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One of the most compact .30 caliber suppressors, known in particular for its performance on 300 Blackout, has been updated and upgraded. The Energetic Armament Vox K is now the Vox K2. EA’s press release follows . . .

Energetic Armament Releases the Next Evolution of the Vox Line

December 14, 2022 Austin, Texas

The Vox K2 represents the next evolution of the Vox line of Energetic Armament silencers. The Vox K2 is a next generation ‘kurtz’ compact silencer for shooters that require a hard use, high temperature silencer that is light and compact. Engineering efficiency is at the core of our design & development philosophy and this new silencer is testament to that. At 10.4oz and 4.9 in. long the K2 improves weight efficiency (dB/oz) by 60% at the muzzle and 25% at the ear over the legacy Vox K in testing performed on a Mk18 rifle. Where a compact, high-performance silencer is needed the Vox K2 yields 54% greater length efficiency (dB/in.) at the muzzle and 20% greater efficiency at the shooters ear.

The Vox K2 continues the feature rich tradition of the Vox line with a laser welded & nitrided C300 nickel-cobalt superalloy core. Industry standard 1.375×24 ‘HUB’ pattern mount allows shooters access to a wide array of mounting options in addition to the removeable direct thread adapter that ships with the silencer. The industry-first wipe cap is standard equipment and allows the shooter to use the silencer with or without the wipe depending on what suits their needs. The new Vox K2 accepts our accessory flash hider end caps available in both 7.62mm and 5.56mm. The Vox K2 ships standard with a combination cap/mount spanner and our Vox Blox vise block, so you are ready to go right out of the box.

The Vox K2 features the Energetic Armament patented Serial ID ring that is standard on all EA centerfire silencers. This patented ID ring ensures best-in-industry support should anything happen to your silencer such as a baffle strike. Our lifetime warranty makes sure you are covered, and warranty re-cores are handled with same day turn around rather than weeks or months with other companies.

Dealers can order now through our exclusive distribution partners, Allen Arms Tactical and Silencer Shop. To learn more about the entire Energetic lineup, please visit us at

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  1. Jeremy –

    In a NFA trust, when adding a new item into the trust, are all parties required to pay the $200 and wait, or just the controller of the trust?

    • The trust is the legal owner of the item (Form 4 line 2a) , so there’s 1 payment of $200, but all responsible parties of the trust (those who could legally gave the suppressor in their possession) need to submit fingerprints and passport photos.

      Here’s some trivia. The submission about pistol brace amnesty said it cost almost $35 to process the background checks, so if you have more than 5 responsible parties, the $200 tax doesn’t even cover the cost of the checks.

    • I do think that as long as you buy something new for the trust at least once every 24 months new fingerprints of each responsible is not required, as they are on file with the ATF.

  2. I like ’em.
    The optional wipe is a cool idea and only the law sucks. And their steel is pretty cool, not many steel suppressors come in at that weight.

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