Dallas store owner beaten riot
Screen cap via Twitter.
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Who needs one of America’s favorite rifles to defend themselves and their families? How about a shop owner in Dallas who tried to defend his business from scores of looters? Unfortunately for the merchant, he didn’t have a gun and the feral mob swarmed him. He confronted them with a sword.

They beat and stoned him nearly to death on a public street in America.

Dallas store owner beaten riot
Screen cap via Twitter

Here’s the video in question [be aware that it’s savage and disturbing] It’s also on our server here in case Twitter memory-holes the tweet (h/t GunFreeZone.net).

Yes, if the merchant had an AR-15, suddenly he wouldn’t have been at the mercy of a feral mob. In fact, the crowd probably would have avoided him entirely

Instead, according to some reports he’s clinging to life at a hospital while other reports say he died from his injuries.

Remember that Joe Biden has pledged to ban the AR-15 if he’s elected president. Because, to hear the word salad craftsman and Beijing stooge tell it, all you really need is a double-barrel shotgun.

At the same time, Crazy Uncle Joe has publicly stated that he would appoint Beto “Hell Yes, we’re going to take your AR-15” O’Rourke to oversee the confiscation of America’s favorite rifle and millions of similar guns if he’s elected in November.

Beto Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke endorsed him at a campaign rally Monday, March 2, 2020 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)

Yes, the same Beto O’Rourke who lives just down the road from Dallas where the shop owner found himself savagely beaten and stoned.

Dallas store owner beaten riot
Screen cap via Twitter

Americans aren’t stupid. They realize the importance of owning guns. Because guns protect people. Guns protect families and children and livelihoods.

Guns also protect freedom. Unlike opportunistic political hacks like Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke.

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  1. That unarmed heap of mostly dead represents the “solution” according to the left. If he were armed and well he’d represent the problem.

    2020 campaign ads will be great. Rolling footage of burning homes, businesses, cars and people being beaten half to death simply for existing with various Democrat candidates faces, names and their quotes of approval scrolling by.

    Biden/token for America. May as well burn it down.

    • Absolutely. This all needs to play on a loop, mixed in with a few “Hell yes we want to take your AR-15!”, and Biden’s “Bingo!” On gun confiscation.

      • Don’t forget to add Biden’s jewel phrase “if you don’t know who to vote for, you ain’t black!”

    • There’s more to that video. Before being (probably) murdered by the angry mob, that guy was running around wildly swinging a sword – yes, a sword – at everybody. You can see it under his dead body. Poor choice of self defense tool. Apparently he has never seen a zombie movie of any kind.

      • Trying to defend his property from thug looters! He should not of been put in that position by the lawless thugs! His only crime, wrong weapon. God bless him.

        • And lets not forget, Dallas is a LEFTIST city!!!!! Texans better wake up and stop thinking they are immune because by 2024 they will be a blue state! All of Texas’ to cities are leftist cities (thanks to migration of these dipwads from the Northeast and from Commiefornia), and those leftist votes will out number the non-leftists across the state by 2024. When we lose Texas’ 38(?) electoral votes, we will have lost America!

    • nothing like an 870 with OO that wouldve cleared them quick, hell most would have ran upon hearing the shell being loaded

      • I watched video of 3 guys with guns defending their shop in Cleveland. Protestors were going right up to guys and daring them to shoot. It was scary. Guarantee that if the owners end up shooting a looter, the owners will be in jail tomorrow and their shop will burn. No win situation.

        • Almost completely agree. As a former Marine and Police Officer, I tell you the old adage: I would rather be tried by 12 then carried by 6

        • Shoot “A” looter?????? Once you shoot one you need to keep shooting until they are all dead or are out of sight! If I have 100 rounds that’s 100 terrorists dead!! If I’m going to be tried by a worthless court system, then give them something to try me for!

        • If you have not heard about the bar owner who shot a looter, did not get charged but now is probably going to be charged, search “Jake Gardner Omaha.” Seems like clear cut self-defense but this “climate” dictates the guy gets charged. And he lost his bar since the property owner is getting threatened.

          I said “No win” situation and that is what it is.

    • Biden’s campaign is stating that they are contributing to the bail of Minneapolis rioters and looters to get them out of jail. Unbelievable!

        • Of course it will. That’s why all this was orchestrated, paid for, and carried out. This isn’t about justice…it’s about the election. If it was truly about justice you wouldn’t see minorities burning, and looting, the businesses owned by other minorities.

  2. Disgusting and sad. People that would do that to someone should be treated like the rabid dogs they are.

  3. I remember in East Texas back in the 70s in school, every Friday the principal would come down the hall and he would have this specially made paddle, it was called black Bart and it was covered in electric tape and he had drilled holes in the wood to make the paddle more aerodynamic, and he would call us all out one at a time and tell us the things we needed to improve on…….. 100% graduation class

  4. If I was a store owner I would pour lighter fluid, deisel, keresene in front of my shop and light it up before the terorist got close. Terrorist would need to walk through the fire to get to me and store.

    • I like this.
      Simple, effective, not very costly.

      Might I suggest “trip wires”. They would cause the rabid vermin to trip and fall into the mini-moat.

    • “If I was a store owner I would pour lighter fluid, deisel, keresene in front of my shop and light it up before the terorist got close.”

      VERY bad idea.
      The left leaning prosecutors and judges in Dallas will blame that store owner for EVERY fire in a 10 block radius of his business.
      Why? Because in the diseased minds of these progressive/socialist, rioters/Antifa/BLM is made up of NOTHING but innocent victims, all day, everyday.

      • Plus, the judge would fine you for contributing to global warming … Oops, I mean climate change.

  5. The lesson was taught right there. The Koreans had the right idea 30years ago. They were not only defending the stores but knew the attackers were not their customers, ever.

    • Black people attacked the Asians because an Asian person shot a black teen a year before the riots. They wanted pay back for the killing, so they tried to set fire to all the stores and steal stuff. Then the gangsters came around to shoot up the Asians because they didn’t like how Asians conduct themselves. The Koreans were defending themselves from racists after the police told the Koreans they were leaving because it was too dangerous for the police.

      • Blacks and Asians hate each other and black looter are lucky they faced a trained group of ROK Army and Marine veterans. They are well trained in riot control. If you the read description of the action you will see the fired to disperse first and that did the trick. If it didn’t they would have fired for effect.

        • “Blacks and Asians hate each other…”
          I REALLY wish you hadn’t said that. Now my wife thinks I’ve been lying to her ever since We got back here (with her family), in 1966.
          Is it OK with you, TDIINVA, if I just try to explain that you are full of schlitz, and don’t have a damn clue what the hell you are talking about? (I just wanted to make sure it was OK. I don’t want to insult you. Or your lily-white boyfriend.)

        • Careful there… Sounded like the corrupt media and radical leftists when you heap all of one ethnicity into a group and say things like “blacks and Asians hate each other”. I’m certain ALL blacks don’t hate ALL Asians, or vice versa. There may be tension and animosity between some, but this plays about as fairly as “All whites and blacks hate each other”. You may not have meant any harm, but it’s the kind of thing we need to be aware of. It is a mentality that needs to change.

    • No joke, some years back I ran across a guy in a forum who argued the Korean shopkeepers didn’t need AR’s (this guy being one of the “nobody NEEDS…” crowd) and that they could have defended themselves just as well with muzzle loaders.

      I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  6. Message to the store owner who got the snot kicked out of himself.
    Modern Outfitters (Irving Blvd, Dallas), is about 5 minutes away from your store location.
    If I may be so bold as to suggest something in the 300 Blackout Brace Built line, fitted with a true 1x LPVO, daylight bright of course, making it suitable for both day and night confrontations……

      • That probably is the ideal option for this type of situation.

        On the other hand, all sorts of firearms would have likely worked well enough.

        Great options:
        AK underfolder
        5.56 AR15 carbine or pistol with brace

        Good options:
        12 gauge shotgun
        9mm PCC like Beretta Storm, Sub2000, Camp Carbine

        Probably even a 10/22 with 25 round mags would have been enough to dissuade the mob.

        The cheapest 300 blackout ammo I see on ammoseek is 60 cents a round, while 7.62×39, .223, and 9I’m are all last than 20 cents a round.

        • No one defies a 12 gauge. I’d recommend that being backed up with a good 9mm, I love Sigs but CZs are excellent and reliable.

  7. You are on your own. And it’s always been that way. I carry at work all the time. And I have turned around to go back home. When I realized I didn’t have my gun.

    • Same here with me in Ohio, I think that is what is called perfect responsible gun control. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

    • Retired, but when I did work I carried everyday, even against policy with dismissal as a consequence; did it anyhow. Concealed means concealed. Never forgot, just like putting my pants on. Still carry everyday. Been targeted 3 times, but just by ‘body language; etc they got the idea it would be best to ignore me, which is what happened.
      Carry everyday.

  8. Looks like the skate board to the head didn’t help one bit. This is making a statement ? Our country is so screwed

    • wonder if they’re going to id any of these people…especially that skateboarder

      • If nobody stole over $800.00 worth of merchandise the Dallas DA said they are not criminals. Dallas has become a real shithole under it’s current liberal democrat dictatorship. It has had more murders over the past couple of years than most of it’s people can stomach. One woman was raped and killed after she called 911 because it took over an hour before the fire truck showed up, the police got there later. The govonor sent the highway patrol in to help keep law and order but the liberal democrat mayor threw them out because they were giving out traffic citations and certain comunities didn’t like that.

        • Much of Texas isn’t very Texas anymore. Much of Texas is very California. Oklahoma is FAR more Texas than Texas these days.

    • Americans are not educated enough to know kneeling on a person’s neck can kill their brain and hitting a person in the cranium with a skateboard can kill their brain, thus kill the person.

      • Clearly your awesome brain hasn’t digested the fact that the cop did not kneel on the thug’s throat nor according to the autopsy report did he die of lack of oxygen nor strangulation but rather due a combination of being high and other re existing conditions.

        Apparently some foreigners are really impressed with theeir limited knowledge and educations.

        • “Clearly your awesome brain hasn’t digested the fact that the cop did not kneel on the thug’s throat nor according to the autopsy report did he die of lack of oxygen nor strangulation but rather due a combination of being high and other re existing conditions.”

          This is why Yo Mama wanted you to go back to 6th grade last year. No reading comprehension skills, AND too much stupidity.

  9. And these are the people that Chief Censor, Montana Actual, and Miner 49er are all rooting for.

      • Where I am there is military on the streets and a curfew.

        Ain’t the constitution great?

        • Well, why aren’t out defending the constitution? /Sarc

          It’s the State Militia aka the National Guard. Restoring the civil peace under control of Governor is one of their constitutional missions.

          What I want to know is where is Vlad Tepes? Are you hiding him in your basement?

    • Nah they are just redististributing wealth and this guy did not comply. Now that our Government is on board with wealth redistribution wait until you don’t comply.

      • This. They don’t understand and don’t care to. Keyboard commandos in their 60s. They still believe in voting.

    • You are full of shit. I’m not rooting for these motherfuckers. I’m just ready for the outcome. Pay attention boomers… Boogaloo in 3… 2… 1…

    • I am officially ordering you to stop your libel against me. You are totally lying about my beliefs in a public forum. You are intentionally ruining my reputation with your libel. If you continue I can take civil action against you and criminal action if you live outside of the U.S..

      Dan Zimmerman, you can record his name, his post and IP for a civil suit. I rather you leave his comments on record than deleting the evidence. Thanks.

      • Hey Chief,

        It might actually be libel if your reputation was in genuine jeopardy and you’d incur financial harm as a result. But that would require the TTAG group knowing your real name, and since you’re operating behind a fictitious nom de plume just like everyone else here, you’ve got no standing to make any complaint.

        Unless you wish to rectify this and reveal your identity? No? Didn’t think so. Stop crying.

        • You have not said anything of value in any comments. You attack other peoples comments. I mean, snowflake or not, he has a point. Leave the facebook style arguments on facebook. If you have a point, prove it. Like your history lesson on how the south LOST the war. It’s funny you think I am incahoots with chief and miner, but if you had ever paid attention you would see there were tons of disagreements between us, probably before someone shared a link to TTAG on your facebook feed… It’s clear I have gotten under your skin. You questioned everything I threw at you and you refult to saying dumb shit like “oh look how enraged you are”. Grow up Ronald. If you disagree with someone, stop making it personal, otherwise, expect personal responsed. Coward.

    • It’s all one person with multiple personality disorder, give him/her props for keeping the conversations straight. 😉

      • I assume that he and the others were just bottom feeders looking for attention but perhaps McCrystal’s operation has been going on for a while before he blurted out what he was doing. This kind of information attack also involves more subtle trolls who infiltrate a website and post comments meant to make the opposition look foolish, racist and violent.

        • ok boomer.

          They are paying us in bitcoin. Your beloved two party system just shells out loot to people who hate both sides and would take up arms against them… sounds… smart? No, sounds like a conspiracy.

  10. Some there did not have masks on…should be easy to identify…just sayin’…
    facial recognition…DMV records…
    they are ALL guilty…right?

    • The guy with the skateboard is a murderer and the guy that kicked him that one last time. Because they all were committing a felony against him he had the right to defend himself and they did not, thus they are all criminals even those white kids that got scared and ran away.

      This is how people die from hands and feet more than guns. I have seen it countless times.

      Unfortunately, the law isn’t really on the side of a non badged victim.

  11. The left loves this. They instigated the violence. Maxine Waters said, “I believe sometimes some of these officers leave home thinking, I’m gonna get me one today. And I think this is his one.” It turns out the cop knew the guy, so maybe there’s more to the story?

    Is there any evidence of racial animosity that’s come out? Or is it just a case of white guy, black guy, oh we know the answer! Okay let’s use that logic and look at the above beating of a white man. I’m sure Chief detective Censor will tell us that the white kids started it, but they sure didn’t finish it. Should we act like the left and jump to conclusions?

    It’s funny how these kids think they’re these cool revolutionaries when they’re nothing but mindless drones of the left.

    • They are probably taking their marching orders from the democrat national committee.

    • Voila! There’s the end result of 12 years of indoctrination coupled with little or revised teaching of history, and the belief that they’re all “special”!

  12. Reminds me of the beat down Reginald Denny got during the peaceful Rodney King riots, I mean, demonstrations.

    Glad I’m a bit away from hell holes like Portland.

    Hope that guy recovers. Poor bastard.

  13. If he defended himself with an AR-15 he would be arrested and Shannon would call this a mass shooting and call for confiscation again.

  14. I agree a rifle would have been ideal, but even a handgun with a reload or two would have been better than a sword.

    And video of those young women shooting those shotguns. The husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc. did the women and the shooting world no favors by not properly preparing them before they stepped up to the firing line.

    • Agree with you, watching the women shooting shotguns without knowing of the recoil is not funny at all. I think a store owner would be better off with a pump shotgun, 18 or 20 inch barrel, with buck shot.

    • A sword can be a very effective weapon, as long as you know how to use it and you are not massively outnumbered. If you try to do this alone, a mob can flank you and then the bum rush takes you down. But give me five or so Legionnaires or Vikings, and the result would be completely different.

  15. As long as we let their ass’s get away with this crap, they”ll just keep on looting, stealing, hurting people, etc. ! Start shooting their ass’s and they’ll quit this shit ! Time to “Lock & Load”, my friends ! !

    • That dude will probably be a ward of the state for the rest of his life, which probably isn’t going to be all that long. Head injuries like that are bad news, hope he recovers , but I won’t be holding my breath.

    • I’m trying to figure out why he was outside. Why not wait in store. Jerks breach and it forms a choke point where they enter. Bit easier to demonstrate decapitation on the first one.

      • I dunno.

        Generally speaking a weapon meant for stabbing is better in close confines as opposed to a cutting/slashing type blade but if he was silly enough to try to fight off a mob with a blade I doubt he had the first clue what he was doing. I’ve seen reports it was a sword and that it was a machete. Dunno what it really was.

        It’s damn sad. This is why I’ve said for a long time that I don’t care for the “boog” talk. This is what they were asking for and now that they have it most of the Boogbois are hiding under a bed shitting their panties.

  16. Where are those pompous Gun Control zealots while innocent people are being assaulted, murdered, etc? They are where Gun Control Zealots always are…NOWHERE.

    Yepper the store owner needed an AR with a drum. First thing looters do is freeze solid when the rifle is fired and the next moment they scatter like cockroaches. Any return STK.

    Good news is…You don’t mess with Texas. It may take time but those responsible for looting, injury, etc. will be arrested. Payback is a biatch.

    • fire of a couple of shots…even over their heads…and they usually scatter…

      • 2 shots, emptying your double-barreled shotgun – that’s all you need for self defense, guaranteed to work according to one source.

      • On several occasions, I have had to pull out the Security Six 357 mag. with 6 in. barrel. Things deescalated instantly.

  17. Horrible what happened to that guy.

    Ideal protection of the store would have been cooperation among the other store owners. Fortify the fronts and the rear entrances. Maintain lighting, even if it meant portable generators on the roofs. Be on those rooftops with rifles and shotguns.

    Remember the Roof Koreans was a reaction to tragedy. There had been stores destroyed, Korean-American shop owners injured and killed. Those videos of the staff and friends of the supermarket owner were reacting to a threat that was painfully real, at their doorstep and violently unpredictable.

    I wonder if after this current madness settles down if there will be stories of shop owners successfully standing up, with guns in hand, or video of same?

    • In Utah, a white MAGA man got angry and took out a bow to threaten the brown/black people. The entire crowd went after him. He survived to tell his story, which he blamed 2 black men for beating him while he sat in his car after he shouted all lives matter. Yeah, the white man lied and blamed black men for what happened to him.

    • Yep, 6 shot at Kent State and riots stopped all across the United States almost instantly.

  18. Some of “peaceful” protesters, no doubt. The ones CNN keeps talking about. You ever watch a troop of baboons swarm an injured or defenseless animal???

  19. I am sorry but if you look at the video, you will see mostly black looters, with some white looters too. If ALL LIVES MATTER, then why destroy everything that these people have WORKED hard for. Did these shop owners do anything to deserve what happened to them?

    • Yeah, they were successful and libs hate successful people unless they are a party of the ruling class.

    • Damn son…. you’re still hung up on why can’t everyone just get along???…..
      Im not sure most people understand what is happening to their country….
      I promise you, these people DO NOT want to work things out… they want YOU GONE….. DEAD

  20. You can’t go out with friends…because government Lockdowns. I am old enough to remember when Covid was the big media crisis.

    • Unfortunately you’re probably right…. this is his karma for deserting his second amendment right…. his forefathers fought and died for….

  21. Are there any Texans here?

    What the hell is happening to Dallas? I thought DFW was a sane sort of place?

    • Texas has long been more talk than truth on gun rights and self defense. What some Texicans would call “All hat, no cattle”. I am never surprised by the wimpy ass response to this sort of behavior when it’s in Texas.

      • This is Dallas. It has been taken over by liberal demoncrats and that’s a sad fact. I wish them liberal californicators would stay home.

      • That would have worked. Even a Mini-14 would have worked. Heck, even an M1 carbine would have worked.

        A Marlin 60 might have even worked

    • Dallas is another liberal shithole, that’s why this happened there. They know that the city admin. will protect them. Let ’em come to rural towns and homes in texas and see what happens, the backhoes will be busy. ENUF is full of shit, I live in Texas.

      • Austin, Houston, San A and Dallas are the four pimples” on the ass of Texas.
        Keep voting for Dems if this is how you like to live Texans.

  22. I sincerely hope that the victim will be okay. I have heard that he passed from his injuries, but that it was unconfirmed.
    I also hope that the animals that did it rot in hell for what they did to him.

  23. That really sucks. Felt bad for the man. The skateboarder tried to murder him.

    This is one of those situations where he would get charge for pulling a gun. In some states he would have been charged for defending himself because he has a “duty” to run away.

    The justice system is so messed up. In California, people had to stand by and watch the rioting because they can’t open carry, they can’t defend property with deadly force and they must run away when attacked. Yet the police stand right by the rioters watching the building get set on fire.

    We must change the laws to protect the non government workers rather than the government workers being protected. It need to be flipped around to empower the people and heavily restrict the government.

    There is another video of a person getting stuck under a Fedex truck while the driver takes off and is not willing to stop as people shout at him to back up to free the man. He dragged the man for a while. It’s gets even worse than that, a white cop — who arrived to see what the commotion was about — laughed as he saw a black kid torn apart and dying. It was so messed up, no humanity.

    America really doesn’t care about life. They also don’t have respect for women and their elders. They don’t see each other as humans or at least Americans.

    I got a little traumatized yesterday from what I seen. Had to take a break from the nonsense. Way too much savagery and division. It’s starting to get depressing knowing there is still more to come with the elections and the economic depression.

    • When that kid decided he wanted himself a great big hand full of what didn’t belong to him . He knew damned well that getting killed while attempting to get these things comes with the territory . He didn’t have to be there , he didn’t have to become a looter . He chose to be one and he paid the ultimate price for his stupidity . He deserves no sympathy , he wasn’t a victim he was an aggressor in the middle of committing a crime . No doubt he heard the saying that crime doesn’t pay many times , it’s a damn shame he didn’t listen . Because his criminal career was extremely short (lol)

  24. Dallas has the same problems other big cities have – too many liberals. Like the other large cities in TX Dallas is controlled by the Democrats.

  25. From the two other videos posted of that incident showed he went after one person with a sword because he thought a store was going to attack the store. He chased the person very far, no longer defending a location. A location that many state was not even his store.

    • When he lost control of the blade they should have stopped, instead they acted like the cops and continued their assault. The skateboard to the head was a murder attempt, it’s like shooting a second mag into suspect when they are no longer a threat.

  26. Every non-savage law-abiding American MUST buy as many firearms and as much ammunition as they can afford and safely store.

    • YouTube works by simply posting the full URL. I’ve never been successful with GIFs, images, or non-YT vids, regardless of HTML. It may be due to permissions written into the site by TTAG.

  27. Don’t bring a sword to a mob fight. Don’t bring a sword to any kind of fight unless you know how to use it.

    Confronting a bunch of angry people with mall-ninja stuff? He basically asked for it.

  28. You wanted a zombie war, this is it. These rioters are zombies, they have no mental acuity to make rational decisions. Facts no longer matter, George Floyd died from a combination of drugs and pre-existing medical issues.Autopsy report, No strangulation.

    Zombie= leftist/democrat, they literally “cant understand normal thinking”. yea you get it!

    • RIGHT! (sarc)
      “George Floyd died from a combination of drugs and pre-existing medical issues.Autopsy report, No strangulation.”

      I , and many others too I’m sure, already knew, maybe not what exactly what was going to be in the autopsy report, but what would absolutely not be in it, LONG before it was even started. Unless that autopsy was videoed and put up for peer review along with test results for 3 totally independent labs that have no idea what case their looking at all come to the same conclusion. I don’t believe it. And Epstein didn’t kill himself either.

        • I saw that, and thought that too…at the beginning of the video. Once he went silent and then limp he could no longer resist the pressure on his neck by his own will. At that point Floyd was completely subdued and the restraint was no longer needed. Intentionally choking an unconscious person is attempted murder in itself.

        • There is a difference between being choked and suffocated. Have someone sit on your back and try exhaling (which is what you need to do to say “I can’t breathe”) and inhaling. The latter is much more difficult.

          Constricting snakes kill their prey by preventing them from expanding their chest. If someone wheezes “I can’t breathe” when a boa is around their torso I hope you wouldn’t say “pfft, he’s just kidding” and walk off.

          • Agree with boa constriction thought. However, the cop’s knee is not on his chest. It is not on the carotid artery. It is not on his windpipe/throat. It s on the back quarter of his neck. Several LEO friends , good people…not shitheads….at federal, state, local jurisdictions have raised the dame question. They are trained in suspect control. Unless there is more not shown in the videos we have seen, this pressure did not suffocate him. Maybe a sore, injured neck; but, not suffocation.

    • I love the way people constantly reference drugs when the report said “potential drugs” because the tox screen wasn’t complete.

      But then I guess these days you can smash someone in the carotid sinus, induce a heart attack and blame it on “drugs”.

      • It appears that these cops went overboard when arresting Mr. Floyd! Why did they arrest Mr. Floyd in the first place? Should they have just left him alone?

        • Just like the way cops should deal with everyone. By leaving them alone. These patrolling enforcers need their guns taken away to make them realize what they can and cannot get away with. Yes, there would be a spike in crime, until people start defending themselves more, and carrying more and everywhere. An armed society, is a polite society. When the enforcers are the armed ones, it”s tyranny.

  29. Truth About Guns, how about Truth About EVERYTHING?

    According to DPD, the victim is not a business owner, was not protecting his own property, and is in stable condition. I don’t condone his being beaten that badly, but then I don’t condone accosting a large group of people while armed with a machete either.

    “The victim went to the 2200 block of N. Lamar Street (House of Blues) carrying a machete to allegedly protect his neighborhood from protesters,” a Dallas police spokesperson said in a statement. “The victim confronted protesters while holding the machete and was subsequently assaulted by the protesters. He was transported to an area hospital where he remains in stable condition. This remains an ongoing investigation.”


      • You mean the father-son duo that killed Mr. Aubrey?

        No, I do not support them. I support their right to a fair trial, but what they appear to have done is despicable, evil, and wrong. Why – do YOU support them?

  30. I sure hope they have and catch every one of those people that did this. This is not about Minneapolis, it is about unruly people who want to cause destruction. I sure hope the cameras and videos and just normal citizens that saw this report who was involved. They need to be prosecuted. In fact everyone who loots other peoples business and homes and property should be prosecuted to the extent of the law. Even the family in Minnesota said this is not what he would want to happen. ARREST ALL OF THEM. I also bet MORE PEOPLE ESPECIALLY SHOP OWNERS ARE GOING TO START CARRYING GUNS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND THEIR BUSINESS AND HOMES. I FOR ONE WOULD NOT BLAME THEM.

  31. Some wonder why the man used a sword. It could be he did not like guns or he couldn’t own one. You can own a business but not a gun due to something in their past.. when all else is used up use the fire extinguisher. The powder in them will suck the air out of their lungs and they will suffer and choke. No blood no bullets No problem. A paint gun would be fun to use. Get on the roof and pepper the hell out of them . so many ways when you have even a little notice in advance. These mobs are nothing but puppets and mental midgets. Not one has the balls to think or do for them selves. They are fair game to destroy maim and punish when they threaten a person . Police chiefs that are afraid to be aggressive do not need to be in law enforcement. Bring in the high pressure fire hoses and knock these bastards down the street like the trash these mobsters are. Not deadly but very forceful and leaves no marks and keeps social distancing.. Beside some of these nasty asses need a good soaking bath. Rubber bullets do wonders at teaching lessons.Back in the day when the blacks and stupid people were going to march during the La , Berkeley Ca riots they said publicly they were going to march from Joliet Il to Chicago heights. It was a fact back then as it is now that they did not ever march in an orderly fashion but destroyed property. The farmers and land owner lined up on their side of the fence and had several guns each and told the leaders if you step one foot onto our land you will be shot for trespassing. The march called off.. They got the message. This I know as I lived in that neighborhood on Rt 30. Another stupid they they did back then was burn down the buildings they lived in then demanded the mayor of Waukegan Il build and furnish them new living quarters. Mob mentality easily herded nincompoops. being polite here. they are a leech on society and contribute absolutely nothing to society.

  32. I like the concept of the historical 10 or 12 gauge double-barrel shotgun, especially on the 19th century Western Frontier era (1850-1890), or into the early decades of the 20th century. Examples would have been the old Parker Bros, L.C. Smith, Ithaca, Remington, assorted English and Belgian imports. Most if not many of these of course were fabricated of Belgian Damascus twist barrels, totally unsafe and dangerous to fire with modern smokeless powder shotgun shells. These old shotgun were versatile too, providing both meat for the table, and homeland security for the farmhouse, homestead, mining claim, shack, shanty, trapper’s cabin, hacienda, etc. Today we have 12 gauge double-barrel stagecoach shotgun with 20″ barrels fabricated of modern high strength steels; these are far safer and more durable than their predecessors. The John M. Browning designed Winchester Model 97 “hammer” pump action shotgun (1897-1957)
    gradually replaced these old double-barrel shotguns in a once rural remote America. It’s abominable our nation has become way too damned urbanized, and in the metro cities controlled by the Democrat (depraved Democrat) mob machine! Past generations would not have tolerated this. And it shouldn’t be tolerated today! While Joe Biden perhaps is half correct in advocating a break open double-barrel shotgun, he remains totally deluded in his opposition to private citizens owning Colt AR-15 type rifles.

    James A. Farmer Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County): Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    • Hmmm, double barrel. Unless I’m quail or pheasant hunting, I’ll leave them to Crazy, Sleezy, Sleepy, Senile, Fire-Two-Blasts-In-The-Air Uncle Joey and wifey Jilley. Personally, I’ll take a 12 ga Mossberg 590M…..with a Crimson Trace Green Lasersaddle Streamlight TL Racker fore end white light and a vest and belt full of 20 round mags with assorted loads….#5 shot; 4BBs; 00 buck; and a sprinkling of slugs……the Hallmark Cards of the Second Amendment…..for when you care enough to send the very best.

  33. Those of you that advocate self defense are right on. Just be sure you are on solid ground if you ever have to pull the trigger. As for being protected by the police or National Guard, don’t hold your breath. I still remember the Rodney King riots two men were successful in defending their business with firearms. After the National Guard arrived to “protect” them, they went home. Their business was looted.

  34. I guess I’m failing to see the logic in your argument. Let’s say the guy had an AR-15 and mowed down a dozen protesters. You don’t have the right to take human life as retribution of looting one’s business. He would go to prison for the rest of his life. So what is the point.

    • Darren Miller…the owner would not be protecting property, but his life/body. Although some states allow deadly force in protection of property….Texas is one as I recall. But, if the owner is inside his business , doors locked, when the looters break in, they have no right to be there. Given previous personal injury by a mob….disparity of force…the mob…..a reasonable person would feel in fear for their life or grave bodily injury. The mob has ABILITY, OPPORTUNITY, and JEOPARDY….which when present simultaneously create the criteria for use of deadly force. Know the nuances in your jurisdiction…..Duty To Retreat, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, etc. Shooting intruders closest to victim would be most justified as they have immediate Opportunity. Ones in rear, sans guns/rocks….not so much. Jeopardy is shown by manifest intent……intent expressed in words and/or actions/posturing. Ability is usually in form of a gun, knife, club. But, disparity of force, as in force of numbers; able-bodied attacking disabled; adult violently attacking child; one trained in use of force; male attacking female; disparity of position (Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman pounding his head onto concrete). These situations need to be studied and practiced so when Evil, Violence, or Mayhem come calling, often in numbers greater than one or 100….the mob, one makes the correct decisions under extreme stress.

      • With respect, do you want to expose yourself to the potential of spending the rest of your life in jail if you kill someone over property? In spite of what you say, property can be replaced, and that’s what insurance is for. I feel bad for this guy — he was seriously brutalized. But when you display a weapon, you don’t pose with it, you had better be willing to use it. The sad thing, however, is had he used it, he would likely be spending the rest of his life in prison. I appreciate your knowledge of the law, but he was not in his place of business — he was out on the streets wielding a deadly weapon. He had no business being there, and could have handled things differently. The bottom line is don’t take the law into your own hands — this isn’t the wild west. If the cops can’t come through, you better have enough forethought to insure you business. If he had insurance, which I bet he did, then it’s an ego thing, and there’s no room for that kind of response that in our society. Those who live by the sword, die by the sword.

  35. Darren Miller…”….no one wants to apply deadly force. Your life will change, and it could be very expensive and/or constrictive. But, funerals are somewhat expensive, and coffins permanently very constrictive, as well. One has to have a considered mind set whether and when deadly force is justified, and if one is capable to apply same. If one doesn’t know ahead of time, one could make bad decision. But, one might consider whether to be judged by twelve or carried by six is more to one’s liking. One must know his jurisdiction’s Rules Of Engagement….including spins of Duty To Retreat, Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, etc.. If the owner is inside his business , doors locked, when the looters break in, they have no right to be there. No jurisdiction mandates one to wait to be injured to apply deadly force…..if preclusion does not exist……if the owner is not the aggressor/continued the aggression after attacker broke off attack……and simultaneously Ability, Opportunity, and Jeopardy exist. Waiting to see if invaders are just going to take some donuts or are going to kill/grave bodily injure is not required and will leave one as the poor guy in the street. I have studied and prepared. YMMV. Good luck.

  36. Compare and contrast.

    Last night in Philadelphia a group of looters managed to force the door of a local gun shop & range. Some looters, perhaps the same ones, had tried that the previous night but the doors were too secure for them. When they came back with better tools, and guns, they finally were able to penetrate the building.

    By the time the police showed up, one of the looters was taking a permanent break from criminality as he lay dead on his own gun. The others were nowhere to be found, perhaps nursing their wounds elsewhere.

    The gun shop owner did not have to defend himself with a sword. Instead, he used a nobody-needs-one modern sporting rifle.

    He also did not run around in the street to try to preemptively ward off the looters. He waited where he knew he had the tactical advantage.

    Now, of course, his life is ruined. But he’s still breathing. And a store full of guns is NOT in the hands of criminals.

    “This is the way.”

  37. well unless you are and actual ninja or sumari it is not advisable to use a sword for defense against a mob.

  38. Blacks don’t hate Asians per sey they are just a little jealous that they get preferential treatment when it comes to business loans. But in defense of they Asians they work their buns of once given the opportunity. After all who you gonna rip off every time they get they get an opportunity. These riots by those doing it are not over George they are just an opportunity for ANIMALS to ROB & STEAL other peoples hard earned goods and businesses!!!

  39. This fake news article skewing the facts to make it look one sided…ugh…we are not that stupid to fall for this hate Russian Commie news. God bless the vets and denounce this Commie website trying to divide us. Better dead than red.

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