Defensive Gun Use Of The Day: Inferior Firepower Edition

The first rule of gunfighting is — we all know this, right? — have a gun. Once you have a gun, conventional wisdom suggests your choice of caliber is not of primary importance. There are, of course, limits to this conventional wisdom. A 23-year-old Georgia man discovered that no legitimate defensive caliber begins with “point one […]

Send in the Clowns.

[HTML1] As armed robberies go, wearing a mask is kinda to be expected. Even dark glasses and a wig is considered passé. Walking in wearing clown outfits and brandishing guns – not so much. So when a high-end Denver jewelry store was held up by a couple of clowns, well let’s just say that things […]

Mayhem, Misdeeds and Macs.

I’m a recent convert to All Things Mac. From the PR emanating out of Cupertino, you might think that Macficiandoes are all sunshine, sweetness and light, who all join hands for the morning groupthink and Shambala sing-along. Um…not so much. Perception, meet (a nasty dose of) reality, at least in San Diego. The NBC affiliate reports […]