Beto Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks after former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke endorsed him at a campaign rally Monday, March 2, 2020 in Dallas. (AP Photo/Richard W. Rodriguez)
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Robert Francis O’Rourke has joined his fellow establishment Democrats in endorsing Creepy Joe Biden in his race for the Democrat nomination. “Beto” appeared with Uncle Joe last night at a rally in Dallas to pledge his support for the aging, often confused candidate.

In return Biden promised to give the unemployed former Congressman a job if somehow gets past Bernie and then beats Donald Trump in November. He’s going to put O’Rourke in charge of implementing Biden’s ambitious gun control agenda.

I’m going to guarantee you, this isn’t the last time you’ll see this guy. You’re gonna take care of the gun problem with me. You’re gonna be the one who leads this effort.

From FoxNews:

In a surprise moment at the end of his Dallas rally on the eve of Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden called former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke up to the stage — and vowed to put O’Rourke, who has said the government should forcibly seize assault rifles from Americans, in charge of gun-control efforts.

In case you’d forgotten, faux Hispanic Robert Francis O’Rourke ran ran a failed campaign for the Democrat nomination that was centered around gun control. He vowed, “Hell yes, I’m going to confiscate your AR-15.


And just as Bernie proudly talks longingly of his plans to fundamentally transform American into a Venezuela-style socialist workers paradise, Beto loudly and proudly proclaimed his desire to take our guns.

Of course, there’s good news, too: other than the blip in South Carolina Biden’s campaign is sputtering. Anyone watching dispassionately knows that Vice President Gaffe-a-Minute would need a Super Tuesday miracle (and some 2016-style “help” from party elites) to beat Sanders.

At the same time, with most of the marginal candidates abruptly quitting and endorsing Biden, it seems perfectly clear that the Donkey Party establishment will do anything they can to stop the Bernie train.

Now Joe can add Robert Francis O’Rourke hugely influential endorsement to the heap.

Unfortunately for Mr. Buy A Shotgun, all those endorsements won’t mean spit to most voters.


ED: The title and body of this post were updated on March 6 to reflect that Biden has promised to put Robert Francis O’Rourke in charge of implementing his administration’s gun control agenda if and when he’s elected president. 

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    • Right? I feel like I’m the only one who can see that coming.

      They’re going to hamstring Bernie to the point Biden (of potential options!) will be able to beat him, and then they’re going too be shocked.. just SHOCKED! When Bloomberg slides into the Biden-shaped hole with room to spare.

      But, as everyone on this board knows, the democratic candidate main dish is going to be an old white rich guy with a hard-on for guns. The only thing yet to see is what we’ll have on the side. A slice of bread lines, a small (but not large) soda, or some paint chips.

      It’s like they don’t even want to win the election. Which, I mean, is fine with me. But it’s still embarrassing.

      • Thinking things might be a bit more nuanced: Biden is pres, and Bloomberg is actually running Biden from behind a curtain.

        • “Biden is pres, and Bloomberg is actually running Biden from behind a curtain.”

          No way in *hell* is Bloomie dropping a cool billion bucks to be second fiddle to *anyone*.


          Bloomie and Creepy Uncle Joe come to an arrangement beforehand where ‘Joe’ “resigns for health reasons” shortly after being sworn in (and appoints who to be the next VP? The HildaBeast?)…

          • Fotunately the “Beast” is going to be busy hanging out in Appellate Courts for the next year or so fighting Court ordered depositions…

        • “Bloomie and Creepy Uncle Joe come to an arrangement beforehand where ‘Joe’ “resigns for health reasons” shortly after being sworn in (and appoints who to be the next VP? The HildaBeast?)…”

          Anyone close to and in the way of the HildaBeast should fear for their life, even Bloomers should.

      • Other alternative would be Warren or a surprise newcommer but yeah even then Bloomberg will still “own” much of the party for whatever it will be worth.

      • “It’s like they don’t even want to win the election. Which, I mean, is fine with me. But it’s still embarrassing.”

        Right? How rich is that, that we are living in an era of supposedly the most progressive “woke” and “diverse” Democratic party the world has ever seen… and the top 3 candidates they are running are 77+ year old rich white men and they are pandering to a independently wealthy fake Mexican man for endorsements to boot…. you cant make this sh*t up. I’d be absolutely terrified if I was a candidate running for any position right now as a Democrat in this country. With any of the current front runners on the ticket, the collateral damage up and down the ballot is going to be epic.

  1. On the bright side, if Biden gets elected he’ll show up for work on his first day on the Senate floor…

  2. All the loser candidates are scrambling to get a ride on some other loser’s coattails, the DNC establishment is panicking over having a commie for their nominee, Trump derangement syndrome media outlets are firing/eating their own…
    In the meantime, patriots are rising up all across the country standing tall for their RKBA. Life is good!

    • “the DNC establishment is panicking over having a commie for their nominee”

      This is funny because the DNC and the media have basically nurtured the socialist talk over the past 3 years. They reflexively pushed for the opposite of whatever Trump was doing.

      • My wife used to joke that if Trump came out and said he liked puppies, then the left would immediately outlaw puppies as dangerous child murdering bacterial factories.

        And then, a couple months ago, somebody in the government said “Hey, maybe we don’t need to euthanize all these perfectly healthy kittens that are used in non-damaging experiments, as controls, etc. The left immediately started talking about laws mandating the euthanasia of kittens in science.

        Like, I know some people don’t like cats, but if “let’s kill kittens because Trump” sounds like something your voter base can get behind, maybe you don’t want those people behind you where you can’t keep an eye on them, yeah?

        • Well…”Let’s kill human babies” has worked for the Democrats for many decades now, so “Let’s kill kittens” should work just fine, too…

        • Ya, if Trump were to find a cure for cancer, then liberals would all of the sudden advocate for the rights of the tumor.

  3. Right now, they’re only concerned with impressing democrats for the primary. Biden’s handlers would have him ease up the confiscation talk in the general. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the votes are tallied this evening.

    • Gonna be tricky with that Beto stunt. Maybe go for broke and push confiscation all the way?

      • Maybe go for broke and push confiscation all the way?
        That’s the Biden/Beto way…….

        • Or simply testing how radioactive an outright ban ticket would be in regards to electability for future planning.

    • would be hard for ol’ creepy joe to walk back all those seemingly endless anti-gun rants…

    • At this point, Trump should come out full-on for total gun control: red flag laws, rifle confiscation, the works. DNC will then fall all over themselves reversing their position, because Trump. Then he can tweet, “Just kidding.”

  4. Finally rolling into Super Tuesday the field is set (for now)…. On the pole we have “The Wild Man” Bernie (Burn that Bitch Down) Sanders with his HMFIC of Climate fixing Alexandria (We’re all dead in 10 years) Ocasio-Cortez, on the outside sits “Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe” (Where the fuck am I and What am I doing here?) Biden with his “Chief Confiscator” Roberto Francisco (You’re Damn Right I’ll take your ARs & AKs) Beto O’Rourke…. In row two on the inside it’s “Mini Mike” Michael (You don’t need a128 oz soda and by the way, gimme your guns and I apologize for EVERYTHING I ever did) Bloomberg, outside we have “Fauxcahontis” aka Elizabeth (I’m 1624th some kind of Indian, What do you guys want to hear? I never said that and oh yeah, give ME your guns) Warren, the rest of the field is a few negligible and basically inconsequential stragglers…. The agenda is clear, disarm law abiding citizens, establish a police state, tax, tax, tax, do as I say, Free Stuff for everybody (unless you were born here and have a job) free healthcare for illegals, rapists, child molesters and murderers get to vote while still in prison, bread lines, give us ALL your money, we know what you need and we know how to spend it, Orange Man Bad, kill all the cows, ground ALL the planes (except the government ones) a windmill in every back yard and a Prius in every garage, shut down fossil fuels (we only have another 48 hours to live if we don’t)….. “Vote for Me and I’ll Set You Free” (of your money, your life savings, your home and if you resist, your life)…. The choice is clear enough to me “None of the above”..

    • A bunch of traitors ,commies, and America hating hedonistic filth they call the Democrap party , no F#×$%- thank you .

  5. Gun control slips further down the list of public concerns every year minus an incidental bump here and there.
    They up the rhetoric so that should they win office based on promises of free shit, open borders and drug proliferation they can claim as they enact restrictions and bans that that’s what they ran on so clearly it’s what the people want.

    • Thought O’Rorke was the furry with the fanfic of running kids over? Never thought I’d need to start a degenerate spreadsheet just to keep track of off the wall crazy with potential National leaders.

    • should have red-flagged pedo and taken his car after he talked about running over kids “to steal their happiness”….

    • Bernie missed his chance to get Beto on his side.
      Could have been a ‘women want to be raped by 3 guys’ and a pedophile ticket.

  6. I could very well be wrong but I think Joe just gave Sanders the nomination with the introduction of Francis.

    It’s all an amazing shit show either way but I think that move is going to cost him more than his handlers anticipate.

    The democratic party has managed to make this entire election as simple as this in my opinion, “You can choose freedom or the democratic/socialist party. Choose.”

    • ” I think that move is going to cost him more than his handlers anticipate ”

      Totally agree. In a season of incredibly stupid political moves, this is the biggest one yet.

      There are over 100,000,000 gun owners in this country. Not all of them are conservative or Republicans. Sleepy Creepy Joe probably figured (assuming he can still figure at all) he wasn’t going to get the gun vote anyway. But gun owners aren’t a monolithic block, and after Virginia they’re all fired up, even the independents and a good number of Democrat/Liberal owners as well. Biden just threw a can of gasoline on the fire. I’d estimate pulling Beano up to the stage cost him around 5 or 6 million votes on net. Dumbass.

      In other news, a new poll has found that 1 out of 3 Democrats are just as stupid as the other two. Now we have proof.

      • “In other news, a new poll has found that 1 out of 3 Democrats are just as stupid as the other two. ”

        Don’t do that. Caused me to spit out my fourth martini of the day.

  7. Joe won’t remember where he is tomorrow and Beto had better keep his own gun in his pocket and shut his mouth cause we ain’t a bunch of scared illegals that are going to tolerate him

  8. Four more years of Trump. I’m not excited about it, but here we are.

    I’m especially not excited about the economic collapse Trump’s policies are going to create right about 2022, but that’s what is on tap.

    Buckle up.

    • Been “buckling up” for awhile while all of you experts predict the doom and gloom. So what is happening in 2022 Swami – a Democrat looks to get elected?

    • “I’m especially not excited about the economic collapse Trump’s policies are going to create right about 2022,…”

      Pretty much what Paul Krugman and many other big name economists and talking heads said about Trump in 2016.

    • “I’m especially not excited about the economic collapse Trump’s policies are going to create right about 2022”
      Very cool SWARF, I do appreciate this heads up and I am immediately getting ALL my money out of the market, closing all my bank accounts, emptying my savings, selling my bonds and putting it all in Mason Jars in the back yard so THANK YOU for sharing your expertise and (extensive?) economics education…. By the way, exactly WHERE did you get your Economics Degree and how long have you been working in the financial sector? I assume you must be a Fund Manager or at least a seasoned Market Analyst (like Paul Krugman?) to be able to read the markets and the overall U.S. economy two to three years out… If you could list your BONA FIDES ASAP I would feel much more confident in your predictions, also post your analysis with any graphic projections if possible.. Once again (and I’m sure I speak for EVERYONE here) thank you for sharing, you may have just saved this country from a devastating economic collapse from which there is no hope of recovery…..

    • In his defense, although it wasn’t ALL Trump, he is right. Too loose with money for too long, a fed that responds to market dips are both bad omens. But this goes back to lame-duck Bush and through Obama as well

  9. Meanwhile, I wonder what Pete n Amy were offered to halt their campaigns? Quitting within 36 hours of Super Tuesday doesn’t make much sense, unless they got an offer they couldn’t refuse.

    I’m surprised that creepy Joe didn’t give Beto’s head a rub while he was up on stage.

    • Honest question…what happens to all the campaign donations (war chest money) when a candidate quits the race? Is it escheated to a government entity somewhere? I don’t imagine the candidate is allowed to take it…

      • While I would normally guess they are out of other people’s money to run on and cutting their losses I would not at all be surprised if they both can keep their campaign money in some form and received/will receive massive contributions soon. But I am a cynical jerk sometimes so actual results may vary.

      • First they have to settle all debts and payroll, IF there is anything left it can be rolled into a NEXT campaign..
        Politicians with leftover campaign funds are barred from using the money for personal expenses, They can refund money to donors or make contributions to political allies, including other candidates, party groups and political-action committees. They also can spend the residual cash on winding down their campaign operations or donate it to charity….

      • And you would be dead wrong. There are some limitations on how it can be spent (not many, to be sure), but the candidate gets to keep campaign donations.

        It’s GOOD to be a dishonest, lying, cheating autocrat!! Politicians EARN that money by lying to us and blowing smoke up our nether regions, so why shouldn’t they keep it??? Oh, and they are more important than us, so they should get armed guards, while in the process of disarming us, right? Amirite???

        • You are partially right… They CAN “keep” the money but federal law prohibits them from using it for personal expenses, but it can be rolled over into future campaigns or donated to other campaigns, PACs or even charities…

      • “I don’t imagine the candidate is allowed to take it…”

        Under certain circumstances, yes, they are. There are some stipulations, but if there are any funds left over, candidates can use them for other campaigns. It’s the “any” left over that is problematic.

      • They use it as collateral to take out no-interest 99-year loans from their Wall Street buddies.

  10. Bernie’s praise for Castro might have been his downfall, even some libs didn’t like that statement.
    Considering most lib’s are uneducated or just plain stupid. & anything from taxachussetts is out of the question, then there’s the midget with a pile of greenbacks, no way…

  11. If Trump gets re-elected I hope he makes Adult Depends free for the elderly 2A community.

  12. I think it’s funny how everything they wanted to impeach Trump over, they themselves actually do…..right in front of everyone.

    Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

    These people are pathetic.

    • I couldn’t agree more. I keep thinking that people’s eyes will open and they will see this and see what the platform stands for, what they have done and are willing to do and come to their senses. And yet…….

      • “I keep thinking that people’s eyes will open and they will see this and see what the platform stands for, what they have done and are willing to do and come to their senses. And yet…….a new poll has found that 1 out of 3 Democrats are just as stupid as the other two.

        Borrowing from UpInArms…fixed it for ya’.

  13. Well, the Dems have thrown our the “Bat Merde Crazy” field together. Reminds me of when McCain ran with Palin. Don’t want to win this or be considered.

  14. Maybe Creepy Joe isn’t as senile as we perceive. Maybe he is planning O’Butto to be the first one through the door of gun confiscation. Joey is pondering, “Those pesky 2Aers are flying all those Molon Labe flags. Uh, they may be serious. OH, Hey, O’Butto. You didn’t make Pres. How about a consolation title. Wanna be “King George O’Butto”? Here’s a pretty red coat. Why don’t YOU go get all those guns. Get right back to me on how that works out.”

  15. Biden sure is smarter than us dumb folks. He’s doing that to get as popular in Texas as who is that guy? Bevo or whatever. And he knows we want them to take our guns. And Bevo is the most qualified to do that. I think he was arrested or theft.

  16. Be First to Comment

    davida March 3 2020

    is it strange that so many really bad incidents fall back on to anti gunners in office ?

    the solution is arrest anti gunners in office for failing oaths of office. Surely THAT is more cost effective when you can fine them pretty well (most politicians are wealthy enough to pay there fines as well ) and force them OUT of office there after . start using your head and proper law to solve big issues .

    civics class in the 60’s .. discussion on duty of representatives and bills ;
    1 they read the bill .
    2 understand the bill,
    3 convinced it does not violate the constitution .
    4 then it is possible to VOTE for the bill and uphold there oath of office . THE PROBLEM is they are not DOING that first. The public has failed there duty to hold them to that.

    We are a constitutional republic under laws (this means 2 wolves and a sheep do not get to decide what is for lunch )

    Attempts to rob a bank are a violation , there fore attempts to steal any enumerated rights are no different when protecting constitutional rights including
    1. electoral collage rights of balance ,

    2.pertaining to all bills to include due process of law ,

    3. _maintaining only citizens can vote.

    4. __________fill in _____

    the action needed now is to arrest the bill writers of anti gun legislation , them who vote for it , co sign the bill , and all who sign off on them , via executive order or any cop of any dept .

    arrest the office oath breakers (to give them standing before the ct.) and FORCE the supreme court to enforce the charges or screw up and give proper cause for revolt to remove said traders.
    this is NOT a a revolt with cops or the public in conflict but with off base representatives and the rest of us USA citizens .

    so the time has come to arrest gun grabbers for failure to uphold oath of office to defend the constitution. arrest them , charge them , strip there retirements from office , heavily fine them , and BAN from ever holding any office again.

    the above is reasonably justified for even proposing the bills that have bin written up all ready that they wish to pass. the reason so many county’s have adopted gun sanctuary status is evident the bills ARE clearly unconstitutional. and an attack on self defense freedom. Arresting them (anti constitutional proposers , voters , co signers , and who signs off on said laws ) is the safest way to deal with this threat right NOW.

    give them standing to have supreme court look into this and decide whether they get it wrong before it is necessary to break out cold tar and feathers to take back the country. any law that requires added action by a gun owning citizen or fee to stay complaint when not breaking a law is NOT acceptable. nor is a law that steals rights from future citizens. who else can agree this makes a good start in dealing with this problem?

    • This is Russia getting involved to re-elect trump. C’mon, decisions on who will get appointments from Biden are way too early to make and it would be foolish for him to even harbor a thought of airing the thought. This is simply done to distract and confuse voters. Simply bogu by Russia.

  17. As I recall from history classes, the life of the last Czar, the ruler of Russia, did not come to a happy end.

    • This. I’m surprised that it took this long for someone to point it out. The US isn’t supposed to have czars.

      • Another thing, in passing, pointed out. Federal Elected Office Holders all take the same oath of office, which includes “supporting, upholding and defending the constitution”, correct me if I’m wrong. Interesting isn’t it, how short of memory some turn out to be.

  18. A winning ticket for the Dems would be Bernie with Bloomberg as VP (at least through inauguration day).

    Bernie gets the radical Left Democrat base and Bloomberg brings in moderate Democrats, Never Trumpers, and RINOs. That’s about 55% to 60% of voters.

    If they cheat Bernie again, the radical Left base will be a no-show and Trump wins by a landslide.

    • “A winning ticket for the Dems would be Bernie with Bloomberg as VP…”

      Biden already said he would pick a young person as VP because Joe is…well,….old.

    • And, on Day 2, Ole Bernie has a tragic “Clinton Event”, and Mini Mikey is the Pres, with Pelosi as the new VP. Or, more likely yet, a Bernie/Hillary ticket. Then, run the preceding scenario.

  19. With a Bernie/Bloomberg ticket, Bernie can be paid to be a puppet. With a Bernie/Clinton ticket, Bernies a goner and he knows it.

  20. Jim Crow Gun Control Joe Biden is all hat and no cattle. Holding hands with a mealy mouth twerp like beto shows just how sick in the head Jim Crow Joe is.

  21. Gun confiscation. Don’t you mean gun owner extermination czar? To think anything other than that these people do not desire anything less than the total ban of all guns and go cross country in the efforts not confiscate but to kill every single solitary person in the entire United states that legally owns firearms Without trial is delusional. Because we all know that the ultimate goal of the democrats is to literally kill every single solitary person that disagrees with them in any capacity. To them

  22. Should old joe win (NOT!!!*) and decides to make beto boy his lap dog on firearms, he needs to lead the charge to peoples home to collect as I know here my small caliber firearms they want are protected by lager caliber firearms. Just say an inch of AR500 (which is 1/2 inch front and 1/2 inch back of most body armor) is useless out my way. As to old joe winning that most likely wont happen, bernie wont win as the dems will see to that again and mini mike will be a total loss against Trump. Any other democrat is a lost cause in their own right and Killary has lost a lot of its fan base and will lose even more once in front of a suiciding judge. We all know any one that goes after killary usually suicides. There only hope would be the it obama and a lot of people have seen what that couple has done to ruin the US.

  23. Nah, Beto will be in hospital for the next two years after he gets his sorry ass kicked.

    • Have you noticed he is trying to speak with a mexican accent now. This guy is a frickin bad joke.

  24. Ever notice when a politician says “I want to make this perfectly clear…” the next statement is usually a lie. In this case, I do not see Biden in the white house so I doubt Beto will be confiscating guns. He will be home in Texas, smoking dope and dressing in his girlie clothes.

    • “If you circumvent the Second Amendment you will die. FORTHWITH”

      2A has been circumvented for decades. Do you have a body count to report?

  25. Published a link to this article on “Facebook” and it says it’s been “independently” fact checked [ha,ha] and not all of it’s true !
    What isn’t true? They DON’T say…..

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