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(Dmitry Astakhov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)
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Think about the lasting effects gun violence can have on Americans. That brief moment when someone opens fire at a school, a restaurant or in the mall, and people die while others are traumatized by what they hear and see.

Shootings over the last years have sparked a debate on gun control in the United States. But how do we start a debate about global gun control to put pressure on someone like Putin to stop waging wars on innocent people? At this writing, Russia’s powerful army surrounds Ukraine’s cities and towns, apparently shooting indiscriminately. I think of those who have to flee their homes of many years. Besides sending prayers and love to Ukraine, everyone everywhere should start talking about demilitarizing the world, or guns will undoubtedly kill many more millions in many more cities.

— Abdi Nor Iftin in It’s time to talk about global gun control

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      • darcydodo…Based on your propaganda track record if it has anything to do with “crap” chances are good you posted it.

        • Are you people here so thick headed you can’t tell the real Dacian from the Troll Dacian? Here’a a couple of clues. The real Dacian blabs on and on and on about nothing. The Troll of Dacian makes fun off the shit the real Dacian stands for.

        • it keeps happening so, yup.
          the level of troll trolling to duplicate that moron’s avatar is delightful. been going on for many months. of course it’s possible that jeffropedo has dissociative identity disorder… in which case it’d be jeffropedoschizo.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          “The real Dacian blabs on and on and on about nothing.”

          In other words, like you do, obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey).


          *snicker* 😉

        • But I’ll bet the fake dacian is really winding up the real dacian. Or is letting the cat out of the bag in a matter of speaking.

    • It’s another sneaky backdoor attempt to put a save the day smiley face on Gun Control. The incompetent one track minded author abdi nor iftin failed to note History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. Therefore abdi nor iftin can take his scheme to whitewash Gun Control Rot at the expense of Ukraine and go pound sand.

      • Ibdi doo Doo knows nothing of history, or he would be aware of the many, many millions slaughtered before guns were even thought of. Look up the history or the Roman Empire or Attila the Hun, or …

    • Folks who subscribe to that nonsense imagine that they will be part of the New World Order, and calling the shots.

      In reality, they will be part of the New World Order, working in a coal mine, to provide the luxuries for those who do call the shots. Thus, the term, “useful idiots”.

    • Disarmament doesn’t always work as planned. The current mess in Ukraine would never have happened if Slick Willie had not fleeced the Ukrainians out of their 2,000 Nuclear Warheads, ironically, in the Name of “World Peace”

      Given that the average Ukrainian Goon is every bit as mean & vicious as Russian Goons, I would expect that they might want to exact some revenge on Ole Slick if they can get their hands on him.

    • everything these people say to you is a lie. every single word you ever hear from them is a lie.

      not in the sense that they consider what is true, and then go out and say the opposite. rather what they do is contemplate and consult with each other to determine what will benefit their tribe – and then go out and say THAT, whatever it is. to them, THAT is the truth. to them, THAT is morality. to then, THAT is reality. they and their physical benefit are their religion. (that’s why they’ll say one thing one day, and the next day say the exact opposite, with no sense of shame or contradiction – because for them there is none, for them it doesn’t exist.)

      • Rant7, instructions unclear. Are you describing politics and the practitioners thereof, or organized religion and it’s pack of mandress wearing, choirboy clasping suthsayers?

    • Yeah, I thought all we can do is to run and hide under a desk with your hands clasped over your head, or your ass, or something.

  1. Seems like the Ukraine is realizing the errors of gun control and is now arming its populace and even foreigners.

      • Without the Republicans voting for this, the proud people of the Ukraine might be able to defend themselves today. Over 15,000 tons of ammunition, 400,000 small-arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft missiles destroyed.

        dailymail.co.uk Feb 25, 2022

        Senator Obama pushed to destroy massive arms, ammo caches in Ukraine
        Massive caches of ammunition and shoulder-fired missiles got the axe over freshman Senator Obama’s terrorism fears, but could have helped the Ukrainian military today.


        • Ukraine has been whip-sawed between the right and left for awhile now…always trying to please those in power….

        • MinorIQ,

          This is the kind of stupidity only you (or dacian the stupid) could post:

          “Without the Republicans voting for this, the proud people of the Ukraine might be able to defend themselves today.”

          “Senator Obama pushed to destroy massive arms, ammo caches in Ukraine”

          Who knew Obummer was a Republican?? I thought he was just another lying, inept Leftist/fascist SCOAMF.

          MinorIQ, you remain too stupid to insult. Go micturate up a cable, then go pound salt in your @$$.

      • Sure did. Right AFTER his US staged and backed coup d’etat removed a fairly elected and much-favoured sitting president back in 2014. Almost looks like the kinyun did the disarm the masses trick back then to pave the way for today’s conflict.

        • Southern Cross,

          While I don’t hold much hope for the GOVERNMENT of Ukraine (or any other goverrnment, for that matter), I would hope the PEOPLE of Ukraine have learned their lesson, and that any future attempts to “collect” guns is met with a matched set of middle fingers.

  2. We’ll protect you, feed you, educate your children, house you, and take care of you in old age … slave.

    • As many in the Black/White community have given up, their Freedom for. A place to live on the Liberal Democrat Government Plantation. Unlike those in the Asian and even the Hispanic community. Who still see the American dream for what it truly is and know by working hard. They can become successful in their life’s endeavors. No where do you see this more than with legal Immigrants. Who know this nation offers everything they couldn’t get in their home country and made the difficult decision to leave the only home they ever knew. For the unlimited opportunities they see in the United States.

      • Darkman: You need a crash course in sentence structure, and where to use periods to start a new sentence and where not to.

        • If I recall I think he’s constrained to using voice text or whatever it’s called. But he ain’t wrong.

  3. Disarming and trusting others to protect you worked out well for Ukraine. Just sayin’.
    Just gimme your nukes, bro. You don’t need’em. I gotcha back.

  4. The un-invention of guns is currently underway, and soon there will be no more guns for you gun-nut psychos! You phallic worshiping, steel rod stroking, gun loving freaks.

  5. What a maroon.

    The Finns have the right idea. Every young man gets a few weeks of intensive military training, not in “how to keep your bunk tidy and your boots polished,” but in how to shoot, use, and maintain weapons systems, and basic squad tactics of how to harrass and kill invading soldiers. They get periodic refresher training every few years for the rest of their adult life. (The Swiss have had a similar system for decades, albeit with a longer initial conscription period.)

    The objective is that if necessary, they can be called up to join their local forces (similar to National Guard units). The Finns could easily put 1 million such forces in the field on short notice if Putin threatened anything.

    Had the Ukrainians — which have a much larger population than Finnland — had something like this in place, things would be a lot worse for the Russians.

    I wish Texas would initiate such a system for the State Guard . . . plus have a program where if an enrolled (and therefore vetted) member who has undergone the initial training and qualified with the weapon wants an M4, they can make a donation to the state of the $800 or so that it would cost, and the state would then purchase and “issue” an M4 to that member under the LEO/Mil exceptions to the NFA. And then encourage practice by providing free 5.56 ammo to be issued and used at designated state training ranges.

    • Texas has had a state Militia (Dept of the State of Texas) for almost 200yr. What have you been doing?

      The Ukrainians are reported to have widespread small arms training in their high schools. Does your local HS?

      The mass of the Russian Army consists of 1yr draftees (all males). How has that been working for them the last week (you perhaps noted the pathetic quality and their results?) It takes 3yr to work a mass of troops thru basic training and sqd/plt/co trainup so that they are useful. That assumes you have quality NCOs and Officers running the operation. (which the Russians STILL do not have). The 10ft tall russians of 1985 as painted by the CIA were actually 3ft midgets (then and since). But at least now we’re all woke and running down the path to mediocracy.

      • liked the story of the Russians puncturing their gas tanks and tires…anything to prevent them from getting to where they don’t want to go…

      • Niowa:

        Sorry, but you are wrong about there being a real Texas state militia like I have described. (There is, of course, the National Guard and Air National Guard, but those aren’t what we’re talking about).

        Texas *does* have the Texas State Guard, but to my mind it hardly counts as what anyone would consider to be a militia. From the FAQ for the Texas State Guard (https://tmd.texas.gov/texas-state-guard-faq):
        Does the TXSG train with or carry weapons?

        No. The Texas State Guard (TXSG) is not an armed force, nor does it have any law enforcement authority. There may be an opportunity to qualify on pistol dependent upon unit training schedules. TXSG members may have an opportunity to compete in the annual Texas Military Forces rifle and pistol competitions.
        Clearly not an organization that is training / equipping its members to kill the enemy. To my mind an unarmed force is not a militia.

        And as has been reported earlier, the TxSG has also been requiring its members to take the current “woke” DoD training courses, even though Gov. Abbott as CiC could have said no to this.

        WRT the Finns, you ignore that their “ready reserve” is not just the latest crop of kids who have completed basic — the vast majority of the force is of people who have completed basis *and* have had annual refresher training for years, *and* would be serving under professional officers/NCO’s.

        Are they going to be as effective as a 100% professional force? No. Could 1,000,000 citizen soldiers with weapons and basic training, under command of professionals, give a Russian conscript army a lot of problems on the Finns home turf? You betcha. Hitler didn’t try and invade Switzerland for exactly that reason.

    • I’ve been saying the same thing forever about the TXSG.

      The biggest problem right now is that few people of real substance and means (which is what an effective militia needs) would want to join and sign a paper saying I will show up when required and obey my officers when they’re doing fairly boring stuff. What’s more I never heard of any program where they would use their status as a legitimate military force to acquire equipment for people (with reimbursement or whatever means you want to set up to pay for it.) What they need are quarterly or semi-annual drills that are fairly intense training on tactics and warfare, and less setting up traffic cones every month and standing around at the Austin kite fest or the Ft Bend County Fair.

      Theoretically they would buy anything that you want or need, and it would cost them nothing, and bring in people with real money and determination who would never quit because they would want to hang on to an M249 and M203 with the 200 grenades they bought for $30 each. I wouldn’t be surprised if you get get 500,000 people on your rolls.

      • I’ve seen giggle-switched AR’s/M4’s for $1,000 at GT Distributors (big cop shop here in Austin that sells them to LE departments). I suspect if Texas made a bulk order, the price would be well under that — the additional parts needed to turn a milspec AR into a select fire weapon are probably less than $20.

  6. We have 330 million people in the U.S. and this is an increase of 130 million since I was born.

    We have more coming every year and with the Ukrainian crises I look for the U.S. to admit Ukrainian refugees here in greater numbers than before. There is nothing wrong with admitting refugees as we have a labor shortage do to the mass die off of the WWII Baby Boomers who were killed off by Trumps inadequate fight against the Covid crisis. But more people require more social services and this we are failing to provide for all the American people, not just refugees.

    We have had wages stagnate in the last 50 years because the Capitalvanians have moved all the high paying jobs overseas. The Capitalvanians wealth has gone up 320% in the same time period and corporations pay zero taxes while they make billions in profits and share none of it with the troglodyte worker slaves who now receive no retirement benefits or health care costs, or vacations or holidays off and very seldom a raise in salary.

    Unions have also been busted driving wages down even further.

    When you have desperate low wage people who cannot pay their bills and you have a high divorce rate where children are neglected while the one parent works you have many more people who cannot function as normal people in society resulting in higher crime rates and much higher mental illness.

    Republicans have consistently refused to fund affordable mental health care and affordable drug care because they are paid prostitutes of the big drug and insurance industries. All this has resulted in people not getting the help they need further aggravating an already out of control mental illness rate and crime rate.

    The result of all this is that its much cheaper just to ban guns than it is to fix societies problems and while the Republicans sit back and do nothing they try and blame the Democrats for being fed up with all the mass murder in the U.S. Republicans of course could not care less how many innocent people lose their lives to gun violence because for them “losses can never be too high”.

    The U.S. has also failed to pass even minimal gun control that takes no ones guns away and that is common sense Universal Background Checks and Safe Storage Laws. Both would cut down drastically on the sea of used guns and stolen guns that are for sale on the streets with no background checks which of course is pure insanity.

    It is well known to law enforcement that the “iron pipeline” funnels thousands of second hand guns into states and cities with tough gun laws making those laws totally ineffectual.

    When we fail to keep criminals and nut cases from getting guns and we fail to get mentally ill people the help they need the result is the easy and cheap way out and that is just to ban guns which is the route the Republicans have chosen to take while blaming the Democrats for trying to pass such laws. They are the worst of hypocrites.

    The Far Right are always their own worst enemies, their failure to support Universal Health Care eventually bankrupts them and increases the amount of mass murders and their failure to support Universal Background Checks and Safe storage laws only guarantees they will eventually lose most of their guns.

      • straw-purchasing is how criminals acquire guns…not at gun shows or on the internet…once that gun hits the street it’s likely to change hands many times

    • This is a fake dacian. 4th grade level garbage. You can tell it’s fake, because he mentioned republican’s should fund every freebie and free gib out there. I never said “Iron pipeline!” Stop making fun of me. And! “losses can never be too high” is always someone else’s problem. Not an individual problem. But some other problem for some faction out there in the collective ether, that can only be solved by votes, and never, ever, by an individual’s action. The solution is always always always, votes, and social engineering, just like that crap out of 1984 and brave new world, fahrenheit four hundred and something. And when the solution is always, always social engineering, then the solution is never, ever, part of my individual responsibility, thankfully.

  7. The current crisis in Ukraine is the result of several years of provocations and political black ops using Ukraine as a staging ground. The narratives that are unanimously repeated by Western media about the crisis and the “democratic” nature of the Ukrainian state are all completely false.

    The current situation can be traced back to 2013 when Victor Yanukovich, the pro-Russian President of Ukraine refused to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union. In response US-backed protesters staged months long violent demonstrations that killed at least 130 people and culminated with rioters taking control of Ukraine’s capital building and staging a coup against Yanukovich. The US government, who condemns the January 6th protesters as violent terrorists, openly praised these “masked militants” and declared their action a victory for freedom and democracy.

    The removal of Yanukovich was justified by a bloody incident that has come to be known as the “Sniper’s Massacre” in which up to 100 anti-Russian protesters were killed by a group of as yet unidentified gunmen. The West initially claimed that this massacre was committed by pro-Russian security forces, but several international investigations have cast doubt on this. In 2020, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that all documents and media relating to the massacre had been lost and that the scene had been cleaned up, making any further investigation impossible.

    The 2014 coup resulted in a protracted civil war in Eastern Ukraine and the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula to bolster its military position on the Black Sea. Two ethnic Russian regions of Eastern Ukraine, known collectively as the Donbass, declared independence and voted to separate from Ukraine. The West called these votes a sham while simultaneously proclaiming the post-coup Ukrainian elections, in which the Donbass and other pro-Russian regions could not vote, yet another “triumph” in a long and tiresome series of triumphs for “democracy.”

    This precarious situation continued until October of 2021 when the NATO-backed Ukrainian government received a shipment of high tech drones from NATO ally Turkey and used them in an attack on the Donbass, a move which was praised by the Voice of America, which spouts the propaganda line of the DC foreign policy establishment. According to the cynical US line, drones were not specifically prohibited by any ceasefire agreement, so it was valid to use them to fire on pro-Russian forces.

    Putin seized on this provocation to mass Russian troops at the border of Ukraine and demand concessions such as a guarantee that Ukraine would never be admitted into NATO and that the West stop arming Ukraine. President Biden responded with a total refusal to negotiate and a promise to destroy the Russian economy. On Monday February 21st, the Russian Duma voted to recognize the independence of the Donbass and Putin quickly moved to establish a military presence in the region, citing a request from the now independent governments for security assistance. The US responded once again with threats of sanctions, threats which completely failed to faze the Kremlin and made America look absurd. On February 23rd, Putin launched his military operation in Ukraine.

    • Revisionist history. The invasion of Ukraine had long been planned, and the order to attack was issued on January 18, 2022. Prior to that date, Russia had a sizeable presence in the Donbas, including troops with no insignia and a massive amount of Russian military equipment that was provided (along with combat troops) when the Donbas sought to declare independence. In short, Russia has been in the Donbas since 2014. Adding to that. Russia had massed its 200,000 troops near the Ukraine border for “training” well before the invasion. Everything that Putin said, much of which was “fake news”, was simply an excuse for doing what he had already planned to do, which was and is to reestablish the Russian Empire, aka USSR. The Baltic states and Moldova are next on his menu.

      • And also take control of Ukraine’s Black Sea gas reserves and shale oil deposits which could have set Ukraine up as a rival supplier to Europe.

    • obviously Ukraine has been forced to endure a tug-of-war between east and west….but nothing justifies Putin’s current action…

  8. Don’t really care what these morons think, because evidently “Thinking”, at least logically and rationally, is not in their wheelhouse.

    They act like the Romans or Ghenghis Khan used guns to kill and murder scores of nations and millions of people. Of course they didn’t, as they weren’t invented yet. They used the best tools available at the time to do their killing, to enslave and steal resources.

    The lessons of the past, show that during the Russian – Finnish Winter War in 1940, the Finns were mostly all reservists, built around a German trained staff corps and professional “Jager” Battalions. What saved the Finns was that as soon as they were invited to “Talk” to the Russians in Moscow, about their future, they ordered a national mobilization of forces. This gave them the time and opportunity to drill, prepare additional defenses and learn to operate as a National Army.

    The Russians back then, like Putin’s advisor’s now, told Stalin what he wanted to hear, that the oppressed workers’ of Finland would rise up and defeat their capitalist oppressors, once the heroes of the Red Army arrived to liberate them. Reality was far different, as it is today in Ukraine.

    Of course neither side learned from the 1940 war and both the Russians and the Ukrainians could have done a lot better to learn from the past and prepare for the coming conflict that was obviously on the horizon. Although it is nice that Ukraine finally recognized that a strong armed civilian population is necessary for the defense of the nation, they did it a little too late. Handing out free AK’s is very generous, but without training, people who have never owned or touched a gun in their life, have a steep learning curve.

    Of course the American Left is blind to reality and like children say, “Make the bad guns go away”. Best to continue to ignore their crying and babbling.

    • think Putin thought his army was much better than they turned out to be…i’m sure that’s pissing him off even more….

    • Those AKs that the people were NOT ‘allowed’ to have immediately previous to this are certainly not being handed out to the people at this point from altruistic persuasions. Not from that crew.

  9. The one thing that has never changed since humans used their first tool is our nature. There will always be those that believe, and probably are ultimately right, might makes right. So as long as we are human, we will need to be able to protect ourselves from those who wish to impose their will on others.
    Global disarmament is just a fairy tale made up by people just waiting to become victims.

  10. Lol
    I’ll bet Putin would absolutely pass a NICS check.

    It’s the hubris ridiculousness of these idiots.

    If Putin files off the serial numbers from all his missiles, would democrats start calling them ghost nukes?

    • ‘They’ may very well be in my driveway next month to relieve me of my anti assault weaponry. If you have the courage of your convictions and wish to strike a blow against tyranny right on your very border, I could dig you a second foxhole. I have an excavator, so it’ll be a nice one. Game?

  11. The best gun control is performed by armed, trained, individuals exercising that muscle between their ears and effectively neutralizing the threat, or hitting their target at the range.
    A well regulated militia is all of the citizens armed, equipped, and trained! You don’t like guns? Fine. Don’t own, or use them. See? Simple!

    • “A well regulated militia is all of the citizens armed, equipped, and trained” …

      … and operating as a unit under leadership.

      which the modern isolate right has been trained not to do. so they’ll lose.

  12. Who is this moron? You need a History lesson. Look at all the International treaties on arms, the Washington Naval Treaty of 1921, the Kellogg-Briand Pact, the SALT agreement; none have been followed. Another Leftist tongue wag that would accomplish nothing but giving them a warm feeling.

  13. If we take away the military’s weapons how are we going to defend against an extraterrestrial alien invasion? Think people!

    • I think the grey ones are waiting for exactly that. They’ve been watching longer than the shapeshifting lizard people so they understand how mindnumbingly stupid people can be when assembled in groups larger than three. I believe they were responsible for taking out George Carlin whom they viewed as a revolutionary activist bent on awakening the masses. Crowder and Jones are next, mark my words. The shapeshifting lizard people haven’t progressed past using their staged program “The View” in their efforts to overthrow us, so not much to be concerned about there, especially after the recent face planting of their leader, the Behar similacrum, on live TV while trying to master the use of a “chair”, briefly exposing her reptilian incompatibilities with the most simple of human systems. A minor setback to be sure but for a moment the fear in her eyes was palpable.

  14. How about global government control?
    And no, i don’t want the NWO or UN world government.
    I just want to take the power from politicians, bureaucrats and tyrants and give it to the people. And the people just keep it, and never give it up again.
    I do not know a single farmer or factory worker in the US or Europe that personally wants war with a russian farmer or steel miner or oil driller. War isn’t the peoples game. It’s the elites sending pawns to death for their military industrial complex gains, for new mines and oil fields that the elites may claim, to win elections and distract from domestic problems (e.g. corruption and wasting the ever growing taxes).

      • Maybe but he has a point. Many of the illuminati have left only to be replaced primarily and periodically with trolls. The recent crop is obviously better funded so now two thirds of every comment section is consumed by their voluminous vomiting and the usual dozen witless ad hominem replies back. It’s like now having to ride the short bus because the driver of the long bus with the cool rims and kick ass stereo retired.

  15. This is the same kind of crap I have seen from the leftists my entire life. They always want some special group/government/UN to wave a magic wand to fix whatever. These are the same idiots that voted for Biden, because he was going to fix everything Trump screwed up, without being able to name a single policy Trump got wrong and that Biden has fixed.

    By the way FJB!

  16. I’m sure all we need are Unicorns and sprinkles.
    This is what you get when you elect a “I deserve being President because I had to put up with my husband, Bill or my first wife and baby daughter were killed by a drunk driver. In fact he wasn’t drunk! She like a lot of women, lost control with a baby in the front seat. This happened in the 1950’s long before safety seats for small children
    I know that because Pickup trucks had bench seats, spending summer with my rancher grandpa and after breakfast, load up in pickup truck to go check live stock.
    On more than once, Grandpa, he would hit the break, bending me forward to get his rifle and shot the head of a rattle snake off front window.
    He was 9 months old when his parents moved to a ranch out side Mason City Texas.
    A lot of rattle snakes on Ranches and my mom as a young kid had to ride the fence line to cut a sheep out of bard wire fence, as first born daughter it was her job to get the sheep 🐑 out before it just gave up and died. On horseback with a sharp knife in a leather scabbard.
    The point is that sheep are the dumbest animal on four legs and children grew up to be more responsible and this was the Greatest Generation
    Now a number of candy ass children coming up now

  17. The ramifications of ‘global gun control’ would quite literally be ‘book of Revelations’ kind of bad.
    These people really do reside in some kind of bizarre fantasy land with no basis in reality, no understanding of human nature and a complete inability to contemplate thousands of years of human history. It just boggles the mind…

    • I think we are literally seeing evolution in action. A widespread lack of the necessity to think for yourself and to coast along in menial jobs that keep one well fed and able to support a family or hobbies has to have some effect over the long run. We are losing that sharp edge required for not just survival in a challenging environment but advancement. I don’t know anyone younger than me who could survive a week in the bush, or even maybe a flat tire in a snowstorm. I know they’re out there but I haven’t seen em and I live in ranching country. As you say, boggles the mind but I’m sure the above is a big part of it.

  18. I am very grateful that the military-industrial complex is made up of companies like Ruger. Sig Sauer. Smith & Wesson. Taurus firearms. Heritage firearms. High Point. Franklin Armory. And so many more wonderful weapons and accessory manufacturers.

    And I hope all of them stay in business.

    • Chris T in KY Psst! Except in the minds of some very Leftist individuals, there is no such thing as the “military industrial complex”. It’s a figment of their imagination. The seed was sown by Dwight D Eisenhower when he came up with the term. The Lefties have seized on it to demonize the weapons makers.

  19. See he wants ‘gun control’ and thinks it will stop such as Putin!!!! Hahahahahaha….

    Russia has gun control.. Ukraine had ‘gun control’. Stalin LOVED gun control! So did Mao! All Communist and tyrants love gun control.

    Dream on…



  21. You can laugh all you want but guns are the number one weapon of choice of cereal killers. If guns are outlawed, only in-laws will have guns.

    • What if we shut down Kellogg’s and Wheetabix? I mean in theory that should work, right? And I think the in-laws will prob turn them in along with everybody else. Why would perfectly good in-laws all suddenly want to be outlaws? It doesn’t make any sense. Just my thoughts…

    • Some guy named Ted Cereal killers? What do they like best? Frosted Flakes? Or Rice Crispies? Maybe Cheerios?


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