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concealed carry christmas gifts

Want to stuff somebody’s stocking who concealed carries? Put something they’ll love under the tree? There’s plenty of absolutely great gear out there, and some that lots that will fit almost any budget.

While the obvious seem to be guns or ammo, not every state is friendly towards that. So we’ll mostly stick to awesome carry-oriented gifts that don’t require showing an ID or undergoing a background check. These are bits of gear that will either make concealed carry more easy, aid in training, or things that almost any armed citizen will appreciate.

So let’s dive in with 8 outstanding bits of gear that the concealed carrier will really like.

Shot Timer


First up is the Pact Club Timer III shot timer, which is essential in concealed carry training. After all, the goal of training when it comes to the defensive use of a handgun is to shoot accurately in a compressed time frame. Ss Bill Jordan amended the famous phrase, “speed’s fine, but accuracy’s final…if you’re given time to display it!”

The Pact Club Timer III has a delay function, records splits between shots, displays par times and is known for a loud, positive beep as well as being ergonomically easy to use. That’s why it’s a popular timer for competition shooters and trainers. It runs about $120.

Range Ammuntion

blazer brass range ammunition ammo
Courtesy Palmetto State Armory

While we might have said we were going to steer mostly clear of guns or ammo, ammunition is at least easy for most states. Our apologies to those in California, Hawaii and other states (including CT, AK, residents of Cook County, IL, MA, MD, NYC, NJ, PR or Washington, DC) that make buying bullets online difficult or impossible. But frankly, a big box of range ammo is a pretty awesome gift.

Which is why a Blazer Ammo Can is a darned good gift. Prices start at just under $70 and go up to just under $100, depending on the caliber/grain weight. You can get 200 rounds of .45 ACP, 250 of .40 S&W or 350 rounds of 9mm, with the corresponding number of boxes inside a durable plastic case.

Electronic Shooting Training System


The MantisX training system is a serious training tool, perfect for the person training for concealed carry, competition or just looking to get better at handgunning. The system is a dongle, which attaches either to the rail of your pistol or via a magazine base pad adapter (sold separately, available for almost all semi-autos and even some revolvers) that gathers telemetry.

The data, which can be gathered from dry or live fire, is then fed to the MantisX program, which can be installed on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, that gives the shooter feedback, instructions and even training exercises to improve their shooting technique. It’s like a digital shooting coach. It’s buy-once-cry-once proposition, but with the basic system starting at $158.47 …you won’t wince too badly.

glock magazines spare magazine

Spare magazines are always a great gift. When you ask a gun owner how many magazines he or she needs, the answer is always: more.

You can save money by buying in bulk, like this 10-pack of Magpul GLOCK magazines for $100. Or buy them singly for a perfect stocking stuffer. Whatever gun(s) the people on your list prefers, a new magazine is always appreciated.

If you’re looking for more stocking stuffer ideas, here are some good ones.

Small Range Bag


A Palmetto State Armory small range bag is perfect for toting just a few small items (a couple boxes of ammo, eye and ear pro, maybe a staple gun or a shot timer) to the range for pistol practice. After all, concealed carry training doesn’t usually require a huge amount of gear, so setups can be pretty minimalist.

At 9″ by 12″ by 9.5″ it can even fit a pistol case inside, and has some exterior pockets for magazines and other small bits. For $25, that’s a pretty good little gift.

Complete Gun Cleaning Kit

Otis cleaning kit

OTIS Technology makes some of the best, most convenient cleaning kits available. While there are plenty of other good ones – hey, those Hoppes clamshell kits aren’t bad and aren’t too spendy! – but spending a little more gets you a whole lot more.

Their Patriot series of cleaning kit goes for $15, and includes quite a bit of stuff in such a small package. You get a bore brush, mop, a bristle brush, and their breech-to-muzzle patch system, which picks up a lot more detritus than standard rod-and-patch systems. Not a bad stocking stuffer at all.

Break-Free Weapon Wipes


Speaking of cleaning, another consumable inherent to the firearms hobby is cleaners and/or lubricants. I don’t know about you, but I’m a big fan of wipes since they clean AND can be used as a patch while cleaning.

Great for maintenance after shooting or if your pistol just needs a wipe down after a couple weeks of holster wear. Great examples include CLP wipes, pictured above and available from Palmetto State Armory for $4.99 in a handy 20-wipe canister, or if you prefer a different product line, RemOil, FrogWipes (by FrogLube) and other brands are out there. A few packs…makes an ideal stocking stuffer.

Concealment Vest

Travel Safe Concealment Vest

If you’re buying for someone who carries a gun, they’re always looking for an effective method of concealment. One easy way to do that while keeping their firearm quickly accessible is the Travel Safe Concealment Vest.

It’s a great option because it doesn’t have the tactical look of other “shoot-me-first” type vests. The Travel Safe Vest also has lots of pockets and compartments to carry gear (or a firearm, if that’s how someone chooses to tote one.

It’s well-made, comfortable, available in three colors and runs about $89.

Obviously, every single bit of gear that makes a great gift for a concealed carrier would take months to compile, so we thought we’d give you some solid starting points for this year’s shopping. Anything else you think makes a great gift for concealed carry? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. All great gift suggestions. I could especially use the PACT timer. However, don’t forget the lowly gift card. Let’s the shooter buy what they know they want or need. Mom asked what I wanted for Christmas. I replied, “A Browning Superposed in 20 choked Imp. Cylinder/Modified.” That earned me a blank look. She didn’t have a clue.

    • Gift cards, even generic Visa-type cards really are the safest bet. And if buying for a family member where you know money is tight, they can be used for necessities like fuel or food.

      Dittos on the range ammo, ammo makes the *perfect* stocking-stuffer.

      And a 2-part question for the gunnies, how is Winchester “Forged” steel cased ammo? It was 7 bucks a box of 50 at Walmart. Steel-cased, but unlike the Tula steel-cased, this is bare steel, not lacquered like the Russian stuff.

      Has Walmart quietly resumed pistol ammo sales? They had 9mm in the display case, not a lot of it, but was there. Did they heed the outcry of their customers?

      • Used some Forged the other day in my Glock 19. Functioned in the factory magazines. In the pmags the rounds would bind up on each other and jam inside the mag causing failures to feed. Had to use the loading tool to get the last 5-7 rounds in both types of magazines.

        • “Functioned in the factory magazines. In the pmags the rounds would bind up on each other and jam inside the mag causing failures to feed.”

          That’s what I was wondering. The cases are bare steel, and with a few in my hand, they don’t ‘slide’ easily against each other easily as polished brass ammo does. They almost have a fine ‘gritty’ feel to them in my hand., rubbing against each other.

          The mags for my new CZ RAMI are on the tight side when loading them, the magazine spring is on the stout side, so this might end up being an adventure in getting them to run.

          My curiosity as to why I found 9mm ammo in Walmart in the first place has me piqued. Was this the tail-end of what they had on order with their suppliers, or are they getting back into the business of selling pistol ammo?

      • The Winchester forged is garbage. Only ammo I’ve found that won’t cycle reliably in my S&W Shield. As far as Walmart still selling pistol ammo, I was told that they have to finish out their contracts with their suppliers, some of which have 2 years left, but as the contracts expire they wont be renewing them.

        • Ah, now I get why my local store was loaded with WWB! I was a bit surprised they’d have that much a month or so after the announcement.

          My nephew told me Walmart stopped carrying violent video games- they’ve gone full “Woke”

      • I’ve found it to not function well in more firearms than any other ammo. It is especially in mil surp and C&R forarms. Tula is much better for those.

        Now, WTF are you doing still shopping at Wal Mart? For the love of God, that’s almost as bad as shopping at Dick’s!

    • Sorry, meant to follow up, but got busy with the holiday. I really didn’t expect my mom to buy me a Superposed. I was being facetious. Although, I would like to have another one. The point was that many of our loved ones know Jack Squat about firearms. Drop a hint? They’ve forgot it ten minutes later. Count on socks and pajamas.

    • 10X25, you’re correct. Books are a great idea. And I mean real books. Not that download e-mail crap. My daughter gave me on of those years ago. I see it now. Still unopened. She tried. Unfortunately, most of my relatives aren’t any better at selecting books than scopes. Except my son. He showed up the other night sporting a new Taylor guitar. I told him he’s buying his own Randall knives and firearms from now on. Him, “Wait! What!? That’s not right!” LOL

  2. Okay there’s something wrong with the editing on this one. It says eight items but it shows nine. Where’s the link to that snazzy red velvety concealment winter coat with the furry white trim? As baggy as that thing is you could dang near conceal a bazooka!

    With the matching pants, you could definitely conceal a bazooka!!!

    Yeah, we need a link …

  3. I think much of the negative perception of gun culture is that we approach life from a purely utilitarian perspective, IE oversized shirts and concealment vests. Nobody ever got laid wearing a concealment vest. I see the pictures of guys with bulging waistlines and 1911s on the hip and I can’t help but notice that from the left’s perspective we look like shit, and they’re all about appearances. What would I do about it? I don’t know, and to each their own. I try to dress nicely and carry accordingly while being an ambassador for the POTG. If that means pocket carry then so be it.

      • A lot of lefties I seen in the past few years look like that younger veteran that stopped shaving: flannels, tight jeans and beard. Then there’s the modern skater types with the Nikes and girl pants. The very political ones have their own unofficial “uniform.”

  4. Anyone that wears a vest in America stands out. I immediately think they are carry a gun especially if they are over 40.

    Best way to not look like you have a gun is to wear a sweater or a simple shirt. Don’t wear anything related to being a “gun guy.”

    The moment I see layers I start thinking, “What is he trying to hide?” Doesn’t matter if it’s an old white guy or a young black guy. I would say young thugs are way better at concealing their guns. CCWers tend to have at least one thing on that indicates they probably are carrying a gun. Such as certain: shoes, glasses, vest, wristband, long sleeve button up, etc.

    When you see that teen walking around in a t-shirt and basketball shorts you can’t imagine he is actually carrying a Glock with an extended mag. Or that 20 something year old with the baggy/saggy pants actually has a rifle stuffed in there. You have to pay attention to how they walk and what they do with their hands to figure out if they have a gun.

    A lot of criminals stuff their gun into their underwear up front. When they run they have to hold up their shorts/pants or hold on to the gun to stop it from falling out. Cops like to use that as an excuse to shoot the fleeing suspect in the back until they are dead. We know it’s rare to catch a gangster wearing any kind of holster, they simply use their belt or underwear to retain the gun.

  5. Chief, you have got to be kidding! Running away and holding up pants is probable cause to shoot a man in the back? I’d have hundreds to my credit. A few lost control of their clothing and tripped. It almost always left me with an arrest, but almost never a firearms charge. Of course, I did drive a patrol car with a couple of bullet holes in it until we got it to the body shop.

    • Yup. I have seen fleeing suspects shot dead because they were holding their pants up or keeping the gun from falling out their pants. It used to be even more common before bodycams.

      Cops say the reason they shot the person in the back (as they were running away without violence) was because they were “reaching” and wouldn’t show their hands as ordered. So out of fear for their lives they shot to kill.

      • You’ve seen it personally? Said it before. You’re such an expert go on out there and get touchy, feely with them. See how it works out for you. 😆 LOL

      • “Holding your pants up is justification enough to shoot a teen in the back of the head as he runs away.”

        Wear a damn belt and don’t run from cops.

        It doesn’t take membership in Mensa to figure that out…

  6. I routinely wear a ScottEVest because I can carry a lot of stuff in it, somewhat weather protective, and is light enough to wear in sub-90 degree heat (unfortunately in MS there’s about four consecutive months of 90+degree days, but anyway). The fact that it covers a gun nicely is an added bonus, and despite what people like to say it doesn’t necessarily scream concealed carrier to the average person.

    Also, I could really use those breakfree wipes.

    • I used to buy SEV stuff until the owner, Scott, was revealed as an ass who hates his “gullible” customers. I didn’t burn the half dozen or so jackets I own, but I switched to Berne for new stuff. Objectively, the SEV stuff is for decades old tech. They doesn’t fit large phones, and who needs cable routing with Bluetooth. The jackets that had velcro in pockets for holsters don’t hand right, the gun prints because the top portion hangs forward, and the draw isn’t quick. I’ve had to pay local tailors to replace broken zippers and pulls. Many companies make suitable cover garments for much cheaper.

  7. A nice, compact flashlight is nice. One cells light make 250-350 lumens and are great for EDC and are light enough to be used with a gun. They’re the size of a pen or roll of coins, or smaller.

  8. You are giving the average person WAYyyyy more credit for being aware of things happening beyond their cell phone, the only people that think something screams gun are people who are carrying.
    Me I’ll be the guy wearing the vest,fanny pak and lose fitting cargo pants(with a bazooka down each pant leg).
    People are way more Interested In looking at there phone than looking at my bad fashion choices.
    I have to admit the red coat with the white trim looks pretty sweet.

  9. The ad above this article is a nice thought.
    I am glad I do not use them for Black Friday ammo purchases.
    Target beats them for a case on 9 mm Blazer 147 grain and Tula 7.62 x 39.
    Free shipping also from targetsports if you buy a case.

  10. Santa;
    I still want the baby rock, if your elves can’t make it, it’s on sale at bud’s for $322 I will accept no substitution and don’t want no flashlight on my gun to give the perp something to guide his bullets to my brain as I aim down my sight or hold it next to my side for rention.
    As always,
    Lil Sammy


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