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If Gabrielle Blair didn’t exist, the pro-rights movement would have to invent her, if only for the comedic relief. She approaches gun people control with all the expertise of an interior designer.

Ms. Blair achieved her bit of internet fame the other day with a simple(-minded) tweet.

There are far better ways to protect your family than a gun. Get a life insurance policy.

Since you have to die for the insurance to pay off, I’d prefer to avoid that.

I don’t think she really understands how insurance works. I suppose she also eschews fire extinguishers in the kitchen in favor of home owners insurance. She can swat that grease fire with the policy pack.

Replies to her tweet are extensive, ranging from deadly serious to hilarious. There may be some supportive ones in there, but I didn’t spot them.

Blair doubled down

I know you truly believe that you’ll need to defend your family at gunpoint. You need to let that go. Statistically it’s just not going to happen. I know it’s boring, but if you want to protect your family, things like seatbelts, fire alarms, and life insurance are your best bet.

I’m going to guess that Blair lives in a gated community with security guards. Because in the real world, even the anti-rights Violence Policy Center admits to hundreds of thousands of defensive firearm uses per year. Statistically, there’s a pretty good chance that at some point in your life, you’ll need a gun. Or wish you had one.

Personally, I’ve been through three mugging attempts; twice with two perpetrators, once with three. The attempts failed, and I may even be alive because I was armed. (The first was priceless. I was off-duty with a fellow officer. Miscreants demanded money. Simultaneously — almost as if choreographed –I and my friend brushed our jackets back and grasped pistols. That also exposed the badges on our belts. We laughed our aft regions off as the wannbe bad guys ran like hell.)

Blair continued arguing for a while. And then she spouted off on the guns vs. cars comparison.

Cars are highly regulated. Are you advocating that guns be regulated like cars? Because I’m on board.

Me, too! I won’t need a background check to buy a gun. No 4473s so the ATF knows my race. No more fingerprinting for my carry license. I won’t need a permit if I stay off the public roads. Minors will be able to buy from FFLs. No more mag limits. Full auto will be freely available again!

Let’s do it.

Or maybe she wants cars regulated like firearms. No muffler unless you pay the NFA big fee and get permission. No more automatic transmissions (unless your car was built May ’86 or earlier). Your gas tank can only hold enough fuel to get you to work, but not back. We could ban high-capacity tractor-trailer rigs.

In her ill-advised Twitter foray, Gabrielle Blair somehow manages to encompass nearly every ignorant, irrational gun control talking point I’ve ever heard. She didn’t convince anyone, and I doubt our side convinced her of anything.

But she did provide thousands of better-informed people with hours high quality comedy. And probably set a new Twitter ratio record, too.

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  1. I’ll keep my guns thank you very much! Coincidentally I sold death er life insurance years ago. Delivered some death benefits too. NO one ever said it was “enough”. I’ve been attacked too. In Chiraq. Fought(and won) weapon free. In my 66th year I don’t wish to grapple with a large gangbanger…

  2. It’s hard to believe that there are people this ignorant, but yet here is absolute proof. I wonder if you folded the insurance policy enough times whether or not it would stop a bullet? Why don’t we test that theory with Gabrielle since she came up with the idea? Oh Gabrielle, we have a proposition for you . . . .

  3. If you made this sh*t up, nobody would believe you. These idiots must get up every morning thinkin, how can I be more stupid than yesterday”?

  4. Obviously a big city liberal, clueless to how the world works. You can see it in the blank dumbfounded stare. She does have a right to say what she wants, no matter how stupid it is. Probably never has been victimized, and believes flowers will solve everything. She should go to Syria and talk to ISIS fighters, you know to solve all these issues. .

  5. I conceiled Carry! My Daughter has Conceiled carries too. I own guns. My daughter has guns. I have $250,000. in life insurance. That is not going to save my life! But the Life insurance will help the Daughter along after I Die. But it don’t protect me from Dying! It gives her money after I die. She has went to school in last 30 years! That is what the Schools teach anymore!

  6. What a buffoon. She should stick to parenting advice, which I doubt is of any use, based on her life insurance advice…

    • She isn’t brain-dead. Rather she is ignorant of a few basic facts and basic math.

      Here are three basic facts about the United States:
      (1) The average person lives to about 70 years old.
      (2) There are about 128 million households.
      (3) There are about one million home invasions every year.

      Here is some basic math:
      (1) About one out of every 128 homes will host a home invasion every year.
      (2) About one out of every two people will be victims of a home invasion over their lifetime.

      Here is a basic conclusion based on the previous basic facts and basic math:
      I think it is exceedingly wise to have a firearm for self-defense when my chance of experiencing a home invasion is 50%. And I believe it is exceedingly foolish to NOT have a firearm for self-defense when my chance of experiencing a home invasion is 50%.

      Would you entrust your children in a daycare center if there was a 50% chance that the workers were convicted hardcore child molesters? No? Then why would you entrust your children to your home without any means to protect them when there is a 50% chance that home invaders will strike your home?

      • While I agree that her posts are stupid, your math is not correct. Not every home has the same chance of being invaded, so you can’t just spread the 1 million invasions over the 128 million homes evenly. There really are homes that have a very, very low chance of ever being invaded, and other homes who quite a high chance (and have probably been invaded multiple times).
        But that doesn’t mean that people in other homes shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun to defend themselves. It also doesn’t make a cynical comment like getting a life insurance any better for those people.

  7. Car ownership per se is virtually unregulated. It’s when you start operating them in public that the externalities justifying state intervention come into play. So, unless she’s talking about training, licensing etc., required to routinely discharge weapons in public, her analogy is bunk.

  8. Actually, I’m kind of OK with that guns and cars equation. Not that I’m supporting any kind of general registry or licensing scheme– that’s off the table. But it’s probably a fact of life that, in some states at least, we’re stuck with a concealed carry permit system. I seriously doubt that even the most gun-friendly SCOTUS would find these unconstitutional.

    That being the case, I think the best bet is to solidly equate concealed carry permits with drivers licenses. One should not be any more difficult or expensive to obtain than the other, and if the complexity and cost of getting a CCW goes up, the same should apply to drivers licenses in lock-step fashion. I think this would be the surest way to keep hungry politicians from screwing with the system– picture the average suburban mom going through all the BS for her drivers license that we go through to get a CCW (which, here in Delaware, is an astounding amount of BS).

    Ideally, we all go the way of 16 other states with Constitutional Carry and let the DMV stew in their own juices, but I don’t think it’s ever going to work out that way. Hopefully I’m wrong.

      • Applications are filed through the prothonatory’s office, which is county, but the actual application review is done by the state AG’s office. The county is only marginally involved (i.e., it’s not the county sheriff that makes the decisions). I filed in New Castle, so I can’t really say if Kent and Sussex counties are any better or worse.

        • Doesn’t have to be the News Journal, there’s a list of about half-dozen papers that are acceptable for publishing your notice, but most people go there. Then there’s two passport photos, a trip (by appointment) to the state police to be fingerprinted, five affidavits about your moral character from residents of your county only (and the AG does make phone calls), and, of course, the always popular gun safety course with range qualification.

          So, do all that and pay for it and pay the fee to the state — and it’s still a “may issue” state.

        • Ok that filled in a bunch of gaps my buddy never got around to. Is the AG likely to deny everyone they can (like some NY counties) or it typically shall issue light (as long as you don’t stand out as too weird)

        • SAFEupstateFML,

          My understanding of Delaware is that it is shall-issue “light” as you stated.

        • I don’t know anyone who was turned down for a permit. By the time you jump through all those hoops, I guess the AG figures you gotta be OK. “Shall-issue light” nicely sums it up.

        • For those of us who have never heard of “Prothonotary” before (including yours truly), this from Wikipedia:

          “The word prothonotary is recorded in English since 1447, as “principal clerk of a court,” from L.L. prothonotarius (c. 400), from Greek protonotarios “first scribe,” originally the chief of the college of recorders of the court of the Byzantine Empire, from Greek πρῶτος protos “first” + Latin notarius (“notary”); the -h- appeared in Medieval Latin. The title was awarded to certain high-ranking notaries.”

          There is more on Wikipedia, if you are interested.

    • I’ve been investigated more thoroughly for my concealed permit. Never had to give permission for a background check or sign 6 sheets of paper to release medical records to renew my drivers license in the 45 years I’ve had it.

    • You are ignoring the MOST IMPORTANT FACT… Gun ownership is GUARANTEED in the Bill of Rights, and the language is plain… “..shall not be infringed..”. The operation of a motor vehicle on PUBLIC ROADS is a PRIVELEDGE and as such is only regulated on a State by State basis. Therefore the gun / car comparison is completely bogus as it compares Pears to Tangerines, or maybe Cauliflowers to Bananas!

  9. Life insurance policy? Not even something intermediate like maybe a whistle or a stick? Poor thing, the bimbot doesn’t even realize she’s a retard.

  10. This was on another site a few days back and it mentions her Six children. Them I feel sorry for.
    Especially if they ever go into the real world.

    Personally I have insurance, an alarm, security doors, firearms etc. Do I want to use them No! But have used all of them at some time

    • And yet, I get rations of shit when I say that the 19th Amendment was a mistake.

      It was. The evidence is growing and undeniable, and this female is but one notable example for her greater-than-average ignorance of how things actually work in the real world.

      • Emotional decision makers (male and female) cause a tremendous amount of harm in their quest to help others. Feelings are important, but they must be tempered with rational thought. We as a country are doomed to eventual failure when how a person “feels” about a candidate is the most important factor in an election over what that candidate actually stands for. I’m sure Blair is a “feelings” voter from looking at her twatter feed. She does absolutely no synthesis of facts, no ability to analyse information in any meaningful way, and superficial understanding of subjects.

      • Dyspeptic – If you want to piss them off, point out that their vote was a GIFT which grandpa made to womanhood.

        He likely had the mistaken idea he would get some if he traded off his voting rights to batshit crazy.

  11. It is statistically unlikely that I will need fire alarms or an extinguisher but I have multiple of both, just in case. Including a small chemical extinguisher in my car. Because stuff happens.

    Which is the exact same logic to have a gun for self-defense.

    • My car caught fire once. No permanent damage or anything just the fuse never popped when an alternator blew lighting up just the fan relay. Seriously the car fire extinguisher is an amazing thing. So is a good dog and a gun. I’m a lady with experience, unlike the aforementioned pretentious, sheltered fool.

  12. So, one has to wonder what would happen if something were to happen in her life. Would it change her perspective?

    For example, a story I’ve shared here before:

    A buddy of mine from high school had the unfortunate happenstance that somehow or another some shady people became convinced he was selling tons of blow and had lots of cash. One morning a guy shows up at my friend’s door asking to use a phone. My friend says no and that’s when the other, much larger, guy that my buddy didn’t see forces the door open.

    Long story short, they tie up my friend and his girlfriend in their own tub while demanding cocaine and money. He tells them that there’s no beak and no cash because, well, there isn’t. So these assholes loot the guy’s apartment for everything of value and pack it up in his truck.

    Then a discussion ensues. The larger home invader argues with the smaller one. One guy wants to kill his victims because they’ve seen his face. Fortunately the other guy talks him out of turning robbery into murder.

    Was my friend’s first call to an insurance agent? I rather doubt it. Would Ms Blair’s first call be to an insurance agent? Again, I rather doubt it.

    • The information used by crooks usually comes from other crooks or crooked cops. Info from other crooks can at best be obsolete to completely wrong. Criminals targeting a residence because of who or what was there months to years a go is not uncommon.

        • Doesn’t much matter who you associate with. Sometimes a wrong address is all it takes.

          That’s what got my neighbor a GSW to the chest back in the day. Dudes who shot him couldn’t read the street addresses properly, accidentally picked his house when they wanted the guy across the street, popped whoever they found and ran away.

    • You should Google her name and look as some of her pictures. She carries that same stupid look in almost every picture as she seems to be desperately reinventing herself. She’s a mess.

  13. “ There are far better ways to protect your family than a gun.”

    Why do you think so many people have problems with killers, rapists, drug dealers, street thugs, and abortion doctors?

    Your not going to hold an insurance policy up an actually stop a lunatic from killing you.

  14. There is only one thing left to be said, you all have covered it so well. You just can fix fat, you can fix ugly, you can partially fix old, but you can not, no never, ever fix…….. Stupid.

    • Thanks for the link. She certainly has a high opinion of herself. Does anyone really care about what she ate and pictures of her trip to France? I can only guess that her readers are as dim-witted as she is.

    • Not the same! Designmom has a multipage manifesto for the confiscation all, meaning like every, firearm in private hands. She lists every method from family pressure to neighborhood snitches to agents kicking in doors. Go to She is a real megalomaniac about seizing guns and all she lacks is the total state power to do so.

      Her comments section shows only those who agree with her and she boasts about brooming anyone who doesn’t. A real piece of work and highly entertaining to POTG. Worth your time far more than a horror flick

  15. Does she comprehend the definition of PROTECTION?! Insurance only attempts to REPLACE a loss, not prevent it silly.

  16. Well, she is right about one thing. Statistically speaking, you are 100% likely to die, sometime, at which point, if you’ve paid the premiums, your life insurance will pay out for the benefit of your family. On the other hand, your odds of getting murdered with a firearm (on average, and excluding certain at-risk populations that have a much higher risk) run about .003 percent over an average life expectancy. (I used murdered because life insurance doesn’t pay out if you survive the attempt on your life.)

    What she misses is the obvious: what is wrong with both? Nothing wrong with going down fighting, not in my book. And the life insurance still pays when you die in a car wreck (about three times more likely than being shot) or a fire, etc.

  17. So my car being insured will NEVER EVER be ran into by some texting moron, “mom” type putting on her makeup behind the wheel, Idiot with his cordless razor shaving. Old woman who can barely see above the steering wheel, young kid just showing off….. Because, well I am “Protected”

    The sad thing about these idiots is that their Utopia ends up will bodies piled up by the same control freaks they want in charge. They always think it will be themselves or someone like themselves. History proves them wrong time and again. Viva la revolution……until they decide you are no longer useful.

    Wolves do not value the opinion of sheep.

  18. So when evil visits her home and her family in the middle of the night, she won’t call 911 in desperate need of men with guns to rescue her? Instead, she’ll call….Flo from Progressive? Sounds unlikely.

  19. “If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”

    • It is not merely the violent felon who needs this lesson but the petty criminal as well. If more petty criminals had to pay a steep price at the hands of their victims, fewer of them would graduate to felonious crimes. I’m a firm believer that too few people learn the lesson, early in life, that their right to wave their fist about ends at the tip of my nose.

      • ” their right to wave their fist about ends at the tip of my nose ”

        It is exactly this argument that the Disarmament Cartel is using to infringe on the 2A. To pursue the analogy, it is the gun-grabber strategy to keep increasing the size of the nose and to keep moving it in closer and closer. Ultimately, you will have no room to swing your arms at all, and if you try you will hit a nose every time.

        Whenever you hear “I support the 2A, but… ” , this is the strategy that is being pursued.

  20. “Eyewitness Amy Coop tweeted about the incident, saying the man holding the tusk had taken it off the wall of the historic Fishmonger’s Hall.
    “A guy who was with us at Fishmongers Hall took a 5′ narwhale tusk from the wall and went out to confront the attacker. You can see him standing over the man (with what looks like a white pole) in the video. We were trying to help victims inside but that man’s a hero #LondonBridge,” she wrote on Twitter.
    The man is believed to work in the hall and “originally from Poland,” the Times of London reported.”

    • Don’t be too surprised if he gets charged with possession of a deadly weapon, or whatever they call it over there.

      I’m just glad I don’t have to rely on finding a narwhal tusk to be able to defend myself where I live.

    • Home invaders: “Let’s rape the wife and girl, kill the dad, then take their stuff. And kill the wife and girl too.”

      Dad: “Don’t worry guys. I have life insurance!”

  21. Another lost soul virtue-signalling her way through life. She joined an international “walkout” to support Christine Blasey Ford. What does that even mean – did she walk around the world? Did she quit her job in solidarity? She probably walked outside and called it good.

  22. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Thursday, November 21st, 2019/Letters To The Editor

    Gun rights are also women’s rights

    The December 2019 issue of “America’s 1st Freedom,” a monthly periodical of the National Rifle Association, featured several articles which hopefully will be of interest to women, including promoting women’s safety, security, and protection.

    I have previously promoted this public safety issue in past Herald and News letters. Too, I continue to publicly endorse “Dial 911 and Die: The Shocking Truth About The Police Protection Myth” (1999), by Richard W. Stevens. Available from JPFO, Inc. at www. and likewise available for viewing online at YouTube. “Dial 911 and Die” exposes the myths and fallacies of not only the fact local law enforcement has no legal duty to protect private citizens, but only to provide protection to the “public at large.” Also, the failures of restraining orders, many of which are filed by women.

    The number of concealed carry permit holders nationwide increased again in 2019. This of course is commendable, laudable, and good for the overall safety of society and community. Learn more by accessing as this is far too lengthy for this letter. Two other timely articles appear also in this latest issue of “America’s 1st Freedom,” “Politicians are Finding Out Gun Rights are Also Women’s Rights” by Suzanne Edward, and “Firearms Empower Women Finding Second Amendment Freedoms” by Carolyn. D. Meadows.

    The Second Amendment historically remains the Equal Rights Amendment. In conclusion a .38 caliber revolver still defines cheap economical and affordable “self defense/house protection/concealed carry” for the private free-thinking citizen.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!

    Gabrille Blair is a contemporary example of what Comrade V.I. Lenin a century ago called “a useful idiot!” Where do socialist self righteous political elitists like this come from: The Gulag? Like all anti-gun political agendas this is predicated upon “LBJ/KGB”
    style deceit, people control, brainwashing, promoting victim-hood, and the almighty nanny state! The state is thus supreme, considered deity and God, and the free thinking individual be damned! I’m sure too there is big money financing this, probably from the East Coast, or corrupt Cook County, Illinois (Chicago). This is nothing more than “class warfare!”

  23. Klamath Falls Herald and News: Wednesday, April 19th, 2017/Letters To The Editor

    Legislators taking aim at gun owners?

    “One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” — Thomas Reed (1839-1902). Congressman from Maine, Speaker of the House of Representatives, lawyer

    Floyd Hancock’s April 11 letter, “Proposed legislation threatens citizens rights,” hearkens back to two Klamath Falls Herald and Letters of mine which ran in 2016:

    “Lawful gun owners shouldn’t be punished”: ( July 20 ) and “Trump description would fit LBJ well”: (Sept. 27), respectively. Floyd’s April 11 letter also states: “The only purpose of this type of legislation is to feed the ego of the author and to bolster his conviction that he is “doing something” to alleviate a perceived problem.” I consider this punitive malevolent ” LBJ/KGB” style legislation! A perceived problem? There is obviously more to this: “class warfare!”

    Consider Yakov Savlovich Agranov (1893-1938): first chief of Soviet State Security or NKVD and early disciple of Comrade V.I. Lenin. Also, top deputy of Genrickh Yagoda (1891-1938) and leading member of the Cheka: (the original Soviet Secret Police, established in 1918). Also, main organizer of Soviet political repercussions and Stalinist show trials in the 1920’s and 1930’s during Stalin’s reign of terror. Comrade Agranov once stated:

    “If there is no enemy, he should be created, denounced, and punished!”

    Question: Is this anti-gun agenda Bolshevik legislators in Salem are perpetrating intended to despise gun owners, the NRA, private firearms ownership, and our Second Amendment heritage and the big money behind it?

    A related April 10 2017 article: “Senators Push for Federally Funding Gun Control Research” by Beth Baumann is now posted online at JPFO, Inc. at JPFO, Inc. is “America’s aggressive civil rights organization.” Gun owners, be forewarned.

    James A. Farmer, Merrill
    Merrill, Oregon (Klamath County)
    Long Live The State of Jefferson!
    In other words Salem (Oregon) and Sacramento (California) and your deceitful crooked socialist treasonous Bolshevik legislator ilk leave us honest innocent gun owners the Hell alone! We rightly resent you uppity political elitists attempting to dictate to us! Peddle your well financed anti-gun class warfare elsewhere!

  24. In one way, she isn’t wrong. Security-minded people SHOULD be covering all of their bases: Fire extinguishers in key places (how many of you carry an underwear gun but don’t have a fire extinguisher in your bedroom?), smoke/carbon monoxide detectors with batteries changed yearly, properly fenced off pools in your yards (many more children drown each year than die by gunfire), proper security precautions made for your property, etc.

    What grinds my gears about what she wrote is that I wear my seatbelt for the same reason I would carry a firearm. Unlikely events certainly happen.

  25. “I’m going to guess that Blair lives in a gated community with security guards.”

    Nah, I think she’s just stupid.


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