Seattle CHOP CHAZ Shooting
(AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)
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By Lisa Baumann, AP

A pre-dawn shooting in a park in Seattle’s protest zone killed a 19-year-old man and critically injured another person, authorities said Saturday.

The shooting happened at about 2:30 a.m. in the area near the city’s downtown that is known as CHOP, which stands for “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest,” police said.

Officers responding to the shooting initially had trouble getting to the scene because they were “were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims,” police said on their blog.

Two males with gunshot wounds arrived in a private vehicle at Harborview Medical Center at about 3 a.m., said hospital spokesperson Susan Gregg. The 19-year-old man died and the other person was in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

The suspect or suspects fled and investigators had no description of the shooter or shooters as of Saturday morning, police said.

“Homicide detectives responded and are conducting a thorough investigation, despite the challenges presented by the circumstances,” police said.

Investigators were reviewing public-source video and body-camera video for clues, Seattle Police Sgt. Lauren Truscott told The Seattle Times.

The CHOP zone is an area where protesters cordoned off several blocks near a police station in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood following demonstrations against police violence since the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis several weeks ago.

Seattle police largely retreated from the zone after clashes with protesters ended with people throwing things at police and police tear gassing people and using other crowd control munitions. Protesters and others have said the police overreacted. City officials have said they are still communicating with protest leaders, who had pledged to keep the peace in the zone.

The scene in the protest zone was quiet Saturday morning, hours after the shooting. People pushed baby strollers and other visitors milled about in the cool, cloudy weather, taking photos of themselves with CHOP signs. Protest organizers held a meeting to discuss the early morning shootings.

The zone has drawn the continued ire of President Donald Trump. His tweets about possibly sending in the military have been met with condemnation from Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Gov. Jay Inslee, both Democrats.

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    • “that’s one murder that will never be solved…”

      Oh, it could be.

      A literal (and I know what literal actually means) lynch mob can efficiently administer ‘justice’.

      And if they happen to lynch the wrong perp., no biggie.

      They have to break a few eggs to make that delicious Leftist “everyone is equal’ omelette.

      What puzzles me is, how could it happen? Those entering the area are searched by AK-47 armed ‘security’…

      • I hope you never serve on a jury. You do not seem to have any realistic idea of justice or even rule of law. You are as bad as these CHOP folks.

        • “I hope you never serve on a jury. You do not seem to have any realistic idea of justice or even rule of law. You are as bad as these CHOP folks”.

          I think @Jeremy B is saying the mob in Hystericania can figure out who done what, and deal with the suspect efficiently. Simply means if you swim with sharks, you ain’t gonna find safety with the Herring.

        • Jeremy B?

          It’s kinda obvious you’re new in these parts. My sense of humor is on the extreme side… 😉

    • I don’t understand just why police tried to respond. Should have replied “in there, you are in charge, we don’t even care.”

      • According to Heinlein, there are no crimes in Abandoned Areas, which obviously describes this place.

      • They wanted the police out….. then they should stay out. Let them kill each other and turn the area into the shit hole that it is. If it were me I’d turn off their power and water. See how Bohemian they can be.
        No support what so ever. See how that works for them. Peace out…..

        • Nah. Turning off the power and water would be a disaster. The cesspool that would result would clear them out, it’s true, but make life absolute hell for the cleanup people. I’d rather wait for the arsonists to burn it out, then they’ll leave with no fire equipment to use. Or wait for the bikers to liberate the zone on July 4th. A few closed cab dozers would be nice too.

      • Exactly! It is it’s own independent country, anyway, so the police have no business even being there.

      • Looks like someone already paid the ultimate price. Not so sure how much higher than that it can go.

        CHAZ/CHOP/Antifastan should simply post a sign over each entrance on its perimeter:


      • “These same Retards toppled a statue of Grant.
        Yes, that Grant.”

        Lincoln before that.

        • “These same Retards toppled a statue of Grant.
          Yes, that Grant.”
          Lincoln before that.

          And Washington and Columbus… These actions only reinforce the truth, that these Morons don’t give a flying fuck about black lives, social justice or getting rid of cops.. They simply want to erase the United States and they are doing just that, first by changing then removing history books from schools and now by going after the symbols of that history by destroying statues of every period and political persuasion… There are powerful well funded outside influences at work here and it may already be too late to stop them short of an all out armed conflict right here… As Ben Franklin surmised… “We have a Republic, if you can keep it.”

          • “They simply want to erase the United States and they are doing just that, first by changing then removing history books from schools and now by going after the symbols of that history by destroying statues of every period and political persuasion…”

            George Orwell wrote a book once called “1984.” Let me know if this sounds familiar: “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day-by-day and minute-by-minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    • Raz Simone is the Po Po in the CHAZ er CHOP,perhaps this is a result of his handy work

      • Raz was also caught on video handing out AR15s from the back of his Tesla (!). He handed one to an 18 year old, which violates a whole bunch of gun control laws in Libtard Washington. Obviously their stupid laws only apply to the law abiding.

        Let’s hope it was one of Raz’s rifles that was used in this instance. Maybe if the stars all align just right he will get nailed for it.

        • Let’s hope it was some Patriots giving these roaches a taste of what’s to come when Americans have finally had enough….

  1. This could be the West Coast version of Shitcago, one of the best outside shooting ranges……

    • I, for one, have no problem with shitturd cities like shitcago because it is a great form of eradicating the minority trash that is destroying this country. All of those “people” (whit, black, or other) who support blm should be either deported or exiled to an all black country so they will be happy!

  2. Sorry, I’m confused here. Isn’t this supposed to be an “autonomous” area? Why did the police even bother responding, they should have declined the call an let the CHOP’ers or whatever they want to call themselves handle it. They want police disbanded, fine, they need to handle it themselves.

    • Like all liberal crap, its make believe. The cops came, cleaned up Chaz’s mess, held Chaz until it stopped crying, and then left when things went back to normal and Chaz started calling the cops racist pigs again.

      Life in the ghetto goes on.

      Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • Exactly let the nation of chop deal with the pile of Marxist corpes,hey they could have a send off party with a giant fire and gather around and sing Kumbyeya.

    • They should not have been allowed to leave the area to take the “victims” to the hospital. And those that drove the victims to the hospital should have been arrested and be on their way to GITMO!

  3. I’d like to know what Shotgun Biden has to say about this… as always, be sure to include the subtitles.

    • Quite a few actual people are in that stupid zone, when the police make clear that they have no interest in what happens while they are prevented from entering, people will begin showing up dead, without explanation, beginning with the most obnoxious assholes and proceeding to everyone claiming to be in charge. A few of those people own guns, just pop a couple asswipes each night and keep walking. I betcha it’s coming.

  4. Yeah, the allowance was for NON VIOLENT protest. The Protesters have broken the rules so time for the Police and National Guard to storm them, arrest them all, lock them up until the investigation of the murder is complete, Take all their DNA, fingerprints, pictures and any weapons these thugs have. If they resist, take them out! This cannot be allowed. These are not protesters, they are terrorists and need to be shut down! Or, all the police need to quit the cities and counties and states and join a federal police force and let Trump send them in to fix what the states screwed up.

      • We could keep the federal police a secret, right? Sort of like a “Secret Police”! Wonder why no one ever thought of that?!

        • Well some of them should be able to work as Secret Police, since they’ll also have to investigate crimes against the government. The rest should be in uniforms, which by their design should inspire folks to join and they should be very stylish. Leather boots, trenchcoats, and high peaked caps are a start.

          • should be very stylish. Leather boots, trenchcoats, and high peaked caps are a start..

            And a monocle, ALL the bosses should be issued a monocle…

    • Nope. Doing nothing is the best thing Trump can do. Let it stand as a monument for all to see. A shining beacon on the hill of failed liberal socialism….. Of course, other socialists will disavow it and claim that Chaz/ Chinese/ Russian/ German (national and bolshevik)/ Italian/ Korean/ Vietnamese/ Csmbodian/ socialism wasn’t done correctly, therefore it’s not a good example of REAL socialism.

      • Agreed,if let run it’s course the Marxist swill be at each others throats, the above incident may be the precursor to the grand finally, they will self destruct .

      • It was probably a couple of undercover feds that were sent in by Trump to “spy” and or stir up trouble and got caught…

      • The best political move right now is to highlight and publicize the chaos and destruction of the area, and then point out that Seattle has a ‘woke’ female mayor, and a ‘woke’ simpering male governor.

        The Democrats own this problem, from top to bottom. Hang it around their necks.

        I, personally, got a laugh from the comments of the female Democrat mayor of Olympia, WA, when she had a look at what her political progeny were doing to her own house. It was yet another case of females not thinking about the secondary and tertiary consequences of their policies.

    • The moment any protest turns violent, you have to shut it down. When the people in charge failed to restrain the mob, the children knew they had “permission” to do whatever they wanted to do. The nationwide destruction of property, theft, and assaults are a direct result of democrats in charge failing to do their job.

    • police need to quit the cities and counties and states and join a federal police force

      Yeah, that’s what we need a GESTAPO.. that will make everyone feel safe and secure, hell let’s toss in the Politsiya, Policía Nacional Revolucionaria, Bolivarian National Police, Disciplinary Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran….. See where that’s going, if that is your (or anyone’s) concept of ideal policing, you should move to Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Turkey, Egypt…… Enjoy the good life, but watch what you say about the government…

    • Any federal police force would only have the power to police interstate commerce (fraud, usually) and certain other types of crimes which can’t accurately be placed in the jurisdiction of a single state (e.g electronic invasion of privacy.) The FBI frankly has already overstepped its constitutionally granted power and should be reigned in hard. They should be accountants and detectives, not stormtroopers. ATF shouldn’t even exist — it should be a department of the IRS with no police powers at all, because their only constitutional power is making sure importers and national/regional distributors buy from and sell to the people they say they are, and that if you buy an SBR or MG from one that you have a stamp for it. Noncompliance in either case would again be a matter for state level law enforcement, unless the crime runs afoul of real federal authority by, say, exporting arms to an enemy country. The marshals deal mainly with fugitives crossing state lines or national borders (though even they’ve overstepped their authority when ordered to, such as arresting resistors to school integration without being sworn in by the state’s governor, the county’s sheriff, or a city official charged with law enforcement.)

      Point is, federal policing power is extremely limited by design and mostly consists of border and import/export control. It’s only under the absurd Wickard v. Filburn decision (which states, for those unfamiliar, that making something yourself is commerce because you’re not buying it, and further that buying something made in your state is interstate commerce because the one who made it isn’t buying it from another state) that police under the Department of Justice have any authority at all to detain or arrest residents of a state in their state, or to confiscate their property. Simply put, as the framers of the Constitution intended, federal police can only work with state police when it comes to matters that don’t physically (or, to extend the concept to today’s technology, virtually) cross borders or state lines.

      • “Any federal police force would only have the power to police interstate commerce (fraud, usually) and certain other types of crimes which can’t accurately be placed in the jurisdiction of a single state (e.g electronic invasion of privacy.) ”

        We are so far adrift from the original constitution, it looks more and more like 1850-1860. Here’s the deal: your speculation is flawed because of the drift from the constitution. Fact: Congress can pass legislation creating a federal police force, with jurisdiction everywhere. Just takes the signature of a President. Indeed, the President can simply have one, or more, of the executive agencies interpret their charter and regulations as including direct policing in the states.

        No need for an amendment to the constitution (which wouldn’t have consent of a sufficient number of states). As in the period of 1850-1860, we can’t let a constitution (or any law) get in the way of doing what is right. If the majorities in Congress determine policing the states is justified, then legislation will succeed. If people think legislation creating a federal police force is unconstitutional, let them challenge such laws in court…or do something else. Meanwhile, a federal law establishing a federal police force with jurisdiction over all crime in the union would be effective until overturned, or not.

  5. So they’re protesting about the police killing someone….by starting to slot each other ? Do the words ‘ hurt ‘ and ‘ brain ‘ have any significance ?

    • Added that to the list along with




      Any info on the race of the victims or shooter?

  6. Maybe we need a larger autonomous zone that we can dump prisoners and illegal aliens into, since they seem to love them so much. Put up real walls around it and let them police themselves. Didn’t they make a couple of movies about that?

  7. I was used to calling this band of lowlife’s “CHAZ”…calling the po-leece? Send in the Marines😏


  8. Seattle Mayor:
    “We have block parties and the like in this part of Seattle all the time, it’s known for that.”
    “There is no threat right now to the public.”


    Capitol Hill auto shop, Car Tender, says it was broken into overnight by protesters in the “CHOP” or “CHAZ” area Sunday night. A suspect tried to start a fire and stole cash, as well as car keys.

    The business owner, John McDermott, says he and his son managed to detain the suspect – but despite more than a dozen 911 calls, police and fire never showed up.

    McDermott said he kept trying to call 911

    “I’m told 19 times,” he said. “They alluded they were sending someone… finally said they weren’t going to send somebody,” McDermott said.

    A huge mob just attacked “Small Tender” business demanding a release of man who went into the business and started a fire, the business is located inside the 6 blocks of #CHAZ a ‘no-cop zone’. Reporting on the ground in #Seattle
    — Jorge Ventura Media (@VenturaReport) June 15, 2020

    McDermott said by that time, they’d already let the suspect go.

    I wonder how that business owner feels about paying taxes?

    • Has this McDermott not heard what is going on? He should have shot the mofo dead and denied knowing anything. Leave the body beside the entrance.

      • My thought exactly. Give him immediate lead poisoning, lean the body against a building in an alley down the street, and put an empty whiskey bottle in his hand. The police won’t do anything, and the occupying terrorists peaceful protesters will think he’s one of the homeless…until the body starts to give off a fragrance du rigor a few days later.

    • I do find it interesting that the business owners agree with the protesters:

      “Later, video from ShawnGui on Twitch shows protesters speaking with the owner.
      “Sorry about the break in,” someone said.
      McDermott said protesters were armed and so was his son. He said they never pointed any firearms at the suspect they detained or the protesters.
      And they’re grateful no one got seriously hurt.
      “It could’ve really gotten out of hand,” he said.
      They say they largely agree with the core message of the protests.
      “The goal was to make the changes,” McDermott said.
      “My heart is sad with all these people. I think there’s a problem that needs to be addressed,” Mason said.
      But they said with no first responders coming after more than a dozen 911 calls — that is unacceptable.“

      “Nobody showed up”: 911 calls bring no response after break in at auto shop
      near Capitol Hill protest zone5 days ago

      • “I do find it interesting that the business owners agree with the protesters:”

        Indeed, the political makeup of the occupants is symbotic, but the “good people” whose business are being destroyed want to support the chaos, yet demand exemption from the cost.

      • Actually CNN had to survey over a dozen business owners to find one they could bribe/coerce into saying anything favorable about that mob… The consensus of business people in Seattle is “move to Idaho or Arizona” nice try though…

      • “But they said with no first responders coming after more than a dozen 911 calls — that is unacceptable.“

        Isn’t this what you wanted Minor 69er? Isn’t this your utopia? The terrorists are in control. That’s paradise isn’t it? Burning, Looting, Murder – BLM at it’s finest. “The bluest skies you ever seen in Seattle” Barack’s Muslims are loving it.

  9. Walling off this “zone” really isn’t viable until you get all the innocent residents out. They are essentially hostages to these anarchists. And I would be interested to know who these shooting victims are. If the two are antifa, then we’ll never know who the shooters are.

  10. There are probably good people stuck in that ‘zone’ thanks to bad planning and bad luck. Doesn’t mean they’re all bad. The problem is that those who are stuck there and want to deal with it by defending themselves can’t depend on the police helping them but can bet that the state and city will prosecute them if they happen shoot someone who is the ‘wrong’ color trying to rob them.

    • “There are probably good people stuck in that ‘zone’”

      Given the far left bent of Seattle politics, how would you define/determine who the “probably good people” are? The voters elect their representatives. Leftist voters elected leftist government. So, are the “probably good people” leftist voters? If so, they deserve the government they elected. Let’s hold judgement on the “goodness” of people “trapped” in CHOP until we know the voting patterns.

    • My thoughts exactly, and that will in turn drive more lawlessness as people realize lore and more that “the law” will be weaponized against the righteous and protect the wicked, as long as the skin colors match the narrative. It’s a fvcked situation and if it continues, massive civil unrest and literal truckloads of bodies are inevitable

    • A bunch of terrorists take over a few city blocks. Can we say there may be some good people in there? I recall a highly ranked figure suffering political fallout over a similar statement.

      Some of the terrorists may be minorities. Can we say there are some bad people in there? I recall a highly ranked figure suffering political fallout over a similar statement.

      To play by the popular rules everyone in there must be either a saint or a sinner. Life is far less nuanced than reality would seem to dictate now that we play by the lefts rules.

      Most important rule is to never, ever judge an individual by their actions. All individuals must be judged against group stereotypes. That is the new tolerant, inclusive and equitable way.

      • Most of the people in there worked hard to be inside. Therefore we can assume that most of the people inside are crazy, none are worth saving if it costs the taxpayer $20.

    • That would not be my assumption. If there are no police, there is no law, you are on your own. The gang rapes will not begin with my wife or daughter, look at us sideways and kiss your ass goodbye. Pick up a 50 cent cookie on your way out and refuse to pay, I’ll wipe the blood off the wrapper and replace the cookie on the shelf.

  11. Since no property owners in CHAZ/CHOP are receiving city or state services, they should file a lawsuit allowing them to suspend all tax payments for the duration of this protest. Since the feds haven’t stepped up to fill the vacuum I’d argue the same for any federal income taxes owed. Since all levels of government have failed these people they should be free of any taxes for a future period depending on how long this continues and how much loss they suffer x100.

    I really could care less for what happens to any outsiders who currently occupy the area, they are there of their own free will. Property owners and those who lease or rent in the area are another matter. The government has utterly failed these people. They should be able to defend themselves and their property with whatever force is necessary with zero liability.

  12. All being said. At least the these people have enough courage to put it on the line for what they believe. Right or Wrong. Unlike most of the people in the firearms community that spend all their courage. Pissing and Moaning on the Interweb about how this law is Unconstitutional or that Judge is Unfair. The same argument these people made until they realized that words accomplish nothing and decided to act. Whether what they are doing will accomplish all their goals only time will tell. As of now I’d say they’re getting more things changed in their favor than not. Not just in Seattle but, all over the nation. So who’s really winning? It sure isn’t the 1st or 2nd A in many places nation wide. Unless you belong to their cause.

    • “At least the these people have enough courage to put it on the line for what they believe. Right or Wrong. ”

      Yes, the courage of the mob. The courage of the looter. The courage of the scavenger.

      Might makes right. Take what you want, then defend it with your weapons. Law of the jungle is the only real law among humans. Everything else is pretense of convenience.

      • No different than what the Founding Patriots did. They too were considered an outlaw mob and rioters in the eyes of the Tyrannical Overlords of their time. While I don’t totally agree with their cause. Neither did all the colonist believe in the fight for Liberty from England. I will give them props for be willing to act on their beliefs. More than can be said for Interweb whiners. So keep on cry-in and see where it gets you.

        • “No different than what the Founding Patriots did. They too were considered an outlaw mob and rioters in the eyes of the Tyrannical Overlords of their time. While I don’t totally agree with their cause. Neither did all the colonist believe in the fight for Liberty from England. I will give them props for be willing to act on their beliefs.”

          Giviung “props” to looters, thieves, is some sort of measure of respect for criminality?

          But wait, below is the list of the historically accepted “founding fathers”, which ones, specifically, mobbed stores, burned down businesses, stole private and business property?

          Andrew Adams
          John Adams
          Samuel Adams
          Thomas Adams
          John Alsop
          Abraham Baldwin
          John Banister
          Josiah Bartlett
          Richard Bassett
          Gunning Bedford Jr.
          Edward Biddle
          John Blair
          Richard Bland
          William Blount
          Simon Boerum
          Carter Braxton
          David Brearley
          Jacob Broom
          Pierce Butler
          Charles Carroll of Carrollton
          Daniel Carroll
          Richard Caswell
          Samuel Chase
          Abraham Clark
          William Clingan
          George Clymer
          John Collins
          Stephen Crane
          Thomas Cushing
          Francis Dana
          Jonathan Dayton
          Silas Deane
          John De Hart
          John Dickinson
          William Henry Drayton
          James Duane
          William Duer
          Eliphalet Dyer
          William Ellery
          William Few
          Thomas Fitzsimons
          William Floyd
          Nathaniel Folsom
          Benjamin Franklin
          Christopher Gadsden
          Joseph Galloway
          Elbridge Gerry
          Nicholas Gilman
          Nathaniel Gorham
          Button Gwinnett
          Lyman Hall
          Alexander Hamilton
          John Hancock
          John Hanson
          Cornelius Harnett
          Benjamin Harrison
          John Hart
          John Harvie
          Patrick Henry
          Joseph Hewes
          Thomas Heyward Jr.
          Samuel Holten
          William Hooper
          Stephen Hopkins
          Francis Hopkinson
          Titus Hosmer
          Charles Humphreys
          Samuel Huntington
          Richard Hutson
          Jared Ingersoll
          William Jackson
          John Jay
          Thomas Jefferson
          Daniel of St. Thomas Jenifer
          Thomas Johnson
          William Samuel Johnson
          Rufus King
          James Kinsey
          John Langdon
          Edward Langworthy
          Henry Laurens
          Francis Lightfoot Lee
          Richard Henry Lee
          Francis Lewis
          Philip Livingston
          William Livingston
          James Lovell
          Isaac Low
          Thomas Lynch
          Thomas Lynch Jr.
          James Madison
          Henry Marchant
          John Mathews
          James McHenry
          Thomas McKean
          Arthur Middleton
          Henry Middleton
          Thomas Mifflin
          Gouverneur Morris
          Lewis Morris
          Robert Morris
          John Morton
          Thomas Nelson Jr.
          William Paca
          Robert Treat Paine
          William Paterson
          Edmund Pendleton
          John Penn
          Charles Pinckney
          Charles Cotesworth Pinckney
          Peyton Randolph
          George Read
          Joseph Reed
          Daniel Roberdeau
          Caesar Rodney
          George Ross
          Benjamin Rush
          Edward Rutledge
          John Rutledge
          Nathaniel Scudder
          Roger Sherman
          James Smith
          Jonathan Bayard Smith
          Richard Smith
          Richard Dobbs Spaight
          Richard Stockton
          Thomas Stone
          John Sullivan
          George Taylor
          Edward Telfair
          Matthew Thornton
          Matthew Tilghman
          Nicholas Van Dyke
          George Walton
          John Walton
          Samuel Ward
          George Washington
          John Wentworth Jr.
          William Whipple
          John Williams
          William Williams
          Hugh Williamson
          James Wilson
          Henry Wisner
          John Witherspoon
          Oliver Wolcott
          George Wythe

        • You are wasting your time explaining it to Sam. The disconnect with reality and gun owners especially on TTAG is unreal. Unfortunately the rights we have lost will not and never will be returned by the courts. Both political parties know this and they also know gun owners will do nothing but whine on the internet about it. This is why the gun owner gets thrown under the bus over and over, sadly they should be the first line when things start getting out of hand.

          • “You are wasting your time explaining it to Sam.”

            Sam knows history, and not a single “founding father” engaged in mob violence. Now, if the mob in Seattle (and elsewhere) want to publish their own DOI, and create their own army, civil war is entirely different.

        • Please Sam explain exactly what the Boston Tea Party was? The Founders of this country did not only similar things as these protesters they also killed a lot of British last I can recall.

          But that’s different violence right? Again the disconnect on reality with the majority of the posters on TTAG is unbelievable.

          • “Please Sam explain exactly what the Boston Tea Party was?”

            First, identify which of the “founding fathers”* was involved. The explanation will then be blatantly obvious.

            *Signers of the DOI, or Constitution

        • The main thing that separates the brave and lionized founding fathers and the leaders of failed rebellions is that victors write the history. The Boston Massacre was hoodlums attacking ‘police’ of the day until they got what they wanted- a violent response perfect for inciting more contempt. The Boston Tea Party was the looting and destruction of private property.

          Of course, there’s another side to it; in 1776, those who declared themselves to be in open rebellion knew that they would be hanged if they didn’t succeed.

    • Yes, all these leftists, bravely fighting for the position that is supported by the mainstream media, all major corporations, government, and the mobs that will try to destroy your life if you step out of line.

      Out they go, knowing their bail will be paid, the charges will be dropped, and that’s in the dubious prospect that arrests happen in the first place. So iconoclastic they are, sticking their necks out for propositions to be found only in the pages of the New York Times, the Washington Post, on CNN, on MSNBC, by every major opinion journalist in the country, by all of academia, by all of one of the major parties, and significant parts of the other one.

      Truly, they are just like our Founding Fathers, who declared independence from the most powerful country on earth with a clear, concise Declaration, and then faced the potentially extremely lethal consequences from that head on. Burning down a Walgreens is totally the modern day equivalent of setting down an aspirational statement of universal human rights that set the template for modern democracy.

      • “Burning down a Walgreens is totally the modern day equivalent of setting down an aspirational statement of universal human rights that set the template for modern democracy.”

        Ouch. Biting sarc and ridicule.

        • Sorry Sam I tried to explain to you the true meaning on courage and you got offended and missed the point. Regardless of how you feel about what is happening. At least these people are willing to fight for what they believe in. Not sit behind a keyboard and Piss and Moan. As for who among the Founding Patriots who were considered criminals. All of them were. By the Crown and they would have all been put to death. Had they lost the fight. Get the connection yet. Except they had the courage to fight for what they believed in. Putting everything on the line and won. It was not their words that won the day. It was the Courage of their convictions. Their willingness to risk all they had. Not knowing the outcome. Only knowing it was worth fighting and dying for. Courage is not based on words. Courage comes from deeds and the victor always writes the history.

          • No, I didn’t get mad. You made the claim that “the Founding Fathers” were not different from common thugs. I simply demanded you back up your assertion with proof; which you did not. Not one of the founders destroyed a private business as a blow for freedom. None of the founding fathers went on a rampage through town or village, seeking to steal whatever they could from undefended targets (courage is not found in bullying and destroying the undefended).

            The false equivalence between a breach of governance based on reasoned demands, and burning a Walgreens is just sophomoric gibberish. BLM has articulated the cover story for the riots and looting; it is Marxism. The manifesto is more akin to the DOI, than burning a Walgreens can ever be. Indeed, the manifesto doesn’t actually call for burning, looting and crime. However, it is a declaration of intent to overthrow the current government, top to bottom.

            Now, having declared independence, where is their army of principled characters? Criminals? Looters? Gangs. Some army, claiming the right to destroy, and simultaneously demanding to be immune from consequences. No, these looters are no where near equivalent to the founding fathers, nor the warriors who defeated England.

            We do have one level of agreement though….the rioters and looters are destroying the right localities: Democrat/Leftist/Progressive cities controlled by Democrat politicians for seven decades. I am all for continuing that destruction. And laughing heartily at the idiocy of this new patriot movement that is warring against the very people who promised to make everything different, and punish all those who are advantaged.

            Keyboard commandos may irritate you, but where are the pictures of you in the field, firebombing a pharmacy “for the cause”?

        • Hey dark I don’t see your name anywhere in the headlines with some list of irl activities fighting against tyranny. How about you get out from behind your keyboard and give it a try.

        • Darkman: REAL courage is one guy standing up to three bullies NOT 40 bullies beating the shit out of one guy or wearing masks while burning a Walgreens in the middle of the night… These punks STAND for nothing but destruction…

    • “At least the these people have enough courage to put it on the line for what they believe. Right or Wrong.”

      Courage is not a virtue in this situation, just as Courage would not be a virtue for a pirate terrorizing the Seven Seas back in the heyday of piracy, or a bank robber plying his trade in the face of armed security.

    • Also, the CHOP/CHAZ people have the backing of the local government and state government, and the support, I am sure, of various Leftwing NGOs. One is not courageous with that kind of support to count on.

  13. Someday, the preserved brains of Seattle residents, including those of the city government and Boss Hogg over at the Seattle PD, need to be analyzed by scientists to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM.

    • “Seems like a tough investigation. They should probably call the Hardly Boys.”

      What, you’re not even giving Nancy Drew a crack at it?

      • Nancy Drew isn’t high enough on the protected list to be safe.

        The Hardly Boys, OTOH, can walk around CHOP no problem. So they can follow their raging clues and catch the perp(s) no problem.

        • “Nancy Drew isn’t high enough on the protected list to be safe. ”

          The videos I’m seeing show a whole lotta young, white, millennial women. Nancy could surely blend in. On the other hand, Honey West would just take care of business, kick the bodies aside, and after a quick shower and change of clothes, meet you for drinks at the Space Needle.

          • On the other hand, Honey West would just take care of business….

            Honey West and Barbed Wire… Mmmmmm what a team…..

        • Nancy Drew is a 1930’s woman and hardly progressive. I doubt she fits in with the modern Mean Girls, especially given the former’s predilection for facts and logic.

          Further, no matter how you cut it, currently in Progressive circles LGBTQ > Women unless a woman is also a POC and LGBTQ. And somehow I don’t feel like Mayor Lightfoot is a high caliber crime solver.

          • “Nancy Drew is a 1930’s woman and hardly progressive.”

            She could wander around with a big smile on her face, looking lost and befuddled. That should be enough cover.

        • I love how conversations meander, I really do.

          This was so far from the original point, that of incompetence, made by The Mystery of the Urinal Duece which is what I was going for, yet it’s still remarkably interesting rambling about fictional characters. Makes my day.

  14. A couple of killings each night is what they need. Give them a few weeks they will open their ‘borders’ and let real people in to do their jobs. I would shed a tear (not) if it wasn’t so damn deserved of them.

  15. Was black on black crime. Now for 2020. Leftist on leftist crime. They color doesn’t matter.
    The Three L’s, the progressive socialist, anarcho-capitalists. The anarchists. They all got their wish. No cops. Now deal with it.

    • As Glenn Reynolds says the cops are just as much there to protect the criminals from the people as the people from the criminals.

  16. So, how’s that peaceful, “no cops”, party zone, “summer long love fest” workin’ out for ya.. It’s all fun and games til a couple of black lives DON’T matter to someone….

  17. Given the neighborhood, I wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t anything more as business as usual and nothing to do with the revolution.

    • Or a disagreement about who calls the shots. That usually results in shots between radicals.

  18. Why are the Seattle police even responding? That bit of land isn’t Seattle anymore.

    • Because the political leaders want to use them as scapegoats. So they have to respond or be fired and lose their paycheck and ability to buy groceries. I strongly suspect they are doing the minimum as possible and there are a ton of applicants for lateral positions outside of Seattle.

      That said, I can’t imagine who the hell would every apply to be a cop in Seattle in the first place unless it was 20 years ago.

  19. They declared themselves an autonomous state. Shooting and killing each other is part of the package.

    Thus shouldn’t be hard to resolve.
    Cut power, water and cell service and three days later offer them a chance to walk away.

    Then the next day move in at dawn. Push them to a collection point where buses are waiting to take them to processing centers.

    In Montana.

    • Whoa there, Son!

      We do NOT want those Antifastan residents processed over here.

      Washington State can keep their own trash.

    • ANTIFA have to follow the manual and find and eliminate “enemies of the state”, some real but mostly imagined.

    • Why Montana?

      They’re still looking for clean landfill over to the Hanford nuclear site.

    • Meh. Fence it off (the city is sort of doing this already) and the utilities will shut things down eventually. Let them burn themselves out in there. No reason to start a fight for Seattle.

      The feds had a good idea letting the ranchers stew when they ‘took over’ federal buildings. The same playbook could work here.

  20. In related news NYC had 17 people shot in 12 hours. Looks like the Big Apple wants to reclaim its title of “Murder Capital USA” that it lost when Rudi Giuliani took over. By all means abolish the police.

  21. A lot of those people down there have a drug problem. They are always drunk.

    Leave a bunch of young drunks in the streets at 2am you know something bad is going to happen with the males. I saw a few videos of that.

    I haven’t seen a video of the shooting. Some people down there said they saw the shooting. I only saw a video were you hear two gun shots.

    The police were not blocked from coming in. By the time the police got there the victims were already being taken to the hospital by the people there.

    If you want to see a ridiculous shooting, check out the Brooks memorial shooting. A bunch of young people wild’n out once the sun went down and (like always) a shooting occurred. A woman, acting as a medic just in case, was shot in the leg. She had a tourniquet ready. There was numerous people out there with guns firing off at something. They claim a white man started the shooting, but the victim said it was a black man that shot her. After that shooting another one happened at the same place. There was some AKs, ARs and shotguns out there.

    • Don’t you hate it, when the “shooting occurs”? I mean, everyone is nice, minding his own business and all of the sudden a shooting just “occurs”. Weird fenomena, these damn shootings, occuring out of the blue left and right without anyone’s help. Shootings and ball lightnings…

      • “I mean, everyone is nice, minding his own business and all of the sudden a shooting just “occurs”.”

        Indeed. And that is the problem with guns; they just go off. No one knows when and how. People just can’t control guns. That is what makes it so dangerous that just anyone can own a gun. In a crowded theater, school, mall, street party, a gun can just suddenly appear, and bang, someone is hurt. ‘Tis a puzzlement.

  22. You people trying to conflate these thugs to our founding fathers are are obviously low IQ …..
    This is funny as heck….. they always said why not just give the thugs as many guns as they want…. after a certain amount if time they’ll have killed each other off… maybe that’s what’s happening here lol….

    Damn good thing im not the mayor of that ghetto city, I’d have SWAT on their asses before they knew what hit them….

    “Chaz”…… nothing but dirty ghetto dwellers who think they’re actually doing something positive lol….. this is who “they”are…

    • “Chaz”…… nothing but dirty ghetto dwellers who think they’re actually doing something positive lol…..

      They should rename it CHUMPZ (Communist Held Ubiquitous Moronic Peoples Zone) cause they are ALL being played aka “useful idiots”…..

  23. When I was on the job, we would refer this as a NHI Homicide, (No Human Involvement) they want their own zone, let them clean it up. Not my problem. Do not waste tax dollars on this. You catch them, you clean them. Now hearing this, you might think that everyone should be afforded justice, yea not so much. .
    That being said, am I the only one hoping (really hoping) for a revolution, bring it, I have been preparing for 20 + years, bring it!

    • I believe you will get your wish – mostly because politicians refuse to deal with the source of the problem: Academia.

  24. CHAZ is such a small area this could have been an international insodent. Somebody with meager deer hunting skills and a silencer could have inflicted this damage. CHAZ should call up the UN for their support and defense of their borders. Maybe get Interpol to investigate this grievous transgression of their sovereign territory. Or maybe they should all wake up and get a life while they still can.

      • For the original load out absolutely on the 7.62 up to 20mm. The 105 might be a tad over doing it into US territory but I guess the 40mm should be ok if you keep it close to the central zone.

  25. One dead and one wounded? That’s an average minute in Chriaq. C’mon, CHAZ, you can do better. Let the bodies hit the floor!

  26. “conducting a thorough investigation” — with no witnesses, no forensic evidence, and no access to the crime scene (if the shooting even was a crime).

  27. Because no one gets shot anywhere else in the US. The police stop approximately zero murders. They show up after, and if the person who got killed was rich or famous enough they will investigate.

    Fuck the police.

    • The law stops exactly zero murders.

      Screw the law.

      TTAG management must believe this guy is a McCrystal troll because he didn’t get cancelled after dropping an actual F-bomb.

      • In Somalia, the main driver of the violence was young men, armed with AK’s and hopped up on khat. Young men, stimulant drugs and guns are a formula for unpleasantness just about anywhere in the world.

        In these protests, look carefully at the video footage. You’ll notice a large cohort of the destruction being done by black-clad people on the front lines who are chunky, out-of-shape, young (18 to early 30’s) white females, doubtless the proud owners of one or more useless college degrees with the word “studies” in the name.

        This is different than past protests movements in the US. Feminism and indoctrination-posing-as-education in an intellectually cancerous amalgam of ideas rooted in both marxism and 1970’s post-modernist French gasbags (eg, Foucault[*], Derrida, et al) has given us a cohort of women who are acting like cult members. We’ve seen this violence from women before, but from actual cults and not at this scale: Charlie Manson’s women and the Weather Underground women are two examples of actual cults recruiting young women. Patty Hearst is another singular example. In all of these examples, the brainwashed young females were willing to commit violence with even more fervor than young males.

        This time, we’re seeing this type of behavior scaled up to thousands of young, middle-class females. Academia has weaponized the brainwashing of young females.

        [*] – it was about 10 years ago I noticed that Foucault being noted as the “most cited” author in US humanities papers/thesis writings. This was the clue we missed that we were going to have real problems down the road. If you read Foucault’s writings, you see quickly that he was a forerunner of the sort of intellectual gibberish you’re hearing spouted with such earnestness today.

        • +1. Unfortunately Sophistry has been with us since at least the Greeks.
          I keep thinking of Russia around 1915-1918. All kinds of creeps and weirdos were accepted and even celebrated (Rasputin) until the educated driven amoral individuals took control in the chaos. (Lenin/Stalin/Trotsky.)
          All the people begging for a revolution need to study the history of revolutions starting with the French Revolution. If you want to see radical that one is hard to surpass. Hell they even got rid of the names of the days of the week.
          These people at Chop? They are Stalin’s useful idiots.

        • Indeed, sophistry is a constantly recurring issue in philosophy and academic jaw-jacking.

          The problem with today’s useful idiots is that they’ve been led down a path towards expensive stupidity (ie, non-dischargeable student debt) where they cannot even negotiate ontology successfully: they think that men are women and women are men with only a verbal pronouncement of these ‘facts,’ that white people can be black people and vice-versa. They’ve dissolved the foundation of facts that underpin reality, they’re pissed off that no one wants to hire them, they’re deeply indebted and lacking any work ethic.

          When we get to a point where there are people willing to use physical violence to enforce their idea that mammals with a XX chromosome are the same as mammals with a XY chromosome, the time for discussion and debate is long over. The SCOTUS just reinforced this worldview in a recent decision, re-writing the definitions of words in the process. We’re now at a point where discussion is over, and rational, sane people better realize this fact. Discussion and debate are no longer useful here. Only force and dominance will allow reality to prevail.

          No one is safe from these people, because they will demand conformance (to the letter) of their insanity. The “woke” left has become a functioning pseudo-religious cult, demanding conformity to a canonical law, apology for “original sin” (in the ‘woke’ church, this is being born white), and rigorous punishment for apostasy/heresy (eg, uttering “All lives matter” or similar observations). 21st century American academia has created a functional cult, and as with most cults, they want to recruit dumb, upper-class, white females – because these are the most gullible minds out there, and also because once they have a cohort of young, single females in their grasp, recruiting rough young men as their muscle becomes much easier.

          BTW, my observation is that all cults function on recruitment of young females into their ranks. These are divvied up as perks for the high echelons of the cult, and as bait for attracting young thugs for the enforcement arm(s) of the cult. For those who don’t believe me, go read up on the actions of Scientology in the 70’s and 80’s (at the peak of their power) and the current ‘woke’ cult. Same actions, same techniques, same monstrous behaviors.

        • Well NXIVM did leave a void up this way and the college kids were already leaning towards Sanders……. dangit dyspeptic why do you have to go above and beyond with articulating the worst case and likely issues at hand.

        • Dyspeptic you are correct, they have literally become worse than Jim Jones. It’s not’s just a couple thousand who have imbibed the cool-aid but tens of millions. I hope that the situation improves but I fear that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And your also right, the left’s true believers know nothing but the mindless dribble they were force fed from elementary school through their “graduate” degree.
          What’s the longest running Republic? Off the top of my head I think it’s Rome which may have lasted a good 400 years. I was hoping we would challenge them but anymore I’m not sure.

  28. USA police, fire, EMT, etc. have a right and duty to refuse service to the communist azzhat country of Chaz.

    • Indeed – and that’s exactly what happened:

      This is a hilarious example of the child-like “thinking” that is happening in these young, brainwashed communist thugs’ minds right now. They’re acting like kids who claim they’re leaving home because they don’t like their parents’ rules, but who show up at dinnertime for free food.

      • +1 for your apt description of the CHOPpers.

        …and may I add…

        Rat Raz Simone Dada, President for Life of CHOPlandia…the Worker’s Paradise! *

        (If I had any lyrical or songwriting abilities I would try to rhyme him with “whiny little biotch”)

        * for readers too young to remember Idi Amin Dada please search and learn what a truly despicable human can achieve when guided by their tribal and racial politics.

      • “They’re acting like kids who claim they’re leaving home because they don’t like their parents’ rules, but who show up at dinnertime for free food.”

        Bingo. Your phrase is worth adopting for future use.

      • Medics refused to help even after people in the CHOP begged. They let our bro bleed out for 30 minutes till he died. Fuck politics. Fuck your currupt system.

        Guess CHUMPZ leader RAZ didn’t get a copy of the video of “HIS” people throwing bottles and bricks at cops when they tried to go in… EMTs are NOT going into such a hostile environment without backup.. Sounds like CHUMPZ needs to get busy and hire or train some medical people if they expect to be “autonomous” because that requires self reliance and personal responsibility, something entirely foreign to this group of snowflakes…

  29. Who cares, that “zone” is a joke

    Im just across the lake from Seattle, i’ve seen the stupid chop/chaz zone. There is no armed “ “guards” with checkpoints, or anything like that. Its a bunch of homeless people, drug addicts, artsy hippies.

    Its nothing like whats shown in the media, its mostly just a bunch of dirty bums and teenagers.

  30. If you are surprised by this you are a MORON ! It was a predictable outcome. I’ll bet one of the” armed guards ” was involved .

  31. Turn off all utilities. Put up a DMZ a couple of blocks around the new city cesspool. NOTHING GOES IN NOTHING COMES OUT. Let these domestic terrorist kill themselves off or starve to death. I honestly prefer the later.
    Better yet. FUCKKKK THEM. They ARE domestic terrorist. We already have Anti-Terrorist units. Send them in at night and kill everyone there. Make an example like they did with osoma bin laden. Leave the bodies in the streets for the main stream media to see. The sign over the entrance will say THIS IS HOW THE USA DEALS WITH TERRORIST.
    Steve G

    • We already have Anti-Terrorist units. Send them in at night and kill everyone there. Make an example like they did with osoma bin laden. Leave the bodies in the streets for the main stream media to see.

      Fortunately you are not in charge and this is NOT Iran, Russia, China, N. Korea, Turkey or Venezuela… This is a city of Seattle/Washington State issue not a Federal problem and everywhere else this has been attempted got shut down immediately (Portland, Nashville etc.)… The liberals in Washington State apparently don’t like their jobs which is a good thing because I think a lot of them will be out of work after Nov..

  32. If the Mayor of Seattle, and the Governor of Washington state are unhappy with the president’s idea of “sending troops”, fine. How about the Mayor and the Governor dealing with the problem they are, in some measure, responsible for the creation of.

  33. Surround the area with 8-12ft fence topped with doubled razor wire, shut off gas, electric and water, no one in and no one out; let them have their autonomous zone. Or, do what should have been done in the first place and free/eliminate the zone and begin acting like the elected, hired and trained officials tasked with the responsibility of preserving and protecting the people and society.

  34. Woohoo! Mayor Durkan’s “Summer of Love” begins on the 1st full day of summer!

  35. I’m not one who likes to make predictions, but having been a kid during the riots of the late 60’s and the anti-war movement then, and having paid attention to the Occupy Wall Street” nonsense, I think I can guess one possible way this situation could end.

    A bunch of women are going to get raped in the “autonomous” zone. Then, despite being told to keep it quiet by their left-wing masters (so as to not distract from the “more important” message), the women will start to talk about these things with other women, and quite likely, talk with women outside the “CHAZ/CHOP/thingamajig” area.

    Then word will start to get out on social media, it will be talked about for a couple of days, and then the “cute, but dumb” population is going to pack up, leave and not come back. After that, there won’t be much attraction to staying in a six-block area with a bunch of pissed-off residents and a bunch of thugs, and most of the idiot male twerps will filter out and disappear back into mommy and daddy’s basements.

    There’s already been one rape mentioned on social media inside CHAZ/CHOP/whatever. As the summer heats up, I’m sure we’ll hear about more of them. Same thing happened in OWS, same thing happened in the anti-war protests and camp-outs of the late 60’s. Young, “college-educated” women are easy pickings for sexual predators, and when a bunch of them gather in areas where law enforcement is excluded, well… bad things can (and do) happen.

    • Occupy redux, lot of ways things can shake out but if not broken up this seems likely.

  36. The commenters on here are saying weird things. Why do you guys always lie? Chaz doesnt need police and neither do you. The police just want to take your guns and the chaz want you to keep your guns. You are stepping on the people you should be supporting! Shame on you! Seems like a conflict of interest or you were never serious about freedom and just wanted to troll and pretend to care about freedom. Dirty hypocrites the whole lot of you.

    The thugs and gangbangers are innocent so why all the vitriol? Thats racist! First you are mad the politicians want cops to take your guns and then chop gets rid of the cops and your freedom is more secure despite having them do ALL the work you want them to fail? I dont understand you. Its like you want chop to fail just because they are democrats or liberals. If they fail what hope is their for you? The west was won with people defending their own land with guns. The larger the federal government and greater need for their protection the more likely the cops will steal all your shit. If chop fails so do you.

    • “The commenters on here are saying weird things. Why do you guys always lie? Chaz doesnt need police and neither do you.”

      Really wanted to follow your line of thought here, but the Colonel just opened a new box of chocolate cookies….

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