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By Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America - Shannon Watts, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
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By Theresa Inacker

Shannon Watts, founder of the Michael Bloomberg-owned Moms Demand Action anti-gun rights org, recently published an op-ed in Elle Magazine, called Research Shows Gun Violence And Misogyny Are Closely Linked. It’s Time To Make Sure Abusers Can’t Buy Guns. Watts opined, “To be clear, pro-gun activists don’t disagree with us because they actually believe we want to take their guns away. They hate us because we’re women.”

The misogyny is all yours, Shannon.

Why do you ignore the burgeoning demographic of women gun owners? Why are women who are concerned for their own safety flocking to gun ownership and rejecting your gun control initiatives? It’s because you’re more interested in terrorizing your followers rather than empowering them.

Gun sales, reached 38.8 million last year. That was down slightly from 39.7 million in 2020. Since the beginning of 2019, 3.5 million women have purchased a firearm for the first time, not far behind the 4 million men who did so.

Why does Watts talk about women like we aren’t even in the room? Or as if we don’t have a seat at the table? She literally acts as if we don’t exist. It’s hard to be much more misogynistic than pretending half the populations doesn’t have a voice when very clearly, we do.

For example, The DC Project–Women for Gun Rights works to highlight the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy because gun rights are women’s rights.

The DC Project is the countervoice to anti-gun civilian disarmament operations like Moms Demand Action. The DC Project’s members show up in state houses across the country, defending gun rights as human rights.

Anti-rights gun-grabbers are so deeply trapped by their obsession with identity politics they are unable to recognize how they themselves perpetuate the misogyny they say they condemn.

Arming and educating women empowers them. Women taking responsibility for their own safety and for their families’…that’s empowering women.

Shannon Watts’ entire body of work seeks to disarm the innocent — men and women alike — who want only to lawfully protect themselves and those they love. Disarming the innocent is, to put it bluntly, violence unto itself.

Watts’ most recent attack on men is like a death rattle. As her Bloomberg-funded empire is losing its power and she’s grasping at straws. She is clinging to an “us versus them” mentality, desperately vilifying all men in the process.

Why scapegoat men for the failures of your own narrative? Because it’s all she has left. It’s time to face facts, Shannon. Your endless gun control initiatives are increasingly rejected by both women and men alike.


Anyone interested in learning more about The DC Project is encouraged to visit for more information. 

Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey delegate to The DC Project, and a Board Trustee and Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.

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      • Funny how they demand action for gun deaths but at the same time call for abortion you want men saved but the right of killing a baby saying anti-abortion kills women the only one here is they’re killing the baby

    • Leigh, female abusers? Damn right they exist. I’ve arrested them for everything from domestic battery to homicide. Women are just as dangerous as any other humans. Act accordingly.

      • For example, Gagsden Flag gets slapped around by women all the time. Of course, he pays them to do it while he’s wearing their underwear…

        • All Man, you got it ass backwards.They pay me to let them slap me around 😆. You ought to see what happens next!

        • On the days the you “identify as” as woman, you probably get slapped around by a woman – Oh, I guess we don’t call it that, when it’s onanism, do we.

          You are too stupid to insult. Go visit the cable. And when you’re done (should take about 20 seconds), hie thyself off to the theological place of eternal punishment.

          But WHATEVER you do, please Eff Oh A Dee.

    • Watts is a stooge pipeline to present the sewage that Bloomberg spews out regardless of the cost and its demonstrated ineffectiveness on the American public. Hell, there are probably people on TTAG who’d turn on us for what Mini Mike is paying…

      None of us should act surprised by anything in this piece. Not too heavy in the enlightening dept.

      • A former corporate shill for Monsanto, who is probably a client of her “boutique marketing agency”.

        She sold her soul to work for Monsanto. Not much of a stretch to “work” for Bloomberg.

        • No, that was a different Shannon Watts whom was a paid whore to extoll the harmless virtues of Roundup, which just ended up costing Bayer/Monsanto an award to the victims of 10 Billion dollars on top of the 11 Billion already paid out. You see, the OTHER Shannon Watts was a stay at home mom that started MomsDemandAction in her spare time while waiting for her batch of bake sale cookies to get done cooking in the oven, so she would have time to help the kids with their homework when they got home from school.

    • Obviously the drama queen shannon spends most of her day patching up leaks in her Gun Control schemes. I wonder how much money mini mike bloomberg has given her to keep the clown show going?

      Actually her source of power is not money it is the useful idiots who fall for Gun Control because they are totally clueless about Gun Control and its baggage of rot. Baggage that has ridden along with Gun Control from the moment of its conception. The baggage cannot be sugarcoated or surgically removed. It is connected on a molecular level like stupid is connected on a molecular level to the fraulein concentration camp gate keeper shannon watts and dirtbag is connected to her sugar daddy fuhrer mini mike bloomberg.

      • “ Actually her source of power is not money it is the useful idiots who fall for Gun Control…”

        No- it IS the money. The pool of people who are all-in for banning, or even further restricting access to firearms is drying up, as can be proven by the still-high numbers of first-time gun buyers. Things are quite fluid at this point in time and we need to keep up with trends or we’ll unnecessarily offend people we should be aligning with.

  1. Women in strong marriages trust their husbands to have/carry a firearm, many women will leave the security part of the marriage to the husband/other men. I am not saying this is right, just that it seems to be so. It is the responsibility of a husband/patriarch to train the whole Famdamily to standup for themselves and the family.

    I am sure that Ms Watts thinks differently, because the choir she is preaching to are parts of no or broken families.

    I realize that things can and do go south on many marriages, but teaching the mother(and offspring) to be victims is not good either. She should be actively teaching these women from bad marriages to stand up for themselves.

    • RT66Paul,

      “…many women will leave the security part of the marriage to the husband…”

      I am glad you wrote those words; they are important.

      Recently, my wife and I had heart-to-heart talk about this. She has, several times, in theory, agreed to purchasing a gun and taking lessons, but I am having trouble getting her to the next step. I explained that when I leave the house I worry she and my daughter are not prepared to defend themselves. They know where the guns are, but they don’t know how to handle them. Besides my wife and daughter are small people; they will be better off with weapons sized for them.

      I worry that if something happens to me, they will never prepare for self-protection.

      To be fair, my wife has significant health issues, but, in a way that argues even more for being prepared. She does understand.

      So, the next step is getting her to agree to go gun-shopping. There is an FFL a few miles from here run by a husband and wife team. Maybe if I make an appointment with that wife for my wife, we can move forward. Sexist? No. My wife will feel more comfortable a woman advising her. After 30 years of marriage, even I have learned a few things.

      • My wife has no interest in guns and would never consider purchasing one just for herself. A few years ago I insisted that she go to the range with me so that she at least has some idea how to shoot, which she did. She has gone a few time since then , again when I insist, but lately just refuses to go.

        My new strategy is to grab one of my pistols randomly and hand it to her. The idea being that she racks the slide or opens the cylinder to check if it’s loaded, then to manipulate any other controls. Then I give her a few snap caps and have her “load” the weapon.

        My thinking is that at least she will have an idea what needs to be done if a situation ever arises in addition to knowing where the loaded guns are.

      • It took me forever just to take my wife to the gun range Lifesaver. Turns out she’s a regular Annie Oakley. I had given her a gat years before but until the time of troubles a few years ago she didn’t seem to care. Since she taught self-defense at a YMCA years ago I knew she was a badazz. Good luck. Been married to my girl nearly 33 years…

      • Good commentary. I’ve had the same conversation with my wife, who also has health and mobility issues. All the “7 Ps” work in the world, however, will not override a mindset that keeps people from believing that their life, at this very moment, is in mortal danger, and that they must act.

      • My wife has bought two guns for herself, but barely knows how to use them and refuses to practice.

        She knows the utility of guns and believes in the right to self-defense. I’ve seen her go into Mama Bear mode before and scare the shit out of people. Yet there’s some hangup she can’t get past, where actually having a gun with her outside the house is too scary, too big a responsibility to handle.

        Whenever we go out together, she makes sure I’m carrying because it makes her feel safe (actually, after all these years, she doesn’t ask anymore; we both know if I’ve got clothes on, I’m armed). But whenever she goes out without me, she’d rather just pretend that nothing bad will happen — to a middle-aged woman with bad knees and low physical endurance helping her daughter in a wheelchair.

        Never mind the times when she’s been targeted by aggressive panhandlers that only sheered off when a male bystander took interest, shadowed in convenience stores by sketchy characters who exit the premises when I finish pumping gas, or the time when a psychotic homeless man stabbed another bum to death only 30 feet away from her. If she’s unarmed, no harm will come to her; if she carries, she might have to confront someone. And this is a woman who, in most situations, is much more aggressive than I am.

        Makes no f’ing sense. But that’s women for you, I guess. I do enjoy having them around, even if their alien thought processes make me tear my hair out sometimes.

      • @Lifesavor

        Try contacting a female owned – operated training service. We are fortunate to have one up here in NW Montana. Many of the lady spouses within our group of retirees take courses totally comprised of female students / instructors. They make it into a Ladies Day at the range, train, shoot, do lunch, talk guns (and grand children).

        This type of experience may be just what your spouse and daughter need to encourage their participation in shooting sports.

        EDIT: just scrolled down and saw your other post regarding your first instructor…carry on, the OGiM will be quiet now.

    • rt66paul said ” but teaching the mother(and offspring) to be victims is not good either. ”

      When those news stories come out about some crazy bastid killing wife and kids, I always wonder about the firearms and the training in that household. Dad had a gun(s) and allowed no one else to have or to handle the gun(s)? Those stories always amaze me. No one in the home is able and/or willing to defend themselves?

      My own wife has never wanted her own weapon, but I did train up my sons to keep weapons, and to be prepared. Even if I’m gone, someone is still around to protect Mom and home.

      • My girlfiend was kidnapped, raped 3 days and left in the ditch for dead.
        It wont happen again for lack of shooting I can tell you that.

        • possum,

          My sincerest condolences to your girlfriend, and you.

          Personally, rape should be a capital offense (along with child molestation – oh, but that would deprive us of the (supposed) POTUS, wouldn’t it?).

          Glad she’s taking the proactive approach.

        • Oh that was before I met her, women dont like aging them but it was when she was quite younger.
          Yes if some of these gunms are bad moms demand action would sit down and listen to her story they might think twice before condemning a woman being armed.

    • My story is different. I’m married for 48 years now to the daughter of a long-ago Camp Perry pistol instructor. Back in the day, she outshot me in collegiate rifle competition (where we met). Although her hands are weakened now by some arthritis, she’s still competitive with my sons and me on the pistol range. She legally carries a 40SW everywhere she goes and knows how to use it. Yes, I worry about her when we’re apart, but I know she can handle a gun and herself.

  2. My first gun instructor was a woman. Learned an awful lot from her. I am really disappointed to discover that she does not really exist. I will not forgive Shannon Watts for forcing that ‘truth’ upon me.

  3. In addition to being a filthy little bigot Shannon Watts is a misandrist.

    If it weren’t for Bloombucks no-one would listen to her.

  4. “They hate us because we’re wemon”
    No, wrong on that one too Shannon.
    If you’d do a survey you’d find most gunm owners are not haters, we may dislike very strongly, someone attempting to take away a Constitutional Right but I dont think hate is the word.

    • Gun-owning men love women for the same reason that non-gun-owning men love women. BECAUSE they’re women! (There are always exceptions to the rule.) When the Left falls back on their lazy identity politics slurs, it’s because they have no real argument. They have faith that their followers are too dumb to see this.

        • ‘There are more than enough dumb people to go around’. Well, that’s a fact you and your main man Lamp the glorified Notary Public demonstrate day in and day out.

        • Hey, nameless, brainless troll!!

          Question: Are your “comments” an example of natural “talent”, or did you study to be this stupid???

          Got that GED, yet?

          You are too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable.

    • “They hate us because we’re wemon”

      Strong bet that she is just projecting her own personal issues.
      She’s a cold embittered unhappy Leftist (like all Leftists) and because her valley is dry and barren.
      Her circle of “males” are leftist effeminate cuckish drones.
      No wonder that she “has the feelz” that men hate women.
      She’s probably itching for a protein shake from Colion but that’s too much to ask him to take one for the team like that.

  5. Women outside of Mommies Demand Action. Don’t exist in the world. Just like the women who don’t exist to the Me-too movement, the Pro Abortion movement or the feminist Feminazi movement if they don’t join the their Goosestepping Ideology. The Liberal Ideologies of Inclusion only exist for those who agree with it.

  6. It’s funny how hostile the left is toward the demographic that is SUPPOSED!!!! to align with them.

    Yes, men can be assholes. Violent assholes. Violent chauvinist assholes. Which is just one reason I encourage every woman I know to arm up and train up and never leave home without it.

    You’re no good to the left that way though. Much more useful to their ideology as a weak, frightened victim.

  7. The pic of shannon just loaded and OMG she’s clearly had a makeover by pelosi’s stylist. Her hair looks like a darth vader helmet. And by her own rhetoric she should limit herself to wearing 10 beads. No telling what damage she could do if all those beads went flying and hit someone in the eye. She is a walking lawn dart, a threat to children and she must be banned.

    • Waiting for her to bring the “Vader” voice and say” Luke, I am your Mother”
      She went to the Dark Side years ago. Even has her evil little master to serve in Bloomberg.

  8. Something I would like to get any of the anti gun, gun control, more laws crowd to explain. How will they force compliance with their schemes into the hood? How will they get those who ignore the current crop of legal niceties to suddenly obey the law? As well as show some verifiable evidence that any of the current list of regulations, prohibitions, and back ground checks have done anything to prevent anyone who wants to comit a violent crime, or just get a gun to use to intimidate their victims, from doing so. There are hundreds of state and local laws regulating firearms. And more at the federal level. Show us some proof how any of these laws, regulations, restrictions, etc. have done anything to prevent a crime.

    • It doesn’t, however They think denying a law abiding citizen his constitutional right prevents crime. So they did something, sounds good, media eats it up and blabbers about it and the anti constitutionalists smile.
      Criminals like more gunm laws.

    • They aren’t TRYING to enforce the law in “the ‘hood”. That has nothing to do with their agenda. They are trying to disarm law-abiding gun owners, because they fear us (and they should). They assume they can pacify the gangbangers with enough free shit. Not sure where they think they are going to get the taxes to pay for the “free” shit.

      • I really dont think they fear a law abiding citizen. They ban this or that because law abiding people are easy to manipulate.
        Law abiding people get a permit, criminals just do it ,they fear getting caught, they don’t fear losing their job, the house, the wife and kids, a future. Time spent until the next time.
        Why doesn’t the system try and disarm ” the hood” because it can’t. I’m assuming you could give a hood rat all the free stuff you could give and theyd still want more. Thug nature is take until its gone.

      • “ They aren’t TRYING to enforce the law in “the ‘hood” “.

        Chicks like Ms Watts (would’ve rather used the other “C” word, but…) would never be caught dead NEAR “the ‘hood”. Could care less about what happens there. White elites all the way.

    • They don’t care about crime at all.
      The only reason they want the citizens disarmed is to control us.
      Do you think mask mandates and vaccine passports were bad?

      Just wait till we are disarmed and see what they force on us.

  9. Shannon Marmion Watts, who also went by aliases :Shannon Renee Troughton, Shannon Renee Weaver and Shannon Renee Marmion.

    Shannon Renee Troughton,  who started a pr firm that represented Monsanto while their products literally caused deaths of thousands. She glady took the money.

    And aside from that and other business dealings for which she gladly supported and took the money for while thousands died, under her other aliases is not the pure stay at home mom her Shannon Watts personal puts forth either.

    Yeah, that Shannon Watts.

    • Seriously, if this is the same person, gun peeps could make some pretty good press on it. You certain? I’ve seen it mentioned here before.

      • Monsanto manufactured products such as the insecticide DDT, PCBs, Agent Orange that have been responsible for deaths the world over, especially in foreign countries.

        Monsanto created, what is considered, a weapon of mass destruction, with Agent Orange. During WWII Monsanto was instrumental and participant in production of the two Atomic Bombs used on Japan and later further nuclear weapons involvement with the U.S. Government.

        Monsanto’s Agent Orange (deployed in Vietnam under the military ‘Operation Ranch Hand’) has been responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, and dreadful diseases and birth defects in the generations since its introduction.

        In Argentina the application of Roundup to vast sections of territory has coincided and been linked with a rise in cancer rates, birth malformations, and miscarriages. In India,nearly 300,000 farmers have committed suicide since 1995 after being driven into unrecoverable debt by neoliberal economic policies in favor of Monsanto which have have allowed wholesale takeovers of Indian farmland by Monsanto’s Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) cotton.

        Monsanto partners with I.G. Farben which was Hitler’s go-to chemical manufacturer in WWII who produced the Zyklon-B gas that Hitler used to exterminate millions during World War II. Together, the companies used their collective expertise in genocide to introduce aspartame (which was at the time based on derivation of the neuro chemicals in Zyklon-B). Then later Monsanto partnered with G.D. Searle to produce and and market aspartame, later G.D. Searle was able to show that liquid aspartame, though incredibly deadly, is much more addictive than crack cocaine and it its pre-powered liquid form was deadly. Monsanto purchased Searle when it was revealed that Searle had falsified research about the safety of aspartame and formed a new aspartame subsidiary called NutraSweet Company.

        Out of Monsanto’s research in WWII came more research on the chemical pesticide ‘Dioxin’ (a component of Agent Orange). Monsanto recommended use of ‘Dioxin’ to I.G. Farben as a replacement for the Zyklon-B gas being used to murder millions.

        Monsanto manufactured and is responsible for most of the chemical weapons deployed around the world, for example, Syria.

        But since you mention GMO: In March 2013, President Obama signed a bill making it impossible to sue Monsanto for any ill-health effects from its genetically modified food. This was passed without debate by the Republicans and Democrats.

        • Shannon “Troughton-Weaver-Marmion” Watts, has blood on her hands from participating (by her PR efforts) in one of the worlds largest modern day (21’st century) mass killings (deaths due to Monsanto chemicals world world wide) – a participation for which she was paid and gladly accepted the money, knowing of the thousands harmed and killed, knowing of Monsanto’s history for genocide, chemical warfare weapons, and dangerous chemicals.

          Yet knowing all this she still pimped herself out for $$$ to support Monsanto with her PR efforts by a PR firm she founded. But before that in 2001 she was the ‘Director of Global and Public Affairs for Monsanto’ where she personally led external initiatives designed to generate positive, proactive media coverage of the company’s agriculture biotechnology products that were toxic chemicals that killed thousands, including for Argentina where Monsanto’s ‘Roudup’ product has been linked to rise in cancer rates, birth malformations, and miscarriages.

          Now forward to today with ‘Moms Demand Action’ where in her ‘Shannon Watts’ alias persona she portrays herself as a wholesome stay at home mom, a practicing buddist, and outraged over guns and mass shootings. All this while she gladly lived off the money from her participation with Monsanto in mass killings, and being paid by MDA, steeped in her high-n-mighty ‘white privilege’ that allows her to criticize women of all races for protecting their selves with a gun from the very criminals she seeks to embolden by her gun-control efforts, as she seeks to remove the means in guns by which people protect their selves and in doing so would cause even more death.

          Shannon Watts is not about life, she is all about death to innocents even the unborn still in the womb – and she is being paid to bring about those deaths.

    • I know you were joking

      But I can’t stand her because of who she is and what she is trying to do.

      Shannon Watts portrays herself as a wholesome stay at home mom, a practicing buddist, and outraged over guns and mass shootings. All this while she gladly lived off the money from her participation with Monsanto in mass killings, and being paid by MDA and Bloomberg, steeped in her high-n-mighty ‘white privilege’ from her multi-million dollar home in a gated community (from which black people soliciting for charity or church who do not live there are ejected by police at her insistence), and by projection of force due to her armed body guards thus threatening the public at large (because according to her any one with a gun is a danger to the public), that gives her the self-appointed ‘allowance’ and ‘mightier than thou privilage’ to criticize women and men of all races for protecting their selves with a gun and saving their lives from the very criminal element factors in society she seeks to embolden by her gun-control efforts, surrounded by her MDA members who according to her also own and carry guns and as she seeks to remove the means in guns by which people protect their selves and in doing so would cause even more death.

      Shannon Watts is the very definition of deceiver, liar, racists, and the ire she draws from the pro-gun community and the very definition of hypocrite.

  10. If you’ve been convicted of domestic violence or you’re under a restraining order you can’t buy a gun.

    She’s so disingenous.


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