Beto gun confiscation ar-15
Democratic presidential candidate former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke answers a question Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019, during a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC at Texas Southern University in Houston. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)
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Failing campaign or not, Robert Francis O’Rourke makes it pretty clear where he’s at when it comes to America’s favorite rifle, the AR-15.

He reiterated that line during the Democrat debate Thursday evening.


Beto’s going all-in for gun control confiscation. He probably thinks it’s the only way to nudge his polling numbers over the 3% mark. Don’t bet on it.

Meanwhile, one Texas state representative (in a since-deleted tweet) let it be known he was ready for Robert Francis to come for his gun. And O’Rourke wasn’t amused.

Meanwhile, Beto isn’t letting an opportunity go to waste.

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  1. I guess that sound I heard last night was 15 million charging handles being pulled back and then slamming forward.
    Sorry guys, but its time to reorganize the militias. Organized resistance is going to be necessary.

  2. I am beginning to think that he is actually a “plant” spouting about gun confiscation in order to drive up the numbers of voters to re-elect president Trump. I mean, he can’t possibly think otherwise, can he? He isn’t that stupid…..oh wait. LOL

    • He probably is that stupid. What’s worse, the imbeciles in his fan club are dumb enough to think he’s brilliant.

      • I can just hear BETO saying,” By we, I didn’t mean me. You go after the A R’s , let me know how it goes. I’ll be right here skateboarding.

        • No last night at the debate circus he actually said “if you own a weapon made for war…blah, blah, blah… “I”‘ will take your gun”. His phony compassion and manufactured anger should have won him an Emmy for best bullshit slinger… Told a story about visiting a gun show after the two Tx shootings, said 90% of the people there agreed to give up their ARs if a confiscation/buyback bill was passed, best bullshit story I’ve heard since Vlads account of the London Bridge terrorist attack where he leaves out the part about the 8 dead citizens and goes straight to terrorists getting beat up by a bunch of drunks..

      • Yeah, he is. I have an appreciation for someone that has reached that level of stupidity. We’re all fortunate to be able to witness it. And people thought the eclipse was something to see. It pales in comparison to this hammerhead.

    • Such talk probably drives up his campaign contributions. Perhaps he’s found a way to legally or secretly siphon cash from his campaign into his own pocket.

      • (Cash in pocket)? Doubtful, he comes from money and married the daughter of a real estate investor believed to be worth about 500 million and Robert himself is a millionaire thank to help from Daddy-in-law..

    • Way ahead of you, bought a case of Orville and two big bottles of Canola Oil before the 1st set of debates, grab a 12 pack as needed..

      • May I suggest butter instead of canola oil? Far more delicious (and healthier as well). Or ghee if you want…
        And don’t skimp on the salt.

        • Butter burns too easy, I melt half a stick in the microwave then spray it on with a squirt bottle, salt is not a problem I keep a shaker on the stand next to the recliner.. Eat what I want when I want,, cholesterol is 146, blood pressure is 118 over 72.. Not bad for pushing 70 in a tad over 3 weeks…

  3. The people cheering in the audience frighten me far more than Beta does. I can’t wrap my head around the stupidity in this country. And the overwhelming majority of anti gun Nazis are women (especially women over 40). There I said it. This is why we need more women on our side. And yes, there are many, but not nearly enough. We get more women and minorities on our side and we win this war. But how to penetrate the ignorance….

      • That single act, repealing the 19th amendment, would end this craziness.

        The House of Representatives would immediately flip, Trump would be reelected by a landslide, winning around 42 to 45 states, and the Democratic party would be in ruins and sprinting to the right. The senate would take, because of their 6 year terms, a second election to become filibusterer proof.

        America would center itself, and prosper like never before.

      • As a group women vote for bigger government more than men do. Because these women (feminists) believe the government can be their husband.

    • Hilderbeast got just under half the popular vote (if you remove the millions of fraudulent votes). The only explanation is that just under half the voters are dumber than shit.

      • Think of how stupid the average person is, then remember, HALF of the people are even dumber.” George Carlin

    • The sad thing is, Mark, is that in general, Americans have had it too good for too long. They think that America is too darn exceptional, and that “it cannot happen here”. So, like frogs slowly boiling in hot water, one day Americans are going to realize that they no longer have a Second Amendment (or any other right), and the breaking down of the door will come. Do not think for a minute that gun owners will not be flat-out shot to death because they thought it “could not happen here”, without them first putting up a fight before it got to that point. These Demon-Rat’s motto is “never let a a good crisis go to waste”. And if they have to stage a mass shooting every week until enough idiots in this country clamor for their own slavery, that is exactly what they will do. Also with so many idiot millennials begging to be enslaved with Communism, we are already far enough down the road, that the future of the once-great-United States is certainly in question-and so are her freedoms.

      • I wouldn’t worry about “millennials.” Today, lots of them are happy to trade off for the right to smoke plants.
        With age comes wisdom. Soon enough, they’ll want ALL of the rights that come with being born. They’re not inherently “anti” in spite of all the efforts of media, schools and gov. Anyone with half a brain knows that triggers need a finger.
        Then again, about half are FOS… like any cross section of the population. Most are just too young and/or foolish to listen. That basic disrespect of laws and authority could work out quite favorably.

    • Beta (as in Beta-male) is NOT against guns, because the guns will be needed to disarm people. So it’s not that he and the Libtards are anti-gun. He knows that he’ll need the police’s guns to take away other people’s guns. So Beta is very pro-gun; he just believes that only the Government (which is, of course, so reliable, honest, moral and virtuous…) should be allowed to have guns. There is no such thing as gun control and he knows it. There is only centralizing gun ownership in the hands of a small political elite and their minions.

  4. The whoreshit out of his mouth vindicates us even further.

    15 million AR15s and 65 million other Rifles like it in Circulation in the US, all spread out to about 1/3rd of the 120 million Gun Owners of the Country.

    • Driving home after work today a thought occurred to me…

      Of all the current crop of Democrat Presidential candidates, if it was a choice between any of them and Hillary Clinton (if she was running) Who exactly would I vote for if I was a Democrat?

      I’m not saying I vote Democrat, I don’t.

      What I am saying is just the thought process alone is pretty scary.

      As Rachel Madow said the day after the election..”This is our country, this is us…not a bad dream.”

      I hope she gets to say it again after President Trump wins a second term in a landslide.

  5. Hell yes we’re coming for your rifles…that’s what the Brits said…they found out different in Lexington and Concord…😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅, btw have fun working on 4th of July…😅😂😅🤣😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅 j/k, love you Brits!!!!!!!

  6. So now saying publicly that you won’t let your rights be infringed is an example of why you can’t have that right?

    This fool is shouting from the rooftops that he is gonna infringe on our rights and we can’t say back that we won’t let him?

    • Curtailed freedom of speech. Infringement upon the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms. No redress of grievance. Heck, the entire Bill of Rights is under attack. Even half-wits know what the response of a free people ought to be.

      When the American people do not staunchly refuse, government reads it as implied consent. “Only belligerents have rights.” If we are anything less than belligerent about it, the raping will continue.

    • Democrat candidates: “we will threaten your right to own property and defend yourself, and even threaten you with jail, nay, death, nay, nuking! Nuking we say, if you resist us! By the way, vote for us!”

      Gun owners: “we won’t comply or allow that, come and take it, traitors.”

      Democrat candidates: “see, you are terrorists, threatening to harm us nice friendly people. We will take your property and jail you! And you aren’t allowed to resist. Hey Republicans, can we get some red flag laws so we can take away all the guns from these terrorists? And also, we need to impeach the president, thanks!”

      Rubio/Scott/Graham and various Republican controlled states: “sure, Dems, we just want you to like us… Serving up some red flag laws now! And we won’t talk about pro gun laws because we don’t have the votes, and are kinda embarrassed about guns.”

  7. Finally Texans get something worthwhile out of O-Rourke.

    After all, the last politician with delusions of grandeur that said he was going to take Texans’ guns ended up a broke, disgraced amputee and Texas became its own country.

    • OK, since I’m not from Texas, I need sumpthin’ ‘splained to me:

      How the heck did Beto-boy get elected there? He appears to me to be a junior varsity clone of John F. Kerry. They’re both an Irishman who appears to have used his skills of wining and dining women, combined presumably, with some talent for servicing the needs of a rich woman, to live the life of a kept man.

      That’s it. As far as I can tell, he has no other actual talents. And don’t get me wrong – gigolo is probably a pretty good gig, for those guys who can get that sort of deal.

      I just don’t think it is a particularly convincing qualification for voters to elect him to public office. So how did he get into office there in Texas?

      • He strikes an image of a modern JFK.

        That was how the Leftist media hyped him to be.

        Ever notice how Leftists like their potential new talent to be ‘pretty people’?

      • He’s a rich bitch convinced poor and ignorant Hispanics that he was a poor Hispanic. It doesn’t take that much to become a congresscritter, witness AOC.

        • I have not figured out how AOC got into office either….or Beto. Texas must have changed since I was stationed there. dunno.

  8. Beto is the one issuing death threats. “We are taking your property, and we will kill you to get it.”

    Which is nothing new. It’s the job description of every lawmaker and every law enforcer.

    • The little tyrant Beaneo and 660,000 law enforcement officers (if nobody calls out sick – which is highly likely) against 9.84 million militiamen.

      Sounds like a fair fight to me.

      • After the first few confrontations that meet serious resistance, there will be a pandemic of Blue Flu.

        • So true.
          I live in a middle class bedroom community in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. There are 7 homes on my street, and it dead ends at a lake (one way in, one way out). All homes have firearms, two neighbors with Barrett 50 BMGs, and both have serious ammo supplies. It will be interesting to see them (“we” in Robert Francis speak) come into my neighborhood grabbing personal property.

        • Guesty McGuesterson,

          After the first few confrontations that meet serious resistance …

          Unless one of the cops who are involved in or coordinating the raid tell the subject of the raid well in advance when they are coming, there will not be any serious resistance to raids. Think about it: such raids would consist of at least 12 men wearing ballistics vests and plates and armed with rifles. They would quietly assemble at your front AND BACK door at 3:30 a.m. And then they would suddenly blow down your door, throw in flash-bang grenades, and pile in. All the while, you were in a deep sleep and you might have all of 10 seconds to rouse from your deep sleep, get out of bed, grab your rifle, take a position in a hallway. Maybe. That is NOT “serious resistance” in my book.

          Alternatively, the confiscation squad waits three streets down until an unmarked car on your street confirms that you have left your home for the grocery store and they stroll in unopposed.

          I am not saying that we should therefore acquiesce to such unrighteous violations of our inalienable rights. I am simply saying that EFFECTIVE opposition will almost certainly not materialize at our homes during a raid.

          Remember the single most paramount principle that Sun Tzu stated in his book The Art of War, “Never fight your enemy on his terms.” A confiscation squad with 12+ members who are wearing body armor, armed with rifles, and show up at 3:30 a.m. at a night of their choosing are operating on their terms. Their advantages: superior numbers, superior offensive capability, superior defensive capability, and the advantage of surprise. So, don’t fight on their terms. Fight when YOU have superior numbers, superior offensive capabilities, superior defensive capabilities, superior tactics, and the advantage of surprise. That sort of resistance will lead to the right kind of massive non-compliance: the kind where law enforcement officers begin refusing to comply with confiscation orders.

        • @uncommon,

          You are exactly correct in your raid scenario…for the first few raids. As word spreads, you bet your ass more people will be prepared as time passes. And if we have mentally ill mass shooters today who will go in guns a-blazing knowing full well they’ll “die by cop” in the end, there will be those among the population who are tired of living mundane lives of little perceived value, and will choose to make a statement of patriotic valor by going all in “guns a-blazing” against a group of SWAT raiders. Those few individuals will opt for an honorary position in the annals of history against the “new British Redcoats”, as it were. And once this starts, it will embolden others who will begin to organize (with the intention of living, of course) and sabotaging LE Dept equipment, vehicles, etc.

          It will happen slowly, then suddenly.

      • If it ever comes to it and I hope it doesn’t, most LE will likely stay home to protect their families. Not hard to learn where they live. The serious minded out there will not sit and wait to be raided but will initiate contact, particularly with the shot-callers.

        Beta man seems not to notice but he is talking some serious shite here. He spoke the unspeakable. There are many law abiding gun owners who will not sit idly by and watch him enact that policy if by some miracle he was ever elected and in a position to put it into play. Of course I am not threatening him; just sayin’.

  9. We knew they were lying all along. Just like if you like your Health Care you can keep your Health Care.

    • Yeah, that’s kind of my take on it, too. There are a few Dems in the media calling Beto’s enthusiasm a mistake and a gift to Trump. They’re right, but for the wrong reasons.

      None of them are criticizing the policy. What’s got them concerned is that Beto is getting too public with it. So the confiscation plan was always there, the Democrats just wanted it kept on the down low (as if they are fooling anyone) until they get elected and can actually carry it out (they think).

  10. Beto is not alone he has the support of the majority of Americans including many gun owners who are smart enough to see that the assault rifles days are numbered and should and will be. Will the bans stop mass shootings? Probably not but they will make mass shootings less lethal. Lets face facts a person climbing on top a building like the nut case did in Los Angeles could not have shot 400 yards with a 9mm pistol and did the damage he did with his multiple bump stock converted assault rifles. The band at that concert was armed and said their pop gun pistols were useless against assault rifle fire from so far away. They were right.

    Even if the Dems DO NOT get more Senate seats in 2020 the universal back ground check bill by Elizabeth Warren would have passed in the Senate with Republican support if it had not been for the filibuster tactic. Once Moscow Mitch McConnell is gone the universal background check will be a certainty and with Republican support that is a fact.

    As this is written Republicans are discussing a universal back ground check as a preemptive strike against the Dems so they cannot take credit for this new law which seems almost certain to pass.

    Bans on High cap magazines and on semi-auto rifles of all kinds will be a certainty if the Dems get control of the Senate and the gun hating court justices will not even dare to overturn any such law. No assault rifle and magazine bans in the last two years have been overturned by the corrupt power mad courts. And the Supreme Court that is as crooked as a dogs hind leg will simply refuse to hear any gun ban laws as they have done for decades.

    People who are smart will be dumping their assault rifles now at discount sale prices before the hammer falls on their heads and they have to turn them in for nothing. And it will not take that long to accomplish either. Australia did it and the news media pictures show railroad cars of guns being sent to the smelter. New Zealand is now doing the same, its just a matter of a little more time with them.

    • Please volunteer for the confiscation team! You’ll finally get to live out all of your brown-shirt fantasies!

      • Yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed as I began reading. As soon as I noticed that, I stopped and scrolled down to pass on it, stopping here only to give my comment.

      • Hey, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, they have some of the same letters and they aren’t THAT far apart even if they are in different states… It’s HARD to keep track of shit when you spend your entire day trying to beat people over the head with your own bullshit made up facts and lately it would appear that IT is running out of bullshit and has started to recycle all of the old stuff…

    • The only “dumping” thats going to happen is a mag dump downrange – lets just get this over with. Say when.

    • I remember little Vlad always seemed to favor the underdogs. His favorite cartoon after the Flintstones was called the Underdog. Anybody remember that one? Anyway, the first political battle to get his young attention was the Nixon/McGovern election in 1972. He was a big McGovern fanboy. He seriously thought McGovern was going to win by a landslide. His statement that Beto O’Rourke has the support of the majority of Americans including gun owners, is just a another example of his tendency to delusion. Nothing has changed much since 1972, at least when it comes to Vlad. He still gravitates towards losers, statists, Ellie Mae, and suffers from serious delusion. Hence his insistence that Beto, who at best is polling only at 3% among democrats, has the support of the majority of Americans. Delusion.

    • Bans on High cap magazines and on semi-auto rifles of all kinds will be a certainty if the Dems get control of the Senate? The Parkland shooter used 10 round magazines, he carried 15 magazines for 150 rounds because larger magazines would not fit in his bag. Fortunately the dumb ass either had a really cheap gun or didn’t maintain it (probably both) because it jammed before he really got going so he just tossed it and ran out with the crowd… You are right Vlad you really don’t NEED a 30/40 or 100 round magazine.. If a no nothing clown can kill 17 with 10 round mags imagine what a proficient shooter with good equipment can do, hell I could have done what he did with a 9 mm handgun…. Your magazine bans and gun confiscation are jokes, I was killing stuff long before I bought my first AR….

      • Key board bravado is humorous to all of us. Real life is very different. You would turn yours in just like the rest of us “or else” and everyone knows “or else” means being Waco’ed. See you at the smelter.

        • Vlad – You clearly don’t understand who you’re talking to, or the substance of uncompromising men. A day of sifting is approaching where circumstance will quickly parse out the assets from the liabilities. What you consider improbable is a place many have gone before, both physically and mentally, so just because your cognitive biases consider something to be completely outside the real of possibilities, that doesn’t make it so. Some here have done what you cannot conceive of, what you cannot grasp, and keep it right under the surface for the day it’s needed again – that’s how we live in the current iteration of this world. Pull us back and we become something different entirely. While you want to overlay the fact that you will grovel before your masters of democide onto others to reconcile your fealty to the state, we will not join you no matter how many times your cowardice invites us.

        • Vlad, Vlad, Vlad… You have made your own cowardice all too apparent however you should not attempt to conflate your fears and weaknesses with the hearts and minds of men who have walked through the Valley of the Shadow of Death and made it out the other side very different men than they were when they went in… That is the problem with people like Robert Francis, he is a priveledged coward and a liar and that is where his delusion comes from. It is impossible for him (and apparently you as well) to concieve that there exists a segment of society that is willing to resist, at any cost, the repressive level of governance that he and the rest of that group of would be dictators are proscribing for this country. There are MEN who are leading normal day to day lives that are perfectly happy to live out their lives hoping that they never have to walk that walk and witness the horrors ever again but are absolutely ready to put their lives on the line once again to protect their families, themselves and the principles upon which this country was founded and you better damn well believe that not ALL of the blood in the streets will be that of those patriotic men that just refuse to be fucked with by an oppressive Socialist regime..

        • Keyboard bravado is one thing. “Bullets first” is quite another. Sometimes they are the same. Vlad, you’re like the fool poker player who keeps betting on your own garbage. (Inside straight lookin azz) I advise you to just fold. You’ve already lost.

        • Speak for yourself, Vlad. Been there, done that. I grew up in a place where only the crooks and politicians were “allowed” to be armed: Aka, the same, in case you are too damned dumb to realize this. Arm chair “warrior”? “Turn them in like the rest of us”? Screw you, you do not know me any more than you know the last guy that responded to your post. I know all-too-well what it is like to grow up not enjoying the freedoms that people in the United States enjoy, and sadly, may even take for granted, because they have known nothing else. I will NOT just “let” the crooks in government just “take them” from me. “Go out in a blaze of glory”? Please, real life does not work like that, and I have survived too much hell to know when SHTF, how it really is. It is smelly, it is bloody, it is diseased-ridden, and it is far worse than anything Hollywood could come up with. So go on and “let them” take your guns and other rights away, with a whimper and while you crap in your diaper. There are far more of us here who are far more than the “arm chair warriors” you like to think we are.

    • Let’s face facts, Vlad. A halfway competent shooter with an 75 year old M-1 Garand and a dozen clips could have killed as many or more than the Vegas killer. It could have been done with a WWI 1903 Springfield bolt action. He had a 100 yard wide target packed solid with people and 30 minutes.

      • troutbum5–
        Don’t waste your time on giving facts; they don’t matter. When the mind is already made up, don’t bother them with additional facts it’s useless.

      • Its the dominate form of Government in the Industrialized world and quite a few countries in Asia. And remember Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and aid to education etc, etc and so on is Socialism as well. What kind of fantasy world are you trapped in?


        • Bernie is an angry, mentally deranged muppet that couldn’t pass an economics class at East St. Louis Lincoln Middle School. He’s impervious to both facts and empirical data as he peddles the cruelest of all delusions.

        • Feel the bern? Most of us learned not to get berned real early in life.

          You are a sad, mentally damaged individual, vlad. I hope that your mental illness is taken into account at your trial. Otherwise it will go really bad for you.

        • When has the “dominate form of government” EVER lasted, smart guy? Strong, honorable people WILL be there when the mighty (and corrupt) fall. Get off the comments and go read some history, ya dumb ass.

    • Anybody willing to take Vlade’s advice to dump your AR at bargain basement prices, well, I’ll help you out and buy it from you.

    • “…Will the bans stop mass shootings? Probably not but they will make mass shootings less lethal..”

      Yes, you are exactly right because a Weatherby .458 is less lethal than .223 /sarc

    • Yep, kill thousands to address 2-300 murders a year with rifles. Real smart. /sarc/

      If you were a true leftist, socialist, etc, you wouldn’t support civilian disarmament

      “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary” -Karl Marx *(LOLOLOL!!!)*

  11. He’s gonna wish he’d stayed in the closet if he comes for the guns.
    The IDIOT don’t stand a chance of being a president anyway…

  12. Any opinion on heavy rotation on the anti-gun globalist main stream media is regarded by the public as a legitimate consensus. Conspiracy theories are viewpoints in conflict with and not endorsed by main stream media. Officially, any belief that is in opposition to the governments explanation of events that is also supported by the media makes a person a potential terrorist. People believe the shit, people and opinions they see on tv…… all of it, all the time. Nobody takes the time or feels the need to stop and think about things. As soon as Trump is no longer on center stage guns will be gone too.

    • Legal guns may be gone, but guns will be around until long after all the illegal aliens and illegal drugs are gone.

      • Unfortunately I doubt what you said will come true. Illegal aliens and drugs will be with us until our whole society reverts to being law abiding Constitutionalists. I fear it has gone too far off the deep end to ever get back.

        Besides, Beto and company will lead us to their utopia paradise….

        Be Prepared !

      • The only people who will be gone is “the old White guys” like you. The stream of young immigrants pouring into the country should make us Socialists the dominate majority sooner than you think. We are helping every one of them that crosses the river.
        VOTE SOCIALIST IN 2020.

        • OK. I’ll take the bait…

          “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” -Thomas Jefferson

          “Socialism as the final concept of duty, the ethical duty of work, not just for oneself but also for one’s fellow man’s sake, and above all the principle: Common good before individual good”. -Adolf Hitler.

    • When will that be? Trump is the new dynasty in DC. How about Melania as the first female POTUS in 2024, then one of Dons sons of daughters in 2032, another in 2040, Baron Trump in 2048.
      At least Donald has intelligent children, not like the semi-literate idiots of a few other recent POTUS.
      Long live the Trump dynasty!

  13. He’s not even a contender, merely an also-ran struggling to make enough noise to be noticed. He is being noticed, but only a source of noise.

    • I don’t think any of them are contenders.

      Either Trump or Pence will pound these Commies into the ground once the nominee gets picked.

      They all have as much baggage as Trump and are also all talking crazier than Trump (except Biden, who seems to be having trouble remembering where he is and why he’s there).

      • A talking head today volunteered that he doesn’t think anyone will get 50% of the delegates. I think that translates to a brokered convention, which allows delegates to select anybody they wish. Possibly Hillary will suddenly become the candidate. That would be tremendously entertaining, I would actually watch that. With popcorn in the daytime and a good scotch at night.

      • I get that it is currently popular to insult them as “Commies” and “Communists”, but they are no such thing. They are Liberals, a vastly different concept from Communist.

        • Communist, leftist, liberal, or progressive, they are all collectivists and opposed to individual freedom.

        • They are most certainly not “liberals.” They stole that moniker. They have a distinct big state authoritarian streak. “Leftist” will do.

  14. Hell yeah, Robert, I’ll meet you at the door with it! It will be you, won’t it? Cause I won’t give to anyone else.

    Sad thing is, this is what all of those bozos on the stage want to do, the rest of them have the political acumen not to say it in public. He’s just a spaz who can’t control what comes out of his mouth. It’s just a shame that he won’t be their nominee.

    • Good work, Beto! Keep it up.

      I’ll betcha AR-15 sales take off..

      Beto could break Obama’s record as the best gun salesman yet.

    • Yup.

      The Democrats have been hiding behind this fig leaf of “we’re not talking of confiscating anyone’s guns” on gun control for over a decade.

      Now they have a candidate out in the open, talking of exactly that.

      This allows RKBA people to say to the gun controllers:

      1. You are talking of confiscation. See this twerp’s lips move? That right there, he’s talking confiscation.

      2. You were lying all along.

      3. You’re the fascist(s). The first action of all fascists is gun confiscation. Always.

      • On the fascist gun confiscation, that is a myth. Statements by Nazi leaders about gun control were propaganda.

        It was the allied powers post-WW1 who, under the Treaty of Paris, ordered total disarmament of the German civilian population. Right down to common hunting rifles, shooting and hunting clubs. That effort failed completely, the German people never disarmed, beyond very small numbers. So much so that there were a couple of violent coup attempts pre-Hitler that were put down by a combination of civilian militia, police and military.

        The Nazis generally improved gun rights for those people they approved of, which was the great bulk of the German population. The very small Jewish population, they did not approve of, but they had few guns to begin with and also did not give them up.

        Just like Americans would do today only tiny numbers of 1930’s era Germans turned in guns when told to do so.

        With 400,000,000 guns in private hands today, we Americans would do an even better job of Hell No! than those long ago Germans did.

    • You know what? I have heard people talk about many ways of hiding guns should bans or confiscations ever happen. Putting them in sealed PVC pipe, all oiled up and buried. Vacuum-sealing in a plastic bag and then hiding inside walls. Buying actual products made for burying and protecting stuff. Furniture with hidden compartments. All sorts of ideas.

      But shoving your gun up your ass sounds kind of anti-productive to me.

  15. This isn’t going to end, ever. “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson in a letter to William Stephen Smith, Paris Nov 13, 1787. If we aren’t willing to do so, it will be up to our children, their children and so forth. It happens every couple of generations. It’s going to come down to whether we are willing to pass on our legacy with which we were gifted or will we leave future generations to rebuild upon the ruins.

  16. “Joe Biden Wants to Buy Back Guns to ‘Get Them Out of the Basements’”

    Can they stay in the closet Joe?

    Sad that in a room with Joe Bidem you can find an even dumber prog. Then Beatoff speaks.

    • I figure if Biden was to win we’d all sue the government for that balcony and double barrel shotgun we are supposed to go ou ton and fire off two blasts with, “if anything ever happens”.


      This is a single story home so he’s going to have to pay for some major construction costs to put up that balcony.

  17. This is why the 2nd Ammendment was created. To protect Americans from an out of control government.
    In a conversation at a local gun show, 2 AR owners told me they can have their ARs if theyre paid the money invested in them… not some bogus flat rate buyback!

    Beto is pandering to what the audience there wants to hear!

      • Well, turning in some cheap or non-working gun to pretend compliance is not necessarily a bad idea. Especially if it is a buy-back.

        More money for ammo for your good gun, or money to put towards a better gun.

  18. Beto sounds just like what he is: a phony Irish-American Latino poseur with a big mouth. And it’s all political speech – just something outrageous to get him noticed in the crowd and sell t-shirts. He’s not even in office and stands little chance of getting into office again – as president or anything else, so I don’t consider him much of a threat. It’s all those other prog/lib/dem nitwits with their anti-gun ideas and who stand a better chance of getting into office that I’m worried about.

  19. What these fools like O’Rourke don’t seem to comprehend is that he and his comrades would be creating a vast new class of criminals from formerly peaceful citizens owning AR15s.
    The introduction of brute government force, into an area where there was was previously none, to implement this confiscation of AR15s would make the occasional mass murder by mind dead goblins pale by comparison.
    In short the cure for this nebulous concept of “gun violence” would be orders of magnitude worse than the dubious “disease”.

    • The arrogance of leftists is stunning. They’ve already crossed so many lines, and yet they keep wandering closer and closer to THE line, oblivious – even eager. They are turning ordinary, law-abiding, mind-their-own-business people into radicals. What is the modern equivalent of the Boston Tea Party?

  20. Does he want someone to shoot him? Cause that’s how you get someone to shoot you… (I’m not threatening myself, just saying from a practical sense).

    I’d hate to be his security detail. Imagine them sitting back stage sigh’ing into their hands as he spewed this out… Poor dudes.

    • I don’t think he even HAS a security team, or at least if he does, he’s paying for it, he’s not even employed.

      • Well he’s either brave or stupid…. I mean I think he’s wrong / dumb regardless anyway but talk about poking the bear.

      • He doesn’t NEED a job… He’s a millionaire, his daddy is a millionaire and his wifes daddy is worth something like 500 million.. add to that the fact that he is being funded by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg and you begin to get a picture of a privledged, spoiled brat asshole that has been used to getting his way.. Well this is a FAIL from the git, taking on a few million passionate gun owners is nothing like he has ever dealt with in his entire protected life…

  21. I hope he plans to give me plenty of money for mine. I have been getting $20 each for zipping groundhogs for a few different farmers. I don’t eat them, but I am sure something drags them off. And it gets me out of the house for a Saturday morning. I thought they said the only thing the AR was good for was hunting people. Apparently they have never taken one to the range for steel plates or harvesting farm pests.

    I think Bigtoe knows he can’t possibly win and is now to say exactly what he thinks.

    • An AR-10 in 7.65×51 is hands down the finest wild hog gun here in Texas. Not for hunting animals? Chalk up ANOTHER lie told by the left.

  22. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15” is also a threat. And if you take it to its logical conclusion, it’s a death threat, too.

  23. Let’s start a campaign to not permit political bodyguards to carry any firearm that the average citizen is not permitted to have. Only the President and V.P. would be exempt. And we should ask why they will not supply a guarantee with any of their suggestions and recommendations. A guarantee of safety and reduced criminal activity.

  24. Beto makes me laugh for a number of reasons. One of them is this whole idea of “returning to civility” in politics.

    Back in the day there was a guy kinda like Beto. His name was Cleon. He was ridiculed in public for his actions. A taste of what was said publicly about him, which seems like it applies to Beto as well:

    “So let Cleon contrive,
    What he will against me!
    Both justice and right
    Are my allies, you see,
    And I’ll never be known
    (As HE is far and near)
    As a cowardly fag
    Who’s promiscuously queer!”

    Imagine this sung by a chorus in public.

  25. “Beto O’Dourke Hell yes,we’re gonna take your arms”

    Eff Off you Communist prick,let the party begin.

  26. Alright you middle school graduates here it is and I hope this message gets up to the Appalachian hills where you Hillbillies and Jethro’s reside.

    President to be Kamala Harris is going to send out the K-9 teams along with the military and local police to every sewer hole that you white racist/supremacist hide in. If you don’t give up your stinking AR’s and AK’s you’re gonna get squashed like a grape and run over by a vehicle that’s twice as big as your A-hole Ford 150. Do you middle school graduates understand?? Are we clear??? Remember this. You don’t control the media. You don’t control the government. Hell, in 2021 you won’t even control your own money. We, the POC, the immigrant population, and the indigenous peoples of America and Hawaii are in charge. You all are living in OUR country. You are “squatters” in the land of our ancestors and you will be deleted from history in 2021 along with your phallic symbols of manhood. Believe this Hillbillies and Jethro’s of the Appalachians we will show you the kind of mercy you showed us on the “Trail of Tears” and in the internment camps of WWII and in the villages of ‘Nam. Your days are numbered. Better start counting now.

    • Look, there he is, ranting about hillbillies again. He’s just so predictable. Next, it’s gonna be neanderthals or cavemen. I’m tellin yah, it all goes back to much television in his formative years That and possibly all the paint chips he ate, when we still lived in the apartment.

      • This fool spends too much time posting. I have serious doubts about his ability to hike from river to ridge with a loaded pack. Besides, the terrain up here REALLY affects your radio and cell capabilities. You’re bear food here, Vlad.

    • (a vehicle that’s twice as big as your A-hole Ford 150?) My A-hole Ford F-150 is a lifted 4 wheel drive Excursion with a power stroke diesel w/internal armor and bullet resistant windows.. Come and get it phony, I’ll put MY indigenous ancestry against yours any time and unlike Pocahontas (Warren) my great great grand father was NOT an Indian hunter/killer, So hey, I guess what I’m trying to say is “this hillbilly/jethro says go fuck yourself AGAIN.”

      • “…Ford F-150 is a lifted 4 wheel drive Excursion with a power stroke diesel w/internal armor and bullet resistant windows….”


        I’m looking at used 4Runners currently to mod into my version of a “getting out of dodge mobile”

        • I wanted to use a Hummer II but just too much initial expense, I have the same run flat, floatation tires, turned the motor up to 600 horse.. go anywhere, run on just about anything that will burn and lots of room for guns ammo and stuff… Murdered out paint job, limo tint, it will get the job done.. 2004 model, picked it up for under four grand put about double that in it over the last three years, pretty sweet rig..

    • Not Vlad. A decent attempt at mimicry but not Vlad.

      The spelling and punctuation is too good. Whoever wrote this has a basic grasp of written English.

    • Aren’t racist genocide enablers fun?

      I think somebody should report this dipshit to the FBI. Hopefully you wont get red flagged LOL

    • Kamala Harris isn’t going to be president anymore than I’m a hillbilly. And they won’t outlaw and confiscate the most popular rifle in America anymore than they are going to outlaw tobacco which by the way, kills ten times more people than guns do.
      Grow a brain Vlad.

    • Hey….vlad the Indian…. Get your filthy wet back as$ back across that border… I told you already, don’t make me say it again…
      Greasy donkey jockey…

  27. Beta will gleefully send tens of thousands to their deaths to attempt to prevent dozens. Makes sense when you are a commie scum bag.

  28. Beto made the statement that he had attended a gun show in Arkansas and everyone he spoke to was in favor of, and I hope I am correct I suffer from hearing loss, but if I understood he stated everyone he spoke at this show were in favor of the ” Assault weapons ban ” ‘ I thought to my self ” Are you sure you were at a gun show and not a flower show ” ?

    • Close enough, bullshit IS bullshit 9 out of 10 or 10 out of 10, he’s still a lying shitbag loser.. “Told a story about visiting a gun show after the two Tx shootings, said 90% of the people there agreed to give up their ARs if a confiscation/buyback bill was passed”

  29. The young socialist progressive communists are normally more honest. More upfront than the old dried up ones like Bernie Sanders. I like honesty.

  30. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, and AK-47.”

    My only reply is that I they’d better pack a lunch.

    • Pack a LUNCH? hell, if I make to my mountain top in Va. they will need a fucking catering truck 24/7….. Bring it Robert Francis…… we’ll be waiting for you and yes WE actually includes me unlike your cowardly bullshit that would send others into harms way just to stroke your ego..

      • I’ll do what I can about that food truck. An ambush at the Gap should work, right? Split the opposing force in half and destroy them. BTW cannon of any size are legal if you front-stuff ‘em. Rain fire on that choke point.

  31. I hope he like the taste of lead; oh wait this chicken shit bolshevik will send someone else to take your guns.

    • They ALL have glorious visions of unfettered rule over the unwashed minions after they remove the deplorable, toxic, white nationalist, racist, Nazi, fascist, bible thumpin, gun clinging, despicable, non-conforming, trouble making, NRA terrorists and all those who refuse to bend to their will and give up all their stuff so it can be given to those who don’t have any stuff…. but then they will have to take all that stuff back and give it to the folks that gave it up in the first place because they don’t have any stuff… and then they will have to take the stuff awwww screw it, just make sure none of these dicks get elected, it will make life much simpler and entertaining watching them run around bitching and crying for another four years……

  32. Hey Bobby boy,these men would argue with your ranting and suggest you get bent,you would disagree but your Feelz carry no weight in this Constitutional Republic.

    Thomas Jefferson: “Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it.”

    Samuel Adams: “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these: First a right to life, secondly to liberty, and thirdly to property; together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.”

    Patrick Henry: “Sir, we are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power. The millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”

    Nathanael Greene: “I am determined to defend my rights and maintain my freedom or sell my life in the attempt.”

    Thomas Jefferson (again): “In questions of power, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the constitution.”

    Samuel Adams: (again) “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution, are worth defending against all hazards: And it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.”

    Marquis de Lafayette: “When the government violates the people’s rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensible of duties.”

    John Parker (commander of the American forces who resisted the British attempt to confiscate Americans’ firearms): “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”

  33. CLAIM: There were not enough ambulances available to save the victims of a recent mass shooting in Odessa, Texas.
    VERDICT: FALSE. The City of Odessa said that its ambulances responded to the shooting quickly.
    One of the many LIES that scum bag fuck told at last nights debate.. I KNEW that RATSHIT asshole was lying, no one would let a child bleed out for over an hour (how badly can you be injured if it takes an HOUR to bleed out) someone would have grabbed the child and drove him/her to an emergency room.. What a lying piece of shit and this asshole is one of the less egregious offenders which should scare the living shit out of everyone… Not one of those clowns could tell the truth if their lives depended on it… How could this dumbass not consider that someone somewhere would come forward with the REAL facts not the Beto truths….

  34. Beto is an ignorant jackass….
    The thing that bothered me was when Booker said he’d use the power of being President to start identifying white supremacists…… sounded like ….’das juden…..das juden…’ scares the shit out of me

    • When Cory Booger says White Supremacists, he means Constitutional Conservatives. That’s how the left operates.

  35. Beta, you aren’t going to “take” ANYTHING because you’re a drunk and a coward.

    The real question is what dummy are you going to send in your place and what are you going to do when he doesn’t come back.

  36. I wish to report a man (well boy) threatening to steal my property, AND an elected official not doing what he swore to do, PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION.

  37. Beto-Box is gonna try to make soemone else come for your guns. Beto-Box and the rest of htem are betting the people they’re coming after will voluntarily comply with the results after they steal an(other) election.

    — The charter under which people have agreed to comply doesn’t include going after personal arms.

    — That same charger, under which people have mutually agreed to comply, explicitly excludes going after personal arms.

    — The authority, directing compliance with some rep’s pronouncements comse from the charter, Beto-Box has declared he’ll ignore. (Also the rest of htem, starting with one-time AG Kamala Extract.)

    So, Beto-Box’s argument is “You have to comply with my authoritah, under the charter I’m gonna violate to acquire authoritah, that doesn’t empower, indeed explicitly bans what Imma do anway. Because you suck.”

    • Just a collection of midget-spawn Obama Mini Me’s. The attitude, grasping, legalism fig-leafing is the same.

      No, we don’t “elect” maximum leaders, even ones on the right side of history, to embody the spirit and destiny of what our nation should be … even ones who can dsop the seas from rising by their mere presence. (Which explains why President Kanute’s $14 million Marthas’ Vinyard purchase make sense. At minimum he can hold back the tides on his beach…)

  38. So when is Robert Francis going to apologize to the people of the United States for being a lying giant turd. Everyone that could possible have even the slightest knowledge of the events in Odessa has come forward to point out that his “truth” about that incident does not quite match the actual “facts” of the day including the FACT that the cops arrived at the scene in question in a little over seven minutes and an ambulance was on scene a minute later… No kids “bleeding out” after an HOUR waiting for help.. What occurred in Odessa was an unnecessary tragedy in itself without some lowlife, scum of the earth, cry baby, lying ass, nobody, piece of shit, little rich boy culture appropriating (BETO?) poser embellishing the facts for his own personal and political gain.. What this clown has done has left a stain on an already shameful Democrat party that will remain for a long time and all of those suck ups that were oohing and awwing over his bullshit story and admiring his (COURAGE?) should come out and denounce this assholes actions and then Robbie needs to appologize and announce his withdrawal from politics period.. I’m sure his Momma must be very proud of her little boy, fotunately HIS children are too young to know what he did. Go home Robbie, take some time to think about your stupidity and the damage you’ve done and then take the appropriate honorable course of action and don’t worry about us, we will get along just fine without your lyin ass…..

  39. I just watched ten countries that are impossible to invade on youtube with America being number one. As Japan’s military leader of world war two stated , “the problem with invading America is that there is a gun behind every blade of grass”. Dems, smarten up, he is lying about ar’s and all semi-auto’s, the millions of gun owners are not the ones doing this killing. The dems actually showboat these tragedies in an attempt to sway opinion. How filthy dirty, beto, to use dead children for political advancement and agenda. You really are an anti-human substance from Satan’s butt, you know. Then you tell the F.B.I. that you received a death threat because another lawmaker said my ar is ready for you. What a man you are. President? Dealing with Kim, Putin, and china? No thanks, just keep your crying face tucked into your rich wife’s cleavage while pouting, “but honey, I want to be king” . Oh well, by now I am sure that everyone in America is getting ready for one of the most hate filled, filthy dirty, low down, cannibalistic, kill your own children presidential campaign’s ever seen by humanity. With the dems lining up their weapons of race, guns, gays, abortion, and you name it. The media will proclaim that anyone who mentions God is a nut, political correctness defines racial prejudice as simply being caucasian, and to own a semi-automatic rifle, like they know the meaning of that, means you want to kill babies in the crib. Yeah, get ready for the show folks, it’s gonna be a blast.

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