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Earlier this year I spent some time in Utah shooting handguns and rifles in the dead of night at different distances using Armasight night vision gear. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. We used everything from their CO-Mini clip-on which works great in combination with a red dot, up to their new, not-yet-announced all-in-one night vision kits.

Armasight has finally dropped the veil on these and they’re calling them their Ultimate Night Vision Kit. It comes in a range of configurations with a night vision monocular or binoculars, depending on what you need.

I got to shoot with the Pinnacle Premium night vision bundle that includes a helmet, all the mounting gear and BNVD-51 night vision binoculars.

It’s hard to describe how well these work without trying them for yourself. Here I was shooting black steel targets after sundown with at North Springs Shooting Range outside of Price, Utah. Despite the available light in the photo above, we couldn’t see the targets with the naked eye. Using a Vudoo Tactical Priest double stack 1911 — which is a pretty amazing pistol in its own right — with an RMR mounted, hitting the steel was a snap.

For those of us who don’t have much experience with thermal or night vision gear, Armasight offering these simple kits makes the process easy and gives you everything you need for hunting hogs at night, or any other after-dark activity you may find yourself involved in. Here’s their press release . . .

Armasight, a pioneer and leading authority in thermal and night vision optics, proudly announces the launch of the Ultimate Night Vision Kit, setting a new standard in night vision offerings. This all-encompassing kit features a range of exclusive Armasight products, carefully curated to elevate the night vision experience. The Premium bundle is now available online and at select retail outlets, providing enthusiasts and professionals with an unparalleled night vision solution.

The Armasight Ultimate Kit represents a field-ready night vision bundle, catering to a variety of Armasight products including the PVS-14, BNVD-40, or BNVD-51 goggles, each available in Gen 3 White Phosphor. There’s also a Sidekick 320 or 640 thermal monocular option, coupled with either a MNVD-51 or PVS-14. Emphasizing simplicity and readiness, each night vision device is bundled with a unique and exclusive Armasight Gray color Team Wendy EXFIL bump helmet, the Armasight G95 Mount Designed and Engineered by Wilcox Industries exclusively for Armasight, the Watchman IR Illuminator, and a custom-designed Otte Gear helmet bag in Armasight Gray.

The objective of this comprehensive bundle is to streamline the process of achieving fully operational night vision capabilities, offering users a complete solution for their nocturnal adventures.

Armasight has proudly partnered with Elbit Systems of America, the largest US manufacturer of Gen 3 image intensifier tubes and the supplier of premium night vision to the US Military Special Operations Community. This collaboration ensures our customers have access to the finest, most reliable night vision tubes on the market. The battle-proven PVS-14, MNVD-51, BNVD-40, and the BNVD-51, known for their unmatched performance, durability, and reliability, come with the Armasight 3-year limited warranty, providing peace of mind and exceptional support.

The Armasight Ultimate Kit is now available for purchase at and through select dealers, empowering enthusiasts and professionals to experience the ultimate in night vision technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with the best in the industry.

Packages contain:

      • Choice of White Phosphor PVS-14 Pinnacle, PVS-14 Pinnacle 2376, MNVD-51 Pinnacle, MNVD-51 Pinnacle 2376, BNVD-40, 

BNVD-40 2376, BNVD-51 Pinnacle or the BNVD-51 Pinnacle 2376 

Plus, these items:

      • Team Wendy EXFIL LTP Bump Helmet Rail 3.0 in Armasight Gray
      • Armasight by OTTE Gear Night Vision Helmet Bag
      • Armasight G95 NVG Mount Designed & Manufactured by Wilcox Industries
      • Rayvn Rail + 2 PODs bridge for Sidekick systems
      • Watchman IR Illuminator (NV systems only)
      • 30mm Ring Mount (NV systems only)
      • Battery Pack #206 for BNVD-51 & BNVD-40 systems


Armasight PVS-14 Pinnacle Premium Night Vision Bundle – $6,399
Armasight PVS-14 Pinnacle 2376 Premium Night Vision Bundle – $7,399
Armasight BNVD-40 Pinnacle Ultimate Kit – $9,999
Armasight BNVD-40 Pinnacle 2376 Ultimate Kit – $9,999
Armasight BNVD-51 Pinnacle Premium Night Vision Bundle – $9,999
Armasight BNVD 51 Pinnacle 2376 Premium Night Vision Bundle- $9,999
Armasight PVS-14 Pinnacle + Sidekick 320 Premium Night Vision Bundle – $8,499
Armasight PVS-14 Pinnacle 2376 + Sidekick 640 Premium Night Vision Bundle – $9,499
Armasight MNVD-51 Pinnacle + Sidekick 320 Premium Night Vision Bundle – $6,999
Armasight MNVD-51 Pinnacle 2376 + Sidekick 640 Premium Night Vision Bundle – $7,999

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  1. May be a while til I can even afford something this nice.
    For now, I’ve still gotta aim using my sense of smell…

  2. That……. actually is about right on for prices. Hoping to delay that purchase another year but looking better every quarter.

  3. It must require people with very stiff necks to hold their head up for any length of time with that scope sticking out from their headgear. Can DARPA please start a contest, with about $10 prize money for someone, or some company to develop a night vision system in which the eyepieces are only a half inch thick from first to last surface?

    • The helmets typically have battery packs and counterweights in the rear to offset the weight of the nods out front. The good mounts also keep the weight balance down when they’re not in use.

  4. For that price you could buy a beater F150 and go blasting off across the prairie running over everything living and dead that gets in your way.
    Plus theres no place to fly my rebel flag on those vision googles, gotta have a beer holder too, and a stereo blasting Tex Ritter tunes.
    Pig hunts done right.

  5. A little off subject but anybody have any ideas how i can remove a stuck bullet from my action. One or 2 shots fired fine. And i can get it disassembled, just cant get bullet out of chamber. Its kind of wedged if you know what i mean. Inwas in a hurry to test firs some rounds and my oal was inconsistent. Was a zero brand hollow point. Maybe im to long.

    Should no more when i get home to the bench butt kind of aggravating trying to get it out. Im thinking needle nose pliers etc. Its kind of got the barrel jammed together with the chamber. Any thoughts?

    • Depending on what makes sense when you get it laid out and situated pliers may be good as could be a wooden dowel+mallet. I knew one person to use a brulee torch but that is just a mess to clean up and is very much the stupid but it worked category.

  6. “…Armasight offering these simple kits makes the process easy…”
    When they get the price to half down from these dollars, call me.

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