” assumption built in. Things can go bad here. We’ve had a 9/11. If we’re fortunate, nothing similar to the Hamas incursion will happen in our lifetime or our children’s. But we are the caretakers of a right passed down since antiquity and codified into our Bill of Rights as the Second Amendment. We do not have the moral right to surrender it. And some day, we may be glad we didn’t.


Konstadinos Moros is an Associate Attorney with Michel & Associates, a law firm in Long Beach that regularly represents the California Rifle & Pistol Association (CRPA) in its litigation efforts to restore the Second Amendment in California. You can find him on his Twitter handle @MorosKostas. To donate to CRPA or become a member, visit

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  1. The entire “gun-control” industry is a cover for the democrat/communist total disarmament agenda. When, not if, the jihadis and Chinese army men who have come across the southern border begin their attacks, I suspect that they will begin in places like Chicago and other “gun free” cities.

    • I think that the jihadis would face withering gun battles in the south side of Chicago and other hotbeds of gang activity.

      • Since cartels just want to control the drug market that’s killing hundreds of thousands of Americans annually, and the jihadis just want to kill Americans, I don’t see enough of a difference between the two that would end up in them battling each other.

      • If they try this in the US, they’ll go after the Jewish community in NY, or the ranches that are working on breeding red cows in the US.

        Yeah, you read that right. According to an old Jewish prophecy, in order to recreate the temple they need a perfectly red, virgin blemish free cow. That’s step one.


        Not kidding.

        This is why it’s illegal for Jews to enter the Al Aqsa mosque under secular Israeli law – it’s a promise NOT to let that happen. But it keeps happening – the latest mass incursion by extremist Orthodox Jews was on October 4th, less than a week ago, and might have been the final trigger for this latest mass attack by Hamas.

        Basically, the Orthodox Jews pushing for a reconstructed temple are prodding Hamas and the like into the violence that could allow a popular Israeli vote for the temple reconstruction. On the site of the 3rd holiest place in Islam. Which means Pakistani nukes could come into play…

        • Paki nukes won’t be used, at all. Israel has its own nukes, and I seriously doubt the Pakis would want to take a chance on the USA retaliation, in addition to an Israeli one. Israel has stated it will retaliate with nukes if nuked.

        • Pakistan has zero interest in Israel as a foe or for backing terrorism in Israel.
          they are more concerned with there border fight with India.
          plus they know Israel has there own nukes.

        • Right, right, Hamas would just be all rainbows and kittens if it weren’t for those evil, evil jews.

          Except…. Hamas openly proclaims their desire for GENOCIDE against all jews everywhere, and they have openly proclaimed this for decades.

          Notice that I’m not even bothering to argue against your factual claims. It’s not worth the time. You could be 100% correct on all your factual claims, and it would be about as relevant and important as panda farts are for global warming.

  2. Of course it can happen here. Look at the tens of thousands of adult males the Administration not only allowed in, but encouraged to enter with the Administration’s blessings. Many of these adult males are from countries or ideologies hostile to the the US form of government. The deniers who say “it couldn’t happen here” are whistling in the dark, filling themselves with false bravado and BS like scared children telling ghost stories at camp. These are the same drones who believe the Police have a duty to respond and to respond rapidly for their every “inconvenience”…these same idiots believe that the Government is here to protect them from all the bad actors in the world…it’s frustrating when you read missives from these blind, clueless persons as to how far out of touch with reality they are. Obviously they have never placed themselves in harm’s way either in defense of their country or in defense of their own lives. They abdicate all personal responsibility for their care to an idealized State who will shelter them…and they only have to give up a few hard-earned Rights to feel a little bit safer. In their minds this is an equitable trade: a false sense of security gained at other people’s expense.

    • The same people who espoused “engagement with China will make them democratize”. Hasn’t worked in the last 50 years. If anything the CCP is now more authoritarian under Xi Jinping.

  3. Just a hunch, but I bet you October’s gun sales will be more than previous months.

    Just a hunch.

  4. As seen on TV if you are defenseless then sit there and wave goodbye to your loved ones. It is a disgrace Israel Gun Control zealots fed their citizens to the wolves. And with biden at the helm and with repeat criminals and millions of unchecked illegals running around it is no time to be complacent.

    • Yeah it can happen here. We went to Orland Park Square(Illinois) mall on Saturday for my son’s birthday. I can’t remember when I last went to a mall. Last year they had a murder outside the mall. Had unarmed mall cop’s wandering around. Announced unaccompanied minors had to leave at 3pm. Saw a real cop with a gat. A gal with a dog. Nope no metal detectors or anything approaching “security”. We ate at a restaurant with 3 likely Palestinian gals next to us complete with headscarves. I was armed but not against bombs. Everyone save me & my Mrs. seemed oblivious. And my chit state desires me disarmed. It’s quite rare I’m in that situation but I bet a large % of mall goers ARE. Just like those Jewish “music festival” goers a few miles from Gaza🙄

  5. If anything at all truly gets accomplished it will be a more well defined line between the two sides. While the left supports Palestine, the right supports Isreal.

    I agree that this ‘should’ provide an example of proof. The left wont see that proof as they refuse to deal with reality. To make matters worse, many on the right will just capitulate and go along to get along. In the end, the real problems still don’t get dealt with. Much less fixed.

    We will just continue to be told that Trump did bad things that Biden is actually doing.

  6. Folks…What happened in Israel will happen here sooner of later, on a grander scale…Let it soak in…Don’t go ANYWHERE unarmed or under armed…

    • The “enemy army” has already come across the southern border for the last 3 years,and I am sure the Chinese owned ports on our U.S. Pacific coast are full of infantry weapons just waiting for the “GO” signal. We will be fighting on our own soil, not “over there”. like most past wars.

  7. “If we’re fortunate, nothing similar to the Hamas incursion will happen in our lifetime or our children’s.”

    Such incursion has already happened here, they just haven’t pulled the triggers yet. Close to 200,000 military aged males, armed, have entered our country, just walked right in, since Biden’s ‘lets have an insecure border to facilitate an invasion’ policy has been in effect. They came into the country, unchallenged, and in some cases even transported by our so called ‘border patrol’ to various cities and dropped off in parking lots of stores and shopping malls. No one is checking really, only the ones that actually show up at an authorized border crossing are sometimes checked but most aren’t if they recite the words made available to them to claim ‘asylum’, and the rest just simply walk, sometimes drive, across the border not at authorized border crossings and keep going.

    Yep, such incursion has already happened here, they just haven’t pulled the triggers yet.

    • “Yep, such incursion has already happened here, they just haven’t pulled the triggers yet.”

      Gropey Joe and his Cohort of Communists know this. In fact, they planned it. It was the intent all along. That’s why they want to disarm us, so we can’t stand up to the foreign army they are importing, or the f****t army they are building.

  8. It’s going to happen here, in more ways than one. As already stated above, with open borders, bad actors have infiltrated for years and are planning as we speak. Not a matter of if, but when. Also, let’s not disregard the domestic flag burning cells that were born here, chomping at the bit to burn down the rest of the country in these difficult times. We need to be at our most vigilant and defend our families and freedoms with everything we’ve got. The luciferians are hard at work at completing this self fulfilled prophecy bullshit. Eyes up and buckle up. It’s coming.

    • Be particularly watchful during our holidays folks. These bastards love opportunities to destroy what’s dear to us. Stay frosty folks, and stay dangerous. ✌️

  9. While the attack on Israel, was orchestrated by leaders of terrorist organizations. From outside the boarder. The terrorist attacking our country come from within our boarders or I should say being let in, along with massive amounts of illegal drugs. That killed more people last year than all the soldiers killed in Vietnam and all the Gulf conflicts. By the 10s of Thousands everyday. By the Leaders of the Liberal/Progressive Democrat party. How many of them are terrorist who hate our nation. Thousands of them are already attacking our nation everyday. With their gang violence, drive bys, shooting up neighborhoods, dealing Meth, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin. We have a WAR right hear in our country. Being led by a political party that is HELL bent on destroying our nation. Yet the focus is always on some other place. Ukraine, S. Korea, Taiwan and now Israel. Maybe we should be more focused on cleaning up our on HOUSE, before we have no House to clean.

    • Great comment, but please, it’s BORDERS. A BORDER is a boundary. A BOARDER is a person who is provided with regular meals or regular meals and lodging in exchange for payment. The migrants crossing the BORDER are not BOARDERS. They are FREELOADERS.

      • How about learning how to actually compose a sentence as well? There are two to three times as many periods in that paragraph than there should be. All it does is make it hard to read, and makes one not want to read it at all.

    • blaming the liquor store for alcholics are we now.
      Drug dealers deal drugs because there is a demand.
      Illegal immigrants are here for jobs, fine the employers a truck load of money for each illegal immigrant found working in their buisness and there would be no need for money (22trillion in debt) America hasn’t got? for building walls.

      • “Migrant” workers sent nearly one TRILLION(!!) of their earnings to their home countries last year. Imagine if we had American citizens doing that work, and pumping that much money into America! Keep in mind that the stupid pols put us into extreme debt to pump that kind of money into the economy. Then they pat themselves on the back and brag about it! We don’t have to live like this. Solutions to our problems are not complicated. They want you to think it’s complicated.

        • Or imagine if we taxed those “remittances” that migrant workers are sending out of this country to their home countries. “That giant sucking sound” might be enough to pay for the wall!

  10. “Some may say in response to this that it could never happen here. We don’t have a Gaza equivalent on our borders. It is less likely here thanks to the natural moat around most of the country, and relatively friendly neighbors.”

    These are the same commie globalists that tell us we must adopt their goals because the whole world is doing it. “The United States can’t isolate itself!” they scream. But NOW they’re saying “it can’t happen here.”

    They’re insane. Absolutely and utterly insane.

    • “They’re insane. Absolutely and utterly insane.”

      And that’s the polite thing to assume. The other option is that they are doing it knowingly and just lying to our faces, whatever is convenient at the moment, in which case they aren’t “insane”, they are “evil”.

  11. To paraphrase, a handgun or a shotgun isn’t as effective as a rifle. Been preaching that for years. Own all three, but I’ve always said that if the question is a gunfight the answer is a rifle.

    • Through HAMAS and Hezbollah you will find Syria and Iran. Through Syria and Iran you will find Russia and Putin.

      And Saudi Arabia cheering on the sidelines.

  12. Basically; Biden armed Hamas. He lifted the sanctions on Iran, was warned not to do it by our military and other conservative members of government, was warned that Iran was trying to fund Hamas and other terrorist groups, but Biden did anyway. When Biden did that it allowed Iran to increase oil and other exports and the money from that to the tune of ~$60 Billion was used to buy arms and equipment for Hamas just so they could launch this attack against Israel.

    So lets see…. Biden armed the Taliban by leaving behind ~$85 billion in arms and equipment, and rooms full of stacks and stacks of $100.00 bills, when he basically surrendered to the Taliban and now they have a whole country, and now Biden has armed Hamas. I guess we are next, because Biden is funding an insecure open border so just anyone, including the thousands of military aged males already armed, and cartels and other criminal elements, can literally walk into our country unopposed and unchallenged, and violent criminals that are caught are put right back on the streets under a Biden led ‘progressive’ liberal agenda.

    And the result of all this Biden crap, collectively, to date, has been the deaths of ~ 7.3 million innocent people, which includes ~2.8 million children, since his Afghanistan arming of the Taliban. And that’s not even counting the number of deaths from fentanyl increasing since the cartels simply walked and drove across our open border with guns and equipment and their own ‘soldiers’ and basically set up ‘direct to the consumer marketing’ all across the country, and lets not forget emboldening and facilitating what is basically a ‘self declared hostile nation’ inside our country by the Trans movement that has resulted in over ~5,000 children being killed (from effects of their pseudo-science ‘transition’ drug and some of them due to the surgery and, actually, three school shootings and 38 public mass shootings when ‘gender identity’ factor is included, since 2021, and has allied a heavily armed left wing extremism violent militant trans movement with ANTIFA that have vowed to murder non-trans ‘biological females’ and ANTIFA is pushing for a race war and an overthrow of the country).

    Joe Biden is literally a ‘mass shooter’ and ‘mass murderer’ (by proxy, and directly but not personally by directly facilitating it) using actual ‘weapons of war’ and drugs and violent crime and Trans to do it.

    And anti-gun wonders why law abing people are buying guns and gun sells are increasing. Biden and people like him are why.

    And now…. The Taliban Asks Iran for Free Passage to Assist Hamas in Gaza in War on Israel – After Joe Biden Armed Taliban with $80 Billion in US Weapons and Supplies >

    So, this is what the left wing and democrats have given our country since Biden has been in office —- death and destruction here in the U.S. and abroad, literally a hostile invasion of the United States, an increase in crime that’s overwhelming police departments, de-funded or diminished law enforcement resulting in areas of the country surrendered to drugs and depravity and crime and an increase in overall violence, more violent mentally ill people roaming the streets (roughly ~25,000,000) ’cause ‘racism’ and/or ‘systemic oppression’ to try to help them given from liberals and democrats excuses, imaginary ‘genders’ from people who the mental health community say are mentally ill (e.g. DSM 5, gender dysphoria), laws that make it a crime for a parent to object to their child being drugged/sliced & diced to be assembled like a model airplane kit into a make believe gender opposite what they were born as, a government compromised by actually bringing in special interest organizations to hold office to act as defacto law makers to bypass congress by making official government policy to take away constitutional rights and turn people into felons for no crime at all, a government (federal, and various states) weaponized against the American people (and not just gun owners), tyranny, and trying to indoctrinate generations of children to accept it as ‘freedom’ ’cause that pesky old thing called the ‘Constitution’ is just not a real thing and what the government says is really ‘freedom’.

    • Let’s not forget the lifeline Obama gave Iran when there was about to be an uprising. He stood with the repressive regime over the ordinary citizens. Of course the Puppet is helping Iran. He’s only continuing what the Obama Administration was doing. Why was/is Obama so focused on helping what American intel calls the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism?

  13. We’re not Israel. We don’t have an internally subjugated population in the same way. Our realities are very different, and Israel’s reality doesn’t inform the US gun control debate. This is silly.

    • So why does blm exist? Antifa? It’s all peaches and roses here?

      I hope you haven’t bred. The gene pool is in bad enough shape as it is.

    • jsled, Fact! Your criminal buddies are attacking civilians with impunity daily. Just as Israelis need to be able to defend themselves, so do we US law abiding citizens. You Leftist anti-gun control geeks would love to see us without firearms. Then your ANTIFA and BLM thugs could run rough shod over us and impose your socialist nonsense.

    • “We don’t have an internally subjugated population in the same way.”

      This is so despite your best efforts. The stated goal of the leftists is to transform this country into a subjugated socialist hellhole, and if you don’t see this, then you are one of the so-called “useful idiots” who are unwittingly intent on bringing about your own demise. But we already knew that.

    • No, we’re not Israel. WE are the United States of America, where there IS a SECOND AMENDMENT. The commiecrats want everyone DISARMED so they can control us without anyone fighting back with lethal force. THEY don’t care if we are attacked. OUR reality is that the Second Amendment was written so that we could protect ourselves from tyrants and others that want to subjugate us. I would suggest you re-order your thinking more in line with OUR rights.

    • Israel doesn’t have an “internally subjugated population”, either. Arabs who are citizens are full citizens, with voting rights.

      Israel has offered “land for peace” many, many times. They do not WANT to have jurisdiction over the Palestinian Arabs.

      “Here, please, please, take this land and these people, YOUR people, and just leave us alone and let us live.”

      Yep, sounds like “internally subjugated population” to me. /SARC

  14. What do you mean we don’t have any border threats? 7M plus illegals, mostly males of military age and the cartels have settled in this country. Wake up!

  15. I thought the YouCrane thing was supposed to end the gunm debate.
    And oh no, I certainly hope TTAG doesn’t start episode after episode on the plight of Israel. There countries all over the world at war, what makes Israel so special?

    • Speaking of YouCrane, I assume all of the Dems have added the flag of Israel to their social media posts. That’s how this works, right?

      • Since Israel is the only Democracy in that region, and we must support Ukraine because of Democracy, they should be out front here. But we know it isn’t Democracy they support. They like Dictatorship and Authoritarianism.

        • The current definition of “democracy” in the west includes the grooming of children in schools by h***s, the mainstreaming of the trans and p*d* ideologies, the deliberate disarming of populations, third world peasants invading Western countries, and the short-sighted destruction of the energy infrastructure that is the source of all of our wealth based on a lie called the “climate catastrophe.”

          If all of the above is “democracy,” I’ll take a right wing authoritarian government any day of the f*ing week.

  16. for some reason a line from the movie ‘Red Dawn’ comes to mind from the pilot ‘character’ they found. he was explaining to them what happened and in the ‘character’ monolog said this….

    “That’s right. Infiltrators came up illegal from Mexico…”

    • Infiltration is a waste when a country can just buy the other country.
      Check out the history of Smithyfield foods.
      Our government is selling America to the highest bidder, no need for war.

  17. NO!

    Obviously Hamas needs to impose waiting periods, cooling off periods, high capacity magazine limits, assault weapons bans and gun registration for it’s citizens!

    Then everyone will get along.

  18. So have did no Israelis take up a bat, a golf club, an axe, a cleaver or butcher knife from the kitchen, a machete from their camping gear? Kill one man and you have a gun. kill 2 and you have a gun for you and one for your wife, friend, or neighbor. Where is the footage of this happening? Did no one make any effort at all? If I have to die in a terror attack I want them to say of me what John Wayne said of a casualty in one of his movies; “all the holes are in the front of him.”

    • But Jews think being a victim gives them collective moral authority Hard to have individual moral authority when you’re dead.

  19. Too many believe the government/military will always be there to take care of them… from cradle to grave for some… and I’m not talking about working a government job.

  20. Israel = 10m population. 700 is .007%

    .007% of 332m = 2,324,000 US deaths

    Or abouts. Maybe we should recheck those numbers.

    • Um, maybe check your math…. you’ve got 2 extra zeros on there, man.

      Using your numbers (10 million Israeli population, 700 dead, 332 million US population), I get 23,240. I mean, sure, that’s still a horrible number, but it’s not in the millions, eh?

    • Recheck the #s. The percentage is .00007, you were off by a zero.
      That brings the US number to 232,400.

      But I still recall from Heinlein that ” Men are not potatos.”
      One terrorist murder is too many.
      One living barbarian is too many.

      The barbarians are inside our nation, and our enemy is in control of our government. We can only rely on ourselves, and maybe on some family and neighbors, if we are lucky.

  21. I support 2A for Palestinians.

    Israel just destroyed Church of Saint Porphyrus, a Greek orthodox church in Gaza City. It was the third oldest church in the world and had no military value. Israelis and killed and wounded Palestinians for years and world doesn’t care.

    And I don’t know if any one you have ever been to southern Israel before- but nothing- and I mean NOTHING goes in and out of Gaza without the Israelis knowing. This “attack” seems just like J6, and for all we know the most memorable videos are Mossad agents.

    Israelis have already committed countless war crimes against Gaza this week. They don’t seem interested in the wellbeing of the hostages. (Qatar offered to negotiate, but the Israelis refused.)

    So yah- the losers here are Palestinian Christians. Smug boomers get told what to think by Jew-run media (like this blog), and churches get destroyed.

    If you watch (((TV))), your mind is destroyed.

    • Shit happens. It’s called war. In war there is something called collateral damage. I am more than sure that it was not the intent of the IDF to destroy that church. As to “nothing goes in our out of Gaza, you are sadly mistaken.
      For your edification, terrorist sympathizer, you don’t negotiate with terrorists.
      I’m concerned about your mind. It seems muddled with B/S!

    • How many Christian Palestinians are shouting “Allahu Akbar!”?

    • I support killing every single HAMAS terrorist. As you support terrorists, maybe you should go to Gaza and put your body where your mouth is.
      Folks what do you bet this is either dacian, the DUNDERHEAD or MINOR49er.

  22. This is really a joke. The “gun community” can’t even bring itself to support the open carry of long guns.
    It’s the law-abiding citizens in this country. Who open carry long guns, that stop rioters without firing shot.
    They stopped criminals from robbing and raping people without having to shoot them.

  23. All democrats are the same nazis they’ve always been. Every damn one of them. Every FBLie agent, every damn atf loser, every government tool.

    Burn in hell.

  24. While the Intelligence agencies were looking the other way, Hamas managed a well-coordinated surprise attack on the state of Israel.
    Whether or not it is later determined if IRAN funded the action. There are several items of near immediate concern to note.
    Generally, in Israel you need a permit to acquire a firearm. They do not possess any rule, regulation or law that is similar to the US 2nd Amendment.
    Israel relies upon the IDF to respond to such incidents along their law enforcement departments. (one of the first targets was a local police station)
    Israel has mandatory military training. This works for them.
    So in essence, you have an unprotected population that relies upon it local police and the military for protection. The Israeli government relaxed it policy on firearm ownership/possession due to the invasion.
    Israel has shown very effectively how to mobilize its defense forces as those that have served in the military know what to do when called for activation. While there will always be a level of confusion (fog of war) it is very limited. I would hope we in the US could similarly do such, if such a need were to present itself.
    So, would this incident in another country have any such similar impact in the US and the pro’s and con’s in the US debate on firearm ownership. My opinion is NO.
    There are totally different set of circumstances between the two countries. One thing that comes to mine is how low tech, well organized and committed forces can upset a well organized defender.
    The US president in an interview on the White House grounds stated that it takes tanks and F15’s to overthrow a country. It really does not. The Afgan experience has shown how little it does take to effect change when less committed people are either not paying attention, lack in detail planning and not looking both the long range effects and short range effects of actions taken or failure to take.
    While the effects of the Israel invasion will most likely not have direct impact on our issues here in the US. We need to take note, examine, discuss and plan in so many levels of our government to provide for the common defense of its citizens, secure our borders.

  25. There were dozens of videos from people in apartments or on balconies filming the terrorist attacks. There were no shots fired from those wonderful high grounds. You don’t have a gun for the 9999 days you don’t need it. You have it for the one where you do.

  26. Have you never BEEN to Israel? Israeli is positively swimming with Defensive Firearmes in na case of emergency, The Attack’s inthe last vfew days had aqbsolutely NOTHING to do wityhnthe ordinary Israeli Citizen not carrying fire ars as riooutin but I assure you thqat most iofntyhem will have access to them in an emegenct y How the bloody hell do youthink that Israel has bee able to MOBILISE no less than 300 000 personnel in just two or three days if they did not have ALL the nessessities of war close to hand and know how to use them w evern man and womanin Israel is n very very well trained in the use of weaponry tomprofessional staqnf dards, That does NOT mean that they have any kind of GUN CULTURE
    What you idiots have to realise is that for the Israelis having a weapon to hand is NOT some kind of right is an essential because since Israel’s inception it has been at risk of INVASION at some point in time, The USA is at no such risk and never will be WHY because where would an INVASION come from CANADA/MEXICO ? Harly likely is it! Apart from that there are Oceans.very dangerou plus of course a million tons or more of equip-ment for an invasion and all the time under obervation. What bloodybdifference do you ntink you bloody undisiplined amatu eurs would make exceptvgettingbinthe bloody way> Just like the bloody amatuers did in the American Civil War it was notbtjhose amateurs that nadethe Difference it was the FRENCH PROFESSIONALS without them the War would have most probably been lost.
    Why the hell do you think that the SECOND AMENDMENT mentions WELL DISIPLINED? Why the hell do you think that the UK HOME GUARD or WW2 was so well trained and disciplined and, in spite of the myths, it WAS well trained and disciplined.

    • “How the bloody hell do youthink that Israel has bee able to MOBILISE no less than 300 000 personnel in just two or three days”

      Two or three days too late. Mobilization has been reservists reporting for duty, who are being equipped ny the state. Armed civilians would have meant more terrorists bleeding for every step taken into Israeli territory. Every door kicked in should have cost at least one terrorist his life, as a hail of bullets comes out as they come in. They should have been under constant fire as they walk down the street.

      Pull this stunt in certain American communities, and the cost will be high.

    • Albert L J Hall, does idiocy run in your family? It seems that while there are many firearms in the Jewish State, most are in the HANDS of the IDF. It also seems your spelling has gone from bad to worse. Clearly you have NO CLUE what “gun culture” is. For your edification, there were NO French “professionals” who fought in the American Civil War. I quote: “The Second French Empire remained officially neutral throughout the American Civil War and never recognized the Confederate States of America. The United States warned that recognition would mean war. France was reluctant to act without British collaboration, and the British government rejected intervention.”
      Please do us a big favor and stay on your side of the “pond”.

  27. The people behind the ‘gun control’ movement in America want a disarmed civilian population so that they can rule without the threat of armed resistance. Unarmed people are easier to control than an armed citizenry. That is exactly why our Founding Fathers wrote the Second Amendment. We won our freedom with a gun and we will have to keep it with a gun. Gun control is people control.

  28. A truth from the past:
    Thomas Paine, writing to religious pacifists in 1775:
    “The supposed quietude of a good man allures the ruffian; while on the other hand, arms like laws discourage and keep the invader and the plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property. The balance of power is the scale of peace. The same balance would be preserved were all the world destitute of arms, for all would be alike; but since some will not, others dare not lay them aside. Horrid mischief would ensue were one half the world deprived of the use of them; the weak would become a prey to the strong.”

  29. “Seven hundred killed in a country of 10 million would be the equivalent of about 24,000 people being killed in an organized terrorist attack on America. That’s the weight of the damage inflicted on Israel. It’s like they had eight 9/11s in about 24 hours.”

    I hate this emotionally manipulative propaganda. Israeli lives aren’t worth more than American lives, they don’t get a multiplier.

    • It’s not about the individual lives being more valuable, it’s about understanding the scale of the carnage.

      In the US, in a good winter, we lose 20,000 people to the flu. In a bad year, it’s about 80,000.

      And neither of those numbers makes the news. A “bad year” for the flu is still small potatoes.

      If the city you live in lost 80,000 people to the flu in one year, what would it be like? Heck, if LA lost 80,000 people to the flu in one year, it would be devastating – it would be over 5% of their population!

      The number dead alone doesn’t tell the whole story – the number dead *out of how many* tells the larger story, the *scale* of the damage to the country as a whole.

      • Hmm, math error, there – 0.5%, not 5%. Sorry. Doesn’t really change the point, just like being honest and accurate.

    • Ark, no one said that an Israeli life is worth any more than an American’s. But when you compare the numbers…

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