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Halloween is coming. Don’t be like Elmo. To prepare for actual zombies, simply visit the CDC website. To determine whether that’s a real vampire or a person in a costume, use this simple tool.

Side note: I spent five years in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America, and people in masks knocking on my door at night always made Halloween a little bit tense.


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  1. Do you really think there is going to be a normal Halloween ever again?
    Didn’t do one last year , & not this year either.
    COVID & Covid – 19, don’t ya know.
    More candy for the GROUCH, (ME)….🥸

  2. I usually like the Memes posted at the end of each day lately, but this one was not in good taste. Not funny to joke about murdering kids.

    Sorry to be the killjoy, but that’s my two cents.

  3. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
    Costumes and kids, candy and smiles.
    Plus you get to scare the kids by jumping out from behind the bushes with a sword and a war cry.
    I made the Halloween Apple once. Had visible razor blades, pins and shards of glass stuck in it. ” Do you want an apple?”
    Oh the look on the children’s faces, many mothers came to the door to see The Halloween Apple.

    • Oh, Possum, be nice now… 🙂

  4. I must be getting too old. I don’t find the last several memes to be funny, thought provoking, or making any kind of point. Post as you will but loosing some of the audience would seem counter productive. Heck, I didn’t get some of them over the last several, had to research.

    • Running low on materiel, I think…

  5. Why do so many of these things have such piss-poor English/ grammar? Are they written by utter morons or some kind of Chinese algorithm?

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