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From Brownells . . .

Brownells customers can now buy BRN-4 build kits and parts compatible with popular HK416 style rifles and pistols – at a significant savings compared to, rare, hard-to-find factory original kits.

The build kits combine brand new Brownells BRN-4 barrels, bolt carrier groups, gas pistons, gas blocks, barrel nuts and other parts with factory original HK416 handguards and stripped uppers.

Factory-new BRN-4 barrels are available in 10.4”, 14.5” or 16” lengths in either heavy or medium profiles. BRN-4 build kits include the special barrel nut wrench required for installation.

The stripped uppers in the kits are surplus German-made originals, and part of a one-time lot of parts Brownells was able to source a few years ago. German stripped uppers may show signs of use, are limited in number and will not be replaced once they sell out.

HK416 courtesy Brownells

Uppers completed using Brownells BRN-4 kits and parts are fully compatible with both HK416-style and standard AR-15 lowers.

In addition to complete kits, the BRN-4 parts can be purchased individually — ideal for customers who need only a part or two to complete or repair an HK416-style firearm.

To see the full lineup of BRN-4 kits and parts, visit the BRN-4 page at Brownells.

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  1. Well, ONLY if it isn’t shipped using UPS. Otherwise it’s likely to be confiscated and destroyed before it ever gets to you.

    • I’m sure Brownell’s has signed up for the UPS gun shipping program. It’s BS but what real option is there right now? FedEx is a nightmare to deal with for any packages, not just guns.

  2. HK, stupid company making standard Colts with a piston
    system and charging $3,000 a rifle. I’ll stick to POF, PWS, and Adams Arms. They cost around $2,200 and have significant other upgrades that come with them anyway.
    Am happy to see HK get undercut by Brownells.

    • Pish, posh. If you have to ask about the price, then you can’t afford one.

      (Relax, I can’t afford one either).

      • It’s not about affordability it’s about stupidity. Just because someone tells you they’ll sell you a rifle for $3k doesn’t mean it’s actually worth that. Always happy to see a too big for their britches company get knocked down a few pegs. HK is the company who for many years refused to sell to civilians because civilians were “not good enough to have our guns.”

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