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Stacey Abrams (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)
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Stacey Abrams sees herself as a big target for those who don’t like her. But at the same time she busied herself advocating for “defund the police” causes, she was spending over $1.2 million on private security for her own protection.

In other words, she believes in hiring armed good guys to ensure her own safety while advocating for less protection for the little people in her home state of Georgia.

Of course, Governor Abrams wouldn’t be the first advocate for gun control who hired their own private security.  For instance, Melinda Gates employs presidential-grade security details. So too do made members of “The Squad.”

According to the New York Post, prominent police defunders and civilian disarmament advocates AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush are among the biggest spenders on private security.

It’s a tight race among “defund the police” Democrats in this year’s chutzpah Olympics, but New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other House members of “the Squad” are well-positioned to take home the gold. Fully embracing the politics of “good for thee, but not for me,” AOC, Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley, and the newest Squad member, Missouri’s Cori Bush, are among the most vocal advocates for defunding — while also being, according to Federal Election Commission reports, among the biggest spenders on personal security.

Shannon Watts, the hoplophobic doyenne of Moms Demand Action, also hires good guys with guns while advocating for stripping Americans of their gun rights. Amazingly, she even recently accused pro-gun activists as saying the real reason they hate her because she’s a woman.

Then there’s Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg who’s hired a whole platoon of bodyguards while throttling gun rights orgs on his social media platforms and funding gun control politicians.

So is anyone really surprised Stacey Abrams spent big bucks on bodyguards for herself?

From Breitbart . . .

The political action committee aligned with Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams spent more than $1.2 million on private security in 2021 despite the founder’s push to defund the police in the past, according to a report.

Fair Fight PAC, a committee to “fight” voter suppression created by Abrams in 2018 after she lost the gubernatorial campaign to Gov. Brian Kemp and refused to concede, claiming there was voter suppression, spent more than over $1.2 million for private security last year, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings reviewed by Fox News.

The report noted that the PAC used an Atlanta-based private security firm called Executive Protection Agencies (EPA Security) and paid them more than $550,000 from July 2021 and November 2021, which totaled over $1.2 million throughout last year. However, while the Abrams-founded PAC spends over a million dollars on private security, Abrams herself has supported the defund the police movement.

Abrams won’t be the last gun control advocate to ensure their safety with private armed security. In fact, most of professional gun control promoters either carry their own guns or hire others to carry them.

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  1. It’s just evidence that not only they know they peddle nonsense, but they know if they’re going to be attacked, it’s one of their own crazy voters.

    They pander to the criminal and the mentally stunted and unstable. That’s a dangerous game.

  2. She’s running for Governor again. Instead of running for governor, she needs to run on a treadmill.

  3. > In other words, she believes in hiring armed good guys to ensure her own safety while advocating for less protection for the little people in her home state of Georgia.

    No she doesn’t, you liar.

    • jsled…By her own words she does indeed support Gun Control that restricts/controls the little guy and much more. Prove she does not otherwise you are a liar defending a gasbag whose Gun Control agenda no matter how you attempt to spin it is rooted in racism and genocide. Hop to it.

    • Ask yourself, jsled:
      – Does she or does she not support defunding the police?
      – Does she or does she not support restrictive gun control laws?
      – Does she or does she not have the kind of paid, private security that you and I could never afford?

    • Such an Orwellian moron…
      Yes, that is exactly what she means.
      I don’t know if you’re that stupid or you think everyone else is. Either way, it’s not a good look for you.

  4. Thanks to Gun Control hitler had armed security whereas Jews did not and could not. Thanks to Gun Control plantation owners had security whereas slaves did not and could not.

    If Gun Control democRats were honest they would come out of their closets wearing sheets and swastikas.

    • …and if they forget their own ‘sheets and swasitkas’ , they can borrow some from your extensive collection, bigot.

      Seriously, just imagine…

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “Seriously, just imagine…”

        I can imagine the home life of someone like you, you would rather waste time hanging out with others who despise you, rather than spend time with your imaginary wife and children.

        If you actually do have a daughter, she’ll likely end up with a loser boyfriend that uses her to mule for his drug empire, when he isn’t beating her black and blue… 😉

  5. Either these hoplophobes don’t actually believe the scheise they peddle for fun and profit, or else they’re actually able to hold two conflicting opposite beliefs at the same time.

    • “…hold two conflicting opposite beliefs…”

      This is a prominent characteristic of leftists. They recite “Down is up and left is right!” whenever they perform their secret handshake. If the meeting has sufficient numbers, they will recite it as a round. Throw in a couple instruments, and it turns into a regular hoedown.

  6. A wealthy and politically-connected black woman like Stacey Abrams, is just like the white wealthy and politically-connected, white people in California. She believes she is better than anyone else black or white. And as a wealthy black woman she will always be able to have legal access to guns.
    The lower economic class black people “are just different”.

    To her they don’t need guns. Hence she sides with the white socialists progressives. Who are also giving her lots of $$$. That helps to pay for her armed security detail.

    In the book “negroes with guns” (1963) the author Robert Williams, describes how the white liberals were bribing the black civil rights leadership. Telling them that the blacks had to disarm. Or else they would no longer receive the white liberal’s donation money.

    This eventually caused a split in the black civil rights community. This was a big reason why the Deacons for Self-Defense and Justice, as well as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense were eventually created.

    These groups as well as every other black gun owner before 1968, were able to purchase their guns and ammunition through mail order. Because no white gun store owner would sell to a black person. That is not an attack against anyone. It is a statement of a historical fact. And it is the real reason why in 1968, they banned the sale of mail-order guns. And force you to go through the purchase of a firearm at a licensed Federal dealer.

    The gun grabbers have been trying to eliminate mail order gun sales since the 1930s.


    The reason why the city of San Francisco forced every gun store in the city limits to close, is because those Asian Owned gun stores were selling guns to black people. In the 1960s the only thing that concerned the Asian gun store owner was the color of the money, the customers used, to pay for their purchases.

    And the white socialist Progressive leadership in the city of San Francisco did not like that. So they eventually forced all of the gun stores in “the city by the Bay” to close. And that is an example of racist gun control in the state of California and the city of San Francisco.

  7. What bothers me about this that she is also anti-2nd Amendment! Further, I understand needing a paycheck by why are our ex-first responder and military vets even accommodating her bull crap and offering to protect her from those SHE wants to inflict harm upon by depriving others of their God given rights!!!!???

  8. All of a sudden I have a hankering for some pancakes with syrup.

    That woman needs rope for dental floss.

  9. the people most to blame is the security companies that take on these and women that used to be military and cops that would put themselves out there to protect those that hated them..all for a few dollars..

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