A Google street view image of the street where the shooting occurred.
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In what is a case of “should’ve seen this coming,” a former mayoral candidate in Soso, Mississippi, who was going through a bitter divorce was shot outside his ex-wife’s home the day after Christmas, the Laurel Leader-Call reported.

Jason Adam Marshall, 41, was pronounced dead after being shot by his brother-in-law, Christopher Davis, in what police are investigating as a case of self-defense. Marshall was accused of coming on to his wife’s property in violation of a restraining order just before 4 a.m., Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2023. When his ex-wife’s brother confronted him holding an AR-15, the trespassing ex-husband reached for his own 9mm and was shot by Davis.

Police reported the couple’s three children were inside the home at the time of the shooting.

The shooting was the culmination of a lengthy divorce battle where Marshall’s wife, Constance Hope McRae Marshall, was given temporary custody of the children, the newspaper reported. In October, Marshall was ordered to obtain a psych evaluation in order to hopefully have his rights restored. At the time of the shooting, there are no records to show that order had been lifted or those rights restored.

It apparently wasn’t the first time the dispute turned violent.

Last February, the Leader-Call reported, Marshall allegedly loaded a gun and threatened to kill his brother-in-law who lived next door to the home he had shared with his wife for 12 years before moving out. A month later, he reportedly threatened suicide with a firearm while his kids were home with him.

Marshall had alleged his ex-wife used illegal drugs and made illicit videos in court filings, but none of that was ever proven. Prior to their divorce, the sheriff’s department had been called out to their home three times in four months.

Marshall had served as a volunteer firefighter in the area, as well as an alderman in Soso. He also owned a disaster relief company according to an earlier Leader-Call story when Marshall was running for mayor in a recent special election. According to the news outlet, he received only five of 137 votes in his bid to become mayor.

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  1. He ignored the restraining order and was armed. If the ar15 had not been there a family would have been massacred and dacian and miner49er would be howling their joy.

  2. Well it appears shuting Santa did not prevent the violence, death and suicides that happen after Christmas.
    I’d waste Saint Valentine but he already got his johnny up comings in a massacre.
    To bad I couldn’t have spoken with Marshall before he showed up at his xwife’s, I’d have told him that’s no way to do it.
    Yah gotta set up an ambush man.

  3. I’m confused, sokialist- democrats tell me that AR-15’s are never used for “self-defense”.

    • “I’m confused, sokialist- democrats tell me that AR-15’s are never used for “self-defense”

      and the “sokialist- democrats” are wrong hundreds of times annually. its just that most times the trigger wasn’t pulled ’cause bad guys ran off when confronted by the defender with the “AR-15”.

  4. He had a choice to leave or commit suicide. He was selfish. His children will forever be messed up over this.

    • we don’t know their ages, or whether they were wtching at the four ayem side show. If they’re younger than mid teens, they probably win;t be affected much at all. Daddy was alreasy buildig quite tne resumé as worst dad of the year with his string of bagd dad antics. Seems like these kids are better off shut of this guy. Staging a suicide to :show” his kids? NO child needs a parental unit of this low calibre.

  5. Why is this article relevant ? Because there is an ex politician involved ? News in the state but nowhere else. My dog farted. Call the press

    • And it’s over a week old, copy paste of an old news story… Not worth putting in the effort? Not worth my time either… Might be time to “move on”…

      • Is there a new “editor” at TTAG. Web search and throw against wall – call it “content”.

        Wait a couple weeks and perhaps James can/will repurchase TTAG for $3.99.

  6. The U.S. is a failed society on at least two counts.

    Republicans refuse to pass a National Health Care Plan that would give affordable mental health treatments to people in need of such care.

    The U.S. does not adequately vet gun purchasers. Its clear that this nut case should never have been able to buy or possess a firearm.

    The U.S. has the highest mass murder and homicide rate with guns in the industrialized world.

    At a homicide rate of approximately 5 per 100,000 population the United States by far has the highest homicide rate among affluent nations. This is a rate that has been fairly stable since 2000. After examining the various historical, sociological, economic, and political factors operative in the United States, the presenter has concluded that political stability is a critical factor related to homicide rates in the United States. He argues that feelings and beliefs toward government drive homicide rates more than the economy, policing, or imprisonment. Homicide rates decline when there is a feeling of confidence in government and the politicians and officials who run the government. Another aspect of political stability is empathy, i.e., a feeling of kinship with other members of society in a climate of racial, religious, or political solidarity. The feeling that one’s self and others are valued members of society provides an emotional stability that diminishes aggression. The implication of this finding is that America’s current high homicide rate is due to prevalent feelings of instability, alienation, and dissatisfaction with social interactions among groups, government policymaking, and socioeconomic status and well-being. Questions from the audience and response from the presenter are included in this transcript, and a link is provided to a video of the presentation.


    • Not is it only not guns, it is not mental health care.

      His article states that what the left is doing by sowing discontent is a main driver.

    • Give your kind guns, and they eventually go full Khmer Rouge.

      Give your kind an economy and it will fail eventually. P0litical ideologies do not form the basis of economics.

    • “The U.S. is a failed society on at least two counts.”

      the main one being that they haven’t exterminated you.

    • Right now, the priority for free health care is for illegal immigrants. They might get around to American citizens if there’s anything left after we finish caring for the world’s poor and funding overseas wars. Priorities.

    • Republicans refuse to pass a National Health Care Plan

      What? Obamacare doesn’t work for YOU? Ever heard of Medicaid? Fuck you want? Country just crossed 34 TRILLION in debt, and YOU think they need to add even more? They are already handing out FREE healthcare, education, housing, transportation, food, clothing and Xboxes to the millions of Illegals that Braindead has welcomed into the country in the last three years while they’re sending billions of dollars to Ukraine and arming the Taliban in Afghanistan with 80 billion dollars’ worth of Americas finest military technology which is showing up in Gaza? Those feckless fucks in DC (ON BOTH SIDES) don’t give a shit about the people of this country unless you are a member of some allegedly “marginalized” or “oppressed” minority… Get over yourself clownboy, figure it out and maybe try writing something original instead of all this copy paste “self-edited” bullshit you are always posting… You are a waste of oxygen… Funny, that “murders per 100,000” bullshit works for YOUR agenda even though there are countries on the planet with HIGHER NUMBERS of homicides than the US (India has nearly double that of the US) but their homicide RATE is lower because their population is higher… More games to make MY country look bad… GFY clownboy…

    • The U.S. is a failed society

      Because of negative slugs like you constantly trying to run it down…

    • U S citizens have to kill themselves off so the illegal immigrants have a place to live.
      Golly dacian, you ain’t figured that out yet? It’s “your” goverments plan.

  7. “… America’s current high homicide rate is due to prevalent feelings of instability, alienation, and dissatisfaction with social interactions among groups, government policymaking, and socioeconomic status and well-being.”

    Ah! So you admit that it is not the guns!

  8. Welp, another demonstration of how a piece of paper is a poor defense against a determined attacker. Had there been no guns he probably would have used something else from a sword to a knife to a rock to his bare hands to do the deed.

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