Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Merrick Garland
President Joe Biden gestures as he speaks about gun violence prevention in the Rose Garden at the White House. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
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By Larry Keane of the NSSF . . .

It’s a tale as old as time. If President Joe Biden is giving a major speech, he’s going to lie about the firearm industry and the Second Amendment. Like clockwork, the president rattled off his favored laundry list of gun control requests and included several falsehoods in his first State of the Union address to the American people.

The president and his handlers continue to peddle the lies even as record numbers of Americans are lawfully purchasing firearms and support for more gun control erodes. He’s already been fact-checked as wrong so many times it’s hard to keep count.

“That’s false,” the Associated Press rated the president.

‘Only Industry in America’

President Biden has a favorite line about the firearm industry that he repeats at every opportunity. “Look, repeal the liability shield. It makes gun manufacturers the only industry in America that can’t be sued,” the president pleaded.

He’s talking about the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), bipartisan legislation signed by President George W. Bush that simply codifies bedrock principles of tort law. The PLCAA bars lawsuits against members of the firearm industry from lawsuits seeking to blame them for the criminal misuse by remote third persons of lawfully sold, non-defective firearms.

The AP rebuked President Biden’s lack of truth with his claim. “While gun manufacturers do have legal protections from being held liable for injuries caused by criminal misuse of their weapons thanks to the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, they are not exempt or immune from being sued.”

Even The Washington Post included the president’s false claim in their fact check of the speech.

“Biden’s language is too sweeping. Gun manufacturers can certainly be sued,” the article notes. “The 2005 law does not guarantee blanket immunity. Few industries have federal liability immunity, but Biden is wrong to say gun manufacturers are alone.”

It’s not new for The Washington Post to rebuff this claim by the president. They did it last month after the president’s New York City appearance when he included the same untruthful claim on the criminal misuse of firearms. CNN also declared him wrong. Politifact has too. By now there’s no excuse. The president and his speechwriters are knowingly lying to the American people to peddle more gun control.

Kevlar Deer

The president’s speechwriters and press handlers do not like him going off-script. He did it anyway about firearms and made a remarkable error about what the Second Amendment represents, especially given the current invasion by Russian President Vladimir Putin into Ukraine.

The president called for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” with “high-capacity magazines that hold up to 100 rounds.” He followed this demand by asking, “Do you think the deer are wearing Kevlar vests?”

The president – and national gun control groups writ large – mistakenly believe the Second Amendment has anything to do with deer hunting. It doesn’t. This only demonstrates how out of touch the administration is with Americans worried about surging crime in their own communities, but more so with the current bloodshed and violence taking place in Ukraine and the uniquely American right to keep and bear arms.

The president again called for a ban on Modern Sporting Rifles (MSRs), the most popular-selling centerfire semiautomatic rifle in America today. He vilifies them as “assault weapons,” as it is gun control’s favored loaded description, and so-called “high-capacity” magazines while mainstream media, left-wing political pundits and gun control politicians have praised the Ukraine government for arming their citizens with actual fully-automatic “weapons of war” to help protect their country.

The duplicity of denying gun rights to American citizens and lauding the bravery of Ukrainians defending their homeland is staggering.

‘Hold Police Accountable’

Among the more appalling lines from the president’s speech was when he tried to rewrite history and convince the American people the Democratic party stands for “funding the police.” For two years his party slashed police budgets and left Americans unsafe in their communities. Millions have since purchased firearms to protect themselves and their families from violent criminals. President Biden spoke of a horrible tragedy in New York City that struck the nation.

“I recently visited the New York City Police Department days after the funerals of Officer Wilbert Mora and his partner, Officer Jason Rivera. They were responding to a 9-1-1 call when a man shot and killed them with a stolen gun,” the president said. “Let’s come together to protect our communities, restore trust, and hold law enforcement accountable.”

The “man,” as the president described him, who murdered Officers Mora and Rivera was a known criminal with a mile-long criminal history who was out on probation from a 2003 felony conviction. In the thirteen lines he devoted to this horrible murder, and the countless others across the country, the president said nothing about holding criminals to account for their crimes or urging prosecutors to get tough on crime.

The president’s speech included more gun control throw-away lines full of falsehoods. He’s attempted to appease national gun control groups that have grown frustrated because America is rejecting increased gun control.

The president’s gun control plans from his address once again show his administration isn’t serious about the real problems facing America, including crime. His willingness to repeat lies is nothing more than an attempt to rob the American people of their rights.


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  1. How can you tell joe biden is lying? His lips are moving.

    That poor old man missed his nose with his own finger. How far we’ve sunk as a nation.

      • It’s Not gun control, it is a serious statutory felony violation of our “Shall NOT Be Infringed 2nd/A rights, punishable by Death, in some circumstances under Deprivation of Rights crimes under USCC 18-241&242!

      • Gun control laws aren’t passed to control guns, they are passed as a method to control people. Freedom is very dangerous, but tyranny is even more dangerous.

  2. See this is where the fudds suck for the better part of 60 years gun owners have been on the defensive being whittled down to sporting rifles and bull terms there is nothing sporting about an AR-15 an AK or the like and shame on the fudds for letting it come to this they are military grade which has we all know is determined by the lowest bidder and and ain’t nobody taking them from us the new regime of Young gun owners is on the offensive and we are not putting up with this bullshit any longer the fudds of the last two generations of gun owner fucked everything up with their fuckin compromises they weren’t being loud they were being scared of getting their guns taken away from them but we’re being loud we’re saying FUCK YOU OUR GUNS AINT GOIN NOWHERE

    • Fuddism goes back more than 60 years- back to the post-WW2 period when the first fudds shunned milsurp rifles even when they had traditional looks. On a semi-related note, after WW2, the US Army under Truman attempted to destroy all the M1903-series rifles rather than let them be given as aid or sold as surplus.

  3. Without the Republicans voting for this, the proud people of the Ukraine might be able to defend themselves today. Over 15,000 tons of ammunition, 400,000 small-arms and 1,000 anti-aircraft-missiles destroyed. Feb 25, 2022

    Senator Obama pushed to destroy massive arms, ammo caches in Ukraine
    Massive caches of ammunition and shoulder-fired missiles got the axe over freshman Senator Obama’s terrorism fears, but could have helped the Ukrainian military today.

    • So your bitch voted for this… Yes there are dumbass RINO’S and Democrats like you, scary combo.

    • if the Ukrainians would have thought this through they should have swapped-out their aging fleet of Russian jets…that require airfields…for vertical take-off aircraft…that don’t….maybe that should be part of the arms packages…along with sniper rifles and night vision gear… we could be sending them now….

      • Almost anything you try and send them now, you will receive back a nice thank you note from Putin… “Cool night vision, can I keep it? HAHA!”

        The Ukrainians bought into Obama’s and Biden’s B.S.

    • Jawohl, Mein fuhrer! Your comments are always provocative. I believe everything you quote (which is 99% of the time). Who can deny your articulate comments? Mein fuhrer!

  4. His state of the Union speech is exactly why I hate the “decorum” bullshit. I would much rather have them acting like those in parliament. Call an asshole out and be loud about it! Shout out to Rep Boebert. 13 dead heroes and that fuck was going to talk about his son instead of them. I seriously want to kick the fuck out of everyone that voted for this dementia addled jackass.

  5. Cut the chase…Just a look at biden, harris and pelosi and anyone who is not a moron could see The United States of America is in great jeopardy. Prepare today to stop the sickos in November with your vote. In the meantime pray America makes it to November.

    • yeah, that “three for one” shot of them throughout the speech(?) was pretty sobering…

      • That should sober anyone up! Those three bastards are the order of our country’s destiny! Damn! Those three assholes are the best we could put forward? I hate dacian voters.

    • “Prepare today to stop the sickos in November with your vote”

      and if the vote is corrupted?

      • There is no if….the vote will be corrupted/stolen.
        Democrats (communist party USA) have demonstrated they have the process, the people and the money to steal elections. They stole the midterms in 2018 and stole the 2020 POTUS and senate elections in Georgia and other states. They will calculate what states they need to work and will “find” the necessary votes to win what they need to keep control of the house and senate. When they can “elect” a pair like bitme and hairie a** who could not even win their parties primaries don’t discount anything.

        Be careful and skeptical when the major media predicts republican victories. They are setting conservatives up for failure.

  6. This is way off topic, but I have to share it. It seems looting in the Ukraine has become a thing. I know you’re shocked. It seems the good citizens of the Ukraine have found a unique way of dealing with looters. As opposed to me. I’d just shoot them in the head with a centerfire rifle. That solves everything. Anyway, it seems that looters in the Ukraine are being shrink wrapped to utility poles, stripped of their trousers (it’s cold over there right now) and some have had signs affixed describing their transgressions. Kinda like a modern version of the stocks. I saw a couple of pics. I had to laugh.

    • Leigh, he was confused, or doesn’t know the difference, or just plain doesn’t know shit. Maybe Biden is even a moron. He must have some excuse. No human could be as stupid as Biden appears to be.

      • His dementia was obvious during the campaign which is why his handlers hid him. His family (and obviously his campaign) is evil for pretending that nothing was wrong while he was running for office. He’s the perfect vessel for the corrupt actors behind the scene. As radical as the current dem party is, no one would be as bad as Biden because they would want to run for reelection. That’s why I say Hillary would’ve been better. The Biden admin is governing how Obama wanted to govern.

  7. Do we(the people of the U.S.) have a lawsuit against Ford, if some idiot drives that Ford 150 pickup into a parade and kills someone?
    I really do not know it that suit has merit.
    Next question – should it have merit? Someone misusing a vehicle to run people down?

    • “should it have merit?”


      but this is beside the point. the ones pushing this don’t care at all if it has merit or not – what they care about is power and control, and as long as you’re distracted into talking about whether their evil “has merit” or not that means they’re safe to continue to seize power.

  8. It’s Not gun control, it is a serious statutory felony violation of our “Shall NOT Be Infringed 2nd/A rights, punishable by Death, in some circumstances under Deprivation of Rights crimes under USCC 18-241&242!

  9. “This only demonstrates how out of touch the administration is with Americans”

    No, not out of touch, but fear an armed citizenry….

  10. And 1 day later dementia Joe is repeating the LIE that 5 capital cops were killed on Jan. 6.

    • You’re being a wise guy.

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