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Despite the fact that a judge has put a temporary restraining order on Oregon’s Ballot Measure 114, NPR is highlighting an allegedly marginalized group who the “news” agency claims would be disproportionately affected by the new gun control law. Some members of Oregon’s LGBT community say they worry the new gun buyer licensing feature of the law that would give police discretion over who can and can’t buy firearms could block them from buying needed self-defense tools.

You don’t say.

Especially at this time of year, we have only one response to that . . .

According to NPR’s intrepid reporting, some in the “trans and queer” community worry that prior arrests during the massive rioting that rocked Portland in 2020 and into 2021 might preclude approvals to buy guns in the future.

Who could have possibly foreseen that rioting, burning, and looting could potentially cause problems later in life, whatever your sexual preferences?

From NPR . . .

Some of Oregon’s trans and queer gun supporters are worried that a new state law will prevent them from buying firearms.

The law, Measure 114, grants county sheriffs and police chiefs discretion to determine who qualifies to purchase a firearm under a new permit-to-purchase program.

But Measure 114 lacks criteria clearly defining what disqualifies applicants, details on what makes someone a threat and what data can be used by law enforcement in making that decision. That’s a problem for activists who have critiqued law enforcement, particularly in the racial justice protests that took place over the past two years.

By “racial justice protests” NPR must mean the mostly-peaceful riots in which Antifa and friends tried to burn down police stations and federal court houses.

portland riots molotov mostly peacefulportland riots
A mostly peaceful rioter tosses a Molotov cocktail in Portland, Oregon. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)
portland antifa riots federal officer
A federal officer fires crowd control munitions at Black Lives Matter protesters at the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse on Friday, July 24, 2020, in Portland, Ore. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Others worry about their social media posts being used to deny them permits to purchase firearms.

“I just feel like if I was to go online and say like the police are terrorists or something … [the police] would be like, ‘Well, you seem like you might not be fit for this community to be armed,’ ” says Mia Rose, a trans person of color and former licensed firearms dealer. “If they were to get that information that you got snatched up off the street [arrested during the Portland protests prompted by the killing of George Floyd in 2020], I would assume that the law would say they could deny your purchase, or deny your right to have a permit.”

If convicted of a felony, then yes. Yes they could.

Rose focuses her efforts on sales and training for LGBTQ+ and black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). She said she and her friends were initially drawn to guns out of fears that grew during the Trump presidency. Recent shootings like those in the LGBTQ Club Q last month in Colorado Springs, Colo., that left 5 dead or at a school in Uvalde, Texas, in May that killed 19 students and 2 teachers have solidified their desire for armed community defense – they feel police are not there to protect them, or even willing to protect them.

So much woke concern trolling in one story.

“Given abuses widely documented among law enforcement, [Measure 114] would create an environment ripe for further corruption,” Eliot says. “Police could easily restrict permits to preferred individuals and deny others without oversight to determine if people from particular racial or ethnic groups, religious backgrounds, LGBTQ status or political affiliations were being screened out.”

It’s nice to see Oregon’s wokies now waking up to this. It’s absolutely adorable to watch them discover that giving government bureaucrats discretion over who can and can’t exercise their constitutional rights can lead to arbitrary decisions, discrimination, and outright corruption.

Proponents of the law say it came as a response to mass shootings and hate crimes. Liz McKanna, chairwoman of Lift Every Voice Oregon, the group that wrote Measure 114, highlights that states that have passed similar laws have statistically shown decreases in gun deaths and injuries.

There are similar laws on the books in Chicago (706 homicides and counting) where they’re working out extremely well.

McKanna discounted the concerns about police bias.

Of course she did. Surely a few arbitrary rights denials by government functionaries can’t be too much of an inconvenience. If it saves just one life….

On one hand, we welcome Oregon’s newly aware marginalized communities to the gun rights fraternity. There’s plenty of room here for everyone and you’re all welcome. On the other hand, I hope you won’t be confusing speech with violence and violence with speech any time soon.


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      • SCOTUS ruled in the infamous 2005 “Castlerock v. Gonzales” decision that the police are NOT constitutionally bound to protect.

      • The Supremes have decreed that the masses may not expect law enforcement officers to respond to their particular emergency, gay or not. That the duty to protect is to society at large and not to any individual no matter how dire their circumstances. The case arose out of Kallyfornicadia (of course, where else?) of a female of unknown self-identity who was being sexually assaulted by a group of cis males. Despite her calls to 911 and desperate please for help, the Sacramento cops were otherwise engaged in a donut eating contest (hyperbole writer generated) and too busy to respnd to her pleas for assistance. Went all the way to the federale supremes who very clearly stated that police protection is a generalized thing and not available to Joe or Jill Citizen as a right. If the cops show up fine and dandy. If they are otherwise occupied at Dunkin Donuts, as we used to say in the MC air units, “Thems the breaks of navel air” Yer on yr own, honey.”

        • Don’t get yourselves in an uproar, I’m sure the legislature will find a carveout for “certain” groups. Insured protection and relief from gun specific laws because “certain” groups face special challenges.

      • Check out some big city PD websites. I’ve seen several that outright say the police are not there to protect the citizenry. Citizens are on their own even in places where the police do try to protect, Police response, no matter how fast, is usually well after the action is over.

    • Well, aside from the spectrum of personal opinion over LGBTQIAXYZ, why, oh why John Boch, did you choose a photo that shows someone posing with a gun casually aimed inside his pants and his jewels sans a holster?

      (am I okay assuming it’s a dude?…I mean, people seem to be triggered so easily these days…)

        • They actually do make such s3x toys. But I will not post a link here. One was displayed on a video many years ago. The context was a story about the last gun store in San Francisco. As I remember it was two drag qu33ns who were holding them.

          If know one believes me go look it up for yourself. Ben Phillipy, not sure of the last name, he was the gun journalist.

      • If that guy ‘triggered’ himself, he’s really have something to complain about.

        (Unless, of course, he was planning on a ‘LopADickOffaMe surgery in the near future, and was hoping to save a few bucks with self-surgery at home, beforehand… 🙂 )

      • IMO “dude” is gender neutral… at least thats the way ive always used it… it even applies to inanimate objects… its the ultimate pronoun.

        • Dude has a feminine gender form in “dudette”.

          There are much better “non-binary” pronouns like “fuckstick”. Now, that’s a truly versatile pronoun that requires no modification based on gender.

        • Yup.

          “Dude” and “Dudette”. Mrs Haz has (haz?) been using those two terms her entire life. I didn’t even know her two brothers had real names when I first began dating her…I just knew them as “Dude” and “Duuuuuude!”.

          Now I just call those two morons “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”.

        • Sometimes, they just have to learn the hard way. You can tell them the truth. But their political ideology will not allow them to admit the truth. Even to themselves.

          This applies to every demographic.

      • I dunno, Haz. The arms are kinda hairy for a confused birth certificate female. I don’t know about if I am doing Mexican style holstering that I would wear my belt that loose. I would be concerned about the gunm falling down the wrong trouser leg to the ground.

  1. Our right to own and carry firearms comes from God, not because some groomers happen to agree with us in one issue.

    This article glorifies groomers and makes them the arbiters of right and wrong. We will never win if these are the best arguments we can come up with.

    Frankly, in a sane society these groomers would be in jail. You should be ashamed of yourself, TTAG.

    • @TTAG promotes groomers

      You don’t really understand the article or the gun community do ya. The article didn’t do any of what you claim, not sure how you read it that way unless you are really Miner49er then it would make sense why you are ranting insanely about something that does not exist.

      • .40 cal,

        While I sometimes cringe at the actual, individual issue of idiots like MinorLiar and dacian the demented being armed, I reluctantly agree that they possess the exact, same rights I do – free speech, right to keep and bear arms, right to vote (IF they are US citizens, voting ONCE, legally).

        Queers have the same rights I do, PERIOD. So do idiot commies (like MinorLiar and dacian the demented). I just maintain situational awareness, and NEVER turn my back on them.

        It would be nice if they would afford us the same courtesy, wouldn’t it???

    • Yes, why is TTAG promoting groomers? Disgusting. Furthermore, the name TTAG is a lie. Almost every single aspect of gun control is Jewish. Where don’t you write an article raising awareness of that, TTAG?

        • jwm,

          What, you mean Dianne Emiel Goldman Berman Feinstein is Jewish???????? Who knew????????

          Yes, there are plenty of self-gassing Jews who support gun control. There are also plenty of gentile idiots who support gun control, too.

          Stupidity knows no religion – there are stupid people of every faith, and no faith. Stupid is endemic.

      • the only one promoting ‘groomers’ here is you by ranting about ttag promoting groomers when they aren’t. its a known society group and their intersection with the gun world, in the aspect of 114 being reported on and thats all.

        stop ranting about something in the article that does not exist and go troll somewhere else.

      • “Yes, why is TTAG promoting groomers? Disgusting.”

        Far more disgusting is a regular commenter without the testicles to defend his own comments under his own name.

        (No nads, no nads the commenter… 🙂 )

        • Anonymous posting is more disgusting that child molestation and child rape? Are you really making that argument? Pedophilia is never ok, Geoff

    • I rather doubt that trans and “groomers” are synonymous, though there is overlap.

      IMHO, when I look at most of the actual “groomers” claiming “trans” I think that’s just the vehicle they’re currently using because it’s impossible to criticize in the current political climate due to intentional conflation. But most “trans” people are not interested in sexualizing children, nor are most homosexuals or bisexuals. Where there’s overlap with any of those groups it’s two distinct things in one person, a sexual attraction to children + a preference for a type of child. Which is no different than run-of-the-mill pedos who also have preferences.

      In that regard the word-battle is like “anti-racist”. You can’t criticize the actual racists claiming “anti-racism” because then you’re said to be self-identifying as a racist. The same basic game applies to BLM (the group, not the agency) and “assault weapon”.

      The Left is incredibly good at these word games because the modern US Left came from, and control, English departments where people study language rather deeply. It’s one of the first things they started to weaponize back in the 1950’s.

      It’s also why they get so, so, so angry when you point out that the current “pronoun” battle is effectively denying the humanity of “trans people” by making them an object in English since English has long had a “non-binary” pronoun known as “it”, which outside of newborns with an as-yet unknown sex, we use it to describe objects.

      “The speaker made noises, that’s its job” quite obviously refers to an object. Changing “”its” to “her” or “his” assigns “speaker” the role of a title for a person. Otherwise you’re talking about a box with some cones and wires.

      Simply creating new words that are, in actuality, technically synonymous with “it” really is calling the person a nonliving entity by referring to them solely as a physical object by proxy.

      Jesus, do they hate it when you point this out. I mean, they get REALLY spun up. Doubly so when you give them a flippant “Well, I talk this way because I actually think that we’re referring to a person, which you clearly do not. That’s disgusting and I won’t play that game” before simply walking away.

    • It seems that everyone that i read has ignored one important point. What happens when in one city or county, the Chief of Police or the County Sheriff is a gun hating liberal and denies everyone a permit ? This will enable them to do so.

      • a groomer is somebody that doesn’t have children of there own but looks to install political views into young children, often this is teachers, professors or anyone that has access to children.
        For instance the clothing company that made a bondage bear, why would they make that? Its to normalize the sexualization of children, lgbtq supports pedophiles and the pedophiles even have a flag called the MAP flag.

    • I have never cared what floated one’s boat as long as they kept to themselves. The only exception would be a very close friend or relative who was having identity problems and was seeking personal advice. Otherwise I really don’t care if your preference is chickens — yes, in court martial reports, the official reports of military courts-martial there are cases of carnal knowledge of chickens. That always puzzled me. I am not that familiar with chicken anatomy and wouldn’t know what I was looking for were I so motivated. The biggest annoyance from folks who are confused about their sexual status, to me, is that they want to advertise it. Shut up and keep it to yourself if you don’t want opprobrium. I always favored “Don’t ask; don’t tell.”

  2. Awwwww…show us on the doll where these idiotic laws hurt you😟🙄. Imagine rioting & looting had consequences. You thought Trump was yer enemy??? Duh. Or that cops would “protect” anything but their retirement,benefit’s or privilege?

  3. I find it hard to fathom that a jew, a person of color, or any other targeted minority would not be armed. Boggles the mind, actually.

    2a is for every one. All of us. Insist on your rights being honored.

    • I married into a Jewish family and I used to argue with my Father in Law. Why after what your relatives dealt with are you a democrat? I never got a straight answer and my MIL thought I was crazy. I loved my FIL but the MIL was batfeces crazy.

      • The Jews did nothing to cause them to be expelled from Germany during the Second World War. They were in no way causing any harm to anyone. The Germans of that time were instinctively evil people, and one day decided they needed to remove the Jews for no reason whatsoever.

      • I am with you. I can’t understand why the Jews seem to love the dimokrautik party. At the height of the persecution, Roosevelt denied permission for a boatload of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to obtain refuge in the U.S. He wa also the el jefe who signed EO 9066 incarcerating thousands of U.S. citizens in concentration camps and they too in large part are dedicated dimokrauts. Is it Stockholm syndrome on a massive scale>

        • it all comes down to money, they think the Democrat Party will protect them when they’re in power. unless they know too many secrets like Epstein or soon to commit ‘suicide’ Sam bankman

    • One of a very few sensible voices in the disappointing din of tyranny. All of us indeed, sad to see how few understand how freedom works.

      This comment thread is enlightening, but for all the wrong reasons.

  4. Because…our rights only really count if “marginalized communities” are affected.

    If “love is love”, then “rights are rights”, right?

    F NPR

    • READ it again this time for content.
      I saw a high level of skill used with words to make these whingers out to be the joke-is-on-themselves losers they are, Not one nanogramme of sympathy or approvvel for them.

      They have made their bed of violence and lawlessness, and are now on a new whinge because their past lawless/unlawful actions now might come back to bite them on their ample posteriors. Shoulda thought about future consequences for their violence and lawbreaking. They should also be very thankful, as a group, their HeeRow Teddy Wheeeeeler told his giins to stand down and give them space to destroy, just as did his pal back in Baltimore did when that city was burning. Had the Feds moved in to take back the courthouse many of those now free to roam about in public would, instead, find themselves in Federal prisons awaiting trial on charges like arson, felony assault, riot, insurrection, destruction of government property, etc.
      Much as I despise every facet of 114 and the treasonous preachy-boys who foisted it upon us, I find not one nanogramme of sympathy for those who kept Portland in an uproar for two years and are now on a well-deserved whinge because their anarchist choices may now be coming home to roost upon their own heads.
      a pox on their heads, AND upon those perfidious traitors who brought us 114, along with their “not law at all” unconstitutional load of putrid bilgewater

      • Presuming that “groomer” is idiot-speak for anyone who isn’t hetero, this seems an an odd place for you to spew your bile…given that you just advocated disarming millions of law-abiding Americans.

        Why exactly are you here, gungrabber?

        • “Groomer” is supposed to be a descriptor for people who push their sexuality on to children. Basically the stuff pedophiles do to prepare to rape kids. You know, showing children sexually explicit images, “sharing” sexual stories, encouraging them to mimic or perform sexual acts, etc.

          Most groomers are straight men who take advantage of underaged girls. There’s been a rise in media exposure of woke people pushing their sexual bullshit on children, like sexually suggestive drag shows for kids, so it has some conservative morons accusing all LGBT people of being groomers. And because of them, progressive idiots have decided that “groomer” is only used as a pejorative for LGBT people.

          Just reactionary idiots losing the plot, as always.

        • This right here, like anon said. No need in adding anything else, the bases are well covered aside from pointing out theres a whoooole lot of compensating going on which no one comfortable in their own skin need do.

          GJ fellow anon.

        • @Dude

          But they’re bigots. Won’t let me join because not gay. Said it doesn’t matter if I got a thing for bi-females.

          /s /bs

          Except for the bi-girls part.

        • In your case my use of the word “groomer”was used a a pejorative towards you. So like the idiot that you are you assumed wrong. Calling me a gun grabber really shows your ignorance.

        • You didn’t use the word “groomer” towards me, you said “groomers”. Plural. So when you said that the 2A didn’t apply to “groomers” you revealed yourself to be the gungrabber that you are.

          What exactly are you doing on this site, gungrabber?

        • Sorry I could have sworn you identified as “they them”. Still a pejorative to someone I think is an asshole.

        • Your feelings for me aside, it remains that you advocate for the disarmament of millions of law-abiding Americans. You’re a gungrabber.

        • You conveniently left out “groomers like you”. As in I was talking about you not groomers in particular. And if you are priming kids for sexualization then no I don’t want a sick perverted asshole to be able to defend themselves from anything. I want them dead before they can damage a child for the rest of their lives. Again you calling me a gun grabber is showing your complete ignorance of who I am.

      • Hate the sin, not the sinner.

        Judge not, lest ye be judged.

        I do not “agree” with the lifestyle, but . . . they got the right to do it (except the pedo part; that’s not OK, no matter WHO does it). I was taught their judgement will come from God, not me. I don’t flatter myself that I am omniscient enough to read another’s soul, so I let God handle that. Now, BEHAVIOR can be scorned or punished, but only to the extent it harms another. Two gay guys living together, as long as both are consenting adults?? Not my circus, not my monkey. I don’t GAF. They leave me alone; I leave them alone.

  5. This is the same community that overwhelmingly supported 114, now they are crying about it after realizing how duped they were.

    What can we say…. oh yeah ‘Told ya so.” …. but don’t worry, were gonna save you from your ‘wokeness’ – pro-second amendment legal groups are fighting it for you too.

  6. It’s all about disarmament, when we are disarmed and the queers are not useful anymore, they will kill them just like the other socialists. You haven’t seen any cross dressers in the communist governments.

  7. When the cocksuckers are not useful to them anymore, and they have disarmed everyone, they will kill them. Just like all communist countries do.

  8. Silly leftists. They don’t realize until too late that they are also on their own menu.

    “First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    “Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    “Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    “Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    “Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me”


    • +10

      The funny part being that the Leftists even paint this on walls. “Liberals get a bullet too”.

      The Right might understand this sort of thing (and thereby develop and ability to cultivate allies in *strange places*) if they’d stop paying attention to the labels that the Left has applied to people for decades and actually read the “bad books” and talk to the “bad people”.

      Reading up on the relationship between Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin is extremely enlightening, especially if you’ve already read Lenin’s collected works.

      Or, you can just let someone else do it for you and listen to him talk about it for almost four hours:

  9. I wish there was a way to hear the sound made when their consciousness realizes acting like a felonious psychotic moron has consequences and those consequences are lifelong.

    At least for now. I imagine purging arrest records is the natural next step in wokey equity after no-cash bail.

  10. There is no “LGBT” community. Maybe we shouldn’t be perpetuating that lie. A chunk of the L’s are firmly against what some of the T’s are for. The T’s are ready to literally throw down with the L’s over it. Many G’s think the T’s are just weirdos. No one seems to give an F about the B’s. Identity politics needs to die a slow painful death.

  11. They shouldn’t worry too much about police discretion for issuance of pistol buying permits. Bruen says discretion of a single governmental authority figure is unconstitutional. The only basis under current law to deny a purchase permit is a failure to pass a background check. Yeah that’s right, the SAME background check that they will have to pass when actually purchasing a firearm. [Whoever thought that this was a good idea seems to have been on the short end of the receiving line when God was passing out brains.]

    IN OTHER BREAKING NEWS FOR YOU OREGON RESIDENTS: The same judge who issued the TRO has now issued a preliminary injunction barring enforcement the new law.
    Well worth the read. I’d say the future of the new law is dim.

  12. Do-gooders always neglect repealing the Law of Unintended Consequences before saving the rest of us from ourselves.

  13. rotflmmfao
    they voted democrat
    now theyre worried about their gun rights
    they forgot that elections matter
    pass the popcorn

  14. America needs more gay guys and less lesbians.
    Or maybe just less guys and more bi lesbians, thatd work.
    It appears that if you’ve broken a law in Oregon you cant get a gunm, once in the system you never get out. Time served dont mean shit does it, nope. Once a felon always a felon, yep.

  15. WHAT Lil D has his photo posted with his flag so he doesn’t feel the need to educate us with his “wisdom”/drivel? Lazy prog.

  16. Smart pro-2A folks and Conservatives sense an opportunity to insert the tip of a wedge into the Left’s anti-gun politics at this juncture.

    But who am I kidding, that’s not gonna happen. LOL, smart political operatives on the Right! Some BlueAnon shit right there, son!

  17. I wonder how many that are now “COMPLAINING” voted “YES” on 114!!

    Even though my county voting overwhelming against 114, local paper have found a few people who admitted they voted for 114 and now are complaining about this, “this is not what they thought they were voting for”!!!!

    And they would have voted “NO”, if they had known before hand!!!

    • Go back and look at how many people in Cali tried to buy a gun in 2020 and were outraged about the laws. “I need a gun NOW!”.

      Yeah, well you either voted for this, voted for it by proxy or didn’t vote, so ya get whatcha ya get.

      The more interesting question is the “why?” that lurks behind their behavior. It also, unlike a surface analysis that simply notes self-destructive behavior as being self-destructive, starts to answer the “What do we do about this?” question.

        • I’ve read it.

          The British phrase, classically understated as usual for our cousins, “You touch it with a pin” comes to mind.

          That whole thing is another thing to write down and add to the list for a substack rant.

  18. Of course it will infringe upon the rights of law-abiding LGBT… community members. It infringes upon a constitutional right. Period.

    Also, if they were convicted of a felony in association with the “summer of love” activities, then they should be barred. Quite frankly, they should still be in prison after burning the city.

  19. They voted for gun control. Because they believed what the democrats told them. Now live with it. And stay in Oregon. Don’t leave to go “F” up another state.

  20. Good article. Funny how all the Libs want to suppress other people’s Constitutional rights . . right up to the moment they start to realize theirs are in jeopardy too.


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