Terrorist Attacks in Israel Are About to Change the Country and the Way They Think About Guns

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Israel unilaterally pulled out of the Gaza Strip in 2005. It dismantled Israeli settlements there and turned the Strip over to Palestinians. Gaza has been run ever since by a range of militias including terrorist groups, primarily Hamas.

After taking full control of Gaza from a rival Palestinian faction in 2006, Hamas-launched attacks on Israel from Gaza have occurred on and off, almost continuously. These usually took the form of lobbing rockets at southern Israeli settlements and towns.

After thousands of rockets were launched in 2008, Israel struck back in what’s now knows as the Gaza War of 2008 and 2009, first attacking by air and then mounting a ground invasion. It happened again in 2014 and it’s gone on in greater and lesser degrees ever since.

Courtesy AP

The reality is Gaza has been waging a low-grade war against Israel since the withdrawal and with some notable exceptions, Israel has responded with mostly small, targeted retaliatory strikes in response for the last 17 years. All of that changed on Friday.

Hamas launched thousands of rockets throughout southern Israel. Terrorists broke through a border wall and crossed into Israel by road and sea, some even by paraglider. They wentr house to house and door to door targeting civilians in businesses, homes, apartment blocks and at a music festival (the Rave for Peace) that was being held near the border with the Gaza Strip. Some small towns near Gaza were fully occupied.

Hundreds, maybe over 1,000 Israelis have been slaughtered, thousands injured, and scores — mostly women and children — have been reported kidnapped by the terrorists and dragged back to Gaza. Hamas has broadcast videos of bodies being dragged through the streets by celebrating crowds.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is now at war with Hamas. The attacks have been called Israel’s 9/11 and, as 9/11 did for America, the surprise invasion and assaults revealed a massive and embarrassing failure of Israel’s vaunted intelligence and defense forces.

The failures that allowed the weekend’s attacks to happen will no doubt be the subject of months of analysis, the assignment of blame, and all of that will play out over time. Now, however, the retaliation has begun and is likely to be massive and unmerciful. It could also provoke a wider conflict in the Middle East depending on the reaction of sympathetic terrorist organizations in the West Bank and neighboring states like Lebanon and Syria.

It would seem that the weekend’s slaughter, some of it broadcast to the entire world, will finally put and end Israel’s willingness to endure 17 years of on-again, off-again threats and attacks from a thin strip of terrorist-occupied land on its southern border.

As for the response, a Sherman-like march to the sea, leaving nothing standing would seem to be an appropriate response to the horrors Hamas unleashed on Israeli soil in the last two days. That would also finally put an end Hamas’s reign of terror in Gaza…territory which could then be reabsorbed into Israel.

Along with that, the IDF’s abject inability to protect the average Israeli citizen should also finally put an end to the government’s longstanding reticence to allow the average Israeli citizen to exercise an American-style right to keep and bear arms. Despite the image some have of the country, guns there are “tightly controlled and carefully tracked by the state.”

From the Times of Israel . . .

In other words, as the Public Security Ministry explains on its website, Israeli law “does not recognize a right to bear arms, and anyone wanting to do so must meet a number of requirements, including a justified need to carry a firearm.” There is no inkling of a belief among Israelis that citizens should be permitted to own guns as a check on government power — that is, as a limit to the sovereignty of the state expressed in its monopoly on violence.

Israel’s social reality – the large number of firearms on the country’s streets – may look like an American conservative’s utopia, but it got there via a domineering statist regulatory regime that American gun control activists can only fantasize about.

That was then. This is now. The fear of tyranny may not be the foremost on Israelis’ minds in their desire to own guns, but watching terrorists literally raining down from the sky, wading through blood in the streets, and being slaughtered in their own homes is.

Israelis live in a country that has been under direct threat and sometimes attack since 1948. If this weekend’s atrocities don’t convince the population in general and Israel’s government in particular that Israelis need to have American-style gun rights and the means to defend themselves, nothing ever will.


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  1. Very thought-provoking. Nevertheless, culture is a stubborn thing. And the Jews have a very well-established history of stubbornly sticking to their culture. And they have survived in doing so notwithstanding consistent persecution by the populations among whom they lived.

    I doubt that Israelis will alter their culture from one incident, no matter how horrific. I doubt they will do so, notwithstanding decades of low-grade warfare.

    Culture is a very stubborn thing. Just as America’s gun culture is a very stubborn thing. Just as America’s gun-control culture is a very stubborn thing.

    • Throughout history Gun Control has emboldened the worst of humanity to do whatever they wish to defenseless people and still Gun Control survives even where it should have been outlawed. Fortunately most American citizens are armed which stands in the way of marching Gun Control nut cases who despise Gun Owners worse than they despise firearms. Evidence of that are the numerous documented perverted threats to harm and murder Gun owners and their families, etc.

    • clearly hamas is a bunch fucking animals….and need to be exterminated…put and end to Gaza once and for all!

  2. Israel is 100% about eurocentric wussie progressivism.

    A “Peace in our time” rally on the border during the 50th anniversary of the 73 war? Morons. AirForce pilots mass strike in support of Obama’s “we hate Bebe”? Morons. Iron Dome will protect/solve all but no mass counterbattery fires? Morons UK style/disfunctional parliamentary “government”? Morons. Trusting the US demtards/letting Obama/ilk dictate their elections/etc? Morons. They have let in hordes of the ballless for decades. Perhaps NOW they will see.

        • That’s the sort of shit that makes me feel like they deserved it. Holding essentially a nose-rubbing privilege party complete with all the western debauchery and decadence Hamas, allegedly, hates right along the border they view as a symbol of oppression.

          Almost like the partiers were out asking for it. And to call it a peace party is just gasoline on the fire.

    • I have great sympathy for anyone who is mercilessly murdered and/or kidnapped to be held for trades, sex slavery, or anything in-between, regardless of country or region. My greatest concern, however, is for the people of the United States.

      The border-less policies pushed by the US federal government have undoubtedly allowed hundreds, if not thousands of terrorists into the country over the past 5 years or so- actually decades, and I believe it’s only a short time until these are loosed upon us as well.

      Carry plenty of firepower, do some remedial work with your firearms and have some supplies on hand. Be aware and know exactly who you can trust. We gave up on trusting the established government in many states and metro areas years ago. Start exercising your personal mindset for the impossible decisions you may have to make very soon. I’d bet the Israeli people would like a mulligan right now.

      Plan now.

      • “The border-less policies pushed by the US federal government have undoubtedly allowed hundreds, if not thousands of terrorists into the country over the past 5 years or so- actually decades, and I believe it’s only a short time until these are loosed upon us as well.”

        That’s part of the plan devised by George H. Bush in the mid 80s when he drafted the defense resources act (what became the patriot act) consolidated FEMA into a single agency and had them start planning for the creation of detention camps along the US, Mexican border that would support the capture of 100k illegals crossing the border in a months time….what’s at play has been in the works for as long as I’ve been alive if not decades longer.

        I cringe every time I hear Biden’s border crisis. He’s just a witless puppet.

    • would seem to be a reality check for Israel….you can’t make peace with this human scum….

  3. In quite a few of those videos, civilians had great positions over Hamas terrorists, but they only had cameras to shoot them with. An armed and ready populace is much harder to push around than the unarmed populace you see in the videos. Israel needs to understand everyone around them wants them dead and stop preventing their people from obtaining weapons suitable to defend themselves and their nation.

    • stop preventing their people from obtaining weapons suitable to defend themselves and their nation. quote………….

      Not gonna work. What MIGHT work is for GOVERNMENT to begin issuing tens of thousands of personal weapons, and the training in how to use them to good effect.

      In other words, Hamas will quake in their sandals only when they realise that behind every blade of grass in Israel is an armed and skilled (not to mention determined) Israeli citizen.

      Sadly methinks they as a nation and culture are too wussified to embrace such a change. It will be to their demise if they don’t.

      • Or maybe they’ll implement their own version of The Patriot Act and fuck themselves even harder.

    • “All I am saying…is give peace a chance”….yeah, right!…everyone in that country should have access to a gun!

  4. Their current gun laws exist to stop suicide, though. I think they should just start roof knocking until the creeps that think sexual assault glorifies their sky fairy are put down.

    • their stubborn refusal to arm he general public IS suicide en masse, however.
      And I’ve no idea what your rattling on about sexual perversion means. Maybe reflecting your own bent?

    • “Their current gun laws exist to stop suicide, though.”


      What business is it of yours what someone wants to do to themselves?

      My body, my choice… 🙁

  5. Israel had lax gun laws from 1971 to 1997, and they were akin to Slovakia’s and The Czech Republic’s gun laws today.

    The irony is that “Defensive” Civilian Guerilla Warfare by the Israelis in 1973 repelled and crushed Islamifascist Terror Cells, enabling the Israeli Standing Armies to beat back the Egyptian and Syrian Militaries.

    They went “Australia Style” by 1998 though. They wanted to be “Civilized” like those prissy British Commonwealth Countries.

    If Israelis have any common-sense, they’ll embrace at bare minimum, Czech Republic, Swiss, Slovakian, and Finnish Firearms Laws..

    • evil…true evil…exists all around that country….and now you’ve seen it on display….

  6. Palestinians, other Arabs, and Muslims live in Israel, but Jews don’t live in Palestine. There’s a reason for all things. One side is more accepting and loving than the other.

    • I don’t see any resolution other than reclaiming Gaza Strip. Then they need to slowly take over West Bank by buying out desperate Palestinians. The regular Palestinians dream of leaving that S_hole and going to a Western country. The Palestinian government only cares about waging war against Israel. They don’t care about making life better for their own people.

      • Yup. Clean out the trash who only stir up trouble. Let them go elsewhere and take their perverted value system with them. I have long thought it near insanity for Israel to sit back and allow the endemic terrorism and destabilisation by the foreign death-cult operatives to continue to exist in THEIR OWN territory. Israel have been the only nation in modern history to allow their enemies to dwell amongst them, AND to keep their own population disarmed. Their folly may well be their undoing.

        • Tio,
          Allow me to modify your last few sentences…

          The US has been only one of a few nations in modern history to allow their enemies to dwell amongst them, AND attempt to try to disarm the populace at the same time. Our folly may well be our undoing.

  7. just as in this and every other country, terrorists strike unarmed people usually in gun free zones! Still sheeple in this country claiming it could never happen here!

  8. F*ing dumbasses. Just like liberals. “It can’t happen here!”

    History isn’t over yet, idiots.

  9. They aught to just issue every adult citizen an AR-15 and a Glock 19. And 200 rounds of ammunition for both.

  10. yes
    but it starts here:
    “Terrorist Attacks on Israel Are About to Change the Country and the Way They Think About hamas: for a long time they were a tolerable threat. They are now an intolerable threat. Their ultimate demise is now rapidly approaching.”

  11. Partying at festivals within sight of the prison fence holding back two million genocidal terrorists. Maybe you want some guns in case something happens? “Nah, our schools aren’t shootin’ galleries, goyim.”

    Nothing will change.

  12. American citizens are reported as kidnapped. What will Biden do?

    We don’t know if any of our citizens were killed, at least I haven’t seen anything that says so, yet. What will Biden do?

    The squad is attending a pro Hamas celebration. How much impact will they have on Biden?

    Terrorists are not protected under convents or laws of war. Terrorists need exterminated, period. Iran supplied money and arms, they must be dealt with.

    These animals were given concessions, they are allowed access to their holy sites. Shut it down. They can’t act civilized.

    Maybe it is now time to take the gloves off and fight a war with out mercy.

    • DoS is keeping a lid on the number of Americans killed by Hamas. The information will be trickled out slowly as the news can be steered to support the agenda of the hour.

      The problem, as you probably already know, of fighting terrorists; they blend with the civilian populace. Kill a non-uniformed terrorist and the death gets added to the “civilians” killed numbers. No matter how Israel responds, everything they do will be painted as brutal and over-kill.

      • Israel will be condemned regardless of what they do. No matter how much time they give civilians to leave, no matter if they practice restraint. The same antisemitic leftists will blame them.

        I don’t believe when your Country is invaded, civilians taken hostage, women raped and indiscriminate killing is done that there is overkill in a response. If every soul in Gaza and the West Bank is killed the blame lays on Hamas, Iran, Syria and anyone who supported the attack.

        • To the jihadist mindset, if G0d or All@h didn’t want them to rape, torture, and murder their hostages, then G0d or All@h would step in to prevent them.

          They see a lack of divine intervention as approval for their actions. I think the deities plan is a bit more subtle.

    • “American citizens are reported as kidnapped. What will Biden do?”

      A US aircraft carrier has been dispatched off the coast of Israel, to provide ‘support operations’.

      Likely meaning, the US Navy SEALs, who have expertise in that area…

      • The show of force is an easy political calculus. What he allows the military to do is what remains to be seen.

        I hope his puppet master has the intestinal fortitude to exact punishment.

        • It would take literal *years* to reactivate the (now museum) battleships… 🙁

    • people need to see these images to understand what they’re dealing with and stop being so naive….

    • “The “Israeli woman” was actually a German citizen…”

      She still is.

      The last I heard, she’s still alive, but held captive. The Germans have their own (very competent) version of the USN SEALs, and I seriously doubt they are twiddling their thumbs right now. German intel is likely on it right now… 🙁

  13. Never say that something like that cannot happen anytime, anywhere.
    Been watching some of the videos. Thousands of people in gun-free zones with absolutely nothing to do but run and hide.
    The feeling of helplessness and fear must be terrifying.

    • Epsteindidnotkillhimself,

      You do realize that our resident Philosopher and ultimate source of wisdom–commenter Albert L J Hall–has spoken from on high recently that this sort of thing never happens and thus civilized people have no justification for having firearms. Clearly he is right and you are mistaken. Or NOT.

      The people of Ukraine were civilized and did not need firearms–until they did and it was too late.

      The people of Israel were civilized and did not need firearms–until they did and it was too late.

      The irony in all of this: Albert L J Hall is actually correct in that civilized people have no justification for firearms and should not have them. Unfortunately, there is not a single place on planet Earth where all people are civilized at all times. Rather, uncivilized people can and do attack anywhere and at any time. THAT is why civilized people must be armed–for righteous self-defense against the uncivilized who always have and always will roam freely among us civilized folks.

      (Disclaimer: my paragraph above is a play on words and concepts to illustrate a point. As it turns out, even if the whole world were filled with only civilized people, civilized people should still be able to own firearms for various purposes which do not involve attacking people.)

      • There is never a time when a civilized people have no justification for firearms. Guns are justified. Period. If for nothing else, the mere fact that there is evil in this world. The very thing that creates a civilized people is the act of removing evil from within itself.

        • Agree completely.

          I was playing on words to illustrate your very point–that we will always have evil people in the world walking among us and that alone justifies civilized people having firearms.

      • UK did not need guns, until they did (1939).

        See Lend-Lease.

        Many soft-hearted Americans sent the scuzzball Brits personal arms. After the war was won, the Brits threw all but one rifle into the ocean, because “civilians don’t need guns”.

        True story.

  14. dacian, right now, is rejoicing over the number of dead in the door to door murders in Isreal…he would say that Isreal was ‘civilized’ because it had gun control that kept its citizens disarmed .. and it worked too, the bodies of the innocent having no chance of self defense testify to that.

  15. The same terrorists types that attacked Israel are already in the U.S., already armed, Biden invited them by his insecure border.

  16. The craziest part, to me, was the paraglider dudes! Normally, that would be a VERY vulnerable way to invade a country. They are slow. They are noisy. They are EXPOSED.

    If paragliding invaders came to my neighborhood, I can PROMISE you that it would be a ****ing PARTY! Everyone would be out for “target practice!” LOL! Seriously… those paragliding invaders would be turned into “Baby Swiss Cheese” in an INSTANT. There would likely be neighbors fighting neighbors for the CHANCE to take a shot!

    I called this one!

    No! I called it!

    This one is MINE! Hold my beer!

    • 12 gauge shotgun loaded with #4 buckshot would probably be optimum. You need to make concessions for the risk of falling bullets.

      • That is a tricky call with distance and density (population) being widely variable. My area would probably be right in the #4buck optimum but a quarter mile in several directions could easily get away with 000. I fully support your general idea for suburbia and it has been what I have advised neighbors to go with for years except those weirdos with 20 ga they get stuck with #3 or 2.

    • don’t think they really knew what was happening…maybe they thought it was part of the show?…..”Red Dawn” with a twist!

      • “nobody sells guns like the democrats!…..”

        Perhaps, but without a reliable way to know if gun ownership is spreading, or deepening, what do gun sales numbers really tell us?

        • that there are a hell of a lot of ’em out there…and the numbers continue to grow…meaning a lot of “newbies” coming into the fold

  17. Change Israeli culture? Hell no.

    The ‘wishful thinking’ the Leftist Scum ™ means they will forget the lesson.

    They might ‘change’ in the short term, but they will always regress back to a soft state…

    • Jews aren’t so tough without billions of dollars of weapons from America against rock-throwing children.

      Hamas now has advisors from Iran and Chechnya- and they are not messing around.

      Israel is too worried about their Gay- pride parades and there’s no more televangelists to buy jets for anymore.

      Young Christians recognize once again that Rabbincial Judaism is a reglion hostile to Christianity, and they don’t support Israel like their boomer parents.

      The Jew-controlled media (like this website) will now try to use status as a reason to support Israel, but smart people will see right through it.

      When Israel demands the USA release J6 political prisoners, the I’ll support them.

      • Oh, look, everybody!

        It’s another one of those trolls with *zero* credibility puffing out his chest, acting real tough, like he thinks he knows something (but obviously doesn’t).

        Sod off, wanker…

      • Hmm, dacidiot, wankingoffinthehallway, and shitdiggingidiot all rolled up into one sock puppet account…

      • That ladies and gentlemen is you know who is uneducated, a leftist, and antisemitic. I think he hit on most of the tropes except where the Jews killed Jesus.

    • By who?

      More likely to see the former Gaza Strip obliterated and bulldozed into a car park.

      • would seem to be the right move…but first they’ve got all those hostages to worry about….

  18. Biased viewpoints are biased. For starters, Hamas is being supplied with weapons and intel, by both Saudi Arabia, and Iran. If the authors even hope to minimize their bias, they need to be covering that aspect of the war. Hamas is being used by someone, just as Ukraine is being used by the United States.

    Then, there is the whole thing of “provocations”. While I might prefer to see Israel win against the Arab/Muslim world, the Israelis are certainly not innocent. Take off the rose colored glasses, and read Israel’s history again, starting with the Balfour Agreement. Go right on through Israel’s history, covering all the atrocities on BOTH SIDES.

    Geopolitics is a lot bigger than just Hamas attacking Israel. Every time I remember that Saudi Arabia is our ally, I feel shame. Iran? Hell, they wanted to be our ally, until our CIA staged a coup, and installed a ruthless animal of a puppet. We indirectly created the Muslim theocracy in Iran.

    I despise the biases injected into everything by mainstream media, and our lying government.

        • Yes.

          Why does 2% of the population get to run our media and financial system?

          If you are a white guy and go to an elite university- you quickly realize the system is structurally hostile to you.

        • Oh, so you’re a jihadist terrorist lover then?

          The same folks that took down the world trade center on Sept. 11?

          You and every one like you should be put up against the metaphorical wall, ass-wipe… 🙁

        • According to the media, the middle east is NOW at war. As if we haven’t been watching the that entire region ‘at war’ for centuries.

          This is the same media covers for the left ignoring every little thing they do to destroy this country and belittle Isreal while simultaneously spreading lies about every single word Trump utters. There is no honor in the media.

  19. Most likely the Kingdom feigned a peace accord while Iraeli’s let their guard down then financed an attack just like they did against the U.S.

    Arabs and Muslim are friends to no one except their own clan.

  20. “but it got there via a domineering statist regulatory regime that American gun control activists can only fantasize about.”

    When it comes to internal security, Israel well-learned the tactics of the SS and Geheime Staatspolizei. With a nation within a nation (arabs abound in Israel), managing the internal threat was imperative, requiring the harshest of tactics. Apparently, over time, the Israelis relaxed their vigilance.

    Maybe the Israelis need to go rethink Stalin: “trust no one”; and restore their version of a police state.

  21. My family was expelled from their home in 1945 by IDF terrorists.

    My family returned to so-called Israel in 2019 to visit religious sites (Holy Seplechure, Bethlehem, etc.) and we were spit on by Ultra-orthodox Jews. Literally spit on.

    Israel murders Palestinian children and we all turn a blind eye. Israel blows up an apartment building, killing hundreds of civilians- and people cheer in the main stream media. (Lol- I wonder why.) I think it’s all time we support the second amendment for Palestinians.

    If you support Jews over Palestinian Christians- you are not a Christian.

    • All nations practice geopolitics. You are talking very small numbers of people done wrong regarding loss of land. Palestinian territory is nothing more than a tactical wedge used by the Islamic world to attack Israel. If you look at Israel on a map it is nothing more than a pin prick in size, meaning the rest of the region could take in people if they wanted…but they don’t because they want the wedge. Remember that WAY more Jews were kicked out of all the other countries in the Islamic world. The problem is the Islamic world needs to embrace civilization.

    • “Palestinian Christians”


      its not about jews vs Palestinians. its about the very terrorist elements creating a situation that deliberately places innocent lives in the middle to export their terrorism agsin against others and have been doing it for decades. its about those terrorist elements being a proxy for Iran who has stated over and over again they want Isreal destroyed.

      so, you care about Palestinian Christians suddenly in your very contrived post…get rid of the terrorist elements that are exporting their terrorism in the name of “Palestinians” like they are completely innocent but for some reason the “Palestinians” are happy with that. So it seems that ya don’t really care about Palestinian Christians”


      its not about jews vs Palestinians. its about the very terrorist elements creating a situation that deliberately places innocent lives in the middle to export their terrorism agsin against others and have been doing it for decades. its about those terrorist elements being a proxy for Iran who has stated over and over again they want Isreal destroyed.

      so, you care about Palestinian Christians suddenly in your very contrived post…get rid of the terrorist elements that are exporting their terrorism in the name of “Palestinians” like they are completely innocent but for some reason the “Palestinians” are happy with that. So it seems you are not so fond of “Palestinian Christians” after all.

      • So your response to having terrorist Jews run a genocide on my people is “move”.

        Do you show any solidarity to oppressed Christians anywhere? You just call anyone you don’t like a “terrorist”- sorry, but I don’t see Hamas bombing apartment buildings. But hey- you watch a lot of TV run by Jews, so I don’t blame you.

        Why do you side with the group that literally spits on Christians during their processions?

        • 150,000 Palestinian have been killed and injured by Israel, since 2008. 33000 of those were children. But no one talks about it, no one calls them terrorist. Why?

          Why do you not care until the TV tells you to care?

        • “So your response to having terrorist Jews run a genocide on my people is ‘move’.

          wow, your as dense and ignorant as Miner49er. learn what context means..Miner49er.

        • “My people”…my ass. Fake bogeyman Israel for wedge issue to explain why the entire Middle East is a crap can except the tiny sliver of land known as Israel. Wise up. The Muslim world needs a reformation to enter the modern world and YOU KNOW IT!

        • “150,000 Palestinian have been killed and injured by Israel, since 2008. 33000 of those were children. But no one talks about it, no one calls them terrorist.”?

          You.must mean those little vermin that are taught by the Hamastiian children’s shows with the Disney-like characters who instruct the aspiring terrorists to “stab the Jew” right? I’ve seen those shows on YouTube.

          From the river to the sea will soon be moslem free.

    • You’re not even Palestinian. What countries controlled the land of the West Bank and Gaza Strip before Israel occupied them? Egypt and Syria. There wasn’t a “Palestine” and those countries were mud hut living third world cesspools. But smart Jews made a civilized society with modern life out of nothing and you hate them for it because you are jealous.

      It’d be nice if all the Jews left so we could ignore that hellhole of the world.

      • Jordan expelled the Palestinians when they tried to overthrow the king. No wonder other countries don’t want them.

    • Free Palestine,

      “Palestinian Christians”

      So, the dudes who are killing Israelis en-mass these last couple days are Palestinian Christians? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

      Sorry, I had to catch my breath. Oh, and I had to dust off my ancient Greek language textbooks (remember, ancient Greek is the language of the Bible New Testament which informs Christian doctrine) to remind myself how to translate Alah-hu-akbar into modern English. (I heard several of these alleged Palestinian Christians shouting that in videos of their actions the last two days.) Imagine how perplexed I was when I realized that isn’t ancient Greek (or even modern Greek) and is instead an Islamic religious cheer in Arabic.

      Hmm. Wait a minute–does that mean these Palestinian dudes are actually violent Muslims? This is my surprised face.

  22. Iran should be attacked in a massive fashion, removing nuke threat and reducing offensive ability. Gaza should be rendered a lifeless buffer. The response must be non proportionate and an example made. Hundreds of thousands need to die for this. Civilization or barbarism is the choice, and the Islamic world has been the latter for over a thousand years.

    • Are you a Christian? Where is your compassion for the Christian and Muslim families that live in the Gaza Strip?

      What dog do you have in this fight? Do you just watch a lot of Jewish-controlled Hollywood and TV?

      • Nice try. ALL must leave in order to have the lifeless buffer. Islam must embrace civilization instead of barbarism…but you know this, don’t you. Israel is a pin prick in size when you look on a map, so this is all just hatred of Jews.

    • Vast majority of the Islamic world is civilized, and fighting the ongoing war against fundamentalist extremism. Peaceful Muslim countries (Indonesia, Bangladesh, Egypt, etc.) aren’t in the news all that much, so followers of US or European news tend to get a skewed view of “the Islamic War” where most of the news relates to conflicts in the Middle East and central Africa.

      • Yes. Local culture matters. I have Muslim clients. I’ve done work for the local mosque. Once you’re in, you get referral work.

  23. The Palestinians are the cockroaches of the Arab world. The only Arabs that will have anything to do with them are Terrorist organization (Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and Isis. They use them for cannon fodder and human shields. Israel should have dealt with the Palestinians years ago. Instead they tolerated them, knowing full well they were a dangerous enemy. Now the price must be paid for that tolerance. Liberal/Progressive Democrat aren’t that far removed from the Palestinians. They too are an enemy that is being tolerated. The question is. How much longer?

    • Sadly, the people in the Palestinian territory are indeed used as a wedge issue by the Islamic world to attack Israel. Liberalism is a mental disorder. Any look on a map, and the small footprint, will tell you that the Islamic world simply wants the Jews dead. Saying Israel is the reason for the barbaric, backward, poop can, condition of the all the Islamic countries surrounding is both telling and insane. Jordan, for instance, will NOT take in Palestinians. Can’t lose that wedge issue if you want to kill Jews, can you.

      • What are you talking about? Jordan did and does take in millions of Palestinians.

        My family lives in Dubai now. We have Jordanian citizenship. We are Palestinians. Some stayed in the West Bank- because, it’s, ya know- their ancestral home? Before a bunch or Irgun terrorists showed up?

        I understand you care about what’s going on in Gaza- but stop libeling a group of people for no reason.

        • NOBODY treats the Palestinians worse than the Islamic Nations that supposedly care about them, but I’ll take you at your word in saying Jordan is kinder/gentler than the rest. The ancestry (right of return) thingy is pure garbage that the surrounding Islamic nations could pay each family MILLIONS and take them in to WAY BETTER areas. But no, they bottle them up in a hell hole for tactical wedge reasons. Any fool can see this. At any rate, the Middle East needs a reformation (just like Europe did countless centuries ago) to get out of the barbaric past into the modern world. But you know this, don’t you.

  24. We forget history and things look the way they are today. Every country that the British have touched has been a total mess in the late 19th and early 20th Century with their involvement in the middle East and else where. Look at the bad historical setting of Palestine from that time period in the late 19th and early 20th Century in this part of the world. Look at what is going on in our country with illegal immigration and what happened to Palestine with illegal Jewish immigrants during the early 20th Century. The British made this mess and never resolved it. The British promised a carve out of land in Palestine and look at the mess we have now. It is just a sad state of affairs for both Arabs and Jews. When will the illegal immigrants in our country want a carve out of land for themselves, what will happen when the U.N. recognizes them. We will have the same situation a mess. Just do not forget history because it does repeat.

  25. Don’t count on most liberals even understanding the basics, most are oblivious to world events that involve self defense.

    • 150,000 Palestinian have been killed and injured by Israel,since 2008. 33000 of those were children’s. But no one talk about it, no one calls them terrorist. Why ..?

      Do you support arming the Palestinians?

      • 7.2 million people world wide have been slaughtered by Hammas endorsed and aided terrorism since 2007. 1.5 million of them were children.

        and since 2008 every action by Isreal in Gaza has been in response to an hammas action of terrorism against Isreal.

        why are you supporting arming hammas terrorism?

        once again, its not about ‘Palestinians’…its about hammas. dump those terrorist and maybe you will have a chance, they are using the ‘Palestinian’ people as their excuse and putting them right in the middle. of you care so much about the ‘Palestinian’ people then get rid of the very element hammas that is actually victimizing them.

        • Like those homemade Katyusha rockets Hamas cranks out in tiny apartments?

          I laugh my ass off every time one those ‘factories’ blows up… 🙂

      • Palestinians intentionally hide their high level terrorist/military targets behind a human shield of civilians. Then the propaganda cries about dead children when Israel retaliates from the latest Arab terrorist attack, AFTER Israel takes the time to warn civilians to leave the area. Why don’t you tell the cowardly Palestinians to stop hiding behind children?

        • Because the children are Muslim – they will go to Paradise if killed in action. Unless they are NOT Muslim, in which case it is justified to exploit them in the name of jihad. Islamic law holds that all children are born Muslim – so infants go to Paradise, while children old enough to have been corrupted by the non-Islamic world are Infidels, and apostate…


      • and why is hamas deliberately using the civilians as human shields?

        Israel forces have been trying to evacuate civilians in the gaza, but Hamas is putting fighters in the homes using the families as shields then they engage the Idf forces. why do you endorse the use of children as human shields for hamas?

        stop pretending you are ‘Palestinian’, you aren’t. so take your trolling lying BS elsewhere.

      • The Palestinians killed (a WAY smaller figure than you give) were killed by Islamic extremists, or they themselves were Islamic extremists killed by Israel defending itself. We see you, you leftist leopard.

  26. Geewhizz, where does Anerica gets all the money to help fight these Wars everywhere? I thought America was 22trillion in debt. A guy knocked in my door this morning, wanting enough coffee to make a pot he said, since my food stamps got cut back I just ain’t got the coffee money no more. 22trillion in debt, 6 .5 billion to Cranes every other month. Evidently .giv’s “We’re broke.” is different then my “I’m broke.”
    Wars here, Wars over there, War War War. One of these days they are going to run out of gunm powder and have to start using swords and clubs.
    A robot with a sword, thatd be scary.

    • Actually it’s $33,000,000,000,000, but at this point whose counting. Certainly not the politicians. Ever wonder why? Look up Modern Monetary Theory. All will be made obvious.

    • There are two distinct groups of people on this planet -those that build and grow things or those who kill and destroy. I’ve had just about enough of this terrorist cult of death and destruction.

        • “IF”…. Much like how the world’s 2.4 billion Christians all follow the same rules.

  27. and now the ‘Palestinian Authority’ (PA) (AKA Hamas) sent a memo to the ‘Arab League’ asking for an emergency meeting, basically saying “we did nothing, just sitting here and all of a sudden Isreal attacks us with unprovoked aggression’ think of the children!’

    • Israel forces have been trying to evacuate civilians in the gaza, but Hamas is putting fighters in the homes using the families as shields then they engage the Idf forces.

      • “Israel forces have been trying to evacuate civilians in the gaza, but Hamas is putting fighters in the homes using the families as shields then they engage the Idf forces.”

        It’s a family feud. Stand back, and let them fight it out. It’s all about the inheritance from Abraham/Ibrahim.

  28. Genesis 14:14-16

    14And when Abram heard that his brother was taken captive, he armed his trained servants, born in his own house, three hundred and eighteen, and pursued them unto Dan. 15And he divided himself against them, he and his servants, by night, and smote them, and pursued them unto Hobah, which is on the left hand of Damascus. 16And he brought back all the goods, and also brought again his brother Lot, and his goods, and the women also, and the people.


  29. Yeah, I’m not even going to read through all this, as I see from the start your whitewashing of what Israel has been doing to the people of Palestine and the reason for this current escalation. Since I already see that you plastered it with typically twisted jewish headlines and fake stories. Like that killed girl, who wasn’t stripped, it’s what she was actually wearing, and she wasn’t Israeli. If you want to see some real corpse desecration, go watch clips of jews stripping naked and mutilating bodies of the dead Hamas fighters, urinating on them etc. A made up nation of pigs who spit on Christian pilgrims in Holy Land and curse out Christ every day, I see how you really have a lot of common with Ukrops.🐷

    • Yikes! I guess you told us Christian’s. I do sympathize with non-murderous Palestinians. Are there any left??? BTW there is NO nation of Palestine🙄

      • awwww come on now. we all know there is not really a nation of Palestine, but why burst the bubble of ignorance for the guy you big meanie.

    • “Like that killed girl, who wasn’t stripped, it’s what she was actually wearing”

      ya mean that other video showing them ripping her clothes off ….


      you are a complete moron.

    • Such hatred of Jews, huh. Such evil. You have been misled, Peter. Islam as the religion of pieces…er…peace. Reformation will come in Islam, but hopefully sooner and with less blood. Israel, fake bogeyman of the Middle East, I mean, how else to explain why it is a crap hole (except the tiny speck of land known as Israel). Now wise up.

  30. and now the hamas backed and funded Hezbollah is in the mix from Lebanon and the IDF is countering with tank movements on the Lebanon border.

  31. This is what happens when you try to get along with people whose only goal is to see you dead.
    Really not very different from Republicans trying to get along with the Democraps, when most of them would stab Republicans in the back the first chance they get, both figuratively and literally. The most recent example is Piglosi telling McCarthy that the Democraps would have his back. They had it alright, just long enough to shove the knife in.

  32. The Hamastinians/Gazacrats must be eradicated if Israel is to survive.

  33. A death toll of 700 for a small county like Israel would be like 21,000 deaths on 9/11, instead of 3,000. There will be hell to pay.

  34. @frank speak
    “Israelie intelligence WAS supposed to be the best…so what happened?……”

    We are all human; eternal vigilance is boring and exhausting. Throw in confirmation bias, and things go awry. Israel was also surprised when attacked by Hiz-bull-Uh a few years back.

    The Hatfield-McCoy feud isn’t totally over yet, why expect things to be different when the Middle East feud is about members of one family? Sometimes, the Carthaginian solution is the only answer.

      • “when people want to slit your throat….”eternal vigilance? might be a good idea…..”

        Of course, but people are people. And nations are made up of people. We, the US, are also quite the example, without the shooting….so far. And fortunately, not likely ever.

  35. @frank speak
    “that there are a hell of a lot of ’em out there…and the numbers continue to grow…meaning a lot of “newbies” coming into the fold”

    It is attractive to conclude that, but where on the 4473 does one indicate first time buyer? I suspect the overwhelming majority, as in almost 100%, are repeat buyers.

  36. Palestinians and Isrealies are at war for a very long time and they both spend a great deal of resources killing eachother. The blood flows BOTH ways.

    I am naturally inclined to side purely with Isreal But I don’t see anything that resembles the Christian ethos coming from either side.

    What I know for sure is that if Isreal gets wiped out, the USA will then become the primary target getting the full brunt of the force. Instead of putting our national resources where we actually need them, we a arming our enemies via Ukraine. While simultaneously weakening our ability to defend ourselves. Biden and the Democrat party are directly responsible for this entire situation and NEED to held to account. Rinos cowardly agreeing to this horror. These people should be tried for treason.

    • Israel has no need to show Christian ethos. They have turned the other cheek too may times. Now it’s time to invoke the ‘Jaw Bone of an Ass’ and put an end to it. Once and for all.

    • It is secular (atheist, leftist, humanist, communist) Jew vs religious. Liberalism is a mental disorder and many in the Jewish community (particularly the intellectuals of the past who created and propagated evil communist concepts) have swallowed it whole.

      • 90% of the Jewish community in the USA vote for Democrats, they are the biggest supporters of the Bloomberg disarmament campaign, they are their worst enemy. Sadly the heinous attacks in Israel are unlikely to change their habits.

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