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As rioting escalated around the country last night, one of the cities that was hardest hit was Seattle. The city announced a 5 p.m. curfew that was widely ignored as bands of thousands of rioters roamed the downtown area smashing windows, looting stores, and torching cars.

Seattle riot curfew
Jeremy S. for TTAG

Many of the cars destroyed were police vehicles. KOMO TV captured one rioter retrieving an AR-15 rifle from a smashed police SUV.

seattle riot ar-15
Courtesy KOMO TV

An armed security guard who was working for another TV station, Q13Fox, then pointed a handgun at the rioter’s face and disarmed him, all of it playing out on camera.

The good guy with a gun then unloaded the rifle, retrieved a second firearm from the vehicle and turned them over to police. The guard was met with little resistance from the man he disarmed as one of his fellow rioters pulled him away.


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    • An operator properly operating operationally. The man clearly has regular training under his belt, as well as a healthy balance of proactive courage and cautious restraint.

      That guy will now be venerated with a smile in POTG circles as “that guy” from the 2020 Floyd Riots, up there with how the Rooftop Koreans are remembered from the 1992 King Riots.

  1. It seriously makes you wonder who is really behind all this.

    I don’t recall EVER seeing a video or picture of a black or African-American member of ANTIFA.

    • Putin has his “green men.”
      The left has its pasty white guys in masks and skinny jeans. They are the useful idiots that Stalin once talked about.

      • “Putin has his “green men.””

        And Xi has his “Little Blue Men” (militarized ‘fishing vessels’)…

        • You don’t have to worry about military combat with China. The Chinese people do not support the CCP like that. If they had to fight America they would turn against their government like Hong Kong and Taiwan. They are submissive right now because it benefits them to do so, but on the uncensored internet they are honest.

          The Chinese celebrities you see showing support for the CCP are forced by the government to post on social media the CCP’s propaganda or else. I know this from some of them speaking the truth in person when they hang out in America, when they return to Asia they say totally different things. So don’t give them a hard time because most of them are not communist supporters.

        • Like the Soviet Union, there are many members of the Communist Party, but very few true communists in the party.

          Most join the party for the perks, preferential service, and the patronage, for employment, housing, etc.

    • There’s black dudes in antifa but I’d say 99% of antifa is dorky white kids trying to stand up to something lol

      • ANTIFA is a group of white people, mostly males, that subvert non whites away from the Bill of Rights in order to push more socialism in America. Their end goal is to have the non whites as their servants and to create a religion that is based on worshiping the state.

        The other side of the coin is the alt right socialists. They want similar things as ANTIFA, but they want an ethno state version over a large non white slave class. They want solely white male dominance.

  2. Oh the irony. Q13Fox (contrary to the “Fox” designation) is an ultra-liberal TV station, and they never miss an opportunity to trash guns.

    But of course they employ armed security. Typical liberal terds.

  3. If you’re so scared as a cop to abandon your rifle, I hope you would take the bolt out to disable the gun.
    As a soldier you could get an Article 15 for leaving you personal weapon unattended. Perhaps a court martial if it was not found.

    I’m sure his or her government labor union will fight for their job.

    • Many cops can’t readily disassemble them…or are told not too unless they are an armorer.

      • All she or he needs to do is take the rifle bolt assembly out.
        If it was a hand gun. Take the magazine out and keep it.

        If I have to leave my gun in my car. I unload it. And keep the magazine with me. This way if the car is broken into. All they get is a gun with no magazine. No bullets. I also cable lock my hand gun as well.

        • Btw
          If a cop can’t think what to do when SHTF happens, they don’t need to be a cop.

        • Cheap gun locks are to keep kids out: most included locks won’t withstand a door hinge, a flat head, or a pocket-size pair of diagonal cutters.
          Pulling the mag is smart, and a heck of lot less inconvenient than pulling the barrel.

    • The officer might have been away from the car even before the damage to it began. The rifles are commonly left in the squad unless immediately needed, secured with a locking mechanism which does have the ability to be easily defeated.

    • This story belies the objective of eliminating “assault weapons” from American civilians.

      Forget about 80% receivers. Suppose you are a civilian intent upon mass violence. Suppose there are none available in gun-shops, nor in the used market nor black-market. No problem!

      Find the nearest unattended police car. You should find a “personal defense weapon” or “patrol rifle” either in the front seat or the trunk. Readily accessible if you have a crow bar and battery operated Saws-All. As a bonus, it probably has a selector switch.

      Under prevailing circumstances, are American politicians prepared to forbid such arms in patrol cars?

      • A lot of the keyed locks used to secure those weapons can be bypassed fairly easy and faster than using the key. A thin piece of metal or a wave rake will get through quite a bit without having to resort to brute force or more overt tools.

  4. “Cliff H says:
    May 31, 2020 at 07:47
    It seriously makes you wonder who is really behind all this.”

    Must be the RATpublicans

      • The cops are not the military. Their guns are supposed to be for self defense. The rioters are not using deadly force against the police yet. Once that kid picked up the gun deadly force came running up to his face.

        Ask yourself, “Do I want the military policing the streets and killing Americans?” If you are a supporter of the constitution you would say, “Hell fucking no!” If you are a fascist you would answer, “Hell yeah! Get some!”

        • Tell that to the guy who got the stoned in the street, or the couple that were attacked by three guys with 2×4’s.

  5. That security guard deserves to be interviewed and rewarded for quick thinking, brave and swift action. Notice his own AR is not loaded (no mag that I can see). He is instantly in the bad guy’s face with his own sidearm, scares the crap out of the ignorant rioter.

    The man knows what he is doing. Police should hire him as their bodyguard!

    • The rioter looked like he was trying to explain he was just taking the gun out of the car and holding it until the police could pick it up. Naive white kids with their white privilege blinding them to reality.

      Pick up a gun from a police car you set on fire and fondle it can lead to a bad day. I have seen cops shoot people for attempting to steal their SUV because there is a rifle inside.

      • I like the part where you say you’ve seen cops shoot people for attempting to steal their SUV because there is a rifle inside. So incredibly similar to what could have happened here. Everything people post on the Interwebz is true, right?

    • Hey enuf…I highly suspect those “ignorant rioters” applaud your ignorant rotten sentiments about the POTUS.

    • America can no longer show reality for what it is. They learned showing Vietnam footage made Americans think the wrong way. Same with showing dead soldiers being returned to America.

      • My son and I have been watching the complete series of “The Goodies”. My son says he is surprised by the level of smoking, drinking, and firearms in a supposedly children’s show. In fact in the UK the first two seasons were shown at 10pm on a Saturday night. But in AUS the show was mostly on at 6pm. He does know the show is a product of it’s time (1970s to early 1980s).

  6. It appears obvious the looter had no idea about the function of the AR he was holding. When the security guard approached with sidearm drawn the looter had “deer in the headlights” reaction. Excellent job by the guard. He should be taking the police entry exam very soon. Maybe Port of Seattle officer Greg Anderson can be his field training officer.

    • Why put a good guy in the police force to turn into a bad guy? I think he is better off being a professional security guy than an order follower. He is probably ex military anyway.

  7. There are reports of a second AR being stolen from another damaged patrol car and being fired into cars. The same security guard recovered it as well, presumably after the mag ran dry.

  8. It’s one thing to let your squad cars get looted and burned

    But leaving patrol rifles in them, parking them in an area of civil unrest, and then surrendering them to rioters?

    Is Seattle PD trying to be the next ATF?

  9. Hopefully there are roadblocks and BOLOs for rioting arsonist twerps heading home in out of state vehicles. If they cannot prove where they’ve been in the last 48 hours hold them on suspicion of terrorist acts. There is no reason to destroy the property of others and there needs to be a high price to pay. Rest assured 99% these punks with their heads wrapped do not know what pain and confinement is. These riot and arson twerps are gutless trash and they’ll rat on each other and sing like birds to get out of jail.


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