Minneapolis District 3 Police Headquarters burns on Thursday evening, May 28th. Image via YouTube.
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Angry mobs of looters continue to run roughshod over police in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota.  Thursday evening’s violence makes Wednesday’s orgy of looting, arson and violence look tame in comparison.  Looters even set fire to the Minneapolis Police District 3 headquarters building at the epicenter of Wednesday’s violence.

Rumors have it that police have been pulled out of District 3.  The fact that rioters have free reign over the area on Thursday evening seem to support those claims.

What’s more, rioters have set fire to the District 3 MPD headquarters with exactly zero resistance from from the police.  And zero response from firefighters as well.

Image via YouTube.

Indeed, all signs suggest that Minneapolis’ Mayor Jacob Frey has handcuffed his police. Surrendering a large, fairly new police facility to mobs of unchecked criminals only bolsters his soft-on-crime reputation.  Far from satisfying the anarchists, it will only embolden them.

What’s more, locals have noticed the fact that police have remained largely hands-off both Wednesday and Thursday evening. The thin veneer of civilization has worn through to anarchy as scores of businesses are being looted in the city, one after another. Many are then set on fire and mobs of people are running through nearby residential neighborhoods.

One can almost count on a significant number of Minnesota residents – indeed Americans across the fruited plain – seeing these sights and deciding that they want to tool up. Yesterday. Yes, the 2020 run on guns is just warming up.

Click here for a great live-stream of the mayhem from YouTube.

Broadcastify has a great stream of the Minneapolis PD radio dispatch here.

Hopefully, law and order will prevail in Minneapolis before more innocent lives are lost.


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  1. Law and order can only prevail if the people have respect for the law. Watching a servant of the law murder a man just cause he can does not breed respect.

    If the country isn’t opened back up soon I fear more of this will happen in different cities.

    • It’s their city…it’s their choice..if they want to let it burn I say fine….

        • Elections are coming (maybe), when POTUS sent that stimulus he inevitably had that in mind, a democrat POTUS would have probably done the same thing. I know I didn’t send the check back, did you? We are already trillions in debt, it doesn’t even mean anything at this point, we print paper money that technically has zero value, only what the paper and ink is worth.

      • So ignorant. Was it the choice of the shop owners? Was it the choice of the people now unemployed? Was it the choice of 99% of the population there? No.

        If this happened in your town I don’t think you’d promote the same smug attitude.

    • “If the country isn’t opened back up soon I fear more of this will happen in different cities.”

      If it continues to spread to other cities, as it seems to be doing, this event may do more to “open up” the country and end “social distancing” than any action or edict any of the commie governors might decree on their own.

  2. I find myself not caring. The officers are probably busy arresting women, children and old people for violating the lock down orders.

    • They are busy arresting people for defending their livelihoods from felonious activity. They are mad that Americans are doing their jobs for them.

      • Went completely over your head didn’t it? People are feed up with the Police State, this was just the match. May the boot of tyranny rest lightly on you.

        • The police arrested a man who defended his pawn shop with his AR. They immediately charged him with murder. The AG is saying they have no laws to arrest the cops for breaking. That went over your head.

          You think it’s bad right now? Wait until the AG and DA say they are not going to file charges and Floyd’s death was from drugs or some kind of health issue.

          • Apparently you saw a different News Conference than I did.. No one said shit about no laws to arrest the cop, what I heard them saying was get all the witnesses, get any video, put together the autopsy and toxicology, identify the exact cause of death and charge that asshole accordingly,… in other words get it right and get a fucking conviction instead of watching this walking talking piece of human waste get off on a technicality….

      • And you still missed it. Do you actually have something useful to say? Oh wait, no you do not.

      • Democrats control the state. They call themselves “proud progressives”. They wrote the laws. No republicans here. Not by a long shot.

  3. One thing that sticks out to me is that most of those “protesters” are white. Paid Soros/Bloomberg shills. The same people who always show up to turn an angry black mob protesting some real or imagined issue into a weapon against civilization itself. Black people may be grabbing TVs and looting Target, but they aren’t the ones setting fire to police stations and the videos and live streams of this show it. These are the same people who started the violence in every other place this has happened.

    • They call themselves ANTIFA. They are the ones burning down “capitalism.” Black people tried to stop them because they didn’t want the bad rep for something they didn’t start.

      • ….and they can only flourish in liberal cities that tolerate their presence…the chickens have come home to roost…

        • Exactly right. Leftist governments that tolerate violent groups like Antifa created and defended a home for the troublemakers.

          When you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

  4. The people are not fighting each other. They are united against the government. All kinds of young people are out there. The old people went home.

    When open carriers started showing up the police decided not to continue shooting people with less lethal and throwing flashbangs at them. The government is planning to bring in the military, I already seen some of them there on the street.

    The government figures it’s best to pull the cause of the rage away from the crowds. If they didn’t there will be blood on the streets. Like Republicans always say, “Property is not worth killing over.”

    • Nope, it’s the same kind of opportunists rioting when they get a chance, they aren’t fighting for any cause quit being so delusional.

      • Apparently you didn’t read the article.

        The people don’t need to worry about the crowds because they are not attacking random people like they did during the LA riots. They are not attacking Republican rednecks like they did after Trump got elected. They are attacking the corporations and police.

        • They are burning a vacant building because the mayor let them do it. You’re getting way too excited over a bunch of opportunists burning and looting stuff. A while ago it was because orange man Trump bad, tonight it’s because of this, and tomorrow it will be because climate change or because the NFL season is postponed. Based on this short article you already know, for sure, that it is different people? This “revolution” is now controlled by the usual parasites, game over, this will have as much of an impact as occupy wall street or free Tibet, except if people get dumber dozens will die.

          • unfortunately that “vacant building” has spread to a liquor store, an Arbys has been lit up along with the previously looted Target and several other buildings and looting has spread to St. Paul…

        • “unfortunately that “vacant building” has spread to a liquor store,…”


          A liquor store is burning?

          Have they no decency?

          Oh, the humanity!…

        • I was watching live streams of it while it was going on. The liquor store was in flames for a while before they lit the police station.

    • >>The old people went home.<<

      Of course, they are too smart at their age to stick around and get into trouble.

      As an aside, when the stripper comes out at stag parties, the first people out the door are old men. LOL

  5. Could this be a glimpse of what might happen when they try to come for our guns? They turn tail and run in the face of determined force? Interesting to ponder.

    • When they do that, they plan ahead and ensure that they hold the advantage. 10 SWATs to 1 gun owner, no-knock executed at 0400 hrs for minimum chance of resistance, MRAP in the street to discourage any patriot neighbors from joining the fray.

      A mob riot is a force multiplier by way of sheer numbers of angry bodies. A gun grab is a planned exercise.

      • Is it inconceivable that a “…planned exercise…” such as a “…gun grab…” could result in a “…mob riot…” by “…sheer numbers…” of armed “…angry bodies…” who would become a “…force multiplier…”?

        Could it be possible?… or even LIKELY?

    • I don’t think anyone is coming for our guns on a large scale, this isn’t the plan imo. The crooks want to make it legally impossible to buy certain types of firearms, ammo, and accessories, that’s how eventually they’ll disarm the future generations of Americans, and it will probably happen. Although many folks in the 2A or prepper community love to talk about civil war, revolution, it’s just talk. Let’s face it, we aren’t half as tough as men were decades and centuries ago. Globalists absolutely love riots and protests, it gives the mid class slaves the impression they are achieving something, for the minority who actually care about something else than looting and rioting just for the heck of it. What has changed in Ferguson after the riots? After the “occupy Wall Street” movement? Absolutely nothing in favor of the people. They don’t care about your AR15, they have drones, missiles, technology to track people anywhere at anytime, armored vehicles, jets, ships….

        • What’s your point? they won’t meet you on the battlefield with muskets and this isn’t Red Dawn where a dozen of civilians wipe 10% of the Red Army.

  6. Cops abandoned the 3rd precinct, mob moved in… Where is the National Guard?…. This is not helping their cause… The actual protesters were run off by Antifa and other external extremists.. Just like any good left wing organization “Don’t ever let a crisis go to waste”‘ Way to go Minneapolis, show the world what you’re made of, make us proud….

    • It’s pretty standard doctrine to use the national guard to defend static points and perimeters instead of engaging rioters directly. Hopefully they free up police to do actual policing. Not sure what good that will do right now.

      In this case someone made the decision that the building wasn’t worth what it would cost to defend it. Probably wouldn’t be my choice but then again I doubt anyone would vote for me.

  7. Although more violent, it’s similar to when leftists trash their own city of Shitland, Oregon. They love to shit where they eat and I am perfectly okay with that. Eat your shit antifa!

    -Third and Fifth precincts are being stormed by protesters in Minneapolis.
    -Shots fired in Denver, with two injuries.
    -Shots fires in Louisville, with seven critical injuries.
    -Shots fires in Phoenix, no word on injuries.
    -65+ arrests in New York City.

    from Minneapolis/Louisville Updates

    • Well when you fine and lock people up for doing normally legal things and then kill a man who was of no threat. They really brought this upon themselves. Eventually people get tired of a Police State. I really have no sympathy.

      • This isn’t what this is about, it should be the motive but I am confident most protesters and rioters don’t really give a phuck about what you just mentioned. Just another opportunity to burn and steal stuff that’s about all there is. The minute you get invaded by the likes of antifa or groups of hoodrats looking for free TV and Air Max, your cause is over.

        • I highly doubt that it’s a majority of protesters. If that was the case Minneapolis would already be far, far, far worse than it is.

          The chaos and violence is coming from various smaller groups that are using the protests as cover for various criminal behaviors with a variety of motivations.

          For example: If the kidnapping reports are true, which I’m not saying they are and those reports are unverified at this point in time, but if they are true the people who’ve reportedly been targeted screams “human trafficking”. That’s not a protest, that’s scumbag criminals taking advantage.

        • strytch, sadly I don’t think we will get accurate info at all, it’s confusing for sure but I remain convinced it’s a majority of antifa and hoodrat like-minded scumbags taking over

          • The people that give a fuck about George Floyd went home when the sun went down…

        • I really don’t think that’s entirely true. Video out of Louisville shows a very quiet vigil being held when gunfire erupts and people flee in all directions.

          I rather doubt a bunch of criminals and thugs paused for a moment of silence.

      • >>and then kill a man who was of no threat<<

        He didn't deserve to die for his alleged crime. Did you READ the 911 call transcript before determining that he wasn't a threat?

        • Probably just saw the video where the guy is handcuffed on the ground, outnumbered 4 to 1 by armed men.

    • I really hope that @EgyptianWeeknd gets a lot of this wrong.

      Now Cbus, Ohio with the statehouse being attacked. National Guard with a lethal force authorization. Christ on a cracker. Shit spreads faster than CoV-2 in a nursing home.

      • I want to say too soon but our governor really made a mockery of logic and reason. Gotta wonder how much online organizing was done over the last few days and how many busloads got moved around to staging areas.

    • Were the precincts being looted had their armories looted?

      That could put a *lot* of select-fire weapons on the street…

      • Surely all explosives, ammo and firearms were removed, either days ago or perhaps inside the MRAPs shown leaving the precinct this evening right before the fire. But how about the PII? It would take an enormous effort to remove every sensitive document & computer system from a facility that large under ideal conditions. There’s no way they did that. And I bet there’s a lot of nervous snitches in the Twin Cities tonight.

        As for the evidence locker…

        • “Surely all explosives, ammo and firearms were removed, either days ago or perhaps inside the MRAPs shown leaving the precinct this evening right before the fire. “

          Video from inside the station after it was taken over by rioters suggests otherwise, at least in the case of ammo. Once fires are started ammo starts cooking off. Scares the shit out of the people in the building.

  9. The real question in my mind is how other cities will handle this. It’s already spread to NYC, LA, Memphis, Denver, Phoenix and I think Louisville.

    In Denver there was already a protest going on when idiot shot at a group of people near an RTD bus stop this evening down by the capitol building and sparked a mini-riot where a motorist tried to run over a protester. Fortunately, this hasn’t gotten really out of control, a few rubber bullets and tear gas canisters used so far. But what does tomorrow hold?

    If I’m honest, probably not a better situation. Denver usually doesn’t get super violent but there is a pretty decent presence of historically problematic Lefty groups. Hopefully they don’t come out to play in large numbers.

    The whole thing in Georgia, the lockdowns, the change in the weather… could be a rough summer in various parts of the country. I hope not but it certainly has above average potential.

    • I have heard some whispers if Trump continues with his house arrest plan shit is going to get real. This is just the beginning of what people predicted. It’s like V for Vendetta. The death of George Floyd could be that straw.

    • Any urban area can become a huge problem, LA, or more recently Portland didn’t have a history of protests and riots, until they wrote that page of history. Tomorrow it will be Orlando, or Indianapolis, or even a town of 80,000 souls. It’s a good time to have your head on a swivel.

      • Just avoid low income metro central areas, where mobs are more likely to form. Never seen a televised riot yet in suburbia or rural locales. If that ever happens, *then* you know we have a real problem.

        • A few minutes ago people attacked the state capitol building in Columbus Ohio, that’s not a bad neighborhood. At all. Right in the heart of the CBD.

        • They could be inspired by the way anarchists and other trouble maker operate in Europe. For instance, it is not rare to see riots in highly touristic and rich neighborhoods of Paris, France. Such as the Champs-Elysees. Which would confirm a bit more my “theory” that this is now run by antifa and the likes.


          It means it’s mostly normal people who are targeting specific areas with the idea that it will have a bigger impact than burning tires and and cars in the hood or in the middle of nowhere.

          I don’t know if we will get the answer…

        • “It means it’s mostly normal people who are targeting specific areas…”

          What does this mean? If we just accept it as true then either “normal people” are thugs and criminals out to loot some shit and our species is pretty well fucked or it means that shit’s so far out of hand that normies are now attacking state capitols, not because the normies are thugs but because the state government of a state hundreds of miles away from Minneapolis is perceived as so corrupt that this behavior is justified in the eyes of normal, everyday people.

          Neither of those is a good option. In fact, I’m hard pressed to think of which one is worse.

      • Why aren’t Republicans coming out with their guns to maintain order? Where are the preppers? Why own guns if you are going to allow the mob to destroy all of your civilization, which will lead to people breaking into houses for food and water?

        • There aren’t any, Minneapolis is Dem run, largest Somali population outside of Somalia, there are no Republicans with guns and the fucking cops are running from those assholes (mostly Soros backed white Antifa and local gangs) why the hell would I step up and defend a city that would put ME in jail if I shot one of those fucks that was setting it on fire…

        • I own guns mainly to protect my family. Using deadly force in a totally justified self defense situation will most likely lead you to a lot of trouble, I don’t think trying to do the cops’ job would be very smart. I don’t own guns to convince myself I can take a nation, mob or army, or that the traitors in DC are afraid of me.

        • It appears you have ignored the chief message of TTAG.
          “YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN”.

        • My immediate area there has been reports of break ins at gun point. Just loaned out a gun to inlaws down the road. There is no way I’m turning out to protect the grocery store with that possibility going on.

      • But, M…
        What if you find yourself being faced with the necessity of “Using deadly force in a totally justified self defense situation…” in order to “…protect my family…” from “…the traitors in DC” and their “…mob or army…”?

        THIS, is specifically what the Second Amendment was written for. If you “…own guns mainly…” for other purposes but do not recognize this fundamental right- you’re missing the entire point.

        • Dude……”your” …..posts..”are like”…..reading a ….”1970s” ….ransom …note

  10. Some businesses will actually be in a better place if they have the proper insurance because the pandemic response already ruined them. The problem is food and water deliveries are now up in the air. People have to worry about their supplies when people learn they are not getting any food or water because the stores were destroyed and the companies refuse to send their drivers down there.

        • Arson is a common exclusion to insurance policies, even specific policies to cover fires. It’s uncommon for arson to be covered as it provides way, way too much room for fraud. Arson extensions are available depending on policy.

          Commercial business insurance usually covers “riots, vandalism and civil unrest” but not, specifically, arson unless you have an extension to have that covered.

          Even when they do have coverage for arson that usually requires a sworn statement from the investigators absolving the owner and that statement must be made in a certain time frame, one that’s almost impossible to meet in post-riot conditions.

          This was discussed at length after Ferguson.

    • No one is morally obligated to help people who are given room to destroy. All the TV coverage is good for the weak minded white liberals. Let them roll aound in their self hatred.

  11. Firefighters won’t wade into something like that. They get attacked just for being first responders. They let people know before hand that they won’t respond, to fires or to medical emergencies. Sometimes they set up responder areas outside of riot zones, but the people have to get the injured to them not the other way around. Think of having nothing to with the rioting and having a heart attack or grand mal seizure And not being able to call 911. Nuts.

    Also, totally support protesters, but no sympathy for rioting and destruction. In white but I teach primarily black students and this hurts a lot to watch.

  12. Welcome to the New Mogadishu… Reality WILL eventually set in with the people when they take time to look around and realize what they have allowed to happen to their city and it will be too late…

      • Not in my part of the world, we’re locked and loaded and we won’t surrender our position to a bunch of pussy Antifa.. hope Soros pays them well enough to die for…

      • Let’s go with the common denominator…..”America hating Democrat voting scum”.

  13. I saw the video that sparked this whole thing. It was disgusting. Once you have a suspect handcuffed the need for physical force drops to near zero. Especially with four officers on scene. That said these protesters and rioters would not have had the time of day for Floyd if he asked before this. This is just an excuse to loot and burn. The left will be falling all over themselves apologizing for the poor unfortunates. If it spreads to residential neighborhoods I hope citizens have the intestinal fortitude to use deadly force. Nothing says “no trespassing” like a couple of dead bodies in the front yard. Don’t know about Minnesota, but in Florida deadly force is considered justified to prevent arson of an occupied dwelling.

    • If it spreads to residential neighborhoods then what the law in your state says or doesn’t say is immaterial.

      At that point you’re living in a failed state and there is no law. At that point it’s just a scramble.

    • The kids out there are not mad at each other nor the people that live there. They are mad at the system and are trying to burn it down. They got into the police department, stole all the stuff and burnt it down as much as they could. They went after large brand businesses. Now they are trying to destroy signs and traffic lights.

      Soon the police are going to have to chase them away because the kids are starting to think they are gods. Hopefully, shootings don’t occur.

    • As usual the low IQ leftists burn down their own neighborhoods. And they loot Target stores which has the most retarded libtard senior management in the country (e.g. remember the Target bathroom fiasco?). Add in a pansy libtard city mayor that cries and shows how weak he is. Trump is wrong about sending in more national guard, just let the city burn to the ground and lose all its food stores.

  14. As I said before on TTAG. It’s time for a separation of the states. The blue can go one way. On fire if they please. And the Red states can go peacefully in another direction.

    And no one will stop it. The blue states are burning now. Is anyone stopping it???
    No they are not.

    There are two ways to stop this. One is the oath keepers. Civilians.
    The other is fixed bayonets. The military. A formation of fixed bayonets have stopped many a rioters in the past. And they never fire a shot.
    But the Obama administration removed bayonets from the active military.

        • By my count it’s three Red states, Four Blues and a Purple at this point.

          Not that any of that really matters, it’s just a factoid.

      • Tennessee, no. Arizona maybe with Libertarians running away from the frankenstein monster they helped create. And flooding the grand Canyon state with even more stupid tax raising pot heads.

        Just like what happened to Colorado.

        • Since when have Libertarians been in charge of anything? Seriously, they’re some of the least influential people in the country.

    • The other is fixed bayonets

      Yeah, that really worked out so well at Kent State….

      • Kent state??? Your a moron. But at least I know you prefer a burned out city. Instead of shot dead arsonists.

        • So someone points out how fucking stupid your idea is and they are a moron.. I could give a shit if they burn every fucking city in the country, I don’t live in the city and I damn sure don’t want to see some Rambo wanna-be National Guardsman mistake an innocent young girl for a looting, burning Antifa thug… Moron

  15. These lowlife scumbags could be in for a big bang… City says there is possibly a ruptured gas line…. Could get interesting…

  16. Historically when democrat cities riot. The republicans when the elections.
    Trump 2020. Hopefully by 2024 we will have separated into blue nations and red nations.
    We can start by disarming the police. Since they hate cops so much in blue states. They can disarm the blue state cops first.

      • Libertarian writer and home school curriculum Creator Tom Woods, has suggested exactly that. I’m not surprised that Libertarians in general haven’t jumped on the “Disarm the police bandwagon”.

        Because they were never very serious about making government smaller. They just want to make drugs legal. That is their primary goal.

        • Not all true. Many Libertarians want a free society, freedom to do as they please(if no one is hurt), even if it is against what religious zealots want. We all have our book of rules for our own behavior, the government should make laws to keep the peace, not to legislate morality.

  17. 2:15 AM Loser mayor at News Conference… I made the decision to evacuate 3rd precinct, starts laying blame… (Will probably expect 100 billion trillion dollar bailout from Trump tomorrow to rebuild the city)… Got bit testy when he heard about Trumps tweet calling him weak failure… National Guard positioned to prevent looting (???) very combative with press…. Claims his cops are maintaining the peace but they must be doing remotely or maybe holistically…

    • There is only one way to get rid of those young people: violence. Do you want to shoot your son in the face with an AR to stop him from rioting because of your government? I thought you didn’t approve of killing people over property?

      You do understand there are people out there with guns? You do understand once the bullets start flying people start dying? You do understand when the military and the police wage war on the rioting youth it will kick start a shootout? You do remember what happened during Katrina?

      It’s either shoot the rioters, beat their heads in or allow them to burn down the things that bring them convenience and ease of living. When they wake up tomorrow they will realize how much they fucked up because now they have no place to get water, food, clothes, gasoline, medicine, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.

      I remember a few days ago Republicans were saying do not shoot over property, just file an insurance claim. Pwrserge and I are the few that said we should be able to shoot to defend property. Now look at what you get when you don’t allow the property owners to defend their property with deadly force. Maybe now you people will understand? You see how the government is more worried about themselves?

      • I never said shit about shooting or not shooting someone over property… You fuck with my shit you WILL get shot… I won’t shoot my kid in the face for rioting but if he is stupid enough to run with a bunch of fucked up idiots like Antifa and he gets shot looting and burning other peoples stuff he made that decision and he’ll have to deal with the consequences of his actions just like I would…
        The rest of that shit is drivel, I’ve already killed more men than you can imagine and I am still quite capable of putting a bullet in any motherfucker that presents himself as needing killing…
        You want to shoot them, bash in their heads go for it, it’s not my problem, not my city, don’t live in the city don’t care about the city or the people that live there.. They destroy their shit, I guess they’ll do without shit.. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them? Ain’t happening… I’ve made mine, I’ll protect mine….
        Don’t give shit what the “REPUBLICANS” said either.. I’m not a fucking republican, I am a conservative leaning Independent but I vote for the person not the party… and in Fl you CAN defend your property with deadly force unlike those commie ass “progressive” liberal run cities/states.. You need to get a grasp of who you are preaching at before you begin your sermon because nothing you said there has anything to do with me…

      • In the last couple years I’ve generally avoided this argument.

        Here’s why shooting people over property is problematic: It undermines 4000 years, maybe more, of Western thought on self-defense. If that crumbles then the whole 2A has a problem because without self-defense there can be no civil defense or other “group defense”.

        I don’t think anyone really knows if it was the Egyptians or the Greeks that first noticed this, but allowing people to kill over thefts that are not in progress or where the perp is fleeing or has surrendered (these were notable exceptions and, often, still are because you can’t know what the perp is planning/might do and are allowed to assume, rightly IMHO, that they present a threat to you) is highly problematic. People solve vendettas by killing someone and planting evidence to justify murder. Anything you might call an actual “society” cannot be organized around the concept of codifying people basically being able to get away with one of the worst crimes that can be committed against another individual. This created some problems. Later on, Athens worked hard to create a system to avoid exactly this kind of nonsense and the family feuds of murder it created.

        So, a philosophy had to be created to address this issue. Such thought was organized around three ethical ideas and a couple utilitarian considerations.
        1) An unethical action doesn’t correct a previous unethical action.
        2) A person who has been wronged cannot mete out justice in an unbiased manner.
        3) It’s better that criminals go unpunished than that the innocent are punished (keeping in mind that back when this idea was created punishments were, uh, harsh to say the least).

        1) Due to the second issue above a system had to be created that was as unbiased as possible. However, this system had to operate as fairly and openly as possible because it was never going to satisfy everyone with outcome so it had to be seen as legitimate in the process it administered.
        2) Previous experience suggested that when such a system was in the hands of a single “ruler” or “judge” in an area it tended to be problematic in it’s administration, particularly where either corruption or cruelty were concerned. This undermined not just that system but the overall society as well. As such, a system had to have mechanisms in place for oversight. Athens plays with this for a century. The Romans are the ones who really start to “get it right” in terms of “legal administration” and creation of a system that people may not like the outcome of but can respect.

        Regardless of the history of the judiciary, that philosophy created the Western thought process on self-defense which is based on a pretty simple concept: You may use potentially lethal or outright lethal force against people who threaten to take from you, or another, that for which no justice system can compensate you properly. Loss of limb, being crippled or being dead are these things. In modern English it’s usually stated as “threat of death or grave bodily harm”.

        The concept here is that a functioning court system should look at a thief, figure out the value of what they took/damaged and force the thief to compensate the victim to the point that the victim is made whole plus some as a punishment for the thief and to ensure that crime, on the whole, doesn’t pay.

        Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that the last bit there doesn’t happen any more, and honestly hasn’t happened in a long, long time. The Middle Ages essentially took Roman military law and applied it to civilians (thieves in the Legions were often scourged or strangled). Roman civilian law allowed for the killing of thieves under certain circumstances (particularly theft of female children or slaves for sexual reasons or theft from a temple) but usually applied a repayment system totaling out to 400-500% of the value of the stolen items when the item was what we today would call an “item”. Generally the Romans tried to apply a “restorative” system to theft (see below) because killing the thief usually didn’t make the victim whole again. The Romans tended to prefer this system because they found “restorative justice” kept the peace better than punitive measures (scourging, crucifixion, strangling, throwing from a high place etc). The Romans placed a priority on ethics and social stability over time.

        Following “the fall” we (the West) moved to a civilian justice system that isn’t “restorative” (original meaning being to restore the VICTIM, not rehabilitate the perp) but is rather punitive in a manner that is essentially “all power and glory to the State” in the way it operates. This is mostly because the system was adopted and corrupted by monarchs for centuries. They were concerned more with obedience to their “divine right to rule” than anything else. We still have some of that lingering thought process in Western thought on some of these topics.

        Jail for theft is stupid. The thief should compensate the victim plus some rational amount over the theft’s value or work for them until the debt is paid off. This doesn’t happen. Instead it’s a few months or years in the clink that just enrages the perp and fails to compensate the victim. No one is made happy by that and really, what does it teach the thief? Is it that crime doesn’t pay, or is that the cost of crime is actually pretty cheap? I mean, imagine someone stole your new Corolla and owed you $78,000 or more for your inconvenience AND you got the car back? Sounds a bit worse than a year in the slammer, eh?

        Regardless, the whole idea of being legally and ethically able to kill someone resides in the threat they present to you at the time you take the action in question. There are several ethical reasons for this but one of pure utility, which I mentioned before, it’s an attempt to prevent murder and reprisal under the guise of “individual law enforcement for theft”.

        • And, note that this entire incident was sparked by killing someone over an alleged property crime.

        • I mean, imagine someone stole your new Corolla and owed you $78,000 or more for your inconvenience AND you got the car back? Sounds a bit worse than a year in the slammer, eh?

          How about both…payback AND the slammer?

        • “How about both…payback AND the slammer?”

          Practically I don’t see how you would make that work.

        • Yes, PUNISHMENT or retaliation by individuals AFTER property crimes (or violent crimes, for that matter) quickly spirals into vendetta and escalation. Neither that nor recorded history in any way supports the idea that armed (as all free citizens were) Greeks or Romans did not DEFEND their property “at the time [they] take the action in question” but let the cops sort it out at a later date. Large professional police forces, forensics and all the other investigative and information-sharing techniques necessary to make restoration feasibly fair are creations of the last century and a half – and, as you admitted, they just don’t care anymore. Mere property offenses would distract police from far more important “crimes” like driving 56mph or not wearing masks.

          Theoretically, fines would seem the most logical form of punishment for property crimes AND a far more sensible means of financing law and order than taxing (disincentivizing) productive work. You described perfectly what a just system of fines would have to look like: since some percentage of crimes will always go unsolved (especially prior to scientific forensics, databases, etc.), fining someone X for stealing X guarantees crime DOES pay over time. The ONLY fair fine system is as you described, a punitive / asymmetric one: conviction for stealing X means you give back the X, pay the cops and courts for the cost of your prosecution plus a little more to finance deterrence, and a good bit more to the victim, as you said, for his inconvenience.

          Here’s where (just as it’s essential that a mariner periodically gets up from his charts and radars to see what the sea and other ships are actually doing) it is necessary for a thinker to compare his reasoned solution to pragmatic facts. The asymmetric fine system presupposes and REQUIRES that the criminal has a source of legitimate revenue that far outweighs his criminal income. The problem with that, of course, is that most people don’t become criminals (particularly property criminals) because they excel at making honest livings! Fining a professional criminal creates a pyramid scheme where he pays back A with the proceeds of his thefts from B, C, D, and E – which is sustainable only so long as the system remains below 20% effectiveness at catching him, and completely excludes any possibility of restoration beyond that point.

          • That is why I see no problem with leg irons and (productive) hard labor as a means for repayment. An honest days wages, minus the cost of room and board to cover the fine for as many days as it take to pay off the debt. “Cruel and unusual?” I think not. You and I have to work to pay for our food and shelter.

            • David Bradford,
              I don’t see those things as acceptable, but obligatory. There should never be any prison sentence without hard labor. Not a single penny spent for prisoner pleasure or comfort (dessert, seconds, television, games, air conditioning). It is unconscionable that any government action should ever leave a convict either better off than his victim, or better off than if he had not committed a crime. People who don’t like negative consequences should not make negative choices.

        • Mike:

          “Neither that nor recorded history in any way supports the idea that armed (as all free citizens were) Greeks or Romans did not DEFEND their property”

          No one said otherwise, I noted that in my OP here. In fact, thieving at night was far riskier for the thief since legally they could be assumed to be more than a thief and killed if they failed to surrender immediately. Which actually isn’t much different than today. You don’t shoot the guy who’s breaking into your house because you know he’s there to steal your TV. You shoot him, and are justified in doing so, because you very specifically don’t know what he’s up to and the fact that he’s entered your home makes him a likely threat to the safety of those in the home. This is why lawyers advise you to say “I feared for my safety or that of another person” not “I feared my TV would be taken!”.

          Also, not all free citizens were armed in Rome or Greece, many couldn’t afford it (as Jesus noted) and in some cases it was illegal to carry arms within a city or other jurisdiction without permission which, much like some states in the Union today, was nearly impossible to attain without the right connections.

          The point of the system the Romans imposed was that the criminal was forced to either pay or labor FOR the victim until the ordered compensation was hit. The idea was to compensate the victim and killing the criminal didn’t accomplish that goal.

          They didn’t just let the bad guy go rob Peter to pay Paul. They actually, ya know, thought about this. In cases where repayment wasn’t possible quickly or where it was thought that the thief would victimize others to pay the debt then the thief became a slave to the victim for a certain period of time thought to be commensurate with the amount owed to the victim. Sometimes that was for life. Either way, it reflected a legal status change in the thief which could only be changed back to “citizen” status by completing the punishment. Runaway slaves were liable for far, far harsher penalties so it made sense to just take the slavery and pay the debt.

          Today that certainly wouldn’t be necessary. Payment could be taken in the form of a garnished paycheck which obviously the thief would have to have in order to make repayment. Or you could jail the guy and force him to work off the debt if he absconded from working for the victim.

          My point is that a huge part of the reason people want to just “shoot thieves” (and yes, people have argued here that it should be legal to shoot them after the fact, that argument has been common) is because the current system doesn’t actually repay the victim. It could and it should.

          Regardless, the general argument over killing for “property” isn’t realistic and it undermines the entire philosophy of self defense and defense of others, which we really, really, really don’t want to do.

          • Strych9,
            I agree with most of what you wrote, although I can’t recall a Gospel passage addressed to Roman citizens. Unarmed people throughout classical and medieval times were assumed to be slaves, criminals, or cowards (or the noncitizen subjects of occupied territories, like most Judaeans). Certainly no actual citizens were denied arms in their own homes, the subject of my comments. Also, your “rob Peter to pay Paul” remark misconstrues my point about fines, which I admit could have been clearer if I had said “pay back E with money stolen from A, B, C, and D [i.e. previously].” The point remains, because crimes are committed by criminals.

            I understand current self-defense laws, and they are far inferior to your / Locke’s position in that they represent it as a necessary wrong – and in many jurisdictions almost as a form of insanity defense (“I was scawwed!”) – rather than as the most essential right and duty. If I had to respond with deadly force I would feel remorse only for putting my family through the wringer; conversely, while I would be glad if I could end a situation without that ordeal, I would feel responsibility for every less-prepared person victimized by a POS criminal I had let go.

            The enumeration of rights as life, liberty, property, etc. is useful to ensure none are forgotten or infringed, but acting as though they are distinct and hierarchical is a mistake. There is really only one Right: people who leave others alone should be left alone – and one rule: thou shalt not initiate. A society will be more free, safe, and just to the extent it enshrines those principles in law.

        • That’s a nice retelling of history. It seems accurate to me based on what I have read as well.
          But it fails to address an Ancient belief. Your home is your Castle. Your home is your safe space in modern parlance. It is where you feel most protected. Where are you are most familiar with. Where your Implements of self-defense are kept. And where are your supplies and foodstuffs are kept. To keep you alive and your family alive. In today’s modern thinking all that can go up in smoke just to save the life of an arsonist.

          How this works out in today’s libertarian liberal and leftist thinking is truly amazing. Perhaps because they don’t live in Minneapolis or Baltimore or Detroit. Is how they came to this inverted way of thinking.

          I look forward to a libertarian liberal or a leftist proving they practice what they preach. By posting a video of how they proudly left their home. And allowed criminals to Burn It To The Ground. Without using a gun to shoot the arsonist first.

          I agree it’s better for criminals to actually work off their time doing something productive. However Libertarians liberals and the left disagreed with the work farms and workhouses in the turn of the century. They believed criminals should be paid for their labor!!!
          Convicted criminals who have robbed and raped stolen murdered should be paid because that’s fair???

          Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona had a system that worked. Not only did work get done for the local government. For free. Yes thats right for free. But the criminals were actually taught skills they might use on the outside. Such as operating a bulldozer. But the efforts of libertarian and leftist lawyers and their lawfare attacks destroyed that in several states.

          In the 21st century most people do not live in close-knit villages. As they did 100 or more years ago. We have decentralized ourselves. The Atheist would have us not be part of churches. The most common glue that held a community together. And provided safety in numbers. The ability to rely on people that you were most familiar with outside of your family.

          Everyone is high and mighty when their home or way of life is not under the threat of torches.

        • So, I’ll address Mike and then Chris here:

          My point here is not that there is a perfect system. I would point out that essentially when Jesus said what he said he was talking about selling a cloak to buy a sword to Romans because the area was under the control of Rome and therefore Roman Law. Roman law didn’t generally have a different set of rules for arms for non-citizens vs. citizens, it was usually a blanket law for Roman controlled territory.

          The point that I make here is that “killing for property” is a blanket statement and that way, way too many people take it too far. As I noted it’s an argument that has been advanced here that it should be acceptable to shoot suspected thieves who are not currently a threat to the property owner, or anyone else or are fleeing or have surrendered to the property owner. That’s simply unacceptable.

          IMHO, if the guy’s creeping around your house or property you have a valid argument (obviously depending on exact circumstances) that the person IS a threat and therefore force is acceptable. However, to shoot a fleeing thief, as some have advocated, is not acceptable. We don’t use force to “protect property” when use it to protect life. When the thief arguably poses a threat, fire away. It’s the people arguing for, essentially, execution for theft that I have a problem with.


          Considering the above statements I’ve made (that I have no problem with force if you can articulate a potential threat to yourself or others), I think the overall system is broken AF.

          That said, the roots of the Castle Doctrine in Roman civilian law go back to the principle of dominium which is basically vim vi repellere licet (It’s permissible to repel force with force). This theory extends to property as well as family. However, it requires an actual attack, attempt to take something by force etc. A “smash and grab”, burglary etc is pretty questionable in terms of killing the thief under, at least my, reading of Roman Law. If a struggle over the property occurs and the thief gets offed, so be it. Again, as with what I’m advocating for here, not carte blanch to zap someone who’s stealing you. Robbery, which by definition includes force? Sure. Attack on another person? Absolutely. No violence on the part of the perp? Romans weren’t supposed to smoke the thief for that.

          So again, let me make this distinction: I have no problem using force to repel actual FORCE. Strong arm robbery, armed robbery, housebreaking, home invasion etc. I have a problem with the blanket notion advanced by some that it’s acceptable to simply shoot people over property when the thief poses no threat to the life or limb of another human being. If you can articulate an argument that a threat exists then by all means, have at it. If you’re shooting a looter in the back… I’m gonna have to be against that.

          • Republican Roman armies were based, like the Greeks’, on the right and OBLIGATION of every citizen to be armed. Their social classes originated with the distinction between those who equipped themselves as infantry vs. cavalry. While professionalization had obviated most of the obligation by New Testament times, I’d be fascinated by any primary-source evidence of a modification to the right, as I’ve never seen anything of the sort. Frankly, the Republican period with its core principles and gradually evolving traditions is the best lens for examining Roman law anyway, undistorted by the whims of whackjob emperors, machinations of praetorian prefects, etc.

            The reservation of distinctive rights to Roman citizens shines through clearly in Acts, despite being completely peripheral to the messages of the book. It is also abundantly clear in the controversy in the Senate every time another extension of citizenship was debated, and especially the fact that so many neighbors and allies risked war with the Roman juggernaut over the centuries to secure those prerogatives.

            For an illustrative (Greek) example of dominium, read “Gates of Fire”.

  18. Now multiple fires in St Paul w/two near the State House… Fuck it burn baby burn, clean out those rat infested shitholes…

  19. Expected things now… POTUS sees video, understands political implications, and calls for an expedited investigation. Translation, get in there faster and hang the bad cop; he had 18 complaints on file against him even before this. Bad cop must be quickly sacrificed to pacify the angry blacks. And the other three cops, just sacrifice them and their futures and their families as collateral damage. Feds and the FBI were already in state, but now bring in more of them and have the AG [Barr] to get out front and run the damage control along with the DOJ. It’s one black man, and a pity, but hundreds are shot down like dogs in Chicago every year, black on black, and that’s OK as it has been going on for years. Even conservative talk show hosts, and many others that are usually clueless, are now calling for the head of the bad cop. Word will probably come down from the DOJ to all LE to just stand down, from now through election day, when any black suspect is involved in an arrest or investigation. It’s just politics, and all about the black vote, from this point forward. And any and all black rebel rousers, including Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many others, will be coming on soon now to, of course, blame it all on Trump. [in the end]. Blacks probably vote for Biden at the 95 percent level now but that’s probably the percentage they were going to vote Dem even before this. Must stop the mail in ballot scam/sham now at all costs or else the country is lost when Obama’s black VP gal takes over for Blooper Biden – the senile swamp king. For those to be sacrificed Hang’em High – asap. It’s just politics now. Loony liberals on this board and elsewhere seem thrilled with the chaos, but the effort by the Feds to pacify the black mobs and the libs is on. The bad cop’s suicide, could hang himself, might not be such a bad thing.


    Life’s journey is NOT to arrive at the GRAVE SAFELY IN A WELL PRESERVED BODY.


    • You haven’t been paying attention.

      It’s the white kids that started the riots and fires. It’s the white kids over turning cars and destroying public property. Go watch the streams. It’s mostly white males destroying the black neighborhood’s stores. The black people tried to stop it in the beginning but more white males came and took over. The protesters left before dark and the youth came out to destroy capitalism and reset the system (in their eyes). They said they won’t stop until the police are charged, but the AG is saying they have nothing to charge the cops for.

      • It’s now being reported that the cop who did the killing knew the deceased suspect for 17 years. They both worked security at a local bar.

        If that’s true, the [now former] officer is completely and utterly fucked.

        • Dudes only been in Minneapolis for five years, the cop has been w/Minneapolis PD for 19 years

          According to George Floyd’s family:
          The native Texan followed some friends to Minneapolis about five years ago and landed a job working security at a Salvation Army store downtown.
          Soon thereafter, he had picked up two others gigs: one driving trucks and another as a bouncer at Conga Latin Bistro where he was affectionately known as “Big Floyd.”

        • Notice how I said “If that’s true”? I don’t assume early reports to be correct. I do know that the “17 years” claim was being made earlier this morning on TV news.

          Also, five years vs 17 doesn’t really matter that much if they both worked at the same establishment and knew each other it’s going to be examined with a fine toothed comb because it goes to potential premeditation.

          Either way, if they both worked there then this isn’t a rando black guy getting arrested by a disinterested cop and based on the way that cop acts in the video of the black guy’s death, that raises a hell of a lot of questions.

      • but the AG is saying they have nothing to charge the cops for..

        Not the AG, County Attorney Mike Freeman said “my job to prove he violated a criminal statute but there is other evidence that does not support a criminal charge” another progressive libtard voted into office by the same bunch of low information idiots that elected Keith Ellison to the State AG office, the people put him there the people own whatever decision he makes but the Feds are a different matter

  20. protest all you want,,,,but destruction of property and looting is ridiculous
    BLM= burning looting mob?

  21. The DEms are worried shitless, how are they going to blame this on Trump? Klobuchar was county prosecutor when this dirty cop, Chauvin, could have been removed. She declined to prosecute. This is the picture now, DEms can’t control their liberal progressive cities… Hope this is what their convention looks like…

    • “how are they going to blame this on Trump?”

      You think they need a valid reason? That’s a good one!

      • Trump shutdown caused Floyd to lose his job forcing him to commit a criminal act which put him in contact with cops which ultimately led to his death… Obviously Trumps fault, he should be held personally responsible for every suicide and police encounter that resulted in a death since shutdown started… “Impeach 45” remove him from office before Nov and bring criminal charges……

    TRUMP is imperfect but glad to see him call criminals and leftists out.

  23. ” It’s the white kids that started the riots and fires. It’s the white kids over turning cars and destroying public property. Go watch the streams. It’s mostly white males destroying the black neighborhood’s stores. The black people tried to stop it in the beginning but more white males came and took over. The protesters left before dark and the youth came out to destroy capitalism and reset the system (in their eyes). ”

    This does not matter or make a bit of difference to Trump, or the Feds or the public. It’s about the dead black taken out by the bad white cop. Whites that get involved will be taken to be white trash, or else Soros or antifa operatives – worse than blacks really.
    And the POLITICS reduces to the same thing as it was, that is the black vote. The black vote in and of itself can decide the election and most everyone in politics knows this. Blacks vote for blacks by a wide margin as with Obama. So the black lady VP candidate will come on soon.

    I have read, in the marvellous heart of man,
    That strange and mystic scroll,
    That an army of phantoms vast and wan
    [black phantoms or white phantoms no matter]
    Beleaguer the human soul.

    • Looks to me like a pretty good mix around the burning cop shop and Wed looters at Target were way more black than white, not giving anyone a pass, most violence has been perpetrated by white Antifa and black bangers….

  24. But… but…
    I thought the neckbeards LARPing as OPERATORS in front of that tobacco shop were going to put a stop to this!?!?!,

    • There are merely TWO of them. They can’t protect the entire city, are you dense?

      • Especially when the four LARPers scurried away as soon as it got dark and there were no longer camera crews to film them flexing.
        But you really ARE that dense.

  25. ” It’s now being reported that the cop who did the killing knew the deceased suspect for 17 years. They both worked security at a local bar. If that’s true, the [now former] officer is completely and utterly fucked. ”

    He was and is F’d anyway, and even before this came out he was toast; but there may have been something going on between them that was ‘personal’. We may never know, but the details about the 18 public complaints on file on the bad cop will be of interest – if it ever comes out. Bad cops lawyers may keep the details suppressed…

    And when the solemn and deep church-bell
    Entreats the soul to pray,
    The midnight phantoms feel the spell,
    Their shadows are sweep away
    [but not on this night …]

    Well past midnight now isn’t it. This will be quite the thread if it keeps going on through the day. 500 or more comments perhaps? Again John Bock you’ve struck click bait gold.

  26. The people will turn on the police. Enforcing this COVIT nonsense, jacked booted thugs with badges closing business. The militarization of police. Enough!

    Police committing murder on flim with witnesses.

    You just triggered the people. Now TRY gun confiscation. I’ve stated the people would turn on thugs with badges.

  27. This thread is too much. It’s over the top and would be hilarious if the subject matter behind it weren’t so tragic and sad. U.S. cities BURN > [?] Seems like it can’t be reality… Coming back to read this thread when complete is really going to be something as the various racist and far left-wing comments aren’t even in yet.

    That hit song from the 60’s is what it makes me think of. It was before your time, for most of you anyway. Probably was one of the worst hit songs ever, but it’s very appropriate in this context about what is going on. Especially so the lyrics of – You’ve been living like a little girl/In the middle of your little world/And your mind/Your tiny mind/You know you’ve really been so blind …

    Burn Baby Burn – INDEED …

    Fire – by The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – performed in the Top of the Pops studio in 1968.

    I am the god of hell fire and I bring you – Fire/I’ll take you to burn/Fire/I’ll take you to learn/I’ll see you burn!/You fought hard and you saved and learned/but all of it’s going to burn/And your mind/Your tiny mind/You know you’ve really been so blind/Now’s your time burn your mind/You’re falling far too far behind/Oh no Oh no Oh no/You gonna burn!/Fire/To destroy all you’ve done/Fire/To end all you’ve become/I’ll feel your burn!/You’ve been living like a little girl/In the middle of your little world/And your mind/Your tiny mind/You know you’ve really been so blind/Now’s your time burn your mind/



    • Interesting, Grim…

      While watching the conflagration the sound that would occasionally resound in my head was…

      I count the corpses on my left, I find I’m not so tidy
      So I better get away, better make it today
      I’ve cut twenty-three down since Friday
      But I can’t control it, my face is drawn
      My instinct still emotes it

      I slash them cold, I kill them dead
      I broke the gooks, I cracked their heads
      I’ll bomb them out from under the beds
      But now I’ve got the running gun blues

      It seems the peacefuls stopped the war
      Left generals squashed and stifled
      But I’ll slip out again tonight
      ‘Cause they haven’t taken back my rifle
      For I promote oblivion
      And I’ll plug a few civilians

      I’ll slash them cold, I’ll kill them dead
      I’ll break them gooks, I’ll crack their heads
      I’ll slice them till they’re running red
      But now I’ve got the running gun blues

      Running Gun Blues
      David Bowie

    • Because there is plenty and power to be gained by it.
      Best example is the race hustlers having their own TV shows….Sharpton, Lemon, etc

  28. 1. Official “immunity” should be abolished. The “double standard” in which police are treated much more leniently than the ordinary citizen for identical situations has to go. “Equal justice under law” should apply to ALL, even police. Self-investigations would be abolished. Civilian review boards would have final say over police practices.
    2. Police “unions” would be abolished. Police work for the public and do not need unions.
    3. Every police officer would be required to purchase a “bond” from an private insurance company. The municipality would be allowed to pay for the basic cost of the “bond”, but no more. No bond=no job. You can bet that insurance companies would be more diligent in weeding out the “bad apples” than our present “good-old-boy” system.
    4. Awards paid out for misconduct or wrongful death should be paid out from the police pension funds, NOT from the taxpayers. You can bet that things would change if their retirement funds were threatened.
    5. Body and dash cams must be used at all times. Failure or malfunctioning equipment is not an excuse and should result in immediate permanent dismissal. Today’s equipment is rugged enough for constant use. In addition, dash and body cam footage is public and should be uploaded to a public internet channel.
    7. Mandatory periodic drug testing must be the norm and not the exception. This drug testing should also include alcohol and steroids. It is no secret that many police officers “bulk up” with steroids, which also causes mental instability, and is responsible for much police misbehavior.
    6. A “blacklist” of rogue police officers should be established. These individuals should NEVER be allowed to work for any municipality as police officers or corrections officials.
    8. Plainclothes operations must be severely limited. There are far too many incidents of innocents being hurt or murdered by lax plainclothes procedures.
    9. “Asset forfeiture” must be abolished nation wide. It is “legalized robbery under color of authority” and makes police officers no better than criminals themselves.
    10. SWAT teams should be limited as well. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to smash up a person’s house. “Dynamic entry” is an excuse for steroid-addled police officers to have “a little fun” at the hapless home dweller’s expense.
    11. Police departments should be run like fire departments. Police officers do not need to be “looking for trouble” with ticket quotas (yes, they are common and do exist). They should stay in their department buildings until needed.
    12. The militarization of American police departments must stop and be reversed. It is no secret that American police departments train in Israeli military tactics. I guess that “we are all Palestinians, now”.
    Of course, the chance of any of these suggestions seeing the time of day is almost impossible, but one can hope for change

  29. This is criminal activity taking away the value of the legitimate fact of a murder! Black people then wonder why they get a bad rap from most white people? Gee looting stores and burning them too the ground sure looks good on the Resume. Back in the Day most Black men took care of their families now days Democrats want to do that and are not doing it very well!

  30. So a cop murdered a forger and the local lowlifes took it out on Target. Is that about it?

    • Yep…sorry he’s dead but you being a low life theif won’t “honor” him. They burned my wife’s neighborhood to “honor” Martin Luther King in 1968. And expected everyone to rebuild their thuggery. Never happened. Sorry I’m preoccupied. Car had to be towed after spending $ yesterday. And I’m at the eye doctor to get exam & old man glasses. I don’t give a damn if Minneapolis burns. I’m defending MY HOME.

        • Thanks Ralph! I have cataracts. Not bad YET but they need removing. No wonder my aim sucks! Oh limited night driving for now…😟