Double homicide suspect runs from scene in Chicago. Image via Chicago Police Twitter.
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So-called gun violence has spiked in recent weeks since the George Floyd death. Many of America’s big cities, virtually all run by Democrats, have seen the worst of this violence as gang members shoot at one another with relative impunity. Even the world’s newest nation – CHOP/CHAZistan in Seattle – has seen people maimed and killed in criminal violence with guns.

Indeed, with police under attack seemingly from every direction, it feels like the violent criminals have declared “game on” to ply their trade. And violent crime numbers are approaching those seen back in the violent early 80s.


CBS News in Minnesota reports:

‘It’s Just Stupid’: Police Data Shows 1,600 Minneapolis Gunfire Reports Within 30 Days

ShotSpotter technology has picked up more than 1,600 gunshots in Minneapolis in the past 30 days.

Nine people were shot within four hours Monday in three separate shootings, witin about a two-mile radius in north Minneapolis.

The numbers show that there have been over 100 people shot in Minneapolis since the death of George Floyd. Early Monday evening, Mayor Jacob Frey and Police Chief Medaria Arradondo called on additional help to end the violence.

“It will not be tolerated by our police department, by our chief, by me,” Frey said.

It won’t be tolerated? Those are pretty tough words from the soy-powered wonderboy mayor who surrendered a police station to rioters. Rioters who looted and then promptly burned it.

Chicago Murder City, USA’s law-abiding residents have witnessed a particularly brutal burst of bloodshed the last four weeks. Even by Chicago standards.

Image via

It culminated in 111 people shot, 14 fatally over Father’s Day weekend. Add in another forty-some shot Monday, including three or four killed.

New York’s Marxist Mayor Bill De Blasio and his soft-on-crime, anti-cop administration and policies have nurtured New York City’s own problems.

The Big Apple will never be known as a city of brotherly love with stories like that one. Or this one.

And cruelly throwing fireworks at a sleeping homeless guy or sticking a knife a guy’s skull are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Gang violence with guns should worry residents far more.

New York has now officially descended back to the bad-old pre-Giuliani days of David Dinkins’ “gorgeous mosaic” of crime, chaos, and mayhem.

From the New York Times.

It has been nearly a quarter century since New York City experienced as much gun violence in the month of June as it has seen this year.

The city logged 125 shootings in the first three weeks of the month, more than double the number recorded over the same period last year, police data show. Gunmen opened fire during house parties, barbecues and dice games, and carried out coldly calculated street executions.

More than a dozen people have been fatally shot, including a teenager at her college graduation party and a clothing designer who was washing his car. “You have to go back to 1996 to have a worse start of June,” Michael LiPetri, the chief of crime control strategies, said in an interview on Monday.

Yet De Blasio wants to talk about slashing the police budget. Again, from The New York Times.

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday pledged for the first time to cut the city’s police funding, following 10 nights of mass protests against police violence and mounting demands that he overhaul a department whose tactics have caused widespread consternation.

The mayor declined to say precisely how much funding he planned to divert to social services from the New York Police Department, which has an annual budget of $6 billion, representing more than 6 percent of Mr. de Blasio’s proposed $90 billion budget.

It’s almost like De Blasio is playing for Team Criminal or something.

Even the lefty utopia of CHOP/CHAZistan has a problem with criminals shooting people. Four have been shot, one fatally in the utopian leftist commune. Can’t they all just get along?

We can only hope that America embraces law and order at the polls this November. Otherwise, more and more Americans will be embracing so-called “gun violence” with greater and greater regularity.

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  1. Its the long game, hold back police let shit get to the knife’s-edge of anarchy, then at the prayers of the people to “restore order”‘ come roaring back with bans, enforcement at an epic scale and confiscation.
    And use the power of the NG and military to do it, effectively flipping the country.

    • I don’t know, your sarcastic remarks might be on to something. What if the lefties are letting anarchy reign in case their Uncle Joe wins and let him order the dogs be unleashed. Then Joe looks like a hero against crime.

        • As a surprise that SHOCKS the world. Joe picks Barrack Hussein Obama as his VP. Joe wins in November 2020. Inaugurated on January 20 2021. February 21 Joe steps down under the 25th amendment due to health concerns. What follows is the rest of the story.

        • Joe’s already lining up his VP because he WILL step down, the man is incoherent half the time. If he gets elected his VP will be our new POTUS, hello Michelle Obama/Kamala Harris insert unqualified female name of color here(…).

          Oh, and watch the first ten minutes of V for Vendetta, quite the eye-opening monologe from the TV’s taliking head, Scary the parallels…

        • Good plan, Darkman, probably underway, but not with Barry, he is not qualified since he has served two terms. That means he is *also* not qualified as VP.

    • That’s more likely than people want to believe. It’s just too scary. But if the cities can’t get a handle on this, there is no other option.

    • What is more likely to happen is that the people will say ‘enough’ and the election will go hard right.

      The left created a monster with antifa and now I doubt they can control it. They may have had a plan at the start. But I doubt it is still within reach now.

      • Unfortunately, there’s still a major factor in this equation, social and news media. Mostly controlled by the leftist elite to control the left voter.

        • A staggering percentage of the people I know, some of them living in my house, are absolutely convinced that all the looting and burning was done by right-wing provocateurs and that the BLM movement is showing the way toward enlightened peace.

          I really hope my social circle isn’t indicative of the larger voting public, because if it is, we’re screwed sideways.

      • I think even ‘plan’ is being generous. They took advantage of events as they unfolded, first with COVID-19, then with the Floyd shooting. Their big screw up IMO is trying to take advantage of both at once. The rioting and looting was bad enough, but apparently it was suddenly OK to ignore the virus restrictions. Except if you wanted to earn a paycheck, that was still bad and you’re going to kill grandma. Even worse the CDC OK’d it, but we’re still supposed to take anything else they say as the truth? Good luck.

        But yeah, whatever it is they were trying to do exactly, they don’t have control of it. They’ll desperately try to steer it one way or another and it may or may not work out for it, but I think it’s well past a ‘plan’.

        • “you can start a war, but it never goes as planned.”

          I really don’t think this will turn out as planned for the leftists, democrats, communists, marxists, antifa, blm, yada yada in terms of elections, taking over the country, or terrorizing people.

        • “I really don’t think this will turn out as planned for the leftists, democrats, communists, marxists, antifa, blm, yada yada in terms of elections, taking over the country, or terrorizing people.”

          This. And the OP’s comment too. Whatever plan there was it was a shitty plan before it went off the rails.

          There are some people who seem to think that Bane is behind this or something. Nah, no one half that smart is behind this. Just look at CHAZ/CHOP. These idiots can’t even remember to bring lunch when they set up a “country”.

        • ” Just look at CHAZ/CHOP. These idiots can’t even remember to bring lunch when they set up a “country”.”

          And then the homeless stole it from them.

          They had secure borders where ID was *required* to enter, an armed army, and they still had 3 shootings and two fatalities in 72 hours (more or less).

          And they want to bring that to the rest of this country?

          The eventual VP pick will be identity politics in action, my money is on Kamala getting the gig…

        • This. And the OP’s comment too. Whatever plan there was it was a shitty plan before it went off the rails.

          The idea was to use public attention towards systemic racism, police brutality, and police accountability as the fuel for a GOTV/voter registration drive. Because Democratic-leaning constituencies are more affected by these issues that Republican-leaning constituencies, this will result in a higher margin of additional votes for Democrats than Republicans, and thus a net gain in Democratic votes.

          But then the focus turned to statue-toppling, not just of Confederate veterans, but of U.S. presidents and slavery abolitionists. This became about images on cereal boxes. Already, material for a GOTV/voter registration drive targeted at Republican-leaning constituencies were being effectively manufactured.

          A selectman was banned from a restaurant in Massachussetts because he criticized Black lives Matter, like some of the regular commenters here. A man was fired for making the “OK” hand sign.

          and then the Democratic Party of orange County engaged in this.

          Perhaps more than any other performer, Wayne’s iconic on screen persona is distinct from the man, and was always intended to be. Marion Morrisey often talked about his alter-ego”John Wayne” in the third person; he once said that he went by his childhood nickname “Duke” because he still thought of “John” as the name of his character, not him. The statue of John Wayne they want to topple, like the films he starred in and that still are popular today, honors the actor’s creation, a personification of the nation, the West, and the many core national values, like courage, decency, commitment to justice, and loyalty. The man was not fairly represented by his words in the Playboy interview, but I am convinced that the attack on Wayne is part of the attempt to devalue all of American culture, including our history, the flag, the Presidency, the Founders, and “The Star Spangled Banner.” (Pointer: Neil Dorr)

    • Yuri Benzmenov laid out exactly how this will play out.

      1. Demoralization: Educate an entire generation on Marxist ideology.

      2. Destabilization: infiltrate the economy, foreign relations, and defense.

      3. Crisis: Violent change of power structure and economy.

      4. Normalization. Period of “stability”, thar lasts indefinitely.

      • Oh yea? Yuri said that huh… would’ve never guessed that’s how taking over a government works…

        • You are an idiot. I’m more pro gun than you, more “patriotic”, and not racist. If anyone’s a fucking troll it’s you. What’s the matter, played out all your “original content”? Redneck loser.

    • Crime is the Democrats favorite form of social control. They have no plans to declare marshal law. They outsource the enforcement mechanism to gangs. It has worked in the ghetto for 50 years and they just plan on extending it.

    • If that’s the plan it’s a bad one.

      Add together every LEO at every level along with all active duty plus the NG plus all reserve components and the Coasties and you get a force of 3,531,182. That’s less than one person per square mile (the US is about 3,797,000 square miles), or one “enforcement official” per 91.9 “non-enforcement” people.

      It also assumes that 100% of those “enforcement” people are out on the street doing something. No supply guys, no one loading aircraft. Nothing. 100% dedicated to enforcement.

      • Follow the $$$$
        And go to 30,000 to look at the bigger picture. Also, just because it started as a plan in one iteration doesn’t mean, not unlike Covid-19, it won’t mutate off the rails.

  2. Major metropolitan areas (democrat paradises) are repeating the mistakes of the late 60’s and early 70’s because of the drop in crime rates, so we’re going to have to relearn these lessons once again.

    Putting S-Birds in jail through active criminal patrol by the police and hard ass prosecution is the only way to make things safe.

    • There aren’t enough jail cells to handle that. And who do you think is going to pay for all that incarceration, etc. even if there was enough?

      • That can be done for violent and property crime.

        We can simultaneously get “tough on crime” while relaxing on non violent and non property crimes.

        Abandoning things like ticket quotas, inappropriate drug laws, and strict code enforcement should be abandoned.

        That effort can then be used on real criminals. Rapists, murderers, child molesters, armed robbers ect…

        Though impossible (barring the possibility of civilization collapse) I would honestly bring back a system of public corporal punishment and public execution. Neither of which violate the 8th amendment. Neither of which bothered the founders of this nation and it was a frequent occurrence for about a century or more in this country.

        It was only when the insidious progressive ideologies of late 19th and early 20th centuries came into play, and brought in the made up concept of a “living breathing constitution” that this idea changed.

        • BS. Petty crime leads to more serious crime. Crime does not go down by repealing laws. You just hide it. Petty crime is usually crimes against property. egalize the taking of other people’s property.

          And FYI, do you know the origin of ticket quotas? It is an anti corruption measure. It reduces the incentives to take bribes which was common practice before quotas were implemented.

        • Incorrect. Bribes are done away with by paying officers well, and having strict punishments for bribery. Mexico is an example of why you need police decent wages. Ticket quotas have nothing to do with it. Ticket quotas are what a city does when the populace have told them no more taxes but the city wants to further increase revenue.

        • False, more money is preferred to less money..

          O. W. Wilson was brought into Chicago after the Summerdale Police scandal. One of his first actions was to set ticket quotas to prevent common practice of handing an officer $20 with your drivers license. It worked.

          You don’t want a ticket don’t break traffic laws. Every since I started carrying almost 20 years ago I have had exactly 1 traffic ticket for which I was guilty. It amazes me how much less likely you are to get a ticket of you obey the law. That Chris Rock guy is pretty smart.

        • The amount of stupid from all of you is unreal. Why I read TTAG, the blind leading the stupid. Maybe throw another fit when I ask you for your source and statistics on the information you are spewing.

        • The whole concept of “peace officers” (which used to be the norm), is an concept that is no longer in favor, at least here in the united States of America.

          The “peace officer” model has been replaced by the “law enforcement” model, in which israeli-style “command and control” military tactics are the order of the day.

          No longer do police officers attempt to defuse situations, but, under their “command and control” style of operation, demand immediate response to commands. Not complying with today’s police officer’s commands quite often results in a death sentence. Quite often, conflicting commands from multiple police officers results in escalation of abuses against citizens by police.

          A prime example of this is the case of Mesa Arizona police officer Philip Brailsford, murdering Daniel Shaver for the inability to crawl with his hands behind his back. Although acquitted at trial, (due to juror intimidation by “the thin blue line”), the video of the incident shows the horrific actions of police officer Philip Brailsford who had the words “you’re f#cked engraved on the dust cover of his weapon. If THAT doesn’t prove intent, I don’t know what does. To add insult to injury, Brailsford was reinstated for one day so that he could receive a pension. The “thin blue line” takes care of its own, right or wrong.

          Starting in 1982 the concept of “qualified immunity” for police and other public officials has been expanded, even to the point in which police officers do not have to know the laws that they are entrusted to enforce.

          In essence, they get a “get out of jail free card”, unlike us ordinary citizens who would be prosecuted and sentenced to “hard time” for equivalent actions.

          This “qualified immunity” has been expanded to the point where it is almost impossible to sue a police officer for his actions “under color of authority”.

          Police officers can be sued for civil-rights violations, but it is up to the complainant to be able to prove “what the officer’s state of mind was at the time of the incident”, something that is almost impossible to ascertain.

          “Qualified immunity” should be abolished for all public officials. Require all public officials to procure “professional liability insurance” with the municipality paying the basic cost of the policy. The individual policyholder would pay any excess premiums due to payouts from the insurance company.

          “Qualified immunity” is a holdover from the time of kings and queens, in which “the king can do no wrong” and must be abolished.

          “Equal justice under law” is supposed to be the “law of the land” and yes, must apply to police officers as well.

        • Ok? I haven’t had a ticket since I lived in NY, surprise surprise. Which was forever ago. You can argue why ticket quotas originally started decades ago until you are blue in the face but it doesn’t change what they are now, and that is indisputable.

          Just like unions. Unions started for a legitimate reason. Now they are just as abusive as the people they were fighting against.

          I’m not even going to bother responding to the rest of you McChrystal Trolls. I come here for reasoned debates like the one I’m having with Ttivinna now, who I actually agree with on most issues he posts about. If you’d like to contribute something meaningful to the topic at hand feel free, though I imagine you are unable to do so without childish insults.

        • So now you’re from New York? I thought it was Georgia.

          Non gun owning fucking loser. Zip it.

        • Bitch you defended the south and said you were IN georgia. Not from.

          You keep using this term “mcchrystal trolls” like you actually believe random people don’t get shared these articles and it’s not free to comment anonymously. You are so naive and believe the bullshit, it’s hard to comprehend. You won’t ignore shit, because you are a punk. If you were going to ignore comment sections, you wouldn’t be here, or you’d just do it. So do us all a favor and fuck off, redneck trash. Calling people yankees when your bitch ass lives in the most yankee state, ever… what a fucken tool.

      • The sad truth is the rate of people going to jail will far outpace any new community youth crime prevention efforts because these are long term investments.

        • Inmates are slaves, prisons are run for profit, the whole model needs to be redone.

    • I’m in favor of three strike laws.

      Third felony conviction, strike three … Death penalty, no appeal, no waiting.

    • Make sure to spray paint that punisher skull nice and big on your black tee, and keep your leather jacket unzipped

        • I don’t know what your purpose was, but I was making fun of you wanna be three percenters who think just cuz you have a bumper sticker all the sudden you are part of a 12 man team.

        • 3 years of it? ok.

          Lotsa new names here tho… Guess you don’t remember B.D., Everyday Carrier, Knowbody, Suspicious Fisherman cuz your bitch ass is new and trolling hard. I’ll keep changing my name every 6 months or so just to piss you boomer motherfuckers off.

        • oh, a couple more: 3prcntr, Threeper, UnKnown… Yep, been here for a while asshole.

        • Nice try Ron. Ned Pepper can’t hide you from the obvious name changing. Just mad cuz I call you out every time and I refuse to quit doing it.

      • Here freakin’ here. When you get deep into the statics most of the crime is coming out a relatively small number of blighted cities. Literally no one in power seems to want to put 2 and 2 together to figure this problem out let alone actually start talking about solutions.

        • Dog of War,

          Politicians and bureaucrats are fully capable of putting 2 and 2 together, and almost certainly have. The real problems is that the mayhem enhances their ability to solidify and expand their power and control.

          The explanation is simple: the more mayhem there is, the more that people cry out to government to end the mayhem. And government’s solution to end the mayhem is always the same: the people must give up more liberty and give more money and control to government.

          That cycle is endless.

  3. We need more gun control!!!1


    Defund the police!

    Conservatives have their issues, general inaction and silence against the left being the biggest. I’m gonna guess some of that comes from a fear of prosecution, considering the police find it easier to arrest people who have some respect for the order than angry screeching man children.

    However, I’m willing to bet an overwhelming majority of these shootings and murders recently are done by people who vote democrat. The fact that these incidents are hyper concentrated in democratic strongholds gives that impression.

    • I bet the victims who voted were largely Democratic voters. The perpetrators I bet generally just don’t vote.

  4. They ignore all this. No stories. No news. It’s fucking sad and sickening. Those idiots in the “mass shootout” video probably got away with it all too. Black cop rolled up and just asked “Ya’ll see anyone with guns?” cuz he can’t do shit anyways. Then it’s black on black crime… Don’t take that last bit serious, but you get my point. It’s beyond ridiculous. How many people need to be murdered before they realize their “plan” sucks. Maybe these thugs SHOULD take it to the rich neighborhoods… I mean, maybe then some asshole politician would actually see it.

    • I completely agree, but do you think it would actually help? I think they’re indoctrinated to the point they are beyond salvation.

      • avatar Montana Actual Formerly Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

        For sure. It was more sarcasm than anything. Nothing but violence will change the path we are on.

  5. Lots of shooting in a DNC run city?

    send in even more guns, airdrop that shit!

    self cleaning oven at work once more

  6. How many of the shootings are criminals preying on innocent victims and how many are gangs shooting rival gangs? I suspect it’s more the latter than the former. In that case, except for innocent people who catch stray bullets, the gangs are doing the rest of us a favor by depleting their own numbers.

    • Most violent crime in black neighborhoods is gang related. Third parties get shot in the process. There are very few drivebys in Latino neighborhoods. They dispense justice more personally.

  7. That video is something else! Wish I could have seen the other side as well.

    Wow!..neighborhood warfare.

  8. Now That’s a target rich environment.
    But it’s all fake. DC has gun restrictions so this couldn’t have happened.

  9. They cant be bothered with that! They’re too busy trying to devise a way to blame Trump.

  10. Ya know I lived in Chicago through much of the ’80’s. I went everywhere. Sold a lot of insurance and antiques in the 90’s and 2000’s(look it up!) The murder rate was sky high then. What’s the difference?!? Every dipshite has a camera. A huge proportion of shootings are done by punkazz gangbanger’s now. You rarely heard of drive by’s or shootings on the expressways. I have no solution. Build a wall…

  11. The “Ah Cain’t Breef” crowd should be given wide latitude to do what they will. Make their ghettos no go zones for everyone–the police, fire, ambulance, non-black citizens. Just let them lie in the bed they’ve made and drown in their own blood.

  12. Look at all those white supremacists in blackface infiltrating the peaceful cities to cause chaos.

  13. I have no problem with them killing each other and hope they all die doing what they love, but please, I want to see that they obeyed the 7 day waiting periods, background checks, and fingerprints needed. If so, carry on.

    • Yea, if so then it’s clearly for the protection of the neighborhood. That’s why he just pointed the AR and never shot. He was worried about penetration beyond his target. And that one guy who shot at the drone the other side deployed, 50 feet in the air, was concerned about privacy invasion of his neighbors. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the training these men have had?

  14. Turning major American cities into shit holes will not get you a Democrat president. But it will produce a “brain drain” of city residents. Of course the poor who are left behind will continue to vote democrat. Because the welfare industrial complex “will take care of them”.

    And getting “free stuff” from the government makes reliable voters for democrats.

    • Demoncrapic prez LBJohnson made that perfectly clear, even dropped the N bomb when he stated it.
      IIRC, his statement was along the lines of “keep giving/promising more free stuff to the [LBJ dropped plural N word here], will have them voting democratic for the next 200 years”.
      LBJ was a turd.
      Every time I drive on the LBJ Expressway it reminds me of him being nothing more then a filthy racist, and HAVING NO issues with “Republic destroying” actions like buying votes. The group he disparaged with his words were all ok with that, because the government checks came and cleared, and the fathers all moved out, just as the Ds and LBJ planned.
      LBJ was a true POS Democrat, cut from the same cloth as the current batch of Dem turds.
      The Founding Fathers would have strung him up for subverting their intended election process by buying votes.

        • It Saturday troll.
          Don’t you have a statue to go pull down loser?
          No worries, I can put that boilerplate response after each one of my posts tonight, while you hang out with your loser friends, in that shithole Dem run shitty city of yours.
          The birds all fly upside down over it, because there’s nothing worth shitting on. You included.
          Have fun playing with your mental defective friend tonight.
          Now do your little monkey dance for me.

        • Read and live by the coherent rhetoric of the always sober and never mentally impaired James Campbell.

  15. You can hold bad cops accountable while also holding non-leo criminals accountable. You cannot prosecute cops for doing their jobs according to how you trained them and the courts told them to act and then expect them to continue policing.

    Answer calls (don’t get there too fast!), take reports, and followup (safely) for investigations as possible. Patrol is dead in cities.

    • “You cannot prosecute cops for doing their jobs according to how you trained them and the courts told them to act and then expect them to continue policing.”

      Say that in German. It might be more convincing.

      • If you want to let someone shoot you in the fact with a taser as you ‘de-escalate’ go sign up at your nearest city police department. I guarantee they are hiring.

    • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

      lol wut? Literally the job they signed up for.

  16. LE in every democratic enclave should walk out en mass. Let the fucks, especially the pols, fend for themselves.
    And after a few weeks, when the strongest gang is the only one left, send in some of the various merc companies to eliminate them.
    Rid ourselves of the people like Miner and the other far left worthless bags crap, and the gangs in short order.

    • You don’t have to worry about miner because the gangs will dispense with him. Look how the Chazites dealt with The Yankee Marshal.

      • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

        Are you actually defending the Yankee Marshall? Chazites? Bitch the entire gun community said fuck that guy for obvious reasons. Somehow he managed to manipulate people into subscribing to him for years and finally it’s coming to light how much of an asshat he is. He’s the Rosie Odonnel of the firearm world. Not even surprised that someone like you would actually like him.

  17. John Boch seems hangry. He should do a little self care and make himself a nice kiwi boot polish ice cream sundae.

  18. So-called gun violence has spiked in recent weeks …

    Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, STOP using Progressive language. The made-up term, “gun violence,” is as absurd as, “pillow violence,” referring to the instances where someone used a pillow to smother/suffocate someone. Violent crime is violent crime, period. Whatever objects, tools, or weapons the attacker uses is irrelevant. Using the made-up Progressive term, “gun violence,” simply helps invoke a negative emotional association with firearms.

    … since the George Floyd death. Many of America’s big cities, virtually all run by Democrats, have seen the worst of this violence as gang members shoot at one another with relative impunity.

    As far as I can determine, violent criminal gangs have been bludgeoning, stabbing, and shooting at each other with relative impunity for decades. (Reference Chicago’s abysmal murder clearance rate of something like less than 10%.) Has violent gang attacks increased in frequency since George Floyd’s death? Probably (if that is what the numbers tell us). Is recent police policy and/or activity driving that? Who knows.

  19. Mr. De Blasio, tear down this wall!

    As an ex-New Yorker, I can’t wait for the City to burn. And then its on to San Francisco.

    • NY has managed to do the best in terms of avoiding the spike of violent crime that happened in many blue cities in the last decade. The reason is probably that for all his progressive speeches, the mayor still believes in broken-window policing and the NYPD continues using it. Of course that’s also how you get incidents like Eric Garner.

      Sooner or later the further left politicians may force him to do the same thing in NY that they’re doing in other major cities.

  20. “The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three council members who have received threats following the police killing of George Floyd, FOX 9 has learned.”

    “The three council members who have the security detail – Andrea Jenkins (Ward 8), and Phillipe Cunningham (Ward 4), and Alondra Cano (Ward 9)– have been outspoken proponents of defunding the Minneapolis Police Department.”

    Defund the police because we have our own private securtiy detail that you pay for suckers!

    • They shouldn’t be afforded ‘private protection’ of ANY kind, and the tax payers certainly shouldn’t be getting the shaft for it.

    • 5k a day and I wonder whose pockets it’s lining…

      Shouldn’t citizens in violent-prone neighborhoods get a voucher private security services? It’s their money, after all.

  21. What did you expect from the left??
    You forgot to list “No conservatives were hurt in the making of these cities”. Although some maybe dead but I’ll bet their vote carries on!

  22. Defunding the police is merely a cowardly substitute for making the police OBEY THE LAW and PUNISHING them when they DON’T.

    Of course the police THEMSELVES contribute to this. Here’s a novel idea: Let the police commit fewer crimes and see if support for them increases. I have this uncanny suspicion that if they hadn’t been shot by cops for no reason, Emma Hernandez and Charles Kinsey would be a LOT more favorably disposed towards the cops.

    • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

      You do understand the media makes the minority to be a majority, right? I mean, there is and always will be a discussion to be had for misconduct, but acting like because 100 out of 100,000 do some dumb shit it’s all the sudden a majority? Nah bruh. And this coming from someone with a boog like stance on all forms of law enforcement.

      • The police are not merely a random collection of individuals sharing a common traitl; they are organized into departments.

        And departments are responsible for the conduct of their officers.

        • Another problem. Internal investigations should NOT exist in these departments. They should be subject to the same shit we are.

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