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Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford File)
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More and more Americans have come to know Chicago not as the ‘Windy City’ but as the nation’s largest open-air shooting range. Actions by Soros-funded Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx will only further reinforce that reputation. Her prosecutors have refused to charge five gang members with felony murder and attempted murder in the aftermath of a massive shootout last Friday morning. The stated reason: they were involved in “mutual combat.”

Even worse, the quintet were released from jail Sunday without any charges. Paging William Ayers: Guilty as sin, free as a bird.

You may have thought that dueling was a crime. Apparently not in the eyes of Kim Foxx and her indulgent band of prosecutors.

Cops wanted felony murder and attempted murder charges against the five who were arrested. Police had responded with a SWAT team and found one dead body and two more leakers.

The story of prosecutors nixing charges is making national news :

Illinois prosecutors rejected charging five suspects in a deadly gang-related shootout that unfolded in Chicago, despite police reportedly seeking to charge all five suspects with murder and aggravated battery. 

The shootout took place in the Austin community of Chicago Friday morning, and was reportedly sparked by an internal dispute between two factions of the Four Corner Hustlers gang, the Chicago Sun Times reported, citing an internal police report and a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation. 

Five men were taken into custody over the shootout, which required a SWAT team response and led to police finding more than 70 shell casings. One shooter was left dead and two of the suspects wounded.

The police source told the outlet that law enforcement sought murder and aggravated battery charges for all five suspects.

By Sunday morning, however, they were released without charges.

Do you think a licensed concealed carrier would have dodged prosecution if he’d had a negligent discharge somewhere on the streets of the city?

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot
(AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who presides over Mogadishu on Lake Michigan (623 people shot and killed so far this year), has been critical of Foxx in the past and had this to say about the prosecutor’s inaction in the case . . .

“Having looked at this, gotten a deep understanding from the detectives that were doing the investigation, it’s really hard to understand that decision,” Lightfoot said. “It’s complicated, for sure. But we really urge the State’s Attorney herself to get personally involved, look at the evidence, and I believe that there are charges that can be brought at a minimum against the individuals who initiated the gunfire.”

And with that, another 1000 Chicagoans have made the decision to purchase their first firearm. 

Foxx’s office released a statement in response to Lightfoot’s comments saying prosecutors have an ethical obligation “to only bring forth charges where the facts, evidence, and law support it.”

Police detectives acknowledged to prosecutors that “given the chaotic nature at the scene they were unable to determine how the events unfolded” and agreed they weren’t able to approve charges based on the evidence to date, according to Foxx’s office.

If you listen closely you can hear the sound of another 1000 Chicagoans beating a path to their nearest gun retailer after deciding to purchase their first firearm.

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  1. She should be jailed for dereliction of duty, but lets send the authorities to persecute parents expressing opinions to school boards

    • Being a prosecutor is like, really, really hard! It’s super difficult to sort out all of these, um, facts and stufflikethat. Just don’t do it again, mkay?

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        • LOL. I’m gonna help the spammers out… sending them to I’m sure they’re gonna appreciate the help.

        • It might as well be a solicitation to become an educated idiot/ prosecutor/ attorney/ any career that involves añ educated idiot degree by a “college”….. such bs.. .

  2. Try that mutual combat defense if you ever have a dgu and see how fast Kimmy will nail you to the wall.

    She must have ties to the gangs to be so lax on charging them with crimes. It would be worth to see what gangs she does prosecute to see where her loyalties are.

      • Just so I’m clear on the TTAG rules, editors/admin are now modifying individual comments instead of entirely deleting them? That’s dangerous ground to walk on. Better to ghost an entire comment than to start playing thought police, even if the deletion is warranted due to a comment being inappropriate.

        I was a regular reader and participant of Survival Blog for eight years straight, until one day Rawles made an edit to one of my comments. Not because I had said anything out of bounds, but as his way of making my wording more clear. He and I had a sidebar conversation regarding his new practice of intervention and his insistence on modifying comments to suit his liking because it’s “his website”. I left three years ago.

        • I should clarify. Rawles didn’t even insert [Edit] brackets like John Boch at least did above. JWR simply changed the wording of my comment without any indication that he had done it.

        • If you write racial slurs, yeah I may edit, or delete the comment or if you’re exceptionally persistent about over-the-top slurs, I’ll ban the poster as a last resort. Once you’re banned, there’s no coming back.

          If you can’t be articulate about your thoughts without resorting to crude racial slurs (including creative spellings of said slurs), then there are websites that welcome that. This isn’t one of them.

          Dan can correct me if I’m wrong to kill off racial slurs.

      • Either leave my comment alone, or delete my comment completely.

        However, do not CHANGE my words for any reason. Delete my comment entirely if you consider my views to be offensive.

        You just lost a reader, and you will probably lose additional readers if you make a habit of editing people’s comments.

        • I’d rather have my comment deleted then changed.
          I’d piss me off if someone changed what I said.
          Race slurs,,,, I wish Joey Logono didnt drive a Ford.

        • the star doesn’t care what you think…. matter of fact, the stars love manipulating comments….
          it’s “their” website…

          the future looks bleak for the once great america!

    • Just guessing here, but maybe Foxx is a bit racisssss? Gang member = black, licensed gun carrier = white. That’s part of the reason we need a whole lot more black folk to get legal and get registered. Alas – most young black men have been to prison thanks to Bill Clinton’s ‘get tough on crime’ nonsense. Since a felony means no guns for you, that really throws things out of whack.

    • Former Paratrooper,

      Disclaimer: I am not, repeat NOT defending Kim Foxx.

      A large violent criminal gang absolutely has the resources, the will, and the ability to easily wack anyone who does not have a sizable full-time security detail–and that includes State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. I have to wonder if this gang made that fact clear to Foxx’s office and “strongly encouraged” her office drop all charges against them.

    • Foxx grew up in Cabrini Green. Gang heaven. She’s obviously still pro-criminal. Jessie Smolett anyone?!?

      • Jessie Smolett🤪
        When you need to fabricate a race crime to make a point, that PROVES your point is illegitimate.
        If the US were, in fact racciss, you would be able to pick from thousands of ACTUAL incidents to make your point.

        Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure. 🤔

  3. Kim Foxx is a member of the WORST gang our country has EVER endured in its nearly 250 year history.
    The Soros funded prosecutors/politicians gang.
    If you don’t see it (and/or post up leftarded/socialist/marxist/communist/fascist BS to TTAG), you’re part of the gang/problem. 🤔

  4. However you call it ‘shitcago’ or ‘chiraq’ it is a cesspool. Maybe biden and his handlers should go and walk around on a Saturday night.

    • That would probably make for some fine shooting and fancy looking pistuls. Being sent to your grave by a HiPoint just ain’t got no pizzazz.

    • “Does this mean we can duel again?”

      It sure sounds like it, by her ‘logic’, full-blown ‘civil war’ is on the table.

      ‘Mutual Combat’ of those that love America, against those that despise it…

      • That’s what I was looking for, to save myself from making a point others might already have made. I immediately thought how she was giving the okay to a “civil war,” even though she didn’t realize it.

    • With all the innocent kids being killed recently, it is clear that black lives matter not at all. You CANNOT make this shit up!

    • Shire-man,

      Disclaimer: once again, I am not, repeat NOT defending Kim Foxx.

      As off-the-wall as this sounds, why shouldn’t two entities be able to engage in mutual combat without criminal charges? We allow “mutual combat” in the form of football, hockey, boxing, and MMA fights. Note that several hits in those sports are crystal clear examples of misdemeanor assault and battery–and several hits can easily qualify for felony assault and battery. Furthermore, note that many hits even rise to the level of lethal force. (Athletes have sustained life-threatening and even fatal injuries in at least some of those sports.)

      If I can get into an MMA cage match and deliver blows to my opponent willing counterpart which could literally be fatal, how is engaging in a “street fight” any different as long as both sides were willing participants? Why does it matter if they bring objects (which includes firearms) into the fray?

      Here is yet another angle. If we went to war with Nation Z and won the war, after winning the war would we prosecute all of Nation Z’s combat soldiers for attempted murder and murder? Would we prosecute all of their logistics soldiers for conspiracy and accessory to murder? No. We would only prosecute Nation Z’s soldiers who committed war crimes.

      Given the above, there is actually a solid case to be made that there should be no criminal charges if two entities voluntarily engage in mutual combat and do not commit any “war crimes” (such as executing prisoners who surrendered).

      • One can make a good argument that it should be permissible someplace where steay shots aren’t endangering the neighbors. Unless they got persisting from everyone within range, they were endangering anyone nearby who didn’t agree to be ringside to the gunfight. But, apparently a reckless endangerment or even disturbing the peace charge is more than the prosecutor is willing to go.

        • Serpent_Vision,

          I agree completely.

          While the willing participants should be able to do whatever they want to each other, they do not get a pass for endangering/harming others who did not sign up for their event.

      • There might be a case for allowing non-lethal mutual combat (to use more archaic vernacular, fisticuffs) but mutual combat is problematic for society at large since it quickly leads to “might makes right”. The only way to avoid that is to use an equalizer (guns) to level the playing field.. but that also ramps mutual combat up to lethal levels, which is problematic for society.

        Personally I agree with Ulysses S. Grant when it comes to duels.

        “I do not believe I ever would have the courage to fight a duel. If any man should wrong me to the extent of my being willing to kill him, I would not be willing to give him the choice of weapons with which it should be done, and of the time, place and distance separating us, when I executed him. If I should do another such a wrong as to justify him in killing me, I would make any reasonable atonement within my power, if convinced of the wrong done. I place my opposition to dueling on higher grounds than any here stated. No doubt a majority of the duels fought have been for want of moral courage on the part of those engaged to decline.”

        Ulysses S. Grant

        Food for thought, cheers

    • Exactly.

      If they really want to go there… 😉

    • No Kyle Rittenhouse was not involved in mutual combat. The peaceful protesters were not combative when they chased him down the street with skateboards protecting themselves.

    • Absolutely not, fool! Kyle is WHITE! Without a picture, I can still guarantee all 5 of those killers released are not.

    • Going to bet they would be charged if they were (tea party/Trump voters)…just sayin’…


  5. Keep track of all that were involved…
    When…not if…one or more are involved in a killing…place the blame where it lies and sue the bejesus out of the city…Foxx and her cronies.
    But…more likely…it will be more trash taking out the trash with cops and coroners taking more reports of “ain’t nobody seen nuffin’ “.
    Unless it is cops or whites and a black “victim”…then there are a dozen phone videos to choose from. Hmmm…convenient.
    That’s Chicongo. At least parts of it. Or so I hear.

    • Actually, commenter Leigh above provided an even better term:


      I am totally stealing and using that.

  6. If this is going to be a popular ‘thing’, I see a business opportunity here. Put up a modern Coliseum (a’la ancient Rome) with full video coverage and have the bangers do their small wars in it for the enjoyment of spectators. It would sure be more entertaining than ‘professional wrestling’.

      • Nah, they had to be Antarcticans who recently fled the Antarctica after its recent all-time record low temperature of -110 degrees F.

        • Well duh, global warming causes weather extremes. It’s almost like we could blame everything on climate change. Therefore we have to relinquish unlimited power and funds to “fight” it. #dosomething

  7. Starting to think Kennesaw is way too close to Atlanta. I use to view myself as an optimist, but clearly bad things are coming our way and I’m not seeing anything that can stop the slide into chaos. The only question is how bad it is going to get and how soon.

    • I believe the far more relevant question is whether this sort of garbage stays contained within our large urban Hellscapes.

      As pessimistic as I am, I am having a hard time imagining these sorts of activities and government malaise extending much beyond their existing boundaries.

      At the very least, thugs tend to be short on, well, almost everything and I doubt that they have the resources and the where-with-all to venture 20 miles away to a suburb, much less 100 miles away to a small city or rural area.

      • WRONG….. They have MANY MANY RESOURCES…. and now they have the power of the government….
        YOU ARE TEMPORARILY SAFE where you are, but they will infest your area in due time…..
        This country is sliding further and further into the control of those that would destroy it….. you people are so blind it’s scary…

  8. Shooting at someone, whether or not you hit them, is aggravated battery. The law excuses it when you do so to defend yourself against an attack you did not initiate and would not have engaged in had the other parties given you the opportunity to avoid it without harm. Mutual combat is not excusable. Every participant is guilty. This is another example of failure to prosecute winnable cases because the states attorney bases her decisions on race. For once, the mayor is right. She should be giving Foxx hell and calling her a liar for claiming that the evidence and the law don’t support the charges the CPD wanted.

    • Kendahl,

      Under your definition, athletes in contact sports are guilty of aggravated battery and prosecutors should be charging and convicting them.

      As unnerving as it sounds, there is a simple and rational case for truly mutual combat to be legal. See my comment above for more details.

      Whether or not mutual combat should be legal, what should NOT be legal of course is sending bullets into surrounding buildings, vehicles, and people who are not voluntary participants in mutual combat–which is virtually guaranteed to happen during mutual combat if one or both of the participants use firearms.

        • Kendahl,

          There obviously is an exclusion for contact sports. And that begs the question: why would our laws only exclude contact sports? Why not other activities?

          Contact sports can and do involve contact which at times maims, cripples, paralyzes, and on exceedingly rare occasions even kills the participants. What would be the basis for excluding other activities with the same dynamics?

        • Rocky Marciano, didnt he kill a guy in the ring?
          My father sparred Rocky, he said he hit harder then a mule could kick, and Dads been kicked by mules.

      • are you rEtAR dEd or something????
        there’s a HUGE difference in sport combat and street combat you fool….
        innocent bystanders can and do die when these animals do their disgusting gang wars in public streets….
        gd you people need to WAKE THE FK UP!!!!

        • “innocent bystanders can and do die when these animals do their disgusting gang wars in public streets”

          All the more reason dueling should be legal and professionalized.

  9. “Mutual combatants was cited as the reason for the rejection,” a police report reviewed by the Chicago Sun Times said of the state attorney’s office’s decision.

    Prosecutors had “determined that the evidence was insufficient to meet our burden of proof to approve felony charges,”

    Which is it?

    • The principal behind mutual combat is that the combatants consented to the assaults/batteries and that therefore there was no crime. Like boxing, only with bullets.

  10. C’Mon Man…It’s just another clown show produced and directed by those with heads full of demoCrap.

  11. Finally someone has enough sense to allow these monkeys to settle things amongst themselves; the sooner they finish up the better.

  12. There’s only one solution for Chikybo.

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

  13. Once upon a time I got banned from an internet forum for calling Chicago a ‘sh*thole’. The SJWs running said board just assigned a racial motive for my statement when this is actually what I was talking about. Chicago is a sh*thole because of the extreme violent crime and the open corruption within the that cities government.

    • That was my thought too. With all that lead in the air, why were any left standing? Or cowering, as the case may be…

      • Have you watched the videos? Hippie-hopping sideways down the street while holding pants up with one hand and waving a gun around while firing with the other? It’s amazing they hit anything at all.

    • Right! They need range time, gota get those numbers up. At that rate it’ll take years to get them all.

  14. Prosecutors around the country are simply ignoring their legal obligations and allowing political considerations to guide decisions on whether to prosecute or not. In far too many jurisdictions, it’s no longer “The rule of law” but political expediency that guides their decisions.

    • gee…. you’re just now figuring that part out? Must’ve been a major revelation when you finally figured out that prosecutors are nothing more than political hacks….. the VERY LAST thing they are is scholars of the law….
      Here’s another thing I bet you didn’t know, the country is being invaded by foreign operatives…. you BETTER arm up…. and that’s NOT A JOKE…..
      How’s that for a revelation?

      … some people must literally live under a rock…. sheesh

  15. Well, with that in mind, give every gang banger a weapon and let them all kill themselves. Seems like a good plan to reduce Mogadishu on Lake Michigan’s gang population. Just saying.

    • That doesn’t really work, because the brothers ans sisters and cousins etc that were not there will seek revenge for the death of their loved ones. An unending cycle of violence is a reality in Chicago.

    • And also gang members are not marksmen even with their “practice”. Too many unintended targets get hit.

  16. if you were a racist
    and a bigot
    and hated black people
    and you were a politician
    would you govern the black community any different than the democrats do in chicago

  17. “Her prosecutors have refused to charge five gang members with felony murder and attempted murder in the aftermath of a massive shootout last Friday morning. The stated reason: they were involved in “mutual combat.””

    they do the “mutual combat” thing here too. Here, if, for example, someone walks up to you and tries to hit you and you put your arms up or push them away to defend yourself – they do not get arrested for attempted assault or assault unless you do too because, as the responding police will tell you, “you touched each other”, its called “mutual combat” and you basically assaulted each other and both are considered aggressors towards each other so both of you would need to be charged. If they come up to you and start assaulting you, you can shoot and kill them and its called, in common terms, “self defense” even though it was “mutual combat” and no arrest/charges. If they assault you and you fall down or they knock you down and continue the assault, then they can be arrested without you being arrested if you defended yourself before you went down ’cause the party down is considered as out of the fight due to injury thus no longer in “mutual combat” but purely defensive.

    the law is a strange animal.

  18. We need more mutual combat. Maybe even create some combat arena where the thugs can eliminate each other without the threat of collateral damage to innocent bystanders and sleeping children.

    If the murders aren’t a crime, what about illegal possession of firearms? Were any of the combatants felons, underage, or lacking of FOID cards?

  19. Foxx’s office released a statement in response to Lightfoot’s comments saying prosecutors have an ethical obligation “to only bring forth charges where the facts, evidence, and law support it.”

    It seems extremely unlikely that none of the participants had any felony priors, and could be charged with felon-in-possession.

    They’re not being charged because the Prosecutor doesn’t want to prosecute.

  20. How many of the five were carrying legally? I would think she could at least go after illegal possession.

  21. An instance of declaring “the right people” were shot?

    Are duels (mutual combat) now permitted in Chiraq?

    • “Are duels (mutual combat) now permitted in Chiraq?”


      But only when the more conservative valued participant is UNARMED.

      In leftardspeak, this is called a “fair fight”.🤔

  22. Too busy on cases like the Jussie Smollett race hoax I guess. Use to be you had a dead body you had a murder.

  23. @John Bosh

    “If you write racial slurs, yeah I may edit, or delete the comment…”

    Please post a compendium of “racial slurs”, otherwise a “racial slur” is whatever you come up with (kinda like the “woke” denziens of the Dimwitocrats and Leftists.


    Deleting “racial slurs” must be 100% accurate and consistent. Else, you (or whomever else) become an unaccountable word tyrant.

    Or more simply, if you can’t “catch them all” it is pointless (and futile) to “catch” any of them; smacks of being arbitrary.

  24. @John Bosh…more.

    “Justice Louis D. Brandeis established the counterspeech doctrine in a landmark case in 1927, reasoning that “if there be time to expose through discussion, the falsehoods and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”

    We can’t legitimately declaim censorship, then decry the same acts of the Dims and Leftists.

    Freedom and Liberty aren’t free, and they are not for whinny babies.

  25. I would be curios to see if any of these gentlemen who where not charged had FOID cards and were said firearms licensed and legally owned? If not, how could they not be charged with at least that? Can the States Attorney be sued for not doing the job they were elected to do?
    Or could she be sued for discrimination against those that have ebeen jailed for these same infractions?

  26. Why aren’t these people charged under Federal weapons charges, so it won’t be up to Kim Foxx. And then go ahead and charge her as well as a co-conspirator.
    Surely these individuals broke at least one federal law.

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