3D Printers Go Brrrr: Brooklyn Gun ‘Buyback’ Paying $500 For Operable Handguns

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Image via Brooklyn DA

You can almost hear the 3D printers spinning up throughout the northeast with the news from the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office that they’re holding a gun “buyback” this weekend and paying obscene amounts of money for functional guns. Yes, this Saturday, December 17th, they’ll be paying $500 for functional handguns. If you’re one of first 25 participants, they’ll throw in an iPad, too!

Yes, there are caveats.  You have to drive to Brooklyn to cash in on this offer.  And you have to not get arrested on your way into the crime-free, gun-controlled utopia that is Brooklyn.  Or while you’re waiting in the long line to get into the location.

In my experience, sponsors usually run out of cash pretty quickly when they’re offering insane amounts of cash for junk. What happens to those folks left holding guns when the Brooklyn District Attorney runs out of cash? Will they simply have their guns confiscated under threat of arrest if they don’t “cooperate?”

“Five hundred dollars for guns, and a threat of arrest when we run out of cash” doesn’t sound like a winning slogan, but it in Brooklyn, participants might discover it rings true.

Or course, if you’re lucky enough enough to offload some crappy gats for actual cash, you’ll have to get out of there without getting carjacked, robbed, shot or otherwise violated by opportunistic criminals.

Image via Twitter.

Imagine the crooks who will be orbiting the buyback location just looking for easy marks leaving with a few thousand dollars and a free iPad. Those leaving the event will have just surrendered their guns trying to get home while defenseless. Cha-ching!

It almost sounds like a cooperative venture between a “progressive” prosecutor and violent criminals who roam the streets with impunity. In fairness, DA Eric Gonzalez doesn’t count himself among those prosecutors who enjoy Soros-funding, but he shares their ideas about criminal justice. From the New York Times . . .

Across the country, many of Mr. Gonzalez’s peers in what has come to be known as the “progressive prosecutor” movement — including Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s newly elected district attorney — have struggled to balance the competing demands. Although it is unclear what is causing the spike in shootings, their critics have focused on what they see as heightened scrutiny of the police, an emphasis on social services over prosecution and the easing of bail and sentencing laws.

Faced with a spate of grisly crimes, rising public anxiety, relentless criticism from conservative commentators and open rejection by police unions, Mr. Bragg has spent his first weeks in the job clarifying and, in some cases, reversing some of his more ambitious proposals.

Mr. Gonzalez has largely escaped such scrutiny, despite pursuing similar policies for years.

As someone who has participated at a few of these over the years, I’ll admit they can be fun. At the same time, I’m not sure I’d want to walk in with sixty-five functioning clunkers in a wheel barrow and expect not to be robbed six ways from Sunday within a few blocks of leaving the place.

Folks on Twitter have had fun with this announcement.

Ordinarily, I’d encourage folks to turn in their old, rusty clunkers for plenty of perfectly good cash. However in this case, I’m not sure the juice is worth the squeeze. If you do participate, make sure you’re not the squeeze.

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  1. “Yes, there are caveats. You have to drive to Brooklyn to cash in on this offer. And you have to not get arrested on your way into the crime-free, gun-controlled utopia that is Brooklyn. Or while you’re waiting in the long line to get into the location.”

    No way in *HELL* would I drive my vehicle with Florida license plates into NY state, much less ‘Crooklyn’, even for a dubious promise of 500 clams… 🙁

    • That was my immediate takeaway from the article, too. In order to relinquish a gat and claim the money, a person would need to drive through (and I fully admit I’m not familiar with NY law) a legally questionable area to reach the destination and avoid being stopped or otherwise contacted by LE along the way. The project states “no questions asked”, but I would not trust the Kings County D.A., the NYCPD, and other sponsors of the event (the advert says T-Mobile!) to resist the opportunity to video record everyone in line. And I find it interesting that a church – and a Baptist oriented one, at that – is holding this event on their property.

      • There’s a very wide variety of Baptist groups, Haz. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are both credentialed Baptist ministers, as examples from the left wing.

      • this is probably aimed at guns within the community…good deal for the bad guys…cash in your old, possibly legally tainted handgun…and use the money to buy a new one….

      • Many churches of all denominations, and even many entire denominational branches, have become corrupt. If they provide services to illegal aliens they get government money. There are many other government programs churches participate in as well. But then they have to tow the government line. The Catholic church currently gets more money from government than from the tithe in the US..

    • “bless anyone who scams this.”

      They have balls far bigger than mine, that’s for sure.

      Anyone care to bet the cops will be watching for cars with out-of-state plates entering ‘Crooklyn’, for an easy bust? 🙁

  2. How much you reckon the gangsters will pay the Brooklyn prosecutor for them? You know a mess of em gonna be back on the street.

    • Sorry Boog.. I refuse to believe the VOTERS in Oregon actually approved this. For starters, the lying clown who wrote the “description” of the bill for the pamphlet lied. As did the shill who wrote the arguments FOR. So many many “votes” were not INFORMED votes. Even setting aside THAT form of election tampering, I do not believe the “count” represents ballots actually cast for this abomination.

      So those for whom this matters will have to wait and see whether the courts are also sold to the highest bidder.

    • Interesting article. Secession will be difficult, but even more so will be forcing Newsom’s remaining part to take the name Kalifornia, to distinguish.

        • The legislation would authorize a vote in Puerto Rico to chose whether to become a state, an independent nation, or a country “in free association with the United States.”

      • Seems like secession should be pretty easy. Ignore CA and stop sending them tax dollars.

        Let CA send the National Guard into their neighbors homes to collect. I’m sure the optics on that would be glorious.

        You’d think if we lived in a civilized first world of tolerance and peace municipalities and states wouldn’t fear the fed the way one would fear a mob enforcer or abusive spouse. That alone should be enough justification to dissolve what is supposed to be a mutually beneficial partnership not forced imprisonment.

        • Not quite that easy Shire-man. Most counties get most of their revenue from taxes collected through the state and passed back.

    • Eventually its “possible” a thoughtful person would make sure one of them was “operable” when they turn it in and one of the anti-gun people could look down the barrel and pull the trigger to make sure.

      • It’s all spyware.
        I never heard of Grandma getting a government paid free LandLine.
        At least I was smart and downloaded everything to the Cloud. I dont worry about some entity gaining access to my cloudiness because I used a downloadable app that I got off Google.

    • Tdds are about 50% of them turned in will end up at a crime scene or taken off a gang member later. That’s whats happened with must gun buy backs.

  3. $50 for a BB gunm,
    What kinda drugs are they on?
    Oh wait I see the connection. You shoot out all the cameras and street lights with the BB gunm then you clobber your next victim with a hammer.

  4. It’s new york you already know whats going to happen.
    The first 50 people to turn in their guns, is going to get mugged / robbed by the second 50 people standing in line.

  5. So, where’s the follow-up? I’m just now reading the article and finding out about the buyback! How did it turn out? Anybody print out 50 working pistols and cash in? I like the Rough Rider Barkeep and even better is the Dollar store dart gun idea too.

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