national guard riots
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)
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From the AP:

Armed National Guard soldiers patrolled the streets of Los Angeles early Sunday as the city began cleaning up after a night of violence that saw demonstrators clash repeatedly with officers, torch police vehicles and pillage businesses.

(AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

A rare citywide curfew expired as dawn revealed broken shop windows, demolished security gates and graffiti along entire blocks.

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Mayor Eric Garcetti said Saturday he asked Gov. Gavin Newsom for 500 to 700 members of the Guard to assist the 10,000 Los Angeles Police Department officers.

Demonstrators block the street as a Los Angeles Fire Department ambulance tries to get through during a protest over the death of George Floyd, Saturday, May 30, 2020, in Los Angeles. . (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Garcetti said the Guard members who arrived early Sunday were summoned “to support our local response to maintain peace and safety on the streets of our city.”

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  1. Order has to be restored. Too many people are being hurt and too much damage is being done. If it takes military force to restore order, then so be it. It won’t take much. The rioters aren’t going to risk death for another days fun.

      • And for 2 days in a row, Flint, MI protests were peaceful as police marched WITH protestors. Amazing how that works, right. And we all remember Flint from a couple years ago, to this. Police need to fix themselves or be smart and not rely on the government to back themselves up with force. They need to change their methods, like Flint Police did.

      • Order. Control. The govt needed to take down the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rioter doing damage. It is wrong to not take control to protect property and people.

        I saw a video on Twitter of a situation where a white business owner tried to protect his property but due to his untrained skillset, the mob of white and mostly black rioters chased him down, throwing bricks at him, finally knocking him out, then stomping his head after beating him with long rods. It was the worst personal attack I’ve seen in this whole multi night riot.

        So yes, the military should be brought in. The police in Democrat run cities weren’t allowed maintain control. That is the problem, aside from the underlying issues that Liberals have caused by raising children into young adulthood without ethical standards and morals.

        If America doesn’t learn from this, we will have more chaotic situations in the future. Every time this happens, it is worse than the previous. Progressives and Democrats are leading America into chaos, and Socialist like Bernie Sanders have many members who are on video admitting to their anarchist persuasion.

        • So fascism to save America from communism? Damn that sounds like Europe. I thought this was America.

          I guess Trump should just declare martial law and call of the elections to save America from a Democrat presidency and senate.

        • All this chatter over martial law. Actually, I’m completely against martial law in its current (2020) definition.

          I would much rather see all citizens armed. Order would be restored pronto as communities took care of business themselves. No SWAT or NG needed. In fact, if we were all allowed to be armed as was common practice in the early days of our Republic, we would never see such riots, or need SWAT, or even the NG in the first place.

        • I haz, I totally agree.

          Most of us do NOT agree with the looting, rioting etc etc… especially started by race baiters. But given the real reason why it all started, police brutality, the people need to defend themselves. Stop relying on police and the government. They have both grown beyond control, and sad to say, the only way to gain it back might be to burn down some cities. Sad reality of war.

    • Didn’t you say like a day or two ago this wasn’t a big deal? Now you want the military to restore order by any means necessary?

      Do you have grand kids? Maybe some of them went down there. Most of them were white. Careful what you wish for.

      • Prior to Floyd you (CC) showed disdain for the police in several of your posts therefore you are predisposed to be a narrow minded police hating jackazz. If you assault people, break things that do not belong to you and commit arson and you are stopped and arrested that is not Fascism. That is called Law Enforcement.
        We trust LE to handle such matters and protect society otherwise society may take the law into their hands and snap the necks of rioters and arsonists who may be your grandkids who probably learned to share your demented disrespect for LE.
        For others who may be a grandparent and they fail to educate their grandkid about the penalties associated with breaking the law then their ignorant grandkid belongs in jail. Case Closed.

        • LAw enforcement by definition is oppression. It’s tyranny. Is it freedom? Do laws exist to keep you safe, or to control you? People are starting to realize they don’t need a law to tell them how to live. Your love of police, regardless of their involvement or why they are countering these protests, is the definition of a turncoat.

  2. Blocking an ambulance like that? Sounds like conspiracy to commit murder. If a loved one of mine was in the back, and needing to get to a hospital, I’d be beyond pissed.

  3. they need to curtail fire and ambulance calls…too dangerous to respond…
    unfortunately that would affect non-rioters as well…so not ethical

  4. Is that guy putting out a fire or cleaning a bathroom?

    Second pic looks like he’s striking a pose for his buddies at the office.

    Last two pics remind me of movies I saw years ago.

    Great examples of social distancing. They are obviously NOT afraid of the Wuhan virus anymore.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the 82nd Mountain Division out of 29 Palms. Stupid civilian.

        • I’ve always heard that the Ranger Commando SEAL battalion from the 82’d Mountain Division were some pretty hard cases.

      • There is no 82nd Mountain Division. It’s the 10th Mountain who’s based at Ft. Drum in upstate NY. The 82nd is an Airborne Division stationed at Ft. Bragg, NC and 209 Palms is a Marine Base. So who’s the civilian?

  5. “National Guard Troops Patrolling the Streets of Los Angeles”

    And when confronted/challenged, they’ll do nothing and stand down…

  6. Don’t matter, Newsome won’t let em do anything.
    Just for show.
    Blue states are scared of Antifa. After all Antifa got its Start on the West coast, all blue.

    • I guess you mean the American branch of ANTIFA because the organization was started in Europe.

  7. The police here lack one non-lethal tool that would make a difference—armored water cannons. When I lived in Chile many years ago the national police (Carabineros) would roll them out if tear gas failed to quell demonstrations, which were often a daily event. The water tanks would be filled with dirty water from the local Mapocho river and blue dye. Just the sight of these machines (local slang “Guanacos”) would send even the most militant protestors fleeing to avoid being knocked off their feet by the force of the spray.

    • That’s gold. We could learn more from other countries on how to deal with this. These cities/states have lost it. We are over militarized and thought less of non-lethal ways to deal with large crowds.

    • Permanent florescent die sprayed over the rioters would make identifying them an easy task. Maybe even days later.

        • Adding pepper spray will cause them to wash it off/change cloths. If it is just florescent die that can only be seen under black lights or through camera filters they will not try to hide it. Easy peasy to set up cameras at intersections on the way out of town to Identify rioters in which cars to pull over.

    • I had that thought last night as I watched the NYPD clear Union Square in Manhattan. water cannon would make the job easier and create a double benefit in cleaning the streets of both human and non-human debris.

    • Water cannons didn’t seem to make the European ANTIFA go home. They just started throwing molotovs in retaliation.

      • Molotov cocktails? Now that is attack with a deadly weapon. Shoot every person with one in hand! The Antifa scum will learn. Or die.

  8. Another group of pu$$ies. There are few real leaders left in this country; they’re all afraid of hurting someones feelings. Meanwhile, anarchists, terrorists and savages run wild. It’s just fine to suspect the Constitution for law-abiding folks and destroy their businesses under this stupid pandemic lockdown. But when animals run rampant, it’s all hands-off.

  9. Throw a woman in prison for opening her nail salon, but let the animals run wild. What a joke of a country.

    • The Republicans won’t allow people to freely be capitalists and they stole trillions from the American people. The Democrats refused to hold their police accountable resulting in civil unrest.

      It’s like they are made for each other.

      Third party anyone?

  10. “Gentlemen, let’s get this thing straight, once and for all. The policeman is not here to create disorder. The policeman is here to preserve disorder.”

    — King Richard Daley (another great Democrat)

    And just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, the National Guard shows up to be the scapegoats for the politician and cops.

  11. 700 soldiers to help 10,000 wannabes?

    WTF? So the cops are not badasses like they think they are? They can’t even handle a bunch of unarmed white kids.

    • ‘They’ can most CERTAINLY ‘handle’ a bunch of unarmed white kids. Let there be no doubt in your mind; ‘They’ CAN ‘handle’ pretty much any number of ‘unarmed’ people.

      You just wouldn’t like how they did it.

      If a certain tipping point is reached, the ‘handling’ will commence, and it will not end well for the ‘handled.’

  12. Hmm, dusted off the ol’ M16A2’s huh? I would have figured A2’s were long gone from all service branches by now.

    • Yeah I saw that. Interesting, would’ve thought by now everyone would have optics in some manner or fashion.

    • It’s a guard unit. They may be cooks, mechanics, clerks, what have you. State of the art is for folks deploying to bad places.

      Come to think of it LA may qualify as a……….

  13. So, here I am again watching unchallenged looting of businesses in cities all across our nation. Minutes ago I saw looters kick their way through the front of a boarded-up store in Los Angeles. The entire street was filled with looters doing the same thing to all the stores in the shopping area. They even had cars pull up so they could load their “goods” into them. And that’s when the idea started to germinate.

    I realized that what I was watching (we all are) is the most well-documented crime in the history of the world. Not only is the media covering it with giddy abandon, but everyone involved is recording everything digitally- on their personal devices. That’s a lot of digital data.

    As young people are wont to do, all of this digital evidence will not be kept private- the incentive of recording everything is to share it for the world to see. The Internet seems to be the go-to place to share stuff, and as I understand it everyone has access to it- and it never goes away. And the idea started too bud…

    Let’s say an “interested party” were to collect all of the available digital media relating to the crimes being committed during these “protests”. What if effort was made to identify specific individuals committing specific crimes? Would this information not be valuable? Would you think there are innumerable “agencies” willing to offer valuable consideration to said “interested party” who is able to provide specific digital proof of the individuals and their crimes? The idea fully bloomed.

    I am not a young person. I have lived the majority of my life without computers, Internet, cell phones… all the techno “toys”. Although it may seem impossible to imagine for younger folks, not only is possible to live without this crap- in most ways living without it is easier. There’s a chance you’ll never know what it’s like to live… free, but seeing as how all it takes to bring down this “technological terror” we’ve created is taking out the power grid. I’m betting the world is going to get a bitch-slap wake-up call into the world of “no tech” during your lifetime.

    My point is: I do not have the ability to be the “interested party”, but I’m sure there are people reading this who are, or know someone that could be. Doing the work to gather the data and offering it to “agencies” for valuable consideration should be a profitable venture. This idea is my gift to you.

    Make it so.

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