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New York Mayor Targets the Poor, Minorities in Bus Station Gun Sweeps

Eric Adams
The Biden of Brooklyn, New York Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)
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“It’s just a random check. We’re not going to profile people.” That’s how New York City Mayor Eric Adams tried to ease the concerns of those who’d just heard his latest plan for fighting the plague of violent crime in Gotham. As part of his comprehensive Blueprint for Ending Gun Violence, Hizzoner is going to have Port Authority police begin random luggage checks of bus passengers coming into the city.

This is the same city that shut down its Street Crimes Unit of the NYPD over civil liberties concerns surrounding the “stop-and-frisk” searches and arrests they made. Mayor Adams, who has since reinstated the Street Crime Unit, isn’t worried at all about targeting mostly poor and minority travelers, though, because, as he says, “The bus terminal is one of the biggest ways to transport guns here.”


From Gothamist . . .

The approach raises legal and civil liberties concerns, given the racist history of stop-and-frisk policing, and criminologists aren’t sure that it will be effective. But researchers say at least some guns are transported in small quantities via buses, and the searches could act as a deterrent to traffickers.

OK then. As long as “at least some guns” are coming in that way, let’s go for it!

Eric Adams, Michael Bloomberg
Mayor of New York City Eric Adams, left, and some other guy we can’t quite place. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

News of the city’s new Roust the Po Folks strategy for going after illegal guns was enough to actually get the attention of a seldom-heard-from organization that was once known for defending constitutional rights, even those of people with whom they disagreed politically.

This, of course, is the same branch of the ACLU that argued just a few months ago that carrying firearms not only inhibits free speech, but threatens our democracy.

Whether carried openly or concealed, weapons in public places present safety risks that can inhibit the full exercise of First Amendment rights. Where states have adopted more permissive public carry laws, there have been recent examples of guns interfering with free speech, free assembly, and even the democratic process itself. 

Pro tip for New Yorkers: don’t depend on the NYCLU to protect your civil liberties.

As for justification for targeting bus passengers over, say, car or rail passengers . . .

Criminologists who study gun trafficking say there’s a lot they don’t know about how guns get into the city. But law enforcement officers have arrested several people using buses to import illegal guns. Last month, a 20-year-old man from Georgia was arrested by Port Authority police at the bus terminal in Midtown with a loaded Cobra .380-caliber semi-automatic pistol, according to the Daily News. A gun-sniffing dog identified the weapon during a search of the bus after it pulled into the station.

“Several.” Sounds like New York’s Finest are about to take a real bite outta crime. Let’s see what the federal gun regulatory agency thinks about the plan.

Daryl McCormick, a spokesman for the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said he couldn’t provide the number of firearms transported on buses, but there was a definite increase in the flow of guns into New York City from out of state last year. He said the agency is involved in interdiction operations that use K9 dogs to sniff out weapons in baggage at bus terminals, and that there are ongoing investigations into interstate firearms trafficking.

“We have had cases and have received information from numerous sources about firearms traffickers using buses as the means to transport firearms from southern states to NYC,” he said, and the ATF “will support our partners in ‘spot checks’ in a manner that is consistent with constitutional protections and in a manner that is least intrusive.”

It’s comforting to know that our friends at ATF keep Americans’ civil liberties in mind in everything they do. Still, we can’t help but note that no one seems to have anything more than anecdotal reports of guns bring brought into New York City through bus terminals.

[Criminologist Rod Brunson] applauded the mayor acknowledging the potential pitfalls of racial profiling when conducting random checks. “Particularly given the history of policing in New York City, I was happy to see there was some recognition that this needs to be done with evidence-based orientation — but also not done in the most heavy-handed way to further disrupt or undermine police-community relations,” he said.

Probable cause doesn’t appear to be one of those “evidence-based orientations” that Port Authority Police will be employing in implementing their new program. Oh well.


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  1. Ah, freedom lovin’ NYC. Where even a pocket knife is a felony.

    But to be fair, if there is anyplace in the US that can be called a police state, NYC is it. Very dense, and 50% more cops per capita than any other city in the US. When I visited (admittedly touristy areas), there were cops every block, and national guard in the bus terminals.

    • Comparing cities, you’re right.
      But comparing states, if there is any state in the US that can be called a police state, New Jersey is it.

      • How much of your state is a NYC suburb again? Kidding aside you are right and only a few states really rival the level of crazy you have going on in some areas but none in all of them.

  2. Rode a bus through NYC, with a layover at the Port Authority, back in the 70’s. Would have been more comfortable had I been packing. Would not repeat even IF packing.

    • Drove thru NYC by accident on a Sunday night, I was following a friend back home, he took a wrong turn. Short story, I am never setting foot back in NYC or NY State ever again. What a $hithole.

      • I would be offended if I didn’t see the last 10+ years get worse after we came out of a recession. It gets better in some areas but roads and most non tourism towns are hurting.

        • @SAFEupstateFML, You should be offended, but not because of what I said, but by the fact I had to say it. NY residences pay some of the highest state taxes in the nation, but you certainly don’t get your moneys worth. Your limited personal freedoms are mostly my concern. Forced mask or jail, no self defenses devices allow criminals to overpower law abiding citizens. You can’t carry a gun, knife or even mace. Here in Texas, the big Democrat cities have crime too, but at least citizens here can carry a gun, a knife of any size or mace, all without a government permission slip. Stop voting for Democrats, regain some freedoms and safety.

        • The forced mask thing was almost all NYC with the rest of us only giving a damn if the DOH had its goons out looking to fine businesses we cared about. We (outside of NYC) can carry knives (well the typical pocket type not the cool ones) and mace (more recently) without a slip but the rest of your points stand. As to being offended naturally the actual infringement of rights is by definition offensive but I couldn’t be too offended by someone honestly and objectively pointing out what we need to work on. To the last point we are doing that it just isn’t enough for a mix of reasons especially with redistricting totally ignoring the bipartisan agreement from several cycles ago so back to court we go.

      • The council of foreign relations (in whatever name it goes by lately) and all the puppets they fund along with several wealthy individuals/groups with fevered dreams of state level control with a few authoritarian regimes that exist the traditional way……..oh wait did you want the racist answer?

        • but you’ve made it clear you don’t know what that word means. in practice it just means “anyone who gets in my way”. just like when the left calls you “racist sexist bigot pedophobe” – same meaning, same drive behind it.

        • rant7. You’ve made it clear that you are trying to sanitize the word. The boolsheviks no longer exist. You, miner and dacian the nazi are just fascists that are confused by the shift in your command structure.

          You’ve been left behind by history. The fascist, you included, answer to billionaires with names like bloomberg and soros and zuckerberg.

          You’re just not smart enough to see the truth.

        • It is foolish in the extreme to use a doctrinaire, hidebound definition of ‘fascist;’ No longer does it solely apply to a political party founded by Benito Mussolini, nor does it apply to the NSDAP and its derivatives, nor just ‘right wing’ movements.
          Today, it is a synonym for any movement, or group, that demands strict obedience to extreme dogma with a powerful central leadership–which includes such diverse organizations as BLM, the DNCC, the Communist Party, or any other organization with forced adherence to the ‘party line’ without exception.
          Synonyms for ‘fascist’ also include ‘authoritarian,’ tyrant,’ ‘despot,’ and ‘autocrat,’ and applies equally to the leadership and to the sycophants thereof.
          It appears that only one person here is denying its actual meaning.

        • “It appears that only one person here is denying its actual meaning”

          there’s just one little detail you’re avoiding. who. who is driving all this. who is driving this across industries, across media, across continents, across generations. once you focus on who, all the blather about “fascism” comes clear.

    • Remember, its not profiling if we focus on blacks, latinos, the tattooed, middle easterners, east asians, rednecks/hillbilies, manbun/ponytailers, chicks, and white dudes wearing turtlenecks.

      • What about Zoroastrian necromancers? Tibetan Lamas? Samurai in full lamellar armor? Junior spacemen in space suits? Lapplanders complete with felt boots and a reindeer? I also fear for the Constitutional rights of Kabuki actors, Inupiat shamans, Whirling Dervishes, Nabobs, potentates, and Grand Muftis who may be unduly impacted, here.
        So long as your average Nabob is given no more scrutiny than a Negus, we should be fine.

  3. This is the same “tough on crime” mayor who has yet to do anything substantial to address the issue (*coughnobailforthugscough*) but was crying racism yesterday when he was complaining about being asked questions by white journalists. He’s a total piece of s***.

    • Of course he already used the race card. He thinks people aren’t allowed to criticize him just because he’s black. Identity politics, along with promises of free stuff and controlling the weather is all the Left has these days.

  4. Stop playin and bring back stop and frisk! Then start actually “punishing” criminals. Before all you have left in that town ARE criminals!

      • “our constitution was written for a christian and moral people. it is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.”

        if you can’t deal with the actual problem, then you can’t have the constitution. just the way it is.

        • Meant that as a comment to JWM, above:

          “Stop and frisk is a violation of every principal of this country and its constitution.”

      • You are absolutely correct. “Stop and Frisk” IS a violation of the Constitution, without doubt.

        Searching people, or even detaining them, without even mere articulable suspicion, let alone actual probable cause, is anathema in a free country.

        Ignorant people confuse ‘Stop and Frisk’ with a ‘Terry Stop.’ They are NOT the same. One is done on a hunch, without articulable cause, and is merely predicated on time and place, with race, gender, and age thrown in to make the ‘hunch’ more palatable. A ‘Terry Stop’ is a Supreme Court-approved action performed by a trained, experienced officer with reasonable suspicion AND other relevant factors adding up to articulable cause.

        Those who like ‘Stop and Frisk’ are blowing their nose on the Constitution, to put it mildly; It’s actually another orifice that they’re using.

  5. “Still, we can’t help but note that no one seems to have anything more than anecdotal reports of guns bring brought into New York City through bus terminals”

    the reason they’re telling everyone they’re going to hit the bus stops is so the trafficking can move elsewhere for a while.

    ‘course, given the average iq of the average nyc criminal, they may just keep using the busses ….

    • Some are a bit dumb most simply don’t care as the chances of capture are quite low and the consequences have been a joke. With that said trains and cars are also used in abundance although I think the former has fallen off a bit (don’t work with NYC much).

  6. Luggage checks….OK….I’ll just pocket carry.
    This is just a stunt.

    I say NYC should put up large, bright electronic signs at all crossings into Manhatten: “Enter at your own risk. If you are not armed, maybe you should not enter.”

  7. Not New York, but another mass stabbing incident

    Man Who Randomly Stabbed At Least 11 Victims Sunday In Albuquerque Arrested And Jailed > https://concealednation.org/2022/02/man-who-randomly-stabbed-at-least-11-victims-sunday-in-albuquerque-arrested-and-jailed/

    but this one is New York city > New York City man allegedly followed woman home, pushed his way into her apartment, and stabbed her 40 times > https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-york-city-stabbing-chinatown.

    In new York City, that makes about the 137th stabbing or attempted stabbing attack reported since January 1st.

    • seems to me that Eric Adams needs to be focusing a little more on knife violence.

      And I’m sure that knifes from those states with lax knife laws are moving into New York City via the GreyHound Dinner Pipeline. And the forks and spoons from those states with lax fork and spoon laws… oh the humanity!

      • more data is in…

        But since New York city is in the article: In New York City in 2021 (month ending Sept 2021) – 2,573 people in the five boroughs died from drug overdose, and according to the CDC that’s under reported due to incomplete data. (includes suicides)

        B̲a̲s̲e̲d̲ ̲u̲p̲o̲n̲ ̲a̲ ̲w̲h̲o̲l̲e̲ ̲p̲i̲c̲t̲u̲r̲e̲ ̲a̲g̲g̲r̲e̲g̲a̲t̲e̲d̲ ̲d̲a̲t̲a̲ ̲s̲e̲t̲:̲

        Nation wide in 2021 (month ending Sept 2021 reporting period from Sept 2020) – 99,543 reported deaths due to drug overdose, and according to the CDC that’s under reported due to incomplete data. (includes 78,388 suicides due to drug overdose)

        Nation wide, in 2021 – ~40,000 (data isn’t complete) people died from car accidents either in the accident or very soon thereafter …. ~2.5 million were injured in car accidents …. and 1.3 million died either as a direct cause of or due to complications from injury in past car accidents.

        Nationwide in 2021 – there were 100,000 deaths due to diabetes.

        Nationwide, combining totals for these three categories, end of reporting period Sept 2021 from Sept 2020 – ~1,539,543 people died as a result of causes other than firearms. (includes suicides due to drug overdose – 95.4% of those drug overdose suicide people also had access to a firearm)

        Nationwide (to shorten this by not listing everything), combining totals for these categories with other causes of death in the U.S. ranging from smoking related to ladder falls (including homicides – but excluding firearm related) – more than (normalized) (data isn’t complete) ~15 million people died end of reporting period Sept 2021 from Sept 2020 from causes other than firearms.

        Normalizing the number of firearms deaths end of reporting period Sept 2021 from Sept 2020 – ~40,000 people died due to firearm (homicide, accident, suicide).

        Nationwide, end of reporting period Sept 2021 from Sept 2020 – firearms were involved in only 0.2% of deaths.

        1. Firearms deaths in the U.S. are not ‘epidemic’ or a ‘public health emergency’. Firearms are the least likely cause of death accounting for only 0.2% of deaths.

        2. The majority of people who commit suicide are not at risk of using an available firearm because one is available. The presence of a firearm in the home (or available) does not significantly increase risk of suicide. There is a far greater risk of suicide by drug overdose even if a firearm is available, even if there are no drugs in the home (the person gets them elsewhere).

        3. The majority of suicides are carried out by means other than firearm.

        4. Combined drug overdose, car accident, and diabetes deaths are epidemic. Car accident deaths are epidemic and a public health emergency. Drug overdose and diabetes deaths are epidemic. Heart Disease is epidemic and a public health emergency. Smoking cancer deaths are epidemic and a public health emergency.

        5. In the individual category of firearms related – firearms are a leading cause of death. This is a trick of the anti-gun groups. They count the deaths related to firearms only within that category and claim its epidemic and leading. But category collectively, firearms are the least likely cause of death accounting for only 0.2% of deaths.

        6. Of death causes, based upon population size per 100,000 people, there is a 0.4% chance a person will die as a result of non-crime firearms use and an over 80% chance a person will die as a result of a car accident. There is over an 60% chance a person will die as a result of a criminals use of firearm during a crime if a person is a crime victim even if they comply and do not resist (the data once again substantiates Kleck). There is a 37% chance a person will die from being stabbed to death (homicide) if a person is a victim of the crime in which a knife is used.

        People in the United States are literally safer with guns around than with vehicles around.

        As a gee whiz side note since people always want to bring up Europe – over 40% of homicides in Europe are due to knife stabbing.

        137 sources (collectively) of data aggregated from CDC National Center for Health Statistics, FBI data, NTHSA, NTSB, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services SAMHS, Vibrant (partner with U.S. SAMHS), States reporting, World Health Organization (WHO), major city police and death reports (New York City was one).

        • over 40% of homicides in Europe are due to knife stabbing….

          Less than 20% of homicides in Europe are firearms related.

          In other words… over 80% of violent crime in Europe (homicide) is committed by the criminal with other than firearm. In short, the much touted gun control in Europe did not stop or slow homicide crime as its frequently touted to have done.

        • There is over an 60% chance a person will die as a result of a criminals use of firearm during a crime if a person is a crime victim even if they comply and do not resist …. if they are not armed with a firearm.

          6% chance if the victim employs defensive gun use.

  8. I was dropped off at LaGuardia a few times. Thank goodness I was not driving or would never have made it. I grew up country but have travelled the world quite a bit and I never understood why anyone would want to live that close to each other. Not just our cities, any cities. Tokyo, Seoul, London ect.
    My unscientific hypothesis is that cities should be limited by population. My belief is that when you crowd people together it results in all sorts of bad outcomes, including crime.

    • Flyover country has a lot of open land and a lot of it is owned by the .gov. No city should have a population of more than 100,000. Trim the surplus out of the big metro areas and sprinkle more cities around the country.

      • When you have cancer, if you take the tumor out, chop it up into little pieces, and then scatter those pieces all over the place, that’s *not* good.

      • Kansas in injun talk means ” Whatd we get ourselves into.”
        Dont move here unless you want misery that only hell can compare.
        It’s best just to fly over if at all possible.
        The whole midwest sux, I was praying dacian would rescue me , but No.

    • Some do not know there is life outside the concrete. The trouble is some bring their concrete habits and attitudes with them.

      • Due to COVID, lots of people from NYC have flooded into New Jersey. It remains to be seen if NJ is going to become NYC West.

  9. Well, let me get this straight.

    They illegally deprived citizens of their 2nd/A rights to buy a parts kit that does not meet the definition of any kind of real-time firearm by unconstitutionally raiding the manufacturer.

    They then decided that a novelty etching of a drop in auto sear on a piece of flat metal that’s not even fashioned into a useable, workable ‘part’, is somehow a Machine gun, even though it does not meet the definition of any working part as a firearms ‘part’ in a real MG in and of itself which also does not meet the requirements for the definition of a firearm, and the g can actually make you a criminal and arrest you for their whimsical capricious deprivation of rights ‘enforcement’ of their mentally ill agenda based so-called ‘authoritative’ decisions and arrest two law-abiding businessmen for selling these Auto Key Cards. Already destroying one’s business and life by seizing all his assets and denying bond even though he has no history or potential of being a flight risk? Violating his Due Process under the most egregious example of a Criminal (adjective) Justice System ripping along completely out of control…

    Then they continue on with deciding to make firearms accessories into NFA items, even though these items also are Not defined as firearms.

    Then they continue to execute No-Knock Warrants for potential gun ‘possession’ related charges, almost Always resulting in someone getting killed or hurt…including stupid cops who still do these kinds of raids. All in rights-violating disregard for the original purpose of No-Knock home invasion Swat Raids which was simply to get to the toilet before quantities of drugs could be flushed or intervene in a dangerous hostage stand-off? Not illegal ‘gun’ possession charges, like the excuse in the Brianna case, and countless others.

    Then we find out, even though most cops always knew, that the G always kept a below-radar registration database of whatever privately-owned Citizen’s firearms they could that amounted to how many multi mega million files? ALL in Violation of the Firearms Owners Protection Act which bans and prohibits all registration of private citizens!

    And. They’re like a ‘Crack Head’ with all the back door, but obvious violations of our 2nd/A/ attempts to make laws or rulings to disarm the populace by restricting everything from ammo to insurance requirements to locks at dealers, to higher taxes, and so on forever! They can’t break the Totalitarian addiction.

    So what makes anybody here think it Won’t even get Worse?

    Not this silly bus stop shit. I saw that coming as soon as the New Mayor got in because he was a big part of Juliani’s old Racist ‘Stop and Frisk’ tactical police work. No reasonable suspicion, certainly no probable cause, just stop everybody you have the time to stop and search when you can?

    They just made it easier for themselves by training their dogs to sniff out the oil and metallic odor on the guns. California was already the tip of the ‘Oppression’ spear on this. They were working on dogs that could sniff out the polymer 80% receivers you thought you could get away with burying for a rainy day in your back yard because a metal detector wouldn’t pick up on it. If you said you got rid of it or sold it or can’t remember before they found it guess what? That’s lying to obstruct in addition to possession of a newly classified MG, if they get their way in April, I believe the so-called ‘ruling’ will be delivered?

    But wait, there’s more! But Get near the bathroom in case you need to have some ‘Hershey Squirts because some of you smug ones who think you are sharper than DARPA, Israeli spy or tech geniuses, or any other super scientists getting paid obscene money by a G hell bent to harm you if you try in any way to resist their disarmament agenda by this Modern Marxist movement, and think that you’ve got yourself covered simply by sidestepping their new Fiat laws and tactics with your silly-ass boat accidents (oh, BTW, in one of their new registration laws that they will come checking at your door to enforce, (Like not renewing your FOID card) is that any thefts or firearms losses must be reported within 24 hours, or….mandatory jail And fines. you might get a little intestinally ‘weak’ at the following scenario. Remember lying and even not saying anything can be distorted into ‘Obstruction’ if need be. (But don’t worry though. You won’t go to jail. Your family will tell them exactly where you are hiding your shit. (It was a favorite technique of the Nazi Gestapo, worked every time. Kind of like making you an offer you couldn’t refuse. Or at least your wife would never refuse…just politely say the magic fucking words, and voila! like Magic, she’ll even help them carry your shit to their van!)

    So There it is. They are systematically getting away with violating the Constitution and have been for years, decades if you go back far enough, and clearly depriving you of your 2nd/A rights, When it is a serious federal Felony to do so. How is that possible? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the Million Man March on the Capital to demand that they cease and Desist or face serious consequences in the coming election purging?
    Why aren’t ‘they’ all fired and prosecuted?

    Y’all know WHY!

    Again, the warrantless illegal bus stop detainments to discover the probable cause for a crime, instead of first having at least reasonable suspicion is like the Eye flying over your crib with one of their planes (around 400 last count a few years ago) or now drones in their private ‘airforce’ now stuffed fat and filthy with super FLIR and latest face recognition equipment drones (Not the little ones you do selfies with) or driving by your vehicle in a ‘Backscatter’ Van with visual wall penetrating ‘radar’ better much better than your average medical Xray. Oh, and…um, Yes they DO actually regularly perform aerial block surveillance throughout the Nation. (remember the evidence in the Kenosha Kid’s trial from the ‘government’ camera planes that had been constantly surveilling the entire event?

    And if you were paying attention to anything more important than the latest rendition just released of ‘angry birds’ on your cell phone, you would know that the ‘Eye’ might have just acquired (again, courtesy of the Israeli expert Surveillance geniuses) a phone call monitoring and tracking system that can’t be protected against!

    And Last but not least, a radical new bit of biotech, combined with the above tactics to connect the dots to the final piece of the Totalitarian puzzle picture that will change the whole fucking shit storm of privacy invasion to make it impossible to hide your shit, or deny that it’s yours if they find its remote location! And I’m talking about EVERYthing from old antique stuff to modern ‘Ho’ made ‘Holy-spirit guns’.

    I’m not going to say what it is. It is even more horrific in other totalitarian uses that scare me so much that maybe it was just a figment of a futurist nightmare i had because i just tried to check the original content source and it seems to be ‘taken down. But that could just be my inferior computer navigation skills.

    Anyway, back to working on my state’s gubernatorial and midterms elections.

    That’s our only hope.

  10. He must have heard about those Locotes.

    One-time’s not down with us
    Now they’re lookin for my ride, but I’m on the bus
    Don’t turn your back on a vato like me
    Cause I’m one broke m^%#erfucka in need

  11. They really think gumrunners take the bus? Maybe with a sack of Sterling .22s! I agree humans shouldn’t live jam packed together. Oh the inhumanity!

  12. Did my time in the big city. And got the hell out when opportunity presented itself. Visit only when I have too. Did the tourist thing in NYC back in the mid eighties. No desire to go back.
    When I was living in Chicago years ago, I ran into a number of people who couldn’t imagine living anywhere but in a city. And thought my desire to live miles from any town, with no concrete around me, nor any neighbors withing spitting distance was nuts.
    Honestly, I have little sympathy for the city dwellers and the conditions they live in. Both with the politics and the crime and filth. At least the smelly stuff out here on the homestead has a use as fertilizer or compost. The stench of the city is something I never could get used too.
    I have to wonder how many of these “random” luggage searches are actually random.
    While I question the validity of the stop and frisk program, you also have to wonder about those who are acting like they have something to hide and are trying to not be seen/noticed or are trying to dodge the cops. Just like the folks being pulled over for minor traffic stops and getting arrested for drugs or weapons, etc. Simple solution would be not to be riding dirty, have a permit for your weapon if required in your home state, and don’t do something that would get a warrant issued for you. Prison time is not a right of passage or mark of manhood. It just means you were double dumb. Dumb enough to have done whatever it was, and dumb enough to get caught.

  13. I don’t doubt that guns are smuggled into the draconian NY regime. They will be smuggled via whatever means other contraband is used, except perhaps commercial aircraft due to enhanced luggage screening. Their example busts seem to be personal use vs. for illicit distribution. Regardless, by announcing a crackdown of busses, they’ve effectively transitioned the traffic to other methods that aren’t being monitored, such as private vehicles. In the end, they might find a few more personal weapons from people who don’t know or care about the enhanced screening.


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