Screencap by Boch via X.
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Another day in the crime-ridden cesspool that is Philadelphia. It’s not only regular residents enriched by the crime culture in the so-called City of Brotherly Love, but Temple University students have experienced plenty of these during the current school year.

In one recent incident, five armed thugs attempted a home invasion/robbery. While no one was home to properly greet these fine young gentlemen, the homeowner’s doorbell camera recorded their attempt to coax someone to open up.

The video should serve as (yet another) example of why gun control schemes designed to limit the law-abiding to an arbitrary number of rounds is racist, classist and sexist gun control. A ten-round limit for self-defense? That’s wrong, and thanks to Bruen, it’s unconstitutional as well.

Meanwhile, over at “X” (fka Twitter), the very first comment under that video hit the nail squarely on the head.

Screencap by Boch via X.

“Try that in a small town.” Drawing on Jason Aldean’s catchy tune that has America’s gun-hating left all (and Shannon Watts, but I repeat myself) all atwitter with faux outrage and indignation as they tried to cancel someone new.

As in many of these incidents, lessons abound for those willing to look for them.

First off, just because your bell rings doesn’t mean you have to open the door to greet whoever is outside. Always use situational awareness before opening the door, which should be easy with a doorbell cam such as this one. And if you’re not expecting company, pull up the view from your doorbell camera or look outside from a window to assess who and what is waiting for you.

Secondly, home carry comes in really handy. Yes, the prudent man won’t seek to go toe-to-toe with five bad guys, especially those armed with long guns. If you’re going to defend your home, do so from cover with a gun, preferably a long gun like an AR-15.

If you don’t have a long gun handy, fight from behind cover and use that doorway as a fatal funnel. Let those young scholars step up one or two at a time to make themselves easier to “handle.”

If you know they’re coming, the best way to win a gunfight is to not be there. Let the doorbell camera soak up their ire. If you have to be there for some reason, have lots of friends with long guns there to act as a proper greeting party for the boarders.

Fortunately in this case it looks like the five thugs might have left when they found nobody home, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make a return visit.

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    • Look at you johnny boy…the usual bigot. FYI…Narrow minded nitwits like you expecting Black perps make good batches for white perps. Let’s see if the self proclaimed firearm self defense instructor gadsdenfag agrees…maybe he’ll chime in.

      • “Let’s see if the self proclaimed firearm self defense instructor…”

        He has far more experience and training than your ignorant fat ass does, cupcake.

        Exactly how many law enforcement accreditations have you ever held?

        Answer, *ZERO*. Precisely your value and worth to the TTAG community… 🙁

        Dance, deb. I order you to respond and make a complete fool of yourself, yet again…

        • oldshtheadgeoff…I would not pee down your throat if your guts were on fire much less provide qualifiers for an ignorant pos like you.
          By his own words gadsdenfag is not worth spit. If you and your phone pal gadsdenfag are going to hook up shouldn’t you be busy douching your fat azz…fruitcake?

      • Not surprisingly, stating facts is the equvalent of bigotry in your warped “progressive” view. FBI stats document year after year the overwhelming presence of blacks vastly commiting the majority of these criminal acts. The vast majority of these criminal acts are committed against other black people. Given that you don’t fight for these black victims, I must infer that you are a racist, as your acts and speech only perpetuate the violence against these good citizens that happen to be black.

        • And Debbie W. will be unable to your post because it has facts, something the Liberals cannot deal with. To be specific, the 2018 Bureau of Justice Statistics, Natl. Crime Victimization Survey, table 14, shows that there were 547,948 attacks on whites by blacks, and 59,778 attacks on blacks by whites.

        • In one recent year (don’t the exact onr handy), there were nearly 20,000 rapes of white women by BLACK men. How many black women raped by white men that year? Zero.

      • “Look at that! The usual suspects!”

        Whaas da ‘matta’ wit choo?

        The statement clearly fits with all the statistics…

      • FBI stats are not wrong when only 13% of a certain demo and males withing that demo DO OVER 60% of ALL CRIME!

        • Firstly. I am in no way defending debbie. But do we really trust the fbi to get the numbers right? They are corrupt and serve the biden crime family.

        • In general you can trust the FBI (and media, polling, liberal regime, etc.) data when it disagrees with the narrative. The DOJ’s narrative is that white supremacists are the greatest threat.

        • jwm at the moment yes if only because accurate data is still a priority and it matches the numbers of most states regardless of political affiliation. There is little power in presenting false crime statistics (for now) and/or not enough politically motivated agents to spin everything. With that said given enough time it could easily be “reevaluated”

        • I’d expect unaltered statistics would put the % much higher, more like 80% of ALL crime and 65-70% of violent crime. But, the scum compiling the stats for the current pervert clown patrol administration certainly can’t be having the truth known.

      • Hey Karen, the numbers don’t lie… 13% / 52% …Put that in your pipe and smoke THAT! If you think statistics are waissis, go cry to the FBI, they’re the ones who compile it!

      • ” . . . the usual bigot.”

        It’s unscientific – bigoted, even – to expect the sun to come up tomorrow, even though it has done exactly that for billions of years.

      • Douche. He was, of course, absolutely correct. Anyone coming through my door unannounced and uninvited, will be met by far more than ten rounds. With plenty left for the remainder of the party.

    • seems like a perfect opportunity to take sniffin’ Joe’s advice and fire 2 blasts through the door from your 12 guage.

        • Yo, plus the $70/hr labor of all the cutting and fitting of the new hardware, priming, painting, etc..

        • Get a reinforced Ar550 steel front door with a shooting port at chest level. When the thugs show up and point their guns at your ring camera, stick that shotty out the gun port and watch the punks sh!t their dangerously dangling pants and underwear!

      • Standard cap 30-rd mags are nice, but if you really want to trigger the SJW karens at MDA, you gotta flex on them with 100-rd drums and a binary trigger!

    • Yep. But also notice they are all carrying air soft (or paintball) toys. Look at the size of the bores. They removed the yellow barrel markings to pass these off as real. We already have cases (by citizens and PD) where idiots waving airsoft around got blown away and no charges were filed. These look real, and the intent seemed real. I would have offered them one chance to drop and spread or become ghosts.

      • “Yep. But also notice they are all carrying air soft (or paintball) toys. Look at the size of the bores.”

        Immaterial, had it come down to a claim for self-defense.

        The home owner is no gun expert, and had they robbed a 7-11 and gotten caught, would be charged, convicted and sentenced exactly the same as if it they were real guns…

        • I think the bores look oversized because of optical forced projection. If you’ve ever had a “fish eye” peephole in a door, that’s what I’m talking about. And yeah, you can’t take chances… like any street cop, you don’t stop to ask the dindu nuffins in question if they’re totin airsoft!

  1. Hoodies/heavy jackets in 80+degree heat is often a warning sign…….more used to it for other issues in other countries but applies in the US as well.

  2. “Just rack that shotgun! That’ll send ‘em running away.”
    – Crazy ‘Ol Uncle Joe Biddim


    “Shoot them through the door with a shotgun!”
    – Crazy and Demented ‘Ol Uncle Joe Biddim

    • Anyone know the law about a situation like this?
      It seems to me that this is the one time when it WOULD be legal to “Shoot them through the door with a shotgun” as Crazy ‘Ol Uncle Joe said. It should be a clear-cut case of self-defense, with people pointing their guns at your door (and threatening to shoot you through the door), so it should be legal to shoot them through the door (before they shoot you through the door).
      If there are 5 armed attackers pointing their guns at your door like this (and you can see it through your doorbell-cam or through a window in your door), wouldn’t it be perfectly legal to shoot them through the door in self-defense before they can shoot you through the door and kill you?

      I mean, legal in free states, with a Castle Doctrine (no “duty to retreat”) or a Stand-Your-Ground law, it should be legal. In tyrannical states that have a “duty to retreat,” if someone pointed their guns at your front door, you’d probably be expected to exit through the front door in the hopes that the thugs don’t have someone waiting by the back door too.

      Some states (NJ, I think) don’t have a “duty to retreat” but have a “duty to warn the guy who’s trying to kill you” before shooting in self-defense, which is when the sound of you racking your shotgun or the sight of your weapons-mounted laser sight on their chest should be sufficient warning. (I’m not going to get into the valid arguments against racking the shotgun or using a laser sight, as those are discussions for a different day).

      • “Anyone know the law about a situation like this?”

        It probably depends on your particular local jurisdiction.

        I’d hate to be the one to find out wrong on that one… 🙁

        • “It probably depends on your particular local jurisdiction.”

          Also, know your target and what’s beyond it. I live on a wooded lot without close neighbors.

      • Don’t do it! The survivors of your shotgun blasts will sue you and say they were trying to sell their guns. Legal expert Andrew Blanca says never shoot through the door, open it first and then blast away.

      • You are responsible for every single projectile that exits your barrel. If you can’t see your target to aim at them you may loose rounds/shot that goes beyond your intended target and injures or kills an innocent bystander. Missing while aiming is at least semi-responsible use. Shooting indiscriminately without an identified target is criminal negligence at least. Murder or manslaughter at worst.

      • Stuck in NJ,

        You bring up a very interesting question.

        I totally understand and support the legal standard that you cannot shoot through your front door at someone simply standing on the other side of your front door with no visible weapon. The reasoning is simple: that person may be at your front door for harmless reasons and it would be wrong to direct deadly force at them.

        This case is different. There are five attackers, all obviously armed, and one or more of them are pointing guns at the front door. There is no ambiguity whatsoever that their intention is, at a minimum, armed robbery if the homeowner answers his/her door. And they appear to be stacking up for an armed home invasion. Remember that BOTH armed robbery AND armed home invasion legally justify responding in self-defense with deadly force (in most jurisdictions–check your local laws before using deadly force).

        If a homeowner shot them through the homeowner’s front door and I was on the jury, I most certainly would NOT convict the homeowner.

        Disclaimer: I am NOT an attorney and the above is NOT legal advice.

      • Stucky, you should know PRoNJ has duty to retreat in your own home. Which boggles the mind with Bruen and CCW in the mix. Yes, shoot them through the door and hope there is a pile of armed bodies for the DA to reconcile. With your hopes of proving a dangerous enough threat to keep you out of the clink… But they said they’d burn the house down! We know this is not how NJ works, if you have the money to own a house and pay taxes in NJ, then that money WILL be extracted from you for the smallest of reasons.

      • Sorry to inform you but NJ has a duty to retreat as long as you can do so safely, the woke prosecutors would have used the video against you and stated you were in no real danger until they entered. Massachusetts is even worse, the castle doctrine only covers the inside of the house, so until they kick the door in and enter.
        Before I get a lot negative responses, I personally don’t agree with either state laws, but as a retired Police Officer I have witnessed a lot of victims prosecuted for defending themselves

      • I’d have to say, that won’t fly on this one. The courts/prosecutor will say, “don’t answer the door, hide and call 911”. Especially in Hellinois where shooting a democrat is illegal, no matter the circumstance. And these are obviously current or future drmocrats!

  3. I’m kinda surprised these clowns haven’t started using mini rams to pop doors. Surely they’ve seen cops use them in their neighborhoods. Are they too stupid to put 2 and 2 together? Probably.

    Looks like they removed their braces to comply with the ATF rule. lol.

    • 2+2 is racist don’t ya know?

      How many long guns was it three that I saw or maybe four with the guy in back? So let’s say three. Ninety rounds for those young med students and ten each for the nurses. One hundred ten rounds and the homeowner gets to legally have ten. Kiss my ass politician. You don’t get to decide how many rounds that I can defend my family with. And if you think you can…die in a fire.

      • The solution is… Buckshot, 9-12 balls per shell. All at once per trigger pull. All that bouncing around in a baddie makes it easy to move on to the next one. Wish I could remember the actual quote from Clint Smith on the right round, at the right distance… Something something meat on the floor. There was talk at one point of NJ banning buckshot… Go figure, their love of the criminal class and all.

  4. And the only thing stopping these lads from finishing college and making something with their futures is the firearms. That is the only reason for the crimes these misunderstood youths commit.

    • Jeesh! They just wanted to poke holes in the homeowner so that they could practice their EMT skills. The homeowner was so rude. Good thing it wasn’t the AFT. I heard that dog barking.

    • The gun’s miasma of evil infecting and corrupting the youths into committing crime.

  5. Personally I think they were very lucky because they could have picked the wrong house. I live in Colorado where there are lots of firearm owners and we have a Make My Day law. These fellows don’t look like they were the type to breach a house or equipped to do it. Most people have ring type cameras they can talk through. A call to 911 and warning would be sufficient if they tried to breach the home and placed two feet on the inside of the dwelling. At that point a well armed homeowner would have welcomed them with a barrage of well-placed bullets that would have put the first one down while the others turned and ran for their life.

    • Castle Rock dprato…and my dining room overlooks the living room with the distinct advantage of firing from an elevated perch. And while my wife and niece accuse me of being nuts, they are always protected because I carry at home.

  6. She-it. I thought something was afoot today exiting a Dollar Tree. Homie charged in & parked(illegally) in the thoroughfare. Buddy in the seat. Nothing happened but sure looked like it could. Just a lazy azzhole🙄 These youts on camera would get a massive shower of lead from me.

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  7. behold the reason
    why when im at home
    i always have pretty quick access
    to my ar15 chambered in 7.62×39 and a mag:
    because im not waiting
    until multiple armed intruders kick the door open
    to start pulling the trigger

    • I prefer 7.62×35 sub-sonic, but if you don’t care about your hearing you might as well use 12.7×42 out of a 10″ barrel with a large brake for added deafness.

  8. I guess there were counting on some dumb ass to just open the door without looking. Zero attempt to hide, have one close to normal looking dude knock while everyone else waits off camera. Evil but stupid. Brute force and ignorance. Sadly, it probably works some times. Folks usually think I am crazy when I tell them I carry at home. This is why.

    • “”“my dear mother has a ring bell.”
      “why don’t we make a video then?””

      I’m really not interested in a ‘video’ my mom made.

      *Shudder*… 🙁

  9. This is timely. I had just finished watching Guns & Ammo on the Sportsman Channel when there was an unexpected knock on my door. I don’t have RING I do it the old fashioned way. “Who’s there!?” I couldn’t understand the reply, but it was obviously an elderly woman. I reholstered my 442 and opened the door. She wanted to know if she could have the area rug at the curb I was throwing away. Long guns? Yeah, two. A Palmetto State AR. (Always have a ready rifle.) If it’s stolen it would piss me off a little, but at least they wouldn’t get one of my good rifles and I’d only be out about a thousand dollars. Besides, any decent AR should be able to get through a 20 rd magazine without a stoppage. The other is a Wilson 870. That loss would piss me off. Not the money so much. It’s the waiting time on a Wilson. (Still looking for a Wilson Compact LW. Offering $4000.) Cover? Yeah. One safe is positioned so I can cover the front door from behind it. Another, the back door. Dry wall is not cover.

    • gadsdenfag…Save the ifs, ands and butts about the $4000 Wilson when everyone and their aunt and uncle builds 1911s for credit card guys like you. One would think you being a Rambo blowbag would be fully capable of assembling a first class 1911 with one hand tied behind you. The last time I was at Clark’s there were no shortages of first class 1911s and probably in your Do It For Me price range.

      • Fuck-A Debbie…. did you recently dry hump a Seguaro or something equally careless? Give it a rest you bitter pretender.

        • F*ck-A-Debbie?

          Ewwwwwwwww!!!!!! Gross!!!!!!!!

          I’d sooner ease my tool, by screwing a rabid porcupine… 🙂

      • Ok. I thought you would learn but looks like Geoff is right. You really are stupid. I have one credit card. 0 balance. You buy cheap Turkish guns. What were you doing at Clark’s? Window shopping? To paraphrase a well known line in a well known Western. “I deal in cash, friend.” The Wilson 1911 I have now? I handed the man 42 Ben Franklins. Same with the Wilson 870. Ok, I did use my debit card for that one. Still, the money came out of my checking account before I got out the door. There are a couple of guys on this site that know me personally. I bought a vintage Colt 1911A1 from one. He got crisp $100 dollar bills. I have to wait until after 1800 hrs to make the call, but if all works out I’ll be driving to a small town in N Central Florida to buy another Sig P 226 MK25 within the next 48 hours. I’ll stop on the way out of town to grab $1200 cash from my bank account. Not that this is any of your business, but I’m going to try to give you a little bit of information about myself. I have no debt. I own my house. and half the city block. From one corner to the other. Vehicle payments? Nope. Titles are in one of the safes. Monthly bills? Three. Utilities, cell phone and cable/Wi-Fi. I save about half my monthly income. I live alone, so I do eat out a little more often than most. Meeting a retired FDLE buddy of mine at Ted’s Montana Grill in Tallahassee for lunch tomorrow. It’s a working lunch. He wants a stag handled Randall #1 I have I want his Remington 1100 Special Field 12 to match my 20. I’m buying lunch. With cash. A cheeseburger at Ted’s is $25. I do have other custom 1911s. The first time I shot with Massad Ayoob, not one of his classes it was a BBQ, so I wore a BBQ rig. At one point he walked up and asked, “Is that a Les Baer?” It sports ivory grips and was riding in a Kramer rig. He asked if I was allowed to carry it on duty. I replied, “Sure, why not?” As he walked away I heard him say to himself, “I know I’m in the South now.” Debbie, the only firearms I’ve heard you mention that you own are cheap shit I wouldn’t glance at in a pawn shop. Do not start fucking with me or you will get slapped down every time.

        • She’s insanely jealous of guys like you that can afford good guns.

          All the while bleating that their imported crap “is just as good” as your quality hardware… 😉

        • Can never understand the envy, I damn sure couldn’t justify spending over 1k on a new firearm but it’s always nice to see what can exist and what things can be capable of. Just realized I am probably a real oddball working for NY state.

        • Why does everyone here assume that the poster known as ” Debbie W ” is a woman? Usually, that allows some extra slack being granted when on ” male dominated ” sites such as this. I’ve also seen this trending on other technical auto and aviation sites, usually accompanied by a cute photo and some ditzy handle… I just think of them as anony – misses, and presume most are actually men trolling for more and faster responses.

        • I have no doubt it is female, even if she was, she’s damn sure no lady… 😉

    • Drywall typically will not be cover unless you are dumb/crazy enough to spring for ballistic fiberglass panels (can double as insulation). Does have issues with steel core penetrators and tips but realistically 855 “should” be the upper end of suburban raiders. With that said rifle and concealment on the fatal funnel first.

  10. LMFAO
    Yep, they sure do look like white supremacists to me.

    Nothing funny about morons with guns. This did not happen because of the 2nd Amendment. It didn’t even happen because of no gun control laws.

    It is funny how people can look at deadly stupid right in the face and never recognize it.

  11. That pic with the article brings back memories. At one point it was an almost daily thing where we used to live, except they didn’t want to go away and would break through the door anyway most times – home invasion and more were pretty routine. Thanks to the state deciding we needed some ‘affordable housing’ on a piece of land next door to our community, the gangs from across the state line moved in. They started avoiding our area when constitutional carry came to be and they started getting shot more.

  12. I think it was Biden that told everyone to just fire two blasts from a double barrel through the door.

  13. Best way to meet your maker in Texas is to be at someone’s door and point a gun at the owner. These kids were not brought up, they were dragged thru the ghetto sewer of entitlement and lawlessness.

  14. I have a fully loaded semi twelve guage with slugs right by my front door. If I was greeted via my Blink Door Cam with such a picture, my semi would bark through the door eight times and I wouldn’t even open it until the Coroner showed up with body tags and bags. End of problem. PA Castle Doctrine in action !

    • In the biography of Colonel Paul Tibbets, DUTY, the man who had no remorse about killing 50,000 people at Hiroshima, related that kept a 12 gauge shotgun in his home for self defense. He also related how his father responded to an intruder attempting to force the front door by emptying a Colt .45 through it. No call was made to the police . A check of the porch the next morning revealed only a blood trail.

      • Elmer, why should any American have any remorse over Hiroshima or Nagasaki? About 137,000 were killed in all (not the ridiculous numbers spouted by leftists). These shut down the main Army and Navy facilities in Japan. Most of the civilians there worked at these facilities. True, we could have flown 250 B29s over each and dropped the usual 500lb and phosphorus fire bombs, with the same effect, except far more deaths would have resulted (not just the center region of the cities). Just like we did in Germany. BTW: There would have been many deaths in those B29 crews due to the horribly faulty engine design (overheating) that caused so many to crash. Far more deaths from such crashes than by enemy action.

        Japan wanted to fight to the last man, woman, and child to stop the Allied invasion. More than a million deaths (Japanese) and hundreds of thousands of us. Another year or two of war.

        • It wasn’t so much as the engines being faulty, than it was the cowl cooling flaps were poorly designed, allowing the engines to way overheat waiting for takeoff…

        • Most historians and military experts agree that the second bomb was unnecessary, and most likely aimed at sending a message to the Soviets. You’re doing a lot of mental gymnastic here. The death toll for both Nagasaki and Hiroshima is more than 300,000 if you include those who died days, weeks, or months later, usually from radiation sickness. Those numbers are not from “” either.

  15. MOST CORRUPT: Lyndon Baines Johnson – Forgotten History. (note: watch the whole thing…but at At 14:55 starts outlining the GCA ACT OF 1968 to keep Black’s and minorities from having guns as Johnsons reason for wanting it.)

    • “…to keep Black’s and minorities…”

      The Black’s… what?

      (Nothing personal, it’s just that an apostrophe instead of a plural ‘s’ is a pet peeve of mine…)

  16. It helps to have a door camera. It would help even more to have a claymore mounted under it.

    • Someone really, really, needs to invent a bear pepper spray dispensing device that can be activated from the inside…

      • I have been thinking about how to build a remote pepper spray dispenser. Controlled from inside the house.

        A good less than lethal option. And a colored spray to mark the armed bandits.

  17. 12 gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot fired through the door in greeting would be most appropriate. The passage through the door would expand the pattern nicely. Thanks to Senile Sock Puppet President Joe Biden, very defensible in court.

  18. Just some nice and cute schvatzas thinking it’s Halloween and showing off their new costumes.

  19. Looking at that makes me think, where is a claymore when you need it. Then my rational mind goes to the yeah, but what about the people across the street/next door, not to mention the mess it would make with the back blast.

    Nope, if you’re home when this criminal troupe shows up, best to get a comfortable spot to cover the door with your gun of choice and dial-up the local PD and advise to current status.

    • On further reflection, maybe this is a roving comedy troupe, think about it, they show up and try to intimidate a camera! A camera!!! What’s next driving up to an ATM, pointing a gun at the camera and telling it “your money or your life!” After all they just know that ATM is loaded and they deserve some of that sweet redistribution cash!

  20. No wireless controls, cameras, switches, etc. anywhere around my house. Except for the TV remote, and the daughter’s old Wii. The hacker is welcome to play Animal Crossing all he wants to, but that’s all he gets.

  21. Here’s a curious scenario to ponder for you –

    Suppose the homeowner was home, saw the video of the thugs with guns outside his front door, and decided to grab his AR and head out the back door as fast as he could and run around to his front yard.

    And then take well-aimed shots at the thugs, killing several of them.

    Would he have been charged, since his life wasn’t in immediate danger at that point?

    Something to contemplate. I strongly suspect it would depend on the jurisdiction where it took place… 🙁

    • I don’t think the Soros DA in Philadelphia knows how to prosecute a case anymore. He might try but, unless he can get a jury consisting of only his convicted felonious constituents that he routinely aids and abets, most law abiding Philadelphians (of all backgrounds) agree with defending your home and yourself with firearms.

    • Geoff:
      “Would he have been charged, since his life wasn’t in immediate danger at that point?”

      My guess is yes in MOST jurisdictions.

  22. Imagine their surprise when shotgun blast comes through the door at them taking them out from a person with brains who is lying on their back shooting up at them. Of course you would read in News how they were upstanding young men, and how their deaths were from a hate crime of a white person on the other side of the door.

    The revolution is about to start, can you see it, can you feel it, can you smell it?

  23. We do not have this 13% problem in Sweden where I am originally from. Nothing even close. However we are well aware of the innate violent tendencies of certain demographic groups in the US.

    • When your population density of the followers of the cult of the thigh humper of the 7 year old child, (and then full blown consummation at 9 years old,) reaches 13%, they’ll make our 13% problem look like tea time..

    • But how are those Mohammedan culture enrichers you have imported working out for you, and for your women and children?

    • This site apparently agreed. They deleted your other posts calling for a genocide against black people. Troll (democrat, fed, etc.)

  24. There isn’t anything preventing a homeowner in Philadelphia from giving “these fine young gentlemen” the appropriate caliber of greeting.

    I’d start with 12 gauge 00 buckshot (5x) and if that wasn’t dissuasive enough, I’d follow up with 5.56×45 (70x+) followed by 7.62×39 (220x) but I’d probably have them dissuaded at 2×12 gauge.

    • I am sure you’d be able to remain so calm under the threat of 5 aggressors that you’d have time to think that way. Or you’d just hide and wait for the cops.

  25. Hey, imagine the worse ones that were aborted!

    And Sweden seems to be importing these types hand over fist. You guys have more grenade attacks than meatballs at an IKEA.

  26. Gives me an idea: I could install a small monitor display screen next to the door where would-be invaders can see. What they will see is a split screen of other cameras: a couple showing live scope views of them, with illuminated crosshairs on their chests, one showing my stack of body bags and chlorine blood cleanup supplies, maybe one of one of their heads on the grill with some BBQ sauce being applied.

  27. Gives me an idea: I could install a small monitor display screen next to the door where would-be invaders can see. What they will see is a split screen of other cameras: a couple showing live scope views of them, with illuminated crosshairs on their chests, one showing my stack of body bags and chlorine blood cleanup supplies, maybe one of one of their heads on the grill with some BBQ sauce being applied.

  28. DCChristian, let’s get Stuck to come along with us as we install this new system you described. Might just interfere with some future plans. Hell, it would make me reconsider, too. Just a joke! Relax!!

  29. “Try that in a small town” is just more evidence that most people love unthinking catchphrases.

    What exactly about being in a small town increases your odds of wining when outnumbered 5:1 by people who surprise you and come armed with everything from handguns to AK pistols?

    • People seek comfort and get extra uncomfortable when that is pointed out. My rural friends were the hardest to convince that they were just as vulnerable as anyone else and it really took a history lesson of Rhodesia, Russia (kulak purge edition) and South Africa for the issue to sink in as to how.

    • “What exactly about being in a small town increases your odds of wining when outnumbered 5:1 by people who surprise you and come armed with everything from handguns to AK pistols?”

      All of your neighbors start shooting at the skells at the same time you do. The chief of police helps you bury the bodies. The Rotary Club gives you an award. Local women want to date you.

  30. Even through a fun house lens and a blurry photo you can easily identify the “identity” of scum responsible. Is it a surprise to ANYONE?? DemonRat voters for sure, they will never, ever learn.

  31. Unmasked black criminals who pose for a doorbell camera will be easily caught. By the police.

    The problem is the libertarian liberal or leftist Prosecutor. Who believes that there are too many people being locked up, and will refuse to prosecute them.
    They are the racist whites who have the soft bigotry of low expectations. And refuse to hold black criminals accountable. Black criminals who mostly pray on innocent black people.

  32. M­y­ l­a­s­t­ p­a­y­ c­h­e­c­k­ w­a­s­ $12000 w­o­r­k­i­n­g­ 12 h­o­u­r­s­ a­ w­e­e­k­ o­n­l­i­n­e­. m­y­ s­i­s­t­e­r­s­ f­r­i­e­n­d­ h­a­s­ b­e­e­n­ a­v­e­r­a­g­i­n­g­ 15k­ f­o­r­ m­o­n­t­h­s­ n­o­w­ a­n­d­ s­h­e­ w­o­r­k­s­ a­b­o­u­t­ 20 h­o­u­r­s­ a­ w­e­e­k­. i­ c­a­n­’t­ b­e­l­i­e­v­e­ h­o­w­ e­a­s­y­ i­t­ w­a­s­ o­n­c­e­ i­ t­r­i­e­d­ i­t­ o­u­t­. t­h­i­s­ i­s­ w­h­a­t­ i­ d­o­.

    • Are you competing with Kammy Toe Hair‐ass for the vacuum gauge factory quality control person?

  33. This was in St. Louis. Secondly, they are clearly air-soft guns.

    A site about guns should not be writing hysterical stories about kids with toy guns. Yes, I know you are pandering to your audience who fantasize about killing black teenagers, but black kids have a right to play with toy guns.

    • And they have the right be shot if they try home invasions, or other stupid shit using toy guns to appear ‘armed..’

  34. Isn’t anyone wondering why they picked that particular home? I can’t see them just walking down the sidewalk armed and knocking on doors waiting for someone to open up.

  35. You must stop giving us all these sponge-worthy episodes of “What Would YOU Do?

    Perfect time to dispense one flash-bang or hand-grenade for stun effect, followed by the application of a few hundred nicely-suppressed subsonic Freedom Seeds of Justice.

    Afterwards, we can help ourselves to their switch-enabled Glock G-18 clones and ammunition, of course. I wonder if these geniuses loaded the rounds backwards too?

    Threats like this are perfect examples of why citizens actually do need AR-15s – fully automatic ones – along with standard/high-capacity magazines. Remember, in court you can safely say shit like “by the time I put the third shot into his/her head, my brain had already decided seconds before that the only certain, immediate way to assuredly contain the threat was to assuredly disable the shooter in the most expeditious manner possible. The shooter’s fate was sealed when he committed himself to violence.”
    These “exigent circumstances” provide for little variance when survival is at stake in a split-second. “He was going to die before I let him/her pose a further threat. My body was merely following-up on fulfilling that objective.”

  36. I was watching an old James Bond movie and he was being pursued by a man with an AK47. Bond pulled out his .32 pistol and my first thought was that he was outgunned. Bond stepped out from concealment and put one round in the center of his pursuer’s forehead. I guess he had enough gun after all. If you shoot like James Bond, 10 rounds is probably enough. If you are a normal human, like me, you may need a lot more.

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