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Defund the police” has been one of the Left’s rallying cries of late. More and more, cops have embraced the “stay fetal” method of law enforcement. America needs to look no further than Chicago to see what less effective and less aggressive policing looks like in practice.

Over the Father’s Day weekend, Chicago’s gang members and their fellow criminals worked overtime. The final tally: 14 dead and 97 more wounded.

Obviously, it was one of the worst weekends in many years in the Windy City. How bad? This weekend’s total almost equaled the three previous years’ Father’s Day weekends…combined.

The indispensable HeyJackass has the specifics.  Bolded entries represent homicides.

Final Stupidity Tally: 14 killed, 97 wounded
2019 weekend tally: 6 killed, 17 wounded
2018 weekend tally: 4 killed, 37 wounded
2017 weekend tally: 7 killed, 40 wounded
2016 weekend tally: 8 killed, 50 wounded
2015 weekend tally: 5 killed, 24 wounded
2014 weekend tally: 2 killed, 42 wounded

Friday 6/19
1:10p 200 E 89th, Chatham, M/?
2:10p 9200 S Dobson, Burnside, M/32
2:10p 9200 S Dobson, Burnside, M/46
2:10p 9200 S Dobson, Burnside, F/49
3:20p 8500 S Muskegon, South Chicago, M/41
3:30p 1000 N Springfield, Humboldt Park, M/14
4:30p 7608 S Colfax, South Shore, M/30
6:30p 7400 S Phillips, South Shore, F/35
9:20p 1300 N California, West Town, M/47
9:50p 4800 W Gladys, Austin, M/34
9:50p 4800 W Gladys, Austin, M/34
9:50p 4800 W Gladys, Austin, M/43
10:25p 4100 W Congress, Garfield Park, M/32
10:55p 5400 S Loomis, New City, M/28
11:00p 3400 W 23rd, Little Village, M/22
11:00p 3400 W 23rd, Little Village, M/41
11:15p 7600 S Coles, South Shore, M/20
11:45p 1000 N Waller, Austin, M/30
11:45p 1000 N Waller, Austin, F/42

Saturday 6/20

12:45a 700 S Loomis, Near West Side, M/17
12:50a 1000 N Lawndale, Humboldt Park, F/64
2:00a 1600 S Troy, North Lawndale, F/49
2:05a 7400 S Wentworth, Grand Crossing, M/28
2:25a 2700 N Pine Grove, Lincoln Park, M/24
2:40a 11700 S Union, West Pullman, M/27
2:40a 11700 S Union, West Pullman, M/48
2:55a 2200 S Lawndale, Little Village, M/22
3:00a 7300 S Paulina, Englewood, M/25
3:20a 1000 W 58th, Englewood, M/26
3:35a 1200 S Fairfield, North Lawndale, M/43
4:10a 11300 S Michigan, Roseland, M/24
4:50a 1600 N Avers, Humboldt Park, M/18
6:10a 8700 S Halsted, Auburn Gresham, M/28
6:15a 2800 S St Louis, Little Village, M/29
3:45p 12400 S Michigan, West Pullman, M/20
4:15p 100 W 95th, Roseland, M/21
4:45p 3500 S California, Brighton Park, M/32
5:15p 7900 S Luella, South Chicago, M/16
5:15p 7900 S Luella, South Chicago, M/17
6:25p 600 N Central, Austin, M/3

6:25p 600 N Central, Austin, M/27
7:00p 1900 N Western, Logan Square, M/23
7:00p 1900 N Western, Logan Square, M/24
7:50p 200 N Central, Austin, M/27
7:50p 200 N Central, Austin, M/32
8:00p 3600 S Francisco, Brighton Park, M/32
8:35p 1000 N LeClaire, Austin, F/13
8:35p 1000 N LeClaire, Austin, M/15
8:35p 1000 N LeClaire, Austin, M/16
8:35p 2700 W Division, West Town, F/37
8:40p 11200 S Hermosa, Morgan Park, M/26
9:30p 2500 W Augusta, West Town, M/45
11:00p 4500 S Whipple, Brighton Park, M/23
11:50p 2300 N Lake Shore, Lincoln Park, M/21

Sunday 6/21

12:05a 2600 W Potomac, West Town, M/41
12:05a 2600 W Potomac, West Town, M/21
12:05a 2600 W Potomac, West Town, M/23
12:05a 2600 W Potomac, West Town, M/34
12:35a 3700 W Hirsh, Humboldt Park, M/17
12:55a 3200 W Division, Humboldt Park, M/32
2:10a 600 E 44th, Grand Boulevard, M/39
3:15a 12700 S Lowe, West Pullman, F/28
3:35a 800 W 72nd, Englewood, M/39
3:40a 5500 N Harlem, Norwood Park, M/21
3:40a 5500 N Harlem, Norwood Park, M/28
4:15a 200 N Kolin, Garfield Park, F/25
5:20a 11500 S Church, Morgan Park, M/19
2:10p 2600 S Ridgeway, Little Village, M/26
3:20p 5000 W Adams, Austin, M/56
5:35p 5500 S Fairfield, Gage Park, M/40
6:00p 7100 S State, Grand Crossing, M/20
7:20p 6200 N Troy, West Ridge, M/?
7:30p 800 N Springfield, Humboldt Park, M/22

7:30p 800 N Springfield, Humboldt Park, M/24
9:50p 600 E 90th, Chatham, F/12
9:50p 600 E 90th, Chatham, M/21
9:55p 6000 S Champlain, Woodlawn, F/21
9:55p 6000 S Champlain, Woodlawn, M/25
9:55p 6000 S Champlain, Woodlawn, M/36
10:50p 7300 S Laflin, Englewood, M/45
11:35p 6600 S Cottage Grove, Woodlawn, M/19

No Accountability Monday

12:00a 800 N Cambridge, Near North Side, M/29
12:20a 4700 W Superior, Austin, M/15
12:20a 4700 W Superior, Austin, M/16
12:20a 11800 S Emerald, West Pullman, M/23
12:20a 11800 S Emerald, West Pullman, M/25
12:35a 5100 S Calumet, Washington Park, F/18
12:35a 4700 W Erie, Austin, M/34
12:35a 4700 W Erie, Austin, M/36
12:50a 5200 S Lowe, New City, M/21
12:50a 5200 S Lowe, New City, F/21
12:50a 5200 S Lowe, New City, M/27
12:50a 5200 S Lowe, New City, M/30
12:55a 1500 S Sawyer, North Lawndale, M/61
12:55a 1300 S Central Park, North Lawndale, M/25
2:00a 5600 W Roosevelt, Austin, M/27
2:05a 7000 S Bishop, Englewood, M/24
2:05a 7000 S Bishop, Englewood, M/26
2:05a 7000 S Bishop, Englewood, M/30
2:30a 900 N Karlov, Humboldt Park, M/24
2:45a 200 S Central Park, Garfield Park, F/16
2:45a 200 S Central Park, Garfield Park, F/24
2:45a 200 S Central Park, Garfield Park, M/30
2:45a 200 S Central Park, Garfield Park, M/31
2:45a 200 S Central Park, Garfield Park, M/32
3:15a Walk-in @ Stitch-N-Go, M/30
3:50a 5400 W Gladys, Austin, M/23
3:50a 5400 W Gladys, Austin, M/24
4:20a 100 S Washtenaw, Garfield Park, M/30
4:25a 3800 W Harrison, Garfield Park, M/41

4:45a 5900 S State, Washington Park, M/27

Did you notice all the multiple-victim incidents of (typically) gang members shooting multiple people, sometimes unintentionally? After all, Hollywood doesn’t teach the fundamentals of a good shooting position and marksmanship.

And yes, that was a 3-year-old murdered at about 6pm on Saturday. That one garnered national publicity.  From the Sun-Times:

A 3-year-old boy was shot dead when someone opened fire at his father while they were driving Saturday evening in Austin.

The toddler was struck in the back about 6:25 p.m. when someone in a blue Honda pulled behind the black SUV the boy’s 27-year-old father was driving in the 600 block of North Central Avenue and fired several rounds, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller.

A police source said the father was believed to be the intended target of the shooting.

The father drove the boy to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park, Waller said, but the boy was pronounced dead shortly after arriving.

The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the boy as Mekay James. He lived in Skokie.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot called the shooting “a heinous, unconscionable act of cowardice” and said the boy “had his whole life ahead of him.”

Second City Cop, a locally well-known and well-read blog run by a Chicago cop and his retired cop father, shed a little light on the father’s background.

The father is a known gang banger, felon and probable shooter in a few cases. He knew he was a target. You know why he had his kid in the car? Because he thought it made him less of a target….you know, a human shield. That gamble didn’t work out. The three-year-old was just the youngest of multiple child juvenile victims – 13, 16 and 17 were some others who were killed. And not a single one by the police that everyone seems to hate and blame, evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

Will “triple digit” weekends like this one become the “new normal” in Murder City, USA?  Stay tuned as temperatures rise and the “defund the police” push gains traction among the Democrats who rule America’s biggest cities. Meanwhile, with more police officers more reluctant to, well, police (see: Ferguson Effect), gang violence will continue to escalate along with inevitable calls from Democrats that “we need more gun control!”

Note: The body count from HeyJackass! is higher than what some media are reporting for a simple reason:  Chicago’s pols don’t count those wounded in “non-Chicago” jurisdictions such as on the Interstates, or on state- or county-owned properties. That’s one way the Democrat plantation owners massage the numbers in their efforts to claim that violence in their city is (marginally) less than it actually is.

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        • Inbreeding is such a problem in these neighborhoods that DNA has to be thrown out in some criminal cases because it doesn’t meet the “beyond resonable” standard for genetic diversity….. and I’m NOT being /sarc/.

        • I don’t know if I should laugh or cry the inbreeding is so bad DNA cannot be conclusive due to inbreeding…

    • bear with me on this one
      OK…so something like 70% of the kids don’t know who dad is
      so…that being the case…the odds are pretty good that if you are dating within your race within your own town/city…you might be doing so with a half-brother or half-sister…and not even know it
      just pointing out the realities of the numbers…no judgement…
      smaller population means fewer choices and leads to inbreeding…especially if you don’t know the lineage
      why Iceland keeps such detailed birth records

      • This is no joke, I worked with a guy at my last job, 46 year old black guy who had 17 kids with 5 different women. He has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Between the 4 siblings their mom has 67 grandchildren. Must get really expensive at Christmas time.

    • Seriously. Where is the left’s outrage on this? One dumb white guys shoots up (insert random place and 2 or more victims here) and its RAWR! BAN EVERYTHING.

      111 likely poor minorities shot? Just the wind and silence. How two-faced and duplicitous can they get? (that’s a rhetorical question…)

    • There was a billboard on I-55 expressway a few years ago that said something like “Call 1-800-Who’s Your Daddy”. When the gang becomes your family you’re in trouble. Dad’s are SO important in all kid’s lives, (that’s good dads and uncles).

  1. Hey Chicago Oprah, Obama et al…What part of “Black Lives Matter” don’t you ivory tower democRats understand?

        • You really do have a hard-on for him. How about doing us all a favor and just ask him out, will ya?

          All of your strutting and preening like a rooster who thinks he’s hot shit is getting to be a PITA… 😉

    • They don’t understand any part of it that doesn’t help to keep them in power. It’s awkward to bring up black on black crime when you’ve spent the past month burning the country in the name of holding whitey accountable.

  2. Another female mayor. Another city council filled with third worlders.

    Politics is downstream of culture. When you have a third-world culture in America, and they are given the vote, you get third-world politics, and when you have third-world politics, you get third-world results.

    These are third-world results. Their voters should enjoy them.

    • That can’t be right [sarc].
      This is ALL caused by Trump (according to the locals, and their elected demoncrapic leaders).

        • We’re getting tired of this.

          Kiss him or hit him… 🙂

        • Gaze upon ‘Geoff “I eat a troll every time I go down on my wife” PR’ in all his radiant glory 🤣.

        • 1,000 percent correct, ‘douchie’.

          Dance, little troll. I order you to respond… 🙂

    • You keep calling them Third Worlders yet all I see are mostly native born Americans. Most Third Worlders have better things to do than riot and loot. In fact they are often the looters’ target.

      • As I said: Politics is downstream of culture. They have a third world culture. “Gimme dat!” and “It’s the evil white man’s fault!” and “let’s go kill the men of the other tribe!”

        They’re third worlders, regardless of where they were born. They embrace a third world culture. They have no concept of property, money, thrift, industry or work ethic. They see the world as being “their” tribe vs. “the other tribe(s)” and public budgets are a way of divvying up spoils, rather than for projects with an economic return.

        In Chicago, the only thing that would surprise me now is cannibalism.

        • BS. You meant foreign born otherwise you would have said “people who act like third worlders.” And even at that your description would be wrong. The “gimme that” ethic is distinctly a product of the domestic welfare culture. The third world may be filled with S-holes but one thing about that kind of culture is that there is nobody give you anything. You have to earn or take it.

        • Nope, I will not say they “act like third worlders.” Certainly not any more. Glad you gave me this entry to make an important point:

          The ascent of the “Black Lives Matter” movement marks the victory of the third-world marxist mindset – because when one examine the goals and epistemology of the BLM leadership, it is a triumph of marxism over common sense and decades of evidence that marxism doesn’t work. BLM is, at its roots, a marxist organization.

          This is necessary and sufficient of third-world status. We see it in South America, spread by “liberation theology” and card-carrying communists (and the full manifestation of results in Venezuela), we see in in Africa (eg, Zimbabwe, and now South Africa), we saw it in southeast Asia in the 70’s and 80’s (eg, Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge stacking skulls in piles during their “agricultural reform”). Where ever this mindset goes, deceit, theft, starvation/famine and despair follow.

          Look back in history at the demands of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe vs. what BLM is yelling for. You won’t find much difference. “Reparations” figure prominently in both. Check out the current calls for the same thing coming out of South Africa. The result is the same every time.

          Marxism used to thrive in only two places in the world: third world countries and western academia. Now it is moving into the streets of the US in major urban areas, complete with armed thugs, calls for seizure of private property and Maoist demands for absolute conformity to idiotic utterances (which echoes the Cultural Revolution period in China quite loudly at this point) and that marks their change from “acting like third worlders” to being third worlders.

          Dig into the BLM and Antifa movements, as I have done for the last four years, and you see that they are, in their private moments and out of the glare of media spotlights, hard-core marxist organizations. They are as hard core as the Weather Underground used to be – but with much, much more foundation backing (millions and millions of dollars from foundations) and much more media support.

        • I beleive what tdiinva means is don’t insult third worlders by comparing them to the riff raff of Chicago.

  3. low income blacks will continue to die so that other blacks in the community that are their “leaders” can remain economically viable

    • There’s something to he said about that. IIRC there was a blue flu in NYC in the 70s over some pay dispute. Lasted a week but since it was in January and it was frigid there wasnt any change in criminal activity. The NYPD also did what they are doing now in terms of having detectives go on patrol to show some semblance of control.

  4. Chicago, you can do better than. This weekend, I expect a minimum of 112 shot and 15 killed. I know you can do it. We think of you as “Mogadishu on Lake Michigan” for good reason. Don’t let us down.

  5. Given the tendency of people in certain cities to go berserk, and continually vote for politicians who allow more of it without prosecuting anyone, I’m starting to think that’s what the local residents like and want. They can either fix it, or they can live with it, but they’re too stupid or too lazy or too cowardly to fix it. Hell, with modern technology, they don’t even have to walk to the mailbox to pick up their gummint check.

    • In some cases it is likely the gangbanger dad takes the kid along thinking other gangsters won’t target him if a child is in tow.
      Of course…that would imply that there are actual rules…other than “snitches get stitches”

  6. I believe homie & paco the gangbanger’s are emboldened by the lack of SPINE during the recent protest er looting spree-Mayor Beetlejuice notwithstanding.oi. “Interesting” the shootings in Lincoln Park. Those yuppie types thought they were “protected”. He he…RIP to the 3 year old!

    • From all I’ve seen I’d say the baby daddy had his fingers in the thug life. He was the target of the attack. The kid was killed after the rounds came through the trunk as the baby daddy was speeding away. Thug life leads to Thug death even for the innocent.

  7. Illinois is a state that needs to have its gerrymandering broken like the left has been doing in red states. Madigan and whoever is the mayor of Chicago at the time has lead to this states ruin over the last few decades.

  8. Watched several Black activists on various news outlets. Finally condemn the violence in Chiraq. Saying they could no longer in good conscious protest the George Floyd incident without protesting the violence in their own city.. Especially the black on Black crime. Unfortunately it took the murder of a 3 year old to get them to admit to what the real problem with violence in Chiraq is caused by. Now the collateral damage has come home to roost. As well as admitting the code of silence among the people of Chiraq in not cooperating with law enforcement to solve these crimes. As We all know words are easily spewed in the heat of the moment. It takes courage to act on those words. As I’ve said before: Black lives will matter when the Black community cares more about young black men killing each other. Than screaming racism. Time will tell if anything will change. History shows there’s not a real good chance it will.

  9. The choice is so simple in November. Chicago nationwide or a return to sanity.

    Any vote not for Trump is a vote for Chicago at the federal level.

    • Honestly I believe this is why the President has been so hands off on the whole situation nation wide. Give the populace a mouth full of the alternative and see how it tastes. Most people are good honest hard working citizens. The MSM like to focus on the radicals because it makes for a better story and advances their agenda. Yes this November will be a critical time in Our nations history. I would never attempt to predict what the outcome will be. I do believe that good will rise to the top one way or another. Just be prepared for a long fight. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • I believe this is why the press is so crazy.

      Arm Chicago. I’m for all non-felons to carry.

      The problem will be solved.

  10. Everyone keeps saying how important the police are for keeping violent crime under control.

    Then explain the following:
    — Appalling number of murders and attempted murders this weekend in Chicago
    — Seattle police “standing down” when “protesters” take over part of the city
    — Minneapolis police “standing down” when “protesters” take over their station
    — Various police departments “standing down” while “protesters” attack Conservatives
    — etc., etc., etc.

    And, near and dear to me: someone stole a construction machine that I own worth several thousand dollars. I found my machine for sale in another state, identified the thief, determined the thief’s address, provided the thief’s online sale listing (which included photos of my machine AND HIS HOME), provided photos and proof of ownership of my machine, and provided my local police report of my stolen machine to the local police in the thief’s state. I even told the police in the thief’s state when the thief would be home. And, nothing.

    Grand theft/larceny across state lines. I deliver everything that local police need to easily arrest and prosecute the thief on a silver platter — as well as everything needed for me to recover my stolen machine. And the local police cannot be bothered to recover my machine and prosecute the thief.

    Forgive me for coming to the conclusion that police are largely (if not entirely) useless and we might as well defund them and save the taxpayers’ money. At least that would get them out of the way and reduce the probability that good people face prosecution for taking care of the trash ourselves.

    • property crime…super low priority…unless you try to stop it …and then YOU might get arrested or sued…or both…

    • Actually we can measure the effectiveness of the police by the Ferguson effect. Baltimore experiencef a step change in the murder rate after the Freddie Gray riots when the police stopped policing. That is how many murders the police prevented per year in Baltimore.

      Your examples from the past weekend contradict your assertion since the police are not policing the delta on crime is a measure of crimes prevented.

      By your logic we should abolish laws against murder since it is obvious that they are ineffective.

      • tdiinva,

        And we know that violent crime rates increased in Baltimore because police recused themselves … how exactly?

        Maybe the violent crime rate increased because people in Baltimore were enraged about Freddie Gray’s murder at the hands of police and lashed out. Or maybe the violent crime rate increased because the weather was hotter and drier than normal — or maybe even cooler than normal.

      • An important aspect of Baltimore situation is that the police and mayor ANNOUNCED their withdrawal.

        By contrast, shortly before the well publicised events in Baltimore, the NYPD street level officers simply stopped policing without saying anything. Crime rates actually went down.

    • You did all the right things. Unfortunately the choice as to what happens after that is not necessarily the decision of the rank and file police. That decision is above their pay grade and out of their control. Just as the decision to “Stand Down”. Comes from the mayor’s office or city counsel and in some cases the governor’s office. The Police are just a tool just like a hammer, knife, firearm or fire. When the control of any tool is put in the hands of the wrong person/people. They can destroy everything in sight with it.

      • Darkman,

        I am not necessarily condemning the police in terms of the individual officers — many of whom probably (hopefully?) want to serve justice and conduct themselves honorably. (I have stated before on this website that no one in their right mind condemns law enforcement officers who investigate and arrest thieves, thugs, rapists, child-molesters, and murderers.)

        Rather, I am condemning the institution as a whole for being ineffective. If they are ineffective, why are we wasting our money on them?

        Note: I recognize that command structure could be ordering police to stand down. I also recognize that police may not have adequate resources or assistance from the public. In the end it doesn’t matter if no one is going to require police to be effective. At that point, we might as well save the taxpayers’ money and direct law enforcement personnel into segments of our economy where they will actually be productive. It will be better for them and for us.

    • Maybe they’d be equally unconcerned if you set up an appointment to view the machine, popped the seller in the head, and trailered it back home?

      • It kind of makes you wonder.

        Somehow, police often fail to investigate/arrest known/repeat violent criminals. And yet they seem to readily go after good people without any criminal history, such as the 88 year-old woman defending her livelihood at her liquor store.

        That is the inspiration for my comment: I have to wonder if it will be better if the police get out of our way and let the good people of our nation take care of the business that they do not.

        • Don’t forget the judges and prosecutors who have a hand in releasing or failing to charge the repeat offenders but put the screws to the guy who does something once.

    • An important update: the police finally got off their butts and recovered my stolen machine. I have to give credit where credit is due. Now I have to find a good gravy recipe to go with my big plate of crow that I have to eat.

      I just wish that I didn’t have a 9.5 hour round-trip drive to go get it.

  11. Chicago will also under report homicides by classifying them as a ‘suspicious death’. One of the Chicago magazines did an article a few years ago. Some of the ‘suspicious deaths’ included dead bodies found in the trunk of burned cars, a woman who was found tied to a chair whose fingernails had been pulled out and a dead woman rolled up in a mattress in her boyfriends bedroom.

  12. no mass shootings, though…right??? /s
    no protesting or rioting or looting…no cops or whites involved…no money to be had…only black on black…
    no BLM or celebrities to be seen
    did David Hogg survive?

  13. where is Bloomberg? Moms Demand Action? Every Town?
    Conspicuously absent…as usual. Only interested in disarming legal gun owners.

  14. The whole idea about what is happening with this defund police and eliminate police is an indirect way of trying to eliminate all guns in the hands of private citizens. The hope is by eliminating police people will be sooo scared that they will want the government to confiscate all guns so people will believe they are safe because no one will have them. Hence we can’t be victims of violent crime if no one has a gun. The far left thinks we are so stupid that the majority of Americans will demand this and they may be right. They honestly believe that criminals won’t have guns. They fail to look at Chitcago and LA along with New York to see who gets guns when they are outlawed.The majority of American are so dumb when it comes to knowing their Constitutional rights!! The Dem controlled states will go for this big time. How do I know this? I spoke to my liberal daughter who lives in Denver and she actually said this to me last night for father’s day!!! God help us if I am right!!

    • I don’t think anyone can believe Americans are so stupid as to want all guns confiscated. The record runs on gun buying should have sunk that belief.

      Your daughter is not a good poll on the wants of a nation.

  15. None of the deceased were killed by police so there’s nothing to worry about.

    I particularly liked the audio from Chicago police scanners relaying what police officers said in response to ‘gangbangers shooting it out’ (they call them “gangbangers” on the police channel in Chicago apparently)

    “Let em do it”, “Let it be”

    Cops aren’t always the brightest bulbs in the box and there’s always some dummy willing to get lots of numbers so he can wear skinny jeans on a special unity but most blue city police have gotten the message being sent.

    • Well, put yourself in the cops’ shoes:

      You don’t intervene: more people die, but the media doesn’t care. You go home at the end of shift, and no one cares that you didn’t intervene.

      You do intervene: you might have to get into an armed confrontation with a gang-banger. He might very well be black. If you’re able to arrest him alive, odds are that no one in the neighborhood will back your case. If you have shoot him, you’ll be hung out to dry by the politicians and your senior leadership – even if killing him would actually save lives in the neighborhood.

      You’ll be convicted in the press of shooting some young man “who was planning on going to college” (despite is umpteen felony charges and a couple of convictions) and his lack of any move in that direction. The media will buy into BLM and the race-hustling poverty pimps’ description of the situation, facts be damned.

      So: What’s the smart choice? The smart choice, obviously, is to keep your nose out of it. The community doesn’t want you there. They won’t back your enforcement of the law. They’re going to tell bold and absurd lies about you and the perp. The media campaign against you will be merciless. The only real choice is to Sgt. Schultz it all the way home.

      • In this case the role of the police is historians and janitors. Recording what happened and cleaning up afterwards, unless they outsource the clean up.

  16. Have they started necklacing each other in Chicago yet? Accusing the literate of witchcraft or hunting bald men for the gold in their skulls?

    If not it really can’t be far off.

  17. So Black lives don’t matter, evidently not in Chicago. It’s actually simple, let these animals keep killing each other. What decent person would live there? Just like Detroit of Baltimore. Best part, can’t see it from my house.

    • You see, I could agree with that, except that they are not only killing each other. They are killing random people. Killing people for walking to close to who they really wanted to kill. Making all sorts of mistakes to kill people completely uninvolved in their revenge and turf war bloodletting bullshit.


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