Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker (AP Photo/Amr Alfiky File)
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As you read earlier, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker rushed to sign a new gun ban into law within hours of its passage by the General Assembly. Pritzker proudly praised the legislators who ignored the rule of law to pass the measure that blocks sales and ownership of the most popular guns for self-defense. He also took a victory lap around what he said were the “powerful forces of the pro-gun lobby.”

Why the rush? Pritzker saw the news reports of prospective gun owners crowding into Prairie State gun shops to buy the very guns that state government worked so quicly  to outlaw, much as they had in Oregon.

That freaked out the gun-grabbers. So they hastily organized the signing event to strip law-abiding citizens of their ability to buy many of the most popular self-defense guns, doing their work in a building that’s protected with metal detectors and plenty of armed guards.

WTTW had the story with some interesting tidbits . . .

Guns classified by Illinois as assault grade can no longer be sold in Illinois.

Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed the law Tuesday night , hours after it passed the legislature on the final day of the General Assembly’s session, and roughly six months since the July 4 mass shooting at the Highland Park Independence Day parade that spurred momentum for the ban.

“After nearly every mass shooting, we’ve seen efforts to ban dangerous weapons thwarted, and then leaders send their thoughts and prayers while they throw their hands up, resigning themselves to the idea that gun violence is a sacrifice that Americans must accept,” Pritzker said, describing the fight for gun control with the National Rifle Association as battling the “powerful forces of the pro-gun lobby.”

“On assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, victory has been elusive. That’s why today, I couldn’t be prouder to say that we got it done,” he said.

Sounds almost like a guy who’s thinking of running for president.

Pritzker and other advocates say Illinois’ new law was drafted with Bruen and constitutional considerations in mind…

Laugh out loud.

“Gun violence touches every corner of our state on a daily basis…”

It’s GANG violence, Governor. Not gun violence. As for the scores of county sheriffs and district attorneys who’ve announced they won’t enforce the ban and registration mandate . . .

“You don’t get to choose which laws you comply with in the state of Illinois,” Pritzker said. “But the reality is that the State Police is responsible for enforcement, as are all law enforcement all across this state. And they will in fact, do their job or they won’t be in there.”

This from a guy who ignores federal immigration law on a daily basis.

While Pritzker’s expedited signing stopped the mad rush at gun shops, customers had already pretty much picked the shelves clean of popular, hot-selling rifles, shotguns and handguns along with the magazines that feed them.

Obviously the new law’s provisions banning sales of the best-selling guns for self-defense will impact gun retailers immediately. Meanwhile, the great majority of gun owners will feel the bite in 90 days. That’s when provisions of the law kick in for existing owners.

The benevolent authoritarians in the state government are graciously permitting existing owners to keep their prohibited items. And in fact they can take them anywhere they want…as long as it’s on their private property.

There’s language in the new law about taking them to and from “licensed ranges” (much like New York City’s old law). One problem — Illinois doesn’t have any “licensed” ranges. Those of us who make up the “powerful forces of the pro-gun lobby” believe that section of the law is seen as a feature, not a bug.

For those who have spare parts laying around, including things like flash suppressors, collapsible stocks, or a forward grip attachment, possession of those now represent felonies. Immediately.

Then there’s the registration component in the new law. All of these now-prohibited guns must be registered with the State Police within 300 days after enactment. If you don’t realize your Remington 1100 is now a prohibited assault shotgun and fail to register it, you’re a Class 3 felon, as in 3 to 5 years in prison and loss of your gun rights for life.

There are a lot of other guns impacted by this new law’s technical language and your average gun owner could very easily wind up with two or more guns unintentionally not registered which will get them 4 to 7 years in the big house as a Class 2 felony.

Welcome to the Land of Lincoln.

Then there’s the new ban on private gun transfers, which goes into effect July 1. On that date, all gun transfers will have to go through a licensed gun dealer, for a fee of up to $25.  Many gun shops have already said they will decline to participate in that scheme, as there’s a lot of potential downside for them in terms of recordkeeping and potential liability. It’s just not worth the $25 to them.

Failure to transfer a firearm through a dealer for private owners wishing to sell or give a firearm to another private person is…drumroll please…another felony.

As the Executive Director of Guns Save Life, we’re part of a coalition of gun rights groups, industry organizations, gun clubs, political organizations, and other individuals who have retained local counsel to file suit to strike down this unconstitutional hogwash. Candidly though, we didn’t expect the governor to run out and sign the bill into law so quickly. It’s been a long time since JB ran to do anything.

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action might be partnering with one or more members of our coalition as well, so don’t count them out.

Look for our first lawsuit to be filed in a week or two.

Other organizations including at least one gun shop, one individual and the Illinois State Rifle Association working with the Second Amendment Foundation will also be filing suit soon. Frankly, the first of these could hit state or federal court as soon as today.

No one said this battle will be easy. But we aim to rub Governor Pritzker’s nose in the humiliation of defeat when the federal courts strike down this patently unconstitutional limit on Second Amendment rights.

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    • meanwhile the bad guys run around with “Glock switches”…and little or nothing is done about it…at any level….

    • So basically Illinois is catching up with our gun control here in California. Except that most of our restrictive laws passed within the most recent dozen years have been enjoined or ruled unconstitutional, and dragging their way through appellate processes on their way to the graveyard. It’s laughable that NY, IL, OR, WA, and their ilk are attempting to pass the very restrictions that are being (slowly, but surely) mired down here.

    • …you’re a Class 3 felon, as in 3 to 5 years in prison and loss of your gun rights for life.

      Welllllll. They really can’t take your gun rights away. They can arrest you. But they can’t prevent it. They never really could. You can still buy one or make one. They really can’t stop you.

    • RE: “ignored the rule of law to pass the measure that blocks sales and ownership of the most popular guns for self-defense.”

      In this case “popular” is not only a lame word choice it is neither here nor there. And common-use may be alright for today but down the road as technology develops not so much.

      Once again another tyrant signs an insane Gun Control bill and lost in space Gun Owners run around like chickens with their heads cut off. It happens time and time again when Gun Owners fail to stand and define Gun Control by its history of rot. It comes down to Gun Owner silence helping Gun Control zealots keep Gun Control’s rot swept under the rug…

      Was any Gun Control rot taken from beneath the rug and slammed on the legislative table in the Land of Lincoln? No and Hell No.

      • …GOD! i’m glad I don’t live there…prefer one of those “hillbilly states”…got lots to choose from….

  1. “On assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, victory has been elusive. That’s why today, I couldn’t be prouder to say that we got it done,” You didn’t accomplish a thing except expiditing lawsuits you pig.

    “But we aim to rub Governor Pritzker’s nose in the humiliation of defeat when the federal courts strike down this patently unconstitutional limit on Second Amendment rights.” Pritzker the pig isn’t going to like that at all! He’s used to rubbing his nose in slop from the looks of him. Quoink! Quoink! Quoink!

  2. Jumbo runs to the buffet on a daily basis, just like ole Jabba.
    As for the private transfers, as long as the gun was manufactured before July 1, simply have a written bill of sale dated before then, and you should be good to go, not?
    I’m guessing the gun stores in neighboring states will be doing an increased business, at least for awhile.

    • Well fat boy got me & the missus to seriously plan a move east. We have title to our home too. Hilarious the blubbery buffoon thinks “I can’t sell my toy’s”. I’m quite annoyed I bought 6 magazines to “comply” with the ILLannoy BS! You’d be right Ghost…

      • In hard times areas like Mishawaka and Elkhart get slammed hard as they are heavily RV oriented as far as industry goes. I’m not familiar with southern Indiana but it has to be better than where you are. Happy Trails fww.

        • Thanks raker! We’re going to Griffith/Calumet Twp/Hobart or even Hammond(but it sux too). I spend most of my $ in Indiana & our church is in Hammond. There’s a LOT to like in Hoosierland.!

        • Now that the steel industry has been decimated you don’t have to worry about Gary making it’s own rain! Literally! My father used to work for Wheelabrator Corp making steel shot for cleaning the hulls of ships. Located in Mishawaka right next to Bendix. He had a permanent white spot under where his watch was from the heat of the foundry. Check out Amish Acres if they still exist!

  3. Here in Oregon, measure 114 single handedly put more firearms and normal capacity magazines in peoples hands then would have EVER happened had it never been a thought up. We still have 30,000 in the background queue and they are clearing over 500 a day. I find that hilarious.

    • Nonsense. Everybody knows it’s NRA fear mongering that tricks people into buying guns.
      It has nothing at all to do with the politicians who get up in front of cameras everyday and say they’re coming for your guns and will nuke you if you refuse to submit.

    • They may be “clearing over 500 a day” but there are lots of people who have been waiting over a year because the OSP unit charged with this task is working hard at inventing reasons to not approve a transfer — like someone I know who got told flat out that they’re trying to pin domestic violence on him, though there’s not a thing in his record that would even suggest that!

    • I expect the vast majority of guns are already out the door within three days, of them paying and the dealer putting the info in to the state..

      “NUCLEAR OPTION”!!!!

  4. Liberal states wonder why their economy takes a hit every time they enact this nonsense. It’s simple, the productive, intelligent, honest, hardworking law abiding citizens move to Florida or Texas where their rights are respected. They leave behind the lazy, entitled, and criminals to suck resources out of the remaining taxpaying citizens. Illinois, enjoy what you voted for.

      • “The race was an expensive one, with Pritzker pouring millions of dollars of his own personal fortune into his campaign.”
        That just screams corruption! Why else would you spend that much unless you thought that you could get returns on your investment.

        • Also,
          In your link Gipper you can click on the map and see the counties that went for dem reps. Unfreaking believable!

        • If I’m looking at what you are referring to, those are the congressional districts that it is showing. That is a clear showing of how the Democraps gerrymandered the entire state. Some of the districts are absolutely ridiculous.

        • I went back to check it out…wow! They’ve done a wonderful job of trying to turn Indiana blue. I pray it doesn’t happen.

    • Kinda like Russia – announce a “mob” for 100K young men, and any young man with the wherewithal to drive and the skills and intelligence to land a job elsewhere leaves the country. Leaving the poorly educated and impoverished to prop up the economy.

      • I see somebody who is drinking the Anti-Russia “COOL-AID”!!!

        There wasn’t a mass exodus, the majority of the people who the WEST MSM claimed were fleeing Russia, returned to Russia after withdrawing their money from European banks!!!

        BBC actually interviewed many of these “FLEEING PEOPLE”!!!

        They found zero “DRAFT DODGERS”!!! And many times stated there was no proof, those that who were temporarily leaving received “NOTICES OF MOBILIZATION”!!!

  5. Technical/practical question for the IL residents, are AR’s banned to the point that bolt action varieties and/or stripped lowers are illegal?

    • sale of new ar’s.
      if it ain’t semi it should be good unless that “capable of” thing rears its’ head.
      quite the grandiose showboat. can’t wait to hear him read off the compliance figures in a year.
      did the “lawyers” just hobble and sacrifice sponge brain poopy pants just to install this wad of protoplasm?

      • I just received an email from a company I’ve done business with in the past. They’re having a blowout sale on complete AR uppers in 7.5″ to 11.5″ lengths. I might get one and place it (unassembled to anything, cough cough) in the safe for the future when all this nonsense is knocked down.

        • We have the credit/banking stasi working with the AG here so will hold off on any electronic purchases for a while.

  6. Are feral hogs legal to harvest in Il? I don’t know which would be more fun, taking porkster straight away, or putting in a pen to lean out first. I believe we got us a sow not a boar. Squeel like a pig.

    • I’m not aware of any restrictions on how one violating your civil rights may be disposed of, but a pen full of feral hogs sounds like a valid method and disposal plan to me.

      A lone widower who lived down the road a few miles from my grandparents house and country store, not long before I was born, disappeared one day. Small bits of remains and remnants of clothing of the poor lady was recovered from the feces in her pig pen a few days later by investigators.

      Story was retold for many a year after it transpired. Never trust a person with a pig farm. They can chew through bone like butter.

      • My cousins and I got chased into a rail car because we were throwing corn cobs at the sows. My father beat our butt’s when they had to come looking for us. 9 at the time and we thought it was funny to tease them.

        • After thinking long and hard about my reply…

          I have a sort of similar story to a point, except much more dramatic, but I can’t relate it because it involved some severe crime committed when I was about the same age as you in your story, by other parties against my family, witness protection and other state and local LEO agencies surrounding the event, and would definitely out my identity.

          Inclusive of SWAT snipers on my rooftop for many months as a titillating bit of info. I had an interesting and dangerous childhood. But yeah, a friend and I were nearly killed by a 418 pounder in the middle of all of that. Punctured my boot heel as we scampered up a cedar, and gutted and killed a catch dog. Was a close thing.

          Edit: POS system ate my comment twice now. Altering because it won’t let me post again.

        • I’m good, but it was by the barest of luck my sister survived the big event. I really don’t know how my parents did either. I yanked my sister onto the floor and dove into my closet where the most dangerous thing I owned was stored when I came to consciousness.

          It was an attempt to assassinate my Father and any witnesses to the event to get him off the case(s). Big rip crew that torched everything in their wake that he was closing in on did the deed. They claimed after the intent was to scare, but most will say anything to save their skin.

          Only problem was, the shooter didn’t have the stones to kick the door when he saw lights on. Fired from the street side instead from 40′ away.

          Kicker was the one that dropped him off, gave him the instructions, and the gunm, was a dirty Sgt. under Dad’s command. They suspected before this, and that was why PC for us after, and the ambush on my roof top nightly. Snipers were from a state far removed for that very reason. No one involved in the investigation knew anyone locally, vetted thoroughly, and their comms were all tapped for insurance. It was kinda important, I guess you’d say. Super secret squirrel shit. Zero trust with anyone at the moment.

          So anyway, the scariest part.

          A round hit a stone in the yard, ricocheted upward coming through her (my sisters) bedroom wall low, then her bed, and pillow. Stopped buried in the 2×6 in the ceiling, plenty of energy to spare to go through her head.

          Only, she was sleeping in my other bunk in my room because was terrified and needed big bro to protect her from the monsters the horror movie featured we’d watched before bed got her. Except, it was the monster she didn’t expect that showed up for real. None of us did, nor suspected they’d be that bold, or go that far.

          Not one was injured, but 30 rounds were pumped though my home while we slept, windows mostly. He was gone before any of us made it to our gunms, even at that age they had to pull me out of my corner along the same wall opposite of where my door was, Mossy 500 2Oga in hand and focused on the entry. That to get me out.

          Parents were pinned down at the other end of the house. Nearly shot my Mom as she burst into the room a slight bit later to pull us out. I swore they were both dead, all I heard was glass continually cracking loudly and falling out of the frames though the closed door. Only recognition of her silhouette and loud whisper as she breached the door frame stayed my finger.

          We kids were shuffled around a lot until they caught everyone. Friends, extended family, acquaintances, people we didn’t even know. Was a confusing time. Couldn’t sleep worth a shit on peoples crap couches, and because feeling strangers presences while still being a bit jumpy. Not fear, so motored around in zombie mode most days. And as soon as they thought someone might know who we were, we were moved under cover of darkness yet again. Honestly felt helpless without my gat.

          First time I took fire, and something I got acclimatized to even before signing my life away to Uncle Scam.

          Apologies for being nondescript, but you got the gist of why earlier. This is as redacted and sanitized as possible while still giving you an small idea.

          There is no record of this on the interwebz at all, with it being oblique enough here where even the few that survive still that may remember some won’t be privy to enough to place it in the framework of their memories.

          May as well be a fairy tale…

          @Admins: Do not even think of republishing this. I do not give permission to reprint in whole or in part. Copyright reserved, and forget you read it.

        • To the people who think they know me, you really, really don’t. This is but a tiny shocker sample of my reality.

          Welcome to a small piece of my world.

  7. What we are seeing since Bruen is a hardening of political positions between the blue and red States, reminiscent of the split between the states back in the 1860s. And we know how that turned out. Except this time it’s not about slavery, but about the Bill of Rights, particularly the 1st and 2nd Amendments, but also the rest of them. The 2nd is just the primary target of the Left at the moment. The others will follow if the 2nd falls.

    I’m using the term “Left” as a catch-all, instead of the usual D, R, or I. There are no Democrats, Republicans or Independants. There’s only haves, and have nots.

    They are after power, and they ain’t kidding around.

    • In a way, it is about slavery. The left wants to enslave all people to the government. They want everything you have to come from them, so that you have no choice. Then when they want you to act in a certain way, they’ll take something away if you don’t. 2A restrictions just get in their way, so they have to get rid of them.

    • Been saying the same for about a decade and a half, including here. It’s a class war, and the end goal is stealing the last vestiges of power We The People have.

      If we don’t rise up and do what is necessary to tip the current balance, we are through. Watering the tree of liberty is what it will take.

  8. I still say the best way to STOP! these gun grabbers in the State Legislatures is to file Contempt Citations against each and every one that voted for these measures as well as the Governors who sign them. If you hit them in the pocketbook it will wake them up.

  9. Said it once I’ll say it again, I’m glad my tax dollars are no longer populating Illinois. My wife and I both have good paying jobs and we’re not giving it to them any more.

  10. What a corpulent fat cat. By the looks of him, I think that the good pro-2A citizens of Illinois aren’t spending their money in the right place. Don’t bother trying to fight the legislation, they’ll pass it anyway. But wave enough cash in front of Pricker’s snout and I’m sure he’d veto anything for the right price.

  11. ISRAs suit will be filed by Monday at the latest.
    By this time next week there could be a ruling.
    It’s a horribly written bill and JB knew that when he signed it.
    He might of been high though and caught up in that he actually did something.
    Which in reality is nothing and could be a huge victory for Illinois.
    A bunch of people are freaking out and overreacting, I say let the games begin.

    • well, at least he did ~something~, esp. after that shooting.
      “the gun lobby prevented this bill from remaining law. we need common sense gun restrictions. at least i tried.”
      vote jb for prexy 2024

  12. Copycat of this bill is coming to Colorado in the next 2 months. Governor goo on face WILL sign it and the state will spend millions trying to defend it in court, but screw it, its not their money right.

  13. “It’s been a long time since JB ran to do anything.”

    You know, I’m not much for ad hominem attacks. But looking at that photo of him gleefully signing, does remind me of feeding the hogs as a youngster on the farm. We would go to the Nickles bakery on a Saturday morning, and they would give us a feed sack full of outdated bread and sweetrolls for 10 bucks, and we would feed them to a pair of hogs the next several mornings. Made for some tasty bacon. I knew I had seen that face somewhere.

  14. Even Dupage is in on saying this isn’t constitutional.

    The smart thing for them to do would have been to give Cook County a carve out from pre-emption and let them do what they will. This was kicking a hornets nest.

  15. Prick-ster, you don’t get to chose which Bill of Rights Amendments you ignore. Maybe a point system for tyrants??? DING…..DING….DING….we have our first Prick Prize winner!!!!!

  16. TRY outlawing CRIMINALS first! . . . it’s NOT the gun’s fault. I’ve NEVER seen a GUN that RAN OUT and SHOT someone – there was ALWAYS a CRIMINAL pulling the TRIGGER.

  17. I haven’t a clue as to exactly what I have to register? All magazines? (No serial numbers) All semi autos (they all can fire “ high capacity “ magazines, even a 1911 if magazine long enough!
    What the hell do I do? And what’s it gonna cost to register every gun? And how is all this gonna stop nut cases and gang bangers from shooting what and when they want??

  18. I was in line at the soup and salad bar one time behind this fat, disgusting hog at a political event. Apparently due to the obesity issue he couldn’t clear the toilet seat to wipe himself properly with his fat stubby fingers and smeared poop all over the tail of his jacket. He didn’t notice but every one else in line certainly did. My associates and I haven’t been to a salad bar since….

  19. ‘Fat Boy’ isn’t fooling anyone. Gun control is designed to only affect law-abiding citizens. Criminals don’t care — that’s why they are called ‘criminals’. This is just the newest layer on the Commie gun-grab cake in order to gain power and control over ‘We the People’. We fought one War of Independence to secure our rights, and we will fight another one to keep them. Molon labe.

  20. Another rich Liberal slob who lusts after power and is trying to deflect attention from the real root of the crime problem, the Liberal agenda. This latest “law” will get challenged in court. All legal gun owners should support groups like the NAGR. GOA, their state gun 2A rights organization and yes . . . even the NRA (I’m sure some of you will flame me for including them, but I don’t care). Those groups are the ones who actually file the challenges most of the time. None of us can successfully file these cases as individuals, but together we can.


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