Rex Huppke
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There’s nothing quite like being condescended to and sneered at by an effete “humor” columnist as he shakes his head and tsk-tsks at the spectacle of all the rubes out there responding rationally to violence in the streets and civil unrest.

According to FBI data, nearly 3 million firearm background checks were conducted in May, a 32% jump over the same month last year. And according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (I’m a member, but mainly for the cool T-shirts), the first half of this year brought in more than 2.5 million first-time gun owners.


Here in Illinois, according to a Tribune report, the Illinois State Police said “more than 40,000 Illinoisans applied for a gun permit in a little more than two weeks this month, more than 500% over this time last year.”

This is obviously great news. You don’t have to be an expert on social stability to know the best way to calm a nervous, angry nation is to add a few million additional lethal firearms into the mix.

And besides, it’s our constitutional right to shoot at anything that comes on our property, whether it’s a coronavirus, a scary person yelling things we disagree with or a horde of Marxists trying to tear down the 16-foot Elvis statue in my front yard.

Sure, you could take the latte-liberal approach and direct your fears into action, finding proactive ways to improve communities and better understand either the pandemic or the root causes of the ongoing protests, but that sounds like something a French person would do.

– Rex Huppke in Column: America responds to protests & coronavirus by stocking up on guns – I must protect my Elvis statue!

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  1. He thinks he is so woke. Until he wakes up staring at a gun in his face and is turned into a cuck and then murdered. I’m sure he wont mind that’s how you pay for the sins of white privilege.

  2. If you REALLY want to make a difference in this political landscape then contact your state and Federal legislators and make them file a companion bill to the one that was just filed in Idaho. How do you “make” them? If they refuse, and have either a primate opponent or an opponent in the General, offer it to them and take it to the media. The media will of course cover it negatively but then at least the voters will know where everyone stands!

  3. No…most are getting ready for the defunding and/or disbanding of police…no cash bail…etc . .
    Once/if the gangs stop shooting each other, they will look for other targets.
    Better to be safe than sorry…right?
    Hoping new gun owners get some proper training…observe proper safety protocols…and store their guns safely when not in use.
    Other than that…welcome and try to encourage others to join.

  4. Given that statement as to the supposed right to shoot people, the guy sounds like a danger to others and someone should report him to the police under the state’s “red flag” law.

    • I’m sure if you reached in to the memory hole you could quote this guy saying that its a unpossible conspiracy theory that Democrats want to defund the police, tear apart our history, and rebuild the country in to a commie utopia. Now that things have quickened, I wonder how long before this guy is eating these words and Elvis is erased/cancelled because he’s a southerner and is guilty of cultural appropriation.

  5. If I had an Elvis statue, a lawn jockey or a bird bath I would suggest that you not try and tear it down, just a suggestion in the interest of public health.

    • I too believe in indiscriminate public mass destruction at the slightest provocation. If we sat down at talked, I believe we could come to an agreement that would save the lives of all our families.

      Eric Swalwell 2020

      • Alright, I’m sitting down with you at the table and willing to talk. You first.

        • Okay, here goes: Give the police all your guns or I’ll kill you with a nuclear bomb.

          Your counter offer sir?

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Sure. Only POTUS has access to the nuclear codes, and even then only within a narrow range of permissible circumstances. You, good sir, are a House Representative (CA D-15), so your statement to send a nuke is moot.

          Your turn.

        • Okay, okay…. I brought in former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to help with the negotiations….. She’s saying that you need to give up the guns and admit that “the thing with those under age girls was your idea” (what ever that means) or she’ll kill yourself.

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Interesting. Is she still fogging a mirror? She has not held office in any capacity since her term as Secretary of State expired back in Feb 2013. She has no jurisdiction nor authority to make any statements.

          Also, the Second Amendment – pursuant to the U.S. Constitution to which you yourself vowed under oath to support and defend – does not include any reference to “negotiations”.

          If you – or any agent you attempt to employ on your behalf, such as Mrs. Clinton – attempt to confiscate or otherwise forcibly effect the surrender of arms from citizens, you will have become the very “enemy foreign or domestic” you swore to defend us from. And, Mr. Swalwell, you will be betraying me not only as a U.S.A. citizen, but as a fellow Californian as well. Double damn you.

          Still, if it’s your intent to persist, I challenge you to be the first in the entry stack as you approach my home to commit treason against your countrymen and attempt to violently remove my lawful property from me under threat of my death if I do not comply with your diktat. It will be noted that you will be armed, while demanding that I cannot be. The event will be recorded and streamed live to the world so that I may be the martyr for the cause of restoring our American Freedoms; the spark that so many frustrated Patriots waiting on the sidelines are waiting for to justify their inevitable involvement in this culture war you are fomenting. You think George Floyd’s death sparked a movement, a career criminal who inspired the morally defunct Leftists? Just wait until the broad American public sees that their Government has finally turned itself against the true peaceable citizens, those who simply want to live their lives and raise their families in the traditions of God, Country, Mom, Baseball, and Apple Pie. If there truly are 400+ million guns owned by at least a third of Americans, and only 3% of them get pissed off enough to finally obey the DOI and resist your tyranny by “throwing you off”, that’s well over 3 million armed and pissed off freedom fighters you’ll have to contend with. And that’s not even counting the many, many others who will not act with guns, but will coordinate to covertly subterfuge your forces to bog them down.

          Patrick Henry – March 23, 1775
          Virginia Convention, House of Burgesses
          St John’s Church, Richmond, Virginia

          “…Three millions of people, armed in the holy cause of liberty, and in such a country as that which we possess, are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us…”

        • Mao Zedong
          Speech At The Lushan Conference
          July 23, 1959

          “If you have to shit, shit! If you have to fart, fart! You will feel much better for it.”

          I feel great!

          Eric Swalwell 2020

        • Thank you for the privilege of the conversation, Representative Swalwell. Your decision to quote a Communist leader whose ‘Great Leap Forward’ project resulted in the murders of 45 million of his own countrymen speaks volumes to your character. Or lack thereof. You have saved me (all of us?) a considerable amount of time by displaying your immaturity and poor understanding of the position you hold as a U.S. Representative.

          No further discussion is necessary.

          And good luck to you, should you actually attempt to confiscate, I’d really like to be there to watch as you pick up a firearm for the first time and try to figure out how to use it without shooting your own toe off. You should instruct the SWAT officers traitors with you beforehand not to snicker.

        • It’s not often a comment thread makes me laugh this hard! Mr. Swalwell, I wish you nothing but luck in your quest to improve morale by exhaustive means, whether solid or gaseous.

  6. Would I shoot someone for pulling down a statue in my front yard, no. The cops would be called though. The problem with all of these progressives are calls to defund the police and remove your guns. So you can’t call the cops and you don’t own firearms to defend yourself from the mob

    What happens when I can’t call the cops and there are angry people at my front door?Probably bad things.

    Another thing to consider, the Democrats in general are all calling for the police to be defunded and they would like the border to be opened. You would then have a problem of the drug cartels coming in and owning cities and we know how well they treat people.

    Just food for thought before the voting booths open.

    • “they would like the border to be opened”

      I almost forgot about that one since they’ve been laser focused on “their” other minority group that Trump was gaining ground with. Don’t tell them now, but more illegal immigration and fewer cops actually hurts the black community, but this isn’t really about solving problems, is it? It’s about creating more problems to blame on someone else, and coasting into power from a combination of rage and guilt.

    • I for one would like to be the first to welcome our new overlords and offer my services to the new regime…. er… governing body. I would like them to know that I have lists of trouble makers and would be happy to accommodate any need they may have. I’M USEFUL!! PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!! I CAN HELP YOU!!!


      Eric Swalwell 2020

    • And also more Corona Virus is being brought in by the invaders from other countries which is another reason for spikes in Arizona and Texas.

  7. I was totally unaware that “finding proactive ways to improve communities” involved getting paid for spitting venom at millions of Americans.

    Goddamn. This wise sage has opened my eyes to the fact that I need to get wise to the ways of the modern world.

    Now, excuse me while I sign up for a course on Women’s Studies so I can get all educated and shit.

    • Bad news. There’s no FAFSA loans for “useless bullshit online courses” unless I want to take Queer Gender Studies and that class is full.

      So… I’m learning is actually a lot of work and… other people seem reasonably happy being ignorant… so I’m just gonna go with what I learned from the author and say “Fuck douchebag humor columnists”.

      Hey, Trib, you owe me a check!

    • “finding proactive ways to improve communities”

      Well yeah, you know, like CHOP. No more nasty police. So what do the self-appointed guardians do? They attack someone on site for looking the wrong way! Just ask Yankee Marshal (an ally).

      Or how about democrat state Senator Tim Carpenter (also an ally). “I don’t know what happened … all I did was stop and take a picture … and the next thing I’m getting five-six punches, getting kicked in the head,” he said.

      Or what about all of the people just trying to drive down the road? Yeah, those “protesters” are the real heroes out making a difference in the world.

      • Unpossible. The protests are 100% peaceful. I bet that Carpenter guy was a right-wing agitator who kicked himself in the head just so he could blame it on some beautiful brown people.

    • “…finding proactive ways to improve communities …” Well, Chicago has been doing that for years. I think they need to tweek a few things, tho. Maybe if they gave out free drugs, the bad guys would be nice.

  8. This fool thinks its just ‘rubes’ and hicks buying guns? Anybody with two brain cells to rub together are buying guns because of the out of control monster that antifa and the left have become.

    If this guy has a mother I’ll bet she’s just bought a gun.

  9. I thought everyone had an Elvis statue in their yard. If not, what do you have.

    My Elvis is saluting the flag on my flag pole.

    • I don’t…yet. But now you’ve given me the idea of dressing up the garden gnome positioned in my front yard with an Elvis costume + wig. And maybe a KAGA badge.

  10. My crap cost me hard earned $. 4 weeks ago the barbarians were truly at the gate’s. My family & I sat in my home ready,willing and able to repel whomever trespassed. And my pathetic local 5-O allowed the scum to loot & destroy at will. Eff you and your weenie self…

    • Gives me a thought! I can accept that I shouldn’t kill the punks vandalizing my Elvis statue (grump, bitch, complain), but hosing them with a damn Airsoft gun should be fair, right? I have an electric M14 with giggle switch, full auto and a pellet goes right through a prickly pear cactus pad, should leave a mark, at the rate of around 600/minute. Think I’ll charge that battery and load that puppy up!

  11. I sort of agree with him. We should have been out there with our guns defending Abe and Sam.

    • When good people done nothing. Evil can do as it pleases. But when good people stand up. Evil will go away. To find other weak individuals.

  12. Who holds the door open for democRats? The gun talking azzhats who denigrate the POTUS. Next are gun talking bigots fixated on skin color, ethnicity, etc.
    When a democRat sees a gun talking bigot spew they broad bush it into everyone who owns a gun is a bigot. Thanks to POTUS bashers and bigots the democRat gets the high ground.
    Frankly…Gun talking POTUS bashers and gun talking bigots are to The 2A what a drunk farting gasbag is to fine dining.

  13. Woke douchebags like him are all condescending smirks and finger wagging until their sorry butts are bitten off by the same leftards they had a hard-on for.

    • Mini – like say da mayor in Olympia WA as one shining example…………….
      Other posters already listed several others who literally got ‘woke’ to the cold hard truth.

  14. Wish we could be there when he cries out his last words – “but I am on your side!!”.

    • Vic – nope – I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near, wouldn’t want to get caught in any overflow OR get ‘blamed’ for not intervening – aren’t the types like him (never heard of him BTW) ALWAYS claiming that anyone with a gun just can’t wait to shoot down some ‘innocent’ protester.

  15. Well you can knock my statue down, Step on it’s face
    Slander it’s name all over the place
    Do anything that you want to do
    But uh uh baby, stay off of my blue suede shoes
    Don’t step on my blue suede shoes
    Well you can do anything but I’ll shoot you down
    If you step on my blue suede shoes…

    • Gov. I reckon that if they are stepping on my blue suede shoes (while I’m wearing them of course) they are a direct and imminent threat to my well being.

      • If they’re in your yard vandalizing your Elvis statue it aught to at least be legal to fill their ass with birdshot.

  16. This guy sounds a little nervous. He’s probably aware that his neighbors are arming up and that he’s going to have to do the same. It scares him.

  17. I don’t have an Elvis statue. But I do have a couple of lawn jockeys that I salaam to every day. So I’m good, right?

  18. Yee-haw pew pew pew is for weekend shooting at my property with pumpkins and tannerite. First time gun buyers are for when the social ills boil over into violence. I support all manner of legislative and policy changes that may elevate the disenfranchised and offer opportunities to lift up those held down. Poverty, racism, cronyism, classism, sexism, and so on are cancers that need careful eradication. The “heritage not hate” folks need to understand that their heritage relied heavily on hate. You tear down any memorial you like, but you’re not addressing issues either. My gun is for those who come for me and mine, that might judge me by the color if my skin and not know I believe in human rights for all, I stand for the flag because of its promise, I want no more needless violence, I believe love is love between consenting adults, I believe you should represent your color, creed, and faith proudly, and I want to never need my gun. Seatbelt, airbag, fire extinguisher, insurance, medical kit, and gun…. all the same. He doesn’t know me, he doesn’t know us… he judges me because I own an inanimate object. That’s prejudice… to pre-judge… but I don’t say “screw you” to him. I say let’s talk. Get to know me. That’s how you defeat prejudice. Fear something? Study it. Turn ignorance to knowledge, then agree to disagree after you know what you’re talking about IF you still disagree.

  19. Chimps, or no chimps, the guy with the sword was killed, not merely beaten. If he had a gun and used it maybe he’d still be alive.

    • Hey!!! Please don’t give them any ideas… Can’t a man have a couple of pink plastic bird replicas on his lawn and still live in peace…? 🙂

  20. people that have an elvis statue on their front lawn arent the problem in america
    people that have a problem with people that have an elvis statue on their front lawn are

    • If you wanna make the world a better place
      Take a look at yourself and then make a change

  21. Thus, when a rapist punches a women in the face and then comes at her with a knife, that woman should call up the nearest social services office to pledge money for social services and request that a social worker come out to council the rapist, right?

    Saying it another way, when you have a tooth with a cavity and the pain has become unbearable, you should call up the nearest dental school to donate money for upcoming hygienists and dentists and request a consultation from the nearest dentist office on good oral hygiene practices, correct?

    That author is a fool. We keep and bear arms for the times when the various private and public social services have failed and bad actors pose an immediate threat to life, limb, and property.

  22. As a naturalized US citizen born and raised in France, I am particularly annoyed by American leftists who assume everything “liberal” is French, it’s as French as “French” fries or the “French” vanilla you can get at the grocery store. Sure, France is a socialist stronghold, but millions of French support Marine Le Pen. Of course the globalists always win the presidential elections because there is no electoral college in France, so it doesn’t really matter what the more rural areas have to say.
    I have met liberals who, when they found out I was an immigrant from France, immediately assumes I was a leftist and wanted to be friendly. I didn’t tel then I had mainly conservative ideologues, I supported the 2A, owned, and carried guns. Maybe I should have, just to see their reactions. Some of these folks are also particularly ridiculous when they firmly believe they understand everything about socialism, just because they spent 2 weeks in Paris or Berlin. I have lived, worked, and paid taxes under a socialist government. It sucks and the system fails when many cheat it, which inevitable happens, in addition to wealthy folks fleeing the country.

    • Nous ne rejetons pas tous le français. J’aime la France et le français. J’ai des amis et de la famille en France. Je parle français (bien que mal). Je suis allé en france. J’apprécie la culture française et le rôle (parfois réticent) que les Français ont joué dans la formation de ma nation. En ce qui me concerne, Vous êtes le bienvenu ici.

      • After the edit option had expired, I realized that my usage of “nous” may have indicated that I meant “We liberals.” I didn’t. I meant “We Americans.” Some of us appreciate the French. Ignore those who don’t.

        (I told you my French was bad)

    • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D

      The mini series “Jon Adams” does a good job at portraying the French. They honestly have always perplexed me. Wanting so bad to be separate from the British, yet they progress so far they become socialists. I visited Paris briefly when I was in Europe and TBH, it was the only time I felt like I wasted a trip, even though most my trips across Europe were drunken Army vacations. Can I ask why you have stayed there? Or how long?

  23. I’ve got an American flag on my front yard. Anyone tries to take it or burn it won t know what hit them.

    • My 40 foot with a crisp 6×10 has hopefully been triggering all the anti American leftist for years now. All I know is that many veterans and patriots have been welcome to come sit on the porch and kick back with a cold one while they listen to it flap in the breeze.

      The pole is made out of 5 inch American steel used water pipe and is slotted into a 5-6 foot deep concrete base. I suggest anyone wanting to tear it down bring something with more torque than a Prius and make DAMN sure I am not home when you do it if you value your life.

      While I am aware I am not legally allowed to shoot anyone for destruction of property, it is important to realize I’m not always having a day where IGAF. God bless America.

      • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D

        That last part was the most American shit I’ve heard all day. Brings a tear of joy to my eye.

    • I have a pair of 3x5s on 6ft poles, mounted at 45 degs on the columns that support the portico in front of my house, with the walkway between them.
      I’ve gotten nothing but positive responses about these flags from my neighbors.

  24. I ain’t got no statues but what I do have is MINE. Dont make a F what it is it’s MINE not some liberal, racist, kommie, socialist or any other category that wants to do whatever they want wherever they want.

  25. Wow you people really are morons if you are going to kill a fellow human being for messing with your lawn ornaments. You are living proof that Huppke is right.

    • We tried reasoning with the unreasonable. Effective communication requires you speak in a language the other party understands. We keep trying but English is proving ineffective.

      Respect is a two way street. We have offered respect and dialog over and over and it is never reciprocated.

      However, we wish all to live as they see fit while these other people attempt to use force, fear, and manipulation to make people live how they see fit. But we are called fascists.

      These rioters and others committing violence have shown they are not interested in conversation or compromise. They have exercised their freedom to choose and will need to own up to the responsibilities required of those choices as we all must.

      But that makes us morons??? LOL

    • No, we certainly do NOT want to kill anyone over some paltry lawn ornaments. But when people criminally trespasses onto another’s property for the purpose of causing destruction and/or theft, then it is well within the owner’s right to present him/herself to the intruder(s) and announce that trespass is being committed and will not be tolerated. When the intruder(s) then turn their attention to the owner and approach with the clear intent to assault that will result in bodily harm or death to the owner…then the situation has progressed to a clear case of self defense, and the owner will present arms. If the end result is a dead criminal, then so be it.

      Oh, and be sure to have the entire event video recorded.

    • Respect people’s property rights and there aren’t any problems. When you destroy or steal property, you are taking someones labor from them. That person traded time out of their life for pay. Then they acquired property and other goods better their lives, and the lives of their family members. If you go and destroy their property, you are then stealing that time from them.

      If you really are a vet then you should go back and get a refresher on your oath. Then read the Constitution, the Federalist papers, the Anti-federalist papers, and other writings by people during the founding of the country. You might even want to go back to the Magna Carta and read forward from there. Then you might understand why what you probably want to happen in this country, some form of the failed ideology of socialism, is antithetical to the core philosophy of the country.

    • How much is Stanley paying you?

      The Elvis statue thing is your classic strawmwn. They aren’t pulling statues of Elvis yet. They are pulling down Lincoln and Grant in an organized mob 5aluban style.

      I doubt very much you are a veteran of any kind.

      • The guy’s username says he’s a liberal member of the Chair Force. They exist. I know a guy who was a straight up socialist and sometimes communist who joined the Army to get his student loans paid off.

    • Just because I might shoot the trespassers does not mean I am going to kill them. I might just shoot them in the testicle, or perhaps use a double dose of rocksalt. No need to go so far as murder, just teach them that there are conciquences for their illegal actions.
      I guess that I could leave the gun out of the equasion and just use a 16th century Samari sword to decapitate them. Would you feel better if no gunpowder were involved?
      Being a Libertarian I feel that it is better for the neighborhood to solve its’ own problems than to have government come in and make a bigger mess of the situation. What with “experts” running the show and corruption and coroniaism and all.

    • Don’t start none won’t be none.
      Pretty easy.
      Well for normal people it is.
      For idiots who believe they’ve a right to touch what doesn’t belong to them they need educated in the highest form.
      I guess my rooster weather vane will be next. I’m
      sure somehow it had fault in a criminal getting killed being criminal and made me better than everyone else because I could tell which way the wind was blowing.

  26. It really shows how much people like him hate property rights. Someone on your law screaming is violating your property rights. If they are attempting to attack you, then you can defend yourself. Someone attempting to tear down your Elvis status is violating your property rights. You should be able to defend your property and the government should back you up as a citizen and a tax payer. Unfortunately they are so compromised that they will go after you and arrest you while the mob burns your property down.

  27. “Ma, cover me while I get me some pork rinds! Them uppity darkies are out riotin’ agin!”

    Fucking snowflakes.

    • You know how can ID a paid troll? He calls people concerned with actual violence snowflakes while he covers his eyes and ears when he hears words he doesn’t like.

        • McCrystal is paying you, don’t double dip.

          Pro tip:. The fastest way to identify yourself as a paid troll is to say something like “Heah, Soros, where’s my check.” It is best just to ignore it

  28. Well let me tell you how I see this

    “finding proactive ways to improve communities and better understand either the pandemic or the root causes of the ongoing protests”

    when I was a kid in the 70’s everything was going just fine until SH—IT WAS GETTING FIXED!…the 80’s and F—icking Regan gave mexicans ‘amnesty’ and Screwed it all up by giving the GO signal to 50 million more illegals and counting
    all that influx of poor ruined all the good the US had been building on in black communities for 40 years and back to square one
    AKA put one poor person in a poor hood its fine —put 50 they eat each other!

    • Are kidding? The 80s were the high point of the disaster that was The Great Society. NYC, DC and other liberal cities were absolute cesspits then.

  29. Huppke is a jagbag… One of the main reasons I cancelled the Trib after decades… The 2 main Chicago papers are rags, I feel sorry for Kass…

  30. All of this rhetoric about ‘gun control’ is mostly being funded by Bloomberg and his Everytown Organization. His failure and unwillingness to understand and support the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution is a travesty of justice and common sense. His hypocritical stance is obvious because of his use of personal security; I will lend belief to his motivations when he goes without the security just like the rest of us and no pitiful excuse about being a target for radicals, nuts, etc as we all are.

  31. This isn’t humor, it’s snark. Snark is the tool of those who don’t know how to actually be funny.

  32. Time for another rant about paid trolls and free speech.

    This is private space and there is no free speech here. Just say the wrong thing and you get moderated. Engage in personal invective against the staff and you get banned. And I support TTAG’s right to that. This is their front lawn and if they want you off of it then they can kick you off.

    So why do they not have anti-troll policy. Dan says free speech but he doesn’t believe this or he would not moderate any comments. We all know that the Left has started a troll campaign because TTAG had an article on it. They are engaged in information operations against their political opponents. They view this as war. If you want to beat them, you fight back. They expending money to run their troll campaign. If you cancel them then they are expending money for nothing. War is ultimately about logistics and resources. Paid trolls are not hard to identify. Everyone troll deleted is money McCrystal has wasted. Trolls are being sent here to engage in free debate. They are sent here not only to cause a stir but to create a pretext to demonitize the site just like they did to the Federalist.

    It’s really about clicks and the money, isn’t it?

    • tdiinva,

      I like everything that you just said. And I have a serious question: how would this website determine if a poster is a paid civilian-disarmament troll?

      And I really am serious. I like to think that I am pretty tech. savvy and yet I have no idea how a website would determine if someone was a paid troll. I would love to get some insight on that front.

      • There is the obvious hit and run with a name that is contrived., You know like LiberalUSAFvet, that reinforces a talking point. Multiple names same E-Mail. There is also software that the site manager can figure out where a user is located. Paid trolls go to the office. They generally don’t troll from home. I would say give the person the initial benefit of the doubt but if there is a pattern or it is single entry spewing talking points it would be safe to assume that it’s a troll

        I just want to point out that beyond a VLAD and a rare drive by TTAG has never had the level and low quality of trolls that we see pop up since TTAG identified a dedicated effort to begin an info op against the site. They said they were coming we observe new antigun poster who don’t stuck around to debate. It doesn’t take rocket scientist to figure out what’s happening. One of the most effective PSYOP techniques is to tell your target what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and when you are going to do it. And then you do it just like you said.

        • Addition:

          There is one sure wait to defeat a troll farm — registration and one time charge to comment. You allow a user name but you get their real name and their credit card number. If you identify them as a troll you cut them off. They have no legal method of gaining access again. A credit card is financial instrument. If you use an alias to get another card you have committed bank fraud. Registration for a fee also eliminates one time drivebys. It would drive up the cost.

        • A one time charge? lol. Good way to lose an entire audience. This site is not some elitist club, they want to get their message out too you know. How would making people pay to see it help? Nobody is forcing you to read the comments, you can ignore them you know. Is it really that hard to ignore the obvious ones?

        • The yahoo comment sections are filled with trolls and bots (boosting the likes), some are convincing. Funny you (taking a) bring this up, I just saw this video yesterday about social media trend manipulation.

        • avatar Montana Actual aka Suspicious Fisherman, Knowbody, UnKnown, Everyday Carrier, Threeper, 3prcntr, B.D.

          A sci fi short film or documentary from the future… I won’t deny that these things exist, but when people like tdiinva and Ron use the term “McChrystal troll” it’s 99% of the time just because they don’t agree with someone. I’d rather read trollish random bullshit than have to hear their Alex Jones the government is turning frogs gay by poisoning the water rant every time. At least one is entertaining, the other is just mad they saw something they don’t like.

          The main thing I take away from it: Ignore the comments. If you are that worried about it, you need to learn to ignore it. Commenting and sharing will not change ACTUAL trolling, it only enables them. If nobody commented or read comment sections, trolls would be trolling themselves. Sometimes, it can be hard to tell who is just there for an argument, but most times, it’s a difference of opinion. If you can’t accept it, turn off the notifications, stop replying or just avoid the comment sections.

    • Wait this lawn TTAG has is there an Elvis statue on it?
      Second, do you think anyone reading this site is ever going to be convinced by these trolls?
      That psyop tactic you describe might as well be a WW I general declaring that he will order his troops over the top to march across no man’s land and hurl themselves on the enemy barb wire. How did those work out?

  33. More libtard non-sequitur logic. I love how libtards use snark to appear to be the most elevated and smartest guys in the room, ever notice that? Personally, I think it is penis envy or lack of a meaningful set of huevos. Ever notice how they are pasty, skinny fat guys also? It smacks of low testosterone, it must be they have to resort to snark to compete with the alpha-male warrior.

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