Chicago ladies tooling up to protect themselves and their families. Image by Boch.
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Thanks to a George Soros-funded (to the tune of $2 million) State’s Attorney who selectively charges those arrested for committing crimes, and a political leadership class bent on defunding and destaffing the police, Chicago’s crime rate continues to surge. No surprise there.

Carjackings are rampant, as are shootings and murders. To combat the utter failure of the city’s criminal justice system to hold anyone accountable for violent crime, Chicago’s residents are tooling up. And some media are actually reporting on it!

The Block Club Chicago splashed the story just hours before Joe Biden took the reigns of power. And now, more and more folks are reading hearing about it.

Carjackings have been on the rise in Chicago for more than a year. After a 135 percent jump in 2020, the trend is continuing with 61 carjackings reported in the first 10 days of 2021.

As city officials and police scramble to address the issue with meetings, City Council hearings and community alerts, some Chicagoans are taking matters into their own hands against the advice of law enforcement: They’re applying for concealed carry permits.

Yes, Murder City USA has a problem outside of the violent perps shooting at the innocent and the not-so-innocent in the nation’s largest open-air shooting range. Among them, carjackings are off the charts. They dominate the home page at CWB Chicago, a website that covers crime in the Windy City.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s hand-selected police superintendent, David Brown, claimed that his department made 1127 carjacking arrests in 2020. CWB Chicago writes that the real number is a tiny fraction of that wild claim:

Chicago Police Supt. David Brown called a press conference Thursday evening to talk about the city’s carjacking problem. He opened his remarks with this claim:

“In 2020, there were 1,417 incidents of vehicular hijackings. Chicago police arrested 1,127 — that’s 1,127 — offenders for these crimes,” Brown said.

That’s false. Completely, off-the-charts not true.

Last year, Chicago police arrested 178 people for vehicular hijackings. Who told us that? The Chicago Police Department.

The other 949 arrests that Brown lumped in with those were for criminal trespass to vehicles, a misdemeanor that simply means someone was inside a car without permission.

In fairness, sources in Chicago law enforcement have told me privately that State’s Attorney Kim Foxx often charges carjackers – or at least persons caught driving carjacked cars – with “CTTV” or criminal trespass to a vehicle, so Brown’s claim isn’t quite as dubious as CWB Chicago suggests.

At the same time, 2021 has already started off with a surge in carjackings.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The recent “ridiculous spike” in carjackings across Chicago is due largely to young people taking cars around the city to joyride in the vehicles then dump them, a police official told aldermen Friday.

Sounds harmless, right? Just kids joyriding. Nevermind that the cars are typically stolen at gunpoint with the message from criminals that non-compliance will result in getting perforated.

There have been 166 carjackings in Chicago so far in 2021, Deenihan said. Police have made 108 arrests, but 58 of those arrestees have been charged only with misdemeanor trespass to vehicle, he said.

Back to the Block Club Chicago story. There’s was nothing harmless about the jackers who struck a Northwestern grad student profiled by the Block Club:

Kelly Milan, a Northwestern graduate student, was carjacked Friday morning in Hyde Park in front of William H. Ray Elementary School.

About 8 a.m., the budding journalist drove her 2014 Jeep Cherokee to the school, 5631 S. Kimbark Ave., to interview students for the Hyde Park Herald.

“I got out of my car and locked my car and was in the middle of the street when I saw a running car in the middle of the street,” Milan said. “Immediately, I thought something bad was going to happen. Then, two guys got out of the car. One guy made eye contact with me and started running towards me. I just started saying ’No, no, no, no, no’ and I winced because he was running towards me and I thought he was going to take me down.

“Then I started saying, ‘Please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me.’ He said, ‘Where are your keys?’ and forcibly went through all my pockets. He grabbed my keys and my phone. The other guy was just leaning by the car, watching it.

“I was begging for my life. It was really, really terrifying. You never think you’re going to be a victim of a carjacking, let alone one outside an elementary school at 8 a.m., but here we are and it’s happening.”

Milan’s story is not unique. Carjackings shot up 135 percent in 2020, with 1,415 reported that year compared to 603 in 2019, according to the Chicago Police Department. So far in 2021, carjackings are on a pace to break last year’s record with 61 happening over the first 10 days of the year, up from 22 during the same period in 2020.

And then there are the shootings and homicides. As of Sunday evening, the body count came in at eight homicides and nearly two dozen non-fatal shootings, per

You know how in the Chicago PD television series, the cops always catch their bad guy.  In the real world, CPD catches the culprit in just 2.7% (yes, two point seven percent) of non-fatal shootings last year.

GSL Defense Training image by Boch.

In response, a whole lot of Chicago residents are tooling up. Not only are they buying guns and learning how to use them, but they’re applying for their carry licenses.


You’re supposed to manipulate the gun high in your workspace not while looking down at it!  This man had plenty of instructors to “remind” him of this while doing a movement and target discrimination drill.  GSL Defense Training image by Boch.

Sometimes we, as the people of the gun, can drag horses to water, but ultimately people have to decide for themselves to drink in the truth: The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.

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  1. It’s bad enough when you NEED to go around armed, but when you have to beg some bureaucrat for the permission to save your own life……that’s fu**ed up!

  2. Sheeeeeet…the carjacking scum has invaded the southern suburbs. For once I’m ok with driving an older junker van. Trying to get my wife to carry is a bit harder. Even after local 5-O charged through our yard in 2019 with guns drawn chasing a young brown miscreant(they caught him). It’s not Chiraq-it’s COOK county! Bring back chain gang’s,hard labor and the death penalty. That’ll learn ’em😖

        • For you “they” probably is the N-Word. Perhaps one day when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for something else to pour on the fire a perp with whiter skin than you will sneak up on you and make you their bitch.

        • I regret to post this…but…even here in SE Texas the color of one’s skin seems to be a reasonably reliable predictor of the owner’s propensity to commit violence.

          I’ve made the necessary adjustments to my daily habits to incorporate that wisdom.

  3. With Chicago’s crime rate with all the Black on Black crime rate & all the Blacks in charge of the police, mayor, school system etc, etc. It’s no wonder the new BLM (not bureau of land management) or democraps won’t touch that city. They are right were they are suppose to be…..Owned & under the thumb, don’t want to screw that up!

    • Well soros et al are quick to blame guns but where are those quick to blame soros for his bought and paid for failed politics that resulted in never ending murders and mayhem? Nothing to do with guns and all to do with what is shoved between the ears of fools. America is rotten, Constitution is for Whites so it’s I take what I want. Speaking of taking perhaps soros can have his assets confiscated to pay for the damages his agenda has caused and perpetuates. Fitting.

  4. How does more crime, fewer prosecutions and reduced policing benefit the left?

    I can’t get my hear around it…..

    • The idea is to let society get so far out of control that the last lover of freedom is glad to give up all rights to a dictator who offers to control the chaos.

    • The criminals have friends and family that literally benefit from their activities. It’s a shadowy underground economy. Money also flows back to the political machine, even to their own pockets. And besides, it isn’t their family being gunned down or robbed. They live with security.

      Another aspect is they controlled these cities for decades. They don’t want outsiders or especially Republicans taking credit for any improvement. Detroit hit rock-fucking-bottom and they are trying to take credit for it’s rebirth without reminding anyone who killed it in the first place. Trump let their crooked ex mayor out last week so they have to deal with that reminder.

      Another way of looking at it is they have the people in the cities so convinced Republicans would be far worse so they continue to vote for democrats. In a normal world they would fire them all. But the media and other orgs are very good at demonizing people not in control for the problems.

    • But what about all those who don’t have a real choice when it comes to living there?
      Jobs, family, low financial reserves, all these and more often make moving to a new area not just hard, but near impossible.
      California (among a few other states) has far more who’d like to leave than Chicago does, but the same factors apply there, too. As evidence, CA is losing residents, despite the influx of illegals and normal immigration, despite the hardships of doing so.

      • If there is a will there is a way. Give them more credit for their ability to move, it’s just hard to let go of the familiar. I can tell you hundreds leave Philly, Baltimore, St, Louis, etc every week. They have a steady decline. It’s why they hope to become destinations for illegals.

  5. People of Chicago needs end his reign of corruption, throw him out of office, if he wants to act like a criminal and run the city lawless, then treat him as a criminal, the people put him in office and they have the power to remove him, ALWAYS Remember HE works for you not the other way around, if he’s not doing What is necessary to clean up the city, Fire his ASS and put someone in office that willing and Able TO enforce the laws without mercy, without Falsifying their intention of severing justice for the people of Chicago, giving law enforcement more leanecity to perform their duties more efficiently and legally enforce these set law’s to the fullest, by what ever means is necessary.

    • Hard to tell but Lightfoot (Groot is another name) is a female. I know, I know it’s hard to tell with that exquisite haircut and makeup.

        • Rumor has it Light in the Loafers asked a few Chicago hood rats out playing basketball to go home. This was during the lockdown period. Like Rodney Dangerfield, she got no respect.
          In NJ, you’ll see the suburban idiots riding around in cars, alone, with an N95 mask on.

          Stupid. It has no color.

  6. Cook County and Chicago residents are getting the government that they’ve voted for so I’m little perplexed regarding their angst for the level of violent crime, policing or prosecution of offenders?

    • There are still thousands if not hundreds of thousands of of chicago residents that don’t vote Democratic. The problem is for every one non democrat there are 4 in the wings. That’s why I left. To say it’s a shitty city is to insult shit.

      • Or one that votes 4 times or more. I was in Chicago for business during Obama’s second election. While walking to work I overheard two guys in front of me talking about how one of them voted several times the day before. He said that there was a bus that took them to each polling place. Every time he voted he got $10.

        • That’s how LBJ got into politics with his beginning in Texas. They had busses that would load up ” migrant workers” in the fields and transport them to different voting locations. They would give them a piece of string with knots tied in it to show where to mark their candidate selections.

  7. The sad reality is that the Democrat machine in Chicago uses the gangs (Black P. Stones, Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, and the rest) to intimidate voters and round up ballots. Since there is very little chance of the people being able to resist, the city continues to get worse. The Democrats are a plague on honest people anywhere.

  8. People in general are only going to take so much bs until they either decide to give up, lay down, and die OR they start fighting back. Some will relocate if they can but that doesn’t actually solve the problem. The part that is so confusing is that the city leaders that create this mess are the ones everyone votes for. I doubt many Republican votes came out of Chicago. This has been going on for a century there and no one seems to get a clue.

    We have this new term of “woke” but those that are woke are not waking up to reality.

    • “Jew baiting”? I reread the article twice and didn’t see anything about Jews or Semitism in there. That dog whistle must be buried so deep that only the most rabid Anti-Semites can hear it

    • The only “jew baiting” is being anti-George Soros. Ya’ know the boy who turned in his fellow Jews in WW2. And supported Nazis. Dipshite…

    Would you truly like to know whether you’ve made a choice to make yourself stupid and you can’t figure anything political out for yourself or you’ve smart, and you can? Okay, go: What city spends the highest percentage of its budget on police in the whole country, and how’s that workin’?
    Why didn’t you already…not know, but UNDERSTAND that fact? Because you’re all getting your sociopolitical information from a flipping gun magazine. I read Engine Rebuilder Magazine and I love it, but I would never pay attention to any political propaganda it might spout off.
    I won’t hear any popping off you may do because I’m leaving for my, you know, real JOB now, but really…Don’t you loudmouths ever get tired of being proven to be wrong?

    • I love posts like this. You, red wolf, Chief Censor, Miner, and enuf plus plenty of other “trolls” that say such ridiculous things that it can only drive gun owners together. It’s like a beautiful cross between satire of what the most deranged hoplophobe might say and personal attacks clearly designed to guarantee no one will ever listen to you. It’s brilliant!

    • Accusations of antisemitism, ad hominems, and vague claims of gainful employment……. Miner do you have a new clone (again)

      • Liberalism seems to be an ideology that attracts paranoia, projectionism, and provoking responses based on twisted logic from “scientific” facts. They’ll tell you how smart they are and then prove it by selecting people like AOC, Sheila Jackson-Lee, and Maxine Waters as leadership material.
        If that’s not enough, then a moral and ethics lecture is in order. After they’re finished rigging elections for senile criminals, they’ll prioritize Presidential EOs regarding legal infanticide while throwing thousands of welders and pipefitters out of work over some Green New Boondoggle.

        That’s brilliance in action.

  10. It won’t stop until one of Groot’s supporters takes a hollowpoint to the face and is left in the street on display.
    All fun and games until a victim fights back.

  11. OK, I gotta ask. With an arrest rate of 2.7% vice shootings, if you were forced to shoot someone in self defense, why in HELL would you pick up your phone to call police? Assuming the deceased is not bleeding on your porch, I mean. You’re out at night walking your dog and two yoots accost you, and you pop them both. Well, you don’t need the police, since you took care of the problem without them, they are certainly very busy trying to get the clearance rate up to 3%, so unless your dog was injured I’d think strolling on down the street would be the correct answer (possibly after policing your brass). Two deadbeat bangers are not going to attract national attention, there may never be anyone even assigned to the case. And hell, if you call right away there’s a chance one or both might be saved, where if you allow nature to take its course they may have adequate time to bleed out.

  12. This is a cancer that is spreading across America. Check out the website for a unbelievable daily count and “Score Board” like website that show statistics daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Where they were shot, which part of the body etc. If you remember President Trump wanted to clean up the Area, offered help but Lightfoot rather than accept the help, decided to bash Trump and just allowing the killing to increase.


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