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The new face of gun ownership in America (Image by John Boch)
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America enjoys a growing diversity in the faces of its gun owners. While some bigots think that only old (fat) white guys and rednecks own guns, they should open their eyes and look around. The fastest growing demographics of gun owners aren’t even white. And black women make up a huge segment of new gun owners in America.

African-Americans are increasingly leaving the gun control plantation. Those who do not only fight stereotypes against legal gun ownership for blacks, but they’re getting their carry licenses and arming themselves to defend against criminal attack as well. Black women, in particular, are getting carry licenses in droves.

That’s bad new for bad guys, and good news for everyone else. After all, a black woman with a gun might be the good “guy” who saves you or one of your loved ones from death or great bodily injury during a criminal attack.

Amazingly, even Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun propaganda arm “The Trace has acknowledged the rise of black female gun owners in America, clearly dispelling notions that it’s only existing old white guys buying more guns driving the massive growth in firearm sales. Again, from The Trace:

Last August, only a week after Onnie Brown had moved into a rust-colored, ranch-style home in Phoenix, Arizona, a stranger started banging on her door, looking for someone named Ricky. “Ain’t no damn Ricky here,” she retorted to the scraggly white man.

Brown, a petite, 43-year-old single mother with a wide smile, knows how to handle uncertain situations, ones that could veer toward violence. Years ago, she had worked as a nurse in a maximum-security prison, honing a confidence verging on bravado and the ability to read people. “I wasn’t shaking. I wasn’t trembling,” she says.

Resting in her pocket was the .22-caliber pistol she’d grabbed from her desk. This was the first time she had armed herself against potential danger since buying the handgun four years earlier.

But in the middle of this weekday, she didn’t need it. After the stranger realized that neither Brown nor her neighbor — who’d been keeping watch from across the street — were intimidated, he left.

That Brown keeps a weapon at the ready aligns with shifts in why people say they arm themselves. In the ’90s, most gun owners cited hunting and sports shooting as the primary reason. Today, surveys show that two out of three Americans who own guns keep them mainly for self-protection; women especially say it’s the driving consideration. The demographics of who owns guns are also changing. Brown, who is a Black woman, pushes against the embedded stereotype of the American gun owner: white, male, and living in the country.

Brown bought her first gun in 2018, four years after her divorce. Her daughter’s safety weighed on her constantly, and Brown says she “needed to know how to do something more than just scream and scratch” for their protection.

In recent years, story after story has furthered the narrative that Black women are the fastest-growing group of gun owners in the country. While there are some surveys and recent academic research to support this assertion, conclusive evidence remains elusive. Yet the narrative rings true to many Black gun owners, including many of the more than a dozen interviewed for this story. It’s also supported by the gender breakdown of the more than 40,000 members of the National African American Gun Association, a majority of whom are female.

Yes, there is clearly a slant in The Trace’s reporting. Labelling the fact that black females are the fastest-growing demographic of gun buyers as an “assertion” serving as a blatant example. Yet the fact that this trend has become so overwhelming that The Trace feels compelled to report on it should stand as a testament to this massive change in what gun buyers look like.

And the majority of the NAAGA members are female? Whoa! Not only are these ladies buying guns and carrying them for personal defense, but they’re becoming politically active in advocating for their rights as well! Hallelujah!

Welcome aboard, ladies!

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    • You hush now. She may be Moslem, for all we know. Moslems have a ‘spray and pray’ philosophy – send the projectiles down range, and you will hit whatever Allah wills.

    • If your close enough, the sights are just a hindrance. Seems like, based on the story, distance will not be a factor.

      • Since the lady in the story had a .22 in her pocket, I don’t think she’s the lady in the picture.

  1. Good news. With bidens performance more and more people will be leaving the party. They’ll have no choice. Broke, hungry and cold is no way to exist.

    • Don’t assume that just because they are buying guns means they are leaving the party and will vote pro 2A or any other conservative ideas.

      Hopefully some are seeing the light but a lifetime commitment is hard to give up.

  2. There are no black gun owners, white gun owners, women gun owners…

    We are all just gun owners and supporters of the 2A. It is awesome when you have a real cross section of the American melting pot at the range or just learning that you have a mutual affinity for guns.

    Well except for those intent to do evil. Those are criminals whether they use a gun or not.

    There are hunters and anglers and there are poachers. I hate when poachers are lumped in with honest sportsmen the same as I hate when criminals are lumped in with law abiding gun owners.

    • Exactly this. While I have no absolutely argument against groups of like-minded people creating organizations to promote their slices of the gun community (NAAGA, Pink Pistols, etc.), I have to wonder if screams would be heard if Whites created our their groups named “Redneck Rifle Association” or “National Caucasian Gun Group”.

      If its good for the goose, it’s good for the gander. If not, then something’s off kilter.

      • I still haven’t ordered a bumper sticker. ‘It’s alright to be white’. I’m not sure exactly what I want it to look like, but the message needs to get out.

      • “If its good for the goose, it’s good for the gander“

        I don’t think any union member would have a problem with the term redneck, around here it’s a badge of honor and the red was a very specific color choice.

        And never fear, there are calls within the government for investigations of the various socialist gun clubs.

        “Introduced Session
        2019-2020 Regular Session
        Bill Summary
        Requesting Congress and the President mandate investigations of the John Brown Gun Club, Redneck Revolt, Antifa, and the Socialist Rifle Association, and their ties to international terrorist and other criminal organizations.
        No subjects listed
        Sponsors (1)
        Matt Shea (R)*,
        Last Action
        First reading, referred to State Government & Tribal Relations. (on 02/07/2020)
        Official Document“

  3. The last Gun Show I attended a good number of Black people were present. Perhaps a small indication some have cut fence to escape the democRat Party Plantation. After all there was a time in America if your skin color was Black you could not possess a firearm. Rest assured come hell and high water that level of thinking wasn’t going to be repeated there…or anywhere else.

  4. Train and buy gear like your life depends on it.

    Many ARs are ill prepared. Airsoft and range toy gear doesn’t belong on a rifle you intend to use to defend you and loved ones lives.

    ARs with electronic optics but without BUIS are one dead battery or failure away from being rendered point shoot guns.

    ARs with airsoft quality cheap scopes made of thin cast aluminum. One good slam on a door frame, the ground, or someone falling on the gun destroys the scope. Be sure to install it on a non-QD mount too. That way tools are required to remove it. Whatever you do, don’t install BUIS for insurance. 😜

    Airsoft BUIS made of plastic are another. Ones that lock in the down position, and pop-up when a button is pressed, then they DON’T LOCK in the “up” position? 😜 Anything that bumps them will fold them down and lock them there! 🤣

    Think thru your setup, and get it dialed in by actually shooting it.

    How may here have removed their AR optics and ACTUALLY used BUIS in the past year? 🤔

    • I agree, just remember though, something is better than nothing.

      You may not have a dead batter, you may not bang your scope against a wall. If your rifle has no scope get one that is good and you can afford. If that means airsoft, so be it. Red dots sights are insanely accurate for fast shooting. Yes, the battery may go bad, lots of things “May” happen. Go with what will ‘likely’ happen.

      That said, again, you are not wrong. train with Iron sights, be able to hit with them. Otherwise your denying yourself a useful firearms skill. Why would you want to do that?

    • Acog………but outside of durable no batteries needed optics can’t disagree with you and overwhelmingly use irons except for the intermediate and rifle caliber (not lever action) rifles.

    • James, you kept referencing the AR and what should be done with it. Why not spend a little more money and buy a better rifle? After all, you’re only betting your life on it.

      • Aware of many better options for mid to long range but what is a net improvement for short to mid range use?

      • My AR selection was long and deliberate process.
        Shot numerous ARs before choosing one.
        Went with a proven POF P308 SPR, factory plated in Robar NP3 , so it can function without any lube.
        Basically, all the components that go into the POF FA 308, but in an SA 308 rifle.
        Lots of durability vids of POFs online. 10k rds in under 10k seconds with Wolf steel case ammo.
        San Bernardino PD running over 70k rounds through a FA P308, only having to replace a few minor components (extractor spring, op rod….), then shooting just over 1MOA with that 70k AR.
        I’ve purchased a 2nd complete bolt assembly and two bolt rebuild kits, also a full piston system kit (gas plug, piston, op rod).
        As far as ARs go, I went with one of the most durable examples, then purchased spare parts to support it.

        The gas plug (rifle length system) has multiple settings for suppressed, unsuppressed, and even an “off” position. Can operate like a bolt gun too, hand cycling each round.

        All ARs are not created equal.

  5. “some bigots think that only old (fat) white guys and rednecks own guns”

    I’m living proof that they are wrong. I’m an old (skinny) white guy and redneck.

  6. Personally, I welcome and encourage anyone who wants to legally buy a firearm and strongly encourage them to find a good beginner’s class for safety and basic marksmanship. Even an old fart like me can benefit from the occasional class to curb bad habits and brush up on both basics and more advanced skills. No matter how many years, and no matter how much of an expert you think you are, going back for skills and safety training never hurts.
    I am the stereotyped fat old white guy with too many? guns. And have no problem with anyone, of any ethnic, racial, religious, or any other group learning how to use firearms legally and safely. Nor do I have any issue with anyone learning how, and what is legal to do to defend themselves. While it is an old cliche, when seconds count…etc. You are always going to be your own first responder. Yes, call for help, but be able and equipped to deal with whatever situation comes up. That means know how to change a tire or fan belt. Know how and do check fluids on your vehicle. Learn basic, and if possible, more advanced, first aid. Have fire extinguishers in your home and vehicle. Try to keep a weeks’ worth of food and water on hand. Have alternate heat and light sources available if possible. Be like to old boy scout motto and always be prepared. Hopefully, you will never need any of these items, nor ever need a firearm to defend yourself, but, in most cases, if you need any of the emergency items listed, or many others, you very well may never need anything again.

  7. It’s not politically correct to say that black people are 13 per cent of the population and commit well over 60% of the murders in the United States. It’s also not politically correct to acknowledge that the vast majority of those murder victims are black. And the majority of those victims are black women.

    I see more black women at the gun ranges than I have ever seen before since 2010. I have even seen black women open carry.

  8. Thissss is why the Dems are pushing for even more Censorship

    As they lose ground with blacks and latinos

    they need for the election results to be whatever they say they are to be


    Its here and its happening

  9. dont forget

    with the destruction of criminal records ( white people black people etc)

    the abilty to get a lawful right to carry then exists


    with a criminal staying a criminal

    when they commit a crime and then are cites as a


    the leftists will then be able to say..

    See,,even lawful gun owners are committing crimes and we must make new laws to combat that

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