Pete Buttigieg in Afghanistan with assault rifle, cropped for fair use
Pete Buttigieg in Afghanistan with assault rifle (courtesy Washington Post and Buggigieg)
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Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg clearly objects to being called a “lying m****rf****r.”

Well, I might have chosen other words. “M****rf****r” isn’t a term I use terribly often. If I were writing on my personal blog, I could go with “son of a b***h,” but more likely I’d roll with “scumbag.”

But he is a liar.

That’s no one-off remark from the past. His current gun control plan says:

They talk about change, but it remains easier to buy weapons of war than a bottle of beer.  …

Weapons like the one I carried in Afghanistan have no place on our streets or in our schools.

If I want to buy an actual assault rifle, I need to come up with thousands of dollars, find a willing seller, pay $200, undergo a background check, wait for months for my government-issued tax stamp permission slip, and only then will I get the firearm.

I can brew my own craft beer a lot faster than that, let alone drive down to the corner store.

As for the weapon he carried in Afghanistan, the US military issues the select-fire M16/M4 family of assault rifles. A Navy Reserve officer who qualified on and carried one in a war zone knows what he had. Even the Air Force trains everyone on the fire selector positions and proper operation; surely the Navy does, too.

Buttigieg knows perfectly well that he’s talking about banning semi-automatic firearms, because he specifically references the ’94 “Assault Weapon” ban, which addressed semiautomatics (and some other non-machine gun firearms).

America has barely changed its national gun laws, besides letting an assault weapons ban expire.

No, the liar isn’t talking about the weapon he carried in Afghanistan. Look at that picture up there. That firearm was manufactured after May 1986; if those are on the streets or in schools, they’re in the hands of law enforcement officers. Because civilians can’t have them.

In fact, I’ve found just four confirmed criminal uses of machine guns since 1934 (I’ve said five previously, but after further research I had to move one to “unconfirmed”), for a total of one dead victim, and none of those were in schools, nor did they involve children.

Buttigieg is a lying scumbag. Now I’ll wait for my phone call.

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    • He rode out his time there in a office chair behind a computer. It is rumored he was actually in Kuwait or somewhere else safe.

    • Not even a REMF. A squip fing LAWYER. LESS use than tits on a dead boar.

      And sex with a female is NOT something he apparently would understand.

    • I was thinking the same thing, looks like he’s got it folded down. Maybe he was so fabulous when not wearing women’s clothing that rear sights were of no use and impeded his incredible natural dexterity with a weapon…

  1. I doubt lying about guns(or service)will disqualify Mayor Buttdude. Being a crappy mayor who is hated by his black constituents will. That and his “hubby”. And his crime-ridden city. He gives off a Mike Dukakis vibe😖

      • “Tell us more about Buttbrain and his black constituents.”

        It’s something he can’t do a damn thing about :

        “The biggest red herring that the national commentariat has slapped on the table about Buttigieg’s inability to connect with African Americans is that blacks are homophobic and won’t vote for a married gay man for president. As Trip Gabriel of The New York Times and others have pointed out, Buttigieg’s sexual orientation and marital status is a deal-breaker for some older, conservative black churchgoers. (It’s also a deal-breaker for many older, conservative white churchgoers.) It’s a strange shade of denial to pretend that his sexual orientation won’t also be a problem for other African Americans who may be younger and less religious.”

        • Also from the same article :

          “White Americans may be comforted to hear that a gay white man has experienced discrimination. But African Americans know that the lived experience of a gay white man is vastly different from theirs: Regardless of his sexual orientation, Buttigieg benefits from white privilege.”

          It’s a *beautiful* thing when Leftists eat their own… 😉

        • Why would I be comforted because *anyone* has faced discrimination, and what would said comfort have to do with the fact that I’m a white guy? That makes no damn sense.

          I would be very comforted if that smarmy fake-folksy pseudo-Christian midget lost his bid for the presidency, however…and that’s something I can say equally about every one of the whores, socialist windbags, racial impostors, champagne-sipping elitists, and career corruptocrats currently jockeying for the privilege of running under the Democratic party’s false flag.

        • “Why would I be comforted because *anyone* has faced discrimination,…”

          It’s the Leftist concept of shared victim-hood…

        • More importantly, it’s the leftist concept of victimhood-as-virtue. There’s a motte-and-bailey argument built around the concept of “privilege”. The motte has it that privilege demands nothing more than counting one’s blessings and honoring one’s Christian duty to care for the less fortunate. The bailey is that victimhood is virtue, and that those with privilege are obligated to sit down and shut up in the face of intellectual vacuousness or moral wrong if it involves those more relatively victimized.

  2. I actually find it believable that a reserve navy officer would have no idea what he carried or its differences to civilian firearms, to say nothing of the nomenclature.

    He could also be lying for political points but I’m just saying that ignorance is also still an option.

  3. I like it! As some wise man once said; “Get in their faces!” and “Punch back twice as hard!”.

    Let the idiots know that we hear them loud and clear, and that they’re dumb as a box of rocks!


  4. I have son in the Navy. He told me he carries a Mossberg 590 on guard duty. He’s qualified on the Mossberg and the Beretta 92 pistol. Never seen an M16 or M4 in the Navy.

    • I was with a Navy squadron that regularly deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. We had about 24 M16A3s for sentries, 24 M11s for aircrew, and 180 M9s for the rest of the squadron personnel.

      Aboard ship I’ve seen M14s, M16A1s through A4s, M4s with fixed and removable carry handles, M590s, M9s, and crew served.

      Of course, outside of SEALs or FMF Corpsmen, if a Sailor finds it necessary to use small arms, we’re probably in the wrong place.

  5. An appropriate response from a combat veteran would be, “I was given a rifle so that I wouldn’t be a helpless victim for the enemy in a foreign country. You want to deprive me of a rifle so that I will be a helpless victim for domestic criminals.”

  6. Of course they lie. It’s because WHEREVER they go for any type of town hall or structured meeting with people who may interview, everything is laid out as to what subjects, EXACTLY what questions so that the candidate doesn’t have to explain away idiotic lies. Nobody in a debate is going to nail him on it and of the millions and millions that hear his lies, that majority are too fu—–g stupid to question it and believe it. A web site like the TTAGs reaches a tiny fraction of people and of those it does reach already know what lying scumbags ALL the democrats are.

  7. He is the son of the president of the Gramsci Society. Pop translated Gramsci’s Prison Letters.
    Not likely to be a fan of the Scottish Enlightenment

  8. Mayor Buttigig a “lying f****rf****r.” would be correct but one thing for sure he’s a budding petty tyrant in training,just waiting for power and control.

  9. The mayor reminds me of victorious American soldiers and sailors returning after defeating Germany Japan and Italy.
    Making the world free from tyranny. Only to now work to keep stepping on the necks of black law abiding citizens.

    This gay white anti civil rights bigot is no different from previous bigots. I’m sure some of them were just in the closet in the 1950s. As they set churches on fire.

  10. I don’t give a shit about the gay thing. Unimportant noise.

    Pete Buttigieg Is a Lying MF
    Michael Harriot
    Monday 8:00PM

    The point seems to be that he claims to know why minorities in certain schools do poorly compared to non-minorities. Specifically it is about schools where the majority of students are minorities. The author is saying he is full of shit, doesn’t know shit and should STFU.

    About the picture of him toting that weapon of war. Here’s the largest version of the image I could find:

    Looks to have been taken the same time as this group photo:

    The rear sight is a typical issue fold-down. I have the same one in my parts collection.

    Searching for photos of him in Afghanistan there are other images of him with the rifle. None show the rear sight up, it is always down.

    From interviews, he never used the gun to shoot back at anybody.

    Military service is something that is easy to respect, compelling of respect. You do the job you are sent to do, take the risks that job entails, do your best and your countrymen should respect you for it.

    Problem is he is trying to spice up his record for the things that didn’t happen. He was six months in Afghanistan. Mostly on bases or driving between them in low profile plain looking vehicles. They were armored, but not obvious. When outside of Kabul or Bagram, trips were by fixed wing or helicopter to other bases.

    But he talks a lot about the rocket attacks and the bombs in the distance and of being in a bunker while some unclear action was taking place outside a base.

    And then he says this:
    “Weapons like the one I carried in Afghanistan have no place on our streets or in our schools.”

    Okay, he carried an M4, that he never used. Most photos do not show him with his M4 and none with the rear sight raised. He never used it.

    Next, there are no M4’s on our streets or in our schools. That is not a thing, it is bullshit.

    He is trying to leverage a fairly safe military career by trying to make it appear more dangerous than what he himself experienced in his six months. Then he spins a tale about how dangerous is a gun that he never used and that does not exist in the places he claims it exists.

    The political narrative spinning is offensive because it exaggerates his military service. Had he left that out, he’d just be another politician I am not voting for because of his bad ideas on firearms. But now,, because he is purposefully trying to make his military service work better for him than the truth would actually do, well now he’s just a lying motherfucker.

    • “I don’t give a shit about the gay thing. Unimportant noise.”

      It may not be important to you, but it’s *very* important to religious Blacks, and religious whites, no matter how ‘Progressive’ they think they are.

      For Blacks, it’s a deal-breaker, a non-starter, full stop. In the near future, ‘Mayor Pete’ bows out… 🙂

    • By “gay thing,” do you mean his sleeping with men, which is what homosexuality is in fact, or his ramming his deranged morality down America’s throat through the force of state violence whenever possible, which is what homosexuality is as a political force? I care quite a bit about one of those things.

    • I have never met a PoG who falsely claimed to have served, although some like Mike Lamb, have exaggerated their service. You, on the other hand, are a lying troll. Many veterans are PoGs, but many other veterans know nothing about guns. They know how to operate, clean, and qualify with the guns they were issued, but they have no desire to learn the history, theory, or mastery. They don’t pursue knowledge or skills when off duty, and they are not experts. Unfortunately, the same can also be said about most police officers. Besides, most sailors and airmen don’t need a firearm for their daily duties and have no professional reason to expand their knowledge of firearms. For those that are familiar with firearms, military rules of engagement and protocol don’t match civilians. Civilians don’t travel in squads of 6-12 armed fellows with communications to medical, reinforcements, and air or artillery support.

      • Doesn’t mean they deserve respect from me as a civilian…. you guys need to understand you still work to serve America…. and any pansy like this buttedge guy sure as hell wasn’t serving America….I can assure you he was subverting America every chance shim had…
        So you stop.

        • John Kerry is vet. And a POS traitor who HEAPED hate on his fellow Vietnam vets. Being a vet confer’s no special dispensation from me!

      • Thank you yes ^^^^ We can agree to not like his politics and policies. I personally strongly dislike his views and policies. But there is no reason to attack his service. We have pathetic politicians and pundits who never served and worse dodged the draft doing that already and it is despicable. So anyone who served and was honorably discharged deserves that respect for doing so.

    • Spoken like a true paint licker.

      My MOS was as a maintainer/integrator for the MI corps. If I was anything hi-speed it was at figuring out subnetmasks. However, when it came to combat training I PAID ATTENTION.

      That was very evident when I went to PLDC and far better understood the warrior tasks & drills than nearly all the infantry & cav scouts did. The ones that knew their shit quickly relied on my leadership.

      Like I told the boot lickers then, I can do your job. You cannot do mine.

  11. Poser! Take a look at the Front sight. Now look at the LOW Rear? My best guess is its a MBUS folded down or he’s going to provide defillaid fire support. Lol.

  12. “Buttigieg became an ensign in the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2009 and began training to become a naval intelligence officer. ”

    He maybe did familiarization fire with the weapon. He never qualified with it.

    “Part of this was done at Bagram Air Base, but he also worked as an armed driver for his commander on more than 100 trips into Kabul.”

    There is one reason & only one reason someone is chosen as a commander driver. They suck at their job but are otherwise squared away.

    “Buttigieg is a Christian”
    “In a June 2015 piece in the South Bend Tribune, Buttigieg came out as gay.”

    Those two are not logically consistent with one another.

    I don’t care if he is either one but there is no way to be both without major twists of logic rationalizing your beliefs. That makes him an aologetic and that is an issue. If he is willing to twist logic with two things that are so incompatible yet intrinsic with who someone is then he will be will to do the same for anything.

  13. Since the bow and arrow were used in war for centuries, I give no special consideration to people that want to pickup the “weapons of war” terminology. It’s all just ridiculous grand standing to reel in the lesser voter. I may as well be watching Dancing with the Stars.

    But he isn’t getting my vote anyway so I’m moving on.

  14. This is the same “Christian” that said the bible says abortion is okay, and you get to heaven by doing good deeds. If this guy’s talking, he’s lying.

    • I wouldn’t put much stock in that knowledge….”blacks” are some of the most racist people i’ve ever met…. yes even more so than whites, obviously…. unless he’s black the majority of African Americans won’t really back his presidency, no matter who he is…

      • Polls indicate they support Biden, probably associating him with Obama. The past 50+ years have shown that they will ultimately support any democrat candidate since well known racist LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act as a political move after opposing all civil rights proposed in Congress for 20 years.

  15. I use the term “mferfkr” all the time to refer to “people” like the lying scumbag mentioned…
    There’s nothing wrong with the word…. it suits that f@g well….js

  16. Wants firearm bans in America but doesn’t mind getting a trophy pic of himself posing with a firearm in a war zone. Says he’s a Christian but decided to join the God-hating, baby-killing Moral Dissonance Party to pursue a life in politics in order to lead normal people.
    In real life the Taliban would’ve sneered and used Pete as a human soccer ball. His leadership judgement and logic is right up there with the rest of the LibTards he identifies with, who, BTW, don’t believe anything he says any more than the informed public out there might.

  17. Regarding the mayor’s claim that the weapon he was issued, and carried while in military service is also found in our schools and in the hands of civilians, ridiculous is an appropriate description. An outright lie is also appropriate. Is a demonstration of unacceptable ignorance will also serve. Any or all of the above would serve as disqualyfing factors concerning the man’s quest for highier elective office, in my candid view. Who or what is it that winds the guy up seems an all to appropriate question.

  18. ButtGig😂😂😂. I know it’s not pronounced that way in Belgium (where the name comes from), but we’re not in Belgium, and we don’t speak Belgium. We speak English and in English it looks like Butt Gig. Bad enough to be saddled with a dubious name, but an openly Gay Arse Spelunker with the name Butt Gig takes the cake. His comments about “Weapons of War”and “Assault Rifles” are right out of the Leftist playbook and have no basis in reality. Any candidate that voices the Left narrative is a No Go. I don’t care what their stance on any other issue is. Protecting the Constitution and thus the 2nd Amendment supercedes all other policies .

  19. A REMF protected by real men who never saw combat or had any training while being a weekend warrior living with mommy.

    Another loser lying about his service!

  20. That photo: Buttigieg is inside the base on a hike. Same photo, posed as it is, used as a display heralding his forays into a combat zone.

    He was a direct commission into the naval reserve: no ROTC, no Officer Training School. The direct commissioning program is a way for the politically well connected to become military officers without enduring the selection and hardship involved in officer training. According to the released documents of Buttigieg’s naval service, he fits the mold of political actor in military costume.

    His only time on active duty, as determined by a review of his military records, besides his time in Afghanistan, was in a two week long direct commissioning course. There is no record of his attendance at any form of military schools or his participation whether as a mobilized active duty officer or a drilling reservist. His record contains only one DD-214, which is the record of active duty service for military members. In addition to his time in Afghanistan, his DD-214 lists 1 month and 23 days of active service, but only 12 days of that are accounted for in a fitness report (a performance evaluation), and that was for his time at the direct commission course. Otherwise, there is no record of any other time when Buttigieg actually would have been working or performing as a naval officer. He had fitness reports that overlapped in time, an administrative error that should not have occurred. Anyone who is competent, and who wants to make sure they are promoted, would have any and all periods of active duty or reserve duty recorded and filed with the Navy’s Bureau of Personnel. Buttigieg had a political benefactor, possibly someone he met working on the Obama campaign in 2008, so Buttigieg wouldn’t have cared for such things or thought such administrative requirements applied to him.

    Buttigieg’s one DD-214 has two glaring and empty fields: PMOS and schools. These fields are empty, not redacted. Personal information is redacted elsewhere in his record, the fields being empty in this case means there is no information to enter. Buttigieg has no record of a PMOS or of having attended any military schools. He describes himself as an intelligence officer, but according to his documentation, he had no assigned MOS. Buttigieg was assigned to a reserve intelligence unit, for which there is no record of him actually ever participating with them, all his fitness reports denote he was on inactive duty during those time periods (there are anecdotal interviews with members of the reserve unit that attest to Buttigieg attending weekend drill, although how often and for how long is not known). There is no record of Buttigieg attending any military schools or receiving any specialized training. This is why he has no MOS, because in order to receive a MOS you have to attend the appropriate school (in some situations one may acquire a secondary MOS through on the job training). In the more than four years between the time he was appointed into the Navy and when he went to Afghanistan, Buttigieg obviously didn’t find it necessary or worthwhile to gain a MOS or attend a school that would give him the training and education needed to actually perform as a naval officer during that four year period. Again, there are no official records of his time with the reserve unit.

    Buttigieg did go to Afghanistan in 2014 for a roughly six month deployment. The job description on his official orders to Afghanistan describes him as a liaison officer to the joint interagency task force. Anyone who has been a part of these wars or the military will tell you such a title is essentially meaningless, that such a title often carries no real duties or tasks, and that the description of the job found in Buttigieg’s released and redacted military records is simply boilerplate and administrative verbiage. Similarly, that Buttigieg was assigned to the Afghan Threat Finance Cell (ATFC) is simply just an administrative assignment, one of hundreds or thousands each year the Naval Reserve Command makes throughout Africa and the Greater Middle East. As noted above, in his autobiography and in many interviews, Buttigieg admits working in Afghanistan as a driver for other officers. That an egoist and self promoter like Buttigieg would admit being a driver rather than hyping a James Bond spy or Audie Murphy war experience reveals a fundamental reality about Buttigieg’s time at war along with a confusing and concerning question: why was an officer performing driver duties daily? With an 8 hour day as Buttigieg describes, and the amount of time such trips always take in Afghanistan and Iraq – even if you are just going one mile down the road such an event might take three hours of preparation and waiting – Buttigieg would have had little time in his day for any other duties, particularly the time intensive work that often accompanies those doing intelligence analysis. I’ve also never known officers to drive in an official capacity. This may have been because the unit was short of personnel, in one interview I reviewed, Buttigieg explains his driving was because he was one of the few who had been trained with a rifle. However, without a MOS, and without having had any training, Buttigieg may have had very little to do in Kabul beside drive and guard vehicles while other men and women did the intelligence work. It’s entirely possible too Buttigieg had only a secret clearance, rather than the top secret clearance that would have been required to do the sort of work done in an intelligence unit or by the ATFC. . A man with no substance or experience, but with a uniform and photographs to sell a narrative.


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