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Murder City, USA Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted out a rather eloquent quote this past weekend. She wrote, “I’m sick of this sh*t.”

However, she wasn’t commenting on the 15 people who were killed in Chicago this past week or the 653 who have been murdered so far this year under her watch. No, those lives didn’t matter to her as much as the five who were killed in Colorado Springs.

Chicago’s problems continue to spiral out of control thanks to woke policies, social justice leadership and a “progressive” prosecutor running the city and its failed criminal justice system. The biggest victims of all of it, of course, are the city’s minority communities . . .

Wirepoints lays it out . . .

Six signposts of Chicago’s “progressive” law and order breakdown

Here are six clear indications that progressive apologetics have undermined public safety, with the toxic effects most deeply felt in Chicago’s black communities.

    • Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk, foot chases and car chases. 
    • It is open season on the police. A new state law mandates local police misconduct complaints can now be made anonymously. Police face growing violent hostility, including killings and attacks on police cars. As a result, Police decide to de-police – and to depart. District patrol manpower has shrunk in Chicago.
    • The streets have been confiscated by miscreants. Chicago enjoys near-record high carjackings, plus trigger-happy “takeover” crews who appropriate the city’s streets for stunt driving events but rarely suffer any consequences. 
    • Vehicle-borne armed robbery crews victimize pedestrians in organized sweeps, and catalytic converter thieves protected by gunmen make the rounds as well. Chicago’s streets are increasingly dystopian.
    • Courts have surrendered. In Cook County they have become a revolving door. Alleged criminals awaiting trial are freed on low-cash or no-cash bail, but at least 15,000 times since late 2017 have then been charged with new crimes. The number is dramatically low-balled due to Chicago’s negligible arrest rate.
    • Emergency response has been maimed. More than half of high-priority 911 calls languished without a timely response last year, and the problem continued this year as top Chicago Police Department (CPD) supervisors now “code out” so-called “backlogged” 911 calls to hide the problem. At such times and without a reported physical injury, officers may not show up to take a report. Voila, crime is down. It is “Defund The Police” without the defunding. 
    • The rhetoric is fierce, and destructive. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Chicago chapter – representing six Chicago aldermen – calls Chicago Police a “white supremacist” organization. A DSA alderman’s aide refers to CPD officers as “pigs” and draws concerns from local residents who say they need protection. Local activists encourage looting. And Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle describes murders like that of hard-working hairdresser and mother of six Tamiko Talbert, a black woman, as due to Covid plus “historic disinvestment and marginalization.” Official Chicago’s progressive tropes on race are a doubling-down of disinformation riven with the arrogance of unfettered power and callous indifference to wrenching daily tragedies in the city’s black communities.

This mayor, who spends most of her weekends at her home in Michigan rather than in  the city she “governs” can’t bother to tackle the violence plaguing her own city’s streets. But she has plenty of time to wade into a tragedy in Colorado.

This should surprise no one.

Lightfoot is all symbolism and very little substance.  Don’t buy a gun, call 9-1-1 (and wait) instead she tells residents. Instead of hiring more cops, she throws $400 million more at failed “gun violence” prevention programs. Frankly, under a mayor who can’t even label gang violence as “gang violence” and instead pretends it’s “gun violence,” no amount of government deficit spending will fix it.

Meanwhile as residents die on he streets of her city, she’s making TikTok dance videos about how wonderful her corrupt, crime-ridden fiefdom is.

Mayor Lightfoot, of course, doesn’t have to worry about violent crime. She’s has her own dedicaed 90-person security detail to keep her safe. That’s more cops than almost every other city department in the state of Illinois.

Now, however, she wants you to know how outraged she is by the shooting in Colorado Springs. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

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  1. “She wrote, “I’m sick of this sh*t.””

    Well, I’m sick of that hag’s shit, so I guess that makes us even… 🙂

  2. This isn’t hypocrisy. She is being surprisingly candid. Only certain groups matter. Remember during the pandemic shutdowns, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries stayed open, but churches and gun stores were closed? Take leftists at their word.

      • Here in CA beaches were closed. Churches were closed. I saw a funeral happening on the parking lot of a church near my home. Schools were closed. Jobs were closed.

        But liqour stores and titty bars were open. Make sense of that.

        • “Make sense of that”

          easy. 1) who benefits? 2) who pays? 3) who suffers? and there it all is, laid out before you like a spreadsheet. it’s all about the “who”.

        • The liquor lobby in CA is one of the most powerful lobbies, right after the prison guards lobby and the CHP lobby. Oh, and the horse racing lobby. I almost forgot that. Night harness racing was passed as emergency legislation and signed immediately by the goobinador at the time. Who, if memory serves me correctly was Papa Brown, the daddy of the later Moonbeam McBrown who also was goobinador. Emergency legislation is supposed to be only for the safety and health of the people of the state. Like the emergency legislation forbidding carrying loaded firearms in public after the Black Panthers peacefully (no, really, no fires, no stoning, no shooting, no broken glass, just marching and chanting) scared the brown stuff out of the legislators who crouched in terror in the capitol building behind platoons of law enforcement. I didn’t hear anything about it but my best guess is that thousands of CA National Guardsmen were placed on alert.

  3. One nit to pick. Any cop involved in stop and frisk, his supervisor and the mayor/city council/aldermen above them should go to jail.

    Stop and frisk is so far beyond what a free society should tolerate. Carrying a gun, in and of itself, is no basis for a criminal charge.

        • truly. when you look at all the arguments against policing, when you ask the proponents to explain how it all SHOULD work, one answer and only one answer comes clear – they see themselves as the only police needed, and they recognize no legitimate limit whatsoever to THEIR actions.

          a lot like blm and antifa.

        • So me being against an unconstitutional act translates into me wanting to be the police? In your mind?

          I’ve said it before. You have much more in common with dacian than common sense would allow.

        • “In your mind?”

          in their explanations. they all boil down to “we don’t need police. WE are the police.”

          “in common with dacian”

          in one matter, yes. we both recognize the existence of people other than ourselves, while the “modern right” doesn’t. I recognize it in pursuit of a rational nation, while dacian recognizes it in pursuit of a herd of serfs. but the “modern right” recognizes neither, only their individual selves. this leaves you weak and vulnerable, and the dacians will eat you up.

  4. IF that is her exact quote she doe not mention any specific incident so whatt give YOU the right to say that it;’s only about a SINGLe mass shooting. and m633 deaths are only a tinyn portion ofmn the ACTUAL deaths resulting from GUN CRIME and you seem to,thinkthat’s perfectly OK and a justification for unerestriced and mostly IRRESPONSIBLE gun owership. Isat y irresponsible because all those uncounted ILLGEGALLY held firearms have to come from some whewre nad it’sall to obvious that they are eitherm STOLEN which indicates very poor security or they are ‘sold on ‘, often for considerable profit, from legally acquired fire arms.
    In either case there should be tougher penalties for lax security and the legislation to make regualr and unannounced ‘WEAPONS held’ firearms and ammunition counts counts Neither of which is counter to the American Constitution and to which no responsible gun owner can logically disagree with. There might, and no doubt would be, some who would and will shout about CIVIL RIGHTS -but those victims of gun crime surely have THEIR Civil Rights as well.

    Meanwhile the rest of the Civilised world looks on with astonishment and unease at how the USA is going becasue if the uSA did go down it will take half the world with it THere will be as sure as ‘Little Apples are Green’ a dozen Ukraines all happening at once and they WILL reach the USA eventually .

    • Unfortunately you have been thoroughly brainwashed and have no idea of how much garbage you have been fed and and willingly eaten without investigating the facts. Cases in point, blacks kill more blacks that whites kill blacks, blacks kill more whites that whites kill blacks, 2/3 of all gun deaths are homicides, death by rifles including AR15’s are in the minority as most deaths are with handguns, people who have background checks have been involved in mass shootings, many of the mass shooters have been found to have a history of mental or emotional issues, the FBI only prosecutes a small amount of people who lie on their NICS applications despite the notice of a $250,000 fine and possible imprisonment for 5 years for doing so. So don’t believe all the nonsense you hear and keep in mind we lost 100,000 people to drug oversdoses last year and perhaps not defunding the police, having open borders, and being lack on crimes committed are more of a contributing factor than what comes out of Lori Lightfoots mouth.

      • Maybe he IS fed garbage, but HE is the one masticating and swallowing it, voluntarily. My guess is he is being paid money from SOMEONE to compel such insane ideas and false “facts” he spews.
        He seems to think the problem is with all those nasty GUNNNZZZZ that jump up off the counter and shoot someone all on their own. I personally know people that, collectively, own hundreds of firearms. Not one of those has ever harmed anyone.
        Mayve this Hall critter should investigate the incndent a couple years back where FOUR PALLETS of new firear,s were heisted from a UPS consolidation yard, I think in Ohio. SOme 450 new firearms were stolen and removed from the facility. How is THAT anything we normal folks out here can do anything about? What new “gun control laws” would “prevent” that from happening again?
        Now for a littie sick humour: UPS have arbitrarily stopped shipping any firearms or parts, sometimes seizing and destroying such products AFTER taking them under their care, telling the owner/consignee that so sad too bad you are out th cost of your property that WE took under our care just because because.

      • While Obama was in office during his 6th year there were 2,000 folks that broke the laws and lied on 4374 forms. This is a felony. During that same time period his attorney general prosecuted 5 and lost all the cases but 2. Until courts stop releasing criminals and parole boards get serious about their jobs and keep criminals in custody and they are held responsible for their liberal ideas nothing will change. My opinion after being in law enforcement from 1976 to 2005.

    • @Albert LJ Hall

      your post.

      1. its like you didn’t comprehend anything you read in the article, if you even did read the article.

      2. you mention a bunch of debunked stuff like its the truth and it isn’t.

      3. your whole rant is nonsense.

    • Prince among kings Albert, first don’t drink and post.

      Have you made up your mind which furniture you can burn to keep warm this winter?

    • For fuck sake Albert – if I could buy you for WHAT you’re worth, and then turn around and sell you for what you THINK you’re worth,
      I would never have to check the rest of my investments… EVER !!
      Worry about weather we’ll be able to bail out your shithole country after a year’s worth of Santy Claus in YouCrane. I’d be saving up cattleshit in your garage to be able to cook dinner over if I was you, and not worry about what’s going on in the former colony

    • Proves you don’t know how the internet works…

      Read the statement below her response..

      Nimwit it talks about the club shooting in Colorado, so she is responding to that specific crime!!!

    • I would think the fact that she said “I’m Sick of this schitt,” in response to a question of her thoughts on the Colorado Springs Gay Bar shooting, is reference enough.
      The whole point is this woman has no business calling out crimes in other locales while ignoring the crime in the city she was elected to lead. A city which leads the nation in shootings.

    • Do you not understand how Twitter works? She was commenting on the Colorado Springs incident. 5 murders by a mentally disturbed trans activist with a history of violent threats versus 600+ murders this year (mostly black on black genocide).

      Gun control is not the answer to either. The tool is never, ever the problem. The tool doesn’t act on its own. The user who uses the tool is the problem.

  5. Anything Lori Lightfoot says is to be ignored. She is perhaps the most incompetent mayor in the United States and the one of the most self-serving. Why people elect her is actually beyond belief.

    • I’m not convinced the people have elected her, particularly this last time round. Methinks the CHicago Way has managed to “count” the “votes” in such a way as ti crown her mayoress for one more go at destroying the city.

  6. It would help if the Libertarians Liberals and the Left, gay or straight, would stop voting for people like Lori Lightfoot or, “the best libertarian governor in America”, Jared Polis.
    Or perhaps just abandon Chicago as well as the entire state of Colorado. Since the majority of Voters there have made their choices.

    But maybe there is a chance for Colorado to change for the better. I understand Lauren boebert was re-elected to the House of Representatives.

    • “just abandon Chicago as well as the entire state of Colorado”

      and california, and new york, and new jersey, and minnesota, and los angeles, and san francisco, and seattle, and … well, everything that’s beyond your horizon. yes?

  7. Quote———-Police have been effectively banned from stop-and-frisk, foot chases and car chases. ———-quote

    Civilized cities and nations do not allow police to endanger the public with high speed chases over a burned out license plate bulb. That is insanity.

    Quote————A new state law mandates local police misconduct complaints can now be made anonymously.———–quote

    quote————calls Chicago Police a “white supremacist” organization. A DSA alderman’s aide refers to CPD officers as “pigs”———-quote

    The U.S. is one of the few nations that do not thoroughly vet police. In other words the profession has been a magnet for social miscreants, sadists, bullies and power mad psychopaths.

    The inferior training or lack thereof is another big problem with the American Police forces. Most have no idea when they can legally shoot someone or that beating people up is also illegal.

    quote————Alleged criminals awaiting trial are freed on low-cash or no-cash bail——-quote

    Cash bail is a great social injustice as it lets the rich go free and the poor languish in prison for months, even on none violent charges. One innocent Black Man was arrested on a weapons charge even though he had a permit to carry. He could not afford bail and was in prison for 4 months before he was able to prove his innocents and he lost his job and his home. Of course the Far Right screamed , who cares, he was black and does not count.

    quote———-More than half of high-priority 911 calls languished without a timely response last year,———quote

    Citations needed and even if it is true then obviously the tax base is not there to fund the program proving that poverty is rampant in the inner city. In Civilized countries, devoid of the Far Right infestations, the Federal Government would fund more money for such programs but far right Republicans refuse to adequately fund such programs and then scream about such programs when they fail for lack of funding.

      • No, ze is a true believer.

        May ze get the utopia ze desires. It is already happening in Chicago.

        But the ankle bracelet stops zim from leaving Ohio.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, For your edification;
      1) Police in this country DO NOT “endanger people” who are not breaking the law. But then again, it is the criminal who is endangering himself and the general public.
      2) The police are as “thoroughly vetted” as can possibly be. Your contention they are not is poppy cock.
      3) Police training is up to a par with the rest of the world, In fact many nations send their police here to be trained. Where you got this from is deplorable.
      4) IN most places there is cash bail as well as Bonding. If you commit a serious crime it is incumbent on the court to set a bail which will guarantee the defendant appears. The cashless system your Leftist buds set up here in NY is a total abject failure.
      5) It is a known Fact that police are severely understaffed in a number metro areas. Calls wait for a response as much as two to four hours in some jurisdictions.
      GET A GRIP!

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

        quote————3) Police training is up to a par with the rest of the world, In fact many nations send their police here to be trained. Where you got this from is deplorable.———-quote

        What a laugh. As usual you lie between your teeth. Many cops are hired after as little as 4 weeks training and the told to settle all disputes by putting a bullet in the head of anyone giving them trouble.

        In Germany cops get 3 years of intensive training before being allowed on the street with the public. German police know when they can and cannot shoot. German Police get very through training in de-escalation and in emergency life saving medical techniques. In Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable cops have been known to stand around while a person was dying with their thumb up their ass waiting for the paramedics to arrive.

        I might add if the moron cops in the infamous torture murder case of George Floyd would have had even rudimentary medical training they would have known that you cannot put your knee on a mans neck when he is in the prostrate position for 10 minutes and not end up killing the man.

        quote———– If you commit a serious crime———quote

        Please have a 5th grader explain my post to you. That was exactly my point, by giving you an example of the Black Man that had committed no serious crime and he was in prison for 4 months because he could not afford bail. Now try ad lie your way out of this one.

        quote———It is a known Fact that police are severely understaffed in a number metro areas.——-quote

        Again have a 5th grader explain my post to you. Cities cannot hire all the cops they want because of budget constraints and it is the Republicans who prevent Federal Programs from being adequately funded to hire more cops.

        And the defund the police baloney that the far right distort would have actually hired more cops not less because it was passed or implemented to prevent the spending of money on weapons of war like armored personnel carriers, belt fed machine guns and other outrageous weapons of war to be used on civilians.

        quote———— Police in this country DO NOT “endanger people”——-quote

        BULLSHIT. The high speed mad dog cop chase has causing accidents with civilian traffic that has killed thousand of innocent bystanders and often over trivial traffic violations. I even had a classmate killed by a reckless cop chase in my home town and all over a minor traffic violation.

        In conclusion, all this is old news for every American who is well aware of the sad and outrageous situation with cops in Capitalvania and how such behavior is not tolerated in civilized countries.

        • The very same cops you want to decide who can and who can’t have a gun.

          You are too ill to be out without supervision.

        • Your hatred of police, racist hatred of black people, and hatred of America are telling, Comrade Commie. You must have masturbated furiously during the Antifa/BLM riots.

    • “Civilized cities and nations do not allow police to endanger the public with high speed chases over a burned out license plate bulb. That is insanity.”

      and that is why chicago is descending into insanity.

  8. How insane have many of us become to tolerate such lying, immoral, hypocritical, devious
    trash that are taking over our country? This woman is a pathetic, inept pathological liar
    that is actually the Mayor of one of our great cities. The photo of these two “wizards” together is enough to make any normal human sick to their stomachs!

    • I would have liked to see the moment Joe sniffed the steelwool on her head, and had a confused (i.e., “normal”) WTF
      look on his face…. priceless!

    • “How insane have many of us become”

      not us. the electors who elected her.

      and they’re not insane. they’re having a great time watching all this.

  9. “calls Chicago Police a ‘white supremacist’ organization”

    (shrug) they are.

    and the savagery taking over chicago is the opposite.

  10. Speaking of her own city, she’s actually very correct.

    At this point only one more person needs to die and not by shooting, a gallows will get the job done. Really, any method will do.

  11. Miss American really needs to be on the Demtard ticket in 2024 – it rings all their bells.

    Mentally “handicapped” (retarded), negro, “female”/lesbian, dog ugly. A “check all the boxes” POS all rolled into one special interest package.

  12. Is it just me or what??, but every time I see a picture of Lori my tail gets hard and I just want to run up a tree and start banging the sh*t out of the first knot hole I find.
    Damn girl/guy/it/thing, you got it going on.
    I could a told your mama on yah

  13. I had to go back a second time to make sure that my mind wasn’t messing with me.
    “Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle”
    Are you kidding me??? And how is it that W0rdpress doesn’t try to censor that sh!t?
    Is she a grower…not a shower?

  14. “Civilized cities and nations do not allow police to endanger the public with high speed chases over a burned out license plate bulb. That is insanity.”
    dacian, how would you know what constitutes insanity? The insane think they are normal and “insanity” best describes you and others like you, pissant.

  15. I really just clicked on the link to see what Dacian, Albert and Miner were spewing. Once again they never fail in showing their unwavering commitment to

    The three must be Atlantic subscribers.

  16. Chicago is in a crisis. Stop and frisk needs to be implemented. While the police cannot arrest if they find any contraband, they can confiscate that contraband. This would remove hundreds, if not thousands of guns of the street. The problem with any policy like this is for it to work, the items that could be seized would have to be spelled out. This would be a very temporary situation. Unconstitutional? Hell Yes! But you need to plug the holes in the dam before you can start draining the swamp. And yes, another problem would be the FEW rogue cops that would try to profit off of this, but safeguards could be put in place (documenting each stop and receipt for anything confiscated). Just an idea

  17. I note that Lightfoot shows little regard for victims unless they are of certain sexual persuasions. Maybe those who are particularly UGLY too.


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