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As of this past April, good guys don’t need a license to carry a gun in Georgia. A 23-year-old aspiring criminal learned that the hard way when he pistol whipped an employee of a fast food joint wanting money.

The employee, after enduring the thumping, drew his own heater and fired three rounds at his antagonist.

The freshly ventilated robber, later identified as Joshua Hickey, ran out of the restaurant sans any extra holiday cash. Cops found him not far away running low on hemoglobin. Police transported Hickey to a hospital where he eventually assumed ambient temperature.

WMAZ has the details including the obvious conclusion reached by investigators . . .

Police say a Warner Robins restaurant employee who shot and killed an armed robber was acting in self-defense.

“About 9:45 p.m. last night, there was a call received to 911 about a robbery in progress,” Sergeant Justin Clark recalled.

The call came in from the American Philly N Wings on Watson Boulevard. Police say 23-year-old Joshua Hickey tried to rob the place.
“Basically a male entered, later found to be Joshua Hickey, entered with a mask and a hood on. He did have a semi-automatic pistol,” he continued.

Sergeant Justin Clark with Warner Robins Police says Hickey jumped the counter and attempted to make his way to a door in the restaurant while demanding money. That’s when things escalated, Hickey allegedly pistol-whipped a worker and the two men fought over the gun.

“The restaurant worker was struck, hit the ground. As he was coming back up, he drew his own legally-owned firearm and fired three shots at Mr. Hickey. Mr. Hickey was struck twice and fled on foot,” Clark said about the tussle.

We can speculate all day long as to whether Mr. Hickey would still be walking among the living if he hadn’t been so impatient or violent in his armed robbery technique, rather than cracking the staffer over the head with his pistola.

In the end, the employee was able to stop the threat. Hopefully the unnamed employee still has his job and isn’t suffering too greatly in the aftermath of he attack and shooting and killing another person in righteous self-defense.

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  1. What happened to the stray bullet? The store employee cudda shot a bystander. Cudda shot a passing car. Cudda shot a hole in someone’s front door.

    The employee had/has a duty to society to simply turnover the case, and be a good witness. Violence never settles anything.

    Be kind to children, flowers, and other living things. No one needs killin’.

    • Truth is, the two bullets that ended the life of a thug, probably a nice guy to a few people and a thug to most, can be considered as paying it forward, because a person who will commit a violent act. armed robbery, assault and battery, perhaps a racial crime, would more than likely have taken the life of an innocent at some point in his criminal career, if he hadn’t already done so, and the likelihood that he would eventually do so, is statistically quite high.

      • “…would more than likely have taken the life of an innocent at some point in his criminal career,…”

        That’s really intolerant. People revert to crime, especially gun crime, because the rest of us took away all their other possibilities. If we used government to give people all the stuff they need for a good life, crime would be rare, indeed.

        Actually, we can end crime easily: law is the root cause of crime. Get rid of the law, and there is zero crime, and everyone goes home happy.

        This is the 21st century. Time to get over the idea that everyone should work hard to achieve, and obey all the stupid laws is so 1960s.

        Free Zapata
        Viva Villa
        Viva Max
        Free Willie
        Free love

        • You’re being tough today, Sam. Permit me to join you.

          “A 23-year-old aspiring criminal learned that the hard way when he pistol whipped an employee of a fast food joint wanting money[sic].”

          A 23-year-old aspiring criminal wanting money learned that the hard way when he pistol whipped an employee of a fast food joint.


        • I think you are pulling our chains. You can’t possibly be advocating such a arcane position in earnest.
          Giving a populace what they need for sustenance is untenable. Human nature will always strive for those things that seem just out of their reach.
          If we could turn stones to bread would not our souls clamor about saying all the while, ‘man does not live by bread alone.’
          It is human, to seek out the tree of knowledge of good and evil and then say, forgive us for our weakness.

        • I call bs. my uncle did 26 years in Stark…
          no one took away shlt from him, he was just stupid enough to try and rob a gas station for beer money be abuse he thought he could get away with it.

        • I’m sorry Sam but I haven’t taken away anyone’s “other possibilities”.

          And the Founding Fathers didn’t create our form of government to be a trust fund for it’s citizens. Nor a means to be used to implement social change. Life isn’t fair, and it never will be. The best you can do is try to not piss off your relatives so your family unit can work together to get through this thing we call life in an amicable way.

      • “Even highly trained LEOs miss. ”

        That’s why I don’t go to the range when I know po-po are there “practicing”.

      • My read indicates the employee was on the floor when he fired his weapon.

        This is an extremely useful tactic and should be taught – stray rounds (be they misses or pass-through) tend to end up in the ceiling…

    • and now full-time daisey-pusher-upper has fired his final round.His score is now fixed. Nusice was indeed served, even to the People of he State of Georgia who will never have to waste another dime in this piece of refuse.

      It would be of some interest to learn of the dead dirtbag’s recent “contacts” wit The Law. Betchya they “know” him pretty well. The provenance of his likely illegally possessed handgun would also be interesting.

      • “fired his final round.His score is now fixed.”

        Nice turn-of-phrase. Gonna swipe it, and claim I invented it. (Good ideas stolen with pride)

        “His score is now fixed.”

        Really like that one.

      • “lol”

        Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week; tell your friends. Bring them with you, and enjoy a fine dinner in the restaurant; the veal is wonderful.

    • It’s, the errant round, in a wall. Why does it matter, Sam? Two outta three, under duress, ain’t bad. The bad guy is down for keeps.

      • “It’s in a wall. Why does it matter, Sam? The bad guy is down.”

        You may be a bit new here. Stand up, take a deep breath, and re-read the comment string. Sitting down, the conversation is going completely over your head.

      • “You could have been born smart but that didn’t happen either.’

        When you point a finger at me, you have three fingers pointing back at you.

        Good Lord, man, my comment is a goof on Dimwitocrats, Communists, Leftists, Statists, Authoritarians (yes, I am being repetitive).

        If you want to see a masterpiece of ridicule/satire, have a look at “A modest proposal”, by Johnathan Swift. Let me know if Swift actually encouraged butchering children, and selling the remains as food.

        Here, save some time:

  2. Whenever we had a justifiable homicide (one recently and a severely wounded suspect with a homeowner suffering a minor GSW. They were exchanging shots across a bedroom. Separate incidents). Burglaries/robberies declined. Alas, memories fade and drug habits won’t be denied. Then the lessons must be taught again.

  3. If left up to Gun Control democRats like the GA moron elected worthless warnock the perp would be alive with money in his pocket and the unarmed hard working employee would be dead.

  4. lol. Maybe there was $300 in those registers he died for.
    So much of this crime goes beyond any academic discussion of economics, society, culture or race and it’s just dumb as shit people doing dumb as shit things. Dumb as shit people, mind you, who will never any smarter than the shit they are as dumb as. One way or another the rest of us have to support and put up with their dumb as shit behavior for decades.

    We’re all just a little better off now that he’s dead.

    • Don’t most people pay by EFTPOS these days? All that was in the till was the float and a few transactions.

      Makes armed robbery a zero sum game these days unless it is done to boost street cred.

    • It was there. He wanted it. People are now taught to do as you will. There is no right or wrong. Shameful behavior is old-fashioned and not accepting or inclusive.

      • kids used to be raised with some religious instruction….now it’s a thing of the past…absent a moral compass the old rules don’t apply….

  5. @Nero “…diction, not grammar…” Wolfe
    “A 23-year-old aspiring criminal wanting money learned that the hard way when he pistol whipped an employee of a fast food joint.



    • “Fussbudget.”

      One of my favorite appellations. Thank you. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

      • “They don’t make ’em like they used to.”

        Not too distant, a host of words will fall from dictionaries, because people don’t use them anymore, and no one is left who would understand them.

        • I have , almost always , considered the common Merriam-Webster Thesaurus , a very under-used tool.
          My little pocket version wore out years ago, but I carried it around with me for years and when I would break it out in conversation, people would look at me like I was a crazy man.
          Picking just the right word can often be the difference between someone reading your complete comment or not.

  6. A good guy with a gun provides his community a service after he was pistol whipped during a robbery. We should be able to read a lot more reports like this.
    Make criminals think before they act.

    • “We should be able to read a lot more reports like this.
      Make criminals think before they act.”

      The presumptions that criminals can read, do read, and further, they can comprehend what they read, rest on facts not in evidence.

      • There’s always that 10% (or perhaps 20% by now) that doesn’t get the memo. Since GA is relatively recent to the permitless carry club, it will be a couple more years before the new rules trickle down to the hoodrats. So y’all can expect more dead and wounded in the interim. Pretty normal sequence, but it upsets the Dem’s when they lose constituents. Carry on. 🙂

      • Criminals would get the picture loud and clear if they were locked up for the maximum sentences. That’s how they began cracking down on the Mafia in the 80’s. They even changed the laws so they could get longer sentences.

        Instead of doing that, our dear leaders are going in the opposite direction. In addition to light sentences, they’re babying the population and trying to replace the family with the government. The results are predictable. It’s intentional.

  7. Welp, I guess his scholarship to Yale is going to have to go to someone else now.

    I like the way Active Self Protection puts it: He took the room temperature challenge.

  8. The employee might have just given up the cash if he were not assaulted. Maybe these robbers will learn that you catch more flies with honey.

  9. “Tionico December 8, 2022 At 13:38

    thus proving beyond any reasonable doubt your utter worthlessness.”

    Ok, once more, with feeling: Take a deep breath, stand completely upright, then re-read this thread. It is zooming entirely over your head, sitting down.

  10. @Ansel Hazen
    “I’m sorry Sam but I haven’t taken away anyone’s “other possibilities”. ”

    A swing, and a miss, Ansel.

    Have people at TTAG lost all ability to look for nuance in what they read, or is the crowd cocked and primed for outrage? Let’s let kneejerk reactions be the realm of the Dims.

    (No, I don’t use the sarc tag because if you have to explain the joke, it isn’t funny)

  11. @mark
    “I have , almost always , considered the common Merriam-Webster Thesaurus…”

    I have forgotten, what’s another word for Thesaurus?


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