Murder Inequality? Does That Make Gun Rights Racist?

“Despite New York’s reputation as the safest big city in America, some residents are far more at risk of meeting a violent end than others,” Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agit-propmeisters proclaim in their email blast (posted below). “An investigation by the Daily News underscores that young black and Latino men die most often by gun.” Yes, well . […]

The Trace’s Gun Quiz: Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

The Trace’s “about” page describes the website as an “independent, nonpartisan, nonprofit journalism startup dedicated to shining a light on America’s gun violence crisis . . .We rely on generous readers to ensure we have the resources required to fulfill our mission.” It’s a bald-faced lie . . . The Trace is owned, operated and […]

At Least 2500 People Shot Since Las Vegas Spree Killing. And At Least 3900 Defensive Gun Uses

“nvolt’s been three weeks since the October 1 massacre in Las Vegas, the worst mass shooting in modern American history,” Jennifer Mascia (not shown) and Alex Yablon write at “In that time, at least 2,545 more people have been shot across America, 772 of them fatally, according to the Gun Violence Archive.” Setting aside the […]

Question of the Day: How Do We Get More Than 3m People to Carry a Gun Everyday?

“We estimate that nine million US adult handgun owners carry loaded handguns monthly,” The American Journal of Public Health concludes in its report Loaded Handgun Carrying Among US Adults, 2015. “Three million do so every day, and most report protection as the main carrying reason. Proportionally fewer handgun owners carry concealed loaded handguns in states […]